January 21

[Is it comfortable to use bananas for your health?

】 _ Masturbation_ Harm

[Is it comfortable to use bananas for your health?
】 _ Masturbation_ Harm

Masturbation is a method of self-perceiving sex life. In fact, there are many people who are masturbating, both men and women.

In contrast, male masturbation is relatively simple, while women need more tools to achieve the desired effect.

Sometimes women choose cucumbers, bananas or eggplants for comfort. After all, these things are similar to male genitals.

So, is it harmful to use the banana for comfort?

Banana masturbation is not harmful, as long as the banana is washed!

But can not be washed with cold water after masturbation!

Easy to get rheumatism, back pain!

1. Masturbation can treat insomnia. Masturbation can regulate hormone levels and relieve tension, and reduce the occurrence of insomnia.

Orgasm during masturbation not only relieves the physiological pressure, but also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

2. Masturbation is good for women’s health. Masturbation will accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, and also allow the brain to release the pleasant hormone “endorphin”.

“Even if women don’t reach orgasm in masturbation, their emotions can improve significantly, which may be why,” said Pross.

“Men often say that they can release excess energy through masturbation. In fact, studies have shown that women can achieve the same result.

“When the part of your brain that controls joy and emotion is stimulated, you no longer think about disturbing things.

“3. Lowering blood pressure masturbation is the most convenient way to maximize orgasm.

Reaching and enjoying orgasm regularly can lower blood pressure.

4, masturbation helps anti-inflammatory Although female masturbation, sexual arousal will cause the cervical opening, but it will not increase the chance of infection of the disease, on the contrary, it can also help prevent cervicitis and urinary tract infections.

The effect of masturbation on stretching training of the cervix and cervix mucosa, helps to promote the circulation of body fluids, and sterilizes the cervical pressure.

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January 17

[Can vitamin C be prepared for pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Benefits

[Can vitamin C be prepared for pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Benefits

Everyone knows that vitamin C is a non-vitamin raw material in our body. If we have vitamin C in our body, our complexion will look very dull, especially for pregnant women, all vitamins need to be strengthened during pregnancy.Because the vitamins in the body of a pregnant woman are consumed very quickly during pregnancy, can you eat vitamin C when preparing for pregnancy?

Preparing for pregnancy can eat vitamin c, vitamin C has no effect on preparing for pregnancy, but if there is no lack of vitamin C, it is not necessary to eat.

Vitamin C can effectively help pregnant women to improve the utilization of iron, calcium and folic acid. For example, sufficient absorption of vitamin C can inhibit the excessive secretion of pigment by the pigment mother cells, and only produce the necessary amount, and can quickly excrete excess pigment,To maintain normal metabolism.

In addition, the reduction of vitamin C can also promote the reduction of pigments to colorless.

To add vitamin C, it is recommended to pay attention to these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet: cherry, guava, red pepper, yellow pepper, persimmon, broccoli, strawberry, orange, kale flower, kiwi.

The latest research indicates that if women who are preparing for pregnancy take comprehensive vitamins 6 weeks before fertilization, women will lose 32% of their implanted machines during the first trimester.

This news surprises women who are too pregnant. In fact, vitamin supplements are just a safety measure and cannot replace a healthy diet.

Since vitamin supplements sold over the counter in pharmacies may contain excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are harmful to the development of fatty acids, it is wise to start giving pregnant women alternative supplements before pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor to determine what vitamin supplements you should take before your birth. Under the guidance of your doctor, learn more about the dosage of vitamins you need in your body. Take vitamins on time and in the right amount.

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January 11

[Drinks Cola with ice tea?

】 _Drink_Can you drink

[Drinks Cola with ice tea?
】 _Drink_Can you drink

Cola and iced tea are very popular drinks among young people, especially children nowadays most like drinking cola. Everyone knows that cola is a carbonated beverage, so drinking too much is bad for your teeth, so parents should let their children tryDrink less cola, and drink more iced black tea. Drinking iced black tea has many functions such as refreshing and refreshing fatigue. So can you drink cola and iced black tea together?

