June 20

He roughly counted,On this road just dived,The number of those giant dolls,Has more than a thousand。

And until now,Still haven’t found the real space channel。
Lu Menglin had to secretly admire,Don’t think Kasuga is just a girl,But once dived into this depth alone,Just to protect the homeland。
What Kasuga said,The alien life has begun to gather,Should refer to these giant doll statues。
These things will never show up for no reason,Don’t look at them even though they have been still,But if one day,These monsters are all active,Will be a terrible army,Just thinking about it is chilling。
at last,A little light appeared below。
Obviously,This is a very unusual light!
Lu Menglin and Chun Ri Mingzi hold hands,Struggling to go downstream。
Swam a distance of about a hundred meters,A light film appeared under the feet of the two。
Through this light film,Can clearly see,It turned out to be an independent space inside,No sea water,No darkness,There is only one very strange building。
The structural style of this building seems to have obvious religious elements,Mystery and unknown are everywhere,Not so much architecture,It is more appropriate to say that it is an altar。
The center of this altar,There is a very striking black stone pillar,The diameter is half the size of a basketball court。
The top of the column,Half-squatting a humanoid colossus,This colossus is fully armored,Powerful and majestic to the extreme,Stout limbs,Hideous face,Also cast a pair of iron wings on the back,Lifelike。
Lu Menglin took a close look,The shape of this colossus is definitely not human,Nor is it a known creature in the earth world,But a foreign life with a cold and evil aura。
Yes,Yes!Lu Menglin has come from the body of the giant statue,Feel a breath of huge spatial energy。
It’s a dark creature?Lu Menglin’s heart moved,Guessed silently。
At this moment,Kasuga Mingko Transmission:“Are we going down?”

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June 10

The big guys nodded one after another,This one1049engineering,Investing to make money is a small matter,The key is to get the approval from above,It is equivalent to the iron scroll of the Danshu in the storytelling,Life can be saved at critical moments。

“But well!Rules are dead,People are alive。You can use the quota for the younger brother,Anyway,I don’t care about things that are too specific。”
After Lu Menglin finished speaking,Several hall masters suddenly showed a knowing smile。
There are policies,There are countermeasures!They are familiar with this!
There are a lot of brothers underneath,If those kids don’t have money,Can lend them,I run out of brother,Loan shark,Really can’t do,Can spend some money to buy their identity,Just like the fried Dinglou on Hong Kong Island,Did the same,Why don’t you change the soup?!
“correct,Uncle Bing!This is the business card of Hong Kong Island Unicom,You go find this business,He will help Heliansheng handle the exclusive group number,Call with this number,Cheap call,The key is that core internal members do not charge。Just be
Do yes1040The first benefits of the project。”
After Lu Menglin finished speaking lightly,Handed a business card to Uncle Bing。
Uncle Bing took a look at the content on the business card,Is the address on Hong Kong Island,China Unicom is a big company,Originally joined1040Engineering still has such great benefits,Calls between core members are free,Is it the style of a large national organization?!
“Just use it yourself,Don’t spread,So as not to attract unnecessary attention。After all, we only allow a few people to get rich first。”Lu Menglin said seriously again。
For a time,The big guys in the team were surprised,I thought it must be reliable,Even a large state-owned enterprise like China Unicom has benefited,Can it be fake?
There are still a few people who have doubts in their hearts,After handing out this business card,Also dispelled their suspicions。
After all, this kind of thing cannot be faked,Once you use the Unicom number,It’s true not to collect money。
This,Of course, it is also a method that Lu Menglin learned from the MLM of later generations.,This group short number is originally free for internal calls,Generally only large group customers will handle it internally。
Hong Kong Island has not yet opened this kind of business,This is because Lu Menglin made a special call to Beijing,Mr. Sun of China Unicom, please apply to the headquarters,Then through the new business section handled by Hong Kong Island Unicom。
For China Unicom,Business expansion is of course a good thing,Where does it matter who did it。

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June 6

Hear this voice,Qin Feng almost jumped off。Then I saw the vast Taoist。to be frank,At this moment, Qin Feng really wants to fight the other party desperately!

