September 27

“All flashes,This case stronger case is intended.。”

“Chief,who are you?”
The head of the head is stunned.,Jurisdiction,Even,I can’t get it in Cao Dahua.。
“Even the Tiger Cao Dahua, the Tiger, I have never heard of it.,I dare to take my nephew away.”
“Dad,do not do that,I have greeted Huang Ya.,It’s fine。”
Liao Jie is speechless,Cao Dada’s work style,As a parties, he is very touched,But from the perspective of the bystander,His parties are a murderer。
so,Cao Dada is purely good to do bad things,Stripe and dirty water。
“no,Ager,I don’t know about the bendings in this.,Uncle will suffer。”
Cao Dada reached out:“Especially your young young,They will take the phone and mat in your chest,Then use a hammer”
Hold a counterattack for the first policeman,What is messy,So many people look,Do you do not say hello??
Cao Dada also realized that he was talking alone.,Twice,Pull the policeman whisper。
After a moment,The two smiles,A smoke,The pat shoulder became a good brother.。
“Ager,I asked.,Yellow over thereSirIs your acquaintance,In this case,I will not be embarrassed.,Remember to call me after coming out。”Cao Dawa big hands,With the younger brother with a heavy case。
“Feel sorry,My uncle is a little rushing。”
Liao Lee,Sitting on the police car,Aiming at the bar outside the eye window,Suddenly it is a glimpse。
No words,Bar neon signboard,Written two words,Because there is no light during the day,He didn’t notice when he entered it.。
“No wonder the boss is so beautiful”
Young woman,That is, the beautiful boss of Liao Jiekou,Face, let’s sit on another car,Unfair,Look at the situation,She can’t come in today.。
West Kowloon Police Department。
Liao Jie around a left and right two police officers,Not long after entering the door,I met the old acquaintance in my face.。
Wu Luozhen!
“what,Ager,What kind of wind blows you?”
Wu Luo is bright,Before two steps:“I am calling you.,Tian Weiqiang’s case has been knotted,Your bonus is also approved.。”
Who is Tian Weiqiang??
Liao Ji Si035second,Who is he?,Have money to take。
“Bonus is not a hurry,I am involved in the case,Waiting for me to get rid of the suspect again.!”
“what’s the situation,Some people planted you?”
Wu Luo Wei,Sight sweeping,Fixed on a white dream,Vision,Look down,There is a problem in a look。
“Be unable to plant,Just happen to me at the scene,I will understand the corrugation.。”
Liao Jie explained a sentence,The bodies of the red woman have been cool for a month.,Don’t say professional,Waiting a little bit of experienced police officers can see。
“rest assured,Here one is one,Two is two,Will not let you lose。”
Wu Luo nodded,Go to Dream,Said to the police officers around her:“Prisoner handed me,I will personally interrogate her.。”
“OK,Wu team leader。”x2
I have become a prisoner so soon.,The next step is not the direct conviction.?
Two hours later,Liao Jie recorded,I saw the Huang Police in the office.,The latter frowning a few files。

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September 25

“I’m not,I am the center of the earth lotus。”The villain looks disgusted,I really hate the three words Jinshanki,Too vulgar、Too crude。

“Not so much so,I like your place,So I stayed,Since the guy outside wants to take you to see the homeland,Then go take a look。”
“Is not,It should be your hometown?It suspects that I swallowed you,Just made such a crazy move。”
“What your mine?Actually yours。”
“do not understand。”Li Tianzhen shook his head hard,But soon it was a surprise,Worried that this move will be‘Instructor’Consciousness,But I found that the big hand that was pulling me didn’t respond,I just breathed a sigh of relief,“The place you were looking so crazy before,How could it become my homeland?”
“You don’t understand it?”The villain shook his head,“Are you from chaos?”
“do not know。”Many gods and demons have asked this question。
“But you are a chaotic body,If there are still chaos in the mortal world,The only possible location is the center of the earth,Do you think it’s your homeland?”
Li Tianzhu once again confused,About his origin,Too many versions,Regardless of the God Realm、Waiting chaotically,He doesn’t want to believe,I would rather think of myself as an ordinary mortal on this planet,But the bizarre encounter has caused his subconscious persistence to shake seriously。
“Why do all the gods and demons I see say that I am a chaotic body?What is Chaos Body?”
“Chaotic body is chaotic body,And you are。”
Li Tianzhi is speechless。
“The birth of a new universe,Chaos creates everything,The heavens are not created or derived from chaos,You are chaotic,Also possesses this trait,Should be awesome,Why is this look?”
“Wasn’t the world of the heavens created by congenital soil??”
“The soil comes from chaos,The so-called congenital soil is the unactivated soil,A very rare and precious kind,This kind of soil is activated by chaotic matter,Can create worlds of different attributes,understand?”

