January 20

[Foshan specialty gourmet snacks]_There are some _ Some are

[Foshan specialty gourmet snacks]_There are some _ Some are

This place in Foshan can be regarded as a place of outstanding quality, so more and more people are willing to travel to this place. The cuisine and taste of this place are also relatively high-quality. In fact, in a fundamental sense, every placeThe food is very good, there may still be many people who do n’t know Foshan’s special food snacks, so what are the special food snacks in Foshan?

Foshan Zhuhou Chicken: This dish is a traditional Foshan famous product with a history of nearly 100 years. It was created by Liang Zhuhou, the chef of Sanpinlou Restaurant in Foshan in the Qing Dynasty.

The bones are soft and smooth, with a strong flavor.

Should remember fresh shrimp wonton noodles: Fresh shrimp wonton noodles won the title of “Chinese cuisine”.

It is traditionally made using the traditional handling method. The noodles are fully uniform, the thickness of the slivers is moderate, the entrance is smooth, the egg is rich in flavor, and it is famous in Hong Kong and Macao.

Huiji pig’s foot ginger: Guangdong’s most distinctive women’s tonic food.

It is a delicious private dish carefully prepared with pork feet, eggs, ginger, and sweet vinegar unique to Guangdong.

Unique taste and rich nutrition.

Beixiangyuan dumplings: Beixiangyuan dumplings are characterized by large skins and thin fillings, which are delicious and juicy. The dumplings are tender and delicious, and the fried dumplings are crispy and filled with juice, accompanied by vinegar and spicy sauce.

Desperately fasting: The main ingredients are three types of pork. The first is a uniform and tender pig’s feet, then the fat and lean meat of the pig’s spine., And sweet flavor “Sing Kee Boat Porridge Porridge: Boat Porridge Porridge uses fresh shrimp, fish fillet, spring onion, shredded eggs, jellyfish, and various ingredients as raw materials.The trick is to roll immediately and taste later.

Great champion and porridge: Pork lean meatballs, pork liver slices, pork noodles and cooked in porridge.

The color is white and bright, the water is mixed, and the taste is delicious.

Hewei Beef Tastings: Chopsticks Street has been making beef shads for 20 years.

Too many tourists go to Chancheng to eat it. The ox is always cooked in the soup, it is not rotten, it is very flavorful, and it “arrives to meet friends”.

Jiujiang Whole Fish Feast: Initially, four major fish were used as raw materials. Big head fish, catfish, catfish, catfish, and fishery development have added four major fish as raw materials. One fish, even the bones, can be made into cuisine.

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January 14

[The practice of medium toast]_ The common practice of medium toast _ The practice of medium toast _ How to make the medium toast

[The practice of medium toast]_ The common practice of medium toast _ The practice of medium toast _ How to make the medium toast

For a single person, if a person of the opposite sex comes to you, what should you do?


Your idea is so dirty.

At this time, if you can make a few delicious dishes for her, she will definitely love you.

So, let me teach you how to make medium toast now.


121 kinds of dough are honeycomb to the inside and have a wine taste 2.

212 Add flour to yeast, add water, mix well and ferment in a warm place3.

Put the prepared medium-type dough together with other materials except peanuts into the barrel of the PE8200UG bread maker 4.

Turn on the dough mixer for 15 minutes 5.

1 Press the kneading function twice (for a total of 30 minutes) to knead the dough to the extended stage 6.

2 The dough is slowly mixed together.

Add butter 8.

Then turn on the kneading function of the bread machine, knead the dough for 30 minutes, and the dough has reached the complete stage9.

1. Mix three equal parts of the dough after slackening, and then relax for 15 minutes10.

2 Take out the dough, spheronize, cover with plastic wrap, and relax in a warm place for 30 minutes11.

Roll out the suspended dough into oval bars.

Gently pull the dough to roll up the cylinder from top to bottom, and lightly press the opening 13.

Roll out the cylinder again.

Gently pull the dough to roll up the cylinder from top to bottom, and press the closing mouth 15 gently.

Add the toast 16 into the dough with the mouth closed.

Turn on the fermentation function of the COUSS oven. Put a bowl of warm water in the oven and put the toast mold into the oven for final fermentation.

Ferment until the toast is nine minutes full (I used it for about 2 hours), and brush the surface of the dough with a layer of egg liquid 18.

Put it in a pre-heated oven, heat up and down 180 degrees, lower layer, and bake for 35 minutes. The method of medium toast introduced above may be simple, but if you have superb understanding, you will definitely add your own innovation.

