March 17

The accumulated completion of the authentication of 12,530 sets of Shanxi, the registration of housing property rights, and the Qing Dynasty "

  Since the launch of the property rights registration, the "Clear Action" has been carried out, Shanxi Province has insisted on the problem-oriented, measures, actively cracking on the historical legacy of housing transactions and real estate registration history of state-owned construction land.

As of 30, on October 30, the accumulated completion of the registration was 12,530 sets, and the completion ratio was%.

  It is understood that the problem of house transactions and real estate registration history is the "blocked point and pain point" in the hearts of the people, in order to organize the "pain point" and refurbishment "," responsible field ", and establishment Chengdu City Housing Right Registration and Registration of Negurse City House Property Right Registration and Coordination of Clear Action "Coordination Mechanism Working Group was issued by multi-sectors such as the Negotian Commission for Discipline Inspection, Natural Resources Bureau, the Housing and Construction Bureau, the Administrative examination and approval bureau.

At the same time, the democratic "work program" "Work Plan" is issued, and the "Clear Action" weekly confidence system and joint meeting system are established, and the topic research solves the problem.

  In order to effectively implement the work, ten work to join the city, in-depth community projects, collect information, and coordinate the construction units to provide relevant procedures, and supervise the functional departments to handle according to the prescribed period. In the demociety, the "three diagnosis" has been further done to "Clear" work, "Clear Action" member unit "a hand" constitutes "specialist clinic", "sitting", classify all historical legacy; organize work promotion group Community "Patrol", through the test, clear the key link, to find the policy basis for solving problems; adopting a variety of collective "consultation" methods such as Conditions, Joint Conference, and implementation, in accordance with the "can do it, there is The problem of solving the problem, the illegal legal system, the production of work accounts and the promotion map, and gradually solve the "heart" of the people.

(Jia Mountain).

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March 14

Police reminder: "Double Eleven" is careful "intimate" fake customer service

Original title: The police reminded: "Double Eleven" is careful "intimate" fake customer service purchase of goods unqualified, customer service gives you double refund; the delivery package is inexplicably "missing", customer service gives you full compensation; purchase The goods can be refunded, the customer service is handled for you … Be careful of these "intimate" customer service! "Double Eleven" is approaching, and the online shopping peak is coming. The reporter learned from the anti-electric scam center in Hefei City, Anhui Province. In the last month, the fraud cases of the logistics customer service have taken more than 180, resulting in consumption The economic loss exceeds 7 million yuan. Police remind consumers: After-sales service after online shopping should contact, operation, unfamiliar calls and website links, do not answer, click. Recently, Hefei citizen Wei received a call, and the other party pretended to be a shop customer service, lying the product formaldehyde exceeded the goods in recent purchases, and the test failed, and now I have double refund for it. Wei Mou believes that it is true that the other party must first verify the name of the bank card first to send a website link.

According to the requirements of the other party, Wei Mou entered the bank card number, password, and SMS verification code on the web, and the account was quickly turned away from more than 60,000 yuan. He realized that he was cheated.

After the anti-electric scam of Hefei City, the anti-electric sciviles of Hefei City quickly took urgent stop payment measures to help them recover their losses. According to reports, the reason for such fraud can be described as a five-flowers: such as quality problems, package express halfway "missing", purchased goods can be taxed, etc. The fraud is pretending to be e-commerce, logistics customer service, and tricks the victim to log in to the fishing website to fill in the payment information, thus stolen bank card.

Zhu Yunlong, the anti-electric scam center of Hefei City Public Security Bureau, told reporters that fraudulent elements were "taking advantage of the opportunity" of consumers in the "Double Eleven".

The majority of consumers must polish their eyes, after-sales service after online shopping should contact, operation, unfamiliar calls and website links should not answer, click, after being swindled, the relevant evidence should be saved in time, the first time alarm.

