August 14

Their bronze sword army is to kill the people,Killed some trolls。

Cannibals are very cunning,Know that there are troops protecting villages and towns,Will choose those remote places to start。
“The ice disaster causes a demon disaster……Another big omen。”
First319chapter The last bad omen
From a small omen to a big omen!
And one after another!
Some evil omen,Hasn’t happened yet,Can follow this situation,The moment when the evil star dragon really appeared,Is when this land is completely reduced to purgatory!
All the signs came too suddenly,So that the prophet Li Xinghua didn’t have time to stop things from getting worse。
“We have to find the evil star dragon,After the seven omens,Is the sign of heaven。”Li Xing’s painting voice is a little low。
Big omen,Is already a tragedy on earth,Not to mention sky signs,The annihilation brought about is unimaginable。
Judging from the signs we have now,When the evil star dragon recovered,Come back to this land,That’s the beginning of the signs,It’s not just the survival of Runyu City,It is estimated that several nearby countries may be destroyed。
“Are there any other bad omens??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“war、Civil commotion、plague、Ice disease、Demon disaster、Insect tide、Meteorite……The first six evil omens appeared at a very similar time,There is one last,It should be the meteor fire heralded by the evil star dragon!”Li Xinghua said。
Chao Ruijin、Yao Junshi、Yu Gaojie, who was riding the grey wolf, heard these remarks,Feel incredible。
but,According to the accurate information they inquired around,In the great evil that Li Xing painted,They already know six!
“In short, even if we find the evil star dragon。”Yao Junshi said。
Li Xinghua nodded。

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