And if you dare to innovate, you will definitely be able to make delicious food with new materials.

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January 8

[2 weeks and a half baby recipe week table]_ children _ practice

[2 weeks and a half baby recipe week table]_ children _ practice

The two-and-a-half-year-old baby has grown most of the baby’s teeth, so the baby’s digestive ability is relatively good at this time, and there are more things to eat. At this time, parents should also pay attention to it, or should let themChildren eat less often and can eat 4 to 5 a day, and in the nutritional diet, they should take protein replacements, eat more calcium supplements, replace vitamins and minerals.

2 and a half year old baby recipes weekly table. Toddlers at this stage have three meals a day, plus 1?
2 snacks.

That is to eat 4 every day?
5 times, including 3 dinners and 1?
2 meals, the amount of each meal, according to children’s eating habits and food is about 1 small bowl per meal, children can continue to grow, you should appropriately increase the amount of food per meal.

Coarse grains should also be routinely included in young children’s recipes. Coarse grains are rich in nutrients such as B vitamins, fiber supplements, and different types of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which can partially meet the baby’s nutritional needs.

Schedule 4 daily?
The 5 meals are because the child has a small stomach and cannot eat too much food at one time; because the growth and development speed is fast, additional food needs to be added to meet its nutritional needs. The additional meals can be placed between meals, milk, soy milkFruits and snacks are fine.

In addition, young children need to drink 250 every day?
350 ml of milk.

At this stage, children’s digestive and absorptive capabilities are quite complete, and their deciduous teeth are almost uniform.

Babies still have to learn to chew and swallow effectively.

Sometimes babies can’t wait to stuff food into their mouths, and they don’t chew their jaws very much. This jawbone is not fully exercised and grows and affects teething. The teeth just grow out and are not even.

Therefore, parents need to be patient in teaching their babies to chew food and not be impatient.

When feeding the baby, deliberately lengthen the interval between two meals, so that the baby has a lot of chewing time.

Also give some hard foods such as radish, celery, coriander, crust, and bread to provide children with the conditions to practice chewing.

In this process, children expect that the arrangement will be good or bad, usually the matching and cooking of the main non-staple food, which is also the most important thing for parents.

The basic requirements for cooking food for infants and young children include the selection of raw materials for staple foods and the proportion of various nutrients in order to ensure that infants and young children meet the quality and quantity requirements to increase growth and development needs.

Therefore, foods should be reasonably matched according to the physiological characteristics and eating psychology of infants and young children; the cooking process should be absorbed to absorb and taste delicious food, instead, the loss of nutrients should be reduced, and the preservation rate and absorption utilization rate should be improved;Kill pathogenic microorganisms to ensure good health.

In the production of staple foods, parents should accept the independence and characteristics of children’s complementary foods, and try their best to avoid using adults instead of children’s complementary foods.

Toddler food should be “soft” and “rotten”.

The shape of dishes and pasta should be “small and small” and “exquisite”. The content of food should be simple and nutritious.

Food sources and varieties are mostly fish, lean meat, eggs, liquid milk, poultry blood, fresh fruits and vegetables (dark, green, orange mainly), and often change soy products.

The method of frying should be “simmer, cook, stew”, try not to eat or occasionally eat fried or wonton, fried and other oily foods, so as not to cause stopping, indigestion or even cause diarrhea.

Food is made by single item instead of mixed, such as meat egg congee, milk hemp sauce porridge, minced meat and rape risotto, etc., which is warm, easy to feed, and easy for children to learn to eat by themselves.

With the improvement of children’s eating skills, foods such as steamed bread, toast, pastries, cakes, and noodles can be added in time to promote the coordinated development of children’s hand, eye and mouth movements and develop the skills of eating alone.

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December 30

[Good among quinoa and oats]_Oatmeal, how to choose

[Good among quinoa and oats]_Oatmeal, how to choose

Cereal ingredients are an essential source of nutrition in life, because cereal ingredients have higher nutrition, especially the highest protein content, and are the most important source of plant protein for people.

And there are too many types of cereals. Among them, quinoa and oats are mainly health-care ingredients, which are relatively high value and are loved by people.

What about quinoa and oats?

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below, I hope everyone can understand it.

Quinoa and oats are both cold-tolerant and drought-resistant crops, which are very suitable for planting on the plateau, which is very similar.

