November 4

She asked。

“Dad let them go back.。”
Lu Haocheng lightly pulled the daughter’s little hand,Looking at her eyes bright,It’s just a pale paper.,He is even more distressed。
“Kiki,Are you nothing??”
Han Yuxuan asked。
Blue Qiqi listened to Han Yuxuan’s voice,Also shocked,She is migraine,Looking at Han Yuxuan lying on the bed,“Han Yuxuan,How are you here??”
Han Yuxuan smiled,“I accidentally fell.。”
His tender tone is faint in touch。
Blue Qiqi:“you are stupid,How to wrestle??”
Han Yuxuan smiled sorry,“I will be careful next time.。”
“Um!I am going home,I wish you a speedy recovery。”
Blue Qiqi slowly sat up,Looking at Han Yuxuan’s mother called a sound“Aunt”Later,Lu Haozheng left her。
Go on the car,Lu Haocheng received a call from Lin Ye。
“Hey!How to use it for so long??”
Lu Hao’s voice is not happy。
Lin Shuoxia:“Continental,Excuse me,It took a little time,They went to the hotel.,The two slept in a room for two hours.,Already surpassed the bottom line,The video has been taken.,It is Xu Jinghe, Gu An’an Company.。”
Lu Haozheng:“Save the video down,Useful。”
Lin Ye:“Continental,Has been saved。”
Lu Haocheng hangs the phone,I looked back at a daughter sitting quietly.,Why do he always feel that this daughter is not normal??
“Kiki,What else is uncomfortable?,You must tell Dad,It’s sad in my heart.,If you are not happy, you have to talk to Dad.,Ok??”
Blue Qiqi glanced at her,Suddenly smashed out:“I want to kill the woman.,Hoot”Lu Haocheng listened to this,I finally vented it.。
He also loosened,This little girl,and also。
One gas is always in my heart,It’s hard to be her.,Intid it for so long.。
Lu Hao Cheng quickly unwound the seat belt,Open the door to the back seat。
He hugged his daughter in his arms,Gently pat her back。
“Kiki,never mind,never mind,Dad will deal with。”
Lu Hao Chengming is full of heartache。
“do not want,I have to kill her.,This woman is not a person,How can she say that this is like this?,She is she wants to kill her mother.,Before she killed my mother,I want to kill her first.。”
Blue Qi is excited to struggle。
Gu Anan’s words,Let her fear。
Nothing is not afraid,I am afraid to lose my mother.。

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November 1

Ma Yan has nothing to say,Two people standing quietly。After a long time,Qin Xiaomin said with a sigh of relief:“Ma Yan!You are a good girl,People are beautiful and educated。And also keep Xiping Village organized,This shows that Xia Jian did not misunderstand you”

“but,Love is weird,Can’t be forced,I believe you can have your happy life in the future”Qin Xiaomin finished,Then turned around and walked back。
Ma Yan in the dark smiled coldly and said:“It feels wrong sometimes,I believe in reality,I will wait forever”
“Stop hurting yourself,I will grow old with Xia Jian”Qin Xiaomin finished saying this,Stride away。Ma Yan couldn’t help hiding her face and started crying。
She is a strong girl,Never shed tears easily。I didn’t expect the person she loves wholeheartedly,It turns out that the famous flower has a master。
Xia Jian saw that Qin Xiaomin was back alone,He hurriedly winked at Chen Erniu。Chen Erniu immediately understood,When he just got up,Ma Yan has walked in。
“Since you want to live here,Watch out for soot when you sleep that night,I went back”Ma Yan said,With a bit of resentment in her eyes,Gave Xia Jian a fierce look。
Xia Jian kept his head down,He didn’t dare to see Ma Yan。Qin Xiaomin is very generous:“I’ll give it to you”
“No need to,The village is safe”Ma Yan finished,Then turned around and left。
Chen Erniu, who is anxious to the side,He glanced at Xia Jian,He lowered his voice and said:“You send her off!”
“Erniu is right,You should send her off”Qin Xiaomin persuaded him。
Xia Jian thought for a while,Stood up,Dashing towards the gate。Every alley in Xiping Village,Xia Jian can walk out with his eyes closed。
At the alley,Xia Jian caught up with Ma Yan。Ma Yan in the night kept wiping her eyes,It seems that sometimes she is pretending to be strong。

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October 27

After Wang Wei finishes talking,Xia Jian took a look at everyone,I found Feng Yan sitting in the middle of these people。He still thought for a while and asked Wang Weidao softly:“President Wang!Are all the people on the project here??”