(陈 诺) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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March 4

Tibet is actively promoting the construction of a public brand in Tibet, Tibet

Original title: Our district actively promotes the construction of a high-quality development in Tibetan cultural industry in the Tibetan cultural industry, further enriching the cultural industrial connotation of Tibetan cultural industries. Cultural tourism depth fusion, focusing on the key IP – "Wenchuang Tibet" regional public brands in our district culture.

  Establish "Wencheng Tibet" brand ecological foundation.

The first "Wenchuang Tibet Copyright Trading Design Competition, the Global Collection of Wenchuang Tibet Regional Public Brand Labeling and Tibet Characteristic Cultural Incubation".

Preparation "" Wenchuang Tibet "Visual Management Manual" and produces a 16-category of more than 20,000 pieces of cultured Tibetan promotional supplies. In 2019, the first batch of "Wenchuang Tibet" brand certification product collection, selection and certification was certified from 3047 products, and the products of 300 classes of cultural products were certified, and the variety of products were rich in products. Combine to explore more new roads. Comprehensively promote the construction of Tibet Characteristic cultural industry trade service platform. Tibet’s characteristic cultural industry window Shanghai (two), Shenzhen, Nanjing, Changsha 5 bases have been operated, the Kunming window has been officially approved.

In 2019, went to Nepal to organize the unveiling ceremony of "China Tibet Characteristic Cultural Industry", the first overseas characteristic cultural industry in our district officially operated.

Approval of Tibet Everest Resources Co., Ltd. in Tagjikistan, Duchajue, China, China Tibet Characteristic Cultural Industry Window, Tajikistan.

Completed the window of Tibet Characteristic cultural industry in Korea, Netherlands, Amsterdam, and the preparations for Xiamen Construction. At the same time, "Tibet Characteristic Cultural Industry Window · Hang Yuedu" Air Platform Construction Benefits High-level, Complete Download Baby Cultural E-Commerce Platform official website, WeChat public account, applet version upgrade work and approach to Tibet 3rd Cultural Media Construction of "Wenchuang Tibet" New Media Marketing Platform. Our district relies on key IP to expand the comprehensive cultural industry, with the theme of "Wenchuang Tibet" regional public brands, organized an important carrier to participate in various cultural industrial exhibition activities, promotional promotion, exhibition, exchange learning, and brand competitiveness.

In May 2018, Joint Jiangsu aided the Lhasa Frontline Command, held the "Wenchuang Tibet" boutique tour, more than 50 cultural enterprises, more than 3,000 cultural products, including Tibet Tangka Art Expo Boutique Exhibition Auction 5 major sections such as Tibet Movie Anis Hall, Tibet Music Songs and Dance, Tibet Costumes, opened up a new situation outside the regional exhibition in the form of special exhibition.

In 2019, he participated in the 12th Shanghai Art Festival Wenchuang Product Expo. Our district exhibition hall is the theme of "Wenchuang Tibet", organized 13 Wenbo units and key cultural enterprises in our district, more than 200 species of more than 200 species of more than 3,000 pieces. . (Responsible: Dan Zhuo, Diezi East).

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February 26

Online "cloud" display offline "real" experience the twentieth Changchun Agricultural Expo highlights

Original title: Online "Cloud" display line "Real" Experience the 20th China Changchun International Agriculture · Food Expo (transaction) will be held at Changchun Agricultural Expo at September 6. On the basis of the previous exhibition content, the farmer’s exhibition is designed, 38 exhibitions and activities of the three major sections of brand exhibition and facilities, industrial demonstration and science education, economic and trade forums and event activities, and strengthen the online viewing experience. Function, truly implementation online "cloud" display, the "real" experience in the line, the three-dimensional viewing exhibition.

  In the fishery pavilion, there is a big eyes, Mengmeng expressions, as the newly introduced national first-level protected animals, the Agricultural Fair specially made a feeding environmental assessment report, and bonded aquatic wildlife breeding, raising ,business license. In the Dream Soil Museum, the sea jellyfish, Chi Moon, Pacific Haisted Jellyfish, Australia Spotting Jellyfish, Papu Jiqi Mother.

