May 17

Culture makes the city better (thought horizontal)

Original title: Culture makes the city better (thinking, and horizontal) culture is a country, a nation’s soul. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "There is no high degree of cultural confidence, no culture is prosperous, there is no great revival of the Chinese nation.

"The city provides the main kinetic energy for economic and social development. It is both mainly high-quality resource elements. It is also the main carrier of cultural development. Culture is an important factor in determining urban vitality, potential and innovation capabilities, and promoting urban development must vigorously promote cultural prosperity.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s urbanization construction entered the high-quality development stage, and the cultural construction needs to be placed more prominent. Culture reflects regional and international competitiveness, and is self-evident for the importance of the city.

Culture is a deep heritage of urban economic and social development, an economically developed, and socially prosperous cities must have powerful cultural support. The state of cultural development directly affects people’s living standards and quality, and the beautiful life of urban residents is inseparable from the continued full supply of cultural products and services. Compared to the general city, the central city has special status and role. It plays leading and driven role in urban agglomeration, and the task of cultural construction is heavier and requires higher requirements.

Promote urban cultural construction, to promote cultural progress while promoting urban high quality development, promoting socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization coordinated development.

Inheriting urban traditions and cultural diversity, continuing city historical context, and makes a distinct cultural character. Pay attention to the nutrients of traditional architecture, save the traditional style and individuality of the famous city, integrate into heavy urban cultural accumulation in urban construction, reflect unique style and taste, showing beautiful city image. Adhere to the correct value orientation, strengthen the construction of socialist core values, improve urban cultural confidence and mental temperament; promote the formation of good social morality, civilized literacy and ideological consciousness, promote the development of cultural undertakings; abandon vulgar, pay attention to connotation, constantly Healthy and top spiritual cultural products.

For the central city, especially to grasp the city charm, carry out various citizens to see, pleasing cultural activities, multi-angle, all-round delivery correct value orientation, strengthen spiritual civilization construction, enhance the people’s sense, happiness, safety feel. Continuously stimulate the innovation of the whole society and innovate, and greatly enhance the soft power of urban cultural cultural.

As the powerful driving force for urban cultural construction in the new era, strengthen cultural and technological innovation, comprehensively use various industrial forms, diversified carriers, multiple expressions, and integrate cultural integration into independent innovation, the main system The production and life of the battlefield and the general public. With the original enhancement, with new formation, integration to expand the market, innovation, innovation, creativity, to promote advanced culture in a variety of scenes, and better meet the people’s cultural needs, and enhance the spiritual power of the people. Enrich digital life scenes and experiences, let the people’s digital cultural life more colorful, better. Make full use of the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change results to build smart cities as an opportunity to develop digital culture in all aspects, build a wisdom sharing, and a new digital life of a resilience. Digital transformation and construction of public libraries, cultural museums, art galleries, museums, etc., develop digital creative, online audiovisual, digital publishing, digital entertainment, online broadcast, etc. Integrate digital cultural construction into digital economy, digital society, digital government construction, forming a full range, a panoramic digital cultural pattern. Pay attention to refined construction and management, reflect urban cultural characteristics and charm in the details. The grade, level, level of urban cultural construction is largely reflected in the details. It can use platforms and vectors such as museums, memorials, sites, to create an important position of public cultural services, and can also combine urban cultural construction with hardware construction, quality improvement and pattern adjustment of the entire city, and appropriate cultural elements. The diversified form is embedded in each building in the city, each street, every scene, enabling cultural inheritance and promotion in incorporation. "People’s Daily" (09th edition, November 22, 2021) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Liu Yingxi) Share more people see the recommended reading.

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May 16

Aan het einde van dit jaar heeft het Comité van Guangdong (Resident) een Comité voor de volksgezondheid.

  Onlangs heeft de Commissie Guangdong provinciale burgerzaken, de provinciale afdeling Burgerlijke Zaken, de provinciale politieke en juridische commissie, de Provincial Party Committeal Work Leading Group, de Provinciale Patriottische Health Campaign Committee Office gezamenlijk de "Kennisgeving over uitgebreide promotie van de constructie van de bouw van Het Comité voor de volksgezondheid van het dorp (Huis) (hierna "Kennisgeving" genoemd), is het duidelijk tot het einde van 2021 en de provincies (residenti?le) burgerlijke comités hebben de publieke gezondheidscomités vastgesteld.