Do you drink cola with iced black tea?
Both black tea and cola are drinks.

The main ingredients are water. You can drink cola after drinking black tea. There is no problem. You can drink cola after you try it. The ice black tea has snoring and is considered to be caused by gastritis and stomach ulcers.

So don’t drink too cold and irritating drinks.

At present, it is appropriate to drink some hot milk to protect the gastric mucosa.

It is recommended to go to the hospital’s Department of Gastroenterology to further clarify the diagnosis. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the cause should be treated to obtain a better therapeutic effect. You can drink this together, but not drink more, to avoid affecting the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. Pay attention to hygiene, the diet is light and easy to digestFood, avoid spicy spicy food, do not stay up late, is conducive to growth and development.

It can be said that although honey, cola and iced black tea can be drunk together, it is not recommended to take large quantities of beverages for a long time.

Promote adverse effects on human health.

Yes, but eat less.

It is recommended to maintain a comfortable mood, strengthen nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid overwork, pay attention to rest, can Coke and Red Bull drink together? It is reported that Coke and Red Bull can drink together.

Cola and Red Bull are both regular beverages, and there are many similarities in them. Therefore, no chemical reaction will occur after mixing, and naturally, no harmful substances will be generated. They can be together together.drink.
Is it harmful to drink Coke and Red Bull together? 1 Does both Coke and Red Bull drink harmful? It has a stimulating effect on the brain and nerves. The taste is better after mixing, it is not suitable to drink more, and it is not suitable to drink before bed to avoid insomnia.

2. Both Coke and Red Bull have a certain degree of addiction. This effect is stronger when mixed together and alternately. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more or to drink it for a long time to avoid addiction.

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January 7

[Efficacy of Panax notoginseng in soaking water?

]_ 山里 果 _Benefits

[Efficacy of Panax notoginseng in soaking water?
]_ 山里 果 _Benefits

Most people in Sanqi are not unfamiliar. Everyone knows that Sanqi has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and hawthorn is mainly to promote digestion.It can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It has a preventive effect on hyperlipidemia and thick blood, and the benefits of many people’s bodies are also very many. Patients with high blood lipids can usually take it regularly.

Harm of Panax notoginseng to drink water 1. People with debilitating body should pay attention to observation and use, or don’t use it, because Panax notoginseng is cold, which can aggravate the deficiency syndrome.

2, women do not use during menstruation, during the menstrual period should not eat cold food, coupled with Sanqi flowers have the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, easily lead to excessive menstrual bleeding.

However, if there is blood stasis type menstruation, menstruation can be performed by activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis without invoking Sanqihua.

3, do not use during the cold, but also because the coldness of notoginseng has aggravating the effect of cooling.

4, pregnant women, try not to use any Panax notoginseng products, including panax notoginseng flowers, panax notoginseng, panax notoginseng powder, etc. This is the same as pregnant women do not take medicine, but postpartum blood tonic is the best.

5. It is not recommended to use Panax notoginseng with other scented teas, because the single flavor of Panax notoginseng has a good effect. If you are not accustomed to its taste, you can add a little rock sugar to taste good.

Effect of Panax notoginseng 1. Panax notoginseng has good hemostatic effect and can significantly reduce bleeding and clotting time.

Studies have shown that the hemostatic component of Panax notoginseng is mainly Panax notoginseng.

Panax notoginsin can aggregate, deform, and release substances such as ADP, platelet factor III, and calcium ions to achieve hemostatic effect.

According to reports, the treatment of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer bleeding and gastrointestinal bleeding with ginseng powder and sanqi powder, the cure rate is 92.

0% or more.

Sanqi powder was used to treat patients with bronchiectasis, pulmonary tuberculosis and pulmonary abscess combined with hemoptysis. After 5 days of medication, more than 80% of the patients were completely hemostatic.

