January 19

[Ginger is not hair]_ effect _ effect

[Ginger is not hair]_ effect _ effect

I believe many people don’t know what food is, or what the hair refers to, so it may cause many people to fail to properly use the ingredients.

Hair products refer to the effects of foods that may entice the body to get sick or relapse, and everyone should avoid eating hair products.

The hair is mainly donkey, beef, etc. Ginger is also a kind of hair, because ginger can promote the body to heat.

What is hair?

Explained from the surface of the word alone, “fa” can be understood as “initiating, initiating, assisting”.

In other words, after eating a certain food, it may not cause illness; those who have been cured before, may relapse or even get worse after eating a certain food. These foods can be called “fat”.
What is the cause of the hair?

First, the animal food in the hair contains certain hormones, which can easily make some functions in the human body hyperactive or metabolic disorders.

For example, glucocorticosteroids can induce infection spread, ulcer bleeding, seizures, etc. when the physiological dose exceeds the physiological dose, causing recurrence of old diseases.

Second, the foreign proteins contained in some foods have become allergens, causing allergic diseases to recur.

Such as marine fish shrimp and crab often cause skin allergies in patients with asthma, eczema, neurodermatitis, impetigo, psoriasis and other refractory skin diseases.

Tofu milk can also cause acute disease recurrence.

Third, some foods that are irritating diseases, such as liquor, onion and garlic, and other spicy irritating foods can easily spread to inflammatory infections and cause yellowing.

This is the reason that the traditional Chinese medicine says that heat is definitely not to eat spicy and irritating hair.

Who can’t eat hair casually?

Is there some kind of hair?

Most hair products in life are fishy, such as beef, mutton; hot foods, such as fish; or hair growth, such as leek, seafood, shrimp, crab, and bean curd.

Different types of disease require different foods to avoid.


[Thermal hair]Common foods: ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, mutton, beef, etc. Taboos: hyperactivity of yang, internal heat of yin deficiency, and the general consumption of heat generation hair in summer is more prosperous and easy to get angry.
In the summer when the yang is strong, it is generally not recommended to eat, the yang is hyperactive, especially those with yin deficiency and internal heat.

Should be: those with spleen and stomach deficiency, the general population in winter to produce heat-generating hair is sometimes an excellent warm food, especially in winter, can help Yang, can be supplemented appropriately.


[Cold product]Common foods: cold fruits such as Sydney, watermelon, persimmon, etc. Bogey: Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, chills and chills have a cold taste. For those with deficiency, it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of dehydration and cause spleen and stomach.Not suitable, eat less.

Should: Cold accumulation of heat in Yin deficiency and internal heat is an excellent recipe for reducing fire, especially in summer.


[Hot and humid hair products]Common foods: glutinous rice, taro, etc. Taboos: those with weak spleen and stomach, damp and hot hair products with phlegm and damp constitution are not suitable for most people.

This kind of food is difficult to digest, and more food can easily cause wet stagnation, causing spleen and stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

Should: According to the specific food, moist and hot hair is not absolutely bad. For example, glutinous rice is a moist and hot hair for people with a bad spleen and stomach, but it has a certain effect of supplementing qi for the weak people with insufficient gas.

Taro also plays a role in regulating gas.

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January 9

[How long does the sausage have to be cooked]_How to make_Cooking time

[How long does the sausage have to be cooked]_How to make_Cooking time

Sausage is a very common food, and through the continuous advancement of technology, the sausage is basically edible all year round now, but the time for making sausages in winter is in winter.No matter how you eat it, the taste is delicious. Generally, when the sausages are prepared, they usually need to be cooked on the table top. How long does it take to cook the sausages?

How long does the sausage have to be cooked?

Sausages can be steamed or cooked, depending on your preference.

If the sausage has been standing for a long time and the moisture is very dry, at least steam and cook for half an hour.

The most primitive and straightforward method is to use a chopstick to insert it. You can insert it without any effort!

Sausages are usually cooked for 20-30 minutes before they are cooked.

At the same time, without burning, the longer you cook, the less nitrite content in sausages and bacon.

One final reminder is that you must cook in a cold water pot.

Only in this way can the water slowly penetrate into the tissue of the meat, and the dried sausage and ham become more moisturized.

If you cook it in boiling water, the protein on the surface of the meat will shrink sharply due to heat, which will affect the penetration of water and meanwhile it will be difficult for nitrite to fully leak out.

