May 18

Cangzhou 8 housing provident fund business realizes "crossing province"

Original title: Cangzhou 8 housing provident fund business realizes "crossing provinces" to solve the company and the masses "multi-race" "Review" issues "Cross-province" in this year, Zhangzhou City Handling the housing provident fund business in different places, "more running" problems, vigorously promotes the housing provident fund service "cross-provincial unite", through the complementation of the job, the regional interconnection, information interoperability "three bridges", eight years in advance The "cross-provincial unite" has been handled through the "two-way" approach to 35 different places. This is the reporter learned from the series of press conferences in the "I’m doing a practical thing" in Cangzhou City. Construct a "post complementary" bridge, smooth business operation mechanism.

Zhangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center sets three types of posts such as "cross-provincial" service window, regulatory platform contact, policy support, "cross-provincial" service "business, and policy support, and establish a set of" front desk acceptance "by clear position responsibilities. – Regulatory platform contact – the "cross-provincial unite" business operation mechanism for the pre-regulatory platform feedback ", the division of labor is clear, responsible to people, ensuring efficient and orderly business operations.

Build a "geographical interconnection" bridge, close the center distance.

Strengthen coordination with other provinces and municipal provident fund centers, actively promote the establishment of "cross-provincial uniteral" linkage mechanisms with other centers.

Highlight the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Office, the cross-center business of each center of Beijing, Tianjin and the center of each center in Hebei Province.

First, issue the relevant position to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "cross-provincial" business contact address book, which is convenient for service window and the connection between the Beijing-Tianjin Center.

Second, the service window personnel are required to study policies and processes in the "cross-provincial uniteral" matters in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei, in order to be able to do one-time information about employees who handle cross-center business, and do not have errors. Build a "information interoperability" bridge to break the data exchange barrier. Strengthen departmental information sharing, through advancing with market supervision, public security, civil affairs, computing, real estate registration and real estate transaction information sharing, to achieve housing provident fund query, housing provident fund loan advance repayment, unit and personal information change, and 10 extraction services online manage. Broadening the business handling channels, through the continuous upgrade of housing provident fund business system, improve the integrated service platform construction, take the initiative to the service port on the service port, the Alipay Citizen Center, Mobile Bank, Bank Smart Cabiners, etc., greatly broaden the online business handling channels.

Since this year, all online channels have a total of 31,472 extraction services, accounting for 47% of the total amount of extraction business; 4,969 units have opened online to pay the housing provident fund business, accounting for 74% of the total number of deposits. At present, six of the city’s "cross-provincial" eight issues realize the full network, including personal housing provident fund deposit loans and other information, normal retirement to extract housing provident fund, housing provident fund unit and personal payment information change, The housing provident fund unit registration account opening, the opening of the housing provident fund personal housing loan is also clearly proof and advances in advance.

(Reporter Dai Shazhi) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

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May 15

China @ 四 川 | You can eat "High Plaen Red"

  Xinhua News Agency, October 23, II: "High Plaen Red" can be eaten, the Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xiaong, Kang Jinqian, Tong Fang said "Highland Red", people may think of the high-altitude of the masses. However, in Qingde Town, Sichuan Township, Sichuan Town, Sichuan City, the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, more than 10,000 acres of orchard, is full of branches, colorful "Red Fuji" Apple, is the most lovely "plateau" of this beautiful pastoral town. Red". When the reporter came to Qingde Town, this orchard in the blue sky and white clouds, the snow mountain reflected this orchard, and the entered pull car, the picking workers who laughed, and the tourists were tasting. . The solar insectica lamp dotted in the fruit forest, the yellow sticky panel shows the "green" of the fruit, picking a flaming apple bites a bit, and the feeling is sweet and delicious.

A dinestry said carefully, surprises: "This apple has also wrapped a layer of white frost, it is no wonder that it is far from seeing it bright!" This town is about 10 kilometers from the county county county county in Sichuan, once Water, the villagers can only plant green, corn in the ground, leading to unmanned ridiculous mountains.

In order to solve this difficult problem, Xiangcheng County implements the water conservancy project of agricultural industrial demonstration zone in Qingde Town, investing nearly 30 million yuan to install the water pipeline, and introduce high-quality mountain water into the orchard to carry drip irrigation.

