March 19

Shanghai Airport (600009): Multiple factors affect production volume in October every half year

Shanghai Airport (600009): Multiple factors affect production volume in October every half year

Company dynamics keep outperforming industry companies Shanghai Airport announced production data for October 2019: takeoffs and landings dropped by over 1

1%, the number of passenger explosions dropped by 0.

8%, freight postal grows by 2 every year.


It is 杭州桑拿网 estimated that from January to October 2019, takeoffs and landings increased by two in two years.

6%, the number of passengers is increasing by 3 per year.

2%, long-term decline of goods and mail 5.


  Commenting on the influence of multiple factors, October production volume alternated.

The company deflected twice in October with an interval of 1.

1%, down from 2 in September.

2%; the number of passengers dropped by 0 year-on-year.

8%, down from 2 in September.

4%, the largest decline year to date.

Our estimates are as follows: 1) Due to the expected impact of the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, the regional line take-off and landing movements are inserted into displacement.

3% (-8 in September.

2%), the number of passengers every 21 intervals.

9% (-18 in September.

7%), the decline was slightly expanded earlier in September; 2) October affected by typhoon “Mina”, Pudong Airport cancelled flights 333 flights on October 1; 3) October last year and the number of passengers increased2%, 4.

8%, forming a high base; 4) Various security activities in October have improved from last year, and official travel may be limited.

  In October, the number of outbound tourists (international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) is at least once a year, and we expect that it will be difficult to recover in the short term.

Being dragged down by regional routes, the company’s outbound passenger explosion in October (international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) temporarily inserted 0.

3%, lower than the same period last year 4.

7% growth.

Tungsten ingots for outbound tourists from January to October 2019 increased by 2.

9%, down from 8 in the same period last year.


As regional expectations continue to change, we expect the company’s outbound passenger volume to recover in the short term or difficult, and tax-free income will be affected to some extent.

  Estimates suggest that the current company complies with the corresponding 2019/2020 27.


2x P / E.

Considering that it is difficult to recover regional line production in the short term, we lower our 2019 profit forecast2.

8% to 52.

59 million, maintaining the profit forecast for 2020 unchanged.

Maintain outperform industry rating and target price of 90 yuan, corresponding to 30 times the price-earnings ratio in 2020, corresponding to the current ongoing 19.

4% upside.

  Risk Aviation demand was less than expected, and tax-exempt income was less than expected.

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March 18

After the holiday, the first explosion of equity funds sold 7 billion funds rush to build a gold pit

