June 21

Lu Menglin frowned when he heard,If you didn’t know that the white-haired boy and Su Xuehen had known each other before,He had already slapped him to death。

In the past two years when Su Xuehen disappeared,How much happened,This is what Lu Menglin hopes to know at this moment,That’s why I can’t hold back。
“Lu Menglin!Don’t think you can hide from everyone,I have already figured out your details。”Ming Shizun suddenly turned his head,At Lu Menglin, he showed a self-confident smile and said。
Lu Menglin frowned,I wonder if this white-haired boy is a mad dog?I won’t mess with him,He also took the initiative to provoke me?Do you really like looking for death so much??
“I heard you set up a game company,Made a lot of money?Oh,Almost forgot,You can do some work,The Su family couldn’t look up just now?”Ming Shizun asked with a smile but a smile。
“Yes。Apart from being older,I can’t compare to me in other aspects.?”Lu Menglin is not in a hurry,Instead, he laughed casually。
Because he was suddenly curious,How much does this white-headed boy know about himself,What kind of hole cards are in hand?So arrogant,Abnormal!
“I heard that you are in trouble on Hong Kong Island,Not weak,Both black and white are delicious?Even the big business guys have to listen to you?”Ming Shizun keeps on smiling。
This time it’s Lu Menglin’s turn to be a little surprised,I didn’t expect this white-haired boy to know these secret things,It seems that I have made some serious investigation of myself。
“I like a challenging opponent like you!If you are just like the Su family,That would be boring。”Ming Shizun smiled。
This remark,The faces of the Su family present were not so pretty。
What does this Ming Shizun mean??Is he underestimating our Su family??
“Ha ha!I’m telling the truth,If I am not here today,Your Su family will definitely be trampled to the end by him,Because you don’t even know his true identity,Naturally can’t fight him。”Ming Shizun’s voice suddenly rose,Sternly。
This remark,Su’s family suddenly changed,Even the old man Su in the wheelchair frowned,Bright eyes,Seems to be thinking about what Ming Shizun said,I want to see this surnamed Lu,Who the hell is?

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June 19

Lu Menglin didn’t say a word,Instead, Huang Shaotian is courageous,Stride forward,Said:“We want to sacrifice to the bright dragon god!Do you dare to lend me an altar?”

Zhao Changqing squinted his eyes,I looked up and down Huang Shaotian,Sneer at it,Shook his head,Proudly:“Wuhao,What do you want?”
Lu Menglin raised his head,Lightly:“I am thinking very seriously,Is to save people first,Kill first!”
“kill?Haha!Wuhao, you are really fearless of the ignorant!This is Tianzun God City!Do you think it is in your lower planes??”Zhao Changqing laughed loudly。
“but,If you really want to die,I don’t mind playing with you,Fulfill you!After all, you are a well-known person,Can die in my hands,Decent。”
Zhao Changqing has a look of fearlessness,Mocking each other wantonly。
Because he feels he has the absolute upper hand,This time,There is no need to be kind to your opponent,The more arrogant he is,People will respect him more,Fear him!He, Zhao Changqing, wanted to put all the outstanding young people in God City under his feet.,Let them never stand up。
Wu Hao is only the first,But not the only one。
“it is good!I will play with you!Life and death!”The Dragon Battlefield on the side stood up without hesitation,Shen Sheng。
No one thought,Just stand up beside Wu Hao,They are all great masters who are not weaker than Zhao Changqing,Just look at this person’s attitude when challenging Zhao Changqing,As easy as eating and drinking,I know this person is unfathomable。
“What are you?Dare to challenge our deputy head?I’m itching my hands!Why don’t you let Lao Tzu play with you?!”A temple knight beside Zhao Changqing laughed。
This person is very tall,As strong as a bear,Wearing a set of light knight heavy armor,Carrying a long axe in his hand,I’m afraid it weighs half a ton,Majestic,Daunting。
Many people in Tianzun God City recognize him,The person speaking is Xiang Zuo, the squadron leader of the Knights of the Temple,This person has been sitting in Tianzun God City for a long time,Killed many foreign masters for the Guangming Dragon Temple,But a strong one,Even a proud man like Zhao Changqing,I also respect his strength,Never dare to neglect。
The voice has not fallen,I saw a cold light on the opposite side,Extremely fast,Overwhelming。
boom!Including Zhao Changqing,Almost all the temple knights present have not had time to react,I heard a crisp sound,Then I felt the chill。
I saw the knight squadron leader Xiang Zuo,The whole person was volleyed out,Slammed into the outer wall of the Guangming Dragon Temple,I even sunken in,And his chest,Half of the breastplate is broken,Revealed a scar of a scary knife。

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June 11

“Elder Tu,You are sure to let the butcher and the union,Fighting tournament,And is the Warrior Association an enemy??”