In home horticultural display area, family small hydroponic, vegetable small matrix or soil cell cultivation, and some use of waste furniture appliances as a carrier plant plant plant breed, will make the tourists who like farmers to open their eyes.

In the rare poultry, the current farmers will be selected, and the typical birds in the popular science education are used as a display object, and standardize, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically Standardization management. Struggling a hundred years, the new journey, the new Agricultural Expo set up the theme of the "Century" Theme Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition hall covers an area of ??6,000 square meters. Through the "Sparks" "Bath of the Blood", "Hard Struggle", "Great Reform", "Agricultural Development", etc., using art planting, flowers and cuttings, benzene sculptures, food painting, etc. Creative techniques, production 38 sets of landscapes with Times and artistic breaths, with scenes, immersive experience, reproduce the historical trajectory and wonderful moments of the development of the Communist Party of China.

At the same time, I also opened the theme exhibition of Jilin, which is divided into "Jilin Red Revolutionary History" "Building Agricultural Strong Provincial", "promoting rural resolution", etc. Forget the struggle of the party to walk with the party and proud performance.

  Another major feature of the Agricultural Expo is to increase more online display. On the basis of the establishment of the "10 + 365" one-stop farm exhibition trading service platform, this session entered the construction stage of the agricultural information integration platform, actively collecting the information of agricultural products in our province, enriching online business, organizing products online At the same time, "International Import Commodities" and "20th famous goods" in "Nongbo", open online financial payment systems, reach a substantive transaction, forming transaction closed loop, depth to create online transaction normalization operations.

Increasing the online consultation service sector, further improve the online "Serving Three Rural" sector, create a "agricultural skills" area, build online agricultural technology exchange service platform, inviting the well-known agricultural technical experts in the province to provide agricultural technical services online. Strengthen the online viewing experience function, set the one-stop service such as VR cloud shopping, cloud consultation, Cloud purchase, etc., online understanding of the various wonderful and hotspots, while intelligent guidance Professional voice and text annotation, stimulate the interested view of the audience cable, implement the online "cloud" display, offline "real" experience. (Reporter He Linyi) (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

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February 25

Ruikang Hospital expert team went to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xining District to carry out academic exchange activities

On the afternoon of April 29, Chen Feng, Vice President of Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, led the medical department, cerebral disease, radiotherapy department, severe medical department, urology, joint and sports medicine, orthodontic massage treatment Expert teams in the department and the drug research and development center and other departments went to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xining District to carry out academic exchange activities. Chen Feng briefly introduced the basic situation of the hospital, and expressed as a sinking of quality medical resources. In the future, our school will strengthen Chinese medicine and the Chinese medicine in the Qining District through experts. The interactive exchange of hospitals is jointly escorted for the health of the people of the people in the people of Xining jurisdiction. On the same day, Director, Director, Director of Urology, One or II, Liu Qiusi, Department of Transportation and Sports Medicine, deputy director of the joint and sports medicine, introduced the basic situation and technical capabilities of the department, and academic sharing in combination with classic cases.

Wei Lishan, the honorary director of the Medical Services Department, introduced the basic situation of the hospital to see the green channel. The team of experts also launched a teaching room in the clinical first-line, and jointly explored the treatment of difficult diseases, new technologies, DRG pay reform, and other matters. (超).

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February 16

People’s comment: Leisure agriculture opens the country’s revitalization of new space

  Rural contained natural resources, cultural resources, agricultural industries, as long as they are fine excavation, take good differentiated roads, will be better developed in one land, farm experience, science training, and health care and other industries, further discover More new forms of newcomers, speed up the development of industrial gatherings, with the comprehensive advancement of rural residence, rural beauty driving tourism, leisure agriculture rapid development. Not long ago, the Agricultural Rural Department issued the first batch of 60 national leisure agricultural key counties (cities, districts), and proposed the "14th Five-Year Plan" period will build 300 national leisure agriculture key counties, and promote leisure agriculture as a whole as the county. .

