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[Persistent method of sexual life]_persistent sexual life_how to do_how to do

[Persistent method of sexual life]_persistent sexual life_how to do_how to do

During sexual life, women often have an orgasm later than men, so often women cannot reach orgasm at some times, which affects couples’ sexual life. Then, the lasting way for male sexwhat?

1. Don’t feel embarrassed about pursuing orgasms. If you keep such thoughts in your heart, there will be obstacles.

If you think you shouldn’t enjoy sex, it’s hard to get orgasm.

In fact, orgasm itself is to let the body relax and gain happiness, and to let go of the psychological burden can open the door to happiness.

2. Saying “I can do it” to myself can’t get pleasure. Maybe someone thinks that their orgasm switch has failed.

Experts believe that everyone can get orgasm, first of all, to worry about, to believe in themselves and their partners, to say “I can do it.”

3. The process of controlling the excitation response is divided into four phases: the excitation period, the duration period, the climax period, and the decay period.

To be stronger and more durable, the key lies in recognizing the entire emotional change process in sex. Divide your state of excitement into 1 to 10 levels. Do n’t let yourself get too excited. Keep your excitement around 7.

4. Strong “sex” exercise strengthens the muscles that control ejaculation, interrupts the replacement of urine or allows you to sense where these muscles are, and then uses “Kegel exercise” to exercise these parts, which is to contract the tibia and pelvic floorMuscle movement, relax after 10 seconds, and repeat several times.

5. Don’t forget that the instinctual response after the second orgasm is to sleep, suppress this desire, pay attention to the excitement of the other party, and then brew to enter again.

Most men have the same duration during the second sexual intercourse, and a few more exercises will make the first intercourse continue for a long time.

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January 22

[Harm of contraceptive pill]_ contraceptive pill _ disadvantages _ adverse effects _ adverse reactions

[Harm of contraceptive pill]_ contraceptive pill _ disadvantages _ adverse effects _ adverse reactions

Now many young people have a passionate relationship, and there will be moments of passion burning. Mature men and women have intercourse. If no measures are taken, women may become pregnant. Conditions that cause children to be born will cause women to have abortions.The miscarriage of a woman’s body is very harmful.

Therefore, people who do not want to become pregnant often adopt the method of taking contraceptives by women to prevent pregnancy.

But taking birth control pills regularly can be harmful.


Vaginal bleeding.

Too many women experience continuous dripping or bleeding during menstruation while taking the medication.

This is related to missed doses, delayed taking the contraceptive pill, or inadequate effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.



Menorrhoea or amenorrhea.

Contraceptives can cause endometrial hypoplasia and insufficient glandular secretion. As a result, the endometrium cannot grow normally and become thin, resulting in reduced menstrual flow.

Individual women due to the inhibitory effect of contraceptives, no withdrawal bleeding occurred after discontinuation, and amenorrhea occurred.



Gain weight.

Some women gain weight after taking the pill, because some of the ingredients in the pill may cause weight gain.

Especially in the first 3 months of taking oral contraceptives, elevated estrogen levels cause water and sodium retention, which leads to weight gain in the first half of the menstrual cycle; progestins promote anabolic metabolism and lead to weight gain.

4 His face was dull.

After taking the pill, some women will experience dullness, which is caused by estrogen pigmentation.


Early pregnancy-like reactions are one of the alternatives to birth control pills and the most common problem.

Early pregnancy-like reactions are more common, accounting for about 50% of the dose.

Symptoms are mostly severe and then mild, and gradually disappear later, which may be related to the body’s gradual adaptation.

Appears as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting or even fatigue, dizziness and other similar reactions to early pregnancy.

It usually occurs within 1-2 weeks of taking the medicine.

Taking contraceptives often will cause so many adverse reactions, so female friends also need to take contraceptives carefully to prevent contraception, so as not to take contraceptives to cause infertility.

In addition, people who take birth control pills must wait three months to six months before they become pregnant, so as not to affect the fetus.

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January 21

[Is it comfortable to use bananas for your health?

