October 10

The fat boss took a selfie with his chest sadly,A heartbroken look……This is also a way of pretending to be pitiful after selling fake antiques.,The more pitiful you say,Arouse the compassion of others,The more you make the other person think you are not lying to him,And you are just a victim。

“boss,I don’t think you are too sad……I think the ink added here is a bit old,Being swapped shouldn’t mean being swapped in your hands。
I think the ink added after this is the material used in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China.,It should be that turbulent era,Your grandfather’s bag was adjusted。”
“such……What to do,Grandpa,I don’t even know if you have been transferred,Hurt me、My dad、My grandpa guarded it foolishly for three generations,What’s worse now,What about the cost of my mother’s surgery?!”
“boss,Don’t be too sad……Sometimes life must have,Don’t force your life。You didn’t lose this plum bottle,I’m not disappointed,How about this,Your family is too difficult,I spent this amount and still collected the bottle,We also have a good bond!”
Chen Xiu gestured and stretched out seven fingers。
The fat boss pretended to be very grateful and said:“Seventy thousand,Okay。At least we can make up a fraction of the surgery fee。”
Chen Xiu sat down, picked up the tea bowl, smiled and shook his head。
“Seven thousand?”The fat boss said very sadly:“70 million can’t,Although this is not a genuine product uploaded by my ancestors,At least it’s from the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, isn’t it?。”
“Seven thousand?It seems you misunderstood the boss,I mean seven hundred!”
“Seven hundred!This……How to say this also talks about the end of Qing Dynasty……”
“But he is fake!”
“Its workmanship is still very beautiful!”
“No matter how beautiful it is, it is fake,Find a private kiln master in Jingdezhen to spend 700 to buy a car!”
The fat boss pretended to be embarrassed,After a battle between heaven and man, he finally nodded and said:”Seven hundred is seven hundred, right?,Small mosquitoes are meat。”

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