January 22

[Harm of contraceptive pill]_ contraceptive pill _ disadvantages _ adverse effects _ adverse reactions

[Harm of contraceptive pill]_ contraceptive pill _ disadvantages _ adverse effects _ adverse reactions

Now many young people have a passionate relationship, and there will be moments of passion burning. Mature men and women have intercourse. If no measures are taken, women may become pregnant. Conditions that cause children to be born will cause women to have abortions.The miscarriage of a woman’s body is very harmful.

Therefore, people who do not want to become pregnant often adopt the method of taking contraceptives by women to prevent pregnancy.

But taking birth control pills regularly can be harmful.


Vaginal bleeding.

Too many women experience continuous dripping or bleeding during menstruation while taking the medication.

This is related to missed doses, delayed taking the contraceptive pill, or inadequate effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.



Menorrhoea or amenorrhea.

Contraceptives can cause endometrial hypoplasia and insufficient glandular secretion. As a result, the endometrium cannot grow normally and become thin, resulting in reduced menstrual flow.

Individual women due to the inhibitory effect of contraceptives, no withdrawal bleeding occurred after discontinuation, and amenorrhea occurred.



Gain weight.

Some women gain weight after taking the pill, because some of the ingredients in the pill may cause weight gain.

Especially in the first 3 months of taking oral contraceptives, elevated estrogen levels cause water and sodium retention, which leads to weight gain in the first half of the menstrual cycle; progestins promote anabolic metabolism and lead to weight gain.

4 His face was dull.

After taking the pill, some women will experience dullness, which is caused by estrogen pigmentation.


Early pregnancy-like reactions are one of the alternatives to birth control pills and the most common problem.

Early pregnancy-like reactions are more common, accounting for about 50% of the dose.

Symptoms are mostly severe and then mild, and gradually disappear later, which may be related to the body’s gradual adaptation.

Appears as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting or even fatigue, dizziness and other similar reactions to early pregnancy.

It usually occurs within 1-2 weeks of taking the medicine.

Taking contraceptives often will cause so many adverse reactions, so female friends also need to take contraceptives carefully to prevent contraception, so as not to take contraceptives to cause infertility.

In addition, people who take birth control pills must wait three months to six months before they become pregnant, so as not to affect the fetus.

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January 18

[Which oil is suitable for frying

[Which oil is suitable for frying

There are many types of fried foods, such as fried dough sticks, meatballs, onion cakes, etc. are more common fried foods, and many people like to eat fried foods for breakfast. Some people think that fried foods areVery delicious, although it is delicious but not suitable to eat more. In fact, it is not good to fry. The oil used is very important. There are many types of oil. Some cooking oils are not suitable for frying. What is the best fried thing?How about?
What is the best fried thing?
Peanut oil is the most stable at higher temperatures than other cooking oils because of its unsaturated fatty acids, and it is least susceptible to denaturation or decomposition when fried, resulting in harmful substances.
So peanut fried things are the healthiest.
And peanut oil has a unique aroma of peanuts, the fried thing is very attractive.
Palm oil Palm oil is mainly used for fried instant noodles.
Because there are many saturated fatty acids, it is not easy to deteriorate.
However, the freezing point temperature is relatively high, and the single palm oil at room temperature in autumn and winter in China has solidified.
The oil temperature has a high smoke point, 235 degrees, so it is particularly good for frying.
Lard is one of the standard oils for Chinese food, and it is divided into suet oil, fat, and back oil.
If you pay attention, many Chinese foods must be made with lard.
Chinese dim sum crisping with lard is the right way.
Especially the flatbread, lard goes well with onion and flour.
In many shops specializing in fried foods, lard is added to the frying oil, which generally accounts for 30%. In order to effectively increase the flavor, the fried things have a golden color and crispy taste.
But the lard ratio should not be too high, otherwise it will be very greasy when it is cold.
Coconut oil Coconut oil is extracted from the white flesh of coconut and contains almost 50% lauric acid, a healthy saturated fatty acid.
It will become solid at room temperature, so it is not suitable for salads, but because of its high smoke point, it is an ideal cooking oil.
The principle of fried food The smoke point and melting point of the oil determine the cooking method, the unsaturated fatty acids determine the health of the oil, and the aromatic organic matter dissolved in the oil determines the flavor of the oil.
The same material uses different processing techniques, contains different ingredients, and has different applicability.
Fried foods are mainly cooked using oil as a heat transfer medium. The temperature for low-temperature frying (55 to 60% oil temperature) is about 130 ° C to 170 ° C, and the high-temperature frying (70 to 80% oil temperature) is about 170 ° C.To 230 ° C, so the smoke point of frying oil is generally higher than 230 ° C.
Theoretically, the higher the smoke point, the more suitable for frying, so that during the frying process, not too many harmful substances will be generated.
Several Factors Affecting Frying Oil 1.
Considering the oxidation speed —- due to the different fatty acids contained in fats and oils, the difference in oxidation speed is relatively large, the saturated fat has the highest stability, and it is the least susceptible to oxidation.
The higher the degree of saturation used in frying food fats, the less likely it is to be oxidized, and the less lipid peroxides are produced.
Therefore, the fat used for frying food is preferably saturated fatty acid.
Palm oil> Animal oil> Olive oil, wild tea oil> Peanut oil> Corn oil> Soy oil> Rapeseed oil> Thresh seed oil, flax oil, etc.
Considering the stability of fat —- relatively stable oils such as butter and cocoa butter in natural oils have a stability value of 2.
4, followed by lard and palm oil, with a stable value of 1.
0, the stability of peanut oil in vegetable oil is better, the stability value is 1.
2. Other oils are 1.
0 or 1.
Below 0, such as soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc.
Fats with low stability values are not suitable as frying oils.
The soybean oil and rapeseed oil mentioned above are not suitable for frying oil because they contain a certain amount of linolenic acid.The linoleic acid vegetable oil above is not suitable for frying oil, such as safflower oil, sunflower oil pointed at linoleic acid, the same will accelerate the oxidation reaction at high temperature, and produce peroxides and trans fatty acids harmful to health.

