October 23

Queen’s intelligence and means are not bad,It is a pity that is not enough.,She wants to apply this to Kerad,Let him abide by this point,Calm down to be an old elderly。

Never want to,This movement is not angry,Let the book got the heart of Kirra more firm ideas,Hand shooting the Queen of Shakola and Kyrus。
the other side,Kirra is eager to clean the top of the top,On the one hand, the reason is that you can’t stand the chest of the Queen.,There is also a strategic consideration for the main environment.。
The Visbanian ore is gradually known by the outside world.,The small country can’t stay in this treasure,I want to be self-presentated before the storm,Make it as soon as possible and transform them into mature military armed forces。
in addition,He suspected that the Queen of Shakla will hide the two keys in the palace.,Trial search and three do not know,Dark search and no fruit,I can only wait for myself to become the owner of the Royal Palace.。
No successful start key,Liao Wenjie is quite disappointed,That and Kirra chats to talk about altars and evil spirits。
“I admit,I gambling the ingredients!”
Kirra slowly said,Just find the altar,He is in a lummy trough,No power in hand,Ambition ambition only can write on paper,Hug‘I am still idle.,In case it is true?’Mentality,Four searches for two keys。
lucky,The big sea fishing needle makes him success.。
At that time,The altar is the least reliable in Kirra.,If you can exchange the throne with altar,One percent one percent。
It is a pity that you must change。
Until half a year ago,The crust movement brings Visbania ore,He really attaches importance to omnipotent.。
Funny,God’s name is everything,This name is still he thinks.。
Later,He studied the legendary story of a thousand years ago,From the willingness to suspect,Only hesitially standing out a passerby,Well in the arm,Full screen chaos,A altar of any wish。
Fear,Outstanding force,Kird spends a lot of human material,I only collected four arms in half a year.。
Here,Two people chat in the office,Liao Wenjie sits on the boss chair,Kirra Jingjing Station,Work like a meticulous report。
there,Luzhou Third World To Goal‘Queen’s crown’Extended the hand of evil,Not out,Have a good fault first。
The gate of the palace insurance library is open,Guardian,Queen’s crown flashed。
“what,what,what,it’s wired,Who is done??”
Lubang Third World Deflection,I found the peak in the corner of the corner.QDoll,With the speed frequency of the red dot on the small toy, faster,Dollar bombing,The gas waves poured in Luzhou II to fly into the insured。
Gravity sensor,trigger;
Infrared sensor,trigger;
strike out,Insurance anti-theft organ starts,Luzhou Three World Cot,The blockade is blocked in a secret steel cage。
Alarm,Board to the entire royal palace,As always, he became a peak sheep.。
“Ah yeah,This is big.!”
Luzhou III rely on the corner of the wall,Taking out the communication with you,Contact two partners,Request tactical support。
“I was closed.,Can you pick me??”
“what,This familiar rhythm,Don’t tell me,The crown has been stolen in advance.。”Communicator opposite,Professional killer,Current professional gunman。
“It’s you,I guess it.。”

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October 21

Xia Jian pretended to snore,Listening。after awhile,Where did the footsteps go?,About ten minutes later,Xia Jian heard messy feet from outside the gate again,Gradually disappeared in each room。

