March 23

Qinghai Qilian: Idyllic scenery on the plateau

On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.The Zowhan Scenic Area is located in the north bank of the Qilian County, Qilian County, Qinghai Province. The top of the mountain is 2930 meters above sea level..(Xu Xingyu / People) On May 21, 2021, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.

On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.

On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.

On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.

On May 21, 202, the idyllic scenery at the foot of the mountains.

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March 16

The opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games is the reporter queue to the main news center

The opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games is the reporter queue to the main news center http: /// DEFAULT / 9_IMG / UPLOAD / 3933D981 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 /: /// N / DEFAULT / 9_ORI / UPLOAD / 393D981 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 // : /// n / default / 9_ori / upload / 3933d981 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 / / July 23, 2010, July 22, 2021, Japan Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics opened, the reporter queued to the Olympics Main news center.

6559972 The opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games is the reporter queue to the main news center http: /// Finance / 9_IMG / UPLOAD / F3519C21 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 /: /// N / FINANCE / 9_ORI / UPLOAD / F359C21 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 / /: /// n / finance / 9_ori / upload / f3519c21 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 / / July 23, 2010, 17:10 local time July 22, Japan, Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics opened, all preparation Work continues to start. 6559973 The opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games is the reporter queue to the main news center http: /// FINANCE / 9_IMG / UPLOAD / F3519C21 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 /: /// n / finance / 9_ori / upload / F3519C21 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 / /: /// n / finance / 9_ori / upload / f3519c21 / 600 / W840H560 / 20210723 / / July 23, 2010, 17:10 local time July 22, Japan, Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics opened, all preparation Work continues to start. .

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March 10

The Ministry of Public Advanced Party Knife cut "Whampoa Military Academy" to provoke public anger (Sun Month)

  In 2016, the DPP was not "modest", and the people’s defeat of the people in 2018 did not reflect. The armor has not been cleaned, and the big knife is frequently raised. Huangpu Military Academy is the "China Nationalist Party Army Military Officer School", in the past, the hardships of the warlords, the hard work of the foreign aggression, the heroes, teachers and students have all over the branches and overseas, and in 1950, the name "Army Military School" is now in Taiwan.

Deeply played "China" brand, this school is in the eyes of "Taiwan independence". Sure enough, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party founded that "breakthrough" from the school songs, regardless of the historical background of the time, with the "Taiwan independence" of the Democratic Party, and the three consecutive years of proposal requires military school to change school songs. This school is really a soldier’s bone, the resolution of the school meeting to maintain the original lyrics, no change! to not fix? An unexpected, one gave birth to a majority of "Legislative Court", and the Ministry of Progressive Party is hard to bow, cut budget, and grass to vent myrage. But most of the advantages will become most violence, and the advantage of power will become an emperor’s new clothes.

This time, from the military world to Net red, many people in Taiwan saw the people of the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China and cutting the "China", and the people who lost the people. Some netizens believe that the reason for the retrieval of the school is "God log", "It is to make people celebrate the celebration like hooligans, but they are only because he doesn’t obey, these ‘Taiji’ Jihuahua is still logical?" Island Inner pluralance, police groups to Liu Shifang’s office protest, and painfully approved the People’s Republic of China. Alumni published advertising to point out that the Ministry of Democraticentials lied in "going to China" and called on alumni to unite and safeguard the traditional military school. At the same time, the Ministry of Democraticentified Party chopped budget and "I donated". Have alumni to discuss the donation office in the network, a dumpling shop boss said "no fundraising, if the law allows, the budget I donate"; there is also the alumni station to express one person donated the budget; Netizen Message: I will announce the donation account, I have no money, donate 20,000 yuan new station.

  The Democratic Entgue Party loves to take the "public opinion", this suddenly cut "Whampoa Military Academy", but he has been a loud slap in the light! (Editor: Yue Hongbin, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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March 9

Sinan County Renhe Village: Wilderness

This newspaper (Sinan County Rong Media Center correspondent Yellow River) On November 1st, in the toner industry base in Tangtou Town, Sinan County, "Green Tree Red Bud" fills a block of wilderness and villagers. The laugh is echoed. "We will pick a tender bud here every 178 days, and there are 80 yuan of income every day." Wu Yangzhen, who is busy, is busy saying.

