May 11

Do not accept, red envelopes! Medical institution staff is clean and professionally released

  On November 16th, the National Health Committee issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Integrity of the Medical Institutions", requiring all localities to implement the medical institutions to implement the "nine criteria" in the review and evaluation, the importance of hospital inspection content. It is necessary to implement the "Nine Criteria" in the "Nine Criteria" to the annual assessment of medical and health personnel, medical ethics evaluation and physician’s regular assessment, and linked to individual treatment.

It is necessary to strictly implement responsibility investigation, and the "nine guidelines" is not completely caused by serious problems, in addition to pursue the responsibility of the parties, it should also be considered seriously, the relevant personnel responsibility of health, medical insurance and medical institutions should be investigated.

  In December 2013, the former national health planning committee and the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration jointly issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Nine Not Qi "of the Construction of Medical and Health", in strengthening the construction of medical and health industry, serious industry discipline, and resolutely correct A positive guidance role in harming the interests of the masses in medical and health. In order to further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, honor, standardize practicing behavior, and promote the professionalism of the new era of medical and health personnel, and guide the formation of the industrial environment of the wind, protect the high-quality development of health care, national health and health The Committee with the National Medical Saving Bureau, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in response to the highly prominent problems of the current health care field, based on "Nine Not allowed", jointly formulate the issuance of the "Nine Criteria for Medical Institutional staff." The National Health Committee said that the "Nine Criteria" is the integrity basic standard for all staff in the medical institution. It is the specificization of the morality, practice norms, and the demands of the masses. "Who is responsible for" Who is responsible for "" Industry management requirements for the management of the management industry, the basic behavior bottom line is divided into the majority of medical staff.

  After the implementation of the "Nine Criteria", "nine is not allowed" is abolished at the same time.

The National Health and Health Administration requires the health and health administrative departments at all levels to actually play the role of the unity of the unpredictable ventilation in the pharmaceutical purchase and sales and the medical services, strengthen the coordination and cooperation of relevant departments such as medical insurance, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of "nine guidelines". behavior.

For the medical and health personnel who violate the "Nine Guidelines", according to the circumstances, according to the severity, according to the severity, the administrative regulations are violated, and the administrative department is given; violating party discipline inspection and supervision organs; suspected of crime The transfer of the judiciary is handled according to law. For a typical case, you should report regularly. The following is "The Nine Criteria of Medical Institutions Integrity and Profession Nine Criteria" full-text medical institution staff is clean and professionally, legal, paying, paying for business commissions.

Pay according to law according to law. It is strictly forbidden to use the practice of the practice; Location purchase of pharmaceutical consumables and other products; Second, strict the principle of integrity, do not participate in fraud fraud.

According to the law, use the medical security fund to comply with the management of medical insurance agreements, and inform the medical services in the payment range provided by the medical insurance.

It is strictly forbidden to induce, assist others to knew or fake medical treatment, purchase medicine, provide false proof materials, and strictly defrauded, and set the medical security fund. Third, according to the regulations, do not implement excessive medical treatment.

Strictly implement various rules and regulations, and should explain the condition and medical measures to the patient in the diagnosis and treatment.

It is strictly forbidden to increase the risk of excessive treatment and excessive inspection of medical institutions or for personal interests, giving patients to increase unnecessary risks and cost burden. Fourth, comply with the working procedures and do not violate the regulations.

Accept the donation according to law. It is strictly prohibited that the medical institution staff will receive a donation funding of stakeholders in their own name, or in the name of the unit, and accordingly, the patient is treated.

  5. Adhere to confidential guidelines, do not disclose patient privacy. Ensure information security in the patient’s hospital.

It is strictly forbidden to collect, use, processing, transfer, revealed, and selling patients in medical institutions in medical institutions. Sixth, obey the need for diagnosis and treatment, not profitable for patients.

Objective and impartiality and reasonable use of medical information according to patients need to use medical resources. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to seek medical institutions to designate medical institutions to designate medical institutions for the purpose of obtaining personal interests. 7. Maintain the order of the diagnosis and treatment, do not destroy the fairness of medical treatment.

Adhere to the principle of equal equality and build a fair medical environment. It is strictly forbidden to use a number source, bed source, shortage of medical resources such as drug consumables, etc. Eight, build a harmonious relationship, do not accept the "red envelope". Adhere to the medical ethics, strict self-discipline.

