July 20

Mayo will be registered with the Liao basketball team and was banned from the NBA for two years due to drug involvement

Mayo will be registered with the Liao basketball team and was banned from the NBA for two years due to drug involvement
Mayo took a photo with quarantine staff at Pudong Airport.Figure / social media Liaoning men’s basketball official confirmed today that it will soon register for former NBA player O · Mayo.Entering Shanghai from at least before the suspension of foreigners’ entry regulations is mandatory. He is currently being segregated in Shenyang. In 2016, he was disqualified by the NBA for two years for violating the anti-drug agreement and has since transferred overseas leagues.Mayo had taken photos with quarantine personnel on personal social media this week, and the location was shown as Shanghai Pudong Airport.Last night, he updated social media again to disclose that 14 days of quarantine has begun in Shenyang.The Liaoning club official stated that Mayo is “strictly performing 14 days of quarantine in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention department”.Liao Basketball also confirmed the news of the upcoming signing: “Mayo is the third foreign aid candidate selected by my club. He needs to pass the medical examination after the end of the isolation and gradually cancel the relevant procedures to formally become a registered foreign player of Liao Basketball.”Liaoning revealed that the club launched a plan to find third foreign aid before the Spring Festival.Mayo played for the NBL Hunan team, has a Chinese visa and is currently playing in the SBL league in Taiwan, so it has become the team’s best choice.According to the sauna, Yewang understands that before the start of the season, the Shanxi men’s basketball team had planned to sign Beasley, but was opposed because of drug involvement.It is reported that the CBA alliance stipulates that drug-related personnel are allowed to participate.Sauna, Yewang realized after inquiries that CBA has no relevant regulations.Beasley was suspended by the NBA for 5 games last year because of violations of the anti-drug regulations. Once a team signs him, the ban will start to execute.But he has not been able to get a contract in the NBA so far, and the suspension has not been completed, so he missed the CBA.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Han Shuangming Proofreading He Yan

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