  "Notice", het Comité van de Volksgezondheid is een van de commissies van het dorp (ingezeten) comité, onder leiding van de organisatie van het dorp (Gemeenschap), die township-regeringen (subdistrictkantoren) en gezondheids- en gezondheidsadministratieve afdeling arbeidsbegeleiding accepteert , Directeur van het Comité lid van het dorp (Residentieel) Comité van een bevoegde gezondheidswerkzaamheden, de Office Site bevindt zich in het dorp (ingezeten) burgerlijk comité. Bij het werkmechanisme is het dorp (Residentieel) Cursbuitse Volksgezondheidscommissie verantwoordelijk voor het co?rdineren van communautaire servicestations of dorpsgezondheidsstations (kamers), eigendomservice ondernemingen, jurisdictie-eenheden, dorpen (residenti?le) en gebouwen (gebouwen, eenheden) lange gemeenschappen Vrijwilligers, enz., Als speciaal (en) lid onderhandelen regelmatig om de gezondheidsbehoeften van dorpen (residentieel) en de belangrijkste publieke gezondheidsproblemen in de jurisdictie op te lossen, en onder leiding van de professionele sectoren, volledige gezondheids- en gezondheidswerkzaamheden.

  In de periode van grote epidemische preventie en -controle onderneemt het Comité van de Volksgezondheid ook belangrijk personeel om verificatie te verificaten, in combinatie met de verwijdering van de epidemie en om de preventie van afdichtingsbeheer, epidemische preventie- en controlebeleid te voegen. (Reporter / Yu Jiamin Intern / Chen Zhaihui).

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May 6

Analysis of the command and control in joint operations

With the extensive application of science and technology in the military field and the continuous improvement of military combat, all military species cooperate with each other, complementary advantages, and the operational efficiency can grow, and joint operation has become the main form of information local war. It is essential to ensure the orderly operational action, smooth and efficient command control system.

The profound connotation of the command control is in our ancient military command concept, "麾" as the use of the command term, the earliest "Shangshu · Zhou Shu · An Ohasow": "Wang Rushang Huang Wei, right fortune ".

In the ancient Chinese, "Waving" "麾", "麾" is the term in the earliest way to describe the military command function, which can be said to be the origin of the term "command".

"麾", its original meaning is the flag of the bartership, the commander, which extension is the command. In the eighth "of" 子 · 武议 第 第 第八] "" "" "" "

It is difficult to let the soldiers, this will be, and the sword is also.

"In the connotation, this directly clarifies the responsibilities of the handsome command, namely the order, the dope decision, command the combat action of the army, and pick up the weapons and enemies is not the willing thing, it is a matter of the soldiers should do. And history Compared with the word "command", the word "control" appeared later.

"Control" in scientific sense stems from Vaja’s control, Since the "Control Theory" of Weina, the ideology and method of controlism has begun to penetrate almost all natural sciences and social sciences, and military is naturally " The preferred position of the control. "Control" is interpreted as driving, giving, masters, making it unhareves the range.

It is understood to control the control of the enemy and the manipulation control of the weapon during a longer period of time.

Since World War, the battlefield is divided into people’s command and control of the machine, leading to the battlefield "Command" and "Control" function to take care of demand, this point of view is the dependence of human war on the battlefield hardware facilities and technology. Strong.

On the other hand, since the complexity of the war’s situation reaches a certain extent, it is necessary to control the "control" and "command" to control the battlefield.

The joint operational command control includes both control regulation of various combat activities, including regulatory constraints on various behaviors subject functions and entitled relationships.

The essence of war is uncertain. The commander does not strictly control the actual battles of the subordinate commander, especially the modern battlefield, troops dispersed, and even there is an isolated combat unit, which is impossible to implement the true strict control of the lower level. For the commander, the object control is not limited to the weapon platform, but also controls more about reflecting guidance, constraints, regulatory, adjustment, and impacting impacts or amendments to people or system acts, and is a desirable, intention of expression. The American Strategic Thinkker and Military Theory, John .r. Boid pointed out: "Command control must allow people to guide and create things that will be completed while allowing people to fix this guidance based on the assessment of what is completing.

"The command solves major problems such as planning, decision-making, is a creative activity, so there is more flexibility, strategic, artistic.

Control is to make determined to reality, gradually implement the specific measures and processes of combat goals, creative, but more affluent, normative, procedural and operability. It can be said that the lower the hierarchy, then "Command" and "control" activities are divided into clear and clear, in the tactical level, control is reflected in the manipulation of specific weaponry, and the command is more embodied in conception, predicting, judgment, Decision.

In the high-level war activity, "command" and "control" cannot be completely divided, the higher the level, the greater the scale and complexity of the control object, and the control is more embodied as allocation and decision making. The method control method for joint operational command control is the way of thinking model and behavioral ways adopted by command control operations, reaching a combat attempt, which emphasizes migration and emphasizes scientificity. Only the subjective initiative of the knowledge and intuitive judgment of the commander and intuitive judgment, and the effectiveness of the joint operational command control can be improved.

