January 15

[Leshan cold string method]_How to do_How to do

[Leshan cold string method]_How to do_How to do

Leshan is a well-known tourist city located in the Sichuan region.

Leshan has many special foods, including cold skewers, which is also a very popular street food.

Of course, if you want to eat delicious cold skewers, in addition to buying them on the streets of Leshan, you can also cook them at home according to certain methods.

So, what is the cooking method of Leshan Leng Chuan Chuan?

Here is an introduction for everyone.

First, the food introduction Leshan cold skewers, also known as “Leshan pot bowl chicken”, is a local traditional snack in Leshan, Sichuan, belongs to the Sichuan alternative.

It first appeared in the mid-1980s.

The same as cold pot fish.

But slightly different.

It is made of various vegetables and meat cut into irregular shapes, and then these dishes are dressed into a string with a bamboo stick, and finally it is put into a specially formulated pot to be cooked and eaten.

Second, the practice of Leshan cold skewers1, make brine, set the wok on a high fire, and burn the vegetable oil to 6 when mature, then Xiatong County Douban (chop finely) and crisp, add ginger rice quickly, stir-fry the pepper immediatelyFresh soup.

Then add mashed fermented tempeh, grind fine sugar, butter, glutinous rice juice, cooking wine, refined salt, pepper, dried pepper, grass fruit and other condiments.

After being boiled, the foam is turned into brine.

2, the main ingredients.

Wash the vegetables, cut the rabbit waist, catfish, and duck intestines into 2 cm squares; cut the hairy belly and pig’s ring throat into 4 cm squares.

Lunch meat is cut into 4 cm slices; vegetarian vegetables are cut into 3 cm slices.

Use a cleaned bamboo stick to wear a string of about thirty to forty grams.

3. Ironing.

Set the brine pot on a hot fire to keep it boiled. Use various bamboo sticks to blanch all kinds of vegetables.

4, dipping.

The hot mature seasoning is placed in a plate of chilli noodles and fried salt. Dip chilli and salt according to your own taste and eat.

With or without dipping, more or less at your own discretion.

Third, there are many types of Leshan cold skewer dishes, from seafood in the sea, fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, poultry, pork, beef, lamb, duck, goose, etc.There are many kinds of vegetables, cabbage, pea tips, spinach and so on.

Leshan Lengzhuan is delicious in color and refreshing, and is suitable for all ages.

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January 13

[Can burdock be fried]_ fried food _ can you

[Can burdock be fried]_ fried food _ can you

Burdock is a very common beef. The nutritional value of burdock is very high. The content of protein and various amino acids in burdock is very high. It is often eaten to meet many nutrients required by the human body.You can eat burdock more to increase the elasticity of your muscles, but everyone knows that the burdock part is usually older, and it is usually stewed and eaten well. Can the burdock be fried?

Can burdock be fried?

Burdock is best not eaten fried.

The meat on the belly of the beef has a thick fiber texture and can only be stewed.

Beef Steak: The left and right ends of the rib cage of the cow, including ribs.

The meat is delicious and marbled.

Suitable for roasting, frying, frying and braising.

Bone Sharon: The rib ridge of a cow.

The amount of exercise is small, the meat is tender and the oil is even. It is also suitable for steaks, steamed beef, hot pot slices or teppanyaki.

Sharon: Beef’s lower loin, tender meat, oily flowers, suitable for steak.

Philip: The inner muscle of the beef (ie, the loin meat), with less exercise and the tenderest meat, can be used for steak or teppanyaki.

T-bone and New York steak: the part of the front loin of a beef.

What is the way to eat burdock?