But reason stopped him from doing this。Because he knew he couldn’t win。If you can,Just slip away。
“how about it,Feel any changes in your body
Is it?”The vast Taoist continued to speak。
After being reminded,Qin Feng just remembered that he had been treated as a white mouse research object before.!Then there can be no changes in his body。
After Qin Feng felt it for a while,Then I understood。
My body has indeed changed a lot,Because at this time he has already broken through the Ming Jin period,I even touched the threshold of Transformation。
The body seems to be unable to assimilate the energy of the outside world。
“what,This.Am I filled with ice ling grass??”Qin Feng came up with such a very puzzled question。
But the person who answered him was not the vast Taoist,But Jiang Min。
“These days you basically wiped out the ice ling grass in the medicine field。In short, you now seem to be a container full of energy。At least in my opinion,Much stronger!”When Jiang Min said this, he was more dissatisfied。
After all, he failed to master Qin Feng’s ability,It is impossible to gain strength in the same way as a duck。Although it shows that the strong period and the dark period are not too far apart,But breaking through the shackles doesn’t mean it can be achieved casually.。
At least until now,Old man Jiang Min is still in the dark period,There is not even the slightest sign of breaking through to Ming Jin!This incident made him very sad。

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June 2

It’s because Yiming and Chu Yao know that this car cannot be repaired well,And they seem to have no other way,That’s why I acted in such a play,Of course they are also betting。

Because sometimes things are like this,Only by gambling can you get more life,So as to get more opportunities,And Yiming and Chu Yao are also in this psychology。
Bet they will give them a place to contact because of such a thing,Of course, it’s not actually inside them or a place near them,Then they also have the opportunity 。
Unobtrusive,Will not be suspicious,If you find a way to get inside them then,Then it’s easier,So the two of them have their own ideas in it。
Not complete,To do something blindly,Because that would only put yourself in danger,The strength between them should not be underestimated,So for Yiming and Chu Yao two people must be cautious。
Xiao Fan’s instructions to them are all in mind that they will not easily do some dangerous things,Because the two of them have a careful plan,So they will not easily expose themselves before these plans are implemented。
Or put yourself in danger,Because that will only make myself unable to complete the task,And I can’t get what I want。So in this matter,The two of them are still certain。
Will not joke about the safety of one of his lives easily,Otherwise, it will only make Xiao Fan even more angry,Because Xiao Fan values the safety of the two of them very much。
Otherwise, I wouldn’t give them two important jade pendants to protect themselves,So the two of them also firmly believe that they must complete the task well,If you really can’t complete the task smoothly,Must not be strong。
We must let Xiao Fan come to rescue them in time,Really do this time well,otherwise,Not only the task is not completed,But hurt myself,Xiao Fan will only get even more angry,They don’t want Xiao Fan to be angry。
I don’t want to disappoint Xiao Fan,So this time it was relatively difficult for the two of them,They also hope that they can exercise themselves through this opportunity,After all, such an opportunity is rare。
If you can successfully complete this mission,It is undoubtedly a great breakthrough for both of them,So the two of them want to exercise themselves,See if you can break through such a difficulty。

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May 24

Xu Yan sneered:“I mean,I’m not going to compete with you for gold teacher。”

