January 31

Mais Alta Legislatura Da CHINA ENCERA SESSO Anual

(Xinhua/HuangJingwen)Beijing,11mar(Xinhua)–A13aAssembleiaPopularNacional(APN),omaisaltoórgolegislativodaChina,ídereschinesesXiJinping,LiKeqiang,WangYang,WangHuning,ZhaoLeji,HanZhengeWangQishanparticiparamdareuniodeencerramentodasessonoGrandePalá,presidenteexecutivodopresidiumparaasesso,àL,ométodoparaqueaRegioAdministrativaEspecialdeHongKongelejaosseusdeputadosparaa14aAPN,eomé,aeleiodosdeputadosdeveserconcluíóriodetrabalhodogovernoeosrelatóriosdetrabalhodoComitêPermanentedaAPN,óriosobreaimplementaodoplanodedesenvolvimentoeconmicoesocialnacionalde2021esobreoprojetodeplanopara2022,émumrelatóriosobreaexecuodosoramentoscentralelocaispara2021esobreosprojetosdeoramentocentralelocaispara2022,êpermanente,Xisobreadefesaemelhoriadosistemadeassembleiaspopulares, paradefenderalideranageraldoPartidoComunistadaChina(PCCh)eparadarplenaimportanciaaopapeldosistemadeassembleiaspopularescomoumaimportanteinstituioparaapráémpediuaesconcretasparaabrircaminhoparao20oCongressoNacionaldoPCCh.(Xinhua/LiuBin)(Xin HUA/SHENHONG) (xinhua/shenhong) (xinhua/gaojie) (xinhua/shenhong) (xinhua/jinliwang) (xinhua/chenzhonghao) (xinhua/xingguangli) (xinhua/lixin) (xinhu/jinliger.

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January 31

Even though I asked my parents to collect some money,But not enough,She had no choice but to go to the Universe Internet Company to find Fang Na。

Fang Na is away,Cen Cheng had to sit in the office and wait,When I went out to make tea in the pantry, I met Ye Boping,She went up and asked,“Boss Ye,Agree to cooperate in business,I signed the contract today,You never answer the call,what’s up?”
Ye Boping turned his head and saw Cen Cheng,Very surprised,She was planning to never see Cen Cheng again,After all, Cen Cheng is useless to him now,But I didn’t expect to meet her at the Universe Company。
“what,Cen Cheng,Why are you here?I’m busy,Didn’t notice your call。”
Cen Cheng can see clearly,After all, when I ate last time,She already http://www.skinami.cn knew that Ye Boping should be lying to her,I said I didn’t bring money,Said to pay her home,She did not receive the money,And I still pay for it myself,So asked angrily,“Boss Ye,Don’t pretend,what are you busy with?You are lying to me!”
301 Brother Mu
“I’m really busy,”Ye Boping took Cen Cheng to his office,Arguing at the door is not good,“Did you see,This pile of http://www.tongshuntc.cn drawings,My eyes are full of flowers,Really didn’t pay attention to your phone。”
Cen Cheng is dumbfounded,“You work here?How come i have never seen you before?”
Ye Boping nodded,“Ok,I have shares,Usually not coming,I can’t sell the house now,I had to come and see in person,My boss and I are partners。”
At this moment,Someone came in and asked Ye Boping to sign,Stand in front of him respectfully,“Manager Ye,Please see if there is any problem。”
Ye Boping took a look at the information,“Or not,Recalculate,What did i tell you just now?Can’t you do what I said??”After speaking, smash the information on the table,Very temperamental。
That person doesn’t speak,Picked up the information and turned and walked gently,Not even footsteps。
“You do business with this company?”Ye Boping asked。
“Correct。”Cen Cheng didn’t expect Ye Boping to be so fierce,Also http://www.ykrtwl.cn shocked,The voice is one degree lower。
“Mr. Zhao’s。”Ye Boping looked at the information on the table and said。

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January 30

Li Ruotong also became Liu Genghong girl! Drinking the shepherd milk in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", it will be 8 pieces of abdominal muscles!

Liu Genghong+Li Ruotong, who set off the hottest star of the national sports in 2022 is not a small fresh meat, nor is it a hot drama star, but a 50 -year -old Taiwanese artist Liu Genghong.