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September 21

Six flying swords floating in front of you,Surround each other,Form a simple formation。

Six Flying Sword,He really can’t use any powerful sword formations。
What he is good at,That is the evolution of ten square sword formations,Or ten sword formations are united to condense and destroy sword energy。
Six Flying Sword,Can only be combined into a very ordinary sword formation,
“broken!”Six swords cross,Grey energy covers the fairy sword,Restrained,Leading many avenues with destruction of heaven as the core,Cut out!
Li Ming’s first blow,Directly broke the five-tier prohibition。
These prohibitions,Power is equivalent。
Can destroy a ban with one blow,About the strength of the real god。
Double prohibition,About top level strength。
Quadruple prohibition,It’s a real fairy,The power of the edge,It can only be done after the power of thunder and lightning reaches the fourth level。
Of course if it is sword power、Knife power is good at attacking,Maybe it can break the five-tier prohibition。And if it’s the power of Tai Chi、Those who are good at defense and not good at attack,One blow may only break the triple prohibition。
Li Ming’s pure strength is only the third realm,But the realm of Ruin Tiandao and some other avenues is high enough,can also
Eliminate the five prohibitions in one hit。
“Smash the five bans in one blow,These outsiders really always show up some extraordinary existence。”When Li Mingfeijian broke the formation,The old man of the cave mansion showed an uneasy expression。
Five outsiders come,Coming faster and faster,Even the third and fourth come,It happens to be the time before and after the opening of the Universe Tower twice。
“No room door,It’s really a terrifying foreign power。”Old man understand,The only hope in this time is to give birth to a Taoist ancestor。
Once Dao Zu was born,Can control this cave,Whether it’s wandering into the endless void,Or integrate into the outside world,Or they call it【Three Realms】Among。
This time,Wujianmen was hit hard。
But next time?

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September 20

“Did you find Jiang Yiyun?,That’s it?”Fang Yu asked。

President nodded。
but,He didn’t think Fang Yu would find Jiang Yiyun!
Just this check,He can’t figure out what’s going on……
First30chapter Let me go!
“business card……”
Fang Yu looking for a pocket,He remembers that he brought the business card。
Suddenly remembered the morning fight!
estimate,Already in the washing machine now。
The only way now,Is to find Li Yan。
“Where’s Miss Li?”
Fang Yu perceives。
Li Yan,gone!
“Miss Li left in a hurry……”
The president said。
He knows that Fang Yu knows Li Yan,But it doesn’t mean anything。
“Do you have Miss Li’s phone number?”
Fang Yu asked。

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September 16

“I will take action to block the desolate god。”Yuan Yu Daojun said,“rest assured,I brought along the edge puppets left by Master,Together, it is enough to stop the desolate god Daojun!”

First37chapter Intercept
Three thousand years,There are six-eyed idols in front of you。
By token,Li Ming’s avatar stays in the core temple,I can also play against the shadow formed by the pupil and discover my own defects。
Every time I have the inspiration,Li Ming’s avatar will fight against the shadow of the god pupil,Correspond to each other,Enlightenment progress extremely fast。
The accumulation of Liangyi array is getting stronger,It’s just one step away from being the strongest way。
Unexpected,Shocked the Temple of God。
Powerful vibration,Even if it’s just a billionth of a billionth of the aftermath,It also made this chaotic world tremble slightly,Ordinary creatures have died and wounded countless。
But for Daojun,This power is not lethal。
Void Vibration,Five void channels open,The five figures were moved out of the temple of the gods by a majestic force。
At the moment when the five figures appeared outside the magical power hall。
“boom!”A trace of killing intent flashed in the eyes of the god of desolation,Raise your right hand sharply,Grind hard!

