July 9

“If you really help me solve those two,I will promise you afterwards on behalf of the official,Let your wind alliance expand to the wholeAPotential。of course,Confined to underground forces!”

Qin Feng was a little surprised。After all, he didn’t expect the other party to make such a condition。Qin Feng originally wanted to build Dongcheng into a place with no secrets to him。
But that would cost a lot。Because it needs countless intelligence personnel to work for him。
These people often risk their lives,In this way, there must be no less labor。Calculate like this,His billion deposits are not enough。
So he also needs some ways to make money,The underground forces have many gray area industries,So the profit is also considerable。
But he never wanted to clash with official people,So I didn’t make Situ worshipers too impulsive。
Chapter Seventy Seven Fight
“Can you represent the official?”Qin Feng asked。
“Ok,Hurry up,Change later,As for what you want,We will talk later!”Luo Cheng rushed back to find Qin Feng and didn’t have much time to talk。
After all, Qin Feng uses a helicopter so ostentatious,Of course they wanted to find Qin Feng,After all, the official Sky Eye system can be used by agents such as Tamron and Zhou Mian.。
Even in Qin Feng’s opinion,Maybe Zhou Mian had already called the people from the Sky Eye department to stare at him.。
“Ugh,Just this time.”
In fact,Qin Feng guessed that the two Luo family brothers met should have attacked Chen Wensen’s two mysterious scavengers。
Besides, he also feels a little ashamed of Chen Wensen,Because the latter trusted him to cooperate with him,Who would have thought that Qin Feng didn’t rush over,So that he really can’t hold it。
Before Chen Wensen also said that he would get some organs in his house。But it doesn’t seem to be used much,Besides, even if there is,The two Xuan-level scavengers are not something people of Chen Wensen’s level can resist.。

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July 8

But can’t hear other people’s,All are the four words heaven and earth。

After Qin Feng watched it,Don’t think it’s funny,I’ve heard fake singing before,I’ve seen fake crying,But it’s the first time I’ve seen someone like this fake cheer and fake applause。
“Nowadays,There are four groups of contestants,They are the contestants sent by today’s host, Heaven and Earth.,There are also contestants。”
There are also two contestants without titles,This is Ion Yang,The cooking skills are quite good,There is another person giving a nickname,Liu Yidao,Why do you want to save a knife?,Please wait and see。
We also said before,This competition is mainly to collect talents,Even without a title,But as long as you think your cooking skills are superb,Then you can sign up。
“After rounds of selection,The following four groups of players,Is today’s contestant,Everyone applauds and welcomes the four groups of players,Debut。”After the host has finished,The audience suddenly burst into applause。
I don’t know if it’s because of seeing the contestants I support or what,This time the applause came violently and persistently。
As the host speaks on stage,The sound engineer gave up the athlete march,The lighting engineer pointed the camera at the judges。
“The one in the middle,Is our deputy leader of Honghai City,The following applause thank our deputy leader for taking time out of his busy schedule to support our activities。”The host introduced this stage to cooperate with them, and there was quite strong applause.。
“it is good,thank you all,The one I will introduce to you,Is the God of Cookery in Honghai City,Mr. Kang,Let me give you a grand introduction to Mr. Kang。
In fact, there are many people who are familiar with Mr. Duokang,He has been a judge and guest on many food shows。
So everyone welcomes Mr. Kang to be a guest on our show with strong applause.,Thank you!”have to say,The previous rehearsal really worked。
Even though many people are eager to watch the game,Many people are tired from applauding,But the assistant director’s gesture comes together,There was another round of applause from the audience。

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June 29


Everyone has only those hands
It’s hard for you to have a hug
To have it, you must know how to accept the loss
Wandering along the snowy road
Why cry for good things
Who can keep Mount Fuji private with love
Why not feel sad
Hypothesis is from your fiction
Looking ahead at the famous Mount Fuji in Tokyo,Lu Menglin couldn’t help humming the song from Eason Chan《under the mount Fuji》,In fact, he prefers the Mandarin version of this song,Every sentence and lyrics are written in people’s hearts。
How many windows have been hovering
How many hotels stayed in
So I feel that the separation is not wrong
Feelings are used to browse
Still used to treasure

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June 26

Dai Yufo、Yuguanyin and the like,Is particular:Male Dai Guanyin,Female Daifo!

