June 16

He usually leaves after receiving Xiao Xiao,Every time I come to Xiao Xiao, I know,Her classroom is close to the stairs,The ones who came down earlier,It’s normal that Chen Wenjin hasn’t seen Qiancao。

Moreover,I didn’t know who Qiancao was when I met him。
just——At this moment, Chen Wenjin already has a guess,It can even be said to be the only candidate who meets the conditions。
So he was pretty sure,Came here before,I have never seen Qiancao,otherwise,At least smile and say hello。
Xiao Xiao,Wang Shuai,May came out early,Waited not long,Huang Hui and Jiang Zai come out together,Followed by two girls。
I saw my face when I walked out the gate,Xiao Xiao asked:“understanding?”
Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing:“understanding,But don’t know the name。”
Qiancao came with a girl,Met,The girl waved hello to Chen Wenjin:“Hi——Handsome guy meet again。”
“long time no see。”Chen Wenjin remembers them,I just didn’t expect that Qiancao I’ve heard about,It’s her——Years later,He and Hui came back to Pengshi from home,Made an appointment to meet in the park next to East Street,After talking,The one he met at the rice noodle shop、The girl who borrowed his earphones to listen to songs。
Qiancao is also wearing a headset,Taken off,Her blonde hair makes her skin whiter,There was a faint emotion in her eyes,Watching Chen Wenjin’s question:“Today this is、To stand up for Huang Hui?”
“Absolutely no hostility!I don’t dare to say that I’m so exaggerated to give up my life,But enough to make me grateful,How could it be malicious to you?”Chen Wenjin made it clear。
Huang Hui has two palms together,Said quickly:“I beg you to tell Qiancao clearly!She always felt that I used to cheat and play with your feelings,Is a terrible woman,So keep targeting me,I’m so wronged!But it’s useless if I say it,She doesn’t believe it at all。I wanted to talk to you,I think it’s inappropriate to trouble you,Yesterday, if it wasn’t for Qiancao,I won’t mention。Now since you know she is Qiancao,Should I clarify it for me??”
Chen Wenjin really didn’t expect Qiancao to have a strong sense of justice,Just say:“thank、Thank you very much for your sense of justice!After all, it’s fighting the injustice for me,Just rely on this,I must sincerely thank you!”
“I just don’t like such a woman,You don’t need to thank me。”Qiancao smiled and glanced at Huang Hui,Looking at Chen Wenjin again:“Isn’t she letting you down?”
“It should be said that there is a disagreement,The reason for separation is okay,It was just a sudden。In fact, I talked seriously with Huang Hui later,Also negotiated friendly,Gave each other the right time to come out,So we can still be friends。The above is the clarification I have to do,But what do you think of Huang Hui、how to think,And what kind of relationship she wants to be in,I dare not say anything to interfere,Because it’s your right,I have no reason to force,No reason to intervene,Clarification is just that you don’t want your relationship to be caused by a misunderstanding。”Chen Wenjin looked at Qiancao,Watching her look change,I guess she would be willing to accept this statement,At least it won’t be counterproductive,In fact, this is also the most appropriate statement of his current position。
“Finished?”Qiancao asked,There is no obvious emotional tendency in the look。
“The clarification is over,No longer comment。”Chen Wenjin paused and said:“Want to invite you guys to dinner,Express gratitude。”
“no need,I said that,It’s just that I don’t like that kind of woman,Not for you。”Qiancao said,Put on a headset,Smiled and said:“Since it is a misunderstanding,Huang Hui will stay with me in the future,gone。”
Thousand grass finished,Lead her friend and leave。
Where does Huang Hui miss the opportunity to turn an enemy into a friend?,Shouted immediately:“Since it is a misunderstanding,I invite dinner,Everyone turns enemies into friends,Even if you don’t fight, you don’t know each other!”

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