September 7

Instructor waved his hand,Interrupted Uncle Geng,“I understand,Situation is a bit troublesome。But the news just got,That Xiao Li ran away,Ha ha,Very interesting。”

“When did this happen?”Uncle Geng was taken aback,Know that the instructor’s source of information is very reliable,But Li Tianchou’s escape still surprised him,This is different from his understanding of the apprentice’s character。
“Yesterday morning,Ran in the hospital。”The instructor’s faint response,Look at Uncle Geng,“It’s not strange,People are forced to do that,Waiting to die if you don’t run?”
Uncle Geng frowned,I don’t know what Li Tianchou will do next。In his impression,This apprenticeship tradition、Duty。If it wasn’t for being forced to fire that shot,I believe there will be no big changes in personality,It’s not easy to do things。Haven’t seen each other for over a month,This kid has really changed a lot。
“He is in a difficult situation now,The wanted order has come down。Bright side,No one can help him。”The instructor raised his head and drank the tea cup upright,“Your situation,Ok,Help if you can,The rest depends on his own destiny。”
Uncle Geng nodded,Even if the instructor doesn’t say anything,,He will do his best to help。This is his principle,Difficulties in the dealership,There is no reason not to help;Second come,He also likes this young man。
The only mystery is how did the instructor notice Li Tianchou?It was inconvenient to meet last time,This time it seems that the instructor doesn’t plan to say,Could it be that Xiao Li is carrying a big secret?
“Instructor,I want to clean up my grandchild,So Ahao has to avoid it。What else do you have to explain next?”Uncle Geng saw that the instructor didn’t mention Li Tianchou again,So skipped the topic。
The instructor nodded,“Avoid it,Let him go crazy first。To deal with that kind of mud turtle,You do it yourself。I’m so fucking an abettor,It’s okay to fight for you、Fight for territory。Hey!”
I didn’t expect the instructor to sigh。Uncle Geng looks embarrassed,“no way,This move is involved again。”
The instructor smiled sorry,“I understand,Hold on。What you did was fruitful,Xie Fujun explained a lot of things,I believe it will hit Zhang Zhiqiang a lot。But this guy is ruthless,All the evidence points to Tang Shiming,Slippery,It’s really not a matter of taking him down overnight。”
“Tang Shiming is not goingHKYet?”Uncle Geng is strange,Implication,It shouldn’t be difficult to get people there with your national secret service。
The instructor rolled his eyes and looked at Uncle Geng,Look rather helpless,“died,Car accident two days ago。”
Uncle Geng took a deep breath and stopped talking。

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