May 30

Six Chinese Women’s Football Teams selected for training

Six Chinese Women’s Football Teams selected for training
Wang Yanwen (right) in the teaching competition of the Chinese Women’s Football Team.Photo courtesy of the Chinese Football Association The Chinese women’s football team started the second phase of training yesterday, officially preparing for the Yongchuan Four Nations.In the sauna, Yewang learned from the team that 18 of the 24 players who participated in the last selection and training camp stayed in the team.The six unsuccessful players were Li Zhijun of Guangdong Huijun, Jin Kun of Jiangsu Suning, Li Xiang of Dalian team, Zhao Yingying of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, and Wang Yanwen and Sun Yunpeng from Beijing Control Phoenix Women’s Football Team.In addition, the goalkeeper Xu Huan withdrew from the selection training due to injury.Since the 7 internationals who participated in the Wuhan Military Games were unable to arrive on time, only 6 players originally scheduled to participate in the second round of training arrived in Xianghe today. They will start training together with the 18 selected in the previous round.After completing the military games, the remaining 7 internationals will also return to the team.During the second training session, the coaching staff will arrange multiple teaching competitions to investigate the team members.The final list of players participating in the Yongchuan Four Nations Tournament will be determined at the end of the training.

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