May 21

Obviously,This oneFOXThe TV reporter must have Nelson in his hands·Piquet’s contact information。

Jack·Welch’s next reaction disappointed many dark guys at the scene,He smiled and nodded and even made a please gesture:“of course,You can now。”
FoxThe reporter from the news station is really welcome,I dialed the phone directly in front of so many reporters,Waited a moment,After the call is connected,He said loudly:“Mr. Piquet,I’m Rick from U.S. News·Carter,Is it convenient for you now……Yes,I want to confirm with you,You drove it yourselfAMCThat sports car,Created at the Nürburgring circuit in Germany7Minute58second724Lap time?……Ok ok……”
I don’t need to ask what the answer is,Just watch Rick·Carter’s expression was extremely shocked,I knew that the Brazilian on the other end of the phone confirmed it personally,In other words,A car manufacturer from the United States,Really built the fastest civilian production car in the world?
be quiet!
The press conference was as quiet as suffocating!
But soon,After a short silence,The reporters broke out in an instant,Countless questions rush to Jack like a tide·Welch。
Americans also have national pride。
High performance car,It’s always been a scar on American hearts,As globally recognized“The country on wheels”,The U.S. has the highest car penetration rate in any country in the world,But it has been lagging behind Europe in the field of high-performance cars,This keeps Americans very upset,But no way,What can you do if the technology is not as good as humans?
But now,AMCTook out a Ferrari even though、Lamborghini、Porsche、McLaren、Jaguar(Jaguar)Waiting for a high-performance sports car that European traditional performance sports car manufacturers cannot compare,Even ran for eight minutes on the Nurburgring, an unprecedented!
Excited,Proud,Many reporters、Especially journalists from automotive media,Even red eyes:at last,We can also make high-performance sports cars in the United States。
the next day,The media across the U.S. seem to be collectively high,Desperate reportAMCNews that the fastest sports car in the world was built,In order to make the American people better understand7Minute58second724The significance of this achievement、It’s not easy to get this result,Various media are desperately explaining what is called the German Nürburgring on their own pages、whyAMCGo to this track to test the results and how amazing the results are……
And their results did not disappoint them,American people are excited、Hi、high@Tide:
what?A production car,A production car from the United States,Actually ran into the Nürburgring circuit in Germany, which is famous for its difficult8Lap speed?!
what?Ferrari、Lamborghini、Porsche’s mass-produced civilian car also failed to run for eight minutes on this track?

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