“Ha ha!It sounds like you have a chance?Ok!I know,you are leaving!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled。
“You person,Really fucking annoying!”Xu Yan furiously said。
“Speak!What are you looking for?”Lu Menglin faintly felt something was wrong,Still patiently asked。
Xu Yan glanced at that yin bird,Sneered:“I’ll tell you a story,Listen carefully。”
“This story is actually very old-fashioned,There is a goddamn old pervert,I accidentally saw a photo,Became interested in the beauty in the photo,He wants to find that beauty,And possess her。It’s that simple。”
After Xu Yan finished,Staring at Lu Menglin’s eyes,not talking anymore。
“Old pervert?What do you mean?Don’t you call your dad like that??”Lu Menglin laughed。
Xu Yan was angry,Rush forward,Pushing Lu Menglin’s chest fiercely,But Lu Menglin caught her wrist。
“Fart your mother!You idiot!Let her go!Leave deep city,Go back to korea!Go as far as possible!I can’t leave when I’m late!”Xu Yan shouted。
Zhu Xiaoguang on the edge of the playground saw the two of them pull together,Rushed over。
I didn’t know that Lu Menglin let go of Xu Yan’s hand,And yelled:“Don’t come over!”
Everyone heard,All stopped,No longer close。
Xu Yan shook his head,Cold road:“Although my dad is not a good thing,But it won’t do this kind of thing。That old pervert is much better than him,The man asked him to stand,He has to stand,Want him to kneel,He has to kneel!No more,I am leaving!When i haven’t been。”
“and many more!I probably understand,thank you!”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Finally spoke。
“Thank you?Haha!You thank me?Do you treat me as kind?Go off!I don’t want to make money for that old pervert!The woman I can’t get,No one can think of it!”After Xu Yan finished,Leave quickly,It’s gone as soon as the smoke slips。
Lu Menglin didn’t want to ask him too much,And I wouldn’t say if I asked him。

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May 20

Even Tian Lu’s father, Tian Loma, who came after hearing the news, didn’t care about going outside to collect the scenery and take landscape photos.,Hurry home to comfort Juxiu who was crying messed up。before,She listens to Tian Loma the most,Be docile to husband、Filial to mother-in-law,Today’s words and deeds are hard to save even if the king of heaven and Laozi come。

Tian Loma on the side is trying to persuade evil, but it doesn’t work.。This time,It’s really hard to live in Tian Rome,Tian Loma looked at his mother,“Pitiful”At a loss,I wanted to blame my mother Luo Dahua for a few words,But seeing my mother’s expression,Swallow it until the mouth,A pained expression on his face。
A joke,Tian Loma Mao Settled,Call Tian Lu。Tian Lu happens to be typesetting document materials,See it’s father phone,Walk out of the studio to a secluded corner,Hand holding mobile phone to answer the call。
“dad,Are you okay?”Tian Lu asked。
“Luwa,Go and persuade your mother,Your mom is crying now。”Tian Luoma said with a sad face。
“What’s the matter mom?”Tian Lu frowned,Anxious questioning。
“Your mother said you helped second aunt’s house,Made you wronged,Is blaming grandma and second aunt,Then started crying,Why don’t you listen。”The six gods of Tian Rome told Tian Lu about the cause of the matter without a master.。
Tian Lu worried about her mother,Hurriedly asked Tian Loma to pass the phone to Juxiu。Tian Luoma got Tian Lu’s support,Handed the phone to Juxiu happily,Juxiu didn’t want to pick up the phone Tian Rome brought over,
Tian Loma is forcing Juxiu,Tian Lu’s voice calling for mom:“mom、mom、mom。”Juxiu just answered the call,Put the phone near your ear,Listen to what Tian Lu is saying。
“mom,What’s wrong with you,Dad said you were crying hard,But feel so sorry for me。mom,Is it because I helped the aunts?,Make you feel that it is not fair enough,mom,I know you are for my good,it does not matter,As long as i make money,It’s right to help your family live a good life,And i have the ability now,mom,You don’t have to worry。”Tian Lu gives meticulous comfort on the other end of the phone。
First248chapter Unravel
Tian Lu’s comfort on the phone call from her mother Juxiu,Like a cold winter,Thoughtful,Makes Juxiu feel better。Juxiu is not an unreasonable person,Since my daughter didn’t feel wronged or hurt,,Naturally, Juxiu won’t be entangled with her husband and wife“Unequal treatment”。
Ju Xiu wiped tears on her face,Stop crying,Bitterly:“Luwa,I’m sad because I love you, kid,Your hard money,I can’t bear to spend,Just post it to Auntie’s house,Did the meat buns hit the dogs have never returned?。”Avoid mother-in-law and second wife when talking。
“mom,I know what you mean,Rest assured,Don’t worry too much about this,Our family will be fine。How about this,mom,I promise,Don’t just give money to your second aunt’s house,it’s OK?”Tian Lu said sweetly, following Juxiu’s words。
It made Juxiu’s heart warm,My face turned from cloudy to sunny,Laugh at the end。
After the mother and daughter continued to chat about other topics,He hung up the phone reluctantly,Juxiu’s mood is much better than before。
After Tian Loma saw his wife answer the phone,I won’t cry anymore,And I feel better,Thought,Luwa’s call really worked,Unlock Juxiu,It’s really a good medicine for my wife。