】 _ Masturbation_ Harm

[Is it comfortable to use bananas for your health?
】 _ Masturbation_ Harm

Masturbation is a method of self-perceiving sex life. In fact, there are many people who are masturbating, both men and women.

In contrast, male masturbation is relatively simple, while women need more tools to achieve the desired effect.

Sometimes women choose cucumbers, bananas or eggplants for comfort. After all, these things are similar to male genitals.

So, is it harmful to use the banana for comfort?

Banana masturbation is not harmful, as long as the banana is washed!

But can not be washed with cold water after masturbation!

Easy to get rheumatism, back pain!

1. Masturbation can treat insomnia. Masturbation can regulate hormone levels and relieve tension, and reduce the occurrence of insomnia.

Orgasm during masturbation not only relieves the physiological pressure, but also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

2. Masturbation is good for women’s health. Masturbation will accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, and also allow the brain to release the pleasant hormone “endorphin”.

“Even if women don’t reach orgasm in masturbation, their emotions can improve significantly, which may be why,” said Pross.

“Men often say that they can release excess energy through masturbation. In fact, studies have shown that women can achieve the same result.

“When the part of your brain that controls joy and emotion is stimulated, you no longer think about disturbing things.

“3. Lowering blood pressure masturbation is the most convenient way to maximize orgasm.

Reaching and enjoying orgasm regularly can lower blood pressure.

4, masturbation helps anti-inflammatory Although female masturbation, sexual arousal will cause the cervical opening, but it will not increase the chance of infection of the disease, on the contrary, it can also help prevent cervicitis and urinary tract infections.

The effect of masturbation on stretching training of the cervix and cervix mucosa, helps to promote the circulation of body fluids, and sterilizes the cervical pressure.

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January 20

[Foshan specialty gourmet snacks]_There are some _ Some are

[Foshan specialty gourmet snacks]_There are some _ Some are

This place in Foshan can be regarded as a place of outstanding quality, so more and more people are willing to travel to this place. The cuisine and taste of this place are also relatively high-quality. In fact, in a fundamental sense, every placeThe food is very good, there may still be many people who do n’t know Foshan’s special food snacks, so what are the special food snacks in Foshan?

Foshan Zhuhou Chicken: This dish is a traditional Foshan famous product with a history of nearly 100 years. It was created by Liang Zhuhou, the chef of Sanpinlou Restaurant in Foshan in the Qing Dynasty.

The bones are soft and smooth, with a strong flavor.

Should remember fresh shrimp wonton noodles: Fresh shrimp wonton noodles won the title of “Chinese cuisine”.

It is traditionally made using the traditional handling method. The noodles are fully uniform, the thickness of the slivers is moderate, the entrance is smooth, the egg is rich in flavor, and it is famous in Hong Kong and Macao.

Huiji pig’s foot ginger: Guangdong’s most distinctive women’s tonic food.

It is a delicious private dish carefully prepared with pork feet, eggs, ginger, and sweet vinegar unique to Guangdong.

Unique taste and rich nutrition.

Beixiangyuan dumplings: Beixiangyuan dumplings are characterized by large skins and thin fillings, which are delicious and juicy. The dumplings are tender and delicious, and the fried dumplings are crispy and filled with juice, accompanied by vinegar and spicy sauce.

Desperately fasting: The main ingredients are three types of pork. The first is a uniform and tender pig’s feet, then the fat and lean meat of the pig’s spine., And sweet flavor “Sing Kee Boat Porridge Porridge: Boat Porridge Porridge uses fresh shrimp, fish fillet, spring onion, shredded eggs, jellyfish, and various ingredients as raw materials.The trick is to roll immediately and taste later.

Great champion and porridge: Pork lean meatballs, pork liver slices, pork noodles and cooked in porridge.

The color is white and bright, the water is mixed, and the taste is delicious.

Hewei Beef Tastings: Chopsticks Street has been making beef shads for 20 years.

Too many tourists go to Chancheng to eat it. The ox is always cooked in the soup, it is not rotten, it is very flavorful, and it “arrives to meet friends”.

Jiujiang Whole Fish Feast: Initially, four major fish were used as raw materials. Big head fish, catfish, catfish, catfish, and fishery development have added four major fish as raw materials. One fish, even the bones, can be made into cuisine.