It is strictly forbidden to request or receive the gift, gift, consumer card and price securities, equity, other financial products, etc.

  Nine, abide by the bottom line, do not accept the rebate of the company. Compliance, clean and easy. It is strictly forbidden to receive medical products such as drugs, medical equipment, medical equipment, medical and health materials, business enterprises or distribution people to rebate in any name and form; it is strictly forbidden to participate in the banquet or tourism, fitness, entertainment, etc. Activity planning. The staff within the medical institution, including, but not limited to, health professional technicians, managers, logistics personnel, and other social practitioners who have managed in medical institutions, and accept the requirements of the "Nine Guidelines", obeying management Strictly implement. For those who violate the above requirements, according to the management authority according to law.

If the relevant provisions such as laws and regulations are in line with the statutory punishment, it can be based on the "People’s Republic of China Social Insurance Law" "Social Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China" "People’s Republic of China" Donation Law, "The Physician Law of the People’s Republic of China" "Nurses Regulations" "Medical Dispute Prevention and Treatment Regulations" "Regulations on the Administration of Medical Security Funds", Medical Security Fund, Regulations on the Administration of Medical Security Funds The prescription management measures have ordered the provisions to correct, give a warning, give relevant personnel or department to stop or terminate medical insurance settlement, recover the medical security fund, confiscate illegal income, and fined, suspend office rights or practicing activities until the practice of the practice certificate According to the law, relevant agencies and personnel responsibility shall be investigated; according to the provisions of the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, the provisional provisions of the discipline of institutions, the provisional provisions of the discipline of the business units, warn, remember, reduce positions or dismissal, and eliminate the punishment. The relevant personnel are processed according to law; according to the provisions of the "medical institutional practitioners", they will give criticism and education, cancel the evaluation of evaluation, acquisition, acquisition, dismutuary, disruption, etc., by the unit Processing according to law. The relevant personnel violates Party discipline, and the transfer of discipline inspection and supervision is given to party discipline; suspected of crime, transfer the judicial organs to investigate criminal responsibility. For the person in charge of the medical institutions that violate the "nine criteria" behavior or cause a bad social impact, etc., in accordance with relevant regulations, accountability.

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May 7

60 dagen wit haar terug? Laat u niet geoogst "IQ"

  Tekst / Meng Wei 60 dagen witte haren stijgt, zoals een Qiji, je gelooft in de zogenaamde "black hair gezondheidsproducten" reclame vrijgegeven door een korte video platform, stelt dat zijn product is "minder wit" gospel, beweren over te nemen 60 dagen Laat het witte haar direct "return" en verdere fraude via het netwerk sociaal platform na het aantrekken van de stroom. Een paar dagen geleden, werd de fraude bende verbrijzeld door Shanghai Yangpu politie, en de bij de zaak betrokken bedrag is meer dan 10 miljoen yuan.

(11 november 新 新闻) tot 60 dagen te zeggen, kunt u het witte haar terugkeer te laten, het is gewoon de echte versie van de "God Doctor Universe".

De feiten ook gebeuren om te bewijzen dat zo’n magische "zwart haar gezondheidsproducten" is gewoon dat de oplichters de strijd van de "Chinese geneeskunde Familie, de Golden Fang" wordt gekletst. Zij maken gebruik van de dringende psychologie van de bevolking die er last van de bevolking door witte haren. Het is een zeer aantrekkelijke fenotype van 60 dagen van de korte cyclus, en dan maakt gebruik van de familie. De Chinese geneeskunde in de oude Chinese geneeskunde is gebonden. "Drie geen "producten.

  In feite is het niet genoeg om de kracht van het slachtoffer te hebben, en de ruggen van de leugenaars zijn inderdaad dieper.

Uit de media-exposure, ze zijn niet individueel gedrag, maar een met voorbedachten rade bende gekruist. Ze hebben verkleed als "artsen" in het toezicht op relatief losse online sociale platform, vol van "haarzakjes", "lever nier is niet goed", "behoefte conditioning", enz. Het lijkt erop dat "professionele" diagnostische conclusies en standing achter, zoals "Doctoral The Yuanyuan Wellness Center ” Deze zogenaamde beroepskwalificatie certificaat.