Moreover, they all have better therapeutic effects on the three high populations, certain hyperglycemia, diabetes, etc.

Quinoa is mainly distributed in the Andes Plateau of South America in its original place. At present, it is mainly produced on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a cold and high-altitude quinoa crop.

Oats are also cold-resistant, drought-resistant, and highly adaptable to the soil. Oats belong to the grass family and are cereals.

From the aspect of efficacy, the main therapeutic effects of quinoa are: 1. It is a rare plant food containing high-quality complete protein (equivalent to meat protein) 2. Quinoa contains a complete range of amino acids and a large content.

3, quinoa has a low GI glycemic index, which is very suitable for people with diabetes and three high for consumption.

4, dietary fiber, can lose weight and shape body.

5, gluten-free, will not cause allergies, suitable as a complementary food for babies and pregnant women.

6. Trace elements have the effect of regulating endocrine.

The diet of oats is as follows: 1. Plant protein content is higher than that of ordinary grains.

2. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

3. The cellulose content is very high, but it cannot be given to babies.

4, too much food is easy to contract gastric ulcer or bloating is also easy to smooth the intestines, oxytocin, so pregnant women should avoid eating.

From the taste point of view: Oatmeal is a low-sugar, high-nutrition, high-energy food. Generally, we are in contact with instant oatmeal.

It cooks thicker, has a lighter flavor, and a stronger satiety.

Quinoa grains come in three colors, white, black, and red, with comparable nutritional content.

However, the more popular one is quinoa, which has a softer and softer Q bomb and a better experience because of its seed coat. The black and red grains are more affluent.

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December 20

Can diabetics eat honey? Is it harmful to human health?

Can diabetics eat honey? Is it harmful to human health?

It is very common in the life of the disease. There are many kinds of diseases. The most common disease is the cold. When the disease changes seasonally, there is no proper reduction or increase in the clothes, which leads to cold colon disease.People who are not balanced are also prone to cause other diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These are all imbalances in the body. Can diabetics eat honey?

Can diabetics eat honey: Whether diabetics can eat honey has always been a concern for many middle-aged and elderly people.

Relevant medical experts believe that the quality of honey, glucose and fructose content of about 70% -80%, these two sugars instead of monosaccharides, easily absorbed by the body, therefore, if your blood sugar concentration, it is not appropriate to take honey,So as not to cause fluctuations in blood sugar.

However, diabetics can take honey properly when blood sugar control is optimal, but at the same time reduce the intake of other starchy foods.

For diabetic patients, the key to diet therapy is to master the quantity and quality of sugar. In terms of quantity, when exploring a suitable amount, it is generally not advisable to increase it arbitrarily, so as not to aggravate the burden of islets and worsen the condition.

For the quality of sugar, it is required to supplement the glycerol which absorbs and absorb slowly, so that it can gradually increase slowly, so as to make it work better.

Partially absorbable glucose and sucrose that is easily digested and absorbed, so as to avoid a rapid increase in blood sugar caused by excessive absorption.

At present, the treatment of diabetes diet at home and abroad uses a high-fiber diet, that is, the use of coarser processed rice, flour, soy flour, cornmeal, etc., the purpose is also to increase the speed of multiple digestion and absorption.

Through the above introduction, it is also necessary to choose whether to eat honey for diabetics. It is also possible to choose some foods with high cellulose content in the daily diet of diabetic patients. These foods are very good for all aspects of the human body.It is very helpful, and these foods are not harmful to the patient’s body.