After the holiday, the first explosion of equity funds sold 7 billion funds rush to build a gold pit
With the strong rebound of A-shares, the mainstream public offering of newly issued funds has been enthusiastic about the purchase.  In the afternoon of February 6, Penghua Value Growth Hybrid Fund (008681) ended its fundraising in advance. On the same day, China Merchants Bank issued over 5 billion yuan, becoming the first fund in the year of the rat.  The chief public fund manager told the China Securities Journal reporter that the current market sentiment has been continuously restored. Behind the explosive funds, the “golden pit of contrarian layout” has become mainstream recognition.The three major sectors of medical, consumer, and technological growth are still the focus of public offerings.  Explosive funds frequently appear on the evening of February 6th. A reporter from China Securities News learned from related channels that the Penghua Value Growth Hybrid Fund, which began to be issued on February 3, has ended its fundraising earlier on February 6.The Penghua Value Growth Hybrid Fund is a customized fund of China Merchants Bank and Penghua Fund. The fund has gradually raised nearly 7 billion US dollars in all channels, and on February 6 alone, it has gained more than 5 billion yuan in China Merchants Bank.  The market was severely distorted at the beginning of the year, but the subscription of Xinfa Fund was not disturbed.  Wind Statistics data shows that from February 3 to February 7, there were about 20 new funds raised in the market.  Since 2020, explosive public offering funds have been frequent.In the week of January 13-17, Yinhua Technology Innovation, Penghua Technology Innovation, and Hongde Fengrun’s three-year holding period were mixed. The three funds were sold in one day, and the total amount of money attracted was more than 17 billion yuan.Subsequently, BOCOM Career Technology Innovation sold out in one day.In the end, Guangfa Technology Pioneer sold more than once a day.  Sources of recent recent explosive funds data: Fund announcement wind data show that from February 10 to February 14, 13 new A-share funds in the market have entered the issuance period, including ICBC Credit Suisse Consumer Industry Fund and Winwin Technology DriveValue funds, etc.  Source: Wind “Golden Pit” provides a good opportunity to build a warehouse. Public fundraiser pointed out that in view of the recent market rebound, investors’ intensified sentiment about the epidemic can be restored.Judging from the recent situation of explosive funds, both institutions and investors are full of confidence in the market outlook.  For example, Chen Xuanmiao, the proposed fund manager of Penghua Value Growth Hybrid Fund, pointed out that after short-term market shocks, A shares are currently in a rare “golden pit.”At present, the Shanghai Composite Index is located at 2800 points, both in terms of points and estimates are located in the historical bottom area. Even looking at the world is also a very “estimated depression”, which provides a very good time window for the new fund to open positions.  ”Recently, market volatility has intensified. Against this background, replacing public equity fund products to seize opportunities for rebound is a good choice.”Said a fund manager in a Shanghai-based fund company.  Puyin Ansheng Fund believes that market sentiment has turned from panic to stability and is optimistic.However, because the previous market was affected by epidemic factors, the subsequent development of the epidemic is difficult to predict. Before the epidemic control does not improve significantly, investors still need to be alert to the short-term market fluctuations caused by repeated epidemics and the impact on the macro economy.  ”Everyone said that buying new is worse than buying old, but old funds have accumulated more profitable funds based on last year’s performance, and there is pressure to fall into a bag.”Choose a new product from a recognized fund company and fund manager, you can enjoy the advantage of being light.From the channel channels, I also like to sell 1 yuan of funds, and many investors also recognize such buying habits.”Said a sales staff of a fund company.  Focusing on the three core sectors Puyin Ansheng Fund said that in the current market, it is still focusing on the medium and long-term, focusing on the prosperity industry, and focusing on industry leaders.Among them, medical, consumer and technology are the industry sectors worthy of attention in the current market environment.  Qiu Jie, chairman, managing director and co-investment director of Qianhai Open Source Fund, said that the current operation should focus on optimizing individual stocks, mainly focusing on four major directions: underestimated consumer goods, emerging industries with long-term growth space, and traditional industries.Owners and state-owned enterprise reform areas can be selected from the performance growth determination, 北京夜生活网 strong conversion attractiveness, and can expand the competitive advantage of subdivided leading stocks.  In the new fund building position guide, Chen Xuanmiao said that the next step will be to find prosperity in multiple industries such as food, home appliances, medical communications, electronics, computers, light industry, building materials, and power equipment, with relatively definite performance growth.Fundamentals tie the company to better gold flow.  ”The market is similar to seesaw, and it is mainly a transition between partial cycles, partial consumption and TMT industries.Although the market has been short-lived due to the epidemic situation, it is still in a high-boom stage. Some high-quality white horse companies are still growing in the long run.Currently, these companies may have very good buying points after experiencing the forecast compression.”Chen Xuanmiao said.  Editor: Ren Xiao, Cao Shuai

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February 24

[Discussing this topic with my girlfriend turned her high]

[Discussing this topic with my girlfriend turned her high]

When chatting with women, if you can grasp each other’s ideas well, you can quickly arouse each other’s sexual desires. This requires men to have some chatting skills, talk to women about topics she notices, and keep her senses at any time.Status, the following nine topics are most likely to excite women when chatting.

First, do others love longer than we do?

The sex descriptions in teaching movies or adult novels can be regarded as “sex marathons”. If you compare this, the men around us may be premature ejaculation, but the truth is that the individual differences in sexual intercourse time are very large, about 2-About 15 minutes.

If the sex time is relatively short, and you can’t give evidence of premature ejaculation, consider removing stress from your body first.

In addition, sometimes changing positions also helps, and the stimulation of the penis is not too strong.

Second, is the private part really important in the foreplay?

The private parts of men and women have extremely rich nerve endings, and touching them will definitely help stimulate sexual desire.

Sexual therapists recommend that men and women in sexual life should be as gentle as possible to caress these extremely sensitive areas of the nerves, and must not be rough.


