January 31

Even though I asked my parents to collect some money,But not enough,She had no choice but to go to the Universe Internet Company to find Fang Na。

Fang Na is away,Cen Cheng had to sit in the office and wait,When I went out to make tea in the pantry, I met Ye Boping,She went up and asked,“Boss Ye,Agree to cooperate in business,I signed the contract today,You never answer the call,what’s up?”
Ye Boping turned his head and saw Cen Cheng,Very surprised,She was planning to never see Cen Cheng again,After all, Cen Cheng is useless to him now,But I didn’t expect to meet her at the Universe Company。
“what,Cen Cheng,Why are you here?I’m busy,Didn’t notice your call。”
Cen Cheng can see clearly,After all, when I ate last time,She already http://www.skinami.cn knew that Ye Boping should be lying to her,I said I didn’t bring money,Said to pay her home,She did not receive the money,And I still pay for it myself,So asked angrily,“Boss Ye,Don’t pretend,what are you busy with?You are lying to me!”
301 Brother Mu
“I’m really busy,”Ye Boping took Cen Cheng to his office,Arguing at the door is not good,“Did you see,This pile of http://www.tongshuntc.cn drawings,My eyes are full of flowers,Really didn’t pay attention to your phone。”
Cen Cheng is dumbfounded,“You work here?How come i have never seen you before?”
Ye Boping nodded,“Ok,I have shares,Usually not coming,I can’t sell the house now,I had to come and see in person,My boss and I are partners。”
At this moment,Someone came in and asked Ye Boping to sign,Stand in front of him respectfully,“Manager Ye,Please see if there is any problem。”
Ye Boping took a look at the information,“Or not,Recalculate,What did i tell you just now?Can’t you do what I said??”After speaking, smash the information on the table,Very temperamental。
That person doesn’t speak,Picked up the information and turned and walked gently,Not even footsteps。
“You do business with this company?”Ye Boping asked。
“Correct。”Cen Cheng didn’t expect Ye Boping to be so fierce,Also http://www.ykrtwl.cn shocked,The voice is one degree lower。
“Mr. Zhao’s。”Ye Boping looked at the information on the table and said。

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January 30

Even Gao Huan’s machine to secretary Chen Yuankang,This god secretary,allowable“big boss”After the speech,Take all the words that the other person said all over again,Can also touch it,Do not change the meaning of meaning,It sounds more affected!