Sausages do not need to be soaked. Wash the pan with warm water and turn to low heat for 20-30 minutes.

Boil it and let it cool for 10 minutes. If it’s cold, a few minutes will suffice.

How long can the sausage be cooked? The sausage is a smoked food that contains a certain amount of nitrite. Consuming it for many years will increase the risk of stomach cancer.

However, some tests have proved that as long as the sausage is cooked in water at 60 ° C for 30 seconds, the nitrite content will be reduced by more than 35%, while reducing the salt content and trace content, which is more in line with the needs of healthy substitution.

In addition, frying or grilling sausages after processing in this way prolongs the cooking time, does not easily change wood, and has a softer taste.

At this point, the washed sausages are boiled and boiled in water, add a little vinegar to decompose nitrous acid, and then cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes.

However, when boiling the sausages, you must boil them in cold water, so that the water can slowly penetrate into the meat tissue and make the dried ham more moist.

If it is a boiling underwater pot, the protein on the surface of the meat shrinks sharply when heated, affecting the infiltration of nitrite.

Sausages, ham, bacon and other bacon products, in order to maintain color, businesses will add nitrite, if eaten with amine-containing foods, it is easy to combine reactions in the stomach to form the carcinogen “nitrosamines”, eat two types of foodIt takes an hour.

Common amine-containing foods include dried squid, saury, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, yogurt, etc. You should avoid eating with sausages or frying them in the same high-temperature oil pan.

If you drink a few cups of green tea a day, it can break down nitrosamines and promote human health.

Finally, the general population can occasionally eat sausages, but people with cold and wet constitution, injection pressure, bronchitis, and respiratory infections are not easy to eat, so as not to cause physical injury.

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January 4

[How to make dried fish]_fish_dry bar practice_how to make

[How to make dried fish]_fish_dry bar practice_how to make

Dried fish is also known as small fish. Because it is very small, everyone generally chooses to dry it into dried fish when eating it. It is eaten as pickles. Such dried fish is also delicious and very delicious.However, when drying, we should first clean it, and then sprinkle a thin layer of salt on it, so that it will taste, so how to make dried fish?

Dried bonito is a small fish. Because of its small size, it can be harvested and boiled, stewed and fried easily, and it is troublesome to fry and oil. The most delicious method for this kind of fish is to dry it for later use.

After drying, dried fish is easy to store, and cooked with ingredients, it has no taste, so it is very popular among urban and rural residents.

Dried fish is the common name of the place. Its name should be “saury”, also known as “catfish”. Some supermarkets list “white scale fish”. I wonder if it is the same kind of fish.Lunan and southwestern Shandong are collectively referred to as dried fish.

There is a home-cooked dish that is often eaten in the Lunan area, which is chili boiled dried fish.

The people here can eat spicy food, thinking that the dried fish cooked with chili peppers are the most delicious, so that they are relieved and enjoyable.

The actual steps: 1. Soak the dried fish in warm water 2. Shred the green peppers and spare 3. Cut the thick potatoes (or thin strips) 4. According to personal preference, determine the number of dried peppers 5. Shredded ginger and shreds 6. Heat the pan with oil,Stir-fry chives ginger, chili 7, stir-fry with dried fish, add a small amount of water, cook 8, add potato chips, continue to cook 9, add soy sauce to color, add green pepper 10, add coriander and garlic cloves, and serve

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December 24

What to do and not to do when sex

What to do and not to do when sex

Healthy and happy sex is what every couple or couple wants. This kind of sex can be harmonious, and the sex can be perfect. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following questions: After sex, men should not rush to urinate after sexual urination, which is good for rinsing.Urethral tract to avoid infection.

For women, sex immediately urinating is a simple and effective means of preventing urinary tract infections.

  Because the female urethra is degraded and straight, the bacteria of the vulva may be retrograde into the urethra during sexual life, causing urethritis and cystitis.

Experts say that men should not rush to urinate after sex, otherwise it will cause damage to the prostate.

Because the male urethra is long and curved, the length of urine passing is large, the time is long, the sexual life is just over, the congestive corpus cavernosum has not subsided, and the contraction of the urethral sphincter and detrusor has not been eliminated, thus causing high urethral obstruction, leading to urination.Difficult, even the urine does not come out.

At this time, if you are eager to urinate, reduce the pressure in the urethra, urine with bacteria and metabolic waste will enter the prostate, and this will lead to prostatitis.