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January 10

[What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating shrimp?

]_Impact_Nutrition Value

[What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating shrimp?
]_Impact_Nutrition Value

Shrimp is a common ingredient. Most people like it very much, because shrimp is delicious and can be used to make a variety of delicious dishes. Its rich nutritional value can improve people’s physical fitness and excellent effects.However, due to the severe environment in which shrimp live, it is inevitable that there are some harmful elements in the body.

Let ‘s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of eating shrimp.

The nutritional value of shrimp is extremely high, it can enhance the body’s immunity and sexual function, nourish the kidney and impotence, and resist premature aging.

Often eat fresh shrimp (fried, roasted, stewed), warm wine delivery service, can cure kidney deficiency impotence, chills, body fatigue, waist and knee aches and the like.

If a woman has little or no milk after childbirth, 500 grams of fresh shrimp, grated, and served with rice wine, 3 times a day, even for several days, can play a prolactin effect.

Shrimp skin has a sedative effect and is often used to treat neurasthenia and autonomic dysfunction.

Sea shrimp is a delicious food that provides nutrition to the brain.

Sea shrimp contains three important fatty acids, which can help people maintain a high concentration.

Shrimp foods are high-protein and high-calcium foods, which are good for the body, but patients with allergies and gout who cannot eat shrimp can provide lymphocyte nutrition and improve human immunity.

But eating too much can cause gout, because shrimp contains purine phosphate.

In fact, it’s not just shrimp, it’s all good things, it’s enough to support people, and it’s unnecessary to hurt people.

Shrimp contains a lot of protein, which can easily be indigested if the stomach is not good.

A variety of seafood, such as shrimp, crab, clams, oysters, etc., contain chemical element oxides in the body.

In general, the content is small, but increasing environmental pollution may lead to higher levels of toxins in these animals.

The valence of arsenic contained in shrimp is pentavalent. Generally, pentavalent arsenic is not harmful to the human body.

Theoretically, high doses of vitamin C (one-time supplementation of vitamin C over 500 mg) and pentavalents will gradually change into toxic trivalent arsenic (commonly known as “arsenic”) through complex chemical reactions.When valence arsenic reaches a certain dose, it can cause human poisoning.

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January 6

[How summer women prevent sexual harassment]

[How summer women prevent sexual harassment]

Sexual harassment, an ancient and realistic social problem, contains both moral considerations and legal constraints.

When the social and cultural life of a society is in a boring era, sexual harassment events are relatively “remaining boring.” Conversely, when the social and cultural life of a society is in an era of richness, the sexual harassment events are relatively “rich.”

The hot summer is here again. Girls wearing various short skirts and hot pants to squeeze the bus and subway will inevitably be harassed by salty pigs. So, how can women prevent sexual harassment?