  The 52-year-old fruit farmer Zhou Jun said: "After the cream fell, the weather is getting cold, and Apple is still hung in the branches." He walked into the north when he was young, but he chose to go back to his hometown in 2014. Zhou Jun told reporters that Qingdezhen is about 3100 meters, temperature, day and night temperature difference, humidity conditions, etc. are very suitable for apple planting. Now the state has introduced various measures to encourage rural residence, and the apple plantation is available. But just starting business will not be smooth.

Zhou Jun did not think that the flooding hare fooked the apple tree seedlings with sweet food, and finally he found 16 dogs, raising the rabbit in the orchard, only stopped "rabbit".

Later, he asked the agricultural experts to guide planting technology, and the apple crisp dry in the processing park supported by the government, introduced the e-commerce team to solve sales issues. "The Frost Festival is busy", in Apple Distribution Area, Peng Juo, nearby Wooden Village, is separated by the apple. This young guy is eye, the hand is fast, and when the apple is sorted, it seems to press the "fast forward button". Peng Tsuen took the pendant to the industry this year, and the insects came to the industrial garden, earning 100 yuan a day. Liu Chengzhong, deputy director of the Farming and Husbandry and Strong Science and Technology Bureau, said that hundreds of people nearby came to workers when the orchard was busy.

This cream is only part of the local plateau characteristic fruit industry, and the entire industrial park covers an area of ??more than 25,000 mu.

  When the reporter interviewed, I met a Zhejiang who came to find out. He was very optimistic about the broad development prospects of the township apple: "Liquor is also diligent! I want to help the township apple to do brand building and organic certification, walk organic products the road.

"Video reporter: 冰 洁 [Editor: Jiang Yan].

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May 9

Citic Bank vrijgegeven "Foreign Exchange Trading"

[] 9 september, Citic Bank’s ‘Foreign Exchange’ ‘National Release-activiteiten werden gehouden in Beijing. Na twee jaar draagt ??de CITIC Bank "Foreign Exchange" -clientsysteemplatform online levering, real-time informatie, trendgrafiek en andere functies, die CITIC Financial Services-oplossingen biedt voor alle soorten publieke klant online wisselkoersrisicobeheer. "Foreign Exchange" is het 3S-serviceconcept van CITIC Bank naar "Professioneel, snel, flexibel" 3S-serviceconcept, met "full-featured, all-line, full-time" als servicedoel, en streven naar de passagierswissel Professioneel platform voor fondsen.

Platform omvat allerlei soorten valutapapitaalproducten zoals minerale valutapapitaal, verzamel citaat, transactie, levering, onderzoek en management, enz. Helpende klanten genieten van de "One-Point-toegang" aan boord.

Sinds de eerste fase van juni, ik heb online sinds ik online heb, het platform "Foreign Exchange Trading" heeft een totale transactiebedrag van $ 5 miljard. Een aantal klantenvertegenwoordigers zeiden dat het platform de financi?le nut en de financi?le effici?ntie van het bedrijf sterk versterkte.

Citic Bank Party Committee, Executive Director, en vice-president Guo Dang zei in een toespraak dat "Foreign Exchange Trading" een succesvolle verkenning van CITIC BANK is om financi?le wetenschappen en technologie in de traditionele zaken van de bank te integreren, en om het zakelijke netwerken te helpen, vooral Kleine en middelgrote deviezen Business-klanten hebben belangrijke betekenis voor het bereiken van effici?nte en handige wisselkoersrisicobeheer en fondsuitwisselingsbedrijf. Daaropvolgend, zal CITIC BANK de functie van het upgradesysteem blijven herhalen, de nieuwe ontwikkeling van "Foreign Exchange Trading" realiseren die de valetor’s deviezen-transactiebedrijf, via digitale innovatie en specialisatie van uitgebreide serviceprogramma’s, continue verbetering van de klantervaring, en streeft naar Word "een temperatuur, temperatuur, er is een uitgelichte, waardevolle" beste uitgebreide financi?le dienstverlener.

Alle teksten, afbeeldingen, audio- en video-manuscripten en elektronische tijdschriften zoals "Economisch Referentie Nieuws" of "Economisch Referentienetwerk" zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door het economische referentie-nieuws. Elke vorm publiceren en spelen.

