May 22

Zhao Jialun is driving away the used car he bought,After starting the engine, it did not start normally。He hopes to find more miracles after dawn,I kept thinking silently,Must be fine,If she is in front of her,Must marry her、Love her,Don’t care about your identity。

The East has vomited white,The temperature in the morning is a bit cool,Zhao Jialun shuddered,The cold outside is not as cold as the cold inside。
The heavy eyelids made him fall asleep unconsciously leaning on the seat,The physically and mentally equipped,Don’t snore,Snoring at the moment。
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Ding Kelan parked the car on the platform of the main building of Shenglan International Optoelectronics,Tian Lu get off,Feel a surge of acid in the stomach,And flustered,Faint in front of you,Blurred eyes。
Ding Kelan skillfully used the remote control vehicle to automatically drive into the garage,Just turned around,Mi Tian Lu looks ugly,Shaky,Step forward to support her,Asked:“Are you OK?”
Tian Lugang said weakly“I’m fine,So hungry,Hungry…”Fell on Ding Kelan’s arm stretched out。Looked around,The duty officer is probably asleep,Wake up to the duty room and can’t bear it。
A princess hug,Picked up Tian Lu and got on the elevator,Hold back to your office first,If hungry,Give her a sip,And pastries,Let’s solve her hunger first。
Body is so light,Ding Kelan didn’t spend much effort,Carry Tian Lu to the office,Put on the sofa,Poured a cup of warm water,Let her drink。Tian Lu instantly seemed to have power,Open your eyes slowly,Replied:“thank you。”
Ding Kelan asked:“How are you feeling now?”
Tian Lu answered weakly:“much better,Thank you。”Groping for shoes ready to leave。
“You go to the office alone now,Why don’t you just sit with me,I won’t eat you。”Ding Ke Lan Dao,“Just right,I still want to ask you about Ding Yan。”
Mention Ding Yan,It happened to be Tian Lu’s concern,After all, life is a matter of life。
Under the guidance of Ding Kelan’s words,Tian Lu informed Ding Kelan about Ding Yan’s relationship problems.。Ding Kelan stood up like thinking about something,walk around。Ding Kelan took out the dried fruits and pastries that the administration department brought to Ding Kelan on a business trip and put them in front of Tian Lu,Tian Lu was polite,Thinking about being hungry,Don’t add some energy, worry and feel uncomfortable,So I ate it unceremoniously,Bite so loudly。
Hear noise,Ding Kelan listened to the sound of smashing things like a little white mouse raised at home when he was a child,Find it interesting,Looking at Tian Lu in a dream,Casually asked:“Did you faint when hungry before?,Have time to see the doctor?”

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