In recent years, Renhe Village actively explores the road to the industry, and has been explored. In March this year, it introduced the professional cooperatives of Shannan Xiangzhimoni in Sinan County. "We have now flowing more than 200 mu, transplanted more than 160 mu, establish more than 40 mu of nursery base." Li Guohai, deputy secretary of Renhe Village Party Branch, said: "From the industry to now, the village committee approved the land The flow rate is more than 60,000 yuan, the service is more than 800,000 yuan, the land is not idle, the enthusiasm of the masses also mobilizes.

"Next, the village will also transplanted 300 acres of fragrant.

Li Guohai is very expected, the next autumn, winter, will be covered with the garden.

"My family has flowed more than 2 acres of land, these land is in the past three or four years, according to the land rent of 300 yuan per mu, this year’s rent income is 780 yuan.

"The 69-year-old man said happily:" When they expand, I have to turn the remaining land.

"Director of the Director of the Cooperatives of Sweet Pastoral Farming Professional Cooperatives in Sinan County, the cooperative and rented more than 10 excavators for wasteland, and then put into the ground in the ground. After survive, I can pick the buds around 18 days. Currently, it has picked 4 batches of more than 1,500 kilograms. It is sold to Beijing, Chongqing, Shaanxi, etc. according to the price of 39 yuan per kilogram.

Fu Yong said that the camphor industry has been more than 15 years. After 3 years, it is the birth period of Renhe Village incense. According to 15 kg of buds per number per mu, the average annual earnings will exceed 8,000 yuan.

"After the size of the scale, we also have to study deep processing, be tonna sauce and cambuble marinated food, sold to South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc. We do not use pesticides, only do not pollution, green food, will have good output in the four seasons "Fu Yong is very confident to the prospects of the Toon.

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March 1

Support for over-hard discipline style

Since 2021, the leaders at all levels will be held in turn. In order to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee on the discipline of serious researcies, ensure the smooth development of the reward, create a constant consensus environment, January 2021, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the National Operator’s Commission issued "About" Notice of serious discipline to strengthen the chapel Supervision (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), requiring all localities to conscientiously implement it. (February 2, 2021, People’s Network) profoundly understand the importance of rehabilitation.

Among the party’s career, the leaders at all levels is an important part. Our party can condense the development and breakthrough in the field of political and economic culture and social people’s livelihood in just few decades. These are Our party has solidly grasped the close links between the leadership team of the leaders at all levels, while the electionary work is a key support.

Numerous historical practice proves that under Marxism guidance, solidly promote the election work, you can select more talented party members and cadres, enrichment to key leadership, which is deepening to implement the party’s policy measures, for better maintenance The fundamental interests of the most broad masses have important significance. Empress the connotation of the replacement work.

In essence, from essentially, it is a very complex system engineering. Party organizations at all levels are based on the party’s basic requirements. From strict, we can do a good job in practical implementation, so that the election is better to experience history and practice. test.

On the one hand, the party organizations need to conduct deep learning of the party’s exchanges, accurately grasp the spiritual essentials, and always guide the change of the election work more practical to take every step; on the other hand, the majority of party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, It is necessary to study the relevant requirements of the party regulations, the central provisions of the Central Committee and the issuance of discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels, and effectively tighten the ideological understanding of the red line to ensure that their behavior is in line with the party requirements and the people’s expectations. Efforts to demonstrate the practice of rehabilitation. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the election work, various departments at all levels are in-depth study of the "Notice", and the in-depth summation of the extension of the electoral election and accurately grasp the actual needs, launch discipline style construction in line with their own situation. The plan, highlight the red line requirements of each part of the election, ensuring that all sectors and the majority of party members and cadres have always been involved in the election elections with the hard-working image. At the same time, in the election, it is necessary to actively combine supervision from the people. Improvement optimization in time for the deficiencies of the discovery, ensuring that the election can truly fall.

