August 25


All the water friends were stunned by Chen Xiu’s shot。
“Don’t pretend to be Principal Wang if you have a few steel plates clanging,You think you are really the richest son。”
Chen Xiu, this barrage came out,I am so angry that I am not Headmaster Wang and gritted his teeth,The same is also a gift of 500,000。
“Special,Who said that a few steel plates are too poor。”
Chen Xiu watched him just brush out a gift of the same value as himself,Knowing him this is the end of the crossbow,I guess I won’t be able to call if I try。
Right now, it’s just one million gifts.。
Full-screen fireworks pop up one after another on the live platform,This time, the platinum master anchor on the platform is not calm anymore,Come over“Rounds”,Following a large number of water friends came to Rosin’s room,Let Rosin’s live broadcast room break through half a million people online,The company directors of the live broadcast platform quickly ordered two sets of servers to be added to Rosin’s live broadcast room.,Ensure the fluency of live broadcast。
“If there is a kind, you can buy a lot more than me。”
After Chen Xiu’s one million gift was published,,This barrage pops up directly in the middle of the screen,Particularly conspicuous。
20 You are hired
“Principal Wang,He fought you。”
“Get him。”
“Uncle can bear,Auntie can’t bear it,Must go back。”
“it’s me,so I200Wan killed him。”

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