Het is ook geen wonder dat de 54 mensen fraude bendes bijna 1.000 slachtoffers hebben bedrogen in het hele land. "Je hebt Zhang Liang, heb ik een muur ladder", ik moet leren om de trucs te ontmoeten in het gezicht van de truc. Het is niet moeilijk om erachter te komen van de politie onderschepte "Sample" screenshots, en het gezamenlijk gebruik van de oplichters is niets meer dan: Eerst wordt het slachtoffer communiceert niet met de familie en de "goede" is een self-teelt van . de "goede" Ingredi?nten artikelen, de aarzeling van het slachtoffer, vraagtekens bij de Chinese geneeskunde, laat de Chinese geneeskunde een back-boek, de derde is om je geld uit te geven, als je geen geld zeggen of als u wilt om effectief te zijn, zullen ze beginnen mond tot mond reclame, garantie. Let op de bovenstaande functies. We kunnen niet altijd worden geoogst "IQ Tax", is het tijd om te leren tegen de weg. In de eerste plaats voor deze zogenaamde "special effects producten" kunnen wensen om online te gaan Baidu eerste, kan een lichte ophalen van de witte haren te krijgen en zwart is niet zo eenvoudig. Bovendien is het probleem dat het ziekenhuis niet kan oplossen "Remedi" hoeft niet per se te gebruiken, en de arts die kan gaan naar het ziekenhuis voor overleg, immers, ze zijn gezaghebbende oplossingen.

Tot slot, voor geen effect, of ongemak symptomen, is het noodzakelijk om uit te schakelen en kies alarm, dat is de koning van de stop loss. Natuurlijk, in het gezicht van de welig tierende, is het niet mogelijk om zich aan de consument te sturen, maar ook agglomeraat meer samen. De afdeling netwerk toezicht moet het gedrag van het netwerk van de ruimte te nemen, zoals regelgevende verantwoordelijkheid, beperking korte video platform, focus op de "gezondheidsproducten" "oude" "God geneeskunde", etc. Tegelijkertijd moeten de familieleden ook verantwoordelijkheid te nemen, vooral de oude mensen die hun families te helpen om het product te identificeren om hen te helpen te weten de zwendel, en minder doen of niet te betalen "IQ".

Verantwoordelijke uitgever: Wang Shi Wei.

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May 1

Cultivated land "Panda" turned into – Gongzhuling City promotes the protection of black soil

Original title: "Panda" turned into how to tighten "food bag", keep the black land protection bottom line, stable food safety heavy? A black soil defending war. With the "rebirth", "I have begun to protect the protection of farming for 5 years, the gap is not a general big!" Standing on Tian Hao, saying that the benefits of black land protection, Li Zhenjun is endless.

Li Zhenjun is the chairman of the Dongxing Long Agricultural Machinery Operation Professional Cooperative of Chaoyang Town, and the land under his feet is the experimental demonstration area of ??the black soil protection project in Gonglings. The land is the hunt of farmers, but also the source of farmers’ income and rich. With the destruction of traditional farming and the erosion of natural sand, it has become "fertilized" to the dark soil "malnutrition".

"This place is also ‘years old, getting more and more hard." Looking at "comrades" with yourself half a lifetime, Li Zhenjun is full of distress, and it is no longer. In 2015, our province launched the promotion of black soil protection utilization pilot project.

The work of the Gongzhuling pilot area has been fully launched. Li Zhenjun took the way of the policies and began their own agriculture "transformation and upgrading" road.

After the harvest of autumn maize machinery, the straw crushing cover surface (the straw crushing is not good, it is dualized), using the mount of the mountaine tractor to over-turn, the depth is 30 cm, then in the autumn and spring heavy bundles twice. "Scientific seeds are really unspeakable. This corn straw is smashed down to returning the Fei Tian technology. The direct effect is that the corn in the corn is about 10%." Last year, in the absence of three typhoon invasion, " The technical plot has almost no inverted, the land "fertilizer", the corn root is like the eight-legged fish, and there is a significant advantage in the water storage and stabilization production. Li Zhenjun tasted the sweetness. This year, 700 hectares of land will all use straw in 700 hectares of land.

Do a good job in the use of black land protection, it is an important starting point to the implementation of "Tibetan Full, Tibetan Food". 2015-2017 Gongloud City implemented black land protection area of ??100,000 mu, implemented black land protection area of ??500,000 mu, effectively improved the physical and chemical nature of soil, and was recognized by farmers.