In the command control, we must use the system’s thinking, from the global look, from the general point of view, highlight the focus of command control, and focus on the development of the war, the determinance of the success or failure of operations. To fully predicting the development, the enemy’s power change, flexibly regulates the combat intensity of a combat stage or season, the rhythm is slow, and the enemy is used, and the enemy is transferred, and the enemy is not mobilized, firmly control the initiative of the battlefield. . All levels of combat units fully exerts subjective initiatives, self-organism operations, self-organizing operations, and improving the combined operational command control, and improving the combined operational command control. In the process of command control, the update battlefield information is implemented by the command information system, relies on the command information system, and the information processing mechanism to use the wide area distribution, and the implementation of the battlefield information is implemented. The situation changes, adopting a targeted response measures in advance, striving to move in the operational action, thus removing unfavorable or risky in the germination state. The United Action Conditioning Control System Joint Operation Command Control System is the core, combined with commander, and achieve the information system for the collection, battlefield situation generation and sharing, auxiliary decision, planning and command control.

The fundamental role of the command control system is to convert information into combat power.

The development of the United States joint command control system originated in the construction of a single functional command control system (C2) in the 1950s, and the development experienced three stages: Global Military Command Control System (WWMCCS), Global Command Control System (GCCS), Network Energy (NECC) plan. WWMCCS is a intelligence to cover the world, with strategic warning detection and communication capabilities, to support the command control function of advanced military agencies under routine and nuclear war conditions. In the 1970s, the US military used a nuclear war as a guiding ideology, emphasized the protection of the second strike capacity, built a relatively perfect system and a fairly advanced use system, which can be shown in the world’s military field. In the 1980s, the US military realized that the future is more likely to happen, in addition to continuing to develop strategic nuclear weapons, it should also actively develop tactical weapons. While implementing "strategic defense", it should also be implemented " war". The WWMCCS system is used by the President, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff, and uses the troops under the usual and war conditions.

However, the focus of this command control system is the joint force of the strategic level, and does not pay attention to the joint operational command control of campaign.

The campaign-level command control system of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Marine Corps lacks a unified overall design, self-contained system, cannot interconnect, interoperability, interoperability, and cannot effectively support joint operational action. Since the global military command control system (WWMCCS) combat effect is not ideal, the US military proposed "Global Command Control System" (GCCS) in 1992 to replace the Global Military Command Control System (WWMCCS). The Global Command Control System (GCCS) was put into use in 1996, including the Union GCCS (GCCS-J) of the National Defense Information System Bureau (DISA), various military GCCs, GCCS-A, GCCS-M and CCCS-AF.

The Global Command Control System (GCCS) is an important part of its integrated command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, monitoring, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) system, and network center battle architecture.

GCCS is primarily used to improve joint operational management and emergency combat capability; connect with joint operations, special forces and federal agencies; ensuring the development of the combined period and the development of the warfare program and the smooth implementation of military operations.

GCCS has a strong joint command control capability.

In order to further enhance interoperability and flexibility, the US military proposes the R & D Plan for the Third Generation Joint Operation Command Control (JC2) system – Network Employment Command (NECC) program. The JC2 system will include 8 mission capabilities: sittical perception, war, troops, intelligence, force protection, troops (empty / day fighting), troops (ground combat), troops (marine / water fighting).

Both the application and function of the JC2 system are built on the global information grid, and the command control service will "capably based", not the system-based. However, with the adjustment of the US Department’s War Strategy, the US military re-established combat capabilities, JC2 plans to terminate in fiscal year 2011.

Informatization War is the command control system, only the continuous strengthening of the system construction, adhere to the unique criterion of combat power, enhance joint operational command capability, in order to better control the war of information warfare. (Application, Ma Jianguang) (Editor: Huang Zijuan, Chen Yu) Share let more people see.

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April 29

Baoshan City, de provincie Yunnan adopteert flexibel en divers om de ‘twee nieuwe’ organisaties te verbeteren

Vergeet het initi?le hart niet, houd er rekening mee dat de provincie Yunnan flexibele en diverse manieren heeft aangenomen om de gerichte "twee nieuwe" organisaties te verbeteren om de zijkant te wijzigen om de zijkant te wijzigen om de zijkant van 15 december 2019 11:10 deze krant te wijzigen (Reporter Li Jianguo correspondent DUAN SOFT) "Bedrijfsdienst Leer u hoe u de vergoeding betaalt met uw mobiele telefoon, u hoeft niet de vergoeding te draaien.

