September 25

Pulse disorder,Is a respiratory disease。

“I let people see……No problem with the respiratory tract!”
Doctor Qiu replied。
“Inspection may not be comprehensive……Give me the silver needle!”
Fang Yu ordered。
Doctor Qiu looked at Fang Yu,Nervous。
Success or failure,In one fell swoop!
Fang Yu a few silver needles,Quickly sealed the acupoints。
Then start treating with internal Qi。
quickly,Patient’s Qi Pulse。
But the heart,Still have some questions!
Fang Yu finally knew what was going on,Turns out so tricky。
No wonder Doctor Qiu was helpless!
If it wasn’t for Fang Yu to have super-sensing ability,Maybe there is no way at this time。

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September 22

“You are careful,I have been laughing again.,Zigdi is flatter,I will help you.。”Liao Jie shook his head,Walking with ice bucket。

“Wait a minute,Don’t you stay??”
Cheng Jingli Liao Jie’s Works,Refers to Tang Judi on the bed:“Great opportunity,missed,It’s hard to find it later.。”
“What is the eight?,And don’t say that I regard Zigdi as a good brother,Single is the body of Mr. Wang’s dead,I am going to enter it.,What is the respective respect of the animal and beast bullying a weak woman?!”
It’s really good to say.,You regard Zigdi as a brother,Then what do you do with me??
Cheng Jingimo looks like it,Close the door to sit in Tang Judi,Heart counting。Liao Jie does not want to take the initiative,It’s ok,She can send assistance。
“Jude sister,Don’t blame the sisters are not people,I am also happy together.,Anyway, you also like him too.,Not?”Once again, I saw the picture of the right hug.,Cheng Jing smirk,Feeling the winner of life。
Tang Judi in sleep dreams,What a nightmare。
Bedroom lights,Liao Jie joins the ice bucket,Back hand put the door,Also on the lock。
On the large iron bed in the house,Zhou Xingxing is made into big characters,Both hands tightly tightly tight,I can’t fall asleep.。
“Stop pretending,When I opened the light,You have a sudden acceleration,It is clear and clear.。”Liao Jie is placing ice bucket on the bedside,Reach a piece of ice,Put into Zhou Xingxing collar。
“Snapped,quick,Take it out,I am most afraid of cold.。”
Zhou Xingxing is clearly awake,Shrink your neck,Lick your face:“Jiege,coincidence,It turns out that you also live here.。Say you may not believe,I just passed by.,Suddenly jumped out of a prostitute,Long is exactly the same as me,I didn’t play him.,Then I was tied this.。”
“Oh,No king million?”
“Who is Wang Mill?,What are you talking about by Jie Ge??”
“What is not important?,What is the key?,see this,Scene is not very familiar。”
Liao Jun is gave up,Exposed Zhou Xingxing’s creepy smile,Slowly take out the ice cone from the ice bucket。
“Jail,Jiege,Just is almost,Continue it too much。”Zhou Xingxing is full of sweat,The neck of the neck is suddenly not cool.。
“Ax Xing,Don’t blame me.,You know too much.。”
Liao Jie hit a cone,Cold and cold:“But you can rest assured,Everyone brother,I won’t let you be too painful.。”
“Jiege,It’s really you.。”
Zhou Xingxun Nuji,Sighed:“I have nothing to say.,You do it.,However, Amin is not to take care of you.,Paper can’t live fire,One day in the morning and evening,You will be rope。”
Yeah,This is normal reaction,Wang Million must be dead.。
“Say,This will send you to the way。”Liao Jie nodded,嗖 嗖 下 冰 冰。
Zhou Xingxing closed eyes,After half, I found that my body is not hurt.,Sneak open your eyes,I was arrested by Liao Jie to put a ice cube into the neck.。
“Lick,Take it out,Unbearable!”
Two minutes later,Ice is almost the same,Liao Jie solve the rope,Zhou Xingxing, who is shivering。
“Jiege,You are wrong。”
Zhou Xing star shakes the ice water on the body,Put the cotton wrapped in the body,Society in this abortion,Human heart is indifferent,Only this cotton is still warm。
“how,Know that I am a murderer,You still don’t hurry?”
“actually,I am still a little unbelievable now.。”
Zhou Xingxing smiled,Wrapped in a cotton to get to Liao Jie:“What do you know?,tell me,Who is true?。”
“Who is it true?,I have no shortprint.,I only know is a woman.。”

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September 22

The tense atmosphere in the room slowly eased。Bai Li smiled and said:“I will definitely not wear a skirt,Fortunately, I brought a pair of sneakers”