Listening to Xin Daoxian,Emoticon’s expression on Wei Xia widen face,I don’t know if it is crying or laughing.。
“Convinced,There is always a way out”
His words have not been finished yet,Wei Xia widen will sign him not to continue.。False security,Do not exist luck,At the moment that happened in things,Will destroy all the psychological lines of people。
Wei Xiaowan is willing to think about the worst in advance,Each one“lucky”,Can be a new starting point。
“Today, I and Jade City,It is not a brother of a trench.。Gao Biyi really can see me.,I want to have such a way。”
Wei Xiao,It’s all bitter。
so amazing,It’s too victim.,So the opponent with all the power to combat you。This is a lucky,Still a unfortunate?
“Many people think,I Wei people,It should be bundled with Yushucheng,actually,This is just a kind of illusion.。”
Wei Xia width face reveals a smile,Unfortunately, I finally bleak.。
Interchange,Army,perhaps,This is the master of Gao Baoyi,Let Zhaobao have to go to the charm,Change to defensive jade experience is extremely rich,Can already take this city as the foot of your hand to make Wei Xiaoxuan,In exchange for anyone,Yushu City’s defensive power must be next step。
But,Wei Xiaowei leaves,Changed,Yushu City can hold it?
can only say,This is a beautiful scenery,But there is no operability at all。Why do you say this way,Because Wei Xia width,It is the soul of Yushu City。he’s gone,Sergeant here,Will lose the meaning of fighting。
Not to mention Gao Bao Yi has already a notice.,Wei Xia width,Isn’t it to encourage these sergeants to fall??
“Comparison,Actually, I still stay here is better.。only”Wei Xiaothi shakes his head,No longer speech。
He is just a general,Not a melee god,Not the emperor of Zhou Country。
Xin Dao Constitution, Wei Xiao, seems to have any difficulty,Even you don’t want to say。
“I am writing a book,Send to Changan,Presentation to Your Majesty。You have worked hard,Let’s take it for me.。”
Wei Xiaogong is preparing a pen ink,Start writing letters。Xin said is a bit lost,I don’t know how to comfort it.,Finally, I can only sigh.。
The special double-layer earth building in the broken http://www.yulejx.cn city,Although the night is deep,But still bright flaps。
Second floor“study”Sprinkle,Zheng Minmin wakes up,Climb up and blinking,I saw that Gao Bao is back to her.,What is the case of sitting in the case。
“Convinced,Is Xin Dynasty going back??”
Zheng Minmin asked yawn,Today, on the screen back,But because the bed is too comfortable and fell asleep.。If you change someone to know this,She must be ashamed to find a place。
But Gao Biyi knows,That doesn’t matter.。
“Correct,He is to help Wei Xiaoxuan sprinting military situation,I am sending it to me.。”
Gao Boyi doesn’t matter,Still borrowing the fire of the oil lamp,View 玉 璧 城 地图 on desktop,I don’t know where he is.。
“Alang,Gao Huan was defeated by Wei Xiaoxuan,And he didn’t seem to be less than you at the time.。Why can you be so calm,So confident thinking that http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn you can win.?”
Zheng Minmin left the past,Sit to Gao Baoyi,Small asking。
Only she will ask such a problem。Some people will think so,But will not say exports,Some people have a confidence in Gao Baoyi.,I don’t think he will defeat at all.。
“A lot of things?,Watch with your surface,Not an event。”Gao Biyi took out a letter from the sleeves to Zheng Zhengmin:“Hell to see,Wei Xia width wants to tell me what。”
Zheng Minmin passed the letter written by Wei Xiaoguan,The more you look, the more you feel the quirky。

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January 29

Xia Jian and Wang Youdao meet on a narrow road,I had a fight for a while。

So many people follow him,Xia Jian feels a little bit bullying Wang Youdao。He turned around and said to Chen Erniu behind him:“Take everyone back,Remember to get up early tomorrow,Let’s go to the breeding factory“
Chen Erniu responded,So he took the group of people behind Xia Jian and walked away quickly。Dim street lights,Stretched Xia Jian’s figure very long。Wang Youdao took a long breath,Suddenly said to Xia Jian:“My brother they drank too much,I’m afraid you fight“
“Humph!You thought I was Xia Jian a few years ago?“Xia Jian asked Wang Youdao.。
Wang Youdao took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket,Drew one and passed it over:“I definitely don’t think so,You are the mayor of Pingyang Town now,Anyway, I’m a local parent official,I think you still have this kind of http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn consciousness!“
Xia Jian was taken aback,And took the cigarette that Wang Youdao handed over。Wang Youdao himself took one,And set them ablaze。
Xia Jian knew that Wang Youdao was like him on weekdays,Don’t smoke either。It’s a new year,People who don’t usually smoke,Also learn to smoke two cigarettes with people who smoke。
“how about it?Don’t you stay in the provincial capital often?!Where shouldn’t be your battlefield”Xia Jian took a cigarette,Suddenly asked Wang Youdao this sentence。
Wang Youdao glanced at Xia Jian,Suddenly he smiled and said:“Things in officialdom are not as simple as you think,You are now in our ranks,Some things you will understand slowly。It’s not enough to have ambitions,No chance,No one to support you,You are nothing”
Although Wang Youdao’s words are not biting,,But Xia Jian can also understand。He is from Wang Youdao、Ouyang http://www.szkssk.cn Hongneng and Chen Jiang already know their ups and downs,Take the path of officialdom,It’s like walking on thin ice。
“Xia Jian!I underestimated you a few years ago。Only now I understand you,You are a great person,So the grievances between our two previous generations should be turned over,Should not continue on us”Wang Youdao said,In order to show his friendship, he stretched out his big hand。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He never thought that Wang Youdao would do this suddenly。But they took the lead in expressing this attitude,He can’t live without action。Xia Jian hesitated and stretched out his hand,The two held tightly together。This means,The grievances between their Lao Xia family and Lao Wang family for many years are over at this moment。
At this time,Suddenly a person rushed out from the gate of the mountain temple,When he saw http://www.huaitw.cn Wang Youdao,Shouted loudly:“Oh no!Wang Lao is dead”
“what?Is he drinking too much?”Wang Youdao lost his voice and asked。
The one who ran out was not someone else,It is Wang Youcai’s dog-leg Chen Gui,He glanced at Xia Jian,Hesitate to say:“He had a fight with Youfa,Ended up sitting on the ground and panting for a while,Never get up again”
“What are you talking about,How could he fight with big brother?Is it wrong”Wang Youfa’s voice is out of tune。
Chen Gui shook his head and said:“correct,The two of them were holding each other and fighting“Chen Gui’s voice did not fall,Wang Youdao rushed towards the mountain temple。
Xia Jian who reacted quickly followed up。
Inside the courtyard of the mountain temple,A bunch of people yelled around Wang Lao who fell on the ground。Wang Youdao rushed forward,He separated the crowd。The old man lying on the ground crooked and didn’t move。
Wang Youfa squatted on the ground stupidly,Poker face。Wang Youcai desperately grabbed Wang’s crooked collar and shouted:“Uncle Wang!Don’t be scary,Are you okay??You will wake up,Right?!“Wang Youcai was so anxious that he almost cried。