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February 19

[Efficacy of Sanqi stewed pigeon]_Sanqi _ milk pigeon _ benefits

[Efficacy of Sanqi stewed pigeon]_Sanqi _ milk pigeon _ benefits

Panax notoginseng is a medicinal material that has swelling and blood-enriching effects, and pigeons are more nutritious food. Everyone says that the nutrition of ten chickens on top of a pigeon shows that the nutritional value of pigeons is extremely high.

Tian Qi and the pigeons simmered in soup to drink, have the effect of activating blood, invigorating qi, and analgesic.

Tianqi is another name for Panax notoginseng, and folk is also called Panax notoginseng, blood ginseng.

The sanitary stasis and hemostasis for swelling and stasis pain are obvious, and the spleen for stasis and pain can be used to promote blood circulation, nourish blood, and strengthen the deficiency.

Tianqi, which is mined in spring, is also called “Spring Seven” and has the best quality.

Pigeons, also known as white phoenix, are delicious and nutritious. The famous gynecological medicine-Wuji Baifeng Wan is made from black chicken and white phoenix.

Suckling pigeons refer to young birds within one month of age. Their fleshy temperature is good, and they have a good therapeutic effect of nourishing and nourishing Qi.

The young pigeon is paired with wolfberry and Tianqi to cook soup and diet, which doubles the effect of recuperating and eliminating evil, and is not warm and dry. It is very suitable for young and old and physically weak women.

Tian Qi and stewed with pigeons, promoting blood circulation, nourishing yin and invigorating qi, relieving stasis and relieving pain, reducing blood pressure, improving myocardial blood supply, and increasing vascular elasticity. It is very effective in removing stasis and giving birth to pregnant women.So as not to cause miscarriage.

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February 13

[Yongkang specialty snacks]_Yongkang_Species

[Yongkang specialty snacks]_Yongkang_Species

Yongkang City is a city in Zhejiang Province. Some people in this city might not know it, but if you talk about Yongkang’s special snacks, many people have heard of it, such as hemp balls, Yongkang cakes, and meat tortillaAnd steamed dumplings, etc., these are Yongkang’s famous snacks.

Every year, many people go to Yongkang for the sake of tasting these special snacks of Yongkang. Let’s introduce in detail what special snacks Yongkang has.

1. Hemp balls Yongkang hemp balls are different from ordinary hemp balls in that it is not as big as ordinary hemp balls, but the taste is still very good. The shell covered with white sesame is extremely crispy. The bite is crispy and sweet. The red bean filling insideThe amount is moderate, sweet but not greasy, and the mouth is sweet and delicious. Yongkang people like to use this local hemp ball for breakfast. Of course, for Yongkang people who like to eat hemp balls, hemp balls have to be breakfast.It is also quite suitable as a usual snack.

2. For Yongkang people, Yongkang hair cake is one of the essential staple foods. Yongkang people think that the hair cake is made of corn flour and white flour together. Coarse grain is beneficial to human health.People grasp the ratio of coarse grains to fine grains in ordinary hair cakes so that the hair cakes will not feel rough at all, but they are delicate and have the aroma of cornmeal, and the raisins embellish the flavor.

3, meat oatmeal is usually fried or steamed. Yongkang meat oatmeal is baked, so the shell is very crispy. The filling inside combines Yongkang’s unique pickled vegetables and dried plums, so it has a unique flavor.Fragrant but not greasy, is a special snack that Yongkang people must eat when they return to their hometown. When I came to Yongkang this time, I also tasted this special snack from Yongkang. The taste is really unforgettable.
4. Steamed dumplings Yongkang’s steamed dumplings don’t seem to have many characteristics. Yongkang people have become their local cuisine with the simplest appearance and the best taste. Yongkang steamed dumplings are white and smooth, but the taste is not ordinary.The four major advantages of steamed cotton, softness, elasticity, and fragrance are one. It is an indispensable food for Yongkang people and foreigners who come to Yongkang.

Yongkang steamed dumplings can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can either eat the original steamed dumplings, or wrap the steamed dumplings with black sesame or mung bean flour. The flavor is unique. Those who come to Yongkang must try it.

Yongkang people’s love for food is never reflected in the gorgeous appearance. They do not pursue the appearance of food, but just continuously improve the most important taste of the food itself. People who are moved by the taste of food are hardworking and diligent.Simple Yongkang people.

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February 6

[Can I eat cookies during weight loss?