He led everyone in Douyin every night to jump back. Douyin fans exceeded 50 million in 2 months, becoming the fastest -growing expert in Douyin’s history, capturing the hearts of thousands of young men and girls in one fell swoop.

The aunt Li Ruotong, who has always been self -disciplined and frozen age, is also a senior fitness enthusiast. Li Ruotong, who is 56 years old, has more than 20 years of fitness. In addition to his tightness, he has abdominal muscles all year round.

Recently, Li Ruotong showed his video of his "Compendium of Materia Medica". Liu Genghong ran to leave a message quickly: It would be better to change your sportswear and jump! Driven by the two fitness experts, the whole April set off a fan of national fitness Essence Not only young people, many middle -aged and elderly people who love to brush Douyin are also following Liu Genghong’s jumping and following Li Ruotong to do a healthy exercise.

After all, chasing healthy constitutions is very needed, no matter how old you are.

-Li Ruotong’s body photo-decades of frozen age, Li Ruotong not only rely on fitness, but also eats Liu Genghong’s sudden fire. Li Ruotong’s good figure does not happen overnight. They all rely on [thick accumulation]. The love of exercise and the extremely harsh diet, and the reasonable supplement of nutrition. The muscle lines of Li Ruotong’s body are very obvious, and the hair is also dark and dense, and the temperament of the whole person is just like young girls. In addition to the persistent exercise, Li Ruotong himself is more particular about diet.

For example, the recipes she often shared: fried eggs and black sesame powder (protein+vitamin E), chicken pasta (carbohydrate+protein), boiled pasta (carbon water+dietary fiber) Don’t get fat.

In addition to the daily three meals, Li Ruotong will also supplement herself to supplement her nutrition through drinks and drinks. For example, Zhen Mu’s sheep milk powder she endorses is the nutritional thing she will bring everywhere. In sports and fitness, middle -aged and elderly people often have two major misunderstandings. The first is to eat full; the second is to eat lightly.

Many elderly people often eat light porridge, so that the stomach is not good for digestion, and often has a sense of satiety, but does not have a good nutritional supply.

In fact, the most needed nutrition for middle -aged and elderly people is: protein (long muscle), calcium (tough skeletal), vitamin E (prevention of muscle injury), iron+zinc (muscle growth).

Sheep milk is warm, and the molecules are small and easy to digest and absorb, which is especially suitable for the elderly who need nutritional supplements. The content of goat milk calcium is relatively high, and has a better calcium supplement effect than milk; in addition, the protein, vitamins, iron, and zinc content of sheep milk are the superior in dairy products, which have Very good help. Li Ruotong’s same model Zhen Mu Middle -Elderly Goat Milk Powder Zhenpu is a high -end sheep milk powder brand of You Ai Ebe special. Provide high -quality nutrition, and give birth to a variety of high -occo high -calcium milk powder favored by middle -aged and elderly people.

From 2020 to 2021, Zhen Mu won the top 11 category of Tmall’s double 11 categories for two consecutive years; in 2022, Zhen Mu won the International Monte Award and became the first adult sheep milk powder in the country to win this honor. Good milk sources and guaranteed quality. It can be fully satisfactory while busy, and can strongly supplement the various nutrients needed for the body. No wonder, as a aunt Li Ruotong, a aunt in the air, must be equipped with shepherd milk powder in the suitcase. Liu Genghong, 50 and 56 -year -old Li Ruotong, all have the face value and vitality far beyond the elderly, which once again proves the appropriate amount of exercise+good nutritional supplements, which can make people younger the truth! After reading them, they are inspirational. Do you still want to act? Disclaimer: There is risks in the market, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Label:.

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January 30

Even Gao Huan’s machine to secretary Chen Yuankang,This god secretary,allowable“big boss”After the speech,Take all the words that the other person said all over again,Can also touch it,Do not change the meaning of meaning,It sounds more affected!

