November 9

The door of the villa is locked,You can’t get in without a key,Is it…?Xia Jian thought of this,Suddenly realized,It turns out that John and Xu Yanfei have this kind of relationship,Everything understood。

Back to Xia Jian in the villa,He has no sleep,He wondered if Xu Yanfei was angry with John after he left,Or be beaten by John or something。
Thinking about,He didn’t know when he fell asleep,He had several nightmares one after another,Not being chased and killed,I dreamed that Xu Yanfei was tied up and beaten with a whip by which John。
suddenly,A rapid ringing of the phone,Woke up Xia Jian from his sleep。He worked hard to discern the direction,Found myself lying in bed,And still lying318Bed in Villa No.,Then got up and got out of bed,Grabbed the phone on the desk。
“Hey!Which?Who to look for?”Xia Jian who wasn’t awake,Asked in a very unhappy mood。
Suddenly there was a woman’s joyous laughter on the phone:“how?Bother you to sleep?I’m still saying it’s a good thing to disturb you?”Xia Jian just heard,It turned out to be Aju’s voice。
“Sleep alone,What can be good。Why are you calling so early,Is there something?“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Aju laughed haha:“It’s still early,It’s past nine o’clock,Are you sleepy“Aju smiled very happily on the phone。Xia Jian glanced at the pendulum clock on the table,It’s really 9:26。
“Damn!Insomnia last night,Didn’t sleep well,Maybe it’s almost dawn before falling asleep,So I overslept“Xia Jian said embarrassedly on the phone。
Aju laughed again on the phone,Then she changed the topic:“I called you a lot last night,You didn’t answer。Is such that,Do you remember which woman you saved on the highway?“
“Oh!Which woman!I remember that,How can I not remember,How many days did this happen。what happened?Is something wrong?“Xia Jian asked nervously,After all, he used to give people a needle,Will there be problems later,He really can’t tell。
Aju smiled and said:“You are really,What a woman is not a woman,I’m only 28 years old,No boyfriend yet,Looks pretty long。She contacted me through the police yesterday,Say thank you“
“I see it!Thank you,I’ve had dinner after seeing each other,I think you can eat for me“Xia Jian smiled and declined。
Aju can’t do it,She smiled on the phone:“You really don’t look like a man,It’s rare for a girl to be so kind,I can tell you,She’s not small,She is usGZThe daughter of the chairman of Yunmao Group,You have to get to know her,Maybe it’s a good thing for you。
Xia Jian really didn’t expect,He just saved it so casually,Actually saved the daughter of the chairman of the Yunmao Group。This cloud trade group,Has a good reputation in China,So when A Juyi said these two words,Xia Jian still felt a little shocked。
I don’t seem to agree,This Aju will never hang up,Xia Jian said with a smile:“Ok,Since you said so,Where we meet,specific time、Location or something,It’s all up to you”
Seeing that Xia Jian finally agreed, Aju,She laughed and hung up the phone。
at this time,Suddenly the doorbell rang at the gate,Xia Jian hurriedly got dressed,Opened the door。A woman in her thirties stood at the door,She is still wearing the clothes of the housekeeper in this villa area。

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