Bai Li’s voice just fell,Her cell phone rang。She opened it and said:“Xu Feng sent the address,in2Pavilion No.BSeated6No. 3 Floor”
“it is good!Act quickly,You go change clothes!”Xia Jian said,So I took off the dart bag and checked it again。
Bai Li saw that Xia Jian was still carrying a hidden weapon,I feel a lot of stability in an instant。She smiled sweetly at Xia Jian,He walked back to the room quickly。
For easy action,I can only drive my own car。Their car is a bit eye-catching during the day,But driving at night,This problem won’t exist。
Rain is still falling。Xia Jian drove the car,With my own memory,Slowly towards2#Go to the exhibition hall。May be the cause of the rain,There are few pedestrians on the road,There are a lot fewer vehicles。
Although it’s in the car,But obviously I can feel the cold of winter。Bai Li in the co-pilot,Wearing a black sportswear,A nice silk scarf is wrapped around her neck。May be a bit cold,Plus tension’s sake,Bai Li held her shoulders tightly with her hands。
“Hey!Can drive?”Xia Jian didn’t make Bai Li feel nervous,He asked in a low voice。
Bai Li nodded and said:“Will open!”
“Well!You will be waiting in the car for a while,I went to them alone。Of course,This car can’t turn off。In case i was found,As soon as i got in the car,This car can rush out”Xia Jian recognized the direction in the rain,Whispered to Bai Li。
Bai Li smiled and said:“No way,Where are you going,Where do i want to follow,This is Mr. Luo’s order,I must execute”
“is it?Does that include bathing and sleeping?”Xia Jian saw that Bai Li was very nervous,So I made a joke with her。
Bai Li did not expect,It’s this time,Xia Jian can still make such a humorous joke,She couldn’t help laughing。
2Several advertisements in Hall No.,Can see from afar,Just what Xu Feng saidBWhere is the third floor??Xia Jian drove the car,While thinking about this question。
suddenly,Bai Li pointed to the front and said:“President Xia!I think this2Pavilion No. is built from east to west,So from east to west,The first building should beADong,And so onBBuilding should be the second building。Bai Li is really smart,What she said,Xia Jian immediately understood。
This belongs to the new development zone,Many people work during the day,Still looks a bit lively。But at night,Here is abnormally quiet。Drive all the way,Hardly saw a figure。
Xia Jian dare not drive the lights,Drove the car slowly。Bai Li is right,Side of the first row of buildings,Really bigAword。
Parked the car in a darker place on the side of the road,Xia Jian said to Bai Li:“You have to be obedient,This is the first time for you,But for me,It’s commonplace。If you come with me,It will drag me down,Understand?”
The expression on Baili’s face is very complicated,She thought for a moment,Finally nodded and said:“I’ll listen to you,But you have to be careful,Found something wrong,Withdraw immediately,We think of other ways”
Xia Jian nodded,No more words。His two eyes kept looking out the car window,The ears are also standing up right now。Apart from the patter of rain outside the window,Can’t hear any more,This night is extremely quiet。

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September 15

Xiongji smiled and said:“Don’t forget Mr. Xia,This is not just a project,It’s a benefit project”

First2620chapter Bright bottom
The wind is blowing outside the window,Blowing snow,Like throwing a bag of white flour into the air。
Xia Jian looked out of the glass window,He didn’t speak for a long time。Everyone knows this is a benefiting project,But among so many bidding companies,How many are thinking about doing more for the people?They are not running to which land,Thinking of getting more business value。
He Wei stood up,She is carrying a wine bottle,Pour the three of them with wine again。Xia Jian just recovered,He smiled embarrassedly:“Mr. Xiong said just now,but……”
“That’s why I said you Hongjian will definitely win this time。First of all,Startup companies united with you,The original startup group,That contribution to Bucheon City is obvious to all。And the projects you are currently engaged in by Hongjian Group,Which one is not beneficial to the country and the people。So starting from this relief,No matter how much money Lilong Group has,,That’s also standing aside”
Xiongji said very positively。
Xia Jian brought the wine,And Xiongji said:“Mr. Xiong’s ideological understanding has really reached another height,I haven’t thought about it like this,But you say this,I feel a little confident”
Xia Jian laughed。
He Wei sighed and said:“We are actually very contradictory in business。Who doesn’t want to do more for the sake of the people。But when the interests of your own company conflict with the interests of the people,Everyone will think of the interests of their own business the first time,This is human nature”
“Ok!Mr. He is right。People do not die for themselves,Back again,If it is a decision of an enterprise,Always think for the people,Not profiting for the business,Who would let you be the boss??This sounds very straightforward,But the reality is like this”
Xia Jian was talking,While drinking the wine in the glass。
Xiongji took out another bottle of wine from behind the curtain,This surprised Xia Jian。Xiongji smiled and said:“Happy to drink today,Have a good chat,So we might as well drink more。Snowy outside,Frozen,Why do we get drunk”
“OK OK,This wine can’t be drunk anymore。I’m Xia Jian on this amount,It’s already spinning。Moreover,I still have a lot of things on my hands”
Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xiongji looked anxious,He pressed Xia Jian and sat down again,He was talking:“The topic we are going to talk about has just been broken,How can you just leave!This definitely won’t work”
“You know your wine is not good,Sure enough。Speak!Just say something。It’s not the first time your Xiong and Xia Jian have dealt with each other”