Listening to Xin Daoxian,Emoticon’s expression on Wei Xia widen face,I don’t know if it is crying or laughing.。
“Convinced,There is always a way out”
His words have not been finished yet,Wei Xia widen will sign him not to continue.。False security,Do not exist luck,At the moment that happened in things,Will destroy all the psychological lines of people。
Wei Xiaowan is willing to think about the worst in advance,Each one“lucky”,Can be a new starting point。
“Today, I and Jade City,It is not a brother of a trench.。Gao Biyi really can see me.,I want to have such a way。”
Wei Xiao,It’s all bitter。
so amazing,It’s too victim.,So the opponent with all the power to combat you。This is a lucky,Still a unfortunate?
“Many people think,I Wei people,It should be bundled with Yushucheng,actually,This is just a kind of illusion.。”
Wei Xia width face reveals a smile,Unfortunately, I finally bleak.。
Interchange,Army,perhaps,This is the master of Gao Baoyi,Let Zhaobao have to go to the charm,Change to defensive jade experience is extremely rich,Can already take this city as the foot of your hand to make Wei Xiaoxuan,In exchange for anyone,Yushu City’s defensive power must be next step。
But,Wei Xiaowei leaves,Changed,Yushu City can hold it?
can only say,This is a beautiful scenery,But there is no operability at all。Why do you say this way,Because Wei Xia width,It is the soul of Yushu City。he’s gone,Sergeant here,Will lose the meaning of fighting。
Not to mention Gao Bao Yi has already a notice.,Wei Xia width,Isn’t it to encourage these sergeants to fall??
“Comparison,Actually, I still stay here is better.。only”Wei Xiaothi shakes his head,No longer speech。
He is just a general,Not a melee god,Not the emperor of Zhou Country。
Xin Dao Constitution, Wei Xiao, seems to have any difficulty,Even you don’t want to say。
“I am writing a book,Send to Changan,Presentation to Your Majesty。You have worked hard,Let’s take it for me.。”
Wei Xiaogong is preparing a pen ink,Start writing letters。Xin said is a bit lost,I don’t know how to comfort it.,Finally, I can only sigh.。
The special double-layer earth building in the broken http://www.yulejx.cn city,Although the night is deep,But still bright flaps。
Second floor“study”Sprinkle,Zheng Minmin wakes up,Climb up and blinking,I saw that Gao Bao is back to her.,What is the case of sitting in the case。
“Convinced,Is Xin Dynasty going back??”
Zheng Minmin asked yawn,Today, on the screen back,But because the bed is too comfortable and fell asleep.。If you change someone to know this,She must be ashamed to find a place。
But Gao Biyi knows,That doesn’t matter.。
“Correct,He is to help Wei Xiaoxuan sprinting military situation,I am sending it to me.。”
Gao Boyi doesn’t matter,Still borrowing the fire of the oil lamp,View 玉 璧 城 地图 on desktop,I don’t know where he is.。
“Alang,Gao Huan was defeated by Wei Xiaoxuan,And he didn’t seem to be less than you at the time.。Why can you be so calm,So confident thinking that http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn you can win.?”
Zheng Minmin left the past,Sit to Gao Baoyi,Small asking。
Only she will ask such a problem。Some people will think so,But will not say exports,Some people have a confidence in Gao Baoyi.,I don’t think he will defeat at all.。
“A lot of things?,Watch with your surface,Not an event。”Gao Biyi took out a letter from the sleeves to Zheng Zhengmin:“Hell to see,Wei Xia width wants to tell me what。”
Zheng Minmin passed the letter written by Wei Xiaoguan,The more you look, the more you feel the quirky。

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January 29

Guo Yujie wants to eat snail powder when he goes home on holiday, and wants to go out to travel twice

Zhao Zhiqing (left) and Guo Yujie (right) helped his teammate Li Huiling from taking off the snowboard. Figure/Xinhua News Agency Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Xue) On March 9, the 5th day of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, a short -distance (free technology) standing position in the two centers of the two centers of the National Winter Center in the Zhangjia Pass area In the semi -finals, Chinese player Guo Yujie ranked 4th in the group and missed the final. After the game, the little girl said cheerfully, "I didn’t expect to reach the semi -finals, and I was very satisfied." Guo Yujie, born in 2004, is less than 18 years old. meeting. On the first day of the start of the game, she won a gold medal in the two women’s short -distance standing positions. As one of the flag bearers of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games of the Chinese delegation, after winning the gold, the eyes focus on her, which puts the little girl a lot of pressure.

In the two women’s mid -distance standing groups in the winter, Guo Yujie ranked fourth in the final result because of a lot of shooting off targets, and Ukraine players took the top 3. "After I went back, I looked back. I took a lot of lead at the time. If I took off a few shots, I should have reached the podium. A little regrettable, but I would not be sad or angry.