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May 2

Changsha night temperature "silent" stalls welcome guests

People’s Network Changsha August 20th (Li Fangson Intern Li Shao) The Changsha of the Early Autumn, the sun is still roasting. In the evening, the citizens have embarked on the streets and catching short and cool. The sky neon in Wanbohui attracted a large number of people to stop here.

The Starlight Night Market is just under this neon, which is also the origin of its name. In "Starlight" "starting point", it is the fixed booth of Sun Emperor, looking for eye-catching and conspicuous. After ten years of Changsha, she can use their own mind to reduce the burden on her husband for the first time.

Due to deaf, Sun Emperor does not work properly. The husband’s early days, so that she felt the pressure of life.

Panda hairpins, butterfly hair circles, there are also a variety of earrings.

These are small ornaments made at home at home, but they did not expect that they became a "big popular" in the night city. For ten days in the night market, the husband will always accompany Sun Emperor to the booth, although there is not much income, but this can be said to be Sun Emperor’s "first barrel gold".

People come from night markets, but the smile is always filled with the face, making Sun Emperor’s booth. Small books in your hands, "Thank you for your purchase, welcome to visit", "I don’t know how many Zhang sent out.

Unlike the night market, it is hidden in the sand pond alley between the two major business districts between Kad, Dongtang.

In this small alley in this less than two hundred meters, thirty or forty nights, ribs, ribs, and grasp the sweetness of the money claws, keep the old Changsha’s "raw smell".

More than ten years ago, Liu Xingtao as the first "goldfold", in which the alleys have opened their own first store – Liu Ji dry pot.

In 17 years, with the growth of Night Jing Street, the original facade has been doubled today.

Seeing this street became prosperous, Liu Xing Tao’s store also became a small mood.

"Our taste has not changed in 17 years, and even the dishes are both exactly the same.

"Liu Xingtao introduced that at least two batches to eat at least two batches at night, respectively, at night and ten o’clock.

The lamp of the starlight of the star market is clear, so that the original long daytime will continue to extend at night; the people are full of sand, let the daytime, in the stars. (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei).

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April 27

De nettobeoordeling van mensen: "Rode draad" van de wet op de time-out overuren

Originele titel: de nettobeoordeling van mensen: tijdens de time-out overuren

Onlangs heeft het Ministerie van Human Resources en Social Security de Hoogste People’s Court gezamenlijk de tweede batch van time-time overwerk typische gevallen uitgegeven en werkgevers aangevraagd om aandacht te besteden aan illegale gedragsrisico’s en het gebruik van wetten bevorderen.

Het "arbeidsrecht" van mijn land "bepaalt dat" nationale uitvoering van werknemers niet meer dan 8 uur per dag bedraagt, en het gemiddelde werkuren-systeem is niet meer dan veertig uur per week. "

Als de werkgever werkturen na de productie- en bedieningsbehoeften kan uitbreiden, kan deze de werkuren na overleg met de vakbond en werknemers uitstrekken ", mogen in het algemeen niet hoger zijn dan een uur."

Als u uw werktijden wegens speciale redenen moet verlengen, is het niet meer dan drie uur per dag onder de omstandigheden die de gezondheid van de werknemers beschermen, maar mag niet langer zijn dan 36 uur per maand. Helaas, zelfs als de wet duidelijk heeft verklaard dat het time-outwerk nog steeds in werkelijkheid wordt herhaald.

Veel werknemers moeten worden ingeslikt in het aangezicht van verouderde overwerkvereisten voor onredelijke werkgevers. Verordening en ontwikkeling, er zijn veel redenen zoals werknemers zoals de capaciteit, tijdskosten, arbitrage-geschillen en meer. In deze zin verschaft 10 uur overwerk overwerk, die gezamenlijk twee afdelingen vrijgeeft, een duidelijke richtlijnen voor werknemers en werkgevers in overeenstemming met de wet volgens de wet.

Een typisch geval (1) "of de werknemer illegaal tijdigstijd weigert overuren, de werkgever kan het arbeidsovereenkomst verlichten" is een gemeenschappelijk arbeidswetsel in werkelijkheid.

