October 4

Just a moment,More than 80% of the old demon strayed into a heavy blow,The remaining 20% fell。

But the Celestial Demon Kings have little influence。
Cangjiao Heavenly God himself attacked at this moment,But easily resisted,But the strong light and heat also blocked his mind detection。
At this moment,Li Mingshen Zhou Xingguang Ruhua,With the help of this explosion,Ran away quickly。
“Ran?”Cangjiao Tianshen’s face changed slightly,In front of him,Do not,Is within the range of his mind,But there is no trace of this mysterious powerhouse。
“Nothing,No matter what treasure he gets from Dongfu,It shouldn’t be much compared to the treasures of the entire cave。”
“As long as the tunnel to the cave is still。。。”Cangjiao Tianshen turned his head,Eyes widened。
That one,The shining Dongfu channel that has been beating for hundreds of millions of years,But disappeared!
Traveling in the big world for hundreds of millions of years,Waiting for hundreds of millions of years。
For that treasure of the cave,Hard work。
however,At this moment, the cave tunnel has completely disappeared。
And the only possibility,Apart from him, the only strong man who has ever entered the cave,Only the mysterious powerhouse of the fourth state of mind。
His only guess,It’s the mysterious powerhouse that will control the entire cave,Or at least the tunnel to the cave was stolen。
“Damn thief,thief!”The incompetent fury of the Cangjiao God,Let the celestial immortals under his command tremble。

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