The performance of sexual harassment in the crowd: (1) Leading sexual harassment: After that, he gave the manuscript, he touched my hand intentionally or unintentionally, and patted me on the butt.

Although I avoided each time in time, my heart was still uncomfortable like swallowing a fly.

Occasionally the director was about to send me a very nasty text message, which made me want to vomit.

(2) A colleague sexually harassed a woman. Soon after she arrived at the company, a colleague made an idea on her.

This guy is a voyeur and secretly followed her. This man proposed to have sex with her. If she refused to do so, he threatened to “tell your fiance what you know.”

When she was extremely hopeless, she broke a jar and fell and practiced herself outside.

(3) Sexual harassment of relatives: When a woman was sitting on the corner of the bed to dress her son, the father-in-law came over and hugged her thighs with both hands, scaring her to stand up.Hurry to escape from the father-in-law’s room.

The father-in-law repeatedly harassed her intentionally or unintentionally. Although he did not succeed the father-in-law, she did not know how to deal with it in the future.


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January 1

[The role of strong oysters]_Benefits_Inevitable

[The role of strong oysters]_Benefits_Inevitable

In coastal areas, the most important thing is seafood products, and strong oysters are a category with great potential.

Although its nutritional value is relatively high, it can be aphrodisiac and treat dizziness, but there are some alternatives. If you ca n’t eat seafood, do n’t eat it by mistake. Before eating the oyster, be sure to clean it because it is in its shell.There is a lot of salt on it, which will affect the taste. Let me introduce the function of Zhuang oyster.

1. Hyperactivity of liver yang, dizziness.

This product is salty and cold with heavy quality, enters the liver meridian, has liver-enriching potential, and benefits Yin.

Water is not used to treat wood, yin deficiency and hyperactivity, dizziness, irritability, and tinnitus are often used with keel, tortoise shell, and white peony, such as Zhengan Xifeng Decoction (“Medicine in Chinese and Western Records”); also ZhizhiLong-term fever, burning yin and yin, deficiency of the wind, and convulsions of the limbs, often with nourishing yin such as Rehmannia glutinosa, tortoise shells, tortoise shells, and Xifeng cough medicine, such as Dading FengzhuDiscrimination “).

Oyster 2, sputum nucleus, tadpoles, papillomas, and dysentery accumulate.

The taste is salty, soft and firm.

It is used to treat pulmonary tuberculosis, stagnation of tuberculosis, scrofula, and tumors. It is often compatible with Fritillaria cirrhosa and Xuanshen, such as Xiaopi Wan (“Medical Psychology”).It is equivalent to beetle, salvia, curcuma.

3. Uneasy and insomnia.

This quality town is powerful, has the effect of soothe the nerves, and treats the symptoms of uneasiness, consternation, insomnia and more dreams. It is often used with keel, such as Guizhi Licorice Dragon Bone Oyster Soup (“Treatise on Fever”).

Can also be compatible with cinnabar, amber, jujube kernel and other soothing products.

4, slip off the evidence.

After calcining, this product has similar astringent and astringent effect as calcined keel. It can treat spontaneous sweating, night sweats, nocturnal emission, synovial sperm, frequent urination, enuresis, bleeding, and slipping through different compatibility.

It is used to treat spontaneous sweating, night sweats, and is often equivalent to ephedra root and floating wheat, such as oyster powder (“Hefang Bureau”). It also uses oyster powder to puff the sweat, and has antiperspirant effect.Compatibility with Sha Yuanzi, Keel, Zhishi, such as Jinsuo Gu Jing Pill (“Medicine Collection”); frequent urination, enuresis can be equivalent to mulberry, Jin Yingzi, Zhiren Ren, keel; treatment of Metrorrhagia,Take the certificate, and often compatible with jellyfish, dogwood, yam, keel and so on.

In addition, calcined oysters have an analgesic and analgesic effect, and can cure gastric pain pantothenic acid. They are fine with cuttlefish bone and Fritillaria edulis, which can be taken orally.

The role of oysters: Oyster meat is considered to be delicious sea food and bodybuilding because it is delicious and full of nutrition, and has the functions of “fine skin, beauty” and lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and strengthening the body.
Among the many marine treasures, many people only love oysters.

The West calls it “God-given food.”

The Japanese called it “the source”.

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December 21

The diet of the first day can’t be too light, are you eating right?

The diet of the first day can’t be too light, are you eating right?

We all say that the summer diet should be light, but many people have misunderstandings about the light diet.