"Speaking, the little girl joked:" My parents also said that I was ‘one picked five’ (editor’s note: there were 5 Ukrainian players in that game), which was very powerful.

"For the first time to participate in the Winter Paralympic Games, Guo Yujie felt a lot, and everyone’s enthusiasm left a deep impression on her." Many staff members and athletes say hello to me, and I can’t stand it. "Today, Guo Yujie’s parents also came to the game scene to cheer for her daughter.

Seeing the parents on the audience, Guo Yujie waved with them excitedly.

The little girl said that the arrival of her parents made the "more powerful", "but I really can’t slip them." Although I did not reach the finals, the two taxi had made Guo Yujie exhausted. a bit.

Because of the preparation and competition, Guo Yujie hadn’t completely relaxed for a long time. She looked forward to playing well after the game.

I also want to travel to Yunnan and Hainan, and I want to go out to play twice.

"Beijing News reporter Zhao Xue.

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January 29

Xia Jian and Wang Youdao meet on a narrow road,I had a fight for a while。

So many people follow him,Xia Jian feels a little bit bullying Wang Youdao。He turned around and said to Chen Erniu behind him:“Take everyone back,Remember to get up early tomorrow,Let’s go to the breeding factory“
Chen Erniu responded,So he took the group of people behind Xia Jian and walked away quickly。Dim street lights,Stretched Xia Jian’s figure very long。Wang Youdao took a long breath,Suddenly said to Xia Jian:“My brother they drank too much,I’m afraid you fight“
“Humph!You thought I was Xia Jian a few years ago?“Xia Jian asked Wang Youdao.。
Wang Youdao took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket,Drew one and passed it over:“I definitely don’t think so,You are the mayor of Pingyang Town now,Anyway, I’m a local parent official,I think you still have this kind of http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn consciousness!“
Xia Jian was taken aback,And took the cigarette that Wang Youdao handed over。Wang Youdao himself took one,And set them ablaze。
Xia Jian knew that Wang Youdao was like him on weekdays,Don’t smoke either。It’s a new year,People who don’t usually smoke,Also learn to smoke two cigarettes with people who smoke。
“how about it?Don’t you stay in the provincial capital often?!Where shouldn’t be your battlefield”Xia Jian took a cigarette,Suddenly asked Wang Youdao this sentence。
Wang Youdao glanced at Xia Jian,Suddenly he smiled and said:“Things in officialdom are not as simple as you think,You are now in our ranks,Some things you will understand slowly。It’s not enough to have ambitions,No chance,No one to support you,You are nothing”
Although Wang Youdao’s words are not biting,,But Xia Jian can also understand。He is from Wang Youdao、Ouyang http://www.szkssk.cn Hongneng and Chen Jiang already know their ups and downs,Take the path of officialdom,It’s like walking on thin ice。
“Xia Jian!I underestimated you a few years ago。Only now I understand you,You are a great person,So the grievances between our two previous generations should be turned over,Should not continue on us”Wang Youdao said,In order to show his friendship, he stretched out his big hand。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He never thought that Wang Youdao would do this suddenly。But they took the lead in expressing this attitude,He can’t live without action。Xia Jian hesitated and stretched out his hand,The two held tightly together。This means,The grievances between their Lao Xia family and Lao Wang family for many years are over at this moment。
At this time,Suddenly a person rushed out from the gate of the mountain temple,When he saw http://www.huaitw.cn Wang Youdao,Shouted loudly:“Oh no!Wang Lao is dead”
“what?Is he drinking too much?”Wang Youdao lost his voice and asked。
The one who ran out was not someone else,It is Wang Youcai’s dog-leg Chen Gui,He glanced at Xia Jian,Hesitate to say:“He had a fight with Youfa,Ended up sitting on the ground and panting for a while,Never get up again”
“What are you talking about,How could he fight with big brother?Is it wrong”Wang Youfa’s voice is out of tune。
Chen Gui shook his head and said:“correct,The two of them were holding each other and fighting“Chen Gui’s voice did not fall,Wang Youdao rushed towards the mountain temple。
Xia Jian who reacted quickly followed up。
Inside the courtyard of the mountain temple,A bunch of people yelled around Wang Lao who fell on the ground。Wang Youdao rushed forward,He separated the crowd。The old man lying on the ground crooked and didn’t move。
Wang Youfa squatted on the ground stupidly,Poker face。Wang Youcai desperately grabbed Wang’s crooked collar and shouted:“Uncle Wang!Don’t be scary,Are you okay??You will wake up,Right?!“Wang Youcai was so anxious that he almost cried。

