November 6

Wen Di should be awake。

The next morning,The fools came here.,After they pick up the carriage,Departing to the Winter Palace。
Because I want to go to glasses today,So use the deposit。
The update will be updated later.。
at last,Recommended ticket。
Francis followed them to winter,Into the city,He took the car。
Leave in the eyes of the two old people。
He didn’t participate in what Queen’s military parade,Instead, they are waiting directly to the winter gate.。
The queen’s military parade lasted a morning.,Then end。
Francis saw the Queen returned to the Winter House,I will go to the inside。
However, I was blocked by the fools on the road.。
Francis is very patient standing,Don’t guard to report,He believes that the Queen will not let him wait too long.。
If the Queen is as a god, this is found to find his ability.,Then there will be no names in the winter.。
I have come out soon.,Francis did not have seen several fools,In his impression,Only doctors,Son,Tie,Women’s four。
But look at this person’s dress,It should be that only interested in Mola——Grandfather。
Taking a part of the situation of poor in winter,Pour is also a person。
“Dear sword god,This visit,The emperor is not prepared,Neglect,Please excuse me。”
The flanges itself has only played only with the war devil before the previous year.。
Is a flat,But with the cooperation of Month and Mond,People have rumored Barbatos and Morax played a,Alarm,So only alliance。
Even the gods have some believe。
However, He knows that Barbabus is basically impossible to fight.,Then there is only His friends, swords, god rules.。
Previous rumors,The sword is not a power,Only by the sword,It’s hard to fight the fire god.。
So I feel that Morax and Francis have played.。
And Morax himself did not recognize,Did not refute。
The Queen of Ice is so polite to France, because this is because this。
Francis has entered the Winter Palace,High chair sits on Barna,The following fools are divided into two rows.。
Francis came in,Dr.’s eyes are full of incredible,Then he was very good for him.。
“I don’t know how preciousness in the sword god.?”
“The emperor is polite.,It is just a common person,Where is the sword?。”
“No need to modest,Jian Shenwei famous,Just two thousand years, no appearance,Why is today come to me to the winter?。”
“This,Is to Monda!”
Francis’s eyes suddenly become awkward,The sword is in the winter palace,But I haven’t become violent。
Executives feel a power from the Devil,Work with the Queen’s power,This can resist the pressure。
“Since the sword god is comes to the law,It’s better to sit down and slowly say。”
The father’s face has no change,It is worthy of leading to the presence of winter.。
“Queen,Sitting is not needed,I want to know the idea of the Queen’s Majesty.?”
Francis took this question back。
“For those children,I’m very sorry,They all died accidentally,It is my responsibility。To winter is willing to give Mond 100 Yala,Express……”