Many people in summer have a bad appetite. They like to eat light fruits and vegetables. The meat does not touch. It is considered that such a light diet is very suitable for the summer diet.

Actually, let’s see how experts explain the “light diet”.

. Summer light diet misunderstanding light diet is not wrong, but some people do not understand it correctly, light diet does not mean only porridge to eat vegetables, do not eat animal food, even refers to cooking less oil and less salt, in fact,The meat should still be there. If you don’t eat meat, it is not a light diet.

  Especially in summer, when water and body temperature rise, the decomposition of protein in the human body is enhanced, and the nitrogen in the protein can also be lost with the improvement of sweat. Therefore, the body’s demand for protein is increased, and more attention should be paid to supplement.

  A normal adult, drinking a cup of milk every morning to eat an egg, a staple food of about five or six in a day, transformation, two or three times a day can not be less meat, some small amounts of soy products two, animal meat food (including various seafood) It will take about two or two, in short, the amount of protein that can be reached.

  Of course, I really don’t want to eat meat such as pork. You can choose some kinds of beans, fish and milk that are refreshing and easy to digest and absorb, such as yoghurt, milk, steamed fish, tofu, salted duck, etc.

  In addition, if the elderly do not like meat because of their age, they can choose some nutritional supplements such as full-nutrition nutrient powder to provide essential protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

  Although we encourage adults to supplement their normal energy and nutrients normally, for some elderly people, if it is difficult to achieve balanced nutrition for three meals, it is necessary to choose the right amount of nutritional supplements.

  How is the summer diet both light and nutritious?

  In the morning, a cup of milk, a piece of whole wheat bread, sesame sauce, and a meal at about 9:30 in the morning.

At noon and evening, it is usually a staple food, food and meat. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you can eat walnuts, yoghurt, etc., and use the meals and meals to provide protein, vitamins and minerals to the body.

  When cooking, pay attention to balance oil and salt.

For example, a braised fish is served with a salad of green vegetables. The oil used in braised fish is much more. The oil in the cold vegetables is relatively less, so as to control the amount of oil and salt used daily.

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December 17

Good way to eat – egg vegetarian

Good way to eat – “egg vegetarian”

Due to this situation in the diet structure, the overall physical fitness of the Chinese is worse than that of the Nordic people.
In the elderly, the incidence of osteoporosis is quite high, and nutritional anemia is not uncommon; due to poor immune function, infectious diseases and cancer are easily obtained.
  Nordic people often eat cold water fish, milk, eggs, cold water fish rich in unsaturated fatty acids, milk is rich in calcium, is an ideal health food to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
The Eskimo, who eat the most cold water fish, is the one with the least coronary heart disease in the world.
  For Americans plagued by “rich diseases” such as obesity and coronary heart disease, their nutritionists are very interested in the Chinese people’s old diet. After comparing the length of the American and Chinese diet, they proposed vegetarian diet.Based on the egg and dairy products, it is called “egg vegetarian”.
  “Egg milk vegetarian” is a good way to eat.
For the elderly, if you change the “egg vegetarian” to the generalized “reasonable vegetarian”, you can better correct the shortcomings of high-quality protein, calcium, iron, zinc and other elements.
“Rational vegetarianism” should include the following: On the basis of “vegetarian”, eat 1 or 2 eggs a day and 1 bottle of milk.
  Eat some fish.
People who eat fish often have a higher proportion of high-density lipoprotein in their blood. High-density lipoprotein can remove other types of cholesterol from the inner wall of arterial blood vessels and act as a “scavenger”.
  Properly eat some aquatic products that are rich in zinc and iron, such as seaweed, hazelnuts, clam meat and seaweed.
  To be “omnivorous”.
In terms of staple foods, rice, noodles, sorghum, and sweet potatoes can be mixed; in terms of non-staple foods, the variety is better and better.
In this way, the nutrients beneficial to the human body can play the role of “recovering the deficiency”, and the amino acid can be “completely” and “completely”, which can greatly improve the biological value of the protein.

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December 9

The Queen’s diet is very picky, and the body is naturally

The Queen’s diet is very picky, and the body is naturally

Guide: The Queen of England is very particular about eating. An antique afternoon tea party is held every year. She will entertain guests with an array of chocolate and cream cakes.

But people never saw the Queen touch these things.

When she went abroad, she often pushed the food in front of her, leaving only a piece of turkey and some fruit in front.

The Queen practiced slimming during the meal, so her body has always been good.

