October 6

He swears,Must find ancient documents,Then learn ancient characters,He must be able to survive this。

quickly,Leo and his group came to another human trafficker union。
Ignore the other’s clamor,Leo turned towards Seennunu:“Mr. Beater,Please take care of them!”
Seun reluctantly:“I am a scholar,Not a thug,you can not do that,I joined the Chamber of Commerce in less than an hour。”
Leo nodded。
“Oh,The troublemaker who doesn’t know the ancient script can handle them?”
Seren lowered his head deeply:“I’m too hard,Obviously a scholar,I have to be some senior fighter。”
Head down,Seren stepped forward helplessly。
The little brother who was cheering was a bit at a loss,what happened,Isn’t Boss Leo going??
The other party naturally knows about Leo because of Si Keen.,I didn’t expect Leo didn’t do it。
“Leo?Isn’t it enough for you to get rid of Si Keen?”
Leo nodded:“Since it’s against our chamber of commerce,I naturally want to return it all!”
“Leo, don’t be too greedy,One Si Keen is not enough to satisfy your appetite?Still want to swallow my power,Can you eat it?You are not afraid of those big people coming to you!”
Although these forces are pretty good,But in the second-rate forces, it is the bottom of the existence。
The serious second-rate forces actually have lieutenant-level powerhouses.,They are just the strength of brigadier generals and major generals,It’s not a little bit worse than Lieutenant General。
“I don’t need to worry about whether I can eat,You still worry about yourself!”Leo Shen said。“Seren,Get him!”
Seen sighed helplessly:“Obviously i’m just a scholar,Why fight and kill?”
The other party heard Leo said to kill himself,Naturally will not wait for death,Rushed directly to Seun。

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