September 22

“You are careful,I have been laughing again.,Zigdi is flatter,I will help you.。”Liao Jie shook his head,Walking with ice bucket。

“Wait a minute,Don’t you stay??”
Cheng Jingli Liao Jie’s Works,Refers to Tang Judi on the bed:“Great opportunity,missed,It’s hard to find it later.。”
“What is the eight?,And don’t say that I regard Zigdi as a good brother,Single is the body of Mr. Wang’s dead,I am going to enter it.,What is the respective respect of the animal and beast bullying a weak woman?!”
It’s really good to say.,You regard Zigdi as a brother,Then what do you do with me??
Cheng Jingimo looks like it,Close the door to sit in Tang Judi,Heart counting。Liao Jie does not want to take the initiative,It’s ok,She can send assistance。
“Jude sister,Don’t blame the sisters are not people,I am also happy together.,Anyway, you also like him too.,Not?”Once again, I saw the picture of the right hug.,Cheng Jing smirk,Feeling the winner of life。
Tang Judi in sleep dreams,What a nightmare。
Bedroom lights,Liao Jie joins the ice bucket,Back hand put the door,Also on the lock。
On the large iron bed in the house,Zhou Xingxing is made into big characters,Both hands tightly tightly tight,I can’t fall asleep.。
“Stop pretending,When I opened the light,You have a sudden acceleration,It is clear and clear.。”Liao Jie is placing ice bucket on the bedside,Reach a piece of ice,Put into Zhou Xingxing collar。
“Snapped,quick,Take it out,I am most afraid of cold.。”
Zhou Xingxing is clearly awake,Shrink your neck,Lick your face:“Jiege,coincidence,It turns out that you also live here.。Say you may not believe,I just passed by.,Suddenly jumped out of a prostitute,Long is exactly the same as me,I didn’t play him.,Then I was tied this.。”
“Oh,No king million?”
“Who is Wang Mill?,What are you talking about by Jie Ge??”
“What is not important?,What is the key?,see this,Scene is not very familiar。”
Liao Jun is gave up,Exposed Zhou Xingxing’s creepy smile,Slowly take out the ice cone from the ice bucket。
“Jail,Jiege,Just is almost,Continue it too much。”Zhou Xingxing is full of sweat,The neck of the neck is suddenly not cool.。
“Ax Xing,Don’t blame me.,You know too much.。”
Liao Jie hit a cone,Cold and cold:“But you can rest assured,Everyone brother,I won’t let you be too painful.。”
“Jiege,It’s really you.。”
Zhou Xingxun Nuji,Sighed:“I have nothing to say.,You do it.,However, Amin is not to take care of you.,Paper can’t live fire,One day in the morning and evening,You will be rope。”
Yeah,This is normal reaction,Wang Million must be dead.。
“Say,This will send you to the way。”Liao Jie nodded,嗖 嗖 下 冰 冰。
Zhou Xingxing closed eyes,After half, I found that my body is not hurt.,Sneak open your eyes,I was arrested by Liao Jie to put a ice cube into the neck.。
“Lick,Take it out,Unbearable!”
Two minutes later,Ice is almost the same,Liao Jie solve the rope,Zhou Xingxing, who is shivering。
“Jiege,You are wrong。”
Zhou Xing star shakes the ice water on the body,Put the cotton wrapped in the body,Society in this abortion,Human heart is indifferent,Only this cotton is still warm。
“how,Know that I am a murderer,You still don’t hurry?”
“actually,I am still a little unbelievable now.。”
Zhou Xingxing smiled,Wrapped in a cotton to get to Liao Jie:“What do you know?,tell me,Who is true?。”
“Who is it true?,I have no shortprint.,I only know is a woman.。”

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