  The Queen of England conducts an antique afternoon tea party every year, receiving guests with chocolate and creamy accessory cakes.

But people never saw the Queen touch these things.
She just sat next to a huge silver teapot, poured tea for each guest, and carefully avoided the cake.

At the cocktail party, the Queen spoke in the crowd and talked differently. She only had a designated supplement throughout the night.

  It is difficult for the Queen to travel abroad because the noble owners believe that the warmth of their welcome must be reflected in the rich state banquet.

And the Queen’s superb ability is to make people feel that she appreciates these foods but not much.

  When the Queen visited the Pacific Tonga, the traditional feast was antiqued in a pergola set by coconut leaves and bamboo leaves.

When the Queen discovered that her food was a whole roast suckling pig, she looked at the plate cramped.

Then came a turkey, a pair of lobsters, a watermelon and some sweet potatoes, bananas and so on.

The queen who was worried about her adopted her favorite old tricks – focusing on the host King Tupou IV, continually talking to him eagerly, while quietly pushing the food in front, leaving only in front of him.Next piece of turkey and some fruit.

  She is often alone and always eats very little.

The Queen’s lunch that is sent in a tray often has two pieces of chicken, ham or beef, served with a tomato and a small amount of lettuce leaves.

Her food never oils, vinegar or mayonnaise.

  In addition to a small amount of food intake, the Queen’s regimen for eating is to ban all alcoholic beverages and fresh salads every day.

These apply to any woman – whether 16 or 60 years old.

Xiaobian’s message: The Queen of England can always maintain such a good body, which has a lot to do with her usual eating habits. Therefore, when we are normal, we only need to close the diet. Although it is not easy to exercise regularly, it is not easy.Fat.

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December 3

Abdominal weight loss fruit meal

Abdominal weight loss fruit meal

Kiwifruit weight loss, vitamin C super kiwifruit (kiwifruit), has always been the favorite of love beautiful girls.

And its food fiber and rich potassium, which is the crown of the fruit, can really put it into the list of slimming fruits!


Apple’s abdomen to lose weight, as early as a few years ago, some people have made a set of slimming for the apples, but also caused a wave of apple diet!

In fact, Apple is indeed a slimming fruit, it is rich in pectin, can help the intestines and **** to combine, accelerate the detoxification effect and reduce the conversion and absorption, the apple is also more potassium, can prevent leg edema.

Slowly chewing a bit of hardness of the apple, releasing the debris, both full of feeling, and his calorie content is not high.


Grapefruit, grapefruit acid can help increase the digestive juice, thereby promoting digestion, and nutrition is easily absorbed.

In addition, grapefruit is also listed as a must-have fruit when it loses weight. It is rich in vitamin C. About 100 grams of grapefruit can eliminate fatigue and beautify the skin!

The important thing is that it has less sugar and it is best for you to lose weight to supplement vitamin C.

There are also many girls who are afraid of the sour taste. I suggest you can drop a little bit of honey on the grapefruit, and the sourness will be neutralized immediately.

Tomato belly weight loss, strictly speaking, tomatoes should be classified as vegetables are correct!

So I often see it in the ingredients.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin to reduce transmission and promote gastrointestinal motility.

And the unique sour taste can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and even enhance the taste of food, it is a good cooking food.

Pineapple belly weight loss, have you ever heard that pineapple is very “profitable”, must be eaten after a meal will not hurt the stomach.

This statement has a preset 呦!

Because pineapple’s proteolytic enzyme is quite powerful, although it can help the protein digestion of meat, if you eat it before a meal, it is easy to cause stomach wall injury!

Therefore, using pineapple to slim down must pay attention to the time problem.


Banana belly weight loss, girls who will not come out will be recommended, try bananas to see it!

Because bananas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc., so there is a great intestine, strengthening muscles, diuretic and soft stool function.

For the constipation, the dry skin of the skin, this is a thin and beautiful fruit!

In addition, bananas based on saccharide can be digested immediately after eating and quickly replenishing strength.

And the banana is full of satiety, as long as you eat one can wrap the abdomen, and the throughput calorie is quite low, but don’t think that he is not good for weight loss because of its sweetness.


Kiwi belly weight loss, vitamin C super kiwi (kiwifruit), has always been the favorite of love floating.

And its food fiber and rich potassium, which is the crown of the fruit, can really put it into the list of slimming fruits!

Like pineapples, kiwis also have a large number of proteolytic enzymes, so it is best to mix them with meat.