Radish sirloin burdock 500g; white radish 350g; small sugar 5?
6 pieces; 8 slices of ginger; half of garlic; 2 pieces of star anise; 1 tablespoon of raw soy sauce; 1 spoon of cooking wine; a small amount of oil; 4 grams of salt First cut the burdock radish into medium pieces and place in a pot and drain waterSet aside, add ginger and garlic slices to the oil in the hot pot, put the rock sugar on low heat, and slowly boil the rock sugar until the star anise garlic and ginger slices are sautéed. Add the sirloin and stir-fry until the color is added.
Turn off the heat for 3 minutes, pour it into a casserole, add a small amount of warm water to a small pot for 45 minutes, and then add white radish to the pot for 10 minutes. Add salt to taste it.2 spoons of coconut milk; 4 slices of ginger; 4 cloves of garlic; 2 spoons of cooking wine; 2 spoons of raw soy sauce; cut a small amount of burdock into salt and soak in water for 1 hour.

Blood was continuously filtered halfway.

Burdock is picked up and drained.

Slice ginger and peel garlic.

Peel and cut the potatoes.

Add a small amount of oil to the pan, heat it up, add ginger slices, garlic cloves, and stir-fry. Then pour burdock pieces and stir-fry until the meat pieces become discolored.

Add 2 spoons of cooking wine, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, half a small bowl of water, mix well and cover with a pressure cap.

After 15 minutes of SAIC, turn off the fire.

After deflated, open the pressure cover, add potato cubes, 1 tablespoon of red curry.

Slowly simmer over medium heat.

Season with salt.

Stew until the potatoes are rotten, add 2 spoons of coconut milk, mix well and simmer for a while.

Curry potatoes stewed with burdock, burdock, potato, carrotRemove the lid and blanch for one minute, then remove and wash the burdock, spring onion and ginger slices into the pressure cooker, add cooking wine, water over the ingredients, and press for 10 minutes after steaming out.Minutes are enough, but if it is beef tendon, it takes 20 minutes!

) Then, put off steamed potatoes, carrots, and onions in a pressure cooker such as turning off the heat. Wash the peeled and cut into pieces, raise the pan, put in the pan and stir fry slightly, pour the burdock and soup in the pressure cooker together and wait for the water to openTurn to low heat and simmer for half an hour and add curry. Considering that children do not eat spicy food, choose the original flavor (spicy degree 0, recommended to serve a hundred dreams and more). After putting in a whole box, it is evenly mixed., About a few minutes, after the soup is thick, you can sprinkle the green curry sirloin ingredients for sirloin; boxed curry; a box of carrots; potato practice materials: sirloin, carrots, potatoes, a box of curry (6 boxes)Used) Cut the burdock into small pieces, soak it in cold water for about half an hour, soak some blood water, carrots and potatoes, cut into the hob block, spare the ginger slices in a frying pan, stir-fry the sirloin, drain the sirloin and stir-fry until the color changesAdd hot water to the casserole, increase the onion, dry the hawthorn and boil it. Turn to low heat and simmer for about 1 hour. The water in the casserole must be hot water. The cold water will cause the meat to expand and contract, which will affect the taste.

I added a full pot of water, curry burdock doesn’t need a lot of soup, and the extra soup can be used for other soups or broths.) Skim the froth while cooking, and add carrots and potatoes half an hour before the soup is clear.Curry (I made it for the first time, no experience.

You should add vegetables first, and wait until the vegetables are soft and rotten before adding curry.

After adding the curry, the soup becomes mushy and easy to paste, and you need to keep stirring) After the curry is completely melted, the flavor can be turned off.

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January 5

[Can auntie liver eat mutton]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

[Can auntie liver eat mutton]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

Lamb is a kind of delicious food, and a kind of food that many people like to eat.

The nourishing effect of mutton on the human body is still relatively large.

Of course, for some people with physical health problems, they must eat mutton with caution.

So, can auntie liver patients eat mutton?

Auntie liver patients have no problem eating mutton, but it should be noted that they should not be overdone!

First, can auntie liver eat mutton?

It’s okay to eat some mutton.

But keep in mind that mutton can absorb a variety of nutrients such as high protein, trace amounts and rich vitamins. It is a tonic in food therapy. Excessive consumption will increase its surplus and increase the burden of hypertension, especially infants.Liver patients will aggravate the accumulation of feces and disease of the liver, so mutton must not be eaten more, or the feces and liver may be aggravated and the gains outweigh the benefits.