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November 3

For a long time,She thought she wouldn’t cry anymore。

Zhou Yafang took out a photo of his son when he was young,He also gave Yu Shi a detailed description of the day his son was lost。Write down one by one,I took that photo with my phone。
From beginning to end,The poem did not mention Zhou Yafang’s move。
When they just opened the door to leave,Zhou Yafang couldn’t help but stop them,Low voice:“I don’t want to move,I’m afraid my son will come back suddenly and can’t find me。”
Yushi’s hand holding the doorknob dropped,She dare not look back at her,I’m afraid the tears won’t stop。
“Do not worry,I must find him,Let him go home!”
Talk about it,She pushed the door without looking back,Ji Yunfeng and Zhang Zhaoyuan followed her,It’s also sour in my heart。
This woman,This troublesome nail household,Reluctant to move,I’m just afraid that my son who has been abducted for more than ten years will not find home。
On the way back,Yushi never speaks,Ji Yunfeng knows her thoughts,Said confidently:“Poetry,I think as long as we find a way,I will find Aunt Zhou’s son。Aunt Zhou never found her son,I think it might be because of her wrong way。Now is the information society,Can’t inquire by word of mouth。”
“Aunt Zhou has no money,No friends,She can only rely on this method。But what you said makes sense,This kid is now twenty years old,No matter how bad,I can also have a cell phone?You can watch the news with your phone,Can know the news from the outside world。I will call Zhou Yinglan now,Let her arrange for Aunt Zhou to appear on her tracing show。”The poem was originally lingering,What Ji Yunfeng said,Suddenly had energy,I immediately sent a WeChat to my friend Zhou Yinglan。
Zhou Yinglan is a university classmate of Yushi,Work in a media company,Host two programs,One of the shows is to help with relatives、The person whose friend is missing,The name of the show is《Finally found you》,Sounds pretty romantic。
Listening to poems to explain the situation,Zhou Yinglan agreed very readily,This show once a week,This week has been arranged,Zhou Yinglan arranges Aunt Zhou for next week,Let her find relatives on TV。
Language and poetry work has always been neat,Get Zhou Yinglan’s reply,She immediately called to tell Zhou Yafang the news,And said he would pick her up at her house that day,Go with her。
Dilapidated old house,The long-stretched string in Zhou Yafang’s heart finally burst、fracture,Cry out loud。
There is pain in this cry、Depressed,There is also a kind of relief that has been long-cherished。She has a hunch,Maybe this pretty girl can really help her find her son。
First37chapter No return at night
Kindness to poetry,Zhang Zhaoyuan is approved。But they are real estate companies after all,Zhou Yafang does not sign,They can’t move on in the next step。

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October 24

“Mr. Ye,How can you get up,Lie down。”

Lie down?
Ye Xuan sad reminder,Just touched the water glass,I haven’t even drank my saliva,I lay down again。
A large group of people,Dean,associate dean,director,Doctor,Even some in suits,Looks like a bunch of successful people。
Greeted Ye Xuan one after another,All kinds of good things。
“Mr. Ye,Don’t worry,We must do our best,Heal your injury。”
“Yes,Mr. Ye,I am the president of Suzhou-Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce,If you have any needs,Just tell me。”
“Mr. Ye,You must be fine,You must take care now,Your health,All aspects that concern the tens of thousands of people。”
These guys,what’s the situation?
How good,Talk to Ye Xuan?
“Say,Did you admit the wrong person??”
Ye Xuan is very suspicious,Do these people think,I am the son of the richest man,Otherwise, what are you doing so politely??
It’s okay for a group of people to see Ye Xuan,Left again。

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October 17

Liu Mei said this is also sorry when it is。

But I think of the lotus villages and the young women who have eaten Apple and then young.,Her heart is itchy。
Which woman doesn’t want you to,Which woman doesn’t want youth forever,Just there is no condition that the condition is。
Before Li Hui Feng, I just started selling apples.,She also heard 50,000。
At that time, she also felt that Li Hui Feng was grabbing money.,But then she may be the reason why there is no money。
Now that their two are also profitable.,Liu Mei felt that 50,000 really had a little more。
Looking at those people who are clearly mighty.,Alike live with more than 20 women,What she is not envious, it is a fake?。
Especially in the evening, she went to catch the field with Zhao Tiezhu.,When you pass someone behind someone,The cheerful voice of that voice makes her understand what。
After all, this is not an individual phenomenon.,But very common。
But refreshment,She also understands,Men will always,Antiquarian。
She can be young ten years old,Zhao Tiezhu will definitely become a cow.。
Li Hui’s looks like Liu Mei’s look.,He is some hesitation。
“sister in law,Do you know how much is Apple now??”
Not 50,000??”
Liu Mei remembers that it was 10,000.。
Later, it is also a price increase is also 50,000.。
“Has been 500,000。”
Listen to 500,000,Liu Mei’s face is also pale。
She originally thought that she could become young and beautiful.,After all, I also make money with Zhao Tiezhu.。
But when I heard 50,000,She still feels that it is not enough to come.。
“Oh,The nephew is not,I have no much money with Lao Zhao.,After all, there are children.。”
“sister in law,I can find someone to give two,The price is calculated according to the original。”
Li Hui Feng’s exit,Liu Mei and Zhao Tiezhu are obviously exciting.。
But soon Liu Mei calm down.。
“Lee brother,forget it,Originally, I owe you people with Lao Zhao.,I have to be,I can’t still last in this life.。”
“sister in law,Then you can think about it.,Over the opportunity,If you are bought by others,After you will have 500,000 yuan,Not necessarily to buy。”
For Li Hui Feng,Liu Mei also caught in struggle。
Zhao Tiezhu looked at Liu Mei’s appearance,I immediately bite my teeth:“Lee Boss,We want,However, according to 500,000,We will slowly repay。”
Liu Mei did not expect Zhao Tiezhu for her.。
She also knows,Zhao Tiezhu has not been put on the heart for Apple’s things.。
Or Zhao Tiezhu is not placed on the heart on the heart of this matter.。
But she is not the same,She is thinking about this every day。