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December 15

What to do with a stiff neck, a way to save your neck in 3 minutes

What to do with a stiff neck, a way to save your neck in 3 minutes

What should I do if I have a pillow?
The stiff neck is a common symptom of daily life. I believe that many people have experienced the experience of stiff neck. In the morning, I found that my neck is sour and soft, and I can’t make people suffer. This may be the symptom of the stiff neck. The stiff neck is particularly uncomfortable. So what is the method?Can you quickly treat a stiff neck?
Below, Xiaobian teaches you to use the stiff neck and the stiff neck to save your neck for 3 minutes.
  What is the cause of the stiff neck?
  There are two main reasons for the neck loss: one is muscle sprain, such as poor nighttime sleeping posture, the head and neck are in an excessively deflected position for a long time; or the pillow is not suitable due to sleep, too high or too low to be too hard, so that the head and neck are overextended orIn the state of over-flexion, the muscles on one side of the neck can be stressed, and the cervical joints can be twisted wrong. If the muscles are tense for a long time, the cervical joints can be twisted wrong, and static damage can occur after a long time.The muscles of the injured muscles are hard and disagreeable, the blood and blood are not running smoothly, the local pain is uncomfortable, and the movement is obviously restricted.
The second is to feel the cold, such as cold when sleeping, greedy and cool in the summer, so that the back of the neck is stagnation of blood and stagnation, resulting in stiff pain and unfavorable movements.
  落枕的原因  落枕是指人在睡觉或外伤后突感颈部肌肉疼痛,尤以头颈部转动时更甚,引起落枕的原因有:  ①睡眠时头颈姿势不当;  ②枕头垫得过高、软Hard or uneven; 3 neck trauma; 4 neck wind and cold; 5, if caused by cervical spondylosis, can be repeated “stiff.”
  The first four can be alleviated as long as the cause is removed.
  Method for rapid treatment of stiff neck 1.
Massage therapy – falling pillow point[Location]The falling pillow hole is on the back side of the hand, when the second and third metacarpal bones are about 1 cm behind the metacarpophalangeal joint.
Touch with your finger toward the wrist, from the end of the narrow finger of the bone and bone, about one finger wide distance, one pressure, there is a strong tenderness.
  [Method]Use the tip of the thumb to cut and press the “pillowing hole” on the side of the pillow, and simultaneously move the finger of the hand to strengthen the acupressure of the acupuncture point.
While massaging the hand, slowly move the neck: extend the head slightly forward, slowly retract from the front lower side, make the lower jaw close to the upper sternum, relax the neck muscles, and then gently rotate the head to the left and right.The amplitude gradually increases from small to small, and the neck is gradually extended to the normal position.
The rotation is limited to the maximum extent of no pain.
  [Efficacy]About 5-10 minutes, the pain can be significantly relieved.
This method can treat both the stiff neck and the cervical spondylosis.
It also relieves arm pain and stomach pain.
  [Note]Should pay attention to the identification of the stiff neck and early cervical spondylosis, the latter is best to hospital treatment.
  简单动作治疗落枕  除了上述的穴位疗法,以下几种自我疗法都对落枕有较好的效果,这些方法不用求人,不用花钱,自己便可给自己治疗,没有副作用和不良反应,而且对防治颈椎I am sick and have some help.
  1. Telescopic neck: sit at the station, stand up the chest, first extend the neck upwards, try to stretch as long as possible, until it can no longer stretch, try to shrink down, shrink to no longer shorten, then extend upwards,This prevents adhesion of the neck muscles and stretches 30 times continuously.
Rotating the neck: Sitting on the station, first turn the neck to the left as far as possible, and look at the left shoulder with both eyes. After stopping for 5 seconds, the neck is turned to the right, and the right shoulder is seen, rotating about 20 times.
Flick the neck: Untie the top of the jacket, heat the palms of both hands, and stretch the neck as far as possible. Gently rub the neck with both palms, lightly and then heavy until it is partially warm.
Left and right hoes: sit on the station, both arms naturally hang down, the head first squats to the left, the left ear as close to the left shoulder as possible, and then the head to the right, the right ear as close to the right shoulder as possible, left and right hoe 20 times.
Look down at the head: sit at the station, head down first, try to make the mandible close to the chest, stop for 5 seconds and then try to look up, look at the sky or the roof, stop for 5 seconds and then bow, so repeatedly20 times.