“No,It snowed heavily last night,So people from both sides of Donglin Township and Pingyang Town did not come。But the people from Qingshan County just came here”Wang Wei said very seriously。
Xia Jian nodded,He raised his voice and said:“good morning everyone!I am Xia Jian, a professional consultant of Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,Fortunately to sit with everyone for this meeting。Mr. Wang just said the theme of this meeting,So everyone will speak the language,Discuss and solve problems together”
“President Xia!The second phase of the Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort in Qingshan County has been completed,It is the trial operation period。But from the overall situation analysis,Business results are not ideal,I don’t know if Mr. Xia has any good solutions?”A familiar voice rang in the venue。
Xia Jian took a closer look,It was Ruan Lingna, the project leader of Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort。When the venture group project was acquired by Dongsheng Group,A large part of the staff still stayed,Ruan Lingna is one。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He said with a smile:“This question raised by Manager Ruan has already appeared in my plan”Xia Jian turned on the computer。
He found the project plan for Hongchuan River,Clicked and said:“The second phase of Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort,Targeting high-end consumer groups。From the current point of view,Existing development in Qingshan County,Not enough to make this project immediately catch on”
“Then make a long-term sales plan。Laiping City Promotion,Handle member discounts。Waiting for the formation of the commercial circle of Qingshan County,You don’t need to promote elimination here,Business must be hot。of course,This is the marketing plan we did before,Share today,For your reference”
Wang Wei finished listening to Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Mr. Xia just said so good,The most critical issues are mentioned,So Manager Ruan,A good summary,Form written materials and report to the group,If once approved,Execute immediately”
“Ok!I know Mr. Wang”When Ruan Lingna answered this,,But always look at Xia Jian。The expression on this woman’s face is a bit complicated,Can’t tell it is happy,Still angry。
These projects currently done by Dongsheng Group,Xia Jianfei is familiar,And there is a whole set of information on his computer。Since I want to cooperate with Hu Huiru,Then he can only open his mind,What you know,Tell them all。
Although Hu Huiru is a typical businesswoman,In her eyes, money is not only money。But he has grown a heart!So Xia Jian is not afraid to cover her。
Next meeting,Very lively。Because of Xia Jian’s enthusiasm and knowledge,Plus others are prepared,So everyone at the conference likes to communicate with him very much。
One morning,It did solve a lot of problems。At the end of the meeting,Wang Wei happily grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,He smiled and said:“President Xia!Thank you so much。this afternoon,No matter what you say,We all have to have a meal together”
“This is my personal invitation,If you don’t go,Just look down on me Wang Wei”Wang Wei has said everything for this purpose,If Xia Jian speaks again,It seems that he is not on the stage。

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October 19

Fuluju smirk,Two hands and one of Liao Wenjie flew,Fats on the body,Visit people。

Liao Wenjie slowed down,Pointing the volts attached to the wall,Shakehead:“Cure,Waiting for death,Hopeless。”
“No bar,Do you want to be so embarrassed?。”
Li Xiuyuan hurriedly,Put down the low-energy younger brother on the wall,Complain:“Jiege,I know that he is not saved.,Just ask,But you can’t get this heavy hand,What if I get a brain??”
Liao Wenjie said ruthlessly:“With his current IQ,It’s okay to be a good thing to get a good thing.。”
Li Xiuyuan nodded,And what did you think of?,Puzzle:“Jiege,You are proficient in medical skills,Dare to ask about the poisonous medicine is not poisonous,Still more poisonous?”
“You don’t know if you buy a pack.。”
Liao Wenjie smiled,Take a small porcelain bottle from the arms:“look,I have the latest developed‘Laughing and half-step epilepsy’,Killer is invisible,You buy home for a year and a half,After the expiration, take it again,I know the answer when I arrive.。”
It is very unreliable to sound。
Li Xiuyuan shook his head again,Before Liao Wenjie gave it, it is good.,Li Maochun couple,Changes in color,At first glance, you are still young.。
“Rumor,This brain is not so good to uncle,Where did you pick it??”
“Can he not uncle?,Just born yesterday,Just hostess my family,Say you may not believe,At the time, the situation was like this.……”
“It sounds like a monster。”
Liao Wenjie picks eyebrows,Folding fan,Expose‘Heartman’Two words:“Rumor,This unknown monster dare to pay,What do you think of your mother??”
“Good heart!”
The two are talking about,Suddenly, the street is no longer,Far away, I saw a group of people who were crushing with a sedan.。
Accurately is a stretcher,Bed changing,Pink Rob,Sitting in the clothes, a semi-solved, the first brand small jade。
Underwornest,A man is lying on a big character,Mouth spit white,Faceless,A lot of。
“what,Is that people not Huang Dafu?!”
“It really is,He has a famous wife,I didn’t expect to have a courage to go to Yixiangyuan.,It is also dead.。”
“A famous world in one fell swoop,But this kind of fame is not!”
“maybe,Peony flower is dying to do ghosts,Riding a small jade of Yixiangyuan,Blowing and singing,Crafts are very powerful。”
“How are you so clear?,You tried?”
“Big brother,I am talking about the rhythm.,what are you saying?”
“I said it is also a message.,What do you say??”
“Jiege,What situation there?”Li Xiuyuan probe。
Liao Wenjie explained a sentence,See Li Xiuyuan is not very understanding,Small channel:“It’s suddenly hanging when you have a house.,Due to a variety of deaths,As for this……It should be a self-incomprehensibility challenge,It may also take a helpful drug。”
“Then you still don’t save people.!”
“Cure,People cool,Hopeless。”

