October 16

“Heroic,Stepping on him will only dirty your feet!let me do it,I am more shoes,Not afraid of dirty。”

Liao Jela lives,One foot is in the Thai face,Then I stopped and jumped,Until Tailai closed a coma。
Villain!Dog leg!
Wu Dehui and the sorrowful,My heartBB,Not dare to loud,I am afraid that Liao Jie can hear。
“Heroes,Since misunderstanding,I will leave first.,Don’t bother you to rescue a woman.。”
Liao Jie hands holding boxing,Turned and flicker。
“and many more,You can’t walk。”
The sky is on the shoulders of Liao Jie:“I see you is a smart person.,Martial arts, strong and strong,Just, I am missing a guidance,Younger。”
“Ah this year”
Liao Jie’s brain flows down a cold sweat,He is just a generous generation,Can you combine the evil spirits?。
“how,you are not willing?”
It’s a vertical,Five fingers,Press Liao Jie shakes,The force value of the force is too large,Iron cloth and other same shirt。
“Misunderstand,Be misunderstood,Can get heroes,I am happy, I haven’t come yet.,I’m a guilty of this.!”Liao Ju wipes cold sweat,Just join,Formation,Not shameless。
“Fast man,A person,I am more and more appreciated you.。”
“good,Not so fast。”
Liao Jieqian,Know each other,He has never seen a speed at speed,I can ink when you do things.。
“very good,You enter my magic,I am dominated by me.”
“what,You are a magic,Not sputum、Hero saves the beauty of heroes?”Liao Jie is shocked。
“no,A moment。”
Two days:“You enter my heaven,Homage,It should follow the contract,Otherwise, God spares you.,I don’t give you。”
Liao Jie nodded,Ask:“Teacher,What kind of teachings have we taught??”
“Only one,Everything listens to me orders,What do you do?,What are you doing?。”
“Concise,It is worthy of us.。”
Liao Jie thumbs up,No hundredsproof,Must a little bit。
“嘿嘿 嘿,Since you are so faithful,It’s time to prove yourself.。”It’s a smile in the sky,Remove a white soft silkworm from the waist drum,Hand in front of Liao Jie。
“Crystal clear,Ambiguous,It’s not ordinary goods at first glance.。”
Liao Jie shook his head,Push the hand from the sky,Be ashamed:“Teacher,I have no merits.,Two free trees,I can’t accept this big gift.。”
“This name is a natural worm,I got the spirit of the Snow Mountain.,You eat it.,If it is the two hearts,Rebel my heavenly”
The sky is bright and bright,Threaten:“As long as I lightly shoot,No matter the end of the earth,You will wear your belly and die.。”
Liao Jie raises his hand and holds his mouth,Down after two seconds:“Teacher,I am loyal to you.!”
“This set of products,I listened to it too many this sentence.,Finally, it is not standing to the enemy.。”
Tianshi:“Just ask you a sentence,Eat or not eat?”
Liao Jie,Take over the sky,What did you think of cold?,Ask:“Teacher,Our gods called Tianyi,I just listened to you.,Do you have a famous Heh?,Solen master with the world?”

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