Experts remind everyone: For adults with advanced liver disease, it is best to eat less or no mutton, everything should be based on the illness.

Second, the daily care of aunt liver 1.

A reasonable and reasonable three meals daily budget should be allocated reasonably, so that the thickness and nutrition are balanced, and a sufficient amount of protein can remove liver fat.

Avoid alcohol and smoking, eat less greasy foods, control light intake, and especially avoid animal aunts.


Appropriate exercise: Insist on physical exercise every day, depending on your physical fitness, choose appropriate sports, such as jogging, table tennis, badminton and other sports.

It is necessary to start from a small amount of exercise gradually and gradually to reach an appropriate amount of exercise to strengthen the consumption of the aunt in the body.

Third, the treatment of auntie liver treatment guidelines: removing the cause is conducive to the cure of auntie liver.

Adjust diet structure; increase exercise appropriately to promote adult consumption in the body.

Selenium supplement and medication.

Drug treatment: Since then, there are no specific drugs for fatty liver in vitro.

Western medicine often substitutes to protect liver cells, lipid-lowering drugs and antioxidants, such as vitamin B, C, E, lecithin, ursodeoxycholic acid, silymarin, inosine, coenzyme A, reduced glutathione, taurine, Carnitine orotate, and some lipid-lowering drugs.

It can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicines such as Danshen, Hawthorn, Cajun Cassia, Zexie, Chaihu Decoction, Wuling Powder.

Prognosis: Unfortunately, liver is a reversible disease, and the prognosis of active treatment is generally good.

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December 29

[Can purple potato and carrots be eaten together]_ 甘 荀 _Same food taboo

[Can purple potato and carrots be eaten together]_ 甘 荀 _Same food taboo

Purple potatoes and carrots can be eaten together. Purple potatoes are a kind of rhizome vegetables with high nutritional value.

Purple potatoes have higher nutritional value than ordinary sweet potatoes and contain anthocyanins.

The prepared food is more beautiful, to overcome the appetite, purple potatoes and carrots can be used as porridge, and some can be used to make porridge for babies. It is very nutritious. Usually, you should understand some dietary taboos when eating purple potatoes. Let ‘s take a lookAspect.

Can purple potato carrots be eaten together?

The best match is purple potato carrot porridge. The ratio of sweet potato to purple potato. I prefer to use purple potato. Because its color is my favorite color and its nutrition is more than that of sweet potato, so I use purple potato for it.Baby porridge, add carrots to purple potato porridge to become purple potato carrot porridge.

What ca n’t purple potatoes be eaten with?

1. Purple potatoes should not be eaten with persimmons.

Purple sweet potato will cause increased gastric acid secretion, and persimmon contains a lot of supplemental sulfuric acid and other substances that will react with gastric acid to produce a precipitate. Those who are mild may feel gastrointestinal upset, which may cause gastrointestinal bleeding and gastric ulcer.

2. Purple potatoes should not be eaten with tomatoes.

This is because tomatoes contain a large amount of malic acid, citric acid and other acidic substances, which can easily make purple potatoes form substances that are not easily digested and absorbed in the stomach, so it is easy for people to have abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion and other discomforts.

3. Purple potatoes should not be eaten with crabs.

Purple sweet potatoes are cold, and crabs are cold foods. People with a cold stomach and spleen and stomach should not eat purple sweet potatoes and crabs together, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea.

In addition, crabs are more likely to cause allergies. People with allergies should also pay attention.

4, purple potatoes and white wine with purple potatoes should not eat with white wine.

Purple potato is a starchy material, and the alcohol contained in white wine is prone to chemical reactions and produces toxic substances.

Except for white wine, it is best not to eat with purple sweet potatoes.

5, purple sweet potatoes and not too sweet food with purple sweet potatoes should not eat with too sweet food.

This is because purple sweet potatoes have a high sugar content, and if eaten with too sweet food, it will increase the possibility of reflux.

So purple potatoes are best not to eat with too sweet food.