(Author: Jiangqiao Town City Management Law Enforcement Squadron Gong Yun) (Editor: Mu Yifan, Xuan Shuangqiang).

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February 21

People’s livelihood aid in the north and south and north and south of Xinjiang

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the central and state organs, central enterprises and 19 help, the provinces and cities have always guaranteed and improve people’s livelihood as the starting point and the foothold of the work of the work of the intersection.

Only after the seventh pair support Xinjiang Work Conference, more than 3,000 projects were implemented, and more than 300 billion yuan in the new funds were investing in aid, including more than 80% of the funds into the grassroots and people’s livelihood.

  All the support of the provinces and cities insisted on interacting exchanges as an important means of consolidating all national unity, and putting each aid project as an important carrier of the people, enhancing the national unity, and striving to build the work of the troops into strengthening the national unity. Today, Tianshan north and south is an exciting change: urban and rural medical, education, and social security levels have been significantly improved, and the masses of all ethnic groups have gone, happiness, and the sense of security is constantly enhanced. Medical "hematoprocket", improve the diagnosis and treatment level with a circle of bandages, Zu Li Afi is getting more and more bright, the line of sight is gradually clear … this is from Hetian District, Luopu County The Uighurs little girl in Ku Village, from the congenial cataract from the young people, due to the national poverty has not been effectively treated. In 2019, Wang Ying, a helper, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, an intraocular implantation, and an intra-artificial crystal implantation in Hetian District People’s Hospital. Today, Zur Aiia’s eyes have returned to normal levels. In Hetian, cataract belongs to high incidence.

However, the only local hospital in the previous local area – Hetian District People’s Hospital has no ophthalmology. Under the support of Tianjin Medical Talents "Group" Aid Team Support, Hetian District People’s Hospital established an ophthalmology, and combined with Tianjin Eye Hospital, a "Tianjin and Ophthalmology League", which brings light to local cataract patients. Medical aid, light relying on "blood transfusion" is not enough, more important is "hematopoietic".

In order to better enhance the level of diagnosis and treatment of the land, the benefit of the local masses, the flexible forms of the provinces and cities will lead the "belt" work to deepen. In Kashgar, the Shandong Provincial Aid Command has established a flexible talent work station to promote the standardization and development of the programs and the development of the programs. In Tacheng, Liaoning Province Aid Command established the Liaoning Provincial Trip Intelligence Support Service Center, relying on the intersection of colleges and universities to support the Liao Training Cooperation Alliance and promote the construction of teaching practices. In Hami, Henan Province Aid Command Building Dongjiang Tumor Clinic Center, organize the relationship between doctors and local medical backbone, and strengthen the assessment incentives.

  "With the guidance of the expert teacher of Jiangsu, I have completed the transformation from climbing to the run.

"Kyzil Sukr Kyu Autonomous Prefecture Director Xu Tianbao said that he can only do three kinds of heart surgery, and now you can do more than 20 processes independently.

Previously, the local people will go to Kashgar or Urumqi. Today, including coronary arteries, trust, etc., there is difficulty for surgery, and they will prefer Kezhou People’s Hospital. The education group, established long-acting mechanism, Hubei Dawi Source Experimental School Teacher Bishble, with a three-generation five people in Burta Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture "group aid"; Huazhong Dynasty, Dacheng Bole Branch, Sun Hongxia 2018 in 2018 After the 3-year service period of secondary help, the initiative application was procedure … in the Hubei Province Aid Teacher Team, there are still many stories. As a support of teachers, Hubei Province implemented "hematopoietic" education and helping the country, helping to enhance education development capacity.

In the past two years, Hubei Province in the support of the support of the support of the country has stabilized around 240, and it is doubled prior to 2016. The assistance in the help of the people actively promoted the reform of education and injected energetic students. Today, in the Hubei Province Aid Cadre Talent Team, teachers have already taken more than half.