】 _Slimming_Can you eat

[Can I eat cookies during weight loss?
】 _Slimming_Can you eat

In life, children and women love to eat snacks. There are too many types of snacks in supermarkets, including a variety of biscuits. Biscuits are a pasta made of wheat flour.The methods are different, and the supplementary ingredients are different. Speaking of the many types of biscuits, everyone wants to buy biscuits suitable for themselves. Can people eat biscuits during weight loss?

Can I eat cookies during weight loss?
Food MMs must abandon all kinds of snacks if they want to stay in good shape. I recommend 10 low-calorie biscuits. MM is no longer worried about eating fat!

Low-calorie biscuits have always been popular among office workers. They are easy to store and convenient to eat.

So, what low-calorie biscuits are good for MMs who want to lose weight?


Coarse rice cakes have a calorie content of 65 calories. They are the most abundant grain biscuits. They also have a crunchy texture that melts at the mouth, like fiber sticks, and are individually packaged foods.


Shiitake mushroom jerky is made from pure shiitake mushrooms, which is a zero-transfer snack, but tastes similar to beef jerky.

The packaging, which is similar to candy, is very small, and it is a small snack that is easy to share among colleagues.

There are more than 60 capsules of dried mushrooms in each box, which is convenient for sharing with colleagues.


Japanese-style green tea biscuit is a traditional food for office snacks.

Low-calorie Japanese-style green tea biscuits are made using non-baked technology, which contains fewer calories than traditional biscuits.

These low-calorie biscuits can’t get angry, and they are not afraid of affecting health due to high calories.

It can not only be used as a mouthpiece, but also has a certain satiety effect.


Konjac jelly contains 24.

5 calories, replacing xylitol with sucrose, which contains a lot of konjac fiber.

After eating konjac jelly, people will feel 30 times more full than eating regular jelly.

Food MMs must abandon all kinds of snacks if they want to stay in good shape. I recommend 10 low-calorie biscuits. MM is no longer worried about eating fat!

Black Tea Shortbread Black tea shortbread produces a low, slightly salty taste with a unique aroma of black tea at each mouthful.

Without sugar, the taste is extremely pure.

It’s better to eat a bite of crunchy and delicious low-purity biscuits.


Instant Oatmeal Biscuits Some breakfast instant oatmeal is also a snack biscuit, because many oatmeal are high in fiber, low in weight, plus vitamins and minerals, and rich in nutrients.

The oatmeal is crispy and does not require milk, so you can eat it.

If convenient, add skimmed milk to all types of oatmeal.


Oatmeal biscuits American nutritionists researched 17 foods with the same energy and found that the easiest to feel full is oatmeal, while the chocolate cookie and cream cake are the least likely to make you feel full.

Food MMs must abandon all kinds of snacks if they want to stay in good shape. I recommend 10 low-calorie biscuits. MM is no longer worried about eating fat!

The basic principle of choosing healthy biscuits: no sugar coating, pure biscuits without filling, aunt and sugar will feed.

For example, biscuits such as biscuits, rice crackers, and acrylic stands are healthy examples, but there are exceptions. For example, aunts who generally digest cakes are higher.

Biscuits with “high cellulose” on the label are not necessarily low in quantity, because too many high-fiber biscuits are also made with too much trace ingredients.
Soda biscuits Soda biscuits contain sodium bicarbonate, which can balance the pH of the human body and is also transformed in biscuits.

The lowest soda crackers of the same gram number are lower per second than the whole wheat crackers.

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January 28

[How to make whole-wheat beef onion box]_Home-made practice of whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box

[How to make whole-wheat beef onion box]_Home-made practice of whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box

Most of the food outside is delicious, but do you know how much harmful things are added to it?

Do you know that if you eat for a long time, all kinds of chronic diseases will come to you?

So, close your gluttonous mouth, or buy some groceries yourself and make some assured food.

Below, I will learn how to make a whole wheat beef onion box with Xiaobian.


Cover the whole wheat flour with hot water and make it into a hot noodle dough, cover with plastic wrap and relax for 20 minutes2.

1 Divide the hot noodle dough (like dumplings) into small preparations and roll into a round crust.

2 Onion and bacon are cut into small cubes, add the right amount of cooking oil, salt and black pepper, stir well 4.

Take a piece of noodles and put on the right amount of bacon and onion stuffing, then cover another piece of noodles, insert the edges of the two noodles and fold them into lace, and relax for 20 minutes5.