"Als een dag, Longling County Runmin’s Drainage Co, Ltd. Party Branch wordt nauw ge?ntegreerd met het" onvergetelijke, onthoud de missie "Thema-onderwijs, watervoorzieningsdiensten uitvoeren in Wanjia Hoogwaardige Publicity Week-activiteiten, accumuleren van meer dan 1.000 Consulting Services aan de massa’s Mensen, 150 gratis portie, 16 gratis vervanging van de kraan voor de moeilijke mensen, 320 kranen voor de Gemeenschap.

Dit is om de tweede partij thema-onderwijs uit te voeren, Baoshan City heeft flexibele en gevarieerde manieren genomen, het besturen van de "twee nieuwe" organisaties en zie een microkosmos van het effect. In reactie op de "twee nieuwe" organisatorische party-leden, brede distributie, moeilijk te concentreren, verkent Baoshan City actief "Online + Line" -autonomie, "Thema + speciale" -concentratie, "Groep + Open" -integratie, enz. Verbeter de "Twee nieuwe" organisatorische partijleden leren het pertinentie, effectiviteit.

Tegelijkertijd betreden "10.000 partijleden de feestschool · Shanzhou Hometown" als de vervoerder, realiseer je de "twee nieuwe" organisatie-feestleden, cre?er een goede sfeer van "Iedereen is leren, overal kan leren, altijd leren".

"Twee nieuwe" organisaties implementeren de "drie sessies en de ene les" "themafeest", enz.

De feesttak van Longyang District Mountain Qinfeng Food Co., Ltd. gecombineerd met de "Three Sessions", enzovoort, Guide Party-leden om de liefdesfeest, patriottische en liefdesbedrijven te combineren, en streven naar een bijdrage aan het bedrijfsleven.

De stad (stad, district) bevindt zich ook in eenheden van zakelijke districten, industri?le parken en regionale partijorganisaties om vrij te combineren, en de groep zal gecentraliseerd leren leiden. Tegelijkertijd, vertrouw op het Feestconstructieforum, "het" de implementatie van de "twee nieuwe" organisaties "en andere inhoud om het onderzoek en de bespreking uit te voeren, en het investeren van de ontwikkeling van de partijorganisatie.

Tengchong City organiseerde meer dan 50 jonge ondernemers om de "Memory Cartay, het bezoeken van ondernemingen, Pragings" Theme Party Day-activiteiten, het combineren van politiek onderwijs met het dagelijkse werk van de Kamer van Koophandel om ervoor te zorgen dat het leren van het thema-onderwijs diep en daalt.

Op dit moment zijn 4 "twee nieuwe" organisatie-thema-onderwijsfeestbouwforums gehouden, die interactieve uitwisselingen, wederzijdse leerplatforms biedt, en verbetert de "twee nieuwe" organisatie-grassroots party building-be?nvloeding verder.

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April 25

Beijing zal het eerste "International Creative and Sustainable Development Center" Unesco instellen

Het voorbereidende seminar van UNESCO International Creativiteit en Sustainable Development Center wordt gehouden in Beijing.

Yan Proo, directeur van de Commissie Beijing Science and Technology, de voorzitter van de Verenigde Naties van het UNESCO-congres, Stepran, werd het United Nations Unesco Creative City Network Design, de jaarlijkse UNESCO Creative City Peking Summit, en ging naar het hoofdkantoor van de UNESCO in Parijs. Na het informeren van China, na het ontwerpen van Peking-tentoonstelling, nam Peking actief deel aan een ander initiatief van de Duurzame ontwikkelingsagenda van de Verenigde Naties. De oprichting van de centra zal de representatieve en spraakrechten in internationale aangelegenheden verder verbeteren, een goed internationaal beeld vestigen, de gunstige ervaring van andere landen leren en de constructie van de hele weg een positieve rol spelen. Om het publiek te spelen. Om het publiek te spelen , Innovatie, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Ontwikkeling en ordelijke ontdekking van de Non-Capital-functie van Beijing, die positieve bijdragen levert aan het Peking National Political Center, Cultural Center, International Communication Center en Science and Technology Innovation Center.

De centra zijn begonnen aan de oprichting van de internationalisering van internationalisering en multi-colleges zoals Yangmei, Baidu, Lenovo, Xiaomi, en Han Neng en andere hogescholen, en de toekomst zal ook gerelateerd zijn aan Unesco-gerelateerde instellingen en andere internationale internationaliteiten. De relatie van de organisatieontwikkelingsamenwerking. De experts en stadsvertegenwoordigers hebben discussies uitgevoerd rond het toekomstige werk van internationale creatieve en duurzame ontwikkelingscentra, gericht op het ontwikkelen van de centrale ontwikkeling en implementatie van de jaarlijkse duurzame agenda, een riem-tot-één strategie en internetstrategie.