"In the future, we will further play a further education advantage, contribute more Hubei wisdom and intellectual support for the economic and social development of Bozhou and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

"The general command of the headquarters of the Work of Hubei Province said. Since the seventh national counterpart support Xinjiang Work Conference, each aid province and city has established a long-term mechanism of education and aid, enhance the quality of the local teachers, and improve the school. Level, help the high quality development of Xinjiang education.

  In Aksu, Zhejiang Province launched the "Group" education and helping Xinjiang.

Since 2019, Zhejiang Province selection 1181 people, constructs "full chain" education assistance from various schools, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, cover basic education, vocational education, special education, and higher education Tests of China.

Chang Wang Zhongmin, deputy commander of Zhejiang Province, said: "Poverty Poverty First, Zhejiang Province pays attention to the seed role of the promotion of the teacher, put the belonging to the main industry, innovative implementation," leading geese project " ‘Blue Engineering’ ‘Yincha Play’, focusing on cultivating a ‘four has a good teacher team. "In Yili, Jiangsu Province supported Xinjiang Yili Pre-command to explore the" School Package " President + management + backbone teachers "Education" group "aid model, organize 16 colleges and universities to help Yilu Plow Road Vocational College and Yili Vocational and Technical College, which strongly promotes the development of local vocational education.

  Communication, consolidate the national unity and read the painting reading, sing "my motherland", carry out parent-child sports … On April 23, "I have a home in Beijing" in Beijing, "I have a family in Beijing". Local children and "Mom and Dad" from Beijing have spent a memorable parent-child time. "I have a home in Beijing" project is one of the brand projects of Beijing Aid Communication Communication. The project was initiated by the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Aid Heada Command Department, with Hetian District Family Poor Teen as a Help Object.

Today, 1144 poor children in Hetian have a "loved ones" in Beijing.

  In recent years, all the people in the provinces, through the exchange activities, so that the people have further enhanced understanding, deepen their feelings in you.

September 2020, the establishment of 417, the 105-year-old (street), and 635 villages (communities) were since September 2020.

  Jiangsu Province counterpart support Xinjiang Yili Preteen headquarters organizations to carry out the "Wanli Hongyan Fax" Hand Wire Letter Dating Activities, 268 Schools, 3806 Class, 50,000 students to participate. In Turpan, Hunan Province Residue Qianfang Command Promoted 5 rural revitalization demonstration villages (even) in Gaochang District, Turpan City, respectively, with Hunan Xiangtan Lushan Village, Xiangxi 18th Central Village, etc., deepening in communication exchange Cognition of red culture. In Hami, Henan Province Aid Qianfang Command organized 90 counties (cities, districts) and the recipient township (street) group and villages, grassroots, and communities (communities) to carry out full coverage and joint construction, through the branch, Resource sharing, talent sharing, industry win-win, help to consolidate the base basis. "People’s Daily" (July 20, 2021) (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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February 17

Trade zone to improve China’s open economy (open talk)

Original title: The self-trade zone enhances the China Open Economy (Open Talk) Since the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Test Area, China’s self-trade test area has experienced 6 years and a half of the construction, achieving the in-depth development from point-to-line. , Gradually formation of coordination in the East West Northern and North, "1 + 3 + 7 + 1 + 6" open network pattern of Luhai coordination, and five batch of 18 self-trade zones entered the new reform and opening up process.

  The self-trade test area actively docks the international economic and trade regulations, innovating economic management system and mechanisms. China’s self-trade test area actively draws on internationally passing investment rules, extending "national treatment" to "pre-access", explore the establishment of the investment management model of "Acquisition former National Treatment + Negative List + Record Management". Last year, it reduced the negative list of foreign-in-depth-in-flight in the trade area to 37, relaxed agriculture, manufacturing and mining industry foreign access, promoting service industries to expand open, especially financial services, telecommunications services, professional services and tourism culture. The field of medical education, etc., effectively improved the degree of convenience of investment. In the field of trade, the trade district innovation and regulatory service model, the international advanced customs special regulatory model, promote electronic port construction and two-step customs clearance, paperless customs clearance, reduce border compliance time and customs clearance cost, promote trade and investment Facilitation. In addition, the trade district follows the change of the global economic and trade rules, improve the investment protection and dispute settlement mechanism, strengthen the intellectual property protection system, build an international, transparency dispute to solve the environment.