  Leisure agriculture has grown in the fields, reflecting the rural new industries, and new states accelerate the pace of development. Under the active cultivation of various places, the "net red village" of natural beauty, human beauty, and native beauty, and the cards have emerged.

In Beijing Yanqing, rural tourism integration into cultural elements, combined with "Winter Olympics" "World Garden" "Great Wall" 3 visual travel gold medals, blending rural tourism improvement and upgrading and traditional cultural protection inheritance; in Guangdong Guangzhou Conghua District Spa Zhennan Ping Village, relying on the scenery, the villagers eat "ecological rice", kindly, open a boy, build a homestay, creative bases, leisure agriculture has become a rich industry, and the annual income of the village has increased from 300,000 yuan to more than 1.5 million yuan. The harvest scene on the fields of Wizard, the different nostalgia in the countryside, the special food on the farmhouse table, away from the noisy mountain good water, is becoming more and more people’s heart. The booming of leisure agriculture, continuously opening the new space of rural development, and improving the new kinetic energy in a comprehensive promotion of rural residence.

Raising farmhouse, selling the territory, building sightseeing experience base, leisure agriculture achieves three-yield integration, extending the industrial chain, extending the value chain, promoting the prosperity of rural industries. Leisure agriculture is in sales, Tongcheng and township, bring talents to the countryside, and have a large-scale cycle in the smooth urban and rural cycle. More importantly, leisure agriculture has broadening the peasant income path. In the past, agricultural products hidden in the mountains, not only have sales, but also sell good prices.

"Sleeping" farmland, farmland and other resources are "awake", a sales and promotion of entertainment integration, let farmers from "receiving a season" to "season".

Taking the first batch of national leisure agriculture in the country as an example, the average income of farmers engaged in leisure agriculture, which is significantly higher than those in the country’s rural residents.

  At the same time, the development of leisure agriculture is also facing new challenges.

For example, the scenic homogenization, insufficient characteristics, rural infrastructure and public services have short boards, and industries can drive farmers, and so on.

Promote the high quality development of leisure agriculture, and all localities should concentrate on replenishment and short board powerful and weaknesses, and further play an important role in promoting industrial efficiency and farmers’ income. The core competitiveness of leisure agriculture is that "native taste", the key is to make a "difference brand", in order to do a good job in scientific planning, to prevent big demolition and pay attention to retaining the original flavor. Rural contained natural resources, cultural resources, agricultural industries, as long as they are fine excavation, take good differentiated roads, will be better developed in one land, farm experience, science training, and health care and other industries, further discover There are more new formats in newcomers, accelerate the development of industries. Promote high-quality development of leisure agriculture, but also constantly supplement rural short boards. The hydropower road network is complete, and the post-energy can be sufficient. Therefore, there should be more "long-term accounts", continuously supplemented with the rural infrastructure and public services, and solidly promote the environmental remediation of rural people. Tourists have a good experience, more "heads" can become "backbone".

Leisure agriculture is a hot soil of innovation. It is inseparable from excellent development environments. All localities must encourage all kinds of talents to return home entrepreneurship, and also to cultivate local roofs, effectively solve their land, funds, market problems, Talent downstroke drive resources to go to the countryside, crack resource elements, and further shrink urban-rural gap.

  One job will drive Baiyewang. Take measures, carefully cultivate, long time is success, leisure agriculture must promote the development of rural industries, let more mountain clear water show, civilized harmony, 宜 业, Xinxin’s beautiful village appeared in Guangfu, strong agricultural, rural Beautiful, farmer’s goal.

(Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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February 8

Party history learning the "Bank of Communications" in the "Bank of Communications" – "Hundred Years"

Heilongjiang University of Technology student representative Gao Bo.

  The party secretary of the college, said that "Let the Bear Torch of the People’s Party" illuminate the Longjiang Dadi, ignite the passionate of the province’s 85 million young students love the party patriotism, fighting, and prosper, the country is revitalizing, the country is rich, the national revival Contribute youth.