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January 28

China Import and Export Bank Hebei Branch realizes the first small and micro enterprise direct loan landing

In order to alleviate the difficulty of financing for small and micro enterprises, on April 27, China Import and Export Bank Hebei Branch issued a loan for 10 million yuan in foreign trade industry chain to Xingtai Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

The loan is the first direct loan of the Hebei Branch to support manufacturing private small and micro enterprises.

The Hebei Branch attaches great importance to the needs of small and micro enterprises in foreign trade, has repeatedly penetrated the investigation of enterprises, learned more about the difficulties of enterprises and the difficulties in financing, and strived to achieve precise services.

After fully investigating and prudent evaluation, the bank used the foreign trade industry chain to develop loan products to complete all processes from Xingtai Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. from due diligence, credit approval, and contract issuance to Xingtai Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Effectively solve the problem of financing difficulties and expensive financing of private small and micro enterprises.

In the next step, the Hebei Branch will continue to adhere to the policy positioning, focus on the main responsibility, plan business development with higher political standing, serve the real economy, and achieve greater the development of small, medium and micro enterprises in small, medium and micro enterprises. score.

(Responsible editor: Fang Tong, Fu Zhaoyu) Share let more people see recommended reading.

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January 28

Why is Situ to eat,Then there is such a thing that happened.?

All everything,It looks inexplicable,Again。
Situ Zhuo’s performance,It’s even more clean and cleanly cleansing this matter.。
This look,It’s very suspicious.。
Xue Li saw Shen Xuan like this,So continue there。
“this http://www.digital999.cn matter,You listen to me and tell you.,actually”
Xue Li is planning to say something to Shen Xuan,But this time,Shen Xuan’s behind,A big helper chased it。
“Don’t run,This time I caught you,You’re dead。”
Hear here,Shen Xuan is directly to Xue Li is a punch.,But when I am trying to touch to Xueli,Shen Xuan is suddenly open。
“Run away。”
Snowy is a bit surprised,But when I look at Shen Xuan,It is also grateful to Shen Xuan.。
obviously,Such a thing,Uninoup,What will be brought?,Can imagine。
“Shen Xuan,thank you,do not worry,I will definitely prove it to you.。”
Xueli finished,Direct step on Shen Xuan’s palm,Overlapping,Stepping http://www.space-key.cn on the wall,Directly get up and retreat。
After Shen Xuan’s body,Those people have come。
Look at this scene,Shen Xuan bite his teeth:“hateful,Damn,I actually made him ran.。”
“You are just,Quickly block around,Never let her ran。”
Shen Xuan finished,Surroundings,It’s a nod.。
“Everyone listened to Mr. Shen,anyway,Don’t let the woman run。”
“Five poison door,Iron-defending force,This account must have a good calculation with them.。”
“Grabby her,Be sure to smash her corpse。”
As these people said,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,Also pinching a sweat。
I don’t know,Snowli can’t leave this。
Yet,Shen Xuan is a place for no one.,I took out the phone and sent a message.。
The news is sent to Sun Ting.,Let her take people immediately。
After all, the place where the Situ is now.,In fact, it is http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cn also within the scope of Sun’s family.。
quickly,Sun Ting returned a message:“OK,almost there。”
See the news from Sun Ting,Shen Xuan sent another,Say something is a bit,So let Sun Ting don’t have to go back.,After that, explain it with her.。
After you finish,Shen Xuan deleted information directly。
Otherwise, when I arrived, I was suspicious of the people.,That is not a good thing.。
But I don’t think so.,Shen Xuan is also a loose tone。
“Mr. Shen。”
at this time,A Situ’s bodyguard came here,See Shen Xuan,Shouted。

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January 27

Russian experts believe that India will not easily serve the United States

It was reported on April 20 that the Russian "Viewpoint" website published an article entitled "How the Moumou Mou’s Mou in the United States and Anti -Russia failed" on April 13. The author is the associate professor of Russian University of Finance and Economics, Gwalg Mirzara. The full text is as follows: The United States has launched a series of activities to force India to change its relationship with Russia. New Delhi refused to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine and actively purchased all Russia’s oil and weapons. All Washington did not like.