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December 11

Chinese medicine pillow that cares for the stomach carefully

“Chinese medicine pillow” that cares for the stomach carefully

Can you raise your stomach with a “Chinese medicine pillow”?
  ”Our Chinese medicine pillows are available in more than 40 types, such as Scent, Shutou, Mingmu, Yigan, Yangwei, Jingxin, and Men’s and Women’s.
Yesterday afternoon, in a pillow store in the Lotus Square of Luling Road, the reporter had not waited for the reporter to come back. The salesperson had already started selling the pillows in the store one by one.
  The reporter found that the ingredients of these traditional Chinese medicine pillows include not only common Chinese medicines such as wolfberry, schisandra, scorpion, Shouwu, motherwort, ginseng, and salvia, but also Pelan, cassia seed, rosemary, vine, yellow bud, and chrysanthemumAnd other uncommon ingredients.
In addition, there are pillows in the gemstone mineral series.
  ”It’s very good to sell recently. Many customers come to buy it and introduce it to friends.
The weather is hot, and it is a very good choice to change the Chinese medicine pillow for summer.
The salesperson told the reporter.
The reporter found that these Chinese medicine pillows are expensive, the cheapest is about 90 yuan, and the expensive one is 200 yuan – 500 yuan.
  In the Tongshan Road, Mingshan Road, the reporter also found a pillow store, where the pillows are divided into “health pillow”, “baby pillow”, “children’s pillow”, “student pillow”, “beauty pillow”, “nap pillow”, “lover pillow”There are several types of “leisure pillows”, among which Chinese medicine pillows are classified as “health pillows”, about a dozen or so. According to the salesperson, “health pillows” are currently the best selling types.
  ”How come there is no honeysuckle pillow?
The reporter asked, the salesperson immediately replied: “Oh, no problem, if you need to be able to book, you can get the goods for up to half a month.”
“The big store hits the “medicine pillow” and wipes the ball. It seems that the specialty stores are aimed at relatively high-end consumers. What about the big stores and small stores?
The reporter has come to the good and many Guomao stores and the Carrefour Mingfa store. Many of the better and more pillows are more traditional. They are mainly based on buckwheat and cool pillows. The reporter only found a pillow with tea stems and bamboo charcoal with Chinese characteristics.
Carrefour mainly plays bamboo oolong tea and lavender pillows, and the price ranges from 30 yuan to 40 yuan, which is closer to the “medicine pillow”.
  Subsequently, the reporter came to the Luhong store in Tianhong Shopping Mall and found that the pillows here were lavender pillows. The two prices were 50 yuan and 60 yuan. The origins were from “Chinese medicine pillows” in Guangzhou and Ningbo.I hope that the reporters will buy the ones they recommend, and they all say that they have the effect of calming the mind, relieving tension, eliminating neurasthenia, preventing phlegm and bacteriostatic.
  In the Xinhuadu supermarket in the Lotus Square, the reporter found that the price of the two special pillows for promotion is only 20 yuan, which is also the raw material of the oolong tea stem and buckwheat.
Sales staff said that these days are very good to sell, some customers buy two or three, one family member.
During the visit, the reporter found that there is no specialty store in the hypermarket, so it is usually a “pillow” ball, mainly based on raw materials such as lavender and oolong tea, and the price is relatively affordable.
Almost all of these main pillows have been set up with special sales cabinets placed in a prominent position in the aisle to attract customers.
  The instructions for “medicine pillows” are almost exaggerated. “Do you believe that Chinese medicine pillows really have the effect of cooling off the heat?
In the interview, the reporter raised this question to the customers who patronized Chinese medicine pillows.
A retired teacher said that he is very convinced of Chinese medicine and feels that “medicine pillow” is more or less effective.
A middle-aged woman, Ms. He told reporters that her husband is fat, and she is especially asked to buy a pillow that can cool off the heat. She is also suspicious of this.
  In the end, what is the effect of the popular Chinese medicine pillow? Is it worthwhile to buy it at a high price? The reporter interviewed Dr. Li Dafu from the Department of Physiotherapy of the Chinese Medicine Hospital yesterday. He said that the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients of these pillows actually have the effect of relieving neurasthenia, but the Chinese medicine itself is effective.Slow, this kind of external health care pillow can only play a regulating role. Although it is not harmful to use, don’t overly believe the instructions of the product, it is usually exaggerated.
  Dr. Li said that the purchase of traditional Chinese medicine pillows may have a psychological effect. It is indeed a magical initiative. Sleeping on traditional Chinese medicine may feel more comforting, so it may be sweeter than before.
However, he felt that there is no need to go beyond the economic ability of his own to buy expensive Chinese medicine pillows. In addition, he reminded the public to guard against the use of counterfeit “Chinese medicine pillows” to deceive consumers in some small shops. Some fake Chinese herbal medicines may cause health disadvantages.
  相关新闻  保健品不准出现”高效”等字眼  商报讯 记者 林艳 报道 日前,国家食品药品监督管理局在网站上正式发布了《保健食品命名规定(试行)》,要求保健品的名字不得使用function name.
  The reporter saw from the “Hygienic Food Naming Regulations (Trial)” that the most concern for consumers is that in the future, the naming of health products should not use words that express or imply therapeutic effects, and should not use functional names and their homophonic characters or similar words.Do not use words that exaggerate functions, words associated with functions, and words that mislead consumers; and prohibit the use of false, exaggerated, and absolute language: words such as “efficient, quick-acting, first-generation”.
  Yesterday, the reporter saw in several pharmacies near Jinji Pavilion that there are many health care products that are similar to the products such as “Huangxiu” and “Yangyan Slimming Capsule”.
The reporter asked the sales staff whether these beauty products have the functions marked on the products. The sales staff said that the health products have no obvious specific effects and can only be different from person to person.
A consumer who is buying told reporters that he buys health supplements only for the purpose of giving gifts, and he does not trust these products because too many health products exaggerate and falsely promote the efficacy of the products.
  The reporter learned from relevant departments that since the supervision of health products belongs to multi-sector cooperation, this regulation will take some time to implement, and enterprises also need a transition period.
  At present, Ludao enters continuous high temperature weather, and the highest temperature is already above 34 degrees Celsius. The high temperature brings many business opportunities. The idea of “starting from scratch” in “heating off” has “captured” many consumers: the reporter is investigatingIt has been found that various types of “Chinese medicine pillows” or similar “Chinese medicine pillows” have recently begun to sell in the market.
  In this regard, experts remind consumers, do not listen too much to the “Chinese medicine pillow” of various effects, but also beware of some small shops with fake “Chinese medicine pillows” to deceive consumers.