"" Bank of China "is 550,000 students in the province, opening up the second class of Longjiang colleges and universities, and insists on the fundamental requirements of colleges and universities, and is organically combined with party history education target tasks. "Letter" "Through" Through "Know" – "Listen to Me" Educate "organic combination; the second phase" letter "-" I will write a letter to the party ", with the form of the letter to the party to the party, to listen to the party’s words, the idea of ??the party, the third stage" "-" Hundred Years Strong State State I have ", in practice sharing, integrating youth into the party’s career, in order to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation!" Knowledge Bank "course summary H5 knocking blackboard products accumulated more than 100,000, The integrated program has reached 2060,000 in the Aurora News Reading. It received more than 2,000 young students who wrote to the party. Through the time and space Q & A, experts interpretation, students interact, knock on young people like young people, and record the transmission of Longjiang Youth is based on the red blood, learn the party history, firm belief, and practice "always walking with the party". Next, "Bank" third stage "line" – "Hundred years of relative strength" will be Enthusiastic colleges and universities in the peony colleges, Jiamusi University, Suihua College, etc. Solemn! Let youth bloom beautiful flowers. (Reporter Ma Junyi) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Li Zhongshu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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February 5

Specialized "2 changing 3", give talent training more time

Original title: Specialized "2 changing 3" Well to determine the future direction, scientific research talents can also choose to continue. If it is a secondary system, it is difficult to achieve this effect. Recently, universities such as Hebei Normal University have issued an announcement to clarify some professional (professional degree graduate students) training years, and the academic system has become 3 years from 2 years. Review some colleges and universities in recent years, the Science and Technology Daily reporter discovered that the school "quietly" has become a special for 3 years from 2 years.

Up to now, Many of the two-first-class universities such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University will adjust some of the secondary training years of 2 years, adjusted to 3 years.

Why do special students read more than one year? This year, what new things can I learn? From 2 years, it is 3 years, can it develop for a step? Many colleges and universities have begun to show the information of "Tower", which is usually known for people, and I am 3 years, in fact, their own shortest school, that is, the shortest service life. The industry’s construction industry is generally decided by the college or school, and report it to its authorities.

From the school, the full-time special construction industry is generally 2-3 years; the full-day development of the construction is generally 3-5 years.

Typically, in addition to professional, specialized for specialty for specialty for 3 years, many other majors have read more than 2 years. There is a college graduate enrollment office stated that the three-year proposal will be a general trend. There are three ways to adjust the system in colleges and universities: First, the batch adjustment, such as Hebei Normal University released an announcement in the official website in late August, in 2022, the primary education, preschool education, vocational and technical education in the school’s degree in education The seven majors (areas) are intended to be adjusted to 3 years. Second, a small amount of fine tuning.

For example, Zhengzhou University In 2019, the book information is 2 years, and it has been adjusted to 3 years since 2020; 2020 news and communication specializes in school, and 2021 becomes 3 years.

The third is a comprehensive adjustment. For example, Central South University tightened the "elasticity" of the sensed graduation years.

The school has implemented a three-year elastic academic system before 2019, and the master’s degree can be applied in advance. Since 2020, a master’s degree student has three years, and a master’s degree can apply for graduation for a long time in advance. The extension of the culture cycle will help the talents "to the standard" Jinan University professor Li Jinshu said that China’s universities have expired in the last century.

Thanks to this, many people who have not had universities have the opportunity to enter colleges and colleges and universities. However, the number of college students has increased, but also a challenge to graduate talents. "There are a lot of people, very small talents, students who want to recruit can be very difficult.

"For more than ten years, Li Jinping always heard many SMEs when they recruited talents in the process of recruiting talents.

When talent cultivation does not meet the criteria for talent demand, the cultivation cycle of the secondary school is too short. "Technical content is slightly higher, 2 years is not enough, big projects are almost impossible to hand over this kind of students, they can only do the short-level small project, but this project is particularly high. …… "Li Jinshou said that the specialized academic system was adjusted to 3 years, and it can be more completely completed, and the improvement of the students can not be underestimated.