Experts suggest that it is best to take a break after male ejaculation?
After 10 minutes, the urine was urished after the state of congestion disappeared.

  Need to be reminded that if there are frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms after sex, you may have a urinary tract infection, you should go to the hospital in time.

  Eat a meal, don’t force your sex life after drinking. For men, keep strong when you have sex, lasting erection, consume a lot, and need multiple organs.

However, after eating, digestion and digestion, energy needs to absorb food, long-term blood supply increases, and the supply of blood in other parts of the body is reduced accordingly, penile erection is often unable to do so.

This phenomenon is particularly evident in middle-aged and older men.

  After drinking alcohol, it is not advisable to have sex. After drinking moderately, people are in a state of short-term excitement. Therefore, some people think that sex is better after drinking alcohol. This is also the role of nerve excitement, but at this time, sexual life is prone to excessive excitement or rough and reckless behavior.The rhythm is accelerated, and the glans are too sensitive and can cause premature ejaculation.

People who drink too much are in a state of neuroinhibition, which often leads to men’s inability to get an erection or erection, which affects the quality of sex.

Experts say that after long-term drinking, sex is easy for men to cause impotence.

In addition, alcohol can cause abnormal sperm development, affect sperm motility and morphology, and is not good for reproduction.

  In genital tract infections, unclean sex is an important cause of illness.

As a result of the high sexual rise, couples refused to ignore personal hygiene.

  First, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and clean key parts before sex.

The reproductive organs are the areas that need to be cleaned before sex.

Unless men and women, the external genital mucosa has folds, it is easy to breed bacteria.

There are many bacteria between the male foreskin and the glans. If not cleaned in time, it will cause balanitis and dermatitis. These smegma are also harmful to women’s health and may cause cervical cancer in women.

Therefore, men should pay attention to cleaning the penis, the scrotum, turn the foreskin up, fully expose the glans, focus on cleaning the inner layer of the foreskin and the coronary sulcus.

In the female urethra, vagina, and vagina, the bacteria are easily infected with each other. Therefore, women who want to hide the bacteria in the vagina and male foreskin may attach to each other’s genitals through sex, and the woman’s vaginal secretions and the man’s semen remain outside., easy to breed bacteria.

The weather is still very hot recently, sweating more, and the body and key parts should be cleaned after sex.

“After sex, take a break and take a shower, this will prevent blood from flowing into the skin and muscles, resulting in other organs.

Li Haisong, director of the hospital male department, reminded.

  Do not over-prepare the “preparation work” before sex. Modern people will excessively pursue body cleanliness and body fragrance before sex, hoping to “add points” for sex life.

However, experts pointed out that excessive pursuit of cleanliness and fragrance before sex is an abnormal psychology that leads to sexual cleansing. Sexually cleansing people will have the following performances in the process of sex: before sex, you must clean the whole body and spray a lot of perfume toCovering the natural body odor; some people will use the scented wipes to rub a few times after receiving the caress, or simply get up and rinse for a while; some people will temporarily decide to let the other person rinse the body during the foreplay, and put the emotions of sexCompletely destroyed; even if someone sees semen, menstruation will be shocked.

  Experts believe that it is indeed very important to keep the body fresh and fresh during sex, but the human body has some natural body fragrance, which transforms the opposite sex to create attractiveness. Too strong aroma will destroy the atmosphere.

Generally, if you take a shower before sex and drink a sweet fruit juice, you can let the whole body emit a light and pleasant fragrance.

  Men should pay attention to maintaining their own penis as important as a woman’s need to maintain her own face.

  Experts remind that retinal pills are important and often overlooked organs of the male reproductive system, and middle-aged men should cause your retinal pills to be maintained.

Electrostatic pill maintenance is an important means to solve male dysfunction.

  Thyroid ketone is the main component of androgen, and the biological effects in the human body are extremely important.

At present, it is believed that the reason why the level of acetate acetate decreases gradually with age may be related to the daily consumption of the human body and the excessive pressure of life leading to the deterioration of the skill of the insulin pill system.

When the male hormone drops to a certain level, symptoms such as irritability, depression, fatigue, and loss of libido appear, which means that men have entered menopause.

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December 13

Avoid stomach troubles and eat the most scientific

Avoid stomach troubles and eat the most scientific

Diet 6 should be 1.

Should be light.

The five flavors of the diet should not be partial, and it is good for health.


Should be soft.