In dit verband is de wet van mijn land duidelijk vastgelegd in de bovengrens van uitbreiding van werkuren. "Labor Contract Law" bepaalt ook duidelijk dat "wetten en administratieve regelgeving" in strijd is met de arbeidscontracten van de arbeidsinstellingen. De overuren overuren "grondwork" "bodembeleid" dat in het privé is vastgesteld door werkgevers, moet in rechtsgrondslag worden vastgesteld.

Om de arbeider te bedreigen, is het "Walesten, gekleed". Er zijn nog steeds enkele bedrijven om te stelen en glijden. Van tevoren zijn werknemers verplicht om het zogenaamde "strijdplan" en de schriftelijke overeenkomst "op te geven overwerk betalen".

Zodra de twee zijden van het boek, heeft de werkgever een "White Paper Black Word", en er is een juridisch gezicht. In feite bepaalt het "arbeidsrecht" "arbeidsovereenkomst" duidelijk de verantwoordelijkheid van de overwerkbetaling van de werkgever.

Er wordt overwogen dat de overeenkomst van beloning van overuren is vrijgesteld van de wettelijke verantwoordelijkheid van de werkgever, met uitzondering van de rechten van de arbeider en is juridisch eerlijk, en het zou ongeldig moeten zijn. Dit is ook de kwestie van "Wrantor en werkgevers om de overwerkingsovereenkomst op te geven" besproken door het typische geval (2).

Het pleiten van de strijd is niet in staat, maar het is niet mogelijk om een ??klaplab-teken van de gebruiker te hebben om juridische verantwoordelijkheid te voorkomen. Om de bedrijfsontwikkeling te zoeken, moet de vormgevende bedrijfscultuur de onderste regel vasthouden die geen wettelijke bepalingen schendt en geen inbreuk maakt op de legitieme rechten en belangen van werknemers.

De disciphera is niet genoeg.

Of het nu gaat om het arbeidsrecht, of het arbeidsovereenkomst, de juridische kwesties met betrekking tot time-out overuren zijn al lang gepland, maar er zijn veel werkgevers opgezet, zoals de "werkgever" in het geval, de werkgever is niet consistent met De arbeider, verhoogt taken; ofwel stom, zoals "werkgever en werknemers die zijn besproken in gevallen" werknemers en werknemers zijn het ermee eens om het pakketsysteem te implementeren, weigeren om overuren betalen te betalen "… Deze arbeidsinstellingen zijn erg populair in de rechterlijke praktijk.

Vervolgens brachten de twee sectoren gezamenlijk deze typische gevallen uit door de representatieve juridische geschillen van overuren overuren te plaatsen, juridische kennis te populariseren en de geest van de rechtsstaat te bevorderen en een "rode lijn" te tekenen voor time-out overuren. (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

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April 22

Create the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Gallery depicting the Yellow River Cultural Tourism with Jinan

Original title: Creating the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Gallery Depulating the Yellow River Culture Tourism with Jinan Painting Spring Water Culture, Huang River Culture Intersection, Forming Jinan Unique Cultural Tourism Resources (Lu Chuanquan Photographs) A "Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Plan"It is proposed that protecting the Yellow River Cultural Tour Belt with International Influentials.The "Yellow River Cultural Protection" prepared by the Ministry of Tourism, promoting the protection and inheritance, development and promotion of complement, and the construction of the Yellow River Cultural boutique tourism belt towards the new journey.As an important province in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, Shandong Tourism High Quality Development Innovative Practice, in order to promote the cultural protection, inheritance and promotion of Shandong Province, inheriting the Yellow River, the Yellow River, the Yellow River Culture Boutique Travel Belt is a solid paving.

Jinan as the provincial capital city, Huang River culture and spring water culture completed, but also made positive explorations in the development of the Huanghe cultural tourism. The Dahe River is returned to Qilu Huanghe flows through the Loess Plateau, forming fertile incent plains in the downstream plain area, watering the Woyomiya Tield that is suitable for human farming, collecting a fishing hunting, Huazhu Lake, Qilu is benefited from the birthplace of Chinese civilization. The Yellow River, Confucius, Taishan gathers in Qilu, constructs the "Confucian Thought" in Chinese Culture Spirit.