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September 11

“I cross-examine……”

Chen Xiu first proposed the white woman embedded in the wall,Suddenly dumbfounded,She broke her breastbone upside down and entered her heart with a punch,It’s gone now。
“what happened?”Osheng can’t hear the sound,Shouted anxiously。
“No……It’s nothing,one left……”
Chen Xiu passed the black woman on the ground,No need to sniff,I know she’s done too,Because the black woman only turned her upper body when it turned,The two legs didn’t move at all,She was kicked into two pieces by herself,The gods can’t be saved。
“what happened?”
“dead……died,All dead!”
Ou Sheng and Li Lili were surprised,Shouting at the phone:“Chen Xiu,Are you hurt,Quickly locate me,I’ll call an ambulance over。”
“Do not……I am not dead,How can I talk when I die,I mean I tried too hard,Accidentally killed both killers,Can’t force a confession!”
The two women breathed a sigh of relief,The killer is dead,They don’t care if they die,Chen Xiu is fine。
“I can only talk on my phone,The screen is broken,Can’t make a call。Call He Shouheng,Let him send someone to deal with the body,I don’t want to alarm the police。”
“it is good!”
Australia Island as a casino,The last thing missing at midnight every day is crime。
The He family is naturally familiar with handling corpses,Ma Chong brought people here soon。
“Mr. Chen,You go back to the hotel,The boss is waiting for you at the hotel。Here we just deal with it,Promise not to leave the tail。”
“it is good!”
“Scared me!”
Chen Xiuyi returned to the hotel’s presidential suite,Ou Sheng and Li Lili both flew up。
Chen Xiu hugged them and comforted:“Don’t be afraid,You see, I’m not a single hair off。”

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September 7

Instructor waved his hand,Interrupted Uncle Geng,“I understand,Situation is a bit troublesome。But the news just got,That Xiao Li ran away,Ha ha,Very interesting。”

“When did this happen?”Uncle Geng was taken aback,Know that the instructor’s source of information is very reliable,But Li Tianchou’s escape still surprised him,This is different from his understanding of the apprentice’s character。
“Yesterday morning,Ran in the hospital。”The instructor’s faint response,Look at Uncle Geng,“It’s not strange,People are forced to do that,Waiting to die if you don’t run?”
Uncle Geng frowned,I don’t know what Li Tianchou will do next。In his impression,This apprenticeship tradition、Duty。If it wasn’t for being forced to fire that shot,I believe there will be no big changes in personality,It’s not easy to do things。Haven’t seen each other for over a month,This kid has really changed a lot。
“He is in a difficult situation now,The wanted order has come down。Bright side,No one can help him。”The instructor raised his head and drank the tea cup upright,“Your situation,Ok,Help if you can,The rest depends on his own destiny。”
Uncle Geng nodded,Even if the instructor doesn’t say anything,,He will do his best to help。This is his principle,Difficulties in the dealership,There is no reason not to help;Second come,He also likes this young man。
The only mystery is how did the instructor notice Li Tianchou?It was inconvenient to meet last time,This time it seems that the instructor doesn’t plan to say,Could it be that Xiao Li is carrying a big secret?
“Instructor,I want to clean up my grandchild,So Ahao has to avoid it。What else do you have to explain next?”Uncle Geng saw that the instructor didn’t mention Li Tianchou again,So skipped the topic。
The instructor nodded,“Avoid it,Let him go crazy first。To deal with that kind of mud turtle,You do it yourself。I’m so fucking an abettor,It’s okay to fight for you、Fight for territory。Hey!”
I didn’t expect the instructor to sigh。Uncle Geng looks embarrassed,“no way,This move is involved again。”
The instructor smiled sorry,“I understand,Hold on。What you did was fruitful,Xie Fujun explained a lot of things,I believe it will hit Zhang Zhiqiang a lot。But this guy is ruthless,All the evidence points to Tang Shiming,Slippery,It’s really not a matter of taking him down overnight。”
“Tang Shiming is not goingHKYet?”Uncle Geng is strange,Implication,It shouldn’t be difficult to get people there with your national secret service。
The instructor rolled his eyes and looked at Uncle Geng,Look rather helpless,“died,Car accident two days ago。”
Uncle Geng took a deep breath and stopped talking。