Hard foods are the most difficult to digest, while semi-ripe meats are more damaging to the stomach and are more susceptible to illness, so cooking and cooking must be cooked and then eaten.


It should be early.

The human body sleeps overnight, the stomach is empty, and the diet can be refreshed in the morning, so breakfast should be early.


Should be slow.

Eating and gorging will increase the burden on the stomach, and chewing slowly will help digestion.


Should be less.

Excessive diet can also damage digestive organs such as nitric acid.


It should be warm.

The stomach is warm and aversion to cold, so the diet should be warm, and the cold should be less, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food by the stomach.

  Chewing slowly chewing can cause the secretion of gastric juice, saliva and plasma, which provides favorable conditions for food digestion.

At the same time, fine chewing causes the food to be ground into small pieces and mixed thoroughly with saliva, and the brakes are swallowed.

The regular timing of meals can make the gastrointestinal tract squirm and rest regularly, thereby increasing the digestion and absorption rate of food and reducing the occurrence of diseases.

  Eat less and eat a small amount of food, the concentration of sugar in the blood is low, the level of plasma is reduced, the body secretes less insulin, and the body’s trace amount will also decrease.

Moderate diet can not only reduce the burden of hypertension, but also a benign stimulation of the body’s autonomic nervous system, endocrine and immune system, which can mobilize the body’s own regulatory functions, balance the excitation and inhibition of the nervous system, balance the stability of the internal circulation, and enhance immunity.Helps improve people’s ability to resist disease.

  After standing and eating, the medical scientist studied the placement posture and found that the subdivision is the most scientific, and the lower position is the most unscientific.

This is because when eating, it is precisely when the stomach needs fresh blood most.

The lower jaw causes the legs and abdomen to be compressed, the blood is blocked, the blood volume is reduced, and the boots affect the blood supply to the stomach. Some stomach diseases are related to the squatting posture.

  Eating and speaking traditional habits believe that it is not appropriate to talk and laugh when eating, otherwise it is not good for digestion and absorption.

Now some health care experts believe that it is better to eat a lunch for about 30 minutes. During this time, eating and saying can not only make the diners exchange feelings, relieve troubles, but also allow the stomach to digest food normally.

The reason is that a happy mood can almost increase appetite, can stimulate the central nervous system, thereby promoting the secretion of large amounts of digestive juice, so that the body is in the best digestive state.

  Eat different foods at different times. Scientists divide food into two categories: daytime food and nighttime food.

Daytime food is best served between 6 am and 3 pm.

Daytime foods mainly include beef, lamb, tomatoes, carrots, citrus, green peas, etc., contain oxygen, and can be solar energy.

Night foods include apples, bananas, pears, potatoes, cucumbers, dried fruits, dairy products, fish, eggs, etc., which produce energy such as carbon dioxide.

These foods are best arranged to be eaten after 3:30 pm, which will help to lose weight and have a certain health benefits.

  It is best to eat in the order of eating lectures in the order: soup → vegetables → rice → meat → eat fruit after half an hour.

Eat algae, squid, lobster and other seafood supplements with protein and minerals. Avoid eating fruits, especially persimmons, pomegranates, lemons, grapes, bayberry, and sour pomelo.

The time to eat the fruit must be delayed by 2-3 hours.

Because the acidic amino acids remaining in these fruits not only reduce the nutritional value of the protein, but also easily combine with calcium, iron and the like in the seafood, and are not easy to digest, and may also stimulate digestion, causing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and the like.
  Pursue nutritional quality When buying food and vegetables in the vegetable market, avoid choosing foods that are very bright and oversized.
At the same time, it is not advisable to eat highly processed and delicately processed foods such as hydrogenated fats, delicately packaged foods, macaroni, pasta, jams, biscuits and canned juices, wines, sodas, etc.

These foods only cause space in the stomach and little nutrition.

  Diligently changing the pattern of less cancer, a single diet, long-term partial eclipse, picky eaters is the culprit in inducing cancer.

The study found that people who have long-term foods such as corn, hawthorn, beans and other crude fiber foods, the upper digestive tract cells such as the esophagus and stomach are prone to food wear and are prone to early onset of cancer.

If diabetes is based on meat and other foods containing a small amount of food, it is easy to accumulate around the large intestine, trace dirt and other organisms, affecting cell decomposition, resulting in epithelial cell proliferation, causing cancer for a long time.

After considering this, you often change the taste, change the recipe, and make the table change. It is a replacement anti-cancer method.