The cultivated land has a grain collection of the warehouse Shuangchengnao Town to the west of the city of the city village, 3 large horsepower tractors traction no -gravous sorting machine simultaneous operation, Xingbang Family Farm Farm, Cuisuo, the mobile phone input information, the fertilization situation of his own block is clear . "The soil is a money tree, fat is a treasure basin.

"Fertilizer is the most critical nutrition for crop growth.

However, in the past, farmers lacked the knowledge and technology of scientific fertilization, in order to increase production, fertilization "a shelling", nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilization application and crop soil actual demand did not match, but caused soil knot and weakened land fertility. Excessive agricultural production is over-relying on fertilizer, and the land plunder will be buried for food sustained production.

In order to guide farmers’ scientific and reasonable fertilization, the Gongzhuling City Agricultural Technology Promotion Terminal vigorously promotes the termination of the sterilization and fertilization project, with the new agricultural business main body as a carrier, to apply the big data platform as a means, from the issuance of fertilization card to establish expert fertilization system, promote chemical fertilizer The increase in the development of the extension. "After the annual food harvest, agricultural technology promoters will choose 4 points to collect soil samples in my block, and provide professional guidance recommendations for us through soil sample analysis.

"Cui Xueyu told reporters that with the improvement of black land protection, more and more environmentally friendly fertilizers appeared in the field.

Not long ago, more than 500 hectares of land in the Fangbang family farm lapeted.

By purchasing service, the government will ferment livestock feces and straw piles, which can not only make food grains full, but also increase soil organic matter, and maximize ecological benefits and economic benefits.

In recent years, there have been projects such as soil, black land protection, straw comprehensive utilization, etc., and the total amount of chemical fertilizer use.

In the Dongliao River Basin, the green high-yield high-efficiency project is implemented, and there are 10,000 mu of black land protection and straw comprehensive utilization project. In 2020, the city’s fertilizer uses 10,000 tons, which is reduced from 10,000 tons last year.

Protecting the "rice bowl field" to do excellent sustained in the sixth villages of Nanyuzi Town, the corn ridge is clear from a wide narrow, and the straw coverage is clear.

The straw in the Niu Qing Dynasty, the soft black soil is panned, and the hand can be used.

"After a few years of protection, the land is significantly improved, and the grain production per acre has increased by 200 pounds. The black land is back, and our days have also happened to change the earth." In the Gongzhuling, it relies on the protection of black land like a Niu Qingguo. There are still many farmers who get up.

5 years of practice, Gongzhuling has established a sound black land protection and utilization system, and the social service organization of cooperatives in the project area involved in straw returning, organic and fertilizer manufacturing technology has reached more than 90. Through the implementation of the project, the average level of cultivated land in the project area will increase the average level; the soil organic matter has an average increase of%; the thickness of cultivated layer reaches centimeters; 20 cultivated land quality monitoring points.

A string of joyful numbers is the fruit of the promotion of the protection of black soil, but also to ensure that the grain output is stable in a bottom gas of 6 billion pounds.

In terms of consolidating the national food security, Gongzhuling explored the copied, promoted, grounded Gongloud City straw smashing and turning to the overall supporting technology model, 2018 is listed by the Ministry of Agriculture as one of the technical modes of Northeast black land protection. The rush of the world is the world, and the black land is protected from the land of Lingcheng. Due to the top, mission, a agricultural high-quality development painting is slowly launched on the black land of Guangxi.

(Reporter Wang Wei) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long).

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April 28

China People’s Bank: will continue to support the construction of Hong Kong International Financial Center

  On December 9, the President of the People’s Bank of China, delivered speeches on the "Status and Outlook of Hong Kong International Finance Center".

He said that for many years, the People’s Bank has always worked closely with the Hong Kong Gold Management Bureau.

Looking forward to the future, Hong Kong International Financial Center construction opportunities and challenges, the People’s Bank will continue to support the construction of Hong Kong International Financial Center. Information picture.

Hong Kong and Mainland Financial Cooperation have expressed its important progress. Over the years, the People’s Bank has always cooperated with the Hong Kong Gold Management Bureau to firmly support the construction of Hong Kong International Financial Center.

Under the joint efforts of all financial colleagues, Hong Kong has made important progress in Hong Kong and Mainland Financial Cooperation, which is reflected in several aspects.

