September 15

Xiongji smiled and said:“Don’t forget Mr. Xia,This is not just a project,It’s a benefit project”

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The wind is blowing outside the window,Blowing snow,Like throwing a bag of white flour into the air。
Xia Jian looked out of the glass window,He didn’t speak for a long time。Everyone knows this is a benefiting project,But among so many bidding companies,How many are thinking about doing more for the people?They are not running to which land,Thinking of getting more business value。
He Wei stood up,She is carrying a wine bottle,Pour the three of them with wine again。Xia Jian just recovered,He smiled embarrassedly:“Mr. Xiong said just now,but……”
“That’s why I said you Hongjian will definitely win this time。First of all,Startup companies united with you,The original startup group,That contribution to Bucheon City is obvious to all。And the projects you are currently engaged in by Hongjian Group,Which one is not beneficial to the country and the people。So starting from this relief,No matter how much money Lilong Group has,,That’s also standing aside”
Xiongji said very positively。
Xia Jian brought the wine,And Xiongji said:“Mr. Xiong’s ideological understanding has really reached another height,I haven’t thought about it like this,But you say this,I feel a little confident”
Xia Jian laughed。
He Wei sighed and said:“We are actually very contradictory in business。Who doesn’t want to do more for the sake of the people。But when the interests of your own company conflict with the interests of the people,Everyone will think of the interests of their own business the first time,This is human nature”
“Ok!Mr. He is right。People do not die for themselves,Back again,If it is a decision of an enterprise,Always think for the people,Not profiting for the business,Who would let you be the boss??This sounds very straightforward,But the reality is like this”
Xia Jian was talking,While drinking the wine in the glass。
Xiongji took out another bottle of wine from behind the curtain,This surprised Xia Jian。Xiongji smiled and said:“Happy to drink today,Have a good chat,So we might as well drink more。Snowy outside,Frozen,Why do we get drunk”
“OK OK,This wine can’t be drunk anymore。I’m Xia Jian on this amount,It’s already spinning。Moreover,I still have a lot of things on my hands”
Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xiongji looked anxious,He pressed Xia Jian and sat down again,He was talking:“The topic we are going to talk about has just been broken,How can you just leave!This definitely won’t work”
“You know your wine is not good,Sure enough。Speak!Just say something。It’s not the first time your Xiong and Xia Jian have dealt with each other”

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