January 27

Precision of pollution and sewage

  Recently, the "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the" Opinions on In-depth Pollution Prevention and Cure "is released, and the opinions have accelerated green and low-carbon development, and they have made specific deployments in deployment of blue sky, clear water, and pure land defense.

Clearly proposed that by 2025, the total amount of pollutant emissions continued to decline, and the main goals such as green production and lifestyle were widely formed. The opinions are required to focus on heavy pollution weather to eliminate the battle, and strive to lay the ozone pollution control and strive, continue to play the dilation of diesel cargo pollution and control, strengthen the governance and noise pollution control.

  Atmospheric pollution has become one of the most serious environmental issues facing the world.

More and more studies have shown that air pollution is not only harmful to human health, resulting in various diseases, and harmful gases discharged from fuel such as coal, oil, will also pose a threat to the Earth’s ecosystem.

Atmospheric pollution prevention, it is not going to slow! my country has always attached great importance to the prevention and treatment of atmospheric pollution. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country main mission. Amend the air pollution prevention and control law, to increase the legal responsibility of government and enterprises, increase the punishment of illegal sewage behavior, and the Wiping Pollution Prevention and Treatment Protection Law Network. After years of hard work, atmospheric pollution management has achieved remarkable, the environmental air quality is significantly improved, the key area is obviously improved, but the situation of air pollution prevention and treatment is still grim.

Among them, there are both natural weather reasons, and some factors, some places have a phenomenon in violation of law varying degrees.

From the recent disclosure of the Ecological Environment, there are many gascade environment illegal typical cases. Some enterprises evade supervision. Through the emergency pipelines, the unopened atmospheric pollutants are steep; some companies play a trick on monitoring data, provide false monitoring reports … … It can be seen that an important reason for the highlighter of urban environmental air quality problems is that the law has not been implemented.

  Governing pollution, it is necessary to emphasize the law as a weapon, defend the blue sky with the rule of law.

This opinion specifically proposes that it is necessary to control the most stringent system according to law, strengthen the whole process supervision, improve the targeted, scientific and effectiveness of pollution control.

In addition, the opinions also put forward, focusing on autumn and winter pollution, increase key regions, key industries structural adjustment and pollution management; focusing on ozone pollution in summer and autumn, vigorously promoting volatile organic and nitrogen oxide co-emission reduction; governance diesel cargo pollution In-depth implementation of the cleaning diesel car (machine) action, accelerate the "public transfer iron" "public transport" transportation "public transfer" and noise pollution, and accelerate the problem of gashed environmental environment for the people concerned. It can be said that the opinions have drawn a blueprint that is accurately polluted according to law, existing time points, area, and path maps. Blue sky and white clouds are struggling. Looking forward to the strict implementation of various departments to strictly implement the requirements, institutionalize, normalize the gas pollution, normalization, and rule of treatment, to achieve scientific, precision, effective pollution, so that the sky is blue, and the beautiful China of the sky is built. (Lin Nante).

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