Using Panax notoginseng to treat various trauma and bleeding, various internal blood diseases have been widely used clinically.

2. Panax notoginseng can promote the division and growth of various blood cells, increase the number, promote the proliferation and release process of bone marrow cells, increase the number and activity of red blood cells in the bone marrow, and promote the function of hematopoietic.

Experiments have found that Panax notoginseng can significantly increase the number of red blood cells in hemorrhagic anemia pathological models (rats and rabbits), and has a better therapeutic effect on hemorrhagic anemia.

In addition to increasing the total number of white blood cells in the blood of rats, notoginseng total saponins can also significantly increase the phagocytic rate of macrophages and the percentage of lymphocytes in the blood.

The applicable population of Panax notoginseng is magical due to its unique efficacy. The main population is as follows. 1. Students at school, many students ingest large amounts at night, cannot sleep at night, and take sleeping pills is not advisable.

2, often do not move people, some people in the office do not move the computer for a day, this will lead to high blood lipids and cardiovascular disease.

3. It is unreasonable to use pure water every day, and using Panax notoginseng water to supplement other essential elements of the human body.

4, middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, insomnia and other diseases have good curative effects.

5, office white-collar workers, work pressure, reduce stress after use.

Prevent cardiovascular disease.

The effect of hawthorn soaking in water for cardio-cerebral vascular diseases is found in modern medical research. Hawthorn contains an effective substance called flavonoids, which can cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

This substance can expand the size of blood vessels well after entering the body, so that the vitality of blood vessels is greatly improved, and blood flow is greatly increased, so that blood pressure and blood pressure values will drop, and the body will naturally become stronger.

Drinking water for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and hawthorn can also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which is especially suitable for some patients with blood stasis type dysmenorrhea.

Many women are prone to dysmenorrhea during menstruation, such as lower abdominal pain or irregular menstrual flow.

After taking hawthorn water, it can reduce the possibility of dysmenorrhea.

Cancer Cancer Hawthorn water is often taken and has a cancer effect. This is because hawthorn contains vitexin, a compound that has a good supplementary effect on cancer.

If the body contains nitrosamines and aflatoxin, then the cancer may increase greatly, and vitexin contained in hawthorn can well replace the body’s nitrosamine synthesis, toxicityGood cancer effect.

Promote digestion of fecal foods The delipases contained in hawthorn have a good digestive effect on fecal foods, and effectively promote the secretion of gastric juice in the body, which greatly improves the digestive ability.

Therefore, drinking hawthorn soaked in water has a good effect of strengthening the stomach and digesting and appetizing.

Only when the body’s digestive ability is better, then the absorption ability can be improved, so that the body will become better and better.

Experts tell us that most of the digestive medicines on the market today contain hawthorn.

Hepatic arteriosclerosis often taking hawthorn water can very effectively reduce the triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels in the body, so that the body’s arteriosclerosis may be greatly reduced.

In addition, hawthorn can strengthen the myocardial contractility after entering the body, so that blood flow will be greatly increased, and some angina may be greatly reduced.

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January 2

[Effects and Functions of Little Green Lemon]_Benefits_Benefits

[Effects and Functions of Little Green Lemon]_Benefits_Benefits

Different fruits have different nutritional values, and of course we should eat the fruits of the season.

Although the small green lemon grows in the south, it has been sold all over the country due to the convenience of transportation. It is also loved by everyone because of its many functions and functions.

Little green lemons are suitable for all ages. They can be used to soak water and have an effect on increasing brain health. Especially students can drink a glass of green lemonade every day to help increase memory.

1. Enhancing brain power: According to medical reports, due to the degradation of blood circulation function, the blood circulation in the brain is blocked, resulting in normal work of brain cells and memory degradation.

And lemon contains vitamin C with antioxidant effect, which can effectively improve the problem of poor blood circulation.