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August 31

But Xia Jian is Xia Jian,No matter how seductive Feng Xiaowei holding her tightly,He finally got up so violently,Break free from Feng Xiaowei’s hug。

Xia Jian panting,Insert the room card into the card socket。The lights in the room are on,Xia Jian found out that Feng Xiaowei, who was leaning on all sides, had leaked the spring breeze.。
It may be the reason why I love it after drinking too much,do not know when。Feng Xiaowei has unbuttoned a few buttons on her chest by herself。Pink,The bra with lace trim is all exposed。Especially the two babies that can’t be wrapped in the bra,Have exposed the big side outside。
Xia Jian is also a human,Also a flesh and blood,Bloody man。He saw Feng Xiaowei on the bed,The blood rushed to my heart。
“Don’t go!”Feng Xiaowei shouted drunk,Suddenly turned over。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang without losing time。Ringing,Xia Jian suddenly became sober。
Tong Jie called,Xia Jian quickly connected。Just listen to Tong Jie smiling and asking on the phone:“Why haven’t you come back!It’s not you who fell asleep too!”
“Will be back soon,This woman is drunk,I have to get her settled”Xia Jian finished,Ran into the bathroom,I turned on cold water and washed my face,Sober yourself up,He just walked out。
Xia Jian slapped his head,Walk to the bed,Open the quilt and cover Feng Xiaowei’s body,Then I looked at Feng Xiaowei with a bit of dismay,Then left the room。
Cold wind in the middle of the night,Blowing on Xia Jian’s face,He couldn’t help taking a breath。
First1953chapter Feast your eyes
Waiting for Xia Jian to arrive at ChunyuKTVIn front of,Tong Jie and Secretary Wang are already standing at the door。Just ask,They clear the field at two o’clock,This means that these people have no place。
Zhao Chunling is the most sober among these people,She rushed to Xia Jian in two steps,Lowered his voice and said:“Chief Xia!Everyone almost drank too much,Shall we live in the whole house?!”
“it is good!There is a hotel not far in front,Then let’s go!”Xia Jian said,So I hired everyone。But Secretary Wang and Liu Zimin are completely drunk。Fortunately, Xiong Yongqiang and Li Lin were half drunk。How can they help?。
A bunch of people arrived at the hotel,The little girl at the cash register hurriedly called the security guard。The security guard is a man after all,He looked like a bunch of drunks,And Xia Jian just left here。
“How about this!For these men,Open a multi-person room,I drank too much and slept with me.。These two women and the one who just came,Just squeeze a room!Everyone should be together”Which little girl the male security guard arranged for。

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August 25


All the water friends were stunned by Chen Xiu’s shot。
“Don’t pretend to be Principal Wang if you have a few steel plates clanging,You think you are really the richest son。”
Chen Xiu, this barrage came out,I am so angry that I am not Headmaster Wang and gritted his teeth,The same is also a gift of 500,000。
“Special,Who said that a few steel plates are too poor。”
Chen Xiu watched him just brush out a gift of the same value as himself,Knowing him this is the end of the crossbow,I guess I won’t be able to call if I try。
Right now, it’s just one million gifts.。
Full-screen fireworks pop up one after another on the live platform,This time, the platinum master anchor on the platform is not calm anymore,Come over“Rounds”,Following a large number of water friends came to Rosin’s room,Let Rosin’s live broadcast room break through half a million people online,The company directors of the live broadcast platform quickly ordered two sets of servers to be added to Rosin’s live broadcast room.,Ensure the fluency of live broadcast。
“If there is a kind, you can buy a lot more than me。”
After Chen Xiu’s one million gift was published,,This barrage pops up directly in the middle of the screen,Particularly conspicuous。
20 You are hired
“Principal Wang,He fought you。”
“Get him。”
“Uncle can bear,Auntie can’t bear it,Must go back。”
“it’s me,so I200Wan killed him。”

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August 21

“Everything between heaven and earth,Are inseparable from the attributes of the five elements,Most things are also made up of the five elements,When the metal is extremely strong,The remaining four attributes are suppressed,Many swordsmen in the world,When wood properties are extremely prosperous,Relative balance,People are troublesome and productive,Technology boom,But disasters and storms are often brewing in this peaceful and heyday。

