October 4

Xia Jian took it,Asked softly:“what?“

“Go back and see again!“Ouyang Hong said,Lower your head even lower。
Xia Jian sitting in the car,Thinking back to Ouyang Hong’s shy look just now,He can’t think of it,What will she give herself,Curious him,Touched the bag with my hand,Found soft cotton inside,Feel like clothes or something,If it is really clothes,What does Ouyang Hong mean??
Xia Jian was thinking,Could not help but laugh,Fang Fang, who is driving aside,A slightly unhappy glance at Xia Jian,This scene happened to be seen clearly by Guo Meili sitting in the back row。
May 1st,The most prosperous Donglin Square in Pingdu,There are a lot of people,In addition, the entrepreneurial group is holding an opening ceremony here today,The crowded people suddenly blocked the road。
Fortunately, the government came forward,A policeman on duty was assigned here in advance,So that the road to Yongdu was cleared。This opening ceremony,Xia Jian has lost money,He invited the host of the beauty show on Pingdu TV,There are also singing and dancing performances in between。
And also issued free shopping coupons to passing citizens,This is something that has never happened in Pingdu。From nine in the morning,Reporters from major media gathered here,Which long guns and short cannons were put up,The spotlight flashes non-stop。
With the song and dance performance reaching the most**Time,Relevant leaders in the city gradually arrived,There is a deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee,Deputy Director of the Public Commercial Bureau、The relevant person in charge of the Land and Tax Bureau,And the director of Donglin Police Station,This scene is rarely seen in Pingdu。
With the host:“Ribbon cutting begins“
Several scissors fell almost at the same time,With a click,And the flashing of the spotlight,There are dozens of gun salutes,Venture Group Pingdu Development Co., Ltd.,Officially settled in Pingdu。
On the top of the eighteen-story building,Erected immediately“Venture Group Pingdu Development Co., Ltd.“Big sign with a few words”On the edge of these words,Are inlaid with tubes,At night,People in the entire flat city can see。
Subsequently,Follow the staff’s guidance,All on the 18th floor,Visited the newly established office of the Venture Group,Supporting the layout facilities inside,Everyone is full of praise。
Finally, at the invitation of a reporter from the Pingdu Daily,Deputy Minister of Publicity of the Municipal Party Committee and relevant leaders took a group photo with Xia Jian,When everyone just left,A reporter from Pingdu TV station surrounded Xia Jian,Did a brief interview in his luxurious office。
Noon is a banquet reception,It’s singing and dancing again,Such a good thing,Naturally, Xia Jian was drunk,When I wake up the next day,I found out that I was sleeping in the hotel。
Washed up,When preparing to go out,Phone rang,Xia Jian saw that Old Xiao was calling,Naturally very happy to connect,Old Xiao smiled on the phone:“Good boy,This time the momentum is big enough,Are on the Bucheon City News Channel”

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