Pour the oil into the pan to heat, place the boxes into the pot in sequence, cover the pot, and fry until golden on both sides. Today I will introduce the whole-meal beef and onion box that has been collected for many years.If you like and are interested, quickly do it through Xiaobian’s method.

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January 25

[Can beer and peach be eaten together]_Draft Beer_Dine with

[Can beer and peach be eaten together]_Draft Beer_Dine with

In summer, people like to drink beer and peaches.

For those who like it at the same time, it is more worrying, because I don’t know whether beer and peach can be eaten together.

In fact, beer and peaches can be eaten together, but there are still many precautions when eating peaches or drinking beer.

Below, I will introduce you to relevant aspects of knowledge!

First, can peaches and beer be eaten together?

Peach is rich in carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber, organic acids, vitamin C and mineral elements such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Beer contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, low molecular sugars, inorganic salts and various enzymes.
These two nutrients do not conflict, so they can be eaten together.

Second, the precautions for eating peaches 1, peaches should not be eaten with meat and turtle meat.

2. Peach and shochu: coma and cause death.

3, after eating peaches, can not drink tea, easily cause gastrointestinal disorders.

4, after eating peaches, do not drink too much water at the same time, otherwise diarrhea.

5, the internal heat is too strong, prone to sores, should not be eaten by diabetic patients, infants, diabetic patients, pregnant women, menstrual period should not eat.

Third, the precautions for drinking beer 1, should not be mixed with white wine: the brewing methods of different wines are different, the raw materials are not the same, the various wines can not dissolve each other.

2. It is not advisable to drink beer with smoked and roasted foods: it increases the lead content in the blood, and lead can be combined with harmful substances in smoked and roasted foods as carcinogens.

3. Patients with liver disease should not drink beer: the basic principle is the same as that of other alcohol, which is mainly because beer contains alcohol. After alcohol is absorbed into the body, it needs to be metabolized by the liver and other tissues and organs to break it down.

Liver can be abnormal, weak detoxification ability, can not play the role of detoxification in time, prone to alcoholism.

Alcohol can also directly damage liver cells and make liver disease symptoms worse.

4. It is not advisable to eat seafood together: data show that a large amount of beer when eating seafood can cause gout and prone to urinary stones.

The reason is that urea can be purified in seafood, picolinic acid, and the possible vitamin B1 in beer is an important catalyst for the catabolism of these two components, which leads to an increase in uric acid content in the blood.

Once uric acid cannot be excreted in time, it will deposit in the form of sodium salt, causing gout or forming stones.

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January 19

[Ginger is not hair]_ effect _ effect

[Ginger is not hair]_ effect _ effect

I believe many people don’t know what food is, or what the hair refers to, so it may cause many people to fail to properly use the ingredients.

Hair products refer to the effects of foods that may entice the body to get sick or relapse, and everyone should avoid eating hair products.

The hair is mainly donkey, beef, etc. Ginger is also a kind of hair, because ginger can promote the body to heat.

What is hair?

Explained from the surface of the word alone, “fa” can be understood as “initiating, initiating, assisting”.

In other words, after eating a certain food, it may not cause illness; those who have been cured before, may relapse or even get worse after eating a certain food. These foods can be called “fat”.
What is the cause of the hair?

First, the animal food in the hair contains certain hormones, which can easily make some functions in the human body hyperactive or metabolic disorders.

For example, glucocorticosteroids can induce infection spread, ulcer bleeding, seizures, etc. when the physiological dose exceeds the physiological dose, causing recurrence of old diseases.

Second, the foreign proteins contained in some foods have become allergens, causing allergic diseases to recur.

Such as marine fish shrimp and crab often cause skin allergies in patients with asthma, eczema, neurodermatitis, impetigo, psoriasis and other refractory skin diseases.

Tofu milk can also cause acute disease recurrence.

Third, some foods that are irritating diseases, such as liquor, onion and garlic, and other spicy irritating foods can easily spread to inflammatory infections and cause yellowing.

This is the reason that the traditional Chinese medicine says that heat is definitely not to eat spicy and irritating hair.

Who can’t eat hair casually?

Is there some kind of hair?

Most hair products in life are fishy, such as beef, mutton; hot foods, such as fish; or hair growth, such as leek, seafood, shrimp, crab, and bean curd.