Especially purple potatoes cannot be eaten with white wine. If they are eaten with white wine, it is likely to produce some toxic substances. In this way, they will cause food poisoning. In addition to white wine, other alcohol-containing onesDrinks cannot be eaten with purple potatoes, so as not to cause poisoning, and purple potatoes cannot be eaten with crabs, otherwise diarrhea may occur.

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December 23

Slimming up people endlessly slimming tricks

Slimming up people endlessly slimming tricks

Nowadays, there are more and more MMs who want to lose weight, so they can persist in it. Of course, the success of weight loss is more and more!

Many MMs will ask, is this related to the endless stream of weight loss methods?

In fact, no matter what your physical condition, there will always be a most suitable weight loss method waiting for you.

The slimming people below brought their latest weight loss tricks.

Look at these latest fashion slimming methods, do you see it?

Is it for you?

  Hypnosis combined with detoxification and skin rejuvenation through the development of technology, foreign poison and endogenous poisoning moments accompany our lives.

When the toxin remains in the body, it will be reabsorbed by the body, enter the blood, damage the blood vessels, cause dysfunction of blood and blood, and cause senile dementia in a long time, causing the body to gain weight and the skin to lose its proper luster.

In short, the presence of toxins has become the enemy of human health and slimming body.

  At present, the wave hypnotic detoxification method that is popular in Europe and America can fundamentally improve this situation.

When people feel the wavy hypnosis and detoxification method, there will be a heat energy running on the body, which will accelerate the lymphatic aorta, and relax in a few minutes by relieving the pressure and tension.It absorbs the nutrition of the product and better increases blood circulation and discharges toxins.

  Aroma-weight loss-European world’s eternal body power Humanity advocates the natural trend of aromatherapy. This kind of beauty essence is derived from the aromatic essence extracted from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of plants.Flattered.

  Aromatherapy combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology, and it is effectively penetrated into the superficial pores and olfactory system of the essential oil skin to promote blood circulation and strengthen the detoxification function of the lymphatic system.

This stage of essential oil function can improve skin elasticity and gloss. Instead, it can reduce the excess aunt in the body, convert the decomposition products with excretion, respiratory system and skin replacement, and fundamentally eliminate the aunt.

  When aromatherapy is combined with high-tech body-building fitness equipment, its beauty and body function is more significant. Diet and weight loss. Infrared achievement is a kind of electromagnetic wave. Its physical characteristics have a strong warming effect. The biggest feature is thatThe heat energy is high, and the heat energy can be uniformly penetrated into the deep part of the human body without burning and hurting the epidermis, thereby generating the temperature effect from the point to the surface and from the surface to the inside, and the effect of the thermotherapy can be achieved.

  The far-infrared space capsule is one of its major beauty applications.

The combination of diet and infrared light can make the slimming effect more effective.

  Therefore, all countries have developed a variety of weight loss diets with them to achieve double the effect.

  Surgical weight loss global popular science and effective surgical methods are irreplaceable for other weight loss methods.

At present, the most popular and popular surgical weight loss methods in foreign countries include endoscopic gastric reduction and weight loss surgery, mild skin resection, abdominal muscle myofascial tightening, a few pregnancy and ultrasonic fat-burning.

These surgical procedures are well-suited for systemic severe obesity based on different individuals, such as endoscopic corpuscle reduction.

Because it opens a small opening in the abdomen, after the peritoneal cavity is inflated, the stomach of the stomach is bent at the endoscope, and the closed part of the stomach cavity is replaced by a titanium nail, so that the stomach contents are reduced and the food intake is reduced.Achieve weight loss and reduce weight absorption for weight loss purposes.

  However, no matter whether these operations can achieve some medical principles, they all aim to lose weight and maintain the perfect posture of the human body.

  The psychological suggestion that psychotherapy helps to lose weight into a reasonable emotional weight loss plays an important role in the whole weight loss process.

According to the results of weight loss experts, if you say “can’t do” something and lose weight, you won’t have much perseverance. Although you work hard, if you have a little setback or failure, you willWill be halfway; if you have confidence, you should be sure: “I am determined to lose weight.”