Many people watched the live broadcast,I feel my heart is going to melt。
“The anchor is so warm,Seems to want such a boyfriend。”
“Brother Hu likes children。”
“that’s nice!It made me want a serious illness。”
Not long,A man who looked downright broke in,It’s Axi’s father。Those who pay attention will find,The pants on his left knee are a bit rotten,There is blood oozing out。
This is when he ran upstairs just now,Accidentally dropped。
“Wang Ge,Hello there!”Populus took the initiative to reach out。
The man just reached out,Suddenly thought of something,Take it back again,Wipe a few times on my clothes,Before shaking hands with Hu Yang。
He is so grateful to this stranger,To spend so much money to treat his daughter for free。Only people who have experienced borrowing money,Will know the cold and warm,I know how to cherish human love。
“Thank you!thank you very much,I……”
Everyone can understand this man’s incoherent language。
Chapter Eighty Six Warm boy

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June 16

He usually leaves after receiving Xiao Xiao,Every time I come to Xiao Xiao, I know,Her classroom is close to the stairs,The ones who came down earlier,It’s normal that Chen Wenjin hasn’t seen Qiancao。

Moreover,I didn’t know who Qiancao was when I met him。
just——At this moment, Chen Wenjin already has a guess,It can even be said to be the only candidate who meets the conditions。
So he was pretty sure,Came here before,I have never seen Qiancao,otherwise,At least smile and say hello。
Xiao Xiao,Wang Shuai,May came out early,Waited not long,Huang Hui and Jiang Zai come out together,Followed by two girls。
I saw my face when I walked out the gate,Xiao Xiao asked:“understanding?”
Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing:“understanding,But don’t know the name。”
Qiancao came with a girl,Met,The girl waved hello to Chen Wenjin:“Hi——Handsome guy meet again。”
“long time no see。”Chen Wenjin remembers them,I just didn’t expect that Qiancao I’ve heard about,It’s her——Years later,He and Hui came back to Pengshi from home,Made an appointment to meet in the park next to East Street,After talking,The one he met at the rice noodle shop、The girl who borrowed his earphones to listen to songs。
Qiancao is also wearing a headset,Taken off,Her blonde hair makes her skin whiter,There was a faint emotion in her eyes,Watching Chen Wenjin’s question:“Today this is、To stand up for Huang Hui?”
“Absolutely no hostility!I don’t dare to say that I’m so exaggerated to give up my life,But enough to make me grateful,How could it be malicious to you?”Chen Wenjin made it clear。
Huang Hui has two palms together,Said quickly:“I beg you to tell Qiancao clearly!She always felt that I used to cheat and play with your feelings,Is a terrible woman,So keep targeting me,I’m so wronged!But it’s useless if I say it,She doesn’t believe it at all。I wanted to talk to you,I think it’s inappropriate to trouble you,Yesterday, if it wasn’t for Qiancao,I won’t mention。Now since you know she is Qiancao,Should I clarify it for me??”
Chen Wenjin really didn’t expect Qiancao to have a strong sense of justice,Just say:“thank、Thank you very much for your sense of justice!After all, it’s fighting the injustice for me,Just rely on this,I must sincerely thank you!”
“I just don’t like such a woman,You don’t need to thank me。”Qiancao smiled and glanced at Huang Hui,Looking at Chen Wenjin again:“Isn’t she letting you down?”
“It should be said that there is a disagreement,The reason for separation is okay,It was just a sudden。In fact, I talked seriously with Huang Hui later,Also negotiated friendly,Gave each other the right time to come out,So we can still be friends。The above is the clarification I have to do,But what do you think of Huang Hui、how to think,And what kind of relationship she wants to be in,I dare not say anything to interfere,Because it’s your right,I have no reason to force,No reason to intervene,Clarification is just that you don’t want your relationship to be caused by a misunderstanding。”Chen Wenjin looked at Qiancao,Watching her look change,I guess she would be willing to accept this statement,At least it won’t be counterproductive,In fact, this is also the most appropriate statement of his current position。
“Finished?”Qiancao asked,There is no obvious emotional tendency in the look。
“The clarification is over,No longer comment。”Chen Wenjin paused and said:“Want to invite you guys to dinner,Express gratitude。”
“no need,I said that,It’s just that I don’t like that kind of woman,Not for you。”Qiancao said,Put on a headset,Smiled and said:“Since it is a misunderstanding,Huang Hui will stay with me in the future,gone。”
Thousand grass finished,Lead her friend and leave。
Where does Huang Hui miss the opportunity to turn an enemy into a friend?,Shouted immediately:“Since it is a misunderstanding,I invite dinner,Everyone turns enemies into friends,Even if you don’t fight, you don’t know each other!”