A word from old man Ma,Make the situation at the moment obvious。
Needless to say, Old Ma and Huang,Xia Chenglong gave the two of them before.,Must be maintained。
The warrior association is even more annoying,Was bloodbathed a few days ago,I’m on fire right now,If anyone dares to talk back, do it,It warrior,Haven’t been afraid of anyone yet!
For a while,These big guys are at war,As if we are going to do it the next moment,In fact, this is what they buy enough time for Xia Chenglong,To find the Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom。
Even if I can’t find it now,You can also give the other party plenty of preparation time!
“I think so,You go down with us,Then everyone looks,Even if you leave, there must be a Tujia by the side,So that everyone can accept。”
Patriarch practice now ignores things,It all depends on him, the great elder, to preside over,If you really fight these guys right now,No good for anyone!
Where would he not know,What are those subordinates,These guys just want to see what’s down here。
If you want to watch it, watch it,They only need to control where they can see!
The other elders seem to understand what Tu Xiong said,Also nodded in agreement!
“Chairman Ma,President Huang,So you are satisfied……”
“can,very good,We are also anxious,I just offended everyone,Make a loss here!”
Purpose achieved,Naturally did not make the atmosphere as tense as before,Elder Tujia frowned when he saw it,All smiles at the moment,I don’t know how many times I greeted them。
“Without delay,Then let’s go down!”

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June 4

See mother,Su Xuehen hurried forward,Waved。

The two mother and daughter quickly joined together,Those roadside idiots suddenly realized,No wonder the two mothers and daughters are so outstanding,It turned out to be a woman from Su’s house。
Seeing Lu Menglin also came,Su Yi was not surprised,Just calmly nodded at him。
“Aunt Su,Who are these people?Standing by the road early in the morning,Are you here to fight for rights??”Lu Menglin smiled,Casually found a topic。
Su Yi smiled slightly,Shook his head:“Every morning。These are all here to talk to the Su family,Because too many people come,Have to wait in line to get in。”
“Isn’t it?Your Su family used to operate a hospital?You have to queue up for registration?”Lu Menglin smiled。
Su Yi glared at him,Obviously I didn’t think this joke was so funny。
“After you go in,Don’t go around,Go to my room and rest。Especially you,Don’t mess with me!I will find a way to show the old man to Xuehen,Then let’s beg for old age
Grandpa,I hope this marriage can be cancelled。”
After Su Yi finished,Lu Menglin and Su Xuehen couldn’t help but glance at each other,I can see a little helpless in each other’s eyes。
It seems that Su Yi came to Su’s house in advance,Didn’t talk about any results!
Just look at her cautious look,I knew it hadn’t been written yet,Maybe he didn’t even see the face of the old lady in charge。Otherwise it won’t be this tone。
“Su family rules,Both of you must be cautious。Especially you,You better not show up!Ugh,I don’t know if it was the wrong choice to let you come!”Su Yi shook her head and sighed。

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May 31

after all,Even if the technology is really gone this time,With Daou’s ability,Another technology company,Not a problem。