Therefore, eating lemon every day enhances memory and enhances the flexibility of thinking and response.

2. Eliminate fatigue and sore feet: In muscle soreness, lemon is also helpful. Only rubbing a piece of lemon on the sore part can relieve fatigue.

If your feet are sore, mix a lemon juice into a basin of hot water to dip your feet. The effect is very good.

3, enhance resistance: It contains a large amount of vitamin C and citric acid, which can help digestion, promote hematopoietic function, improve the body’s resistance, and accelerate recovery from damage.

4. Cardiovascular disease and hypoglycemia: citric acid combines with calcium ions to form a soluble complex, which can reduce the role of calcium ions in interfering with blood coagulation and can prevent and treat hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Citric acid has the effects of contraction, strengthening of capillaries, reducing permeability, improving coagulation function and platelet number, which can change the coagulation time and bleeding time by 31%?
71%, with hemostatic effect.

5. Sterilization: Lemon contains niacin and rich organic acids, and its taste is extremely acidic.

Citric acid juice has a strong bactericidal effect.

Experiments have shown that lemon juice, which is extremely acidic, can kill all bacteria in marine shells within 15 minutes.

6. Promote digestion: Lemon can also promote the secretion of proteolytic enzymes in the stomach and increase serum peristalsis.

It can be used instead of vinegar in daily life to make cold dishes and pickles.

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December 22

Correctly grasp the time difference of eating fruit

Correctly grasp the “time difference” of eating fruit

Eat bananas and red dates before meals.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium, which are good for heart and muscle function. Bananas can help treat constipation, diarrhea in children, etc., and are suitable for pre-meal consumption.
Jujube contains a lot of vitamin C, so it has the reputation of “natural vitamin C pills”. It is good to eat before meals.
However, stomach pain and bloating, people with indigestion should not eat.
.hzh {display: none; }  水果味道甜美、营养丰富,几乎人人都爱。However, the study of eating fruit is not only about “the right medicine”, but also the time to eat.
Some fruits are suitable for eating before meals, which can stimulate appetite; some fruits are best eaten after meals, which can help digestion and absorption of food; some morning refreshing and refreshing; some nights to sleep and soothe.For example, let’s talk about how to correctly grasp the “time difference” of eating fruit.
  Hawthorn should not be eaten in the morning.
Hawthorn, whether it is fresh fruit or its products, has the effect of dispersing silt, eliminating phlegm and detoxification, preventing heatstroke and cooling, and increasing appetite.
However, if you eat on an empty stomach or are weak in the spleen and stomach, you should not eat in the early morning. People with gastritis and hyperacidity should eat less.
  Eat grapefruit after breakfast.
Grapefruit is the fruit of choice for pregnant women. The flesh contains natural folic acid, which is important not only for early pregnancy but also throughout pregnancy.
Moreover, grapefruit is rich in pectin, which can lower the content of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, reduce the damage of arterial wall, maintain vascular function and prevent heart disease.
However, due to the high content of acid substances, it is best to use it after a meal, especially after breakfast, to quickly wake up the brain.
  Eat bananas and red dates before meals.
Bananas contain high levels of potassium, which are good for heart and muscle function. Bananas can help treat constipation, diarrhea in children, etc., and are suitable for pre-meal consumption.
Jujube contains a lot of vitamin C, so it has the reputation of “natural vitamin C pills”. It is good to eat before meals.
However, stomach pain and bloating, people with indigestion should not eat.
  Eat pineapple after dinner to help digestion.
Fresh pineapple contains protease. If eaten on an empty stomach, pineapple’s proteolytic enzyme will damage the stomach wall, and a few people will cause allergic reactions.
Therefore, it is best to eat after meals and help digestion.
  Persimmons are best eaten at night.
Persimmon contains a large amount of persimmon gum and enamel. It is eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. The stomach acid will work with it to form a clot, which is “stomach persimmon stone”, which seriously affects the digestive function and should be eaten after meals or at night.