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July 16

Argentine Messi 0-2 in Bolivia

Argentine Messi 0-2 in Bolivia
At 4:00 a.m. on March 29th, Beijing time, the 14th round of the 2018 Russia World Cup South American Qualifiers ushered in a spotlight.In the Olympic Stadium in La Paz, Argentina lost 0-2 to Bolivia.Arce broke the stalemate, and Chinese striker Moreno locked the victory.Messi was previously suspended by FIFA for 4 games for abusing the referee. This game is his first suspension.  In the history of the World Preliminaries, the two teams have fought 19 times. Argentina has 12 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.In the world preliminaries away against Bolivia, Argentina 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, the goal was 12-19.8 rotations in Argentina, Quito Pizarro made his debut, Long Caglia, Musacho, Mori, Enzo Perez, Banega, Correa and Prato started, MelCardo and Mas truce due to injuries, Messi, Mascherano, Biglia, Higuain and Otamendi were suspended.  In the 7th minute, Arce made a 45-degree pass from the left, and Moreno scored a header near the penalty spot.In the 17th minute, Raúl Castro made a low shot from the top of the penalty area with a right foot. Romero saved the ball from the bottom line.In 25 minutes, Di Maria vigorously volleyed in front of the left side of the penalty area. The ball rubbed the far post and flew out of the bottom line.After 1 minute, Banega shot from the top of the penalty area with a left foot. Lampe used his fingertips to lift the ball.  Correa made a cross from the right in the 28th minute. Di Maria shot from the left side of the penalty area. Lampe blocked the ball with his body.In 31 minutes, Escobar made a 45-degree long pass on the right and Arce scored a goal with his back to the goal near the penalty spot.0 to 1, Argentina is behind!  Argentina replaced Caruso with the injured Mori, Andujar was yellowed on the bench in 38 minutes, and Barnega midfielder knocked down Alsé after a yellow card warning.  In the opening half of the second half, neither team made a substitution. In the 52 minute Jorge Flores cross from the left, the unmarked Wuhan Zall forward Moreno volleyed in front of the small penalty area on the right.0 to 2, Argentina is in a desperate situation!  Argentina replaced Correia with Aguero. In 66 minutes, Chu Marcelo made a cross from the right side of the penalty area. Moreno midfielder pushed right footed and was shoveled by the defender. Then Valar midfielder knocked down Enzo Perez.Yellow card warning.  Argentina replaced Enzo Perez with Akunia. In 72 minutes, Akunia shot from the left side of the penalty area arc and was saved. Bolivia replaced Juste with Arsen.In the 74th minute Di Maria crosses from the right and Prado misses a header from the left side of the penalty area. Bolivia replaced Moreno with Miranda before the end.In the end, Argentina lost to Bolivia 0-2, ending two consecutive victories in the preliminary round.  Bolivia (4-4-2): 1- Lampe; 8- Diego-Bejarano, 16-Lardes, 22-Centeno, 19-Jorge Flores; 3-楚马塞罗、17-瓦亚尔(84’10-坎波斯)、20-奥斯科巴、14-劳尔-卡斯特罗;7-阿尔塞(72’6-贾斯丁尼亚诺)、9-莫雷诺(92’11-米兰达)  阿根廷(4-4-2):1-罗梅罗;3-隆卡格利亚、2-穆萨乔、13-莫里(35’17-卡鲁索)、16-罗霍; 8-恩佐-佩雷斯(70’14-阿库尼亚)、5-基多-皮萨罗、19-巴内加、11-迪马利亚;20-科雷亚(55’7-阿奎罗)、9-普拉托