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June 9

Everyone smiled instantly。

“Who?Unfollow, come out quickly,Brother Hu is going to be angry。”
“Unfollow brother,Too much!”
“Add it back quickly!Give some face to Brother Hu。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Eleven High ice lemon yellow
There are not many people watching Xu Mengyun’s material,Everyone take a look,The open windows are cracked,Such material,It’s probably cracked inside,Out of ten.Nine is collapse。
After so many examples,Xu Mengyun has confidence in Populus,I’m not afraid that it’s really like others talk about,Cut down。
Jie Shi’s master came step by step,Wipe it,Cut it,Very decisive。perhaps,In his heart,This should also be a piece of material to collapse,So there is no pressure。
“Cut out jade,what!Doesn’t seem to be cracked。”
“Not cracked on the surface,There must be a crack inside。”
“You are an afterthought,That’s not what you said just now。”

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June 8

Zhao Yan and her walked in the direction of the cake shop,Answer slowly:“My treatment is only moderate in the cake shop,Staff treatment is different for each position。”

Tian Lu seems to understand what she said earlier,Stretched the tone and replied:“Oh~”。
Say goodbye to Zhao Yan after arriving at the cake shop,And told Zhao Yan:“Please report the plan to Mr. Lin,If you have any trouble with amendments,We are so good to implement the plan。”
Zhao Yan smiled with little crescent moon:“I will。”
Waving hands and saying goodbye,Tian Lu moved the backpack,Leaving the cake shop in strides。
Tian Lu is used to walking with a gust of wind,Half a beat faster than people walking with me,This may be the vigor and vitality that young people should have。
Take out the phone to check the time,Look at the position of the sun,This point to the company,Estimated to be off work time,Not as good as“corruption”Company more than an hour,Do your own thing。
She thinks,Can corrupt“about an hour”,This is already the company’s greatest favor to her,I still have some thoughts about the company“Guilt”Feel。
but,Reported to Xuchang about his work in the afternoon,And implementation,It should be regarded as observing work discipline。Thought of here,“Earn”An hour of peace of mind,It’s very practical。
How to use this more than an hour,I used to rush back to the apartment after work,There is no free time to appreciate the changing environment of the city,Shopping time is even more pitiful。
Occasionally there are days off, basically doing things that are not done in the studio,The remaining little time is just reading books, listening to songs and doing housework,She doesn’t feel alone。And encountered many difficulties,Ye Xingkong always lends a helping hand,She’s a joke:I have to say something,Big love,I can do what I can“Little love”Bar,Like buying some fruit,But the apartment never lacks seasonal fruits,Is Ye Xingkong rare?,do not care,Apartments bought count as apartments,What I bought counts as what I bought,Different meaning。
Thought of here,She decided to go to the fresh fruit shop first。
There is a fruit shop just by the road,walk into,A variety of fruits inside,Melons and fruits。
Visually, a lot of fruits came from outside,Not necessarily suitable for local tastes,Tian Lu decides to choose the local seasonal fruit Bodhi,Then buy some cantaloupe。
Bodhi crystal clear,A touch of red and green,Really cute,Tian Lu bought several kilos at once。
Cantaloupe is too heavy,Discuss with the clerk,Peeling only needs the pulp,Pack it in a box。
The weight of the two fruits is on hand,Shaking,The weight is still acceptable。