In this regard, Xu, who has worked on a postgraduate training institution, said that the 3-year exclusive is basically the same cultivation cycle with the Sushu, and the practice and practice can be better determined. In the future, the scientific research talents can also choose to continue to study, "If it is a secondary system, it is difficult to achieve this effect." He said. Li Jinshou told reporters that many years of practice found that the quality of the second-year special training cannot be satisfactory. Some mentors are reluctant to guide the second year of manufacture, afraid that the project will not be completed within the time limit. Two years, for many special students, "Too much", the ability will graduate, it will graduate. Li Jinping said that the computer technology of his professor is the second year, the first semester learning theoretical class, the density of the class is very high, and it is rushing every day. The second semester will have to open the questions and began to study. Only 6 months of effective research hours, many students’ projects are more shallow.

After half of the third semester, I have just been busy looking for work, doctors, write a graduation papers. This series of rushing learning practices have led to the requirements of the students to meet the employer after launching.

Bible also stated that the reporter said that the application psychology is an example. In the first year, teaching, the second year will go out, such a short training cycle, leading to the theoretical knowledge of the employment unit to the aura graduates and the theoretical knowledge. Practical ability to operate is not enough confidence. Shouxi said that due to the above situation, most colleges in China have applied psychology, from the original two-year system to three years. In addition to some text history, Jinan University has begun to gradually change the second-year science and engineering colleges from 2016.

After several years of practice, Li Jinshou felt significantly. Students can learn more, knowledge, and more effective research hours, and the ability is naturally improved.

Only from his electronic information professional, "this three-year proposal is universally improved, not only, but also understands the first line of production enterprises, it can be effectively exchanged with the company, solve their technical problems.

"Li Jinshou is very proud, now the school’s specials not only enter the company’s high treatment, not only a lot of scientific research ability. It is also necessary to avoid sympathetic training lecturers to the regional manager. , Before 2014, the second-year specials were often seen as "fast" "The quality of cultivation is not as good as the economy"; after 2014, the exclusively started to become more choice for more bachelor graduates.

In these years, the voice of "writing the papers in the land of the motherland" is high, and the national policy tends to increase the cultivation of specialized talents, it has become a popular hot. Li Jinping revealed that his Jinan University School of Information College has been about 1: 2.

Extend the aura of the special training years, and there is also a hidden danger that makes the Supreme and Suspension of Suspension "more similar" and homogeneous.

Several respondents agreed that the current domestic college-selling organized overall cultures are in nature, which is advantageous. "Two years of 3 years, will accelerate the homogenization of talents." Xu Yi Chen Chen, the current student, the overall training plan is not too different, common is a tutor with four or five master’s degree, special Conduct routine learning together with the Sushu, and the instructor requires them with the same standard. Li Jinshou bluntly, the special training is necessary. "The two of academic and practice complement each other, there is no theoretical basis, do not practice, more difficult to solve practical problems. If you don’t touch the actual situation, it is impossible to push the theory to a new height." He said, However, both have focused, and it is absolutely not exactly true.

However, all colleges can also choose different cultivation methods in accordance with their own situation, to avoid learning, and simple sympathetic issues. The reporter learned that there is a top-sized source, the doctor point, the top 30 colleges of the country, most of which still retain the second-year proposal. In Li Jinping, these colleges and universities have been changed for 3 years in 2 years. It is not urgent because of the seedlings suitable for scientific research, which can solve the problem of secondary school students’ ability training and project follow-up. Can avoid learning, and special cultivation homogenization. (Reporter Tang Fang) (Editor: Wen Wei, Hao Mengjia) Sharing let more people see.