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October 13

Liu Zimin might have thought of something at this time,He slammed his hand on the door。Bang,The door opened,It turns out that the door is not locked。

Xia Jian fumbled in the house,Turn on the light in Du Xiaoli’s office。Liu Zimin has run away from Du Xiaoli’s bedroom。Soon Liu Zimin ran out,He shook his head at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian’s heart jerked up。Suddenly he saw a piece of paper on Du Xiaoli’s desk。
First1981chapter Du Xiaoli hangs
I saw this blank paper on Du Xiaoli’s desk,Before some people in the movie were going to commit suicide suddenly appeared in Xia Jian’s mind,Usually leave a message。
He rushed over like crazy,Take a look at the blank paper on the table,A few words“I want to go to another world,Has nothing to do with anyone,This is my decision”Du Xiaoli and the date are written on the sign。
“Find!Every corner of the compound,And ask the guard,See if Secretary Du goes out”Xia Jian at this time,Suddenly calm,He said loudly to Liu Zimin。
Liu Zimin also saw the content on the white paper,The young man is a little frightened,It took him a long time:“Oh”Ran away。
Xia Jian thought a little bit,And ran out of Du Xiaoli’s door quickly,Ran towards Zhao Chunling’s residence like flying。The left hand of the police station when entering the township government compound,There is a small independent courtyard。
Xia Jian came to Zhao Chunling’s room once,With his super memory,As soon as I entered the courtyard, I determined which room Zhao Chunling lived in。
Urgent knock,Alarmed Zhao Chunling who had already rested。She asked loudly in the room:“Who?What’s the matter?”
“Open the door,I am Xia Jian”Xia Jian shouted loudly。

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October 8

Go to the room,Pick up the halberd,Ready to go out,Suddenly remembered that iron ball,Plan out the iron ball,Put it in my arms,Say goodbye to my mother and go to the deserted forest“dad,Don’t have an accident”。

Ye Zhengtian is collecting medicine in the barren forest,Vegetation rises this season,It’s the season of picking herbs,But suddenly I saw a blue beam of light burst out in the distance,Feel bad,Want to go back,But a first-level beast appeared,Stopped him。
Ye Zhengtian is just an ordinary person,What is the opponent of the evil beast,Had to rush for life,But how can the evil beast let him go?,Jump directly in front of Ye Zhengtian,Big mouth,A fishy smell came。
Ye Zhengtian almost vomited up,Why is it so smelly!
Ye Zhengtian is holding a dagger,But what’s the use?,Just when the evil beast wants to do it,A cold drink came from behind:“Bastard,Don’t think about it!”
Most critical moment,Rushed,Shake off the halberd,A halberd hit the beast’s back,Three inches of halberd,Howl of the painful beast,Fuming took the opportunity to pull out,Come to Ye Zhengtian。
Ye Zhengtian saw Fuming coming,Did not relax,But more nervous,Just die if he is alone,At least I’m still alive,But Fuming is here too,This is how to do。
“Fate,What are you doing!”
“dad,You’ll be over if i don’t come”
“I。。。”Ye Zhengtian couldn’t refute,Fuming is right,If I didn’t come here just now,I’m afraid he died in the mouth of the beast。
“dad,Hold this gun,I didn’t see other evil beasts on my way here,You go first。”Fu Ming threw a gun to Ye Zhengtian。
“How can i run alone,you are my son,I am your father!”Ye Zheng weather annoyed。
“dad,Now is not the time to fight,you go first,Even if I can’t beat it,I can run”Fuming hurriedly said。