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December 7

In the summer when the fruits are fragrant, let’s go picking together!

In the summer when the fruits are fragrant, let’s go picking together!

In the summer when the fruits are fragrant, let’s go picking together!
Entering the midsummer, the suburbs of Beijing have become a leisure place for people to enjoy the summer heat. If you can enjoy the fresh air and the pastoral fun in minutes, is it not to restore?

Yanqing’s many farms, fruit and vegetable bases have become a fun and fascinating place for people.

For example, Sunshine Muhe Health Vegetable Base, where you can pick seasonal fresh vegetables and experience new ways of farming in green, ecological and leisure.

Sunshine Muhe health vegetables picking fences cover an area of 100 acres, there are more than 70 vegetable greenhouses.

The vegetable picking fence garden was built in 2009. It has 9 series of anti-cancer, liver-protecting, kidney-reinforcing and beauty effects. More than 40 varieties of organic health vegetables, such as ginseng, purslane, okra, and agonosaurusWait.

Most of the vegetables grown here belong to the perennial health food, and are advanced varieties introduced from the Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

In addition to health vegetables, the base also planted high-tech vegetables such as giant pumpkins for tourists to pick.

Another green Fulong Tourist Park covers an area of 1,000 mu and is mainly planted with organic vegetables and agricultural leisure tourism.

Green Fulong has many years of experience in organic vegetable cultivation. It has planted 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables in the park and completed the 2008 Olympic Games and the vegetable supply task of the Paralympic Games.

It is called “the advanced collective of the Ministry of Agriculture to help the Olympics.”

Green Fulong organic fruits and vegetables are naturally delicious, and the original fragrance is overflowing. It is praised by tourists as: “The taste of childhood, pure natural enjoyment.

“Picking area potential tourists picking more than 30 kinds of colored sweet peppers, mini cucumbers, various cherry tomatoes, long eggplants, green cauliflower, cabbage lettuce, purple beets, thyme, rosemary, carrots, dill, cabbage, etc.Fruit and vegetable varieties, there are not only a variety of nutritious vegetables, but also a lot of special dishes and functional vegetables that you rarely see.

While providing picking, there is also a part of the land for tourists to adopt, you can adopt a land of your own and plant your favorite vegetables.

In the leisure time of your holiday, come to your own small vegetable garden, work hand-in-hand for farming, pick up the fruit of the fruit, make a holiday farmer, and experience the joy of receiving the goods in the real version of Happy Farm.

If you can have a house near these farms, it would be great to pick them every weekend.

Badaling Peacock City, to meet your dream of a holiday in Beijing!

There are 85 scenic spots, surrounded by orchard farms, the current full range of products bloom, reach the top of the scene, hardcover LOFT, shallow mountain joint hospital, whether you are enjoying the two world, three family or three generations of the same family, have a wealth of products to choose.

Badaling Peacock City, you are welcome to experience the fruity Beijing North Summer!

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December 5

Bathing the baby with air and sunshine

Bathing the baby with air and sunshine

Fresh air and soft daylight are good “nutrients.”

Allowing the baby to breathe more air and receive a “bath” of sunlight can reduce the effects of strengthening the system and promoting growth and development.

  After the baby’s full moon, in addition to the cold weather, as long as there is no wind and rain, you can hold the wrapped baby to the body, let the fresh air outside touch the skin of the face, hands and feet to make it exercise.

Infants breathing outside air at room temperature can exercise tracheal mucosa and lung function, which is beneficial to prevent respiratory diseases that are prone to occur in children.

Can you start once every day, 5 times each time?
In 10 minutes, slowly increase to 2 times a day, and the time can be gradually increased.

However, when the maximum temperature is below 10 °C, it is not appropriate to take the baby outside to breathe cold air to avoid catching a cold.

  The common ailment of babies in the sun is that 60% of the sun is infrared, which converts the body, promotes blood circulation and metabolism; there is ultraviolet light in the sun, which has the function of sterilization and strengthening, and can also make the skinThe conversion of ergosterol to vitamin D prevents rickets in children.

  Care should be taken when the baby is in the sun bath: 1.

Generally, after the full moon, the newborn can hold the green grass to enjoy the sun, and in the third week of the summer and autumn, it can go outdoors.

Start to get 3 per day?
5 minutes, experience the age of the month, gradually extend the time, can be 10?
30 minutes or longer.