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January 29

Tianjin’s first case involved in intangible asset finance lease contract disputes in the Tribunal, Dongjiang Financing Leasing Center

People’s Network Tianjin March 24 March 24, Tianjin Binhai New District People’s Court Dongjiang Bondang District Financing Center Tribunal was pronounced by the first case of intangible asset finance lease contract disputes in Tianjin, identifying the copyright of the TV column The financing lease contract for the subject matter supported the lessor’s claim. It is understood that this case is the plaintiff’s financing leasing company and the defendant (tenant) and the guarantor’s financing lease contract disputes, the plaintiff has signed the "After-sales Rental Lease Contract" and "Ownership Transfer Agreement". The defendant transfers all its TV columns to the plaintiff and rents back by license.

The defendant did not pay after paying some rent, constitutes a contract. Originally, the court asked the court asked the defendant to pay all the rent, the purchase price and the breach of contract, and asked the guarantor to assume responsibility.

According to reports, this case is pronounced, marking the development of the national rental innovation demonstration zone to build a more competitive rule of rule of rulers forward. The Tribunal, which is located in the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, as the only court in the country, the only specialized trial of financing lease cases, and has always adhered to the construction of the rule of law first, tolerance, modest, meaning, autonomy and other judicial philosophy. .

The judgment concept of this case has effectively responded to the reality of the market, which is conducive to promoting the innovation and development of financing leasing industries, fair maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of the financing lease transactions, and play the advantages of the leased service entity. The person in charge of the Tribunal said that Dongjiang is a national rental innovation demonstration zone, which will also promote the innovation of financing rental industry policy systems and industrial ecological creating in the first place.

With the strong support of the Tianjin High Court, Sanzhongyuan, Binhai New District Court, etc. "Model" model, promote the progress of cases, trial elements, referee, and unifold the financing lease dispute ", the case – trial – implementation" full process online processing, etc. Important support is provided. (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao).

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November 4

She asked。

“Dad let them go back.。”
Lu Haocheng lightly pulled the daughter’s little hand,Looking at her eyes bright,It’s just a pale paper.,He is even more distressed。
“Kiki,Are you nothing??”
Han Yuxuan asked。
Blue Qiqi listened to Han Yuxuan’s voice,Also shocked,She is migraine,Looking at Han Yuxuan lying on the bed,“Han Yuxuan,How are you here??”
Han Yuxuan smiled,“I accidentally fell.。”
His tender tone is faint in touch。
Blue Qiqi:“you are stupid,How to wrestle??”
Han Yuxuan smiled sorry,“I will be careful next time.。”
“Um!I am going home,I wish you a speedy recovery。”
Blue Qiqi slowly sat up,Looking at Han Yuxuan’s mother called a sound“Aunt”Later,Lu Haozheng left her。
Go on the car,Lu Haocheng received a call from Lin Ye。
“Hey!How to use it for so long??”
Lu Hao’s voice is not happy。
Lin Shuoxia:“Continental,Excuse me,It took a little time,They went to the hotel.,The two slept in a room for two hours.,Already surpassed the bottom line,The video has been taken.,It is Xu Jinghe, Gu An’an Company.。”
Lu Haozheng:“Save the video down,Useful。”
Lin Ye:“Continental,Has been saved。”
Lu Haocheng hangs the phone,I looked back at a daughter sitting quietly.,Why do he always feel that this daughter is not normal??
“Kiki,What else is uncomfortable?,You must tell Dad,It’s sad in my heart.,If you are not happy, you have to talk to Dad.,Ok??”
Blue Qiqi glanced at her,Suddenly smashed out:“I want to kill the woman.,Hoot”Lu Haocheng listened to this,I finally vented it.。
He also loosened,This little girl,and also。
One gas is always in my heart,It’s hard to be her.,Intid it for so long.。
Lu Hao Cheng quickly unwound the seat belt,Open the door to the back seat。
He hugged his daughter in his arms,Gently pat her back。
“Kiki,never mind,never mind,Dad will deal with。”
Lu Hao Chengming is full of heartache。
“do not want,I have to kill her.,This woman is not a person,How can she say that this is like this?,She is she wants to kill her mother.,Before she killed my mother,I want to kill her first.。”
Blue Qi is excited to struggle。
Gu Anan’s words,Let her fear。
Nothing is not afraid,I am afraid to lose my mother.。

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