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April 17

Chen Jining: Deepening mechanism innovation uses good market forces to promote urban updates to achieve new results

Original title: Deepening mechanism innovation uses good market forces to promote urban updates to achieve new results of this newspaper (Reporter Liu Feifei Song Jiayin) Yesterday afternoon, the municipal government held the District Government Work Exchange Conference, summarizing the city’s urban renewal work stage progress, exchange experience practices Research and deploy the next key task. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor Chen Jining hosted the meeting and speaking.

  At the meeting, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, the Municipal Planning Natural Resources Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission reported on the work, Chaoyang District, Mentougou District, Dongcheng District, Economic Development Zone, respectively, Wangjing Street model, small courtyard economy, light building is simple Experience in building reconstruction, industrial park renovation and other exchanges, statements, and discussions in various districts.

  Chen Jining emphasized that implementing urban renewal action is the spirit of implementing the 19th National Committee of the 19th Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference, and in depth, the important measures of the overall planning of Beijing City are implemented, and improve urban spatial structure and function layout, protect and improve people’s livelihood. Promoting high quality development of the capital is an important role.

It is necessary to straighten the city’s strategic positioning in the capital, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, through the urban update and improve the function, replenish the short board, and constantly improve the urban quality.

To strengthen overall planning and resource integration, we will have a wide range of suggestions, better coherence consensus, high quality promotion project implementation, and go out of a city with the capital characteristics. Chen Jining pointed out that we must deepen understanding, clarify the work goals, adhere to problem-oriented, analyze typical cases, grasp the commonality law, and establish a system mechanism that facilitates mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, and improving social resources, and builds a total of co-construction, forming a project Promote cooperation.

  Chen Jining emphasized that urban update should deepen mechanism innovation, use a good market forces, combing the use of beneficial experience, explore the path mechanism of government guidance, enterprise participation, benefit body sharing, scientifically define project scope and update transformation content, and clarify responsibility And equity, optimization standard specification, do a good job of control, and promote the formation of sustainable and reproducible experience.

It is necessary to strengthen policy planning, do a good job in tracking dispatch, and play a responsible planner, etc., optimize plan design, improve approval efficiency, and speed up project landing. Chen Jining requires that we must launch the masses, rely on the masses, do everything, and deepen the policy interpretation, and actively respond, and strive to understand, support and participate in the masses.

All districts must implement responsibility, strengthen overall supervision, strictly control the safety quality, owners, design units, construction units, supervision units to ensure that the quality of the project is guaranteed, so that the masses have a real feeling. City leaders, Zhen Zhenjiang, Yang Bin, Wang Hong, Lu Yizhan, Yan Wei, attendance. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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April 16

China @ 四 川 | Sichuan Shuangliu: All 撂 地 地 地 地 位

  On May 15th, the reporter once again came to the scene, and more than 90 acres of cultivated land reported reflected have completed the flat reaches.

At the same time, farmland rectification and corn, soybeans are also carried out in nearly 300 acres of cultivated land around the surroundings. According to Tianfu Green Road Company, the above plot has been bidding, and the Chongqing A Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is required to carry out cultivation and management according to the high standard farmland, and the contract period is 3 years.

  For the report reflected, the cultivated land is not approved by hardening, and is used to build an attic, and the deputy director of the Shuangli District Planning and the Natural Resources Bureau said that the department is used to build an open wedding theme park, involving agricultural land transfer The procedures have been reviewed by the municipal government to report the provincial government, and they are waiting for approval of the provincial government. The relevant person in charge of the Shuangli District Government said that the report reflects the problem, the Shuangliu District will be repeatedly changed to the establishment of a farmland to clean up the rules of cultivated land, formulate and print a special work program, will plan to cultivate but actually unfarous The land is all incorporated into the scope of cleaning and remediation, the specific location, category, area, etc. of the wasteland, forming the rules of the wilderness. The cleaning work will be completed by the end of May at the end of May, and in the end of December.

  According to reports, the Shuangli District will take the opportunity of this cultivated land to clean up the cultivation, and the normalization of the arable land protection work.

Especially for rural chaos account for a cultivated land, illegal construction occupies basic farmland, unnaming first construction, cultivated land, etc., and find together.

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April 5

China Jinmao Changsha company: three outstanding combination, adhere to the unity of knowledge and realistically study History Education

Since the People Changsha, December 3rd party history study and education to carry out electrical, Changsha, China Jinmao Company (referred to as "Changsha Jinmao") is carefully planned, extensive mobilization, combined with three prominent, adhere to promote knowledge row to row promote knowledge let party members and cadres "study" it "dry up", and effectively stimulate the full power of business officers, boosting the company’s high-quality development.

Jinmao Changsha adhere to the mass line, led by Zhiwei school, party members give lectures, multi-level channel micro-channel lectures and other educational activities carried Party, learning to do the whole branch full coverage.