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October 6

I already knew that Wang San was a gangster in society,I have never wanted to deal with them more,Afraid of getting into trouble,Why are you so impulsive,What should I do if someone is killed??

He regretted it and fell into the water,Drown yourself,But I don’t have the courage,If it wasn’t for others,He must slap himself hard。
“Er Mao,You died in it when you pee?”Wang San saw Ermao enter Xia Shuyue’s warehouse,Long time,I’m afraid I will find,Shouted。
“coming。”Ermao ran out carrying his pants。
“A lot of fart,It takes a few minutes to pee?”Wang San is still scolding。
“threw?”Er Mao asked。
“nonsense!Hurry up。”Wang San said impatiently。
After Er Mao got in the car,The driver hurried all the way,Quickly leave this place of right and wrong。
Zhu Yi is numb now,He just wanted to teach the woman who threatened his father,I never thought things would develop like this,Good end,Why did you kill someone?
Now there is no other way,I can only hope that the Bodhisattva will protect the corpse from floating,Always sink at the bottom of the river。
To the city,“I must not tell anyone what happened today,said,Everyone is a dead end,Have you heard。”Wang San asked everyone。
Everyone nodded,Wang Sancai let them go,Zhu Yi get off,Take a taxi home。
Wang San and Ermao went to the barbecue restaurant,“Sister,beer,Barbecue。”
“What are you shouting,I am not blind,You have to give money first。”Chunmei came over。

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October 3

See here,at this time,Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。

After all these things,Indeed,Still need to pay attention。
Chapter 259 Thousand Capital Building
“Lord,already solved。”
People around look at Wang Teng,Don’t forget to say to this side。
But it’s Wang Teng,Look in front of you,Nodded slightly。
well,Actually things here,Wang Teng has already seen it clearly。
But for now,In fact, Wang Teng’s heart,For such things,Actually, I am looking forward to it。
“Congratulations on playing the Three Kingdoms,Acquired a building of Qiandu Building。”
See words like this,Wang Teng was a little stunned。
what,Are you rewarded again??
if it is like this,That’s a very good thing。
See these,The corners of Wang Teng’s mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。
But think again,Actually like this,It’s quite interesting。
And Wang Teng’s side,The people looked over,I don’t forget to speak to Wang Teng。
“Lord,I don’t know what’s next,How to settle?”
When the people in Longhuying finished speaking,Now,Wang Teng looks at these。

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September 30

Two understatement by Wang Yihua,Give Xia Jian a reassurance,It seems that his ideas should be implemented。This is his Xia Jian personality,Never stay on one thing。

