January 28

Why is Situ to eat,Then there is such a thing that happened.?

All everything,It looks inexplicable,Again。
Situ Zhuo’s performance,It’s even more clean and cleanly cleansing this matter.。
This look,It’s very suspicious.。
Xue Li saw Shen Xuan like this,So continue there。
“this http://www.digital999.cn matter,You listen to me and tell you.,actually”
Xue Li is planning to say something to Shen Xuan,But this time,Shen Xuan’s behind,A big helper chased it。
“Don’t run,This time I caught you,You’re dead。”
Hear here,Shen Xuan is directly to Xue Li is a punch.,But when I am trying to touch to Xueli,Shen Xuan is suddenly open。
“Run away。”
Snowy is a bit surprised,But when I look at Shen Xuan,It is also grateful to Shen Xuan.。
obviously,Such a thing,Uninoup,What will be brought?,Can imagine。
“Shen Xuan,thank you,do not worry,I will definitely prove it to you.。”
Xueli finished,Direct step on Shen Xuan’s palm,Overlapping,Stepping http://www.space-key.cn on the wall,Directly get up and retreat。
After Shen Xuan’s body,Those people have come。
Look at this scene,Shen Xuan bite his teeth:“hateful,Damn,I actually made him ran.。”
“You are just,Quickly block around,Never let her ran。”
Shen Xuan finished,Surroundings,It’s a nod.。
“Everyone listened to Mr. Shen,anyway,Don’t let the woman run。”
“Five poison door,Iron-defending force,This account must have a good calculation with them.。”
“Grabby her,Be sure to smash her corpse。”
As these people said,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,Also pinching a sweat。
I don’t know,Snowli can’t leave this。
Yet,Shen Xuan is a place for no one.,I took out the phone and sent a message.。
The news is sent to Sun Ting.,Let her take people immediately。
After all, the place where the Situ is now.,In fact, it is http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cn also within the scope of Sun’s family.。
quickly,Sun Ting returned a message:“OK,almost there。”
See the news from Sun Ting,Shen Xuan sent another,Say something is a bit,So let Sun Ting don’t have to go back.,After that, explain it with her.。
After you finish,Shen Xuan deleted information directly。
Otherwise, when I arrived, I was suspicious of the people.,That is not a good thing.。
But I don’t think so.,Shen Xuan is also a loose tone。
“Mr. Shen。”
at this time,A Situ’s bodyguard came here,See Shen Xuan,Shouted。

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