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January 28

Why is Situ to eat,Then there is such a thing that happened.?

All everything,It looks inexplicable,Again。
Situ Zhuo’s performance,It’s even more clean and cleanly cleansing this matter.。
This look,It’s very suspicious.。
Xue Li saw Shen Xuan like this,So continue there。
“this http://www.digital999.cn matter,You listen to me and tell you.,actually”
Xue Li is planning to say something to Shen Xuan,But this time,Shen Xuan’s behind,A big helper chased it。
“Don’t run,This time I caught you,You’re dead。”
Hear here,Shen Xuan is directly to Xue Li is a punch.,But when I am trying to touch to Xueli,Shen Xuan is suddenly open。
“Run away。”
Snowy is a bit surprised,But when I look at Shen Xuan,It is also grateful to Shen Xuan.。
obviously,Such a thing,Uninoup,What will be brought?,Can imagine。
“Shen Xuan,thank you,do not worry,I will definitely prove it to you.。”
Xueli finished,Direct step on Shen Xuan’s palm,Overlapping,Stepping http://www.space-key.cn on the wall,Directly get up and retreat。
After Shen Xuan’s body,Those people have come。
Look at this scene,Shen Xuan bite his teeth:“hateful,Damn,I actually made him ran.。”
“You are just,Quickly block around,Never let her ran。”
Shen Xuan finished,Surroundings,It’s a nod.。
“Everyone listened to Mr. Shen,anyway,Don’t let the woman run。”
“Five poison door,Iron-defending force,This account must have a good calculation with them.。”
“Grabby her,Be sure to smash her corpse。”
As these people said,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,Also pinching a sweat。
I don’t know,Snowli can’t leave this。
Yet,Shen Xuan is a place for no one.,I took out the phone and sent a message.。
The news is sent to Sun Ting.,Let her take people immediately。
After all, the place where the Situ is now.,In fact, it is http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cn also within the scope of Sun’s family.。
quickly,Sun Ting returned a message:“OK,almost there。”
See the news from Sun Ting,Shen Xuan sent another,Say something is a bit,So let Sun Ting don’t have to go back.,After that, explain it with her.。
After you finish,Shen Xuan deleted information directly。
Otherwise, when I arrived, I was suspicious of the people.,That is not a good thing.。
But I don’t think so.,Shen Xuan is also a loose tone。
“Mr. Shen。”
at this time,A Situ’s bodyguard came here,See Shen Xuan,Shouted。

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January 27

“What do you think??”