Everything understood,Zhu Hui dug him a big hole,Deliberately let Xiaoyue and Xiaolan pass false news to her,Get him hooked。If he leaves tonight,Only one out,I must have hit the ambush set by Zhu Hui。Thus,Zhu Hui will definitely take new measures against him。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help taking a breath。But what makes him happy is,Zhu Hui must have ulterior motives to test him like this。Or she will really leave here for a while,In addition, she was still a little worried about whether Xia Jian was really poisoned or faked.。
Figured this out,Xia Jian had an idea in his heart,So he really started to sleep。Because of tossing until midnight,So Xia Jian lay down,Slept till dawn。Until Xiaoyue called him to get up,He rubbed his eyes and asked:“What the hell is going on?Why do I sleep more and more”
“how could I know?What does your sleepiness have to do with me?”Xiaoyue said angrily,It seems that she is still angry about what happened yesterday。
The more she is,Xia Jian was more happy,He laughed and said:“Satsuki,Wait a while to finish breakfast,Just press,Let me see if you and Xiaolan can do better”
Xiaoyue supported Xia Jian,He looked back at Xia Jian。Xia Jian smiled and said:“how?Not yet?Or you accompany me to sleep?”Xia Jian said,And laughed loudly。
“Stinking rogue!go away”Xiaoyue cursed,Suddenly pushed Xia Jian。Xia Jian fell to the ground,Then he yelled。
at this time,Just hear the creak of the door,Someone ran out:“What’s the matter Xiaoyue?I can’t help you help me?”It’s Zhu Hui’s voice。Xia Jian who fell on the ground heard that Zhu Hui was coming,Called louder。
“Mr. Zhu!He was playing hooligans on me”Xiaoyue argued unconvincingly。
Xia Jianyi listen,Roar loudly:“Zhu Hui!Are you still human?You made me like this,And sent a little girl to humiliate,What do you want to do?”
Xiaolan also ran out at this time,She and Zhu Hui helped Xia Jian from the ground。Xiaolan cleaned up the dust on Xia Jian。And Satsuki bulged her mouth,Standing on the side with a little girl’s temper。
“outrageous,What’s the big deal。He can still be a gangster like this?”Zhu Hui scolded Xiaoyue angrily。
Xiaoyuefen blushed and said:“He wants me to sleep with him,What is he doing??”The little girl said,I lower my head shyly。

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October 14

Chapter 1,366 acquaintance

“Hezhong,Someone there?”
Li Hui, I thought I want to find Guan Yun to help.。
After all, he knows that Guan Yun seems to be very powerful.,And the forces seem to be small,After all, Guan Yun controls these many teams,After the last cloud show,He also knows that Guan Yun is not as simple as a black。
But mercenary。
Su Liang heard this and laughed.。
“There is definitely someone,When did you get a plane??
I flew with you.。”
“Forehead,Tomorrow’s 9:00 am tomorrow。”
Li Hui Feng originally wants to refuse,But seeing Su Yu is really sincerely,If he arrives, it is swallowed.。
“Row,Then I now book a ticket,Tomorrow, let’s join。”
the next day,Li Hui has not even exchanged with others with others.。
Su Liang also directly contacted the people here.,After all, his Eastern Fairy Fruit is in the high-level and even business communities of the Head of the United States.。
I have listened to him, I have to find someone to help.,Many people throw olive branches。
After more than ten hours,Two people also arrived in Los Angeles in the United States。
Aircraft,Su cool saw a familiar person。
Li Hui Feng is next to Su Qing,After all, this time this time is coming over to help on the plane.,Su Kai is more explanatory。
Waiting for him to finish and then Li Hui respected the contract。
“Sui,Welcome to our country。”
“Sui,Do you have a fairy fruit??”
Several people are constantly asking questions,Su Yu is also alert one by one。
After answering,Su Qing is also to ask questions about your own problems.。
“Bruce,How is the production line I want??
Is the most advanced,Is it best??”
“Sui,This is your peace of mind,Guarantee is the most advanced。”
“There is a wine tonight,How do I pick you up??”
Su Chang heard this,Also did not refuse。
After all, it is going to be bad.。
“Row,Let’s see you again that night.,We need to sleep first.。”
After a few people,Su Yuguo took the hotel directly with Li Hui。
Li Hui has no words from beginning to end.。
After all, these are all in Su Liang.。
But those people walk,Li Hui Feng is that the purpose of the few people just have just been too clear.,He even felt that the other person is not a good person.。

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October 9

“it is good!Then I ask you,What is the current situation of the group,If there’s a problem,Xia Jian happened to be here this time,You can study together“Old Xiao said,Took a long breath。

Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“The current situation of the group is that funds are turning very slowly,There will be some minor situations from time to time,But if it can handle“
“Xia Jian!You come to analyze,Is this an existing problem in the group??“Old Xiao glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“This must be abnormal,To find out the crux of the problem,Dredge as soon as possible,Prevent in advance。Otherwise, once there is a big problem,I’m afraid it’s too late”
“I made peace,Let’s stop talking about this,Talk something else”Xiao Xiao turned the topic a little unhappy。Since people don’t want to talk about it,Xia Jian didn’t need to say anything。
Old Xiao took a sigh of relief,He lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“child!I grew up watching you,Too upright,And the sense of justice is too strong,It’s really not suitable for rolling in officialdom,if you are willing to,Come back!”
“Ok!I also think so,After you come back,You still have the seat of general manager,I can just be the executive vice president。Entrepreneurship group is developed and grown by you,Now in my hands,A little bit dry”Xiao Xiao said,Smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Thank you for your kindness。I now give a few poor villages some projects to get rich,Seeing to be profitable。If I let go in this link,This is irresponsible to the people of Pingyang Town。They will scold the ancestors of our old Xia family”
“Jian’er is right!We have been poor in Pingyang Town for many years,There has been no good way out。Xia Jianyi became the mayor,We people in Pingyang Town feel that we have seen hope,If he leaves at this time,I won’t agree”Xia Zecheng walked in wearing a coat,He followed Sun Yuejuan。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“I tried to keep my voice down when I could talk,I didn’t expect to still quarrel you”
“No older brother,We two didn’t fall asleep at all,Keep listening to you。Can’t sleep anymore,Just come over and listen”Sun Yuejuan said,So he sat next to Xia Jian。
At this moment,Aunt Ding also walked out of the bedroom,She laughed and said:“Since I can’t sleep,Let’s sit for a while,I will make a pot of tea for everyone”
“it is good!I’m really thirsty right now”Old Xiao smiled slightly。
Everyone stopped talking about Xia Jian returning to the venture group,Instead, Xia Zecheng smiled and told everyone about the beautiful scenery he saw when he went into Nanyuan today.。He did this to relieve Xia Jian,Scenery of Nanyuan,Everyone here has been there,But everyone gave him a lot of face,Just let him finish。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang。Someone in the middle of the night called,Really scary。Xia Jian quickly took it out and took a look,Fang Fang called。

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October 7

But the other party doesn’t manage the nest well,Instead, they spread their hands outside,Can it be a chamber of commerce??

“This force is called Blood Shadow Hall,It’s one of the best assassins organization in Tiannan Kingdom。”
“But because the assassins in the hall are almost all Yunzhou natives,So I won’t accept the assassination mission in Yunzhou。”
“Therefore, ordinary warriors in Yunzhou,Most of them have never heard of Blood Shadow Hall。”Xue Ning explained patiently。
Listen to each other,Wang Hong was puzzled,Asked:“Did Miss Xue let me join the Blood Shadow Hall??”
Most of the Assassins are notorious,Wang Hong naturally doesn’t want to fall into such a mud pit。
Xue Ning replied softly:“Although Blood Shadow Hall is an assassin organization,But the reputation is quite good。”
“As long as you give enough money,Even women and children without the power to bind chickens,They will also get things done as agreed。”
“At the same time, Blood Shadow Hall also takes other tasks,Such as protection、Lost、Intelligence etc.,Even as a disciple,All clearly marked。”
“It doesn’t matter if the strength is not enough,As long as you give enough money,Can learn the various exercises in the hall,Get the guidance of many elite assassins……”
Wang Hong listened to Xue Ning’s continuous introduction of Blood Shadow Hall,The whole person is a little confused。
The leader of Blood Shadow Hall is crazy about money?I’m not afraid of being called by the enemy,Break the Blood Shadow Hall from the inside?
“Blood Shadow Hall accumulates wealth like this,Was not besieged by all parties?”
Xue Ning shook his head and said:“Xue Yiren, the master of the Blood Shadow Hall, is one of the top ten masters of Tiannan,Still a famous lunatic,The practice is another self-mutilation explosive method,No one wants to provoke him。”
Wang Hong thought for a while,It is strange that Xue Ning kindly recommends such an organization,There is a vague guess in my heart,But after thinking about it, I still didn’t say it,Finally smiled and said to her。
“Thank you Miss Xue for pointing,I still need to think about martial arts for a while。I’ve been practicing iron cloth shirts recently,I want to ask some questions,I don’t know if it is convenient?”
Xue Ning has no different colors,Instead, he said without hesitation:

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October 3

“Do you like to joke?”Li Tianchou ignored the youth,And the expression is much more serious,“If this is at night,I don’t know the weight。”

“Ha ha,Don’t be surprised。Wu Fang blows you so hard,I’m itching to try。Yuan Hua。”The youth finally got more serious,I don’t doubt Li Tianchou’s warning,I stretched out a hand very generously。
“Sleek?”This name is strange,Li Tianchou helpless,I had to stretch out my hand to say something。“How is Wu Fang now??”
“Closed,He is inconvenient so i came。”
“He let you come,Old man Hua asked you to come?”
“Isn’t it all the same?”Yuan Hua’s rhetoric was really smooth。
“Different。At least I’m not familiar with you。”Li Tianchou doesn’t kill him at all。
Yuan Hua is obviously not happy,“If you wait for him,It will be the year of the monkey,But the ten-day period is still valid。”
“The deadline is set for him,none of my business,I am obliged to help。When the time comes, old man Hua can’t come by himself??”Li Tianchou looked relaxed,He doesn’t like this person very much,And began to feel a little disgusted with what Old Man Hua did。
Yuan Hua’s face changed,“Always talk about integrity?Wu Fang, you can accept it,Why did you change your mind?”
“Stop!What did I accept Wu Fang?And didn’t do business with you,What kind of integrity do I talk about?joke。”Li Tianchou is not polite,At the time Wu Fang forced to buy and sell according to Old Man Hua,He was not happy,But after life and death, he recognized Wu Fang,Even if it defaults to ten days。But the help to Hua Yun comes from the heart,He does not accept this similar transaction。So I really don’t have the slightest interest in cooperation with the custard niche in front of me。
“Then you want to go back?Wu put it inside and wiped his butt in exchange for this ending?”Yuan Hua changed his routine,There is no concealment of threat in the words。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fourteen Two strangers
Li Tianchou hates being threatened,And don’t have a good impression of Yuan Hua,Hearing this remark, there was a faint anger in my heart,It’s just because of Wu Fang’s face inconvenience,“I did not promise anything,Talk back?As for the matter between me and Wu Fang, it has nothing to do with you。If you insist on getting caught,Why don’t we call Hua Lao,See what he says。”After speaking, he took out his phone。
This trick is very useful,Yuan Hua’s face is uncertain,But it changed in just a moment,“Haha,Serious again?Your man is really a rash person,Wu Fang was right。I promise I won’t joke anymore。Actually Wu Fang and I have the same mission,You can think of us as one person,Are here to clean up your troubles,Regardless of each other。”
But Li Tianchou was even more unhappy when he heard it,This person is young,Sophisticated,Changing faces is faster than turning a book,Two out of ten sentences are really good,How could Wu Fang have such a colleague?
Secretly shaking his head,Li Tianchou can’t manage that much,Didn’t you claim to come to help??I’ll send you work,As long as you don’t get around Lao Tzu, you’ll burn incense。Thought of here,Li Tianchou smiled,“I’m stingy。Since the deadline given by Hualao is not much,I will try my best to help,But two things are quite distracting,Is it troublesome??”
“tell me the story。”
“The first thing is to find someone for me,This person’s surname is Qiu,Live behind our restaurant,Now it is said to be in the field,I want to find him;Second thing,Help find a house,Size doesn’t matter,If it’s a little bit, no one will bother you,I am useful。”

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October 2

“Also,Or just like this,The company gave it to Zhang Siwei,She manages。”Zhao Gang said。