Take less time when the sun is shining, and it is best not to sunbathe when the sun is too strong.


Sunbathing can be done in parts. When the weather is warm, it usually starts from the foot, thigh, abdomen, and then to the chest and cheekbones.

It is also possible to start from the hand.

In the hot season, in order to prevent colds, you should pay attention to wearing clothes, only face and small hands.


Avoid direct sunlight to your baby’s eyes and do not allow the sun to be replaced for too long.

If you find that your baby is sweating more, his spirits are atrophy, his skin is red, and his heart beats faster, he should stop the sun bath immediately.


Do not soak in the sun in dusty and smoky environments. Because the air is not clean, it will not be good for your baby’s breathing, and it will also prevent the transmission of ultraviolet rays.

It is not advisable to basking in the sun through the glass window, because the glass will organize the UV penetration, so that the skin can not really benefit.


It is not advisable to sunbathe when the baby is on an empty stomach. It is usually done after breakfast or 1 hour after lunch.

After each sunbathing, it is best to add some water to the baby in time, and feed some juice, vegetable soup, etc.

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November 27

Ordinary health care methods still make you live longer

Ordinary health care methods still make you live longer

Professor Qi said that in addition to ensuring nutrition in daily life, people should also pay attention to the health effects of food and the effect of preventing diseases.

At present, the diseases that cause unnatural death in China mainly include cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Therefore, choosing anti-cancer and lipid-lowering food is the key to longevity.

  According to the World Health Organization, only 15% of healthy people are now, and the rest are unhealthy or sub-healthy.

Professor Qi Boli said that a healthy body should have three starting points, namely, balanced diet, aerobic exercise and mental state.

  Because of the lack of health knowledge, there are often behaviors that are detrimental to health in life.

For example, many people like to turn on a variety of appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, and microwave ovens at the same time, “eat radiation.”

Another source of radiation is the computer. Professor Qi said that a pregnant woman in Beijing has been working in front of the computer for a long time. As a result, the child was born with a tail.

  In addition, most of the elderly like morning exercise, and some carry out gravity exercises such as long-distance running in the early morning. In fact, the pollution is most serious from 6 to 9 am, and the elderly have high blood pressure in the morning, and exercise is very unfavorable to the body.

The best exercise should be changed in the afternoon, or even morning exercise. You should also find a place with a better air, doing exercises, and playing Tai Chi.

  Diet therapy is better than medicine. Nowadays, many young people have a special liking for foreign fast food.

In fact, due to the high content and high content of these foods, it is actually a junk food.

There are still some people who use drugs every day, and the result is that the more they eat, the worse they spend.

  Professor Qi said that paying attention to a reasonable diet can guarantee basic health and not much money. In one sentence: diet is better than medicine.

  Professor Qi suggested that everyone eat more old corn. In the United States, old corn is called “the pearl of the crown.”

Because old corn contains lecithin, linoleic acid and other ingredients, it can avoid high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  In addition to old corn, buckwheat, potato, oatmeal, millet, you should always eat.

Nowadays, many countries in the world talk about the combination of coarse and fine grain, America, Europe, Africa and Japan, developing countries such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou have begun to drink corn.

Professor Qi said that the best food pyramid in Asia is cereals, beans and vegetables.

In cereals, in addition to old corn, there are also buckwheat, which can have coronary heart disease, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar; oatmeal, which can lower blood sugar, is a good food for weight loss; potato, which is called “second bread” by Europeans and Americans, can accelerateToxic emissions, prevent arteriosclerosis and diabetes; millet, has a hypnotic effect.

Vegetables, mainly carrots, pumpkins, bitter gourds, black fungus, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Taking carrots as an example, Americans believe that carrots are good for growing vegetables, raising long hair, raising skin, eating carrots or drinking carrot juice, and reducing the incidence by 40%.

  The most suitable for the soy milk census found that the Chinese people lack quality protein.

Professor Qi gave an interesting example: in sports, our small ball is old and the big ball is victorious.


There was a kick on the court.

Chinese people lack quality protein, how to make up?

The Ministry of Health has proposed the “Soybean Action Plan”, where 25 grams of soy protein equals 50 grams of lean meat, equal to 300 to 400 grams of eggs, equal to 400 grams of rice.

  In addition, there are five kinds of anticancer substances in soy milk, among which isoflavones are specially used to prevent diabetes, rectal cancer and colon cancer.

So for us yellow people, the most suitable is soy milk.

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