As the core support of the Yellow River, Confucian culture and Qi Wenhua, Taishan culture, marine culture and red culture, modern cultural intersection; Shandong has 4 world cultural heritage, 1130 provincial-level cultural relics, with national historical and cultural There are 6 famous cities, 101 Yellow River Water Residence Heritage, 602 non-material cultural heritage of the provincial level; 622 A-level scenic spots, 13 tourist resorts, and promote the Yellow River Cultural Protection Inheritance and Protection. During the "Yellow River Classic" "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" Transfer the top ten industries, raising rural tourism as a rural revitalization, with the basis for the development of special county tourism innovation, to create a "national tourism demonstration province", and fully promote the global economic development of the whole country.

The archaeological discovery of the Xinshi Site in the Yellow River Basin, the West River Site, Xiaojing Mountain Sites, and Zhangqiu became a clear landmark in the history of Eastern human development. In recent years, Zhangqiu has been aware of the concept of cultivation, and the Hanwangling Site Park, Longshan Cultural Museum, Qi Qi Great Wall, etc. Historical and Cultural Village, such as Zhujiayu, Sanchaxi, San De Fan. Gather to create five blocks in "Shuquan Lake City", change the original layout, small-scale tourism development situation, and achieve the butterfly changes in Zhangqiu tourism development.

Up to now, 8 counties (cities, districts) such as Zhangqiu District, Shandong are identified as the national national tourism demonstration area.

They not only promote new and old kinetic energy conversion and industrial structure adjustment, but also lay a solid foundation for the creation of "national tourism demonstration provinces" in Shandong Province. As the basic unit of the Yellow River Basin and the first inquiry zone, it is also for the construction of Huanghe Cultural Tourism River Belt. Active radiation, driving, demonstration and leading role. Transforming the Yellow River Resources in Quality Mechanism For the construction of the Yellow River Cultural Boutique Tourism Belt, under the premise of resource protection and ecological optimization, actively explore the transformation of resources in the new type of business, and to achieve consumption value in the integrated business, it is the high quality development of the Yellow River Cultural Tourism. only way. Lixia District Fusion around the production city, highlighting the project, and strives to create "Jinan City Tourism Core].

Based on the protection of the old town, explore the old renovation, the historical district protection of the city’s organic update path combined with the whole domain tourism.

Improvement of five old streets such as Furong Street, promote Shuangzhong Street, starting the history of Fengqiao Street, the first phase of the Mingfu City Wenbao Project; transforming the Quancheng Road, so that it has become Jinan City Tourism Consumption, Development The new highland of the night economy; Baihua, Furong Street, Henglong Square, Vientiane City, etc. have become a net red card.

Changqing District exerts Wufeng Mountain Provincial Tourism Resort, Bianyi, University Science Park, Chinese Medicine, etc.

New Jiuxi National Wetland Park, Dawei Mountain Provincial Forest Park, introduced new tourism activities such as Huayi Brothers Film City. Effectiveness of rural tourism and rustic revitalization, developed a group of cultural products such as Luyi, drama, etc. with Changqing characteristics, and the modern stage drama "Moonlight Lake Bay" in the theme of village tourism. The boutique strategy to create the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Tel, the development of the literature industry has been fully movable, scientific and technological empowerment, scene experience, and the new stage of the king. First, ecological conversion, create a high quality ecological background.

The second is cultural conversion to create high quality cultural scenes.

The third is a city-rural conversion, and there is a beautiful life of high quality.

The fourth is to conduct events and build high quality participation scenarios.

The fifth is the development picture of the integration of the industry and build "one fell".

Sixth is the mechanism conversion to ensure high quality innovation kinetic energy.

For example, in the process of the old city renovation process, the "Wen Travel + Industrial Remain", Ji Iang 2 Factory Transforms Central Business District Cultural Service Center, integrated planning, Wencheng Office, Art Exhibition, Business Service four functions Integrate, becoming a model of industrial transformation.

In protecting history, accelerates cultural integration, etc., fully promotes the old Jinan ancient city butter to become multi-level, stereo, immersive international first-class tourist destination.

Zhangqiu District preparations a national tourism development planning and supporting program, forming a tourism planning system with the guidance, scenic construction planning and special planning.

Special policies such as reform, financial, urban construction, transportation, etc., prioritize all domain tourism development; innovative tourism land supply, priority to arrange the Sewage Source River Scenic Area, Wildlife World, Overseas Chinese Tourism Project.