Different types of disease require different foods to avoid.


[Thermal hair]Common foods: ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, mutton, beef, etc. Taboos: hyperactivity of yang, internal heat of yin deficiency, and the general consumption of heat generation hair in summer is more prosperous and easy to get angry.
In the summer when the yang is strong, it is generally not recommended to eat, the yang is hyperactive, especially those with yin deficiency and internal heat.

Should be: those with spleen and stomach deficiency, the general population in winter to produce heat-generating hair is sometimes an excellent warm food, especially in winter, can help Yang, can be supplemented appropriately.


[Cold product]Common foods: cold fruits such as Sydney, watermelon, persimmon, etc. Bogey: Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, chills and chills have a cold taste. For those with deficiency, it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of dehydration and cause spleen and stomach.Not suitable, eat less.

Should: Cold accumulation of heat in Yin deficiency and internal heat is an excellent recipe for reducing fire, especially in summer.


[Hot and humid hair products]Common foods: glutinous rice, taro, etc. Taboos: those with weak spleen and stomach, damp and hot hair products with phlegm and damp constitution are not suitable for most people.

This kind of food is difficult to digest, and more food can easily cause wet stagnation, causing spleen and stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

Should: According to the specific food, moist and hot hair is not absolutely bad. For example, glutinous rice is a moist and hot hair for people with a bad spleen and stomach, but it has a certain effect of supplementing qi for the weak people with insufficient gas.

Taro also plays a role in regulating gas.

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January 9

[How long does the sausage have to be cooked]_How to make_Cooking time

[How long does the sausage have to be cooked]_How to make_Cooking time

Sausage is a very common food, and through the continuous advancement of technology, the sausage is basically edible all year round now, but the time for making sausages in winter is in winter.No matter how you eat it, the taste is delicious. Generally, when the sausages are prepared, they usually need to be cooked on the table top. How long does it take to cook the sausages?

How long does the sausage have to be cooked?

Sausages can be steamed or cooked, depending on your preference.

If the sausage has been standing for a long time and the moisture is very dry, at least steam and cook for half an hour.

The most primitive and straightforward method is to use a chopstick to insert it. You can insert it without any effort!

Sausages are usually cooked for 20-30 minutes before they are cooked.

At the same time, without burning, the longer you cook, the less nitrite content in sausages and bacon.

One final reminder is that you must cook in a cold water pot.

Only in this way can the water slowly penetrate into the tissue of the meat, and the dried sausage and ham become more moisturized.

If you cook it in boiling water, the protein on the surface of the meat will shrink sharply due to heat, which will affect the penetration of water and meanwhile it will be difficult for nitrite to fully leak out.

Sausages do not need to be soaked. Wash the pan with warm water and turn to low heat for 20-30 minutes.

Boil it and let it cool for 10 minutes. If it’s cold, a few minutes will suffice.

How long can the sausage be cooked? The sausage is a smoked food that contains a certain amount of nitrite. Consuming it for many years will increase the risk of stomach cancer.

However, some tests have proved that as long as the sausage is cooked in water at 60 ° C for 30 seconds, the nitrite content will be reduced by more than 35%, while reducing the salt content and trace content, which is more in line with the needs of healthy substitution.

In addition, frying or grilling sausages after processing in this way prolongs the cooking time, does not easily change wood, and has a softer taste.

At this point, the washed sausages are boiled and boiled in water, add a little vinegar to decompose nitrous acid, and then cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes.

However, when boiling the sausages, you must boil them in cold water, so that the water can slowly penetrate into the meat tissue and make the dried ham more moist.

If it is a boiling underwater pot, the protein on the surface of the meat shrinks sharply when heated, affecting the infiltration of nitrite.

Sausages, ham, bacon and other bacon products, in order to maintain color, businesses will add nitrite, if eaten with amine-containing foods, it is easy to combine reactions in the stomach to form the carcinogen “nitrosamines”, eat two types of foodIt takes an hour.

Common amine-containing foods include dried squid, saury, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, yogurt, etc. You should avoid eating with sausages or frying them in the same high-temperature oil pan.

If you drink a few cups of green tea a day, it can break down nitrosamines and promote human health.

Finally, the general population can occasionally eat sausages, but people with cold and wet constitution, injection pressure, bronchitis, and respiratory infections are not easy to eat, so as not to cause physical injury.

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