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June 1

In fact, all the careful thoughts of United Community Bank can be summarized in one sentence:9.99%Shares of,They feel bad。

Also,Capitalists are always capitalists。
Understand the Xiao Jiujiu of United Community Bank,Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“OK……”
Sent away the happy Brian·Moynihan,Chen Geng presses the phone:“Miss Rosemary,Please come to my office。”
Less than a minute,Rosemary hurried over,The first thing Rosemary asked Chen Geng when he opened the door was:“boss,How are you talking with brian?”
“not very good,I underestimated how greedy bankers are……”
Chen Geng does not deny that he thought the United Community Bank was too good.
After listening to my boss talking with Brian·The result of the Moynihan talks,Rosemary blinked,Tentatively asked:“Then……bosswhat do you mean……”
“After the cooperation period expires,Our cooperation with United Community Bank will be terminated immediately。”Chen Geng said without hesitation。
“Should have been like this long ago,”Make sure that your own boss does have the intention to cancel the cooperation with United Community Bank、And this is not a sudden whim from my boss,Rosemary immediately became happy,Excitement:“We can make this money by ourselves,Why give it to others for nothing?!”
Actually, long before Chen Geng went to China,Fernandez’s business volume with United Community Bank broke through in the first three quarters of this year2.8Billion dollars,Rosemary asked Chen Geng to cancel the cooperation with United Community Bank、Suggestions for setting up your own financial company。
According to Rosemary,Even Fernandez keeps its current business scale unchanged,Does not take into account inflation,The total amount of loans for various businesses each year also exceeds3.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,The comprehensive profit rate generated by accounting for various handling fees and derivative services is approximately4%about,In other words, it can contribute approximately1400Ten thousand dollars in net profit,But now,Same financial business scale,Can only get a rebate of about five million U.S. dollars from United Community Bank。
Almost less every year1000Ten thousand dollars in profit,How could Rosemary not be heartache?
Not to mention the current development momentum of Fernandez,It’s impossible to stay still,Up to two years,Fernandez’s contribution to United Community Bank will exceed3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,But in this case,United Community Bank actually connected9.99%Are reluctant to give up their shares,How can Rosemary accept this?:Two years later,My wife’s company brings you more than3000Ten thousand,You even value4000Wan’s shares are reluctant to give up?!

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May 22

Zhao Jialun is driving away the used car he bought,After starting the engine, it did not start normally。He hopes to find more miracles after dawn,I kept thinking silently,Must be fine,If she is in front of her,Must marry her、Love her,Don’t care about your identity。