It’s more than ten miles from the county seat to Hongchuanhe Hot Spring,So this road will arrive within a few minutes at the speed of Guo Meili。Park the car,A few people walked up the Hongchuan River。
Apart from fresh air along the way,And red leaves all over the mountains,Look pleasing to the eye。Xia Jian asked He Jingdao, who was following him in a low voice:“how about it?Is it beautiful here??I should feel better!”
“I feel better,A word on your way,Made me suddenly open up。It’s not that there are too few roads,But our vision is not broad enough”He Jing sighed and said。
Follow Guo Meili behind her,Haha smiled:“nice!You still have this state,I really underestimated you”
“Hi!See what Mr. Guo said,They all went to school,And still graduated from high school,Anyway,Also drank two drops of ink”He Jing laughed,I can see that her mood is much better。
A turn,I saw the white mist entwining the foot of the mountain,He Jing shouted happily:“The hot spring is here!So beautiful”
Xia Jian stopped,Fingered the path they walked,Said with a smile:“In the future, there will be a road leading in from the foot of the mountain,Here,Is a contiguous hot spring resort,Everyone can’t help but imagine,Think about the future beauty here”
“Yes!Come out after soaking in the hot spring,Wrapped in bath towels,Sitting on a swing in the garden,Silently looking at a book in his hand,Raise your head from time to time,Gaze at the wildflowers on the mountain,This situation,Like heaven on earth”Wang Yihua closed her eyes tightly,Murmured。
Guo Meili clapped his hands and smiled:“What a beautiful picture,I didn’t expect Mr. Wang to be so poetic,The scene depicted is really beautiful。
“Ok!Really good,It seems that our development is very correct。Mr. Guo quickly get the drawing,There are a few corrections here, Let’s check it out“Xia Jian is talking,Started work。
The curious He Jing ran to the hot spring,To see how people cook。Wang Yihua looked at her back,Sincerely say to Guo Meili:“He Jing’s body is really good,I like it“When Wang Yihua said this,A glance at Xia Jian intentionally or unintentionally。
“I’m not young yet,Plus regular exercise,There is no extra muscle”Guo Meili smiled and said。
Xia Jian looked at the drawings,While listening to the conversation between two women,He couldn’t help but smile:“What you said,How do I not notice“
“Alright!Don’t pretend,You haven’t found anything on this girl“Wang Yihua said,Haha laughed,Married women are different,Dare to say anything。
First0852chapter An awkward mountain rain
Seeing clouds in the mountains is rain,This is a talk of experience。

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September 26

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Don’t worry about this,I will find a way to solve this”

“It’s November weather now,It’s freezing outside,Even if you have money, you can’t do work。So we don’t need to consider these issues for now,Take down the land first”Xiao Xiao said and glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Mr. Xiao is right,Let’s go through one level before talking about the next thing。I will be back this afternoonGZwent,You just call”
“You have to goGZwhat!”Dragon Ball asked a little disappointed。
Xia Jian glanced at Dragon Ball and smiled:“You should be able to think of how big the plant is more than 100 acres。Yang Yingbu’s game is very big,But I roughly estimated,Yang Ying can only account for two thirds,Do we still need to attract investment for the rest??”
“I never thought about this”Dragon Ball was a little embarrassed and scratched his head with his hands。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Moreover,I goGZ,Will urge Yang Ying to come up with the drawings as soon as possible。Relevant details,I will communicate with her face to face”
“Ok!Then you go early。This land is first-class turn around,There is still a lot to do,I have to wait for you to make a decision”Xiao Xiaochong Xia Jian smiled,Said very trustingly。
Xia Jian nodded,Turn around and leave。She walks,While on the phone。When he came out of Beishan,Already doneGZPreparation。
Fortunately there is a trip this afternoonGZs plane。Xia Jian came out of Yijuyuan,Hurriedly stopped the car and went straight to the airport。Down this way,Fairly smooth。
While waiting,Tie Li’s text message came。She seems to have clairvoyance。Ask in text message“When will you come back?I’ll pick you up”
What do you think about this?Xia Jian hesitated and sent back a text message to Tie Li“I’m waiting,Arrive at 7:30 in the eveningGZ”
“it is good!I’ll pick you up”Tie Li replied。Xia Jian was helpless,Had to reply one word“it is good”He really doesn’t know,How to face Tie Li this time。
If you don’t have an acquaintance by plane,,That would be a very boring thing。Xia Jian waited for the plane to fly together and then began to sleep,He didn’t open his eyes until the plane landed。
Winter days are relatively short,Near eight o’clockGZAlso black。Only a little light in the night,Like watching the stars on a cloudy day。

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