September 22

The tense atmosphere in the room slowly eased。Bai Li smiled and said:“I will definitely not wear a skirt,Fortunately, I brought a pair of sneakers”

Bai Li’s voice just fell,Her cell phone rang。She opened it and said:“Xu Feng sent the address,in2Pavilion No.BSeated6No. 3 Floor”
“it is good!Act quickly,You go change clothes!”Xia Jian said,So I took off the dart bag and checked it again。
Bai Li saw that Xia Jian was still carrying a hidden weapon,I feel a lot of stability in an instant。She smiled sweetly at Xia Jian,He walked back to the room quickly。
For easy action,I can only drive my own car。Their car is a bit eye-catching during the day,But driving at night,This problem won’t exist。
Rain is still falling。Xia Jian drove the car,With my own memory,Slowly towards2#Go to the exhibition hall。May be the cause of the rain,There are few pedestrians on the road,There are a lot fewer vehicles。
Although it’s in the car,But obviously I can feel the cold of winter。Bai Li in the co-pilot,Wearing a black sportswear,A nice silk scarf is wrapped around her neck。May be a bit cold,Plus tension’s sake,Bai Li held her shoulders tightly with her hands。
“Hey!Can drive?”Xia Jian didn’t make Bai Li feel nervous,He asked in a low voice。
Bai Li nodded and said:“Will open!”
“Well!You will be waiting in the car for a while,I went to them alone。Of course,This car can’t turn off。In case i was found,As soon as i got in the car,This car can rush out”Xia Jian recognized the direction in the rain,Whispered to Bai Li。
Bai Li smiled and said:“No way,Where are you going,Where do i want to follow,This is Mr. Luo’s order,I must execute”
“is it?Does that include bathing and sleeping?”Xia Jian saw that Bai Li was very nervous,So I made a joke with her。
Bai Li did not expect,It’s this time,Xia Jian can still make such a humorous joke,She couldn’t help laughing。
2Several advertisements in Hall No.,Can see from afar,Just what Xu Feng saidBWhere is the third floor??Xia Jian drove the car,While thinking about this question。
suddenly,Bai Li pointed to the front and said:“President Xia!I think this2Pavilion No. is built from east to west,So from east to west,The first building should beADong,And so onBBuilding should be the second building。Bai Li is really smart,What she said,Xia Jian immediately understood。
This belongs to the new development zone,Many people work during the day,Still looks a bit lively。But at night,Here is abnormally quiet。Drive all the way,Hardly saw a figure。
Xia Jian dare not drive the lights,Drove the car slowly。Bai Li is right,Side of the first row of buildings,Really bigAword。
Parked the car in a darker place on the side of the road,Xia Jian said to Bai Li:“You have to be obedient,This is the first time for you,But for me,It’s commonplace。If you come with me,It will drag me down,Understand?”
The expression on Baili’s face is very complicated,She thought for a moment,Finally nodded and said:“I’ll listen to you,But you have to be careful,Found something wrong,Withdraw immediately,We think of other ways”
Xia Jian nodded,No more words。His two eyes kept looking out the car window,The ears are also standing up right now。Apart from the patter of rain outside the window,Can’t hear any more,This night is extremely quiet。

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