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October 11

Xu Rushan’s exit,Xu Zhengyang’s eyes went up。

He didn’t think that his grandson did not live so.,Fighting with a woman,Let the other party manage a company but a mess。
“Hill,First of all, she is your sister.,Second, now she is still a person,Here you all have talking,Why didn’t she be?
One heard this,Xu Rushan is also scared。
“grandfather,I’m wrong,I”See Xu Rushan’s appearance,Xu Zhengyang has been completely dead to him.。
See the wind,Look at your face,Nothing, no matter how old,The bad thing is learning more than anyone.。
Such a grandson,He is not going to give his family to each other.。
And currently,He only looks good.,I don’t know if Xu Ruzhen’s gimmick can pick up a family’s burden.。
“All right,You don’t have to say it.,I know that I am wrong.。”
I heard Xu Zhengyang this,Xu Ru Mountain is also a sorcerer。
When he is ready to wait,Be sure to look good。
And at this time,More than one thought as Xu Rushan,Several other numbers are so thinking,After all, they have been fighting for so many years. Who is not convinced?,To say to deal with Xu Ru, from the township,Isn’t that hand??
Chapter 548 Xu Donghai Express
Just when I am waiting for Xu Ruzhen’s arrival.,Xu Ruzhen is also just sitting on the car。
Li Hui is sitting in the car and said tightly.。
He always thought that Xu Ru is a very powerful woman.,This time I return family will be very easy.。
But feel the cold jade hand,It seems that some nervousness does not hit his hand.,He also patted it directly to take the hand of Ju Ru.。
“Sister,Don’t be nervous,This is a small scene,Be behind you,I am also said today.,Who is bullying you?,You are not allowed to stop me,I absolutely fight each other。”
Looking at Li Hui Feng, the appearance of the fight,Xu Ruzhen was also laughed directly by the other party.。
“screw you,Not letting you go to fight,It is letting you talk with me.,Do you use you??”
Somehow,Talking with Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen also felt that his mood was relaxed.。
And the front of Wu Bo is also laughing:“Miss,There is also this young master,The people of your family are very good.,The terrible thing you think,And Miss, although I didn’t come back a few times.,But our people are very like Miss Miss.。”
“Wu Bo,You are not the next person,Don’t say this later,It’s just like our high people.,National laws pay attention to everyone equal,How can you desess yourself??”
“Hey-hey,Miss Miss said,I just see that you are somewhat nervous.,I feel this meeting today.,Should nothing。”
All the way,Wu Bo also said that he knows himself.。
But Wu Bo knows too much.,There is no effect on Li Hui Feng and Xu Ruyi.。
With a few people chatting on the car,Unconsciously, I came to Xu.。
What makes Li speaks from the wind that the family is actually a old ocean room.,And still modified old ocean。
“Wu Bo,These old houses are a lot of?”
Say,Wu Bo is also ahead of the road,Directly took Li Hui Rong and Xu Ru Wei came to the door of family meeting room.。
Li Hui is also surprised.,He knows that a boss is worth hundreds of millions of values.,Even not there is money to buy.,And everyone is actually a few,It can be seen that even if the exercise is not strong.,But if you put it elsewhere, it is absolutely one number of days.。
“Miss,I will not go in.,You enter it in yourself.。”
Wu Bo said this,It’s also fast.。

