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[Effects and effects of three whip wine]_Benefits_Necessary

[Effects and effects of three whip wine]_Benefits_Necessary

After a hard day at work, I go home and take a sip of wine. This is a very enjoyable life, especially for friends who like to drink. It can relieve the fatigue of the day, especially three whip wine. This is a health care made with medicinal materials.Liquor, which is loved by friends, and also has certain effects, is good for your health. So what are the effects and functions of three whip wine?

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Next, I will introduce them in detail for my friends.

Three whip wine is a health wine, which has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and revitalizing yang.

The main treatment is to nourish blood and regenerate sperm, and strengthen the brain and kidney.

Used for physical weakness, impotence, premature aging, low back pain, overuse of the brain, anemia, dizziness, weak heart, startle and forgetfulness, spontaneous sweating, cold and insomnia, pale face, qi deficiency and appetite.

Scientific intake of 1, two small cups a day, more burning. International medical and health scientists have proved that the safe amount of ethanol consumed per person per day is 1 g per kilogram of body weight.

The Changyu three whip wine function test shows that it has obvious anti-fatigue and immune regulation effects at the recommended daily injection volume of 50ml-100ml.

The recommended allowable amount of Changyu Three Whip Wine is lower than the internationally recognized human safe alcohol replacement amount.

2. It is best to shorten the time in order to better exert the health effects of functional factors and reduce the harm of alcohol to the human body. Changyu three whip wines are recommended to be added during meals. If the amount of alcohol and physical conditions allow it, it will be more effective to sleep before meals or before bed.Well, this way the functional factors can be quickly absorbed by the body.

3. The best temperature is acceptable after warming, which is beneficial to better exert the warming effect of Changyu three whip wine, and the health benefits of tonic.

Whenever the wine Changyu Sanbian is “warm, not hot”, it is hot in nature, too much warming is allowed, which is not good for the body, and the flavor substances in the wine, including ethanol, play too much, losing the basic personality.

Therefore, three-whip wine should be “warm and not hot”, and the temperature should be controlled below 40 seconds.

It can be iced or iced in summer, but it should not be too cold, and the temperature should be controlled for more than 10 seconds.

 Health wine is an alkaline health food with wine.

Modern medicine believes that taking a proper amount of health wine can improve human blood circulation.

First, the “hot blood flow” after drinking can effectively wash away the blood vessel wall, prevent blood clots, and the rapid movement of blood reduces harmful complications in the body, thereby protecting the heart. Second, the nuclear capillaries that relax after drinking are easier to transport and absorb.Nutrients in the body.

 Changyu three-flag wine is a state-approved health food with immune-regulating and anti-fatigue effects. It is a low-nutrition health-care wine.Prolong your life.

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