September 11

“I cross-examine……”

Chen Xiu first proposed the white woman embedded in the wall,Suddenly dumbfounded,She broke her breastbone upside down and entered her heart with a punch,It’s gone now。
“what happened?”Osheng can’t hear the sound,Shouted anxiously。
“No……It’s nothing,one left……”
Chen Xiu passed the black woman on the ground,No need to sniff,I know she’s done too,Because the black woman only turned her upper body when it turned,The two legs didn’t move at all,She was kicked into two pieces by herself,The gods can’t be saved。
“what happened?”
“dead……died,All dead!”
Ou Sheng and Li Lili were surprised,Shouting at the phone:“Chen Xiu,Are you hurt,Quickly locate me,I’ll call an ambulance over。”
“Do not……I am not dead,How can I talk when I die,I mean I tried too hard,Accidentally killed both killers,Can’t force a confession!”
The two women breathed a sigh of relief,The killer is dead,They don’t care if they die,Chen Xiu is fine。
“I can only talk on my phone,The screen is broken,Can’t make a call。Call He Shouheng,Let him send someone to deal with the body,I don’t want to alarm the police。”
“it is good!”
Australia Island as a casino,The last thing missing at midnight every day is crime。
The He family is naturally familiar with handling corpses,Ma Chong brought people here soon。
“Mr. Chen,You go back to the hotel,The boss is waiting for you at the hotel。Here we just deal with it,Promise not to leave the tail。”
“it is good!”
“Scared me!”
Chen Xiuyi returned to the hotel’s presidential suite,Ou Sheng and Li Lili both flew up。
Chen Xiu hugged them and comforted:“Don’t be afraid,You see, I’m not a single hair off。”

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