With the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin and the ranking of high quality development, the Yellow River Basin ushered in new opportunities. Jinan will use the Huang River culture as a foothold, implement cultural tourism boutique strategy, coordinate the human landscape and ecological landscape, and create the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Promarks, fully show the Huang River culture, Qilu culture, talk about Jinan Yellow River story.

(Chen Yimin) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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April 14

Chongli Passenger Terminal has been completed by accepting eight temporary transportation station in Zhangjiakou, Zhangjiakou, Winter Olympics.

Original title: Chongli passenger hub passed the acceptance of this newspaper (Reporter Fengjiawei) Recently, the Chongli Passenger Transport Hub of the Traffic Infrastructure Project of Zhangjiakou District, Beijing Winter Olympics, transferred to Chongli District Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. Take over. The Chongli passenger hub is located in the south side of the Chongli City, with an area of ??more than 70,000 square meters. The construction content is the passenger hub comprehensive building, the production aid, parking lot, landscape greening and other projects, including urban comprehensive command. The center, traffic command center, tourist distribution center, long-distance passenger transportation area, tourist bus area, etc., 988 parking spaces were completed.

  When the Winter Olympics, the passenger hub will undertake a station service function and registered staff of the registered vehicle, the public transportation vehicle, and the traffic exchange translation of the venue volunteers will become a tourist integrated service in Chongrage District. The center has become a complex of travel distribution, tourism services, and commercial support.

  In addition, relying on the Chongli Smart Transportation Integrated Management Center, which is built in the passenger hub, it can realize the "Wisdom Management" of Chongli Traffic, serving the Chongli Economic and Social Development during the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

  The reporter learned that recently, with the horse behind the horse, the exhibition East, Chongli North 3 temporary transportation station is completed, and the 8 temporary transportation station in Zhangjiakou, the Beijing Winter Olympics is completed.

  The construction of Winter Olympics aims to meet the parking and transfer needs of all kinds of personnel in the game, while providing management, working, resting venues for the transportation service team, and greatly improving the level of service level and quality of service. The 8 temporary traffic fields station in Zhangjiakou Fair is the meeting exhibition, Dong’ao Village, Chess Bag, Grades, Ma Shazi, Chongli North, Chongli South and Prince City, with 1396 parking bus, 2602 cars Safeguards, fully meet the traffic organization and related vehicles parking requirements. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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April 7

Beijing’s first artificial water landscape landscape improvement project is completed

[] Recently, China Railway 22nd Bureau Group Rail Company workers completed the Beijing Yongding River Water Silver Surveying Phase II Project Decoration Work, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics key guarantee project is also the first artificial lead in Beijing The water landscape improvement project is completed, and the delivery is to be delivered, which will greatly enhance the public space function of the capital and surrounding ecological restoration, helping Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled.

  Feng Weili, the project manager of China Railway 22nd Bureau, introduced that the full-length km in Yongding river introduction project, close to the important municipal transportation of the Winter Olympic Games, the main road of the Winter Olympics, the city, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee The resident Shougang West Tenthoe Square is 3 km.

The builders build a space integration, complete facilities, convenient transportation, convenient transportation, convenient transportation, and creative cultural display corridor trails, etc.

  The landscape of the forever, the landscape promotion project has highlighted the spirit of the water, and the landscape belt with the main content of Yongding River, the water, the water landscape belt, and the famous attractions in the surroundings, forming a regional recreation, Promote common development.

  The project department strengthened technological innovation and vigorously introduced new processes, new materials, and creating environmental demonstration projects.

They lay color waterwater, so that the rain is fast, effectively supplemented the groundwater, reducing the heat island effect.

On the luminous runway, the technicians have creatively used a luminescent stone. After irradiating natural light or lighting, it can sue the light from more than ten hours, allowing the nightly water water landscape to improve the project "shining".