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September 12

“Ok。”Li Yunzi responded。

I wish Minglang all the better!
It turns out that Li Yunzi has also come to the imperial capital,And has been arranged by Zhu Tianguan to live in the inner courtyard of Zhumen。
Why didn’t anyone tell me???
Just now in Inner Lake,I think she is Nan Lingsha from beginning to end……
Fortunately, I didn’t do anything extraordinary,And didn’t say anything abnormal,Otherwise, wouldn’t I be ruined?!
This is much more frightening than the sword spirit dragon’s dive and rise!
the most important is,Li Yunzi never told herself from beginning to end,I admit the wrong person,She acquiesced like that,And then talked with myself……
Lady is testing herself?!
See if you cross the boundary!
It’s because I’ve always been a gentleman,Although it is true that many times, I will be attracted by Nan Lingsha’s stunning appearance,But it just stops in the mind。
“Cough,Yun Zi,You came,Great。”I wish Minglang luck,Rejoicing。
“I heard something about you in the Imperial Capital。”Gigi Lai asked。

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September 8

“Hahahaha!Secretary Luo is angry with me。Manager Yang!Since Secretary Luo has such a big determination,You can rest assured to let her go blog。If you still don’t worry,You can send her an assistant with basic work experience”

Xia Jian said,Take a peek at Yang Ying’s expression。
Yang Ying smiled and said:“I will consider this,But you have to take care of these things in front of you。Staff transfer is a science,If you are a little careless,Unnecessary trouble。So I am here to remind you”
“Good manager Yang,I know,If there is something you don’t understand,I will ask others for advice”
Luo Xiaoyi said,Take a peek at Xia Jian。Xia Jian felt that he had finished speaking,Can’t say more。So he tried not to talk about work,Only talk about irrelevant topics。
Aside from work,It’s easier for everyone to chat。A table of dishes,Everyone was very happy。Three people one wine white wine,Actually it’s almost done after drinking。
This meal is over after ten o’clock,Yang Ying wants to invite Xia Jian to have tea in her villa,It just so happened that Dragon Ball’s call came in。Xia Jian found an excuse to slip away quickly。Although Yang Ying is a bit unhappy,But Xia Jian’s expression is particularly rich when answering the phone。Yang Ying can’t stop him from leaving,After all, he is in a hurry。
Xia Jianyi Hotel,So he hurried to the hotel across the road。Unexpectedly, Dragon Ball and Lin Wei were waiting for him in the lobby on the first floor。
“Why are you here?”
Xia Jian smiled and asked softly。
Dragon Ball glanced at Xia Jian,A little embarrassed to say:“We live here too。Actually after I called you,We returned the hotel。living together,Easier to work”
“Oh!OK!Then go upstairs!Have you two eaten dinner yet。If not eaten,You hurry up and eat!I contacted Mr. Yang when I got off the plane,She invited me to dinner。When you call,We just finished eating”
Xia Jian was talking,Walked towards the elevator。
Dragon Ball glanced at Lin Wei and said:“Mr. Xia still has a lot of face,We made several calls,People don’t see us at all,Let alone what to eat。Mr. Yang’s score is really big,Sometimes she doesn’t even give Xiao Xiao the face”
Xia Jian did not speak,I opened the elevator and walked in,Dragon Ball and Lin Wei hurriedly chased in from behind。
Sit down in the room,Lin Wei was busy making tea for everyone,Xia Jian lay on the sofa and said:“Yang Ying has agreed to be the first to settle in,Their machinery and equipment will arrive in Bucheon within two weeks。Complete the installation within two weeks,Strive to start production in a month”
“That’s great!As soon as they settled,It’s easy to talk about other companies”
Dragon Ball yelled happily。

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August 30

“Is there anything special about this ship?”

“YesjokerThe boat,You didn’t let our people give it a little bitjokerThe power of?So this ship was discovered by us,And the slave inside seems to belong to the dragon!”
“Oh!interesting!”Leo showed a slight smile。
Unexpectedly, Doflamingo shouted on the surface to kill all the dragons and destroy the world,But the body is very honest,Actually transported slaves for the Tianlong people。
Tianlong people are the largest slave consumers in the world,Occupies more than 50% of the world。
It can be said,Eighty percent of the high-quality slaves in Shampoo will be bought by the Tianlong people。
Many people are transporting slaves for the Tianlong people。The leader he killed before was also one of them。
But the Tianlong people don’t care about this,If a good slave comes, we will buy it,We don’t care who sent it。
“Slaves from Doflamingo,It should be a good group of people!”Leo smiled more。
If it was before today,Leo looks at this ship the most,But now I got the big master Weibull,He has the confidence to break his wrist with Doflamingo。
“Just a boat,Not offending him,I think he will endure Weibull’s strength!”
Doflamingo has too much power,A ship of slaves,It’s not worth he brought all the cadres to trouble Leo。
There must be temptation,But will not go all out。
“Also good,Since I will meet sooner or later,Then try the water first!”
First92chapter Gangbang Ming brother’s boat