The East has vomited white,The temperature in the morning is a bit cool,Zhao Jialun shuddered,The cold outside is not as cold as the cold inside。
The heavy eyelids made him fall asleep unconsciously leaning on the seat,The physically and mentally equipped,Don’t snore,Snoring at the moment。
First263chapter View
Ding Kelan parked the car on the platform of the main building of Shenglan International Optoelectronics,Tian Lu get off,Feel a surge of acid in the stomach,And flustered,Faint in front of you,Blurred eyes。
Ding Kelan skillfully used the remote control vehicle to automatically drive into the garage,Just turned around,Mi Tian Lu looks ugly,Shaky,Step forward to support her,Asked:“Are you OK?”
Tian Lugang said weakly“I’m fine,So hungry,Hungry…”Fell on Ding Kelan’s arm stretched out。Looked around,The duty officer is probably asleep,Wake up to the duty room and can’t bear it。
A princess hug,Picked up Tian Lu and got on the elevator,Hold back to your office first,If hungry,Give her a sip,And pastries,Let’s solve her hunger first。
Body is so light,Ding Kelan didn’t spend much effort,Carry Tian Lu to the office,Put on the sofa,Poured a cup of warm water,Let her drink。Tian Lu instantly seemed to have power,Open your eyes slowly,Replied:“thank you。”
Ding Kelan asked:“How are you feeling now?”
Tian Lu answered weakly:“much better,Thank you。”Groping for shoes ready to leave。
“You go to the office alone now,Why don’t you just sit with me,I won’t eat you。”Ding Ke Lan Dao,“Just right,I still want to ask you about Ding Yan。”
Mention Ding Yan,It happened to be Tian Lu’s concern,After all, life is a matter of life。
Under the guidance of Ding Kelan’s words,Tian Lu informed Ding Kelan about Ding Yan’s relationship problems.。Ding Kelan stood up like thinking about something,walk around。Ding Kelan took out the dried fruits and pastries that the administration department brought to Ding Kelan on a business trip and put them in front of Tian Lu,Tian Lu was polite,Thinking about being hungry,Don’t add some energy, worry and feel uncomfortable,So I ate it unceremoniously,Bite so loudly。
Hear noise,Ding Kelan listened to the sound of smashing things like a little white mouse raised at home when he was a child,Find it interesting,Looking at Tian Lu in a dream,Casually asked:“Did you faint when hungry before?,Have time to see the doctor?”

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May 21

Obviously,This oneFOXThe TV reporter must have Nelson in his hands·Piquet’s contact information。

Jack·Welch’s next reaction disappointed many dark guys at the scene,He smiled and nodded and even made a please gesture:“of course,You can now。”
FoxThe reporter from the news station is really welcome,I dialed the phone directly in front of so many reporters,Waited a moment,After the call is connected,He said loudly:“Mr. Piquet,I’m Rick from U.S. News·Carter,Is it convenient for you now……Yes,I want to confirm with you,You drove it yourselfAMCThat sports car,Created at the Nürburgring circuit in Germany7Minute58second724Lap time?……Ok ok……”
I don’t need to ask what the answer is,Just watch Rick·Carter’s expression was extremely shocked,I knew that the Brazilian on the other end of the phone confirmed it personally,In other words,A car manufacturer from the United States,Really built the fastest civilian production car in the world?
be quiet!
The press conference was as quiet as suffocating!
But soon,After a short silence,The reporters broke out in an instant,Countless questions rush to Jack like a tide·Welch。
Americans also have national pride。
High performance car,It’s always been a scar on American hearts,As globally recognized“The country on wheels”,The U.S. has the highest car penetration rate in any country in the world,But it has been lagging behind Europe in the field of high-performance cars,This keeps Americans very upset,But no way,What can you do if the technology is not as good as humans?
But now,AMCTook out a Ferrari even though、Lamborghini、Porsche、McLaren、Jaguar(Jaguar)Waiting for a high-performance sports car that European traditional performance sports car manufacturers cannot compare,Even ran for eight minutes on the Nurburgring, an unprecedented!
Excited,Proud,Many reporters、Especially journalists from automotive media,Even red eyes:at last,We can also make high-performance sports cars in the United States。
the next day,The media across the U.S. seem to be collectively high,Desperate reportAMCNews that the fastest sports car in the world was built,In order to make the American people better understand7Minute58second724The significance of this achievement、It’s not easy to get this result,Various media are desperately explaining what is called the German Nürburgring on their own pages、whyAMCGo to this track to test the results and how amazing the results are……
And their results did not disappoint them,American people are excited、Hi、high@Tide:
what?A production car,A production car from the United States,Actually ran into the Nürburgring circuit in Germany, which is famous for its difficult8Lap speed?!
what?Ferrari、Lamborghini、Porsche’s mass-produced civilian car also failed to run for eight minutes on this track?

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