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June 6

Dade pays tribute to Kobe after winning the championship: spend more time with people who love you

Dade pays tribute to Kobe after winning the championship: spend more time with people who love you
For the eighth time to win the Australian Open, Djokovic’s mood is a little different this time.At the award ceremony, Djokovic wore a coat with the name of Kobe in memory of the mentor and friend.Djokovic said that the accident between Kobe and his daughter also reminded everyone to spend more time with family members, people who love you and care about you.Djokovic put on a coat bearing Kobe’s name.When asked about his favorite tennis player in an interview during his lifetime, Kobe designated Djokovic’s name.In the first week of the Australian Open, Djokovic also noticed Kobe’s impact on himself in an interview. “Kobe is one of my mentors. I don’t know if I can say that.In the past few years, I have experienced elbow injuries. In my rankings, when I was struggling, Bryant gave me some suggestions to guide me to believe in myself. I am grateful for his support.”After defeating Tim 3-2 tonight to win the eighth Australian Open title, Djokovic wrote” KB “before broadcasting the camera.8.24, “GiGi Love You”, followed by the memory of Kobe and his daughter GiGi.At the award ceremony, Djokovic put on a piece printed with “KB.8.24 “The coat of the words, from which I remember the teachers and friends who went there.” In early 2020, it was not smooth. In addition to the recipient’s wildfire, there are also various conflicts in this world, and every day someone dies.My good friend Kobe and his daughter GiGi have unfortunately passed away. He is my mentor and friend.It also reminds us that we must be more united than ever, spend more time with our family, love you, and care about you.Although tennis is our profession, there are more important things in life.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Jia Ning

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June 5

Wuhan staff inspected multi-concept stocks daily limit 5 listed companies won the bid for Hubei central mining