In 2019, the global ranking of China’s business environment jumped to 31 points to some extent benefited from an important demonstration of the freedom test area in convenient China’s cross-border trade.

  The construction of the self-trade test area accelerates China’s new round of reform and opening up, and promotes the high quality development of China’s economy.

  First, in terms of government management and service innovation, traditional political and government relations will be changed to improve market efficiency.

At the same time by relaxing pre-management, the self-paying system, "license separation", "license separation", corporate credit information publicity system, severe illegal illegal illegal list of laws, etc., promote overall integrated management, carry The organic combination of "and" tube "can both relax the market access, expand the autonomy of the market entity, and strengthen market supervision and efficiency, providing experience in the transformation of government functions and administrative system reform. Secondly, by effectively improve the level of trade and investment, the self-trade test area will form the aggregation platform of the high value-added industry to form a new high and new growth of the open. The construction of the self-trade test area not only promotes the channels of international companies, capital, technology, and talents into China, but also reduces the threshold of Chinese companies to enter the international market, support Chinese companies to participate in resource allocation and production capacity cooperation in globally, which helps to promote Development and upgrading of open economy. Furthermore, the self-trade test area actively exerts the role of the test field, and the continuous release system innovation bonus.

More than 6 years agreed to reproduce more than 200 institutional innovation results, including 145 results related to the facilities of trade and investment, which is conducive to China’s comprehensive reform and further expanding and opening up, promoting China’s economic high quality development. Free trade zone and self-trade test area are two types of open modes.

The former covers all the customs of all members of the self-trade agreement, with exclusive, can be called a large self-trade; the latter is China’s autonomous to expand the global expansion, the space is limited, which can be called a small self-trade zone. Both of the two types of self-trade are committed to enhance the liberalization and convenience of trade investment, complement each other in practice, forming "double self-linkage", and jointly build China’s open economic new institution.

  The negotiation of free trade agreements usually involves cargo trade tariff reductions, service trade and investment expansion market access. First trial expanded open, trade and investment in the expansion of openness, trade and investment, naturally facilitate China to better carry out the negotiation of the self-trade agreement, realize the strategy of major self-trade, and better build Chinese and other countries Cooperation mechanisms, better form "all-way" construction mechanism, better deal with trade protectionism and unilateral impact, maintain multilateral trade system and free trade pattern, and promote regional economic integration and economic globalization. At the same time, given the increasing importance of the self-trade agreement, the service industry is open, trade and investment liberalization, e-commerce, fair competition, etc. Its construction will enrich the experience of China’s development and trade districts, which reflects China’s actual actions to support trade liberalization and expand the firm determination to accelerate the construction of China’s self-trade zone and the negotiation process of the self-trade agreement, and promote high quality high quality. Standards of self-trade zones.

  In general, the self-trade test area is in the core, adhere to the first trial, continuously deepen the "venting service" reform, promote the transformation of government functions, and effectively promote investment and trade, improve the business environment, and promote the reform Introduction to the depth development, improve the China’s open economic level, strengthen the cooperation of "all the way" in China, integrate into the world economy, and participate in global economic governance.

  (Zhang Jianping, Han Zaing, the author of the Regional Economic Research Center of the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, studying internships) (Editor: Mouquet Yu, Zhu Hongxia).

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February 9

Thousands of surgeons gathered together to focus on "non-invasive surgery" development

Recommended reading 2021-11-1211: 40 Bugs of White Heroni foraging in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, habitat. At the early winter, Poyang Lake fell below the fine water level, became the assembly of all kinds of migratory birds.