  First, a large number of mainland enterprises went to Hong Kong, and the number of mainland enterprises in Hong Kong listed companies accounted for more than half, and the stock market value accounted for more than 80%.

Second, Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Tong, bond pass and other mechanisms are smoothly operated and continuously optimized.

Third, Hong Kong is the world leading to the offshore RMB business.

Fourth, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District, building a Hong Kong International Financial Center to improve. Last year, the People’s Bank will introduce the "Opinions on the Construction of Financial Support Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau", which promotes the convenience of cross-border trade and investment in the Dawan District, and deepened the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao financial cooperation. . This year, "the" Reform and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening Plan of the Modern Service Industry in front of the Haihai Die Port "is further supported to further support the economic and social development of Hong Kong. Looking forward to the future, Hong Kong International Financial Center Construction Opportunities and Challenges Candles. From the perspective of opportunity, China’s high quality development will provide strong support for Hong Kong. In recent years, Hong Kong has been actively explored in the fields of "all the way" investment financing, financial science and technology, and green finance.

From the perspective of challenges, trade protectionism has been raised, superimposed new crown epidemic, and global economic and trade activities faces impact, Hong Kong is more affected as free ports.

The People’s Bank will continue to support the construction of Hong Kong International Financial Center, Hong Kong can play a role of bridgehead in the Mainland and the international market. The People’s Bank will continue to optimize all financial market Unicom mechanisms to better meet the needs of domestic and foreign investors.

Hong Kong can continue to improve financial market services and consolidate the leading position in the global financial market. Second, Hong Kong can provide greater support for the "One Belt All Road". As an important portal of the Mainland enterprise "go out", Hong Kong can improve financial services to help mainland enterprises participate in the construction of "all the way".

As the Global Asset Management Center, Hong Kong also attracts more international investors to participate in the construction of "all the way". Third, Hong Kong can further develop RMB products and tools. Hong Kong plays an important role in the process of renminbi internationalization. Future can be based on Shanghai Shenhou Hong Kong, bond pass, cross-border wealth, etc., further expand the RMB denier product system, improve risk management tools.

  Fourth, Hong Kong can actively explore financial technology.

One of the three innovation centers established by the International Clearing Bank, one of the three innovation centers settled in Hong Kong.

With the support of the center, the People’s Bank, the Hong Kong Gold Management Bureau, the Thailand Central Bank and the Eli Emirates jointly promoted the multilateral central bank digital currency bridge project.

The People’s Bank also signed a memorandum of understanding of financial science and technology innovation supervision cooperation in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District.

In the future, the People’s Bank can continue to promote cooperation in the central bank’s digital currency and supervision technology, and fully explore the development potential of financial science.

  Fifth, Hong Kong can vigorously develop green finance.

The People’s Bank and the Hong Kong HKMA are all members of the central bank and regulatory agency’s green financial network (NGFS) and sustainable financial international platform (IPSF), will continue to support the development of the Hong Kong green financial system.

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April 18

Canada Central Bank: om duurzame werkgelegenheid te maximaliseren, kunt u een hogere inflatie tolereren

Lezen: de Bank of Canada zei dat om werkgelegenheidsdoelen te bereiken, de CPI-inflatie kan worden getolereerd tot 3% in de bovengrens van 3% in een bepaalde periode en in sommige gevallen lage rentetarieven te behouden. Xinhua Finance Beijing December 14 (Wang Xiaowei) Gezamenlijke verklaring in de Centrale Bank van de Canadese Centrale Bank en het Ministerie van Financi?n, bijgewerkte het monetaire beleidskader in de komende vijf jaar, inclusief "maximaliseren van duurzame werkgelegenheid" als de centrale bankrechten. Na het laatste valutasader van de Bank of Canada is de Amerikaanse dollar eenmaal gewapend met de Canadese dollar, en hij had een halve druppel sinds 6 december.

