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State Post Bureau: This year, postal enterprises have 150 million shipments for express delivery enterprises.

Original title: National Post Office: This year’s postal enterprises have accumulated a record express delivery enterprise express mail billion people network Beijing November 9th (Reporter Joe Sam) Recently, the State Post Bureau held a national postal campaign to promote TV conference, informing national postal express enterprises Cooperation with the development of express delivery.

Dai Yingjun, a member of the State Post Bureau, and Deputy Director Dai Yingjun, said that the postal enterprises have accumulated express delivery enterprises in the early New Year, which is twice that year. "At present, there are 39 express delivery enterprises branded express enterprises in the country and postal enterprises.

Dai Yingjun pointed out at the meeting, as of the end of October 2021, the postal faster cooperation express entered the village has covered thousands of townships in 31 provinces (districts, cities), 10,000 buildings, construction village coverage rate of 31%, Any percentage point was improved at the beginning of the year.

  Dai Yingjun said that since this year, the postal management department of each province (district, city) has strengthened the provision of postal cooperation couriers into the village by strengthening the organization leadership, strengthening the supervision guidance, striving for support policies. All local explorations have formed a major cooperation model such as generation survival, park common, village-level site cooperation, postal fusion and domain cooperation.

  According to Dai Yingjun, since October 2019, the State Post Bureau has deployed the express delivery in the express delivery in the express cooperation. Heilongjiang Province, Sichuan, Tibet Autonomous Region, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province 5 pilot provincial (district) political and enterprises overcome difficulties , Actively promotion, the pilot effect is good, the demonstration effect is obvious.

  Since 2020, postal cooperation has been fully launched in 31 provinces (districts, municipalities) across the country. It has achieved significant results in the breadth, depth and scale of cooperation. In order to achieve express delivery, rural revitalization will lay a good basis. "We must raise awareness, make up our determination, and more powerful to promote postal cooperation." Dai Yingjun pointed out that one is to understand.

Promoting postal cooperation, express delivery into the village is to implement the specific initiatives of the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The high-quality development of high-quality development in the industry is also in the countryside.

The postal management department at all levels, the postal express delivery enterprises must fully realize the importance of postal cooperation, increase the work, and effectively respond to the voice of the people, the society is expected, better to meet the needs of the people, in order to promote the revitalization of the country, and realize Common wealth contribute power. Second, the method should be more useful.

Adhere to the training chart operation, seize "first complications, and then expand" "a village one policy, one enterprise," "Wall chart combat, press the push", refine to the village, refine the enterprise, distinguish all construction villages Coverage, clearly enter the village time limit, and make precision Shi Shi. Promote the construction of the village-level delivery logistics integrated service station, coordinate the village station, postage and purchase station, etc. Promote rural delivery vehicles, and urge postal enterprises to accelerate the delivery of vehicles in rural areas.

We must focus on launching the masses, relying on the masses, maintaining the right to know and supervising the people, and jointly promoting the courier into the village. Third, the results are more remarkable. It is not satisfied with the people’s satisfaction, please be happy, promise is not promised, agreement with the starting point and the foothold of the work, accelerate the coverage of the postal campaign to enter the village, expand the generation, improve the quality of service, so that the rural masses enjoy To a more convenient delivery service, effectively enhance the emotional and happy feelings. The data of the express cooperation express to enter the village must be clear, solid, and can stand the scrutiny.

Accelerate the development of "Agreement" to "physical", so that the express mail is truly delivered to the village. To establish a long-term mechanism, fix the mature postal cord cooperation mechanism, stick to it, further improve the working mechanism, cooperation mechanism, and security mechanism, and continue to promote the expressing express cooperation express into the village.

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