Launch characteristics gave lectures "The Long History forge ahead on a new journey," according to the party’s century-old eight stages of development in phases about, a month, branch members learn to take the lead collar, lead the party members focus on learning.

Actively mobilize grass-roots workers forms of learning and innovation, in each project, the department staff to carry out "in terms of my History" campaign, party members gave lectures micro-video recording, through film clips, story telling, online answer, Party knowledge contest, red thematic exhibitions and other forms, tells a story of a Party, by way of party members willing to participate, mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone involved in learning. By learning the layout of a solid advance and enrich learning the centuries-old form of party members and the party have a more profound awareness and understanding of the party’s mission of early heart has become more specific and accurate grasp and comprehension. Highlight the "bringing in" and "going out" a combination of party building Jinmao Changsha to build as the carrier, make full use of social resources and resource red, the red class "bring in", party members and cadres "go out", actively carry out joint study History.

This year the introduction of high-quality red classroom Jinmao Changsha, Changsha City Party School professor invited lecture topic once gave lectures, co-produced History courseware 5. New housing construction and Xiangjiang River were the Environmental Protection Agency, rain Flower Party voted to expand – school, the two sides co-party members went to Changsha City History Museum, Hunan Province Xinmin Society site and other places for immersion teaching, the "house" red resources into party studying the history of "living textbook" to carry out a vivid study and education.

In July this year, in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the founding event, the Jin Mao Jin Mao Wuhan, Changsha joint Bros. carried out jointly by "re-take the Long Way" red practice learning activities, both the branch members, key employees, more than 30 people went to Zunyi, Guizhou, real re-take the field Long way to relive the history of the Long march revolution, reading classic red, all party members and cadres underwent a heart and soul of the revolution baptism.

History learning education "bringing in" and "going out" to further mobilize the enthusiasm of party members, let Party to learn to move, live it up.

Outstanding learning education and solid work combined knowledge underwent the beginning, Walker know it to be.

Jinmao Changsha always adhere to the unity of knowledge to carry out a "I do practical things for the masses’ practice as an important party history study and education, based on practical, innovative approach, pragmatic, and explore building" Triple Three Promotions "working mechanism, and services the masses, promote community harmony and stability, to promote the study and education History go real deep to go. Since the beginning of the development of Changsha Jinmao "I do practical things for the masses" program, to develop a list of things to do to learn the history of exercise responsibility, to establish a "triple Three Promotions" working mechanism, namely leadership, party members and cadres, departments are in-depth project line, grass-roots workers and each Jinmao communities, and do practical things sounded "assembly."

Since launching the "Triple Three Promotions" since to do practical activities, Jinmao Changsha carry out staff-oriented, client-oriented, community-oriented and do practical things, more than 20 activities to address the staff, the owners pain points and difficult problems, the closer ties between the party.

Changsha Jinmao some of the old residential elevator is not air-conditioning installation, owners of boarding unbearably hot in summer, has been a customer pain point. Since September this year, Jin Mao Changsha invested more than 2 million pairs of Jinmao Mei Xihu, Jinmao Yue and other old district nearly all elevators installation of air conditioning, completely solve the problem of boarding sultry, greatly enhanced the owners of public satisfaction and happiness. Meanwhile, Jin Mao Changsha actively participate in social welfare, has replaced Eye for the Yuelu twenty-one more than 100 kindergartens for poor children hope the city area donation worth 10 million fund to improve child welfare housing, a series of practical measures to History learning educational outcomes transformed into a lively practice of serving the people.

(Zhoujing Qi) (Editor: Tang Li Han, Marshal Luo) share to allow more people to see the client download.

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April 3

Chinese and foreign business people hot Xi Jinping into the Fair speech: clear history forward a logical trend of the times

"Four Perseverance" to show the Chinese mind Danone global executive committee members, China and Oceania president Xie Weibo, said: "Danone has been involved into Fair for four consecutive years, from the ‘open cooperation’ ‘to share innovation’ to ‘world market’ , to this year’s ‘four Perseverance’, we are pleased to see the pace of opening up of China is growing, more and more firm.

"Xie Weibo said that in today’s challenging environment, Xi Jinping’s speech inject impetus to world economic recovery, opening up opportunities for the companies to share China adds great confidence." Danone has always been optimistic about the huge potential of the Chinese market.