Wuhan staff inspected multi-concept stocks daily limit 5 listed companies won the bid for Hubei central mining
With the announcement of the news of the “ten-day conference” for the screening of all new coronavirus nucleic acids in Wuhan, on May 12, the stocks of in-vitro diagnostics stocks in the stock market increased overall, and stocks such as Daan Gene and Mater Biotech rose.On May 11th, Wuhan Municipality ‘s New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command ‘s Epidemiological Big Data and Epidemiological Investigation Team issued the “Emergency Notice on Establishing a New City-based Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Screening”, saying that after research, it was determined that Wuhan-wideThe ten-day general battle of all new crown virus nucleic acid screening was carried out within the organization.Each district will make arrangements for the nucleic acid screening plan for all staff in its jurisdiction within a 10-day period.On May 12, in-vitro diagnostics stocks grew overall.Choice data shows that as of May 12, there are 35 in vitro diagnostic concept stocks, among which new industries, Mike Bio, Nine Strong Bio, Matilda Biotech daily limit, Daan Gene stocks rose by 9.35%.Wuhan began to test all employees of five listed companies for virus detection reagents and won the bid for Hubei CMC recently. The topic of “all employees detection” has attracted attention.This time, Wuhan announced that it will start screening of all new coronavirus nucleic acids, and the five listed companies whose retina won the bid for Hubei virus detection reagents will also benefit.Sauna and Yewang were seen on the Hubei Provincial Medicine Equipment Centralized Purchasing Service Platform. The platform announced the results of centralized procurement quotations and enterprises for new coronavirus-related detection reagents in Hubei Province on May 8. Six companies won the bid, including Mike Bio, Da’an Gene, Mingde Biology, Huada Biology’s nucleic acid detection reagents won the bid, Zhuhai Livzon reagent, Nanjing Nuoweizan antibody detection reagent won the bid.Among the 6 companies that won the bid above, involved Mingde Biology, Mike Biology, Daan Gene, BGI, and 5 listed companies of Livzon Group.Judging from the price of the enterprise’s winning bid, Zhuhai Livzon Reagent and Nanjing Novizan’s antibody detection reagent won the bid respectively at 12.9 yuan / 1 serving, 13.885 yuan / 1 serving.The price of nucleic acid detection reagents from 4 companies including Mike Biology starts from 16.78 yuan / 1 serving to 24.99 yuan / 1 person varies.Mingde Biological Weapons announced that this proposed central procurement of new coronavirus related detection reagents in Hubei Province is expected to increase the company’s market share of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit and promote the development of related products in the domestic market.Increasing the company’s brand influence has a positive impact on the company’s future operations.Daan Gene also announced on April 15 that due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the market for new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) nucleic acid detection kits and nucleic acid detection instruments, the demand for related consumables has increased significantly, and the companyPerformance has had a positive impact.Estimated profit in the first quarter1.86ppm to 2ppm, an increase of 558 per year.07% -607.6%.On May 6, Dongxing Securities issued a research report that although the Hubei region substantially reduced the purchase cost of detection kits through centralized procurement and price reduction, resulting in the reorganization of the benefits of the new coronavirus detection industry chain, but downstream inspection services still retain a lot of profit.Global testing capabilities need to be continuously improved, and the demand for testing kits is still strong.Many provinces have begun to collect new coronavirus detection reagents, indicating that the principle of “willing to perform exhaustive inspections” has begun. The government has also begun to intensively purchase virus detection reagents in Heilongjiang, Fujian Province, and Guizhou Province.On May 4th, Heilongjiang announced the list of shortlisted companies for centralized procurement of new coronavirus-related detection reagents, Mike Biology, Mingde Biology, Daan Gene, Zhongqi Biology (new three board listed company), Livzon Reagent, Innotex (Tangshan)Six companies were shortlisted and the bid price was also 16.78 yuan / 1 serving to 24.9 yuan / 1 person.In addition, the Fujian Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and the Provincial Drug Administration also notified on May 2 that in order to ensure the normality of the new coronavirus-related detection reagents in Fujian Province, according to the general requirements of the joint prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation in ChinaSupply and use, promote the return of testing reagent prices to a reasonable level, reduce the medical burden of the people, and now carry out provincial-level centralized procurement of new coronavirus-related testing reagents.On April 30, the Medical Insurance Bureau of Guizhou Province also issued the “Implementation Plan for Centralized Procurement of New Coronavirus Detection Reagents in Guizhou Province”, which mentioned that it is necessary to further reduce the price of new coronavirus detection reagents and provide comprehensive medical services in an orderly manner.Resuming work, resuming production and returning to school, steadily restoring economic and social order, and earnestly guaranteeing the safety and health of the people.So, does the centralized procurement of these provinces really mean that there will be “full inspection”?The reporter noticed that in Hubei, Guizhou, and Fujian relevant collective procurement work notices all mentioned the principle of “exhaustive inspection” and “willing to inspect all inspections”.Guizhou Province issued the Guizhou Provincial New Coronavirus-related Detection Reagents Centralized Procurement Implementation Plan, saying that it is necessary to do a good job in testing the new coronavirus (2019-nCov) in Guizhou according to the principles of “exhaustive inspection” and “willing inspection”The procurement of kits has consolidated the effectiveness of the current epidemic prevention and control.The general requirements in the relevant work notices of Fujian Province are that, in accordance with the requirements of guaranteeing “exhaustive inspection due to inspection”, “sampling inspection in due course”, and “willing inspection complete inspection”, a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) based on the province shall be prepared.Procurement of testing kits.Hubei Province, the country with the most severe epidemic situation in the domestic air force, also mentioned in the collection plan that it should “examine thoroughly” and “willing to inspect thoroughly.”Sauna, Yewang noticed that Beijing has announced the list of medical and health institutions that provide new coronavirus nucleic acid testing services for people and individuals as early as April 15th. As of May 12, Beijing can conduct new coronavirus nucleic acid testing institutionsAppreciation to 67.On May 12, the sauna and Yewang learned from the staff of Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University that individuals and groups have already made appointments for new coronavirus nucleic acid testing at the hospital. The staff told reporters that the current cost of nucleic acid testingIt ‘s 110 yuan / person, and the registration fee is another 50 yuan. “We have a large amount of tests every day. The number of people who can make an appointment is limited. The personal test next week is already full. We can only call next Monday to make an appointment for next week.Test “.Another staff member told reporters that at present Chaoyang Hospital can no longer accept group testing appointments, “We currently have two hospitals in the hospital. Normally inpatients need to be tested again, and they have to undertake many directions for local diagnosis.’S group cannot be detected “.The reporter contacted another Beijing Youxun medical testing laboratory, and the customer service staff told the reporter that the agency ‘s cost for the new coronavirus nucleic acid test was 260 yuan per person. The report can be obtained within 24 hours of the test and can be detected immediately on the same day.In addition, Jiangsu Province also notified as early as April 8 to supplement, improve the prices of some medical service items and medical insurance payment policies, and incorporate new coronavirus testing into medical service items and pricing, so that people can carry out nucleic acid testing.Sauna, Night Net Editor Li Yunqi Chen Li proofreading Liu Baoqing