“I?No way,Do you think i’m very leisurely?”Zhang Siwei asks Zhao Gang。
“His company,The model has taken shape long ago,Easy to manage,Don’t worry,Zhu Yi didn’t manage it by himself before,Uncle Zhu is behind him to assist him,Your ability is stronger than Zhu Yi,You just put a name,Your management is not a problem。”Zhao Gang analyzed。
“in fact,I think what Zhao Gang said is right,Sell to others,Rush to sell,Can’t sell it,Might as well manage it for you,Wait one day,I have a baby,I have a nest when I come back,Not homeless。”Zhu Yi said sadly。
“or,I see this,Cut the mess,Current situation,You can’t handle so much property at once,Wait for your house,Just transfer to my name,Zhang Siwei and I will each give you 500,000,You can live with peace of mind for a while,Don’t come back in ten or eight years。”Zhao Gang thought about it。
“Where can i go?Definitely not in the city,Can only go herding sheep in the mountains。”Zhu Yi thinks of the future life,Head is big。
“Are there any scars on your body?,More than ten years later,Everyone is old,I’m afraid we won’t know you when you come back。”Zhao Gang suddenly red eyes,
Zhang Siwei is about to cry too。
“you are right,Let’s leave a note,My child will come to you in the future,There is a certificate。”Zhu Yi said seriously。
“Zhu Yi,We all reluctant to leave you,but,Life is important now,Can only do this,If your children come to us in the future,rest assured,Zhao Gang and I will treat him very well。”Zhang Siwei shed tears while talking。
Zhu Yi choked and nodded,“it is good,I listen to you,My dad please give it to you,Hope he gets better soon,Please tell him that he has never given birth to my son,Don’t worry and be angry for me。”
“it is good,Don’t stay long,The sooner the better,Long night dreams,I’m afraid you won’t be able to go,Hurry up。”Zhao Gang is also sad。
Zhu Yi really bought a painting,Cut into thirds,Also drafted an agreement,Triplicate,One per person,After finishing these three people crying in the living room of Zhu Yi’s house。

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September 26

I don’t know if I should talk to Li Huiyang’s background.。

Li Hui Feng did not care about these,When he came back again,The teacher never finger points to him.。
Especially loose rain,Look at his eyes, there is a panic and pleasant。
The loose rain is also never thought of the new Li Hui wind, what is not in accordance with the settlement。
But that is, this kind of result is surprisingly out of the route.。
This makes him in his heart and is a hate.。
Just this time I played Wu Feiyang,The last cleaned land repair,He knew that Li Hui’s good days came to the head.。
Previously, Lu Jia wanted to find someone to pick up Li,Just have no chance。
Now plus a Wujia,Li Hui Feng is in the disaster.。
If Li speaks from the wind,So the class teacher of the high school class is still not him。
So much,He smiled again。
come back to the office,The teachers around them are also praise for Li.。
Yuan Meng is even directly to Li Hui Rong.:“Teacher Li,I have no self-study this evening.,Do you want to watch a movie together??
I just have two movie tickets.。”
Looking at a spring water in Yuan Meng’s eyes,How can Li Hui’s meaning will not understand the meaning of each other?。
I immediately laughed:“Teacher Yuan,I am still a thing tonight.,May no time,But I invite you anymore.,How about it?”
I heard this,Yuan Dream is somewhat lost,But Li Hui said that she asked her to change the day.,Her eyes are not lit up again。
“Then let’s make a word!”
Looking at Yuan Dream to extend the slim hand。
Li Hui Hui is also gently holding it with each other.。
“A word。”
Chapter 1436 Pharmaceutical
Just shaking hands,Li Hui Feng, but I feel that the other party uses a small thumb to gently hook his hand palm.。
At the same time, I looked at the smile in the eyes of each other.,He seems to have some understanding of each other.。
“Let me find the principal.,Mr. Yuan, you are busy first.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s panic,Yuan Meng felt that he was a step by Li Hui Feng again.。
In particular, Li Hui’s panic looks that she feels the other party is a pure little boys who have not talked about love.。
Even before Li Hui Feng so direct rejection,She has come to Li Hui, I have not talked about love.。
Li Hui came to the principal office,The principal is helpless。
“Teacher Li,Do you know that you have a big disaster?,Listening to me, you still have a cleanliness.!Wujiayi single biography,This Wu Feiyang’s old probability will not let you go.。”
“Old principal,I am not afraid of this.,What I am doing, you should also know some,I will not go before the mission is not completed.。”
“You don’t go,But if you have something,I can’t keep you.,You’d better be tangled directly to the above leaders.。”
The old principal is completely for Li with the wind.。
Li Hui Feng also understands the pain of the old principal.。
I nodded when I laughed.。