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August 26

He is an ancestor who is responsible for exploring the world。

Ancestor,It’s not difficult to read a chaotic world once and for all。But it’s too difficult to keep the mind and probe all the time,So I use some treasures,Use the magical spirit to detect–This treasure,They were all bought from Hefengzong by a top ancestor who was born in Tianyuan World,Chaos Qibao。
If there is a burst of power at the Dao ancestor level,The magic weapon spirit of Chaos Qibao quickly reported,Then Daozu personally probed。
but,Magic Spirit did not report anything,But there is a terrible force that imprisons him。
“Who?!”Biyu Zuxian panicked,“I am the descendant of the Red Wing Ancestor God of Hefeng School,Ancestor Red Wing Ancestral God is the general of the true god army of Hefengzong。”
“Oh,Still a fairy。”Li Ming appeared behind Biyu Zuxian,Grabbing,Put one hand on Biyu Zuxian’s head,Take out one at the same time
“Either,I will search for your soul,Either you swear to tell what you know about Tianyuan World,About Hefengzong,Information and star maps about surrounding forces,And tell me all the methods you can teach。。。Choose yourself!”
“senior,I swear,I swear!”Biyu Zuxian is a boneless head,An oath to follow good,Then he told Li Ming all the information he knew。
As far as Biyu Zuxian knows,He Fengzong is the surrounding chaotic void,One of the top powers。
but,He is just an ancestor in a world,I don’t know much about other big forces。
Just know,Bone Mountain、Cangxue Country、Saint Cloud Gate and other big forces,Same level as Hefengzong。
Hefengzong,Directly command the surrounding 139 chaotic world。
The legendary Sect Master Hefeng,And the elders of the sect are all world realms,How many of them don’t know。
But Sect Master Hefeng is a famous and powerful person,Known to many chaotic worlds with a scarlet sword。
Besides,This faction is equally powerful and huge army。
Ancestral God Legion composed of countless powerful men、True God Legion,And the ancestral army。

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August 22

Just when he was feeling sentimental。The phone on the table rang again,He saw that it was an unfamiliar local call,He doesn’t want to pick it up,But think twice,He still got the call。

A familiar woman’s voice came over the phone immediately:“Happy New Year, President Xia!I am Tong Jie。You call this,Is it a bit presumptuous?”
“No!Where did you spend the year”Xia Jian never thought,Tong Jie will call him this call。Between them,It’s been a while on the phone。
Tong Jie on the phone smiled and said:“That’s good!Please hurry to the Metropolitan Office,Me and pharaoh,And Wei Xiaoming、Xiong Yongqiang,There is also a big beauty Zhao Chunling。We are all waiting for you,See or leave”
Tong Jie finished,So he hung up。Xia Jian holding his mobile phone,I haven’t recovered for a long time。These people used to be his old acquaintances,But for various reasons,He took the initiative to give up contacting them。I didn’t expect people to remember him。
Someone remembered,Always a good thing。Xia Jian quickly stood up and turned off the computer,Then tidy up the desk,I walked downstairs quickly。
Because of the snow,Pedestrians and vehicles on the road are much scarce。Xia Jian finally stopped a car,He didn’t expect to laugh as soon as he got in the car。
First2293chapter Misunderstanding again
It turns out that someone else is driving,It is Xia Jian’s high school classmate Gao Qiaoli。Old classmates meet on such occasions,This is an embarrassing thing。
Unexpectedly, these two people are very happy,Xia Jian laughed,I stretched out my hand and shook Gao Qiaoli。Gao Qiaoli was also very happy to say:“I didn’t expect it to be you,how is everything!Your original call can’t be reached now”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The original phone number is no longer needed,This is new you write down”Xia Jian said,So he gave his old classmate a business card he just printed。
“Yo ha!You are awesome。Now it seems that I did it alone?”Gao Qiaoxian holds the business card Xia Jian gave her,Looked at and said with a smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“There is no alternative。how about it?Have you contacted them recently??”
Gao Qiaoli glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Contact a fart。They are getting less and less promising now。Take Liu Qiang as an example,This guy lost the position of deputy director because of his bad style,It stands to reason to be honest,did not expect,He’s a dog can’t change eating shit”
“Damn!You call him bad enough。What happened again??Isn’t she messing with other wives again?!”When Xia Jian said this,,I feel a bit vulgar。
But what he didn’t expect was,Gao Qiaoli smiled and said:“This bitch is a dog。He actually got involved with a little girl in the unit,And she got pregnant”

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