They also use eco-bamboo wood, not only green, but also better fire flame retardation, hard endurance, etc., so that the platforms such as the platform, the pallet railings are different, and the quality is too hard. The builder introduces sponge city philosophy, strengthens plant multi-level rain purification function, and sets small pumping gardens. They take advantage of the pilot sectors that have a good poplar, introduce the cultivation of North American Haibang, and build the sea of ??Haikui, and in-depth study of ecological wetland plants, take into account the variation of the four seasons, attach importance to the application of local plants, and create purification air, soil and soil and carbon Urban forests such as ecological function such as oxygen, soil improvement, forming ecological wetland plant communities. In engineering construction, technicians also add 10 affordable platforms on both sides of the water water, facilitating residents appreciate the water landscape from different angles. At the same time, the two sides of the embankment layout a rich garden landscape, into a piece of various vegetation, and created the three seasons with flowers and four seasons. The Liu Niangfu will make full use of the wishes of the pumping station, build a waterfront scene "Qingchuan Square", forming a context of a commemorative event, stage performance, science show, light show, leisure recreation, etc.

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March 30

29-hour "speed" completed the new route of the train to integrate the existing line construction

At the construction site, the old rail is allocated to the new rail. China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company is a series of work of line callization, line lift, upper rail connections, tamping, launching cable, etc. The new line of the line is incorporated into both wire construction. At 10:20 am on December 9, 2 CR200J EMUs added 2 CR200J EMUs, a double stream project, which was built by the China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company, and successfully completed the construction of the railway line call and the tits. Restore the penetration 1 hour in advance. The reserve line is the railway line for the train to keep the work, the difference from the rigid line, through the line, to the hairline, etc., mainly for maintenance, oil, inspection and other locomotives.

Chengdu Vehicle Section Duplex Guest Corporation D3, D4, D5 Removal Line Standfint Construction Construction Project is newly inserted into a set of SC390G Tao. "This process needs to complete the line diary, line lift, upper rail connection, tuning tamping, laying cable, etc. Completely completed in a relatively short ‘sunroofed’.

"The construction manager of the construction party, Zeng Peng said.

At 5:20 in the morning of December 8, with the line blockade, the command started from the interiith from the walkie-talkie, more than 70 construction workers in the construction area waited quickly to their respective working positions, cutting the rails, disassemble the joint. Hanging old rail, excavator clearing the soil, the new road is aligned, the trip to the road, taking the mortgage, the scene is a hot-fired construction scenario, all operations are in an orderly manner. Lin Hai, the head of the construction site, said: "This route is all integrated into the work, electricity, communication, power supply. After the line is dial, it will complete the signal installation and commissioning, contact network dialed adjustment, etc. In order to ensure that the newly inserted Taxi is completed according to the established time node, the guaranteed line is restored on time, the engineers strictly abide by the "five ban" of the railway construction, strictly implement the system of the hidden equipment, and form a technology, measurement, orbit. Demolition, Turnout Promote, Tasted and other professional teams. In the end, the renovation construction task was successfully completed. It is reported that the completion of the construction of Double stream passengers D3, D4, D5, will set a solid foundation for the addition of 2 CR200J EMUs in the CR200J EMUs, which will be put into a solid foundation, which will be greatly Improve the use of Shuangliu Bus Technology, the use of maintenance and intensity, and lay an important foundation for the upcoming 2022 railway Spring Festival reserves.

(Liang Xiaoqin, Lai Chongjun) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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March 29

Bashang Zhang Beixi welcomes the first snow silver

    In November 2021, the beautiful scenery of Zhangbei Grass in Zhangbei Grass after the first snow.

Yuan Yuqin took the big snow, and the morning grassland Tianxia Lao Lao Wan said.

Yuan Yuqin photographed the group of wild ducks played in the snow.

After Yuan Yun, after the big snow, Zhang Bei silver was wrapped.

Yuan Yuqin takes the museum in the Yuanfu in the snow.Yuan Yuqin photographed the grassland day behind the big snow.Yuan Yuqin photographed the Zhangbei Village after the snow.Yuan Yuqin photographed the People’s Daily, November 10, and the Hebei Bat is welcoming in the early snow.A big snow made Zhangbei’s dams on the dam of the rich grassland, "fairy tale world", and the grassland is covered with snow.

The grassland sky road known as "Highway 66 China" is more silver-filled, and it is extraordinarily enchanting.

The white windmill and the unnecessary silver are echoed, and the rolling road is in the mountains, Yushu Qionghua, beautiful Wonderland.(Shi Yan Xia Yuan Yun).

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