De Bank of Canada zei dat om werkgelegenheidsdoelen te bereiken, de CPI-inflatie kan worden getolereerd tot 3% van de tussenpozen van 3% gedurende een bepaalde tijd en de lage rentetarieven in sommige gevallen te behouden. De Bank of Canada belooft uit te leggen "wanneer de inflatiecontrole-sectie-flexibiliteit in het kader is", is de gebruikte voorwaarden "" zijn "de interim-inflatie naar verwachting die in 2% is uitgeschakeld", en het inflatie-doel is nog steeds in de missie van de inflatie . De eerste plaats. De gezamenlijke verklaring blijkt dat de Bank of Canada 2% van het inflatie-doelwit zal handhaven dat is gedefinieerd door de algemene wijze van CPI12-maandwijziging in het bereik van 1% tot 3%, die het inflatie-richtingskader voor 1991 voortzet, de volgende overweging of revisie bij het einde van 2026. De bovenstaande inflatiecontrole bereiken en 2% zijn het offici?le doel met het monetaire beleidskader 2016, maar de Canadese regering heeft uitdrukkingen toegevoegd over het realiseren van werkgelegenheidsdoelstellingen in de "takenlijst" van de centrale bank. De Bank of Canada verwacht dat de inflatie in de eerste helft van 2022 hoog blijft en vertraagt ??tot 2% in de tweede helft van volgend jaar.

De uitgebreide werkgelegenheidsgroei in de afgelopen maanden heeft de arbeidsparticipatie teruggegaan op het niveau vóór de epidemie.

De Bank erkent dat de nieuwe Crown Olderoke-variantstam vroege invloed produceert, die nieuwe onzekerheid injecteert voor economische herstel en inflatie-trend.

Deze verklaring laat zien dat de Bank of Canada ook wijst op de complexe factoren van het monetaire beleid, zoals wereldwijde financi?le crisis, nieuwe kroonepidemie, bevolkingsstructuur, nieuwe digitale technologie, klimaatverandering, langetermijnovergang naar broeikasgas nulemissies en een "Krachtige en inclusief Hui’s arbeidsmarkt" is het belang van het verminderen van inkomensongelijkheid en het ondersteunen van een sterke vraag van consumptie.

De Chief Canadian Strategist van Tao Ming-effecten zei dat sinds de vroege dagen van de nieuwe kroonepidemie de Canadese Centrale Bank een monetair beleid aan de arbeidsmarktresultaten probeert te koppelen. De invoering van het belang van de werkgelegenheid zal "meer toekomstige flexibiliteit bieden . " Sasanfouladirad, de econoom van de Canadese economische reisdienst, is van mening dat hoewel het herstel van de Canadese arbeidsmarkt sneller is dan de Verenigde Staten, de Canadese Centrale Bank niet eerder zal zijn dan de Amerikaanse fedsnelheid rentevoet, de reden is "het gemiddelde is" het gemiddelde Niveau van de Canadese familiebedrijf is veel hoger dan de VS, zal de centrale bank maken voordat u de rentetarieven verhogen, na te denken over de moeilijkheden waarmee de Canadese economie wordt geconfronteerd, en de centrale bank zal niet wachten tot juni 2002 wandeling.

"Editor: MA MENGWEI Verklaring: Xinhua Finance is een nationaal financieel informatieplatform gebouwd door Xinhua News Agency.

In elk geval vormt de informatie die op dit platform is vrijgegeven, geen beleggingsaanbeveling.

Xinhua Finance Verklaring: Dit artikel is alleen ter referentie en vormt geen beleggingsaanbevelingen. Beleggers moeten dienovereenkomstig opereren, overgedragen risico.

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April 15

Daytime View, night viewing lights Expo will stage two bright light show every night!

According to the general head of this light and shadow, Mao Cheng introduced that this light and shadow prepared 12 32,000 lumens of laser engineering projectors, 100 groups of stage lights and 36 sets of professional audio, and formed a professional production team,Experienced vision director is responsible for co-planning, music and video creation, stage lighting, on-site art guidance, program synthesis, etc., and strive to perfectly present a wonderful light and shadow performance for citizens.After the night, the light of the Grand River, outlines the beautiful night scenes of Hua Boyuan, Dream Century Hall, retro Fuxing Hall, beautiful bamboo vine … The beautiful night scene is intoxicated.

Welcome everyone to see Huo, while appreciating this gorgeous light and shadow performance.(Dongfang reporter Wang Shunting, correspondent Li Lin reported on May 18: Wang Hua, Xu Ping) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

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April 10

ADB established a new carbon fund to address climate change

[] The reporter has recently learned from the Asian Development Bank (ADD) that in the second sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change, the row issued a new carbon fund-climate action Catalytic Funds (CACF) to help ADB members achieve and gradually improve their national independent contribution (NDC) target. "The Established Climate Action Catalytic Fund is ADD to ensure that the Asia-Pacific region fully benefits from the development of the carbon market developed by Article 6 of the Paris Agreement," ADB’s competent expertise and sustainable deputy director – Sushan Donnu said, "Asian development members have received funds to achieve their national independent contribution goals and transformation to net emission economies.