So no matter how long, “slim” is just around the corner.

If you are overweight, your “psychological” must have defeated you because the “body” has changed in accordance with the “heart”.

  The role of this psychological suggestion can be seen everywhere in real life.

Therefore, we say that psychology and imagination are very important. When using various methods for body and body fitness, with psychological suggestive therapy, success will be closer to you.

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December 18

The old man must tell the doctor ten points

The old man must tell the doctor ten points

If you get sick, you can conceal any situation with your doctor, which may increase the risk of misdiagnosis and can even be fatal.

In any of the following ten aspects, you should be open to the doctor.

If you can’t speak, you can tell the nurse, email the doctor, or write a note explaining the situation.


Smoking, drinking alcohol.

  If you don’t cover it, your doctor will not be able to consider your lungs and liver health issues and make an accurate diagnosis.


Defecation situation.

  Many patients died of embarrassment.

The problem of urination can let doctors find out if you have early colon cancer and can improve the cure rate.


Whether you are eating Chinese herbal medicine.

  Some Chinese herbal medicines and Western medicines cannot be taken together, and doctors will consider them all.


Whether to massage regularly.

  If you want to treat neck pain, it is best to tell the doctor about the fact that the massager had massaged the neck a few days ago.


Shy in the bag.

  Be sure to talk to your doctor about the treatments you can afford, which will help you stay on the treatment.


I hope to use cheap medicine.

  Boldly ask the doctor if there is a cheaper medicine that will achieve the same effect.


Whether it is depressed, worried or nervous recently.

  Do not tell your doctor about your current psychological symptoms, your body treatment often does not work.


Not following the doctor’s advice.

  When a gynaecologist asks if you are going to have a chest examination every month, if you don’t lie or lie, you will misdiagnose the doctor.

The same is true for medication. If you are not taking medication strictly, you must tell him.


Like to eat sweets.

  You like to eat transient foods such as sweets, and don’t exercise for a long time. Tell the doctor the truth, he will give you a different prescription.


Slight pain.

  Occasionally there is pain caused by mild dysphagia, and tell the doctor that he can judge whether you have early esophageal cancer.

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December 12

This nursing acupoint specializes in senile sensation and helps parents to accept

This “nursing acupoint” specializes in senile sensation and helps parents to accept

The human body is like the wear and aging of the machine for a long time. As the age increases, the organs of the human body will gradually age and the function will decline.

One of the root causes of the health problems of the elderly is lack of blood, because their spleen and stomach and small intestine have been aging, and their functions have been greatly reduced. In this way, qi and blood biochemistry is insufficient, and the absorption is not good, the health of the whole body is natural.It’s a big discount. Can you say that you can’t be weak?

This qi and blood is empty, all kinds of problems follow, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, weakness in the legs and feet, lack of energy. “There is no qi in the air, evil can not be done; the evil is made up, its qi will be empty”,When the body is qi and blood, people’s resistance will decline, all kinds of external evils will inevitably take advantage of the virtual, so the elderly will become a high-risk group of foreign evils, colds, rheumatism, heat and so on will often harass.

And we stimulate the small intestines through the old intestines, can improve and regulate the function of the small intestine, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the diet, and increase the body’s blood supply.

Position the palm down and press it with the other finger on the highest point of the ulnar head; then turn the palm to the top, and when the finger slides into the suture, it is a hole.

Indications high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, senile dementia, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, tinnitus and deafness, memory loss, finger numbness, upper limb pain and other massage methods once or twice a day, each time acupoints 3 minutes, using the index fingerPress your abdomen.

What time is the massage better?

Of course it is 13 in the afternoon?
At 15 o’clock (that is, when it is not), because it is the time when the small intestine passes through the Lord, this time it has the most qi and blood, the best function, and the treatment effect is better!

Precautions Acupressure only has a certain effect on alleviating some symptoms. If the symptoms are serious, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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December 2

Men’s fitness is not just for muscle gain

Men’s fitness is not just for muscle gain

There are many kinds of male fitness methods, not just running, it is so simple to practice equipment.