Just now,It is the best policy to keep the technology ahead。And it’s almost impossible。
Baby Ou has a calm face,Knock on the table,“I just want to hear your opinions,Can speak freely。Make money and keep the market,Is the best choice。Keep up with Xianyan Technology,Is selected。End Xianyan Technology.”
Knock on the table again,“impossible。”Baby Ou sat up straight,“I firmly don’t allow this to happen。”
“Xianyan Technology,Must keep。If you can’t keep it,All of you attending today,Ready to resign。”
“.”Even Jin Yao was shocked。
Ou Baobao points to Jin Yao,“Including you。”
“I’m not taking you Liwei,I am not kidding。All those who attended today,From top to bottom,As long as anyone has a way to keep the technology,Get a bonus。Can’t keep it,Told me there was no way,Then you all,Resign to me。”Baby Ou looks at Jin Yao,“I will definitely give you the end of your retirement。Uncle。”
I’m afraid I’m not crazy。
Jin Yao didn’t care if he was fired,The question now is,It is obviously impossible to keep the technology ahead,Can only minimize the loss as much as possible,Such as reselling machines from companies,At least you can not lose too much。
It’s impossible for you to not understand this!!!
Then why do you want to be so stupid?,Say such a thing???
This to her inheritance,Is very unfavorable!!!If she treats these people today,All fired,Then the whole Daou will be turbulent for at least three days,Stocks will fluctuate!!Although it will not harm Daou,But it’s not a good thing。
Jin Yao is suddenly thankful now,Because Xianyan Technology is a small company after all,He didn’t call any heavyweight senior,Are the people in the two departments of Marketing Headquarters and Strategic Headquarters,Tricky.
just now,Jin Yao is already considering these people being fired,Helping relatives to deal with the aftermath。
Whenever,He is unconditionally on the side of Qinbao。After all, he is a child like his own daughter。
of course,He was thinking,Is this a strategy of my treasure?——She came to be a villain,Force these people to find a way,It’s the best if it becomes,Fail,Anyway, there is still Ms. Ou carrying it for her,Be good,Throw the resignations of these people into the shredder。Big Oudli。To big and small Ou Dong,There is no loss。

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May 23

Ye Mei regrets it,Why didn’t I be cheeky last night,And ask Brother Hu for a calligraphy,Write a few words!

The audience in the live room,Not to mention!Simply scary,Brother Hu really does everything。Take a picture,Five hundred thousand,A very good car!
Populus euphratica smiled:“It seems,I can really sell paintings for a living in the future!Someone is so generous。”
Everyone has eaten breakfast,Xu Hong and they are at the hotel,Have a special breakfast。And Lu Daqiang ate a few yuan on the roadside,Zhong Wenqiu and Teacher Ren came out after eating at home。
then,Everyone went straight to an antique market in Yixing today,It’s also a place where Teacher Ren often goes。
Teacher Ren told Hu Yang and others,Although Yixing is a historical city,The traditional craft atmosphere is very strong,But the antique market is doing poorly。Honestly,Teacher Ren often visits other places,Instead of Yixing。
There are few more formal antique markets,Near Post Building,People often set up stalls。Something over there,Almost no bargaining,Because it’s really cheap,No one sells expensive,So it’s a young man,It doesn’t matter if it’s true anyway,People didn’t ask for more money。
“Of course,Antique market everywhere,There must be four kinds of people。”Teacher Ren said。
Hua Zi is curious:“Those four kinds of people?”
He walked north and south with Brother Hu for so long,He did not summarize four kinds of people,So curious。
“con man、fool、Lunatic and swordsman。”
So-called liar,Naturally refers to the vendor,Fools refer to some customers,Madman is both possible,There are two kinds of knives,One is the vendor himself,The other is similar to middlemen。
And can run into scammers at the antique market near the post building,I can only say that your luck is a bit bad。
Teacher’s experience,As long as it is expensive,He just can’t buy。Whether you are true or not,I don’t want to pay,You can’t fool me。
Those cheap,Even if you buy fakes,It doesn’t matter!You can’t fool me into bankruptcy,Eat less for a few days at most,Just make it up!
His pension,Don’t allow him to be lavish,Besides, my wife is still in charge!
“In Yixing,You will definitely encounter purple clay pots and the like often,But don’t buy it casually,Especially expensive。Here,Although it is the production place of purple sandware,But there are many fakes,And made it fake,Many outsiders may be fooled。”Teacher Ren reminded。
He reminded,Naturally, people like Huazi,Brother Hu is unnecessary。