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January 19

[Ginger is not hair]_ effect _ effect

[Ginger is not hair]_ effect _ effect

I believe many people don’t know what food is, or what the hair refers to, so it may cause many people to fail to properly use the ingredients.

Hair products refer to the effects of foods that may entice the body to get sick or relapse, and everyone should avoid eating hair products.

The hair is mainly donkey, beef, etc. Ginger is also a kind of hair, because ginger can promote the body to heat.

What is hair?

Explained from the surface of the word alone, “fa” can be understood as “initiating, initiating, assisting”.

In other words, after eating a certain food, it may not cause illness; those who have been cured before, may relapse or even get worse after eating a certain food. These foods can be called “fat”.
What is the cause of the hair?

First, the animal food in the hair contains certain hormones, which can easily make some functions in the human body hyperactive or metabolic disorders.

For example, glucocorticosteroids can induce infection spread, ulcer bleeding, seizures, etc. when the physiological dose exceeds the physiological dose, causing recurrence of old diseases.

Second, the foreign proteins contained in some foods have become allergens, causing allergic diseases to recur.

Such as marine fish shrimp and crab often cause skin allergies in patients with asthma, eczema, neurodermatitis, impetigo, psoriasis and other refractory skin diseases.

Tofu milk can also cause acute disease recurrence.

Third, some foods that are irritating diseases, such as liquor, onion and garlic, and other spicy irritating foods can easily spread to inflammatory infections and cause yellowing.

This is the reason that the traditional Chinese medicine says that heat is definitely not to eat spicy and irritating hair.

Who can’t eat hair casually?

Is there some kind of hair?

Most hair products in life are fishy, such as beef, mutton; hot foods, such as fish; or hair growth, such as leek, seafood, shrimp, crab, and bean curd.

Different types of disease require different foods to avoid.


[Thermal hair]Common foods: ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, mutton, beef, etc. Taboos: hyperactivity of yang, internal heat of yin deficiency, and the general consumption of heat generation hair in summer is more prosperous and easy to get angry.
In the summer when the yang is strong, it is generally not recommended to eat, the yang is hyperactive, especially those with yin deficiency and internal heat.

Should be: those with spleen and stomach deficiency, the general population in winter to produce heat-generating hair is sometimes an excellent warm food, especially in winter, can help Yang, can be supplemented appropriately.


[Cold product]Common foods: cold fruits such as Sydney, watermelon, persimmon, etc. Bogey: Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, chills and chills have a cold taste. For those with deficiency, it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of dehydration and cause spleen and stomach.Not suitable, eat less.

Should: Cold accumulation of heat in Yin deficiency and internal heat is an excellent recipe for reducing fire, especially in summer.


[Hot and humid hair products]Common foods: glutinous rice, taro, etc. Taboos: those with weak spleen and stomach, damp and hot hair products with phlegm and damp constitution are not suitable for most people.

This kind of food is difficult to digest, and more food can easily cause wet stagnation, causing spleen and stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

Should: According to the specific food, moist and hot hair is not absolutely bad. For example, glutinous rice is a moist and hot hair for people with a bad spleen and stomach, but it has a certain effect of supplementing qi for the weak people with insufficient gas.

Taro also plays a role in regulating gas.