The kiwifruit with some sweet and sour taste has the singular effect of preventing constipation, helping digestion and beautifying the skin. It has been used all year round, and the crush can work hard!


Lemon belly weight loss, lemon acidity is mainly citric acid, citric acid is an essential substance to promote the process of transformation and metabolism, but also has the function of eliminating fatigue.

The vitamin C content of lemon is also well known. The eyebrows usually use it to whiten the skin. Its function of promoting intestinal peristalsis is often used as a supplementary diet by people who lose weight!

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November 28

Acupuncture weight loss is not particularly painful!

Acupuncture weight loss is not particularly painful!

For the pure external force and wound-free weight loss method of Chinese medicine massage, another kind of acupuncture method of Chinese medicine weight loss causes small wounds, but the embedding method is especially sought after by young and middle-aged people.

Miss Wang is knowing from the Internet that too many girls of her age are trying a Chinese medicine diet called “embedding method”.

What line is buried?

How to bury?

Is it effective?

Miss Wang is full of doubts.

After browsing a lot of medical websites, she learned that the “buried line method” is only an extension of the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture method. The basic principle is acupuncture, but everyone is too busy to report to the doctor on the day, so the acupuncture effect is extended by this method.It is.

When I spent 100 yuan in a row, Ms. Wang went to the Chinese medicine hospital to give her acupuncture once every time, and then buried the line, 162cm height, the original 68kg weight of Miss Wang, after acupuncture five times, found that she lost two pounds.

  Acupuncture weight loss fundamentally regulates the entry and exit of food.

Through acupuncture and meridian stimulation, the appetite is gradually lowered, the digestion and absorption become better, and the body metabolism is smoother.

When you eat less and detoxify, the fat will naturally decrease.

It is fundamentally a cure, and it is an adjustment to the state of the body’s imbalance.

  Dr. Lin Guohua, acupuncture and moxibustion department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University, said that obesity is still an imbalance. It is a disorder of yin and yang and visceral function. Through these small silver needles used for acupuncture treatment, the spleen and stomach are mainly selected.Stimulation, the common appetite of diabetic patients, the consumption is less, the symptoms such as poor excretion are improved, and the function of regulating the disordered organs is achieved.

After acupuncture treatment, most people can effectively improve the original improvement of appetite, and the metabolic function and mental state have improved.

  Dr. Pan Wenyu from the hospital said that the acupoint embedding weight loss is buried in the corresponding acupoints with special protein lines, so that it replaces the acupuncture therapy with small silver needles to stimulate the acupoints, and then the protein lines will be liquefied, dissolved and absorbed by the body.It is only necessary to refill the line, which can reduce the number of hospital visits and save time.

Want a more effective acupuncture weight loss, acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, embedding, needle placement, acupoint injection, acupoint bloodletting and other acupuncture methods have to be combined flexibly, sometimes with cupping, remove the body’s moisture, dredge meridians.

  Acupuncture is suitable for people with weight loss.

Most people who are soft blocks, as well as soft blocks.

  Compared with hard micro-blocks, acupuncture weight loss is more suitable for reducing soft micro-blocks.

Aunt’s soft and hard, can be recognized through touch.

Doctors believe that hard micro-blocks are mostly formed from small, that is, the number of micro-cells is large, and simple acupuncture weight loss can not reduce the number of micro-cells, so acupuncture weight loss has little effect on such micro-blocks.

The soft sputum block is a large volume of each adult cell, and the acupuncture weight loss effect is good and fast.


Systemic obesity and local obesity in diabetes.

  Because the abdomen is the spleen through the stomach and stomach, thereby regulating the main acupuncture weight loss method, the weight loss effect on the abdomen is the most significant.


Simple obesity.

  Obesity generally has simple obesity and secondary obesity.

Simple obesity is an excessive increase caused by excessive supplementation of too much metabolism. It can be treated by acupuncture to lose weight.

Secondary obesity is obesity caused by certain diseases. It is ineffective or short-acting to lose weight through simple acupuncture. It can only be treated by treating the disease itself, and blocking too many sources can really lose weight.

  Acupuncture weight loss contraindications: bleeding constitution, blood disease patients, coagulation mechanism problems.

  Because acupuncture weight loss has a silver needle directly tied to the subcutaneous stimulation point, although the needle eye is small, but it can also cause damage to some people with blood clotting disorders. Therefore, doctors recommend that these patients do not perform any acupuncture treatment.

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