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December 14

Fall, drink this morning, help you easily remove toxins from the body

Fall, drink this morning, help you easily remove toxins from the body

The so-called day is in the morning, the morning is the most vigorous time for everyone’s body. After a whole night’s rest, the body organs say goodbye to fatigue at this time, can have great potential, and can start a new day’s work very well.

Early morning is also the best time to adjust your body. In the morning, if you make the right adjustments to your body, you will have a multiplier effect.

How to effectively adjust the limbs is very important, and detoxification has become the most neglected body-regulating method at this time. Too many people neglect the detoxification will bring the body unhealthy, and effectively help the body to replace the toxins for health.A lot of unexpected effects, let’s take a look at how to effectively help the body to remove toxins in the morning.

  First, drinking warm water in the morning can be said that drinking water in the morning is a movement that many people ignore. Xiaobian is also quite. After getting up early, I really feel very thirsty before drinking a glass of water. Actually, drinking a cup of warm water in the morning isThe things that too many people care for are highly recommended, and what they do every day.

  Getting up and drinking in the morning is good for the body. If you drink a cup of warm water in the morning, the adjustment of the body is greatly increased, and the effect is better than eating some nourishing nutrients.

  1, after drinking the water in the morning, the body will produce a lot of toxins. If these toxins are not excreted in time, they are harmful to health. The simplest, too much toxins, for the skin.There is a strong stimulus.

  Too much toxins in the body, the biggest impact on the body is that it appears on the skin, causing the skin to become dark yellow, and it will show dry itching in the fall.

 It is impossible to see the presence of toxins by the naked eye. However, such bad things do exist in the body. If you are not careful, you will develop a lot of unexpected situations.

  It is a good detoxification when drinking water. This is because in the process of drinking water, it is actually moisturizing your body and able to wash out the dirty things in your body.

 It can be said that if you insist on drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning, you can observe the skin and trim the health of the body.

  2, drinking water in the morning can be beautiful for many times, detoxification, beauty in the life we will be linked together, as mentioned above, the body’s toxins are discharged, the skin is placed very healthy.

  Indeed, by drinking water, it can also be very good for beauty. It looks like a glass of water. In fact, there are still many nutrients. The healthy body is inseparable from the supplement of the six major nutrients of the body, namely, small amounts, protein, traces.Water, minerals, vitamins.

  As an important living body, water is the foundation of all animals and plants in nature. At the same time, water is also the most abundant substance in the body. It does not eat, only drinks water. One person can survive for several weeks, but no.Drinking water only eats, it will die in a few days, showing the essence of drinking water for health.

  In the fall, if you can get a cup of warm water after getting up, it will become faster in your body’s metabolism. This will speed up the discharge of toxins from the body and achieve the effect of skin and skin care. It is also very helpful for blood circulation.
  Drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning is no less than applying makeup to your face every day.

  At this time, after getting up in the morning, you can drink a cup of warm water for detoxification.

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December 10

Attachment inflammation what food is good annexation inflammation patients should pay attention to diet

Attachment inflammation what food is good annexation inflammation patients should pay attention to diet

According to experts, female attachment inflammation refers to complications of the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

However, the fallopian tube, ovarian inflammation often combined with collateral connective tissue inflammation, and is not easy to distinguish at the time of diagnosis, it is also included in the scope of annex inflammation, timely correction of diet is the best choice for healthy women.

So, what do you pay attention to in the diet of the attachment?

Experts introduce you, what do you pay attention to in the diet with attachment inflammation?

Attachment inflammation patients diet notes one, eat more fruits.

Too many fruits have a heat-clearing function. Therefore, it is helpful for women to eat more fruits after gynecological complications, such as oranges, grapefruits, bananas, and watermelons.

Second, stay away from sweets.

The vaginal secretions of women with sweets become more and more viscous and are conducive to the survival of germs. Therefore, women should not eat too many sweets, including candy, cakes, high-fat milk and other foods during gynecological obesity treatment.