Future, Danone not only to ‘take root in China, serving China’, but also increase investment and innovation in the Chinese market, in the ‘Made in China’ scientific research output to overseas markets, promote ‘began in China, to benefit the world”s the pace of innovation, inside and outside the double boost circulation. "He said. (China) Vice President, Sinar Mas Group APP Di Jingli said that in the opening ceremony of Expo Xi Jinping into the presidential address to the world shows that China unswervingly open wider to the world full determination," Four Perseverance "foreign-funded enterprises has brought a more favorable business environment and investment confidence that foreign companies feel the infinite" China opportunity. "Di Jingli said that Indonesia is the country of overseas Chinese enterprises to expand the opening-up policy advocates and beneficiaries." our future We will firmly grasp the opportunities of the times, to increase investment in China, and actively promote trade within the region and complementary resources, expand integration of regional markets, inject impetus to regional economic recovery.

Continue to play the role of China-Indonesia friendship bridge between the two countries, promoting opportunities for sharing, interoperability based insights deepen commitment to ‘serve China’, the motherland and long symbiosis, sharing and opening spring. "she says.

Peng Zhen Branch, president of China Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group, said: "I respect President Xi’s speech ‘does not become three’ and ‘four unswervingly’ impressed This reflects China’s efforts to open a higher level of determination.

Meanwhile, China’s market economy toughness and stability to our instills confidence, Pfizer will be firmly rooted in the Chinese market, to bring more innovative products and medical solutions for the Chinese people, this will not change. "Peng Zhen Branch, said Xi Jinping’s speech delivered to the world a clear signal that the direction of China to build a higher level of open economy of the new system will not change, promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation of commitment will not change. China will only open the door to bigger and bigger, never closed. he said that this year is the 20th anniversary of China’s accession to WTO, persist in reform and opening up of China, the business environment will continue to optimize, which also includes Pfizer, including the number of foreign-funded enterprises consolidate the confidence rooted in China’s economic development and actively participate in China’s determination. single country Takeda, president of China, said Hong, Xi Jinping speech at the opening ceremony of the very encouraged, especially president Xi Jinping emphasized " four Perseverance ", share development opportunities with the world and to promote a high level of open and orderly expand the scope of medical services, so that enterprises believe that the healthcare industry will usher in greater innovation and development environment.

Hung also said that a single country, as a realm of health, Takeda deeply felt China’s bio-pharmaceutical industry is integrated into the global innovation system, I believe the future China will become one of the world’s most influential major innovation birthplace of Takeda this confident and will continue to "overweight" China, more committed to the world’s first, best of breed innovative breakthrough therapies and drugs into China, for the Chinese to contribute to achieve healthy.

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March 27

China-EU deepens the economic and trade cooperation prospects wide

  According to the statistics of China Customs, 11 months ago, China and the European trade totaled trillion yuan, year-on-year growth, China has become the largest trading partner of the EU. According to statistics, as of November 2020, the EU’s 27 countries invest hundreds of US dollars in China, China’s total investment in the European EU has directly investd more than $ 80 billion.

A series of data sufficiently showed the toughness and potential of China-EU economic and trade relations. Central Europe continues to deepen economic and trade cooperation, which has strongly promoted the economic and social development of both parties, enhances the well-being of the people, and will also force the world economic recovery.

  "From the development of the development of all the way and the development of the Chinese European class" The epidemic situation has caused a huge impact on the international air transport market, but it is benefited from the stable growth and market demand of China and Europe, and the largest aviation group in Europe, the largest aviation group. Open up more freight markets. At present, the group has two cargo flights to and from Europe – full of European food, electronic equipment, and clothing to China, and return to Europe with China’s epidemic prevention materials, mobile phones, toys, computer spare parts.

"China is our most valued market, and the potential of cooperation is huge." Pang Daoan, General Manager of China, China, said that China took the lead in controlling the epidemic, and took the lead in recovering production, the domestic aviation market fundamentally recovered, allowing them to confident in the future of the European civil aviation market. Li Daily Airport is the largest airport in Belgian, last year, the airport cargo volume is over 1.42 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 24%.

"This is largely due to the continued growth of trade in Europe.

"Belgian French Radio and Television pointed out in the report that all kinds of protective materials and electronic components from China have been transported from all over Europe, which helped European anti-vangence, and promoted European complex remodeling. Lotary Airport CEO Luke Paldong said that the rapid development of e-commerce is not only beneficial to the aviation industry, but also drives other industries. In 2020, Zhongula class has opened 10,000 columns, transporting a million tube box, which increases by 50%, 56%, and the overall box rate. %, Including 9.31 million in epidemic prevention materials, 10,000 tons, which have strong promoted China and other countries and regions of China, and play an important role in stabilizing the global industry chain supply chain. Poland border Thai Tharez Boce It is the first stop in China and Europe into the EU. Mayor Yasuk Dareruk said: "Tiles Pool has benefited from the development of Co-construction ‘and all the way.

Central European trains is expected to bring more investment to areas along and look forward to further deepen cooperation with China.