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September 23

A little harder,This guy howled:“Heroes,Spare,I’ll take you!”This house seems to have seen too much martial arts,That’s why he got such a group of people out to mess around。

“listen,Don’t come out and bully people,If I hit,Be careful I interrupt your dog legs”Xia Jian said,Stomped Dong Yixuan’s ass severely,This guy will jump forward,Climbing with his brothers and sisters。
Xia Jian patted the dust on his hands,Walking towards the factory gate with a very chic appearance。
Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps behind him,Xia Jian hurriedly turned around,I saw Dong Yixuan and the monkey holding a long wooden stick in their hands,Rushed towards him。Behind them,And four yellow hairs,They also do everything in their hands。
Hey!It seems that he is not convinced,I have to show them some color。Xia Jiangang thought of this,The stick in the monkey’s hand carries the wind,And hit him diagonally on the shoulder。No start,It seems that he is still afraid of killing people,Explain that conscience is not particularly bad。
Talking late,When is it fast,Xia Jian turned around,Rise up,The right foot kicked the wooden stick in the monkey’s hand with all its strength。Xia Jian’s foot,Haven’t used it for a long time。
Just listen to the snap,When the stick in the monkey’s hand touched Xia Jian’s right foot,This stick breaks at the waist,The monkey’s arm was numb。This scene in front of you,Frightened Dong Yixuan who was about to jump up,I saw him both really looking at Xia Jian’s foot,I feel that this leg is not long,But made of iron。
The monkey is stupid,It took him a long while to tell Dong Yixuan:“Xuan Ge!Let’s surrender!He is so amazing”
Scream,The wooden stick in Dong Yixuan’s hand fell to the ground,He stuttered:“Sorry,It’s because we don’t know Taishan,Offended you many times。We surrender”
“Humph!It’s light,Is it over if you admit defeat??I met you today,If it’s someone else,Wouldn’t it make you beaten up??How about this!It doesn’t matter if you admit defeat,Come with me to the police station!”Xia Jian said with a serious face。
When Dong Yixuan heard that Xia Jian was going to take him to the police station,I’m nervous now,He yelled:“Big brother,Just let me go this time!There will never be another time。I’m not afraid to enter the police station,I’m afraid that if my dad knows this,His condition will get worse again”
“Bunny,You still have a conscience”A woman’s voice came from the corner。Then came out a middle-aged woman in her fifties,Next to her was a beautiful girl who was twenty-four or five years old。
When Dong Yixuan saw these two people,I want to turn around and run outside,How could Xia Jian let him run away?,I stretched out my hand and put it on his neck,Took him abruptly。
“Just like you,Bring people to fight?”Pretty girl talking,Came over and gave Dong Yixuan two big slaps。
Middle-aged women,Busy saying:“Xuan Xuan,Don’t make any mess,A big girl is not afraid of others’ jokes”
“mom!Why are you here?”Dong Yixuan lowered his head,Asked a little scared。

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September 21

Qi Rui drove directly to the small building they lived in Matsukawa Rin Taro,He ordered them to immediately put some black gold transferred back full team,Leaving only a small part of the group plans to continue the implementation of black gold。