What can I think?
I can do it in the same period of time., Yan Fengxing directly became a demon king。
枝 心 is not jumping, stupid『force』Scared, Sticky to the sight of the consultant,Almost have to be sucked in the whirlpool of his eyes:“……wrong, You have long you know that Yan Feng is half a demon.?”
Advisor is completely surprised at all.!
This question seems to let the consultant,He looked at the two eyes in the eyes of his gods., Slowly:
“It is also a half-demon。The days when I felt the stars,He can’t completely converge emonation as later,I heard it.。”
So Yan Zhi looks at his expression.。
He slammed, I will take my call back.:“No matter what you think,Since you take the initiative to tell me,I’m not so easy.。”
枝 抿 抿 抿 抿,Be talk。
Consultant’s Guard does not listen to the meaning of 枝,Two steps,Then wrapped in a black fog disappeared。

The momentum of the demon soldiers’ demon world is finally cut off,And it’s a bit of a bite.,This news can’t hold,Changshand to sit in the field are therefore regarded by the Mozu as incompetent。Some people even guess,Changjun is colluding with the demon world,Deliberately。
Rumors boiling,The source is exported from several cities in the side.,Honest,I have already arrived that there is an admirable petition. I don’t want to go.。
“Often……General,Warrior for our Moz,But the enemy sneak on the battlefield of the upper wind,Since the entire devil is lost,Lost numerous soldiers and city。such a man,Be uncomfortable,Let him go to death in the demon,Is his best ending。”
The consultant is sitting on the throne.,It is rare that there is no unstoppage or gives a delegation directly.,God『color』Listening to the people below the next person。
“Respect,Do you need to give a decision?。”
“Need to decide?”
Consultant is light,I am smiling and repeating this sentence.,“See you all the abacus,I don’t have to get my mind.。”
His finger is moving,Finger tips,The person who is very illing,The deximity wrapped in the neck of each other。
The tail of that person began to tremble because of sudden tightening,Even the movements are difficult。
The http://www.xzznjz.cn consultant is thrown out at this time.,Cool, such as a knife,Toned tone is slower than weekdays,Here:“The story of the demon king is coming to me here.,You still want to put your own people to sacrifice,If I kill you now,It’s so polished。”
In the Moist,Weak weakness is crime,It is escorted by provocation without knowing the resistance.。
This sealed post is undoubtedly a contempt of all the demon.,Not complete in things『sex』forward,Take a high level of posture to give one person to maintain a flat。
“This hammer is so mad!”
“We can accommodate him!”
“Never discuss,To fight this little child!”
These devils have changed between the mouth of the mouth.,The war is suddenly high,The mouth sounds say that the new demon king is going to flow.。
Consultant’s demonstration,Be too lazy to talk,There is no job in the http://www.szkssk.cn land on the ground.,Raise。
Go out,He stepped up,Branch looking at the door,Convey questions with your eyes:“?”
枝 当 身 身 身,Smile:
“Let’s remind you,Should『Medicine』Pooled。”
Johun blessing,Yue Yue Pool is so good to go,It’s filled『Medicine』Odor。