When a man reaches a certain age, he stays up late and is not as comfortable as he was in his twenties. Because of the decline in physical function, there may be a feeling of palpitation, and there is a physical strength that is not as good as before. It is easy to climb to the top of the mountain.After the age of 30, it may be at the end. This is because after 30 years of age, the body function will be reduced by a replacement every year as a parabola.

In real life, male stress is increasing day by day, and there are few channels for catharsis, often ignoring the condition of one’s own body, causing blood pressure, heart and other health problems.

Male fitness, in addition to muscle gain, but also for their own health considerations, through various forms of exercise, the body’s blood pressure, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and other health conditions, enhance resistance and immunity.

  Playing, swimming and even yoga are all very suitable for men.

  White-collar male morning exercise plan If your time is limited and you can’t go to the gym on time, then insert a few small time periods in your day’s work and life to do some fitness as much as you can.

Get up in the morning, you can get up half an hour earlier than usual. After a few days, you will find that after going through exercise, your obviously obvious and efficient work is much higher.

  Plan A: Jogging + Qigong needs to move your hands and feet before you run, picking your hands, pressing your legs, and turning your waist.

The length of the run can be determined according to its own conditions, or it can be run outdoors or use a street runner.

  The qigong mentioned here is that after jogging, the body is soothed and deep breathing. This is called aerobic qigong: legs are open and shoulders are flush, after closing the eyes, the whole body is relaxed, inhaling into the abdomen, and suffocating within 10 seconds from DantianLuck through the chest, throat, small tongue, back to the back of the spine, and then slowly exhale the body gas, so cycle for 20-30 minutes.

  Plan B: Jumping rope + doing exercises Do not think that skipping is exclusive to women, and grandfathers can also practice.

Skipping can promote blood circulation, provide more oxygen and nutrients in the brain, and improve the ability of thinking and imagination through the functions of activating the brain, strengthening the brain and warming the body.

  After 15 minutes of skipping, do gymnastics again. This is to calm the emotions and let the muscles of all parts of the body get exercise, so it is better to take 15 minutes.

  Plan C: Cycling your car will give you a face, but it will also make you less and less likely to walk and ride.

  Many fashion white-collar workers have started to go to work by bicycle, because this is really a good fitness exercise, you can wear sports and leisure clothing, forget your identity, ride a bicycle to the unit, and then put on your suit.Start working.

  Recommended reading: Four abnormal sports make you healthier at noon, fitness at night If your work unit has activity conditions and location, it is best to have less intense ball games after lunch – table tennis, tennis, badminton, etc.

When the line of sight follows the movement of the ball up and down, left and right, high and low movements, the ciliary muscles, the extraocular muscles constantly relax and contract, promote the blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue, and have the function of improving vision.

  As night fell, the male metropolis of the office received entertainment, negotiated the official phone number, and after a full meal, tired of returning home, just want to lie on the sofa watching TV.

If you can take two nights a week and go to the pool to swim at night, it means your health is very helpful.

Because swimming is aerobic exercise, because of the sporting characteristics of the hands and feet, it can effectively lose weight.

However, in the evening exercise, the short-term and small amount of exercise should be the primary condition.

  Men can also practice the feminine beauty of non-girls. The boys practice yoga and have a special charm with a softness.

Yan Xiaohu, director of aerobics in a fitness club, said that yoga is a physiologically integrated sport that is suitable for both men and women, not exclusively for women.

In fact, as early as ancient times, yoga was designed for men.

Because yoga characterizes the flexibility of the body in the primary stage, the more it moves to the deadly movement, the more demanding the strength, the many movements are almost impossible for women, but the male can easily complete.

  Practice yoga, not only can sweat detoxification, but also relax the entire “wrinkled” body, exercise joints, massage the internal organs, which is especially needed for men.

Studies have shown that men are born with unyielding, often ignoring stress until blood pressure rises and problems occur in the heart.