2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County cotton planting area of ??1.02 million mu, of which 990,000 mu of implementation of cotton cultivation mode, seeded, chemically roof, and mechanized mining collection, After production, this year’s seed cotton has produced 426 kg / mu, which increases kilograms / mu, and the level of cotton scientific growth management is continuously improved, and cotton cultivation is mechanized.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold In the first green smart factory built into the metal regeneration resource industry, continue to practice "double carbon" commitment, introduce solar photovoltaic power generation project, can provide clean energy 14 million for national grids each year Kauching time. 2021-11-1011: 01 In recent years, Fuyang County, Guizhou Province has actively promoted the "medical combination" new pension model through integration of pension and medical resources, and creating a medical center integrating pension care, medical rehabilitation, leisure and entertainment. Provide the elderly to provide the old man to enjoy his old age. 2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "Advocating Renren Sports, create a better life" "100 million" series of events – 2021 The game was held. This competition is divided into three categories of personal racing, individual flower samples, group competitions, two groups of adult groups and youth groups, aimed at passing jumping rope activities, driving national fitness boom, creating people in the city, people love sports, everyone A good atmosphere of love fitness.

2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Sending Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team to organize the party members’ rescue team to go to the island survey point, the wind is rain, not afraid of cold, take three classes inverted continuous operation, staying all day and night The sea cable is cut and defective, the insulation measurement, and the repair of the sea cable and its internal fiber, which is expected to be completed before November 8. 2021-11-0810: 00 November 4, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, the shadow hall is playing a wonderful cloud dream leather, "Yang Jia will", many middle-aged and old age audiences have seen 津 津.

2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, I found a beautiful body, dragging long tail, feathers, and foraging from the forest from time to time. After identification by professionals, the bird is white and belongs to the national secondary protected animal. 2021-11-0511: 20 In order to further strengthen new coronal pneumonia epidemic regular prevention, Huzhou City Deqing County Zhongtu Town party member disinfection small team actively cooperates with the bus station to do a good job of disinfection, temperature measurement, propaganda, and implement the bus stop "One is sterilized", a ventilation time is not less than 15 minutes, while reminding passengers, we must wear a mask and do its own protection.

2021-11-0511: 17 This year, Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau focuses on "going out" enterprise tax-related demand, with intelligence tax building as a goal, according to "credit + intelligent" mode, create "self-trade omitary tax" New formats, to "go out" enterprises to expand foreign markets to provide tax intelligence and strength. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province ushered in the processing season, local farmers stepped up with the sunny weather to peeled, drying and processing, and persimmon processing became a special industry in the late autumn season. one.

2021-11-0511: 07 On November 3, 2021, Jiangsu Huai’an, college students played at the Games.

2021-11-0411: 28 November 3, 2021, the first primary school in Luoyang Road, Qingdao watched the four-footed machine dog presentation in the artificial intelligent exhibition hall. 2021-11-0411: On October 30, 2021, located in the navigation of Nanjiang County in Pakinean City, Sichuan Province, the best viewing period, the autumn color, the tourists are in the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn.

2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, Hebei Province, from Gu Jiwu, as the Erlang Boxing of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hebei Province, is more widely passed, the county’s Erlang Xialu performance team, in "Russian-Chinese Culture Year", etc. More than 1400 awards were obtained, adding a bright color to the country.

2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, the primary school students in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, dressed in national costumes and danced to participate in the sports festival.

2021-11-0311: 29.

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February 7

Rongping: Ecological environmental governance, fighting hard

Recently, Blue Sky Baiyun and Chengdu companion, Gongga Snow Mountain and the city. Mingxia, Snow Mountain is amazing, I also got microblogging hot search, April Chengdu, good Chen with beautiful scenery, listen to "Wow" sound.

Let the sky are blue, the water is clearer, and the land is greenery. It is the wish of all Chengdu citizens and the requirements of ecological civilization. I still remember 4 years ago, Chengdu’s heavy punch attacked the "three governance and one increase" action, opened the "three major battles" scenes of the atmospheric soil water pollution.