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October 10

“Ha ha!President Xia,How does it feel,Like it…”Song Fang in a short pink skirt,vThe font neckline is very low,Vigorously shows her depth,Skirt hem,Just cover the root of the thigh,Two charming eyes,LikexRay,Sweeping around Xia Jian,Woman pouting,Hesitating,It’s almost crazy。

Pangu opens the world,Just got a man and a woman attracted,Xia Jian is also a human,And it is young and vigorous,Full of energy,Infinite age,Such a stunner sitting on the bed,He’s not thinking about what is fake。
Song Fang saw Xia Jian’s face flushed,Embarrassing look,Smiled softly:“Come here!I am not a tiger,Didn’t you want to see sister’s body for the first two years??Sister will fulfill you tonight”
“The first two years”According to Song Fang,Xia Jian suddenly remembered when he and Chen Erniu peeped at Song Fang’s bath,Found by Wang Lijun,Chasing the whole village。He can’t do this,Although he Xia Jian is very confused,But you can’t be a bastard,This Song Fang has a family。
“Shut up,You sit on a chair for me”Xia Jian suddenly shouted,He withdrew his greedy eyes,Look serious。
Song Fang didn’t expect,Xia Jianhui suddenly became angry,The first difficulty is what she said wrong?The woman’s face is puzzled,But she is still obedient,Twisting her sexy butt,Sat down on the chair next to the desk in Xia Jian’s house。
“How did you get in?Why did you run into my room late at night??You are not afraid of gossip?”Xia Jian’s Three Questions,Looks very angry。
Song Fang giggled and said:“Need not be like this,We are the two in this room,Show someone so serious。Door open,I walked in,As for what is going on,There must be,What do people in the village want to say!It’s the same thing anyway”
“you?Why are you doing this?Talk to the village committee tomorrow if you have something!”Xia Jian looked at Song Fang not serious,I’m really angry,She has children,How can you talk like this,Xia Jian almost scolded。
A smile drifted across Song Fang’s charming face,She changed her face immediately,He lowered his voice and said:“What’s wrong with me, Mr. Xia?I anyway,I walked in through your door,Unlike some people,Dare not walk on the road,Just know that”
Over the wall,Xia Jianyi listen,I immediately understood what Song Fang meant,One day he just jumped off the wall of Zhao Hong’s house,I was seen by this woman,Unexpectedly, it became her handle。
It’s best not to talk about this kind of thing,Otherwise, the yellow mud will fall into the crotch,Not shit or shit,Xia Jian knows how powerful this rumor is,He hesitated a bit,Then asked:“what do you have?Speak quickly!”
“Isn’t the village committee forming a leadership team??Let my Wang Lijun in“Song Fang is very happy,Said to Xia Jian word by word。
Oh!This woman was waiting for him here,She doesn’t hesitate to betray her body,Just for his husband to join the village committee leadership,It’s not worth it?Spend such a big price,Could there be any conspiracy in it?,Xia Jian couldn’t help but glance at Song Fang,This woman is a bit too scary。
Let Wang Lijun join the leader,Zhao Hong must disagree with 10,000,And this Wang Lijun has been away for many years,The relationship with the people in the village is not good,There is no prestige,I don’t see any leadership skills in him。

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October 9

Although it was a missed opportunity,But Zhu Minglang didn’t think it was a pity。

Even if you kill Luo Xiao,His gilt fire dragon will not be wiped out,It will make this fire dragon even more violent revenge,Never die,They still have a hard time surviving。
The gilt fire dragon stands tall with flames all over,The burly body is like a burning tower,It raised its head,A large swath of magma spewed out towards Bingchen Bailong!!
Just a drop of magma,Can turn a tuft of grass into ashes,Those high-temperature magma fluids can even melt through rocks,The red deadly slurry sprayed on Bingchen Bailong,Bingchen Bailong uses the dexterity of ailerons,Dodge like a butterfly dance in the air!
Mid air,Also lit a large floating flame,Bai Qi passes under the floating flames,When I was about to leave the magma coverage,The gilt fire dragon rushed over at no time,That sharp dragon claw took Bingchen Bailong’s neck straight……
The eagle beast dragon died tragically under this golden claw,The seemingly heavy gilt fire dragon is actually very fast。
“Python vortex!”
Duan Lan’s voice sounded,I saw Zhanchuan Dragon’s pupils gleaming with blue light,Where it’s eyes,The rough water strips turned into rough water elemental pythons,Their long bodies are tangled together,Like a fierce vortex moving in the rush!
Anaconda whirlpool swept from the side,Accurately hit the gilt fire dragon,Blasted the gilt fire dragon to the ground!
Those water elemental pythons did not dissipate due to this violent collision,It has become a finer water snake,Entangled the limbs of the gilt fire dragon!
“Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi~~~~~~~”
This is the cold water of a place,This is a powerful mysterious technique of water,But the cold water is boiling and evaporating,Anaconda Mysticism is gradually being vaporized。
The flames of the gilt fire dragon are really powerful and domineering,Zhanchuan Dragon’s profound water technique is difficult to suppress。

