May 13

Baoding Shui Water Concentrated Signed 19 key projects total investment of 12.8 billion yuan

Baoding City, Dushui County held a focus project centralized signing ceremony site. Liu Zhaohui photo "The development is the first one, the project is the first support." Since this year, Baoding City has led the transformation, solves the unreasonable industrial structure, promotes development, and solves the uneven development of industrial development. To play the support, driving, leading role of the industrial project, speed up the cultivation industry cluster, promote the new industrialization process, build a modern industrial system, and further create a new advantage, new power, new image. The signing of the Northern Body Volleyball Plaza project, the San Shi China Cloud (涞水) 5G Innovation Cloud Base Project, Dushui County Gas Power Plant Project, Jinlian Cloud Data Center Construction Project and UnionPay Cloud Data Center Construction Project, etc. 19 projects Vision, the need for water development needs, will have far-reaching influence on the development of 涞水.

Among them, the North Body Vital Plaza project relies on the unique national resource advantages of Beijing Sports University, building a functional facility such as the health and living area of ??the North China Movie Square and the Northern Body Sports Center.

The construction of the project will create a three-piece cultural and technological tour of the "Physical Exercise + Sports Industry + Sports Tourism". "Project is the global ‘four gallest column’, and use the development of thinking and strategy to look at the project. It is necessary to use a broad field of vision and Boda to attract projects. Strong investment, attracting more quality enterprises to settle down water.

"Deputy Secretary, Baoding City, the deputy secretary, the county magistrate Song Dynasty, said.

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