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December 1

Seven vegetables suitable for spring detoxification

Seven vegetables suitable for spring detoxification

With the increase of age, the body’s toxins will increase more and more, and we may not pay much attention to the diet, the human body has more toxins, therefore, we need detoxification.

Here’s a list of detoxifying and nourishing vegetables that are suitable for spring consumption. Don’t miss out on beauty. First, the leek is grown in the spring.

Spring leeks are the freshest.

Amaranth is rich in vitamins, as well as calcium, potassium and other nutrients.

Amaranth has the functions of seasoning, sterilization, aphrodisiac, and cold.

Eating leek in the spring is very beneficial to the body.

  Second, spinach spinach is rich in nutrients. Eat more spinach to supplement iron, blood, and laxative.

  Third, carrots and carrots contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene.

Eating more carrots is good for both vision and skin.

It is a good product for beauty and beauty.

  Fourth, leek amaranth contains high protein and abundant amino acids.

Amaranth is also the most delicious wild vegetable.

It can only be eaten in spring.

Eating leeks can spleen and appetite, as well as a clear purpose.

  Fifth, spring bamboo shoots contain vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients.

Spring is the best season for eating bamboo shoots.

Spring bamboo shoots are cold and people with stomach problems cannot eat.

Eating spring bamboo shoots has the effect of eliminating fire.

  Sixth, the camphor bud bud contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients.

The fragrant buds are warm, and the spring consumption has the effect of preventing cold, dampness and inflammation.

  Seventh, shallots and onions contain a lot of vitamin A, potassium, calcium and other nutrients.

The onion is warm, detoxification, prevention of cold, cold, laxative, swelling and other effects.

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November 29

Walking is the best way to stay healthy

Walking is the best way to stay healthy

Experts pointed out that “moving is beneficial, moving more and better”, and walking is the best way to stay healthy.


hzh {display: none; }  北京大学公共卫生学院李可基教授说,一些慢性疾病与不健康的饮食习惯、久坐少动的不健康生活方式密切相关。He said that for the public to think that “moving is beneficial, moving more and better”, walking is the best way to stay healthy, and is currently very popular internationally.

  If Chinese want to move, they must change their unhealthy lifestyle.

Feng Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, said: “The General Administration of Sports hopes that every ordinary person can establish a healthy lifestyle and regard physical exercise as part of life. I hope that everyone can establish a daily and long-term fitness and volunteer service habit.Ultimately improve their physical fitness.

“The famous American health expert Blair recently said in Beijing that “obesity is the result of obesity exercise. Many people blame obesity on sweets or certain foods. One thing is not good or bad. The key is to exercise through exercise.”Excess energy is consumed in time to achieve a balanced balance.

People who are overweight, obese, or within normal weight range need to stay healthy through exercise, not just overweight people who need to exercise.

A quick walk of 30 minutes a day is the best way to stay healthy.

“The launch of the “National Fitness Day” is to enable the public to enhance their fitness awareness and eventually develop a good habit of daily fitness.

It is easy to move once a year, but it is difficult to move every day.

In fact, every day, to participate in broadcast gymnastics, take a few more roads, take less elevators, as long as long-term adherence, are good for health.

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