Chengdu coordinates the construction of ecological civilization in the park city, thousands of kilometers of Tianfu Green Road, the Longquan Forest Park enhances the carbon discharge capacity, the air quality is increased year by year, Jinjiang Huanglongxi Guozi control section is qualified …… Governance results worth everyone cherish. Every video in a circle of friends, each of the beautiful people have a good ecological pursuit and pay behind each beautiful.

But this is still not enough.

In mid-April, Sichuan Province launched the second provincial-level ecological environmental protection inspector. In this inspector, it is found that there are some environmental issues in Chengdu, such as the existence of naked soil in some construction sites, unfair construction, stimulating car, and other situations; some local environmental awareness is insufficient, need to strengthen the level of governance and so on.

The ecological environment has a complexity and long-term characteristics.

As a super large city, it is also facing a dual pressure of the ecological environment. It is agency in the center of the basin, diffusion conditions, etc .; the size of the population of 20 million, is still being suppressed after the increased urban population, energy saving and emission reduction.

Slightly negligence, there will be rebound, some of the problems that appear under the eyes are this.

If you want to embrace the "normal blue" "normal green", only based on the long-lasting, and persistently carry out ecological environmental governance.

Also dare to fight hard, for some time, some enterprises, local areas, have a problem of ecological environment, dare to move, promote rectification. Solve the problem of ecological environment, it is necessary to rely on the intensity, but also to use the external tendency.

Thus, the environmental inspector can be seen as a major opportunity to focus on rectifying environmental outstanding issues, and is also an important opportunity to fully review the effectiveness of ecological environment.

Since the end of April, Sichuan Ecological Environment Protection Inspector Chengdu Mobilization Reporting will be held. The Meeting of the Standing Committee of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee has rectified deployment around the inspecting issue, the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Fan Ruping, Subei Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee, April 27 (City) County Main The person in charge talked about the talked. On April 28th, the team was led to the ecological environmental protection supervision. Chengdu continued initiatives passed a firm signal, which is an opportunity for environmental inspections in Sichuan Province, check the problem, find a short board, adjust structure, strong management, and resolute I have a good consolidation to improve the quality of ecological environment.

From now on, Chengdu has implemented a special governance of highlighting environmental issues, "six major actions": volatile organic contamination, noise cigarette pollution, clean energy replacement, construction site site management, rural and urban-rural joint dirty dirty, mobile pollution source, etc. Conduct special governance. Governance is more targeted. Six areas of centralized governance, both the masses reflect more strong pollution disturbances, such as noise cigarette pollution, site dust, also have more "hidden", and the problem of non-small mobile pollution sources. Such as a non-road mobile machine emissions, equivalent to 50-80 national five emission standards, its destructive is not underestimated. Special treatment for the six major classes outstanding environmental issues is the key to seize the key.

Governance is more professional.

Ozone governance is a world-oriented problem, volatile organic contamination is the culprit destroying ozone, and it is necessary to carry out "winter disease summer treatment". The ozone governance "Gold Period" in spring and summer, the pre-implementation of some measures, reducing volatile organic discharge, and falling the overall emissions of pollutants before the difference in diffusion conditions.

At the same time, use the "Migratitu Environment" system of the Chengdu Ecological Environment Monitoring Center to real-time large data, scientific, and in-depth analysis of the cause of environmental pollution, symptomatic treatment. Governance is more forward-looking.

Chengdu’s presence and demonstration zone in the park city, it is necessary to strengthen the city in the construction of ecological civilization, and go to the forefront to explore the high-quality development path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon. To this end, the industrial idea is introduced into environmental issues. Chengdu not only built "carbon neutral" industry ecotrial circle, layout energy-saving and environmental protection, clean energy, new energy industry, and guided high energy consumption enterprises to accelerate clean energy replacement.