Yoga relaxation and extended limb movements can soften the muscles and bones, allowing men who usually pay attention to muscle development to balance the development of balance and coordination.

In fact, men’s flexibility is not as good as that of women, so the progress will not be very fast at the beginning of the entry, but through the deepening of the exercise, the flexibility of the male body will increase significantly, the physical strength will become better, and the mentality will be more peaceful.
  Office workers often have back pains and feelings of depression, and can try to practice the butterfly, bullhead, camel and spotted worms in yoga.

Exercise yoga should also pay attention to wearing loose clothing, two and a half hours after the meal.

  Healthy diet For men, breakfast must not be ignored.

Many people know the jingle of such a healthy diet: “I have to eat like an emperor for breakfast, eat like a civilian at noon, and eat like a donkey at night.

“In a day, you must absorb traces of foods with low levels of sugar and sugar, high levels of vitamins and minerals, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, kelp, juice, etc., and the right amount of fruit wine or health vinegar can not only help digestion,It also makes it toxic.

For men, bananas, milk, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, garlic, deep-sea fish and foods high in vitamin C are often eaten.

  If you encounter night work late night, the choice of adding meals is quite important.

Even if it is easy to digest, foods containing vitamins and protein such as milk, porridge, noodles, egg yolk soup, etc. should not be excessive.

Because the blood will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion, it is easy to cause drowsiness, stomach pain, unclear thinking and other adverse reactions.

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November 24

After the meal, do this after exercise, the damage is 10 times bigger than usual!

After the meal, do this after exercise, the damage is 10 times bigger than usual!

For the smoker who can’t do without cigarettes, the taste of smoking is equivalent to depriving him of his life.

Reducing the harm of cigarettes to the body is the first step in smoking.

Correct the two error areas below.

A cigarette after a meal, played a living fairy?

After the party was full of satiated food, common friends greeted each other with smoke, swallowed clouds, and talked loudly.

As everyone knows, smoking immediately after a meal is harmful to human health.

After eating, the digestive system is immediately activated, and various physiological activities such as digestion and absorption are carried out.

At this point, the body’s renal peristalsis is fully restored, blood circulation is also accelerated; the body’s pores are also open, emitting excess heat and biological breathing that tightens the tissue cells.

At this time of smoking, the lungs and body tissues absorb the smoke greatly, the harmful substances in the smoke have a great stimulating effect on the breathing and digestive tract; other alkaloids will also increase into the human body, possiblyGive the body tissue extra damage than usual smoking.

Experiments have shown that a cigarette after a meal is more poisonous than the usual smoke of ten cigarettes.

Therefore, the harm of smoking after a meal is very large.

Those who have not quit smoking at the moment should at least overcome the habit of smoking after meals.

Smoking after exercise is conducive to restoring physical strength?

Take the very popular badminton sport as an example. During the break period, there are many men who smoke a cigarette.

Many people did not expect that smoking immediately after exercise would be more harmful.

After exercise, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, and various organs in the body are in a high level of work. At this time, smoking and a large amount of smoke enter the body, which will be less satisfied by the body after exercise, and more susceptible to carbon monoxide, nicotine and the like.Hazard.

In addition, there is a common name for smoking after exercise, called “burning lungs.”

This kind of behavior was supposed to be allowed in the war – called in the war years, smoking after the battle, is to stimulate the lungs and brain, so that it can return to normal or re-energize.

However, the movement is different.

Human movement is to get the state after exercise. This “fatigue” state needs to be restored by its own system. After a long time, the body system accepts and adapts. This is exercise.

So don’t overcome smoking to drive out fatigue.

Why do people want to smoke after the first exercise and stimulation?

This is because the human body hopes to return to normal or hyperactive state. If this is not caused by exercise or even smoking, it is quite ironic!

If you have a cigarette addiction, please wait for your breathing and heartbeat to reach the usual level.

Related recommendations: Tomatoes, can delay smoking and age-related decline in lung function. The number of smokers in China has exceeded 300 million. Are they not afraid of lung cancer?

Seven foods that help smokers raise their lungs

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