Third, eat less spicy food.

Spicy food such as pepper, ginger and other hot foods, eating too much spicy food, is not conducive to the recovery of gynecological inflammation, so women with gynecological inflammation must pay attention to avoid.

Therapeutic side of the patient with inflammatory inflammation is one, sweet and sour lettuce, silk[material]500 grams of lettuce, 15 grams of sugar, 20 grams of white vinegar.

[Seasoning]5 grams of sesame oil, salt, MSG.

[practice]1, peel the lettuce, wash, cut two petals, cut into pieces with a straight knife, then cut into thin balls into the bowl, then add salt and mix well, stand still, scallions are also cut intoFilament.
2. Rinse the salted lettuce with cold water, drain the water, and finally transfer the sugar, vinegar, salt, sesame oil, MSG, and serve on the table.

Second, watermelon 藕 juice[material]300 grams of watermelon, 200 grams of fresh glutinous rice.

[Seasoning]According to personal habits, you can add yogurt, raisins, etc.

[practice]1, watermelon washed and peeled, fresh washed and peeled, drained, cut into small pieces.

2, the washed watermelon, fresh squid juice, add yogurt or raisins, etc., take 2 times a day.

Third, fried fish fillets[material]50 grams of black fungus, 100 grams of squid in the middle.

[Seasoning]vegetable oil, cooking wine, raw meal, salt, chicken essence.

[practice]1, remove the fish skin in the middle part of the squid, cut into fish fillets, stir with salt, cooking wine, raw powder, place for 10 minutes, black fungus with warm water, wash and stalk.

2, then put the water in the pot, boil, the fish fillet simmered, drained, black fungus cooked with boiling water for use.

3, put the oil in the pot, the fish fillet is fried, put the black fungus, put the salt, stir well the chicken, and serve.

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December 4

Recreational health fishing

Recreational health fishing

As a daily leisure sport, fishing can not only train hobbies, but also exercise and exercise.

For people, what are the two things, why not?

  1, the heavy drop of the long-distance bait should be thrown after a small throw, the bait and lead plume will be hindered by air and wind.

This toxicity is closely related to the thickness of the fishing line of the bait group. The bait group makes other flight resistances just right, and the closer the landing point is.

  To throw away the distance, you must use the heavy-weight bait group to overcome the heavy weight throwing away. The small bait can be inserted into an oval shape with good wind resistance to reduce the influence of air and wind.

However, the bait before the fishing can be appropriately larger, killing the rapid attracting fish to gather fish.

  2, add weight to the weight of the hook in the fishing, some fishing friends in the natural waters fishing, worried that the use of lead pendant will hang the bottom, have used the expansion of the bait group, the use of bait to avoid the reduction of the bottom,It is not known that the role of the plumb is not necessarily positioned, and the function of hooking the fish.

  Throwing fishing is the first signal that the fisherman can bite the hook without knowing it. No one can win the first signal of the fish bite. Only after the fish hooks, the fisherman can get the fish news through the tip.

  Therefore, before the fisherman does not raise the scorpion, the strength of the hook in the fish is all from the plumb bob. The behavior of the plumb bob in the fishing group entering the hook fish has a certain pulling effect. If there is no plumb bob, it will cause the hook to puncture.Inability to cause more decoupling opportunities for the fish, it is best not to use the baiting method in the fishing group, unless it is a fish with a pharyngeal tooth using a solid bait in a group of underwater fishing stones.

  3, the empty hooks are straight and evenly distributed. Some fishermen are changing the bait for the throwing fishing group. When the line is lifted, the conversion of the fishing wheel is slow and slow, so that the fishing line is not loaded, and the time is tight.When it is loose, the fishing line is irregularly divided in the line groove, and it is easy to fry the line in the next throwing, and it will be chaotic.

  Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in every detail.

