September 28

Chen Xiu kept watching all this secretly,It was a secret fluke to see She Letian being so powerful,Fortunately, Hu Li joined Hu Mazi tonight、Guo Junbao come here together,Otherwise, he alone came to assassinate Sun Yang,I’m really not She Letian’s opponent。

Suddenly a scream came from the chaos below。
hand machine station:
1123 Finally shot
Chen Xiu looked at,I saw that Hu Li’s apprentice Deng Shutong couldn’t withstand the attack of Bai Ru, one of the four main halls.,Got chopped off an arm,The situation is precarious。
Hu Li and others are also in a hurry,Once the balance is broken,Let the four hall masters support She Letian,Immediately reverse the situation。
Chen Xiu thought:“This is a good time for me to help Longxi Village solve problems,If Sun Yang survives,,I’ll go to Daniel and the others for trouble!”
No longer hesitate now,Incarnate as a dark shadow,Pounce straight at Sun Yang from the eaves。
Photographed by Chen Xiu with both palms up,The palm spit out more than one foot long,But it is carried in the palm“wind”Familiar laws of nature,The air brought up by this palm,It’s like a torrential waterfall,Continuously blast towards Sun Yang。

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