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July 17

2016年法国羽毛球公开赛八强战 中国队赢得满堂红

2016年法国羽毛球公开赛八强战 中国队赢得满堂红
­  新华社巴黎10月28日体育专电(记者张寒)法国羽毛球公开赛28日进入倒数第三天的赛程,五个项目全部决出四强,而中国队留在签表上的一名男单、两名女单、两对女双和两对混双选手全部晋级,其中不乏掀翻名将的精彩好戏。­  女双比赛中,都是19岁的陈清晨和贾一凡从开局落后的不利境地出发,以两个21:19击败来自丹麦的里约奥运会女双银牌得主彼得森/尤尔,预约了与奥运冠军松友美佐纪/高桥礼华的四强对话。­  另一对中国女双组合黄东萍和李茵晖也是战胜高排位对手之后杀入的半决赛,她们耗时70分钟,以18:21、21:12、21:13艰难淘汰赛会四号种子、印尼奥运组合波莉/马赫斯瓦里。黄、李二人的四强对手将是种子排位第六的韩国选手张艺娜/李绍希。­  中国队当日的混双表现也带着些小将奇兵的意味,陈清晨和同样19岁的郑思维直落两局掀翻世界排名第六的全英公开赛冠军、印尼组合乔丹/苏珊托,而且比分相对轻松——21:18、21:14。­  女双出奇迹的李茵晖也在当晚最后结束的一场比赛中搭档双料奥运冠军张楠,以没有世界排名的赛会8号种子身份对阵世界排名第15位的泰国组合阿米特拉派/伊萨拉,晋级混双半决赛。­  另外,男单独苗石宇奇打满三局击败印尼选手克里斯蒂,女单7号种子孙瑜和19岁的青奥会冠军何冰娇也战胜各自对手,晋级单打四强。­  以弱胜强的戏码当晚也在其他协会的选手身上展开,此前一天淘汰丹麦神童安赛龙的36岁韩国老将李炫一八强赛上续写传奇,2:0击败中国台北的赛会五号种子周天成,来自中国香港的两名男单选手伍家朗和许仁豪则分别淘汰3号种子约根森和6号种子孙完虎。­  总奖金30万美元的法国公开赛是2016年12站世界羽联超级系列赛的倒数第三站,包括陈清晨/贾一凡在内的很多选手仍在为跻身迪拜总决赛名单而战。

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June 7

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds is expected to star in the arcade game adaptation of the film Dragon Cave

“Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds is expected to star in the arcade game adaptation of the film “Dragon Cave”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On March 28, according to foreign media, actor Ryan Reynolds, who had played Marvel’s “Deadpool”, will work hard to play an iconic arcade game based on the 1980sA live-action movie based on “Dragon’s Cave”.Ryan Reynolds, who had good cooperation with Netflix, is in talks. He will star in the film’s actor.”Dragon’s Cave” game poster.It is reported that after nearly a year of negotiations, Netflix finally reached an agreement to obtain the copyright of the game “Dragon Cave”.The content of the game is the story of a knight who rescued the princess from the dragon and the wizard. According to reports, Netflix is very concerned about the project and has invited Dan Hagman and Kevin Hagman to write the script for the film.One of the co-producers of video games is Don Bruce, who once produced the series “Small Footsteps”, but the selection of the director is undecided.This is Reynolds’ cooperation with Netflix after “Ghost Attack: Combating Violence” and his second role in the game after “Avatar”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Zhang Yanjun

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June 1

Beijing Sports Bureau: Open ground sports and fitness venues in an orderly and orderly manner

Beijing Sports Bureau: Open ground sports and fitness venues in an orderly and orderly manner
Beijing News The Beijing Sports Bureau recently issued a notice of “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Ground Sports and Fitness Places Open during the New Type Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak” (“Beijing Public Fitness Prevention and Control Guidelines”).Implement the decision-making and relevant requirements of the Central and Beijing Municipalities on the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and sports fitness activities, promote the stable and orderly opening of sports fitness venues in this city, and better meet the fitness needs of the people.The scope of application of the Beijing ground fitness prevention and control guidelines mainly includes three categories, which are applicable to high-level sports fitness venues in this city.First, public sports venues, including public sports stadiums belonging to the country, cities, districts, and townships; second, national fitness facilities, venues, and paths; and third, operational sports and fitness venues, including various types of social capital investment in construction and operationOutdoor sports venues, including football fields, basketball courts, equestrian, golf, outdoor camps, etc.The outdoor sports fitness center is expected to be open in a safe, orderly manner.Figure / Vision China In the overall requirements, the Beijing Suburban Fitness Prevention and Control Guide clearly points out the responsibilities of subsidiary territories, additional departmental responsibilities, and common subject responsibilities.All units should strictly divide the “quartet responsibilities” according to the deployment and requirements of the Beijing New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work. According to the principles of prevention and control priority, emphasis, classification guidance, and orderly opening, the application report for the reopening of the local sports and fitness venuesPrepared, under the strict control measures for epidemic prevention and meeting the requirements of safe production, a stable and orderly open sports and fitness place.Beijing preventive measures.First, we must strengthen employee management and protection, do a good job of employee health management, implement health status reports, strengthen prevention and control education and training, and implement personal protection requirements.To carry out anti-epidemic knowledge training and health education for their employees, all front-line employees must undergo pre-job personal protection, disinfection procedures, temperature registration, ventilation and ventilation, abnormal personnel handling, emergency plan training and drills, and only after passing the assessment.Go to work.Urge employees to consciously abide by the prevention and control measures during epidemic prevention and control, and implement the “two points and one line” commuting mode.Workers must insert masks throughout the work and advocate non-contact services.Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to strengthen site management and prevention, including strengthening entry and exit personnel registration management, ensuring the normal operation of facilities such as hand washing, standardizing garbage collection and disposal, cleaning and disinfecting facilities, controlling staff size and density, avoiding aggregate fitness activities, and strengthening epidemic situations.Epidemic prevention and control propaganda, make preparations for prevention and control materials, and attach responsibility for the main body of production safety.In addition, the Beijing Air Fitness Prevention and Control Guide also put forward relevant requirements and guidance for making emergency response preparations and strengthening supervision, inspection, and rectification.Beijing News Editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Lu Qian