The empty take-up line keeps the reel evenly reset, so that even if the line is not loaded, it will not bury the hidden line.

  4, empty hooks to avoid hanging on the bottom of the squid fishing with the same hand fishing, will also be empty in the case of fish news (action), the fisherman in the eager hope to get the signal of the fish hook, emotionalWhen the ground is found, the hand that turns the reel will be slower and slower.

  When the gravity of the plumb bobs greatly retracts the force of the movement, the bare hook will bottom the hook and hook the underwater obstacles such as the sloping stone or the dead tree and the dead tree, and then the bottom will be destroyed, and the main line will be broken.Self added has the inevitable trouble.

Therefore, when the fisherman finds empty space or changes the bait, he should pay attention to the empty hook and avoid hanging the bottom.

  5, the first dip net and other fish into the copy of the fishermen to the river, they hurriedly mixed with the bait to catch, when the hook bait into the water, they went to other fishing friends to chat.

When I got on the fish, I had the right to squat for a long time. When I was preparing to copy the fish, I remembered that the dip net was not installed, and I was very busy. It was very passive.

  The correct way is to throw the hook bait into the fishing spot, you should assemble the dip net in time, so as not to get the fish first, and passive.

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November 30

Different water temperature effects, bathing should also pay attention to

Different water temperature effects, bathing should also pay attention to

Everyone’s habits are different, so the temperature of the bath also has personal preferences, but do you know that showering with different temperatures will have different effects on the human body?

Does the physical body of a powerful person have some influence?

Let’s read the following article!

  Bodybuilding strong cold water bath cold water bath means using 10?
Bathing in cold water between 20 °C can promote skin metabolism and enhance skin nutrition.

People who have been in the cold water bath for a long time, the skin is tender, rosy, elastic, showing the beauty of health.

  In the cold water bath, the blood vessels are about to push a large amount of blood into the visceral blood vessels. After a little stop, the blood vessels of the skin are re-expanded, and a large amount of blood flows from the visceral blood vessels to the body surface. This shrinks the blood vessels and enhances the elasticity of the blood vessels.Helps prevent hardening of the arteries.

In addition, the cold water bath can also enhance the function of the respiratory organs and digestive organs, and play an active role in preventing the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infections, rheumatism, and arthritis.

  The temperature of the calming hot bath hot water bath is 38?
Between 40 ° C, it can cause blood vessels to dilate, promote blood circulation, avoid muscle spasm, and have a calming effect.

Insomniacs take a hot bath before going to bed, which helps sleep and reduces itching.

The hot water bath can remove dirt on the skin, make the pores and sweat glands clear, improve the skin’s metabolic capacity and disease resistance.

  Experiments have shown that typhoid bacillus is planted on clean skin and slightly dirty skin, and samples are taken after 10 minutes. The bacteria on the cleaned skin have died, and the bacteria on the dirty skin still exist.

In medicine, hot water baths can be used to treat chronic arthritis, fracture healing and other chronic conditions.

  Jianfei callus warm water bath warm water bath refers to the bath between the cold water bath and the hot water bath, the water temperature is about 34 °C.

The normal person’s body temperature is 36.

5 ° C?
At 37 ° C, the skin temperature is at 32 ° C?
Between 33 ° C.

The warm water at 34 °C is slightly higher than the skin temperature, but it is lower than the body temperature. The hand touch is a little warm. After soaking in, the body temperature will not change, it will not feel cold, and it will not feel hot.

  If you want a spa effect, but don’t want to be as irritating as a cold bath or a hot bath, you can choose warm water therapy.

It may be a patient with poor heart and lung function. A patient with a burn should choose a warm bath.

  The hot and cold alternating bath of the body and the body is from the hot water bath. The temperature of the hot water is about 38 °C?
Between 44 ° C, the washing time is about 4?
6 minutes; then take a cold water bath, the warm water of cold water is 10?
Between 16 ° C, time is about 1?
2 minutes, the last is still a hot bath.

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