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January 18

[Which oil is suitable for frying

[Which oil is suitable for frying

There are many types of fried foods, such as fried dough sticks, meatballs, onion cakes, etc. are more common fried foods, and many people like to eat fried foods for breakfast. Some people think that fried foods areVery delicious, although it is delicious but not suitable to eat more. In fact, it is not good to fry. The oil used is very important. There are many types of oil. Some cooking oils are not suitable for frying. What is the best fried thing?How about?
What is the best fried thing?
Peanut oil is the most stable at higher temperatures than other cooking oils because of its unsaturated fatty acids, and it is least susceptible to denaturation or decomposition when fried, resulting in harmful substances.
So peanut fried things are the healthiest.
And peanut oil has a unique aroma of peanuts, the fried thing is very attractive.
Palm oil Palm oil is mainly used for fried instant noodles.
Because there are many saturated fatty acids, it is not easy to deteriorate.
However, the freezing point temperature is relatively high, and the single palm oil at room temperature in autumn and winter in China has solidified.
The oil temperature has a high smoke point, 235 degrees, so it is particularly good for frying.
Lard is one of the standard oils for Chinese food, and it is divided into suet oil, fat, and back oil.
If you pay attention, many Chinese foods must be made with lard.
Chinese dim sum crisping with lard is the right way.
Especially the flatbread, lard goes well with onion and flour.
In many shops specializing in fried foods, lard is added to the frying oil, which generally accounts for 30%. In order to effectively increase the flavor, the fried things have a golden color and crispy taste.
But the lard ratio should not be too high, otherwise it will be very greasy when it is cold.
Coconut oil Coconut oil is extracted from the white flesh of coconut and contains almost 50% lauric acid, a healthy saturated fatty acid.
It will become solid at room temperature, so it is not suitable for salads, but because of its high smoke point, it is an ideal cooking oil.
The principle of fried food The smoke point and melting point of the oil determine the cooking method, the unsaturated fatty acids determine the health of the oil, and the aromatic organic matter dissolved in the oil determines the flavor of the oil.
The same material uses different processing techniques, contains different ingredients, and has different applicability.
Fried foods are mainly cooked using oil as a heat transfer medium. The temperature for low-temperature frying (55 to 60% oil temperature) is about 130 ° C to 170 ° C, and the high-temperature frying (70 to 80% oil temperature) is about 170 ° C.To 230 ° C, so the smoke point of frying oil is generally higher than 230 ° C.
Theoretically, the higher the smoke point, the more suitable for frying, so that during the frying process, not too many harmful substances will be generated.
Several Factors Affecting Frying Oil 1.
Considering the oxidation speed —- due to the different fatty acids contained in fats and oils, the difference in oxidation speed is relatively large, the saturated fat has the highest stability, and it is the least susceptible to oxidation.
The higher the degree of saturation used in frying food fats, the less likely it is to be oxidized, and the less lipid peroxides are produced.
Therefore, the fat used for frying food is preferably saturated fatty acid.
Palm oil> Animal oil> Olive oil, wild tea oil> Peanut oil> Corn oil> Soy oil> Rapeseed oil> Thresh seed oil, flax oil, etc.
Considering the stability of fat —- relatively stable oils such as butter and cocoa butter in natural oils have a stability value of 2.
4, followed by lard and palm oil, with a stable value of 1.
0, the stability of peanut oil in vegetable oil is better, the stability value is 1.
2. Other oils are 1.
0 or 1.
Below 0, such as soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc.
Fats with low stability values are not suitable as frying oils.
The soybean oil and rapeseed oil mentioned above are not suitable for frying oil because they contain a certain amount of linolenic acid.The linoleic acid vegetable oil above is not suitable for frying oil, such as safflower oil, sunflower oil pointed at linoleic acid, the same will accelerate the oxidation reaction at high temperature, and produce peroxides and trans fatty acids harmful to health.

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January 17

[Can vitamin C be prepared for pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Benefits

[Can vitamin C be prepared for pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Benefits

Everyone knows that vitamin C is a non-vitamin raw material in our body. If we have vitamin C in our body, our complexion will look very dull, especially for pregnant women, all vitamins need to be strengthened during pregnancy.Because the vitamins in the body of a pregnant woman are consumed very quickly during pregnancy, can you eat vitamin C when preparing for pregnancy?

Preparing for pregnancy can eat vitamin c, vitamin C has no effect on preparing for pregnancy, but if there is no lack of vitamin C, it is not necessary to eat.

Vitamin C can effectively help pregnant women to improve the utilization of iron, calcium and folic acid. For example, sufficient absorption of vitamin C can inhibit the excessive secretion of pigment by the pigment mother cells, and only produce the necessary amount, and can quickly excrete excess pigment,To maintain normal metabolism.

In addition, the reduction of vitamin C can also promote the reduction of pigments to colorless.

To add vitamin C, it is recommended to pay attention to these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet: cherry, guava, red pepper, yellow pepper, persimmon, broccoli, strawberry, orange, kale flower, kiwi.