"" China has diversified pattern of opening up and development, "the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, a survey showed that the epidemic did not shake the confidence of European companies investing in China, 89 percent of European companies willing to stay in China, the companies surveyed 2/3 of the Chinese as the top three investment destinations, many European companies continue to increase investment in China. "in the first three quarters of 2020, L’Oreal China achieved strong growth% of its market share in all sectors are on the rise, electricity providers and business growth in high-end cosmetics market situation is particularly encouraging.

Strong performance in the Chinese market, but also help the entire group in the third quarter to return to positive growth.

"North Asia Feibo Rui, president of L’Oreal pointed out that China has a huge consumer groups, the rapid development of the digital economy has created favorable conditions.

L’Oreal China has become the Group’s innovation hub, the successful practice of the electricity supplier from China market were included in the Group’s training courses provide a reference for other markets around the world.

  Decathlon explosion last year launched a number of products in the Chinese market.

Decathlon China chief operating officer, senior vice president of Pakistan Studies Kay said: "The Chinese market rich in content, strong anti-risk ability, the development of diversified pattern of opening up China.

"Pu Jian, president of the Philippine well-known French yeast producer Lesaffre Group Greater China, said that the Group continue to increase investment in China last year," China’s opening market opportunities for the world. "

  Embassy of Italy in China’s data show that in the first nine months of last year, Italy’s exports to China’s agricultural growth%. Italian olive oil manufacturers Olara company official Sibiluosi Bora Chino believes that China continue to optimize the business environment, the company will continue to follow the development of the Chinese market, strive for more market share in the future. "The Chinese market is developing rapidly. Our products doubled sales in China. I believe that in the next few years, China will become one of the main markets of Italian olive oil and wine." Some Chinese enterprises have also increased investment in the European market . Chinese battery manufacturers honeycomb Energy will invest 2 billion euros to establish a battery factory and R & D centers in Germany. When completed, the plant plans to produce 300,000 to 500,000 for the battery-electric vehicles, and create about 2,000 jobs. Germany Trade & Invest automotive expert Stefan Di Bitonto said cellular energy investment will promote the joint development of the industry to provide more job opportunities and enhance the international competitiveness of the German automotive industry.

Lenovo Group announced that it will open this spring, a new production line in Central and Hungary Pest County Ullo, mainly produces desktops, will also involve the development of the data center.

Lenovo Regional Manager Anita Lukacs in Hungary, said, "With the continued growth of our business on a global scale, the new plant will better meet the needs of European customers.

"" Seize the two sides to create green partner, digital partners release of new opportunities, "2020 December 30, China-EU leaders jointly announced the completion of negotiations scheduled EU-China investment agreement. The two sides reached a balanced, high-level, mutually beneficial and win-win investment agreement demonstrates the determination and confidence of the Chinese side to promote a high level of opening up, China-EU mutual investment will provide greater market access, higher levels of the business environment, more effective system to protect the brighter prospects for cooperation will also after a strong boost world economic recovery epidemic period, enhance the international community’s confidence in economic globalization and free trade.

  President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the EU Joerg Turk Wu said that China and the EU on schedule to complete negotiations on investment agreements, a strong impetus to multilateralism and free trade will bring real good the EU and China, including more product selection and more market opportunities Wait. Feibo Rui believes that reaching investment agreement Central Europe is an important measure for China to promote the construction of a new pattern of development, further promote the opening of a high level, will help to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between China and EU countries to provide more open to European companies invest in China market, stronger institutional guarantee. EU companies continue to enhance cooperation in several dimensions of investment and trade, research and innovation, green manufacturing and sustainable development, will create new opportunities for the development of bilateral relations.

  "The volume of trade between Italy and China in a very important part manufacturing from Italy.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that this relationship is still firmly in the outbreak of crisis.

"New Silk Road Association, president of Italy, a China expert Francesco Marin Jiao said China remains open to cooperation in the global markets, including European markets, including Italy and China trade cooperation to achieve positive results, more and more Italian products are going into the Chinese market. Germany trade & invest experts Christina Ott noted that with China’s rapid economic recovery in the automotive industry, chemical industry and machinery, the Chinese market for German products and solutions demand is growing.

Meanwhile, the Chinese-made protection products and notebook computers, bicycles, sports equipment and other sales in the German market is also very good. "I am very optimistic about the upside of European trade, Germany and China look forward to the deepening of economic and trade relations." China Head of Mission to the EU Zhang Ming said China accelerate the construction of a new pattern of development will lead to the road of China’s economic growth of high quality. At the same time, the EU is also seeking double green economic transformation and digitization.

"EU companies can follow the development trend, seize the two sides to create green partners, new opportunities digital partner release.

"(Newspaper Brussels, Rome, Paris) (Editor: Li Yilin (intern), Li Dong) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.

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