“When the water attribute is extremely prosperous,Although continue to live and work,The world of abundance,But often suddenly dynasties change,Troubles everywhere;The next fire attribute is to wreak havoc on everything,Destruction and charcoal,But the advantage of the fire attribute is to distinguish dirty and ugly,Often heralds the beginning of a new life,Next soil properties,Is the original traceability,Back to normal。”
“Is this rotation sequence fixed??How long is a prosperous year?”
“Usually not fixed,And easy to jump,After all the attributes of the five elements appear, it will be a prosperous age,So the year of the prosperous years is also uncertain,This is the source of the instability of the Ancestor Mainland,This really has a lot to do with my Five Elements Palace。
“A prosperous year is three to five hundred years,Seeing that one hundred prosperous years will end,Suddenly there appeared the fifth-generation Palace Master of the Five Elements Palace,That is you,Look at this situation,Can you recover the decline??”
Juvenile stunned,First time I heard such a statement,It feels incredible,But there is some truth to it,It seems to explain that the Five Elements Palace has a lofty status,But the reason why it’s unpopular in China,Almost assault in groups,Back then, the Shenshi used this to destroy the Five Elements Palace,The temples of the Five Elements were also destroyed。
It’s just who stipulated that the ancestors of the mainland will be over after one hundred prosperity?What is the inevitable relationship between this rotation and the Five Elements Palace?
“There are many legends about one hundred prosperous years,Old man, I have never found the answer in my life,But some special hearts will be with you later。
“As for the rotation of the five elements,Is indeed related to my Five Elements Palace。No one cared at first,Spring goes to autumn on the mainland,Change of seasons,Landslide flood or drizzle,The ups and downs of the creatures,Reincarnation of life and death is normal。
“But then You Ming Di Jun discovered a very strange phenomenon,Five Elements Hall,After the Tianzun-class powerhouse appears in any hall,It seems that the fortune of this continent will change suddenly,As i said before,A Queen of Heaven Appears in Jinfeng Hall,The world immediately rose up,A Tianzun appeared in the Holy Fire Temple,The mainland has terrible natural and man-made disasters, etc.。
“Too many coincidences,Just abnormal。You Ming Di Jun was not very loud at first,But this old guy is extremely resilient,Keep tolerating and record secretly,The legend of Wang Sui’s existence is confirmed to be his handwriting。
“No one thought that this guy would last for thousands of years,Finally found the emperor at that time and the god of Lieyang,The Big Three try to prove it together,All surprised,These thousands of years,Dozens of gods appeared in the Five Elements Palace,Every hall has,The fortune of the ancestors in the mainland is also rotating with these Tianzun attributes,It seemed to them very scary at the time。”
“Then the same era,Several Tianzuns with different attributes appear in the Five Elements Palace,How to treat the fortune of the mainland?”The boy suddenly asked。
“This situation is rare,Once it appears,Is the most chaotic and dim era,But the ultimate trend of the mainland’s fortune must be determined by the strongest。The Five Elements Palace is also aware of this problem,But it has been regarded as a coincidence,later,A large number of Tianzun went out to explore the void,Just to find the answer to the legend of a hundred years old。”

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August 14

Their bronze sword army is to kill the people,Killed some trolls。

Cannibals are very cunning,Know that there are troops protecting villages and towns,Will choose those remote places to start。
“The ice disaster causes a demon disaster……Another big omen。”
First319chapter The last bad omen
From a small omen to a big omen!
And one after another!
Some evil omen,Hasn’t happened yet,Can follow this situation,The moment when the evil star dragon really appeared,Is when this land is completely reduced to purgatory!
All the signs came too suddenly,So that the prophet Li Xinghua didn’t have time to stop things from getting worse。
“We have to find the evil star dragon,After the seven omens,Is the sign of heaven。”Li Xing’s painting voice is a little low。
Big omen,Is already a tragedy on earth,Not to mention sky signs,The annihilation brought about is unimaginable。
Judging from the signs we have now,When the evil star dragon recovered,Come back to this land,That’s the beginning of the signs,It’s not just the survival of Runyu City,It is estimated that several nearby countries may be destroyed。
“Are there any other bad omens??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“war、Civil commotion、plague、Ice disease、Demon disaster、Insect tide、Meteorite……The first six evil omens appeared at a very similar time,There is one last,It should be the meteor fire heralded by the evil star dragon!”Li Xinghua said。
Chao Ruijin、Yao Junshi、Yu Gaojie, who was riding the grey wolf, heard these remarks,Feel incredible。
but,According to the accurate information they inquired around,In the great evil that Li Xing painted,They already know six!
“In short, even if we find the evil star dragon。”Yao Junshi said。
Li Xinghua nodded。

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