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Different water temperature effects, bathing should also pay attention to

Different water temperature effects, bathing should also pay attention to

Everyone’s habits are different, so the temperature of the bath also has personal preferences, but do you know that showering with different temperatures will have different effects on the human body?

Does the physical body of a powerful person have some influence?

Let’s read the following article!

  Bodybuilding strong cold water bath cold water bath means using 10?
Bathing in cold water between 20 °C can promote skin metabolism and enhance skin nutrition.

People who have been in the cold water bath for a long time, the skin is tender, rosy, elastic, showing the beauty of health.

  In the cold water bath, the blood vessels are about to push a large amount of blood into the visceral blood vessels. After a little stop, the blood vessels of the skin are re-expanded, and a large amount of blood flows from the visceral blood vessels to the body surface. This shrinks the blood vessels and enhances the elasticity of the blood vessels.Helps prevent hardening of the arteries.

In addition, the cold water bath can also enhance the function of the respiratory organs and digestive organs, and play an active role in preventing the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infections, rheumatism, and arthritis.

  The temperature of the calming hot bath hot water bath is 38?
Between 40 ° C, it can cause blood vessels to dilate, promote blood circulation, avoid muscle spasm, and have a calming effect.

Insomniacs take a hot bath before going to bed, which helps sleep and reduces itching.

The hot water bath can remove dirt on the skin, make the pores and sweat glands clear, improve the skin’s metabolic capacity and disease resistance.

  Experiments have shown that typhoid bacillus is planted on clean skin and slightly dirty skin, and samples are taken after 10 minutes. The bacteria on the cleaned skin have died, and the bacteria on the dirty skin still exist.

In medicine, hot water baths can be used to treat chronic arthritis, fracture healing and other chronic conditions.

  Jianfei callus warm water bath warm water bath refers to the bath between the cold water bath and the hot water bath, the water temperature is about 34 °C.

The normal person’s body temperature is 36.

5 ° C?
At 37 ° C, the skin temperature is at 32 ° C?
Between 33 ° C.

The warm water at 34 °C is slightly higher than the skin temperature, but it is lower than the body temperature. The hand touch is a little warm. After soaking in, the body temperature will not change, it will not feel cold, and it will not feel hot.

  If you want a spa effect, but don’t want to be as irritating as a cold bath or a hot bath, you can choose warm water therapy.

It may be a patient with poor heart and lung function. A patient with a burn should choose a warm bath.

  The hot and cold alternating bath of the body and the body is from the hot water bath. The temperature of the hot water is about 38 °C?
Between 44 ° C, the washing time is about 4?
6 minutes; then take a cold water bath, the warm water of cold water is 10?
Between 16 ° C, time is about 1?
2 minutes, the last is still a hot bath.

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