Next, Chengdu will first try a batch of test zones, highlight the "ecological properties" of carbon emissions and carbon absorption dynamic balance, more highlighting carbon reduction value development and utilization, carbon resources optimal configuration and carbon assets continue to benefit "Economic Attribute".

Opened a batch of zero-carbon industrial ribilities, zero-carbon communities and other demonstration projects, a batch of "carbon neutrics" green ecological test area, "carbon neutral" city marketing test area.

In summary, to create a system of innovation system, industrial system and scene system that fully promotes production, consumption process to low carbonization transformation, and take the lead in achieving the "Carbon Peak" goal, striving to build "carbon neutrical and" pioneer city. Maintain a good ecological environment, causing the attention and participation of the public. As a citizen of Chengdu, in daily life, it is necessary to establish a correct environmental protection concept and ecological values, practice green lifestyle, such as public transportation, practicing garbage classification, etc., for ecological environment, more A power to create a good social trend of environmental protection of everyone, and shareholding.

A good ecological environment is the most popular people’s livelihood. Winning pollution prevention and control, you need to go to a long battle, all the way to win every game. (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).

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January 27

Precision of pollution and sewage

  Recently, the "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the" Opinions on In-depth Pollution Prevention and Cure "is released, and the opinions have accelerated green and low-carbon development, and they have made specific deployments in deployment of blue sky, clear water, and pure land defense.

Clearly proposed that by 2025, the total amount of pollutant emissions continued to decline, and the main goals such as green production and lifestyle were widely formed. The opinions are required to focus on heavy pollution weather to eliminate the battle, and strive to lay the ozone pollution control and strive, continue to play the dilation of diesel cargo pollution and control, strengthen the governance and noise pollution control.

  Atmospheric pollution has become one of the most serious environmental issues facing the world.

More and more studies have shown that air pollution is not only harmful to human health, resulting in various diseases, and harmful gases discharged from fuel such as coal, oil, will also pose a threat to the Earth’s ecosystem.

Atmospheric pollution prevention, it is not going to slow! my country has always attached great importance to the prevention and treatment of atmospheric pollution. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country main mission. Amend the air pollution prevention and control law, to increase the legal responsibility of government and enterprises, increase the punishment of illegal sewage behavior, and the Wiping Pollution Prevention and Treatment Protection Law Network. After years of hard work, atmospheric pollution management has achieved remarkable, the environmental air quality is significantly improved, the key area is obviously improved, but the situation of air pollution prevention and treatment is still grim.

Among them, there are both natural weather reasons, and some factors, some places have a phenomenon in violation of law varying degrees.

From the recent disclosure of the Ecological Environment, there are many gascade environment illegal typical cases. Some enterprises evade supervision. Through the emergency pipelines, the unopened atmospheric pollutants are steep; some companies play a trick on monitoring data, provide false monitoring reports … … It can be seen that an important reason for the highlighter of urban environmental air quality problems is that the law has not been implemented.

  Governing pollution, it is necessary to emphasize the law as a weapon, defend the blue sky with the rule of law.

This opinion specifically proposes that it is necessary to control the most stringent system according to law, strengthen the whole process supervision, improve the targeted, scientific and effectiveness of pollution control.

In addition, the opinions also put forward, focusing on autumn and winter pollution, increase key regions, key industries structural adjustment and pollution management; focusing on ozone pollution in summer and autumn, vigorously promoting volatile organic and nitrogen oxide co-emission reduction; governance diesel cargo pollution In-depth implementation of the cleaning diesel car (machine) action, accelerate the "public transfer iron" "public transport" transportation "public transfer" and noise pollution, and accelerate the problem of gashed environmental environment for the people concerned. It can be said that the opinions have drawn a blueprint that is accurately polluted according to law, existing time points, area, and path maps. Blue sky and white clouds are struggling. Looking forward to the strict implementation of various departments to strictly implement the requirements, institutionalize, normalize the gas pollution, normalization, and rule of treatment, to achieve scientific, precision, effective pollution, so that the sky is blue, and the beautiful China of the sky is built. (Lin Nante).

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