January 29

Guo Yujie wants to eat snail powder when he goes home on holiday, and wants to go out to travel twice

Zhao Zhiqing (left) and Guo Yujie (right) helped his teammate Li Huiling from taking off the snowboard. Figure/Xinhua News Agency Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Xue) On March 9, the 5th day of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, a short -distance (free technology) standing position in the two centers of the two centers of the National Winter Center in the Zhangjia Pass area In the semi -finals, Chinese player Guo Yujie ranked 4th in the group and missed the final. After the game, the little girl said cheerfully, "I didn’t expect to reach the semi -finals, and I was very satisfied." Guo Yujie, born in 2004, is less than 18 years old. meeting. On the first day of the start of the game, she won a gold medal in the two women’s short -distance standing positions. As one of the flag bearers of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games of the Chinese delegation, after winning the gold, the eyes focus on her, which puts the little girl a lot of pressure.

In the two women’s mid -distance standing groups in the winter, Guo Yujie ranked fourth in the final result because of a lot of shooting off targets, and Ukraine players took the top 3. "After I went back, I looked back. I took a lot of lead at the time. If I took off a few shots, I should have reached the podium. A little regrettable, but I would not be sad or angry.

"Speaking, the little girl joked:" My parents also said that I was ‘one picked five’ (editor’s note: there were 5 Ukrainian players in that game), which was very powerful.

"For the first time to participate in the Winter Paralympic Games, Guo Yujie felt a lot, and everyone’s enthusiasm left a deep impression on her." Many staff members and athletes say hello to me, and I can’t stand it. "Today, Guo Yujie’s parents also came to the game scene to cheer for her daughter.

Seeing the parents on the audience, Guo Yujie waved with them excitedly.

The little girl said that the arrival of her parents made the "more powerful", "but I really can’t slip them." Although I did not reach the finals, the two taxi had made Guo Yujie exhausted. a bit.

Because of the preparation and competition, Guo Yujie hadn’t completely relaxed for a long time. She looked forward to playing well after the game.

I also want to travel to Yunnan and Hainan, and I want to go out to play twice.

"Beijing News reporter Zhao Xue.

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