Why does the hard work that Americans have pulled India to themselves fail at this moment? The United States tries to form a global league against Russia. Because of this, it has been pleased India for a few weeks. Anthuria, Anthony Brin, who played the 2+2 conference, should play the lobbyist. U.S. President Joe Bayeng, who held a video summit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, provided help on this issue.

However, if you look closely, you will find that Brinken, Austin, and Biden who joined them did not shake India to maintain a neutral boulder.

This is largely because it is based on a solid basis for the national interests, and national interests do not allow India to make concessions in oil, weapons and other economic cooperation with Russia. Alexeh Kuprianov, a senior researcher at the Institute of World Economic and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, explained: The Indian government is preparing to defend its own interests in the direction of Russia, although it may make concessions in some important positions ( And it is likely to be temporary). In general, it is very clear that the window of opportunity is opening, and is committed to maintaining and expanding cooperation.

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January 27

“What do you think??”

What can I think?
I can do it in the same period of time., Yan Fengxing directly became a demon king。
枝 心 is not jumping, stupid『force』Scared, Sticky to the sight of the consultant,Almost have to be sucked in the whirlpool of his eyes:“……wrong, You have long you know that Yan Feng is half a demon.?”
Advisor is completely surprised at all.!
This question seems to let the consultant,He looked at the two eyes in the eyes of his gods., Slowly:
“It is also a half-demon。The days when I felt the stars,He can’t completely converge emonation as later,I heard it.。”
So Yan Zhi looks at his expression.。
He slammed, I will take my call back.:“No matter what you think,Since you take the initiative to tell me,I’m not so easy.。”
枝 抿 抿 抿 抿,Be talk。
Consultant’s Guard does not listen to the meaning of 枝,Two steps,Then wrapped in a black fog disappeared。

The momentum of the demon soldiers’ demon world is finally cut off,And it’s a bit of a bite.,This news can’t hold,Changshand to sit in the field are therefore regarded by the Mozu as incompetent。Some people even guess,Changjun is colluding with the demon world,Deliberately。
Rumors boiling,The source is exported from several cities in the side.,Honest,I have already arrived that there is an admirable petition. I don’t want to go.。
“Often……General,Warrior for our Moz,But the enemy sneak on the battlefield of the upper wind,Since the entire devil is lost,Lost numerous soldiers and city。such a man,Be uncomfortable,Let him go to death in the demon,Is his best ending。”
The consultant is sitting on the throne.,It is rare that there is no unstoppage or gives a delegation directly.,God『color』Listening to the people below the next person。
“Respect,Do you need to give a decision?。”
“Need to decide?”
Consultant is light,I am smiling and repeating this sentence.,“See you all the abacus,I don’t have to get my mind.。”
His finger is moving,Finger tips,The person who is very illing,The deximity wrapped in the neck of each other。
The tail of that person began to tremble because of sudden tightening,Even the movements are difficult。
The http://www.xzznjz.cn consultant is thrown out at this time.,Cool, such as a knife,Toned tone is slower than weekdays,Here:“The story of the demon king is coming to me here.,You still want to put your own people to sacrifice,If I kill you now,It’s so polished。”
In the Moist,Weak weakness is crime,It is escorted by provocation without knowing the resistance.。
This sealed post is undoubtedly a contempt of all the demon.,Not complete in things『sex』forward,Take a high level of posture to give one person to maintain a flat。
“This hammer is so mad!”
“We can accommodate him!”
“Never discuss,To fight this little child!”
These devils have changed between the mouth of the mouth.,The war is suddenly high,The mouth sounds say that the new demon king is going to flow.。
Consultant’s demonstration,Be too lazy to talk,There is no job in the http://www.szkssk.cn land on the ground.,Raise。
Go out,He stepped up,Branch looking at the door,Convey questions with your eyes:“?”
枝 当 身 身 身,Smile:
“Let’s remind you,Should『Medicine』Pooled。”
Johun blessing,Yue Yue Pool is so good to go,It’s filled『Medicine』Odor。

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