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June 4

There are men and women tears in his songs, and the true meaning of marriage

There are men and women tears in his songs, and there is also the true meaning of marriage | 夜 问
Answer: Zhang Yu wrote songs to Wan Fang, Jiang Meiqi, Na Ying, Peng Ling, and Zhang Huimei.Hearing Zhang Yu, perhaps his most popular song in recent years is “For You”-it must be a special fateIt ‘s possible to find happiness. This song often appears in various wedding scenes and short videos.Lyrics full of blessings, like a message for newcomers, tell the true meaning of marriage.But if you specifically listen to Zhang Yu’s song, you will find that you are looking for sugar in the knife.His songs are almost all bitter love songs, love is parting, and hopeless, heartbroken urban men and women can find resonance through his songs.You give me a scene / you look at me fascinated / the feelings of being peeled off from your heart / the pain hurts somehow. When you let him put you on the ring with a ring / I notice the complex smile on you/ That was supposed to be me / The promise I made to you / Now I can only hide and lively-“Qu Zhongren San” On April 30, 1967, singer Zhang Yu was born.In elementary school, he got his first piano, and he became attached to music.In middle school, they formed bands and created music; when they started college, they began to participate in singing competitions, which made people unexpectedly reside in various restaurants.Introduced by mortal duet (Mo Fan, Yuan Weiren), it was officially excavated by music producer Cai Zongzheng.Since then, he has released albums, gained fame, and won numerous awards.When everyone mentions Zhang Yu’s road to singers, he will not forget the “Eleven Lang”, which is his wife Xiao Huiwen.She is the military officer behind him, writing more than 100 words for him, among them “Good Heart”, “The Rain Has Been Falling”, and “The Disaster Caused by the Moon”, etc. have helped Zhang Yu to rise to a higher level in his career.She understands his characteristics, as well as the delicate blessings of women, plus Zhang Yu’s song, the two are in perfect harmony, and cooperate with each other.In addition to writing songs for himself, he also wrote to a number of singers, slightly writing “Falling in Love with Your Pain”, “Soft Heart” and “Guessing Heart” for Wan Fang, “Remembering” for Jiang Meiqi, and “Sad Romance” for Na Ying, Wrote “Prison Bird” to Peng Ling, “Made Early” to Zhang Huimei . There are some female singers who adapted and sang his songs, just like Faye Wong’s “Rufeng”, the original song is “Guess the Heart”, his”Moon caused trouble” became “It’s all your fault” in Chen Huilin’s and Zheng Zhongji’s singing . and “Xiao Duo Ye Ye” with Xiao S Xu Xidi.Now listen to Zhang Yu’s song, you will feel no outdated.His songs do not belong to a certain era, but belong to men and women who will always be in the emotional process.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Liu Baoqing

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