The latest research indicates that if women who are preparing for pregnancy take comprehensive vitamins 6 weeks before fertilization, women will lose 32% of their implanted machines during the first trimester.

This news surprises women who are too pregnant. In fact, vitamin supplements are just a safety measure and cannot replace a healthy diet.

Since vitamin supplements sold over the counter in pharmacies may contain excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are harmful to the development of fatty acids, it is wise to start giving pregnant women alternative supplements before pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor to determine what vitamin supplements you should take before your birth. Under the guidance of your doctor, learn more about the dosage of vitamins you need in your body. Take vitamins on time and in the right amount.

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January 16

[What fish is suitable for fish pine]_how to do_how to do

[What fish is suitable for fish pine]_how to do_how to do

For those elderly and children with poor digestive function, making fish into fish floss can not only eat the umami taste of the fish, but also absorb the nutrients in it.

Moreover, the storage time can be used.

But not all fish can be used for homemade fish floss.

In particular, some fish with high oil content have poor taste of fish pine and are not easy to form.

So what kind of fish is best for fish floss?

How to choose fish before making fish floss?

Fish with low fat content is fine. It is more convenient to buy and cheaper, such as catfish, fermented fish, etc., but the taste is not very good, tuna is good, but the price is high, and it is in supermarkets, markets and the likePlaces are difficult to buy.

And do n’t use salmon, it ‘s too fat.

1. Reason: There is a certain difference in the fiber length, color depth, and flavor of the fish pine made from different fish.

Most fish can be processed into fish floss, but the fish floss made from white meat samples is better in all aspects, and the products of brown flesh fish are inferior.

2. Suggestion: Domestic fish pine is generally made with band fish, herring, and catfish, and some deep-sea fish have fish, yellow croaker, catfish, shark, etc.

In addition, fish floss made from salmon and tuna is also very popular.

3. Warm reminder: The raw materials for processing fish pine must be fresh. The raw materials usually used are fresh fish with standard freshness level 2. You can never use spoiled fish to make fish pine.

Types of fish: 1. Tuna: For tuna that is commonly eaten by many families, the mercury content in its body is also in a relatively high range.

The FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) recommends that canned food can be eaten 1-2 times a week, and fresh tuna should not be used more than once a week.

2. Tilapia: They are life-cycle transition fishes, and their mercury content is higher than other fish.

And tilapia is a large-scale farmed fish, it is best not to feed your baby.

3. Sharks: In recent years, because industrial waste water has been continuously discharged into the ocean, the amount of oil entering the marine environment has reached more than two million tons each year, resulting in a high content of heavy metals in seawater. Sharks are at the top of the marine food chain and swallow other fishAfter the class, the heavy metals in the food will also enter the shark body and accumulate, so the heavy metal content in the shark body is very high.

Not suitable for babies.

4. Swordfish: Studies have shown that predatory fish such as swordfish are at the end of the food chain and are prone to concentrate a pollutant called methylmercury.

The substance appears naturally or occasionally in the environment.

Although methylmercury changes with environmental changes, it is relatively high in carnivorous fish.

The conversion of this mercury derivative by the central nervous system in young infants and young children shows a specific toxic response.

5, croaker: They have high mercury content, so they are not suitable for babies.

6. Swordfish: Swordfish has white and glutenous meat, delicious meat, and high nutritional value.

Suitable for premium sashimi, fried food and refined products.

However, swordfish is a large predatory fish with a large body and a long life cycle. The content of mercury in the body is high and it is not suitable for babies.

7, catfish: catfish is commonly known as pond lice, also known as head fish.

American experts say young parents should be alert to catfish.

In addition to its relative size, it is also a carnivorous fish at the end of its life cycle. Its mercury content is higher than other fish, which is not suitable for children.

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January 15

[Leshan cold string method]_How to do_How to do

[Leshan cold string method]_How to do_How to do

Leshan is a well-known tourist city located in the Sichuan region.

Leshan has many special foods, including cold skewers, which is also a very popular street food.