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October 2

Just arrived at the door, I was stopped by the guard.。

“Boy,Pass proven。”
“Forehead,uncle,I didn’t come last time.?”
“hehe,The last time you should come together with the people inside.?
Otherwise I will neglect,And some people in the nearest cell reflect something less,Didn’t find it through monitoring,Therefore, the pressure is going to us.,Understand。”
Dawgu said this.,Li Hui Feng is also directly registered,Then leave contact information,The motorcycle is placed on the side of the parking space,Go in。
He is originally thinking about Xu Ruzhen a surprise,Just just arrived at the door, I saw that there were two men in front of Xu Ru.。
Instant Li Hui Feng has a bad feeling。
After all, Xu Ruyi can just come back.,He feels that Jiang Yan is how it is very unobstructed.。
And now monitoring so developed “Two brothers,What happened here??
Some people have to be conservative?”
“Oh,Nothing,It is this family to change the refrigerator.,Furniture,We help come over and carry。”
Looking at the other side of the two people,If the average person really can deceive it。
It’s just that the age of these two is too young.,The root is not in line with the labor law.。
But Li Hui has a root of the roots.。
“Oh oh,That I came to find her today.,Can you let one let??”
Said that Li Hui rushed directly to go.。
Just waiting for him yet.,The two people in the door suddenly occurred,Directly launched an attack in Li with the wind。
But the result is directly prepared, Li Hui Hui, a punch, a punch.。
Li Hui’s original this will be practiced,I didn’t expect it to be ordinary people.。
This makes him rescue the rescue of the rescue.。
Just entered the room of Xu Ru,Li Hui Feng saw three people who were tied to the refrigerator.。
For Li Hui, who suddenly raised,Three people are also a glimpse。
Just, I haven’t waited for them to start attack.,Li Hui Hui has long been first。
Li Hui Feng is now with the power and strength where it is these opponents who have not practiced.。
One foot is flying out。
“Sister,Are you OK?”
Li Hui Feng took the rubber of Xu Ru Wei’s mouth to your gently。
“breeze,I am fine.,Hurry,Grasp them。”
“Hey-hey,Sister,The alarm will definitely report,Just let them enter the police station.,Too cheaper.。”
Say,Li Hui Hui gave Xu Ruzhen to unwind the tape tapered.,Then quickly go to the three people in the house one foot。

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September 29

“Combat skills,Broken mountain”The Judgment Halberd hit him,Body armor cracked,The severe pain is that he almost faints,Spit out blood,The body slammed to the ground,Dusty,act recklessly。