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June 1

Former national player Ma Jian talks about Chinese basketball: it is not a textbook on the arena

Former national player Ma Jian talks about Chinese basketball: it is not a textbook on the arena
Former Chinese men’s basketball player Ma Jian.Figure / social media Beijing News News The Basketball World Cup has ended, but the discussion about the Chinese men’s basketball team creating the worst record in the history of the World Cup has not dissipated.Yesterday, the former Chinese men’s basketball player Ma Jian published a long article on personal social media, and the text about his views on Chinese basketball gradually spread today, causing netizens to discuss.Ma Jian initially reviewed his own experience of going to the United States for development. “When I embarked on the United States in 1992 with the dream of basketball and knowledge, I didn’t know how big the difference between Chinese and American basketball was., Great, great!”For the gap between Chinese and American basketball at that time, he used three” big “to describe.Ma Jian recalled the details of the training in the United States: “The first class coach walked into the arena, began to scold with his big voice, began to scream wildly, let us lower the center of gravity on the court, and constantly move our footsteps, our seasonThe pre-training started like this.He believed that the stubbornness of the habit and system of wearing Chinese-style basketball on his body at that time exudes stubbornness. In fact, he should be regarded as “ignorant stubbornness” more often.Ma Jian, who was struggling to adapt to the American basketball system, had already met the basic requirements of American football by self-assessment.But he soon discovered that when entering the tactical details, the American style of play required shouting at each other, reminding that the voice of communication on the field was resounding throughout the stadium. “At this time, I already know that this is related to domestic‘哑巴’篮球有着根本的区别。”Ma Jian said that during training in the United States, it is impossible for players to make three-point shots outside the three-point line in a non-match form. The fixed technique is always to warm up from under the rim, and then gradually find the feeling of shooting.”Too many details, from the type of cooperation of two people to dozens of changes, to the cooperation of three people, the cooperation of five people . There are also bottom line cooperation, sideline cooperation, team fast break, these basic contents were at that time.At that time, there was no basic reference book and guiding concept in China.”Ma Jian admits that almost all domestic professional coaches have experience in studying in the United States. Some coaches seem to be good at textbooks and tactical books, which is very good, but these tactical route books don’t tell you why you want to go after the cover.Why did n’t you tell you what angle you need to cover in order to get the best chance? You did n’t tell you why the small one is out of bounds, and the big one is the safest to catch the ball on the field . “The comparison on the field is not how many textbooks you learn, not how many technical and tactical routes you will recite.In addition to basic knowledge, you must also understand the basic laws of basketball.Understanding, transitioning and becoming your own is the real mastery.”For the current situation of Chinese basketball, Ma Jian is very sorry.” We have spent a lot of money in these years, but our youth, time and talent far exceed these only material waste.As a former professional, I just share my feelings with my friends. Your future is more important than mine. I just hope to see the world and understand myself through this World Cup.I sincerely hope that our sports can be truly powerful, not blindly followed by entertainment.”Editor Wang Xihuang proofreads Wei Zhuo

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