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January 26

And the address is not far from her gallery studio.。

Not far from,Han Yuxuan opened a 20-minute car to Han Yuxuan’s company downstairs.。
Looking at the rain,Han Yuxuan got off the bus took an umbrella,Supporting the umbrella standing in the rain waiting for Blue Qiqi。
4 minutes from ten o’clock,His girl has always been very on time。
The night rain is less,Only a caught car,Wheel is crushed,Splashing a water flower。
Han Yuxuan’s slender http://www.ofiber.cn figure,The light passing by the road is playing on him.,He is still like alone in his own world,Blocking everything outside,Self-become one of the world,Rain in the rain independence。
Time,He sees a wiped back from the company’s door.,His faceless handsome is instantaneous。
He hits an umbrella,Big step towards the boring girl。
Blue Qiqi saw him,Laugh,Small running to his arms。
Han Yuxuan biased the umbrella to her,Try not to let her be rained。
“Kiki,Are you finished??”“Um!Solve,I am a little lazy,If you can’t solve the thing a day, I will find my big brother or my father.,Or my mother,Solved now,Don’t have to come to the company these days。But I seem to find an excuse for yourself.,Think more
Going out to go to the appointment with you。”
“Huh……”Han Yuxuan smiled,I got on her forehead.,With her crossing the http://www.rendegushi.cn road。
“Kiki,Who told me that the charm is so big??I will go out tomorrow.,I found a good place,I will draw with you.。”
Painting is her biggest pleasure,He also likes,It’s just that his dream is killed in the cradle.,Now he loves girl likes,It seems that I will make up for that regret.。
“Okay.,Han Yuxuan,You are so good,I like you very much.!”Blue Qiqi smiles sweet crit。
Han Yuxuan is still not coming to say something,Suddenly a strong lighting。
Some unusual,Han Yuxuan turned to see,Not far from a black car, you can’t gallop them.。
Amazing speed seems to be placed in death。
“Kiki。”Han Yuxuan shocked,Push Blue Qiqi with force。
Blue 梓 pour on the ground,Appeal pain,She can’t take care of myself.,When you look at Han Yuxuan,I only heard the harsh brakes。
The figure of Han Yuxuan’s slender is hit by a few http://www.isayido.cn meters away.,I have stopped a few times.。
Her pupil,Tearlessly shout:“Han Yuxuan。”
The people in the car saw that there was no hit blue,Unwilling to reverse,Plan to go to Blue Qiqi。
Blue 梓琪 瞳,The other party wants her life。
Course,Next moment,The car is hit by a black spot.。
Darkness to protect Lanthen’s bodyguard appears in time,Direct driving and hit accident vehicles。
“Flame……”Huge impact sounds in the rain, the atmosphere is suddenly suppressed。
Blue Qiqi seems to have been pulled back to some gods,The slender body fell into the Han Yuxuan lying on the ground.。
She is sitting on the ground,Han Yu Xuan, who is in the rain,He closed his eyes,Seeing his fingers on his head flowing out,Her heart is thorough。
“Han Yuxuan,You wake up,You wake up……”But no matter what she calls.,Han Yuxuan is close to the eyes。

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January 25

Every chaotic devil has a calf size,Like a dumplings falling on the ground,砰 响 响 响。

Summer takes kite tactics,When chaotic demon continues to chase,Don’t hesitate to。
on the contrary,When they return,Stop to kill from the bow and arrow。
At the end,Those chaotic magic is simply ignored him,Shui flying to the way,Summer is chasing behind。
Above,Chaotic devil corpse,All have a corpse。
I have been chasing near the mountain,Those chaotic demon flew back to the top of the mountain,It’s like a block of red rocks.。
Summer does not dare to continue deeply,Self-air landing,Start your point of fruit。
He is infused with energy,Mystery,咻,Shot on the bracelet,Playing on the chaotic devil。
Between,Chaotic http://www.guanyinhong.cn magic with calf size,The naked eye can be seen by cramps,It turned into a dry corpse as if there were countless years。
A drip crystal clear liquid is condensed,Quickly not shoot the wrist。
“Is this a Dao liquid?……”
Summer eyes,Fast induction,Discover the energy energy contained therein,More than that of him, I have to refine the spirit, I have to be pure and rich.。
He also sacrificed the gods and did not enter the bracelet.,Which small dot belongs to itself。
Soon I speculated。
Such a chaotic demon condenses the Dao liquid,Equivalent to one of the few minutes of the bracelet。
In other words,Seven thousand chaotic demon,Can reach a scale。
Summer looked at the body that stacked forward in the field of view,Can’t help but hook a joy。
He has not stopped all the way,The bracelet is also constantly playing http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn a look,Quickly refine the antique fluid。
Broken mark,Represents his red small dot,Increased at a little bit。
Go along the road,He kills up to thousands of chaos this time.。
Representing his Da