Fuming turned his head and looked at the other person who had stood up,That guy is wearing rough clothes,Looking at the bloody halberd,Frightened,But there is no way!
“Hehe,He is gone,It’s your turn!”Fate words are like the whispers of the devil,Frightening。
This guy can’t take it anymore,Rushed to Fuming with a roar,Messy footsteps,Fuming and lifting the halberd,Fly his weapon,Then he flew this guy with a punch,Not not killing him,This guy’s heart is gone,
Done these things,Fuming looked at the woman,Showed a very pure smile,But with the blood on his body,How to see how to violate。
The guy who was fighting the middle-aged man also noticed this,But it’s definitely not the battle he hoped,His capable man is dead,And that kid is still alive!
“Hahahaha,Good little brother,Nice job”At this time, he did not notice that he changed his name from a kid to a little brother。
The leading man avoided,Watching Fuming“Kid,You are really strong!”
“Ah,Thanks for the compliment,Oh, right,You should have something like a crystal nucleus!”
The headed guy is a little confused,Why suddenly ask this,But immediately reacted“Little brother,I have more crystal nuclei!As long as you don’t stop me,How much do you want,I will give you Li Ming!”
Middle-aged man panicked“Little brother,Our Murong family can do the same!I, Murongfu, swear here!”
Fu Ming interrupted Murong Fu’s words“Don’t fight,I didn’t think about helping him”Fuming pointed at Li Ming and said。
Murong smiled again,Too thrilling。
“Little brother,There is no hatred between us,No need to beat you to death,You just need to watch from the side,otherwise,I can’t guarantee you will leave here alive!”Li Ming sees temptation useless,Threatened,The energy rolls in the hands。
“Talking more is not helpful,Hey,We two teamed up to kill him!”
“Hehe,my pleasure!”
After speaking, the two rushed to Li Ming,Li Ming frowned“Attribute warfare,Soil thorn combo”Fuming and Murongfu’s bodies came out one by one,Extremely sharp。
Fate and wave the halberd,Break the soil thorns in front of you,Rush to Li Ming,Smashed down,But Li Ming escaped faster,DLevel sumCLevel gap is too big,Even if you can leapfrog and fight。
“Attribute warfare,Jin Guangzhan”A beam of golden knife light cuts towards Li Ming,Li Ming controlled the land and raised a wall,But the sword shines,Banged on Li Ming’s body,The metallic attack is the sharpest。

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September 27

“All flashes,This case stronger case is intended.。”

“Chief,who are you?”
The head of the head is stunned.,Jurisdiction,Even,I can’t get it in Cao Dahua.。
“Even the Tiger Cao Dahua, the Tiger, I have never heard of it.,I dare to take my nephew away.”
“Dad,do not do that,I have greeted Huang Ya.,It’s fine。”
Liao Jie is speechless,Cao Dada’s work style,As a parties, he is very touched,But from the perspective of the bystander,His parties are a murderer。
so,Cao Dada is purely good to do bad things,Stripe and dirty water。
“no,Ager,I don’t know about the bendings in this.,Uncle will suffer。”
Cao Dada reached out:“Especially your young young,They will take the phone and mat in your chest,Then use a hammer”
Hold a counterattack for the first policeman,What is messy,So many people look,Do you do not say hello??
Cao Dada also realized that he was talking alone.,Twice,Pull the policeman whisper。
After a moment,The two smiles,A smoke,The pat shoulder became a good brother.。
“Ager,I asked.,Yellow over thereSirIs your acquaintance,In this case,I will not be embarrassed.,Remember to call me after coming out。”Cao Dawa big hands,With the younger brother with a heavy case。
“Feel sorry,My uncle is a little rushing。”
Liao Lee,Sitting on the police car,Aiming at the bar outside the eye window,Suddenly it is a glimpse。
No words,Bar neon signboard,Written two words,Because there is no light during the day,He didn’t notice when he entered it.。
“No wonder the boss is so beautiful”
Young woman,That is, the beautiful boss of Liao Jiekou,Face, let’s sit on another car,Unfair,Look at the situation,She can’t come in today.。
West Kowloon Police Department。
Liao Jie around a left and right two police officers,Not long after entering the door,I met the old acquaintance in my face.。
Wu Luozhen!
“what,Ager,What kind of wind blows you?”
Wu Luo is bright,Before two steps:“I am calling you.,Tian Weiqiang’s case has been knotted,Your bonus is also approved.。”
Who is Tian Weiqiang??
Liao Ji Si035second,Who is he?,Have money to take。
“Bonus is not a hurry,I am involved in the case,Waiting for me to get rid of the suspect again.!”
“what’s the situation,Some people planted you?”
Wu Luo Wei,Sight sweeping,Fixed on a white dream,Vision,Look down,There is a problem in a look。
“Be unable to plant,Just happen to me at the scene,I will understand the corrugation.。”
Liao Jie explained a sentence,The bodies of the red woman have been cool for a month.,Don’t say professional,Waiting a little bit of experienced police officers can see。
“rest assured,Here one is one,Two is two,Will not let you lose。”
Wu Luo nodded,Go to Dream,Said to the police officers around her:“Prisoner handed me,I will personally interrogate her.。”
“OK,Wu team leader。”x2
I have become a prisoner so soon.,The next step is not the direct conviction.?
Two hours later,Liao Jie recorded,I saw the Huang Police in the office.,The latter frowning a few files。

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