Rui Rui grabs the time to develop a Northern Needar Program,Shigeharu Matsumoto and Mount Konoe played their very name has become clear,That is to let the lurking avatar as the northern polar star as the devil bomber guide direction and goals.。
Around this focus,Qi Rui spent half a day to finish the latent Program Outline,Qi Rui in the office the next day wrote a training program outline,Then he’ll pick up ZHUANG Xiao Man hand to stop,According to Qi Rui confidentiality of these documents are locked in a safe in the office。
After he was gone,Two office Colonel,One is Masanori Tanaka,Another is the shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao,That they have come a long pool Shunsuke office,Shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao command people to open the safe,The long pool inside Shunsuke just written plan to take out。
Shaozui smiled after the Northern Polar Scheme and the Training Outline.。
“Junior Colonel shadow,You do not appropriate it!”Tianzhong Zhengxian said,
Yingzuozhenzhao smiles:“There’s nothing inappropriate,Matsumoto o’clock yesterday re-treatment with long pool, Major said the plan,And let him develop plans as soon as possible,That day a complete training program and latent basically completed,Further aspects of the considerations are taken into account!What does this?”
“Description Shunsuke long pool of very capable!”
“Yes,Shunsuke long pool worthy of the top students,His plan is almost perfect!No wonder the guards let him head of all concerned。”
“But the shadow Colonel Sato directly asked him to look at is not the same?”
“Different,So he gave me perhaps not those of the,I Guards instead of the Prime Minister to examine him,It is necessary to understand the most realistic pool long Shunsuke。”
“understood,So this program is no problem?”
“Although I haven’t been written yet,But this is more than my expectation.,very good,Tian Zhongjun,This plan will be approved quickly,At that time you have to give a comprehensive support with Longchi Baozuo,Including all aspects of training sites and basic necessities of those agents,These costs will be earmarked in the Cabinet!”
“I must have a strong support!Do you want to see Xiao Chuo??”
“That is no need.,I have to see a few people.,Let these files go back.!Jiu Chijun Acacia,I am afraid I can’t hung my eyes.。”
“I’d like to see if he can see it。”Tian Zhong Zhengxian carefully put the documents back to the original place,He looked no problem before leaving。
Qi Rui didn’t know that his safe was opened by Shao Zhao.,At this moment, he has already replaced the custom suit from Zhuang Xiaoman to enter the Migo Song and Ballroom.。
“Long pool,Are you the first time to come to this songroom??”Zhuang Xiaoman asked,
“It really is。”
“The boss here is a communication flower than me.,It is said to be a mixed bleeding in China,Long and beautiful。”
“It seems that Gu Chunhui and Wang Fuzhen are very familiar with this beautiful boss.。”
“It should be that the Japanese people behind the beauty boss come back.。”
“Japan’s big beautiful mixed race,I really want to know about it.。”
Enter the hall,Several people greeted up,Qi Rui to see are basically acquaintances,The beauty of the cheongsam in the middle is harmful and more,唐曼 Ching!Shanghai first communication flower in the horror,Finally, I will die for love.,The ruined wood will ask her to ask her why she wants to protect the Chenshan and Chen River.,Because I am Chinese!Her answer makes people movement。
The original rice boss is Tang Manqing,A respectable woman,She doesn’t have any party camp,Just because of falling in love with people Chen Rong final Xiang Yuyu,Chen Ren should have never thought of such a woman really will die for love.。
“Long Pool less Zuo Da driving to make Mi Gaomei is a glow!”Wang Fusi first joke,
“Long pool, less Zuozhen is the wind of the wind.,Miss Zhuang is really a good blessing.!”Gu Chunhui also flattered,
“I finally saw the famous long-term pool of Jijun.,Little female Tang Manqing!”
Qi Rui, Wang Fuzhen and Gu Chunhui,It is the color of Tangman, but also:“Miss Tang!Hello!Long-term name,Also think more than a lot of care。”
“I invited a long time to take a long time.!”
“Class long!You are coming!”Wang Munchun also wore a gorgeous dress to say hello,

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