"ADB has recently raised its goals, and will increase the climate financing amount provided by 2019-2030 to the development member to $ 100 billion.

ADB also promises to ensure that at least 75% of business will support climate actions.

All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

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April 1

Core Value Bai Player Forum 87

Yan Fenglin is currently the director of the Ethics of the Philosophy of the Central Party School, Professor, Ph.D. tutor.

The Chief Expert of the Theoretical Innovation Project of the Central Party School and the First Party ‘s Educational Boutique Class of the National Party School System.

He is part-time professor at the President of the Chinese Ethics Association, president of the Chinese Political Ethics Association, Vice President of the Beijing Ethics Association, a multi-purpose professor such as Tsinghua University, Central South University. He has been engaged in visits and academic investigations.

Long-term teaching and research work for political ethics, life ethics, comparative ethics, have hosted and participated in more than 10 national social fund major projects, key projects, general project research work, published "pursuit of class justice" "death, and later "" The Temple and Church ", etc. Xinhua Wen pick "" NPC newspaper copy information "and other authoritative publications. He has won more than 20 national and provincial-level teaching research rewards such as National Book Award, Excellent Dr. Tsinghua University Excellent Dr. Central Party School Excellent Research Achievements.

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March 25

China’s autonomous research and development new crown special effects drug anti-transition of different patients

  In Beijing Dika Hospital, new crown infected people accepted "sympathizing medication" named DXP-604 independently developed by my country.

After use, the patient’s viral load has fallen sharply, and the symptoms such as asthma, the olfactory reduction, etc., some patients have been rehabilitated.

  The first-line clinical manifestations of DXP-604 are expected to become a "black horse" of new crown characteristics, and more unique is that most of the other candidates use "pair of antibodies" to prevent new crown viruses, DXP-604 achieves "single antibody"Prevent variants.The drug was jointly developed by Beijing University Xie Xiaoliang team and Dan.

The Peking University team implemented screening of more than 8,000 candidate antibodies in just a few months.It is reported that the medication is for treatment only.

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March 18

The advantage of the cooperation between the Jin He is complementary, cracking the problem of straw returning in Binhai rice

  The advantages of Jinbei cooperation complement, cracking the total number of straw stalks in Binhai Rice Raise, the key technology, the new breakthrough from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Research were implemented together " Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies Research and Demonstration of Rice Straw Straw Straw Straw Straw in Hebei Binhai Rice District, currently has achieved a number of phased outcomes.

  Hebei Binhai Rice is located in the eastern coastal area of ??Hebei Province. It is a high-quality rice production base in the north. The rice planting area is about 1 million mu, and the number of rice straws produced annually is 700,000 tons to 800,000 tons.

In recent years, paper-making utilization and as a fuel utilization pathway gradually disappear, a large number of straw is discarded and incinerated, which not only causes atmospheric pollution, affecting the construction of beautiful rural construction, but also waste resources. From the actual situation of the comprehensive utilization of straw, straw returning fields are considered to be the most direct, economical and ecological way of straw resource utilization. However, due to the low temperature in the winter and spring, the straw returning is slow, causing natural rot to return to rice, tillering period overlap, seriously affecting the growth of seedlings. Therefore, the straw returning field has been difficult to accept by the majority of plantations. In order to solve this problem, the Binhai Agricultural Institute of Hebei Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences have jointly implemented the "Relationship between the Hebei Binhai Rice Rice Straw Full Straw Field" Project, both sides are in the fungicide Optimized application, returning field technology and fungicides research and development, etc. After transplanting, enter the slow rot to decrease, and reduce the harm to rice tillering; the key technical model of the rice straw returning to rice straw in Hebei, apply for 3 national invention patents, and apply for a utility model patent. 3 copyrights. At present, the above technical achievements are in the provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a farm, four farm and other frying, four farms, etc., the ecological and economic effects are obvious. The results of this technique are conducive to agricultural green, sustainable development, and wide application prospects. (Reporter Zhao Hongmei).

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