Of course, if you want to eat delicious cold skewers, in addition to buying them on the streets of Leshan, you can also cook them at home according to certain methods.

So, what is the cooking method of Leshan Leng Chuan Chuan?

Here is an introduction for everyone.

First, the food introduction Leshan cold skewers, also known as “Leshan pot bowl chicken”, is a local traditional snack in Leshan, Sichuan, belongs to the Sichuan alternative.

It first appeared in the mid-1980s.

The same as cold pot fish.

But slightly different.

It is made of various vegetables and meat cut into irregular shapes, and then these dishes are dressed into a string with a bamboo stick, and finally it is put into a specially formulated pot to be cooked and eaten.

Second, the practice of Leshan cold skewers1, make brine, set the wok on a high fire, and burn the vegetable oil to 6 when mature, then Xiatong County Douban (chop finely) and crisp, add ginger rice quickly, stir-fry the pepper immediatelyFresh soup.

Then add mashed fermented tempeh, grind fine sugar, butter, glutinous rice juice, cooking wine, refined salt, pepper, dried pepper, grass fruit and other condiments.

After being boiled, the foam is turned into brine.

2, the main ingredients.

Wash the vegetables, cut the rabbit waist, catfish, and duck intestines into 2 cm squares; cut the hairy belly and pig’s ring throat into 4 cm squares.

Lunch meat is cut into 4 cm slices; vegetarian vegetables are cut into 3 cm slices.

Use a cleaned bamboo stick to wear a string of about thirty to forty grams.

3. Ironing.

Set the brine pot on a hot fire to keep it boiled. Use various bamboo sticks to blanch all kinds of vegetables.

4, dipping.

The hot mature seasoning is placed in a plate of chilli noodles and fried salt. Dip chilli and salt according to your own taste and eat.

With or without dipping, more or less at your own discretion.

Third, there are many types of Leshan cold skewer dishes, from seafood in the sea, fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, poultry, pork, beef, lamb, duck, goose, etc.There are many kinds of vegetables, cabbage, pea tips, spinach and so on.

Leshan Lengzhuan is delicious in color and refreshing, and is suitable for all ages.

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January 14

[The practice of medium toast]_ The common practice of medium toast _ The practice of medium toast _ How to make the medium toast

[The practice of medium toast]_ The common practice of medium toast _ The practice of medium toast _ How to make the medium toast

For a single person, if a person of the opposite sex comes to you, what should you do?


Your idea is so dirty.

At this time, if you can make a few delicious dishes for her, she will definitely love you.

So, let me teach you how to make medium toast now.


121 kinds of dough are honeycomb to the inside and have a wine taste 2.

212 Add flour to yeast, add water, mix well and ferment in a warm place3.

Put the prepared medium-type dough together with other materials except peanuts into the barrel of the PE8200UG bread maker 4.

Turn on the dough mixer for 15 minutes 5.

1 Press the kneading function twice (for a total of 30 minutes) to knead the dough to the extended stage 6.

2 The dough is slowly mixed together.

Add butter 8.

Then turn on the kneading function of the bread machine, knead the dough for 30 minutes, and the dough has reached the complete stage9.

1. Mix three equal parts of the dough after slackening, and then relax for 15 minutes10.

2 Take out the dough, spheronize, cover with plastic wrap, and relax in a warm place for 30 minutes11.

Roll out the suspended dough into oval bars.

Gently pull the dough to roll up the cylinder from top to bottom, and lightly press the opening 13.

Roll out the cylinder again.

Gently pull the dough to roll up the cylinder from top to bottom, and press the closing mouth 15 gently.

Add the toast 16 into the dough with the mouth closed.

Turn on the fermentation function of the COUSS oven. Put a bowl of warm water in the oven and put the toast mold into the oven for final fermentation.

Ferment until the toast is nine minutes full (I used it for about 2 hours), and brush the surface of the dough with a layer of egg liquid 18.

Put it in a pre-heated oven, heat up and down 180 degrees, lower layer, and bake for 35 minutes. The method of medium toast introduced above may be simple, but if you have superb understanding, you will definitely add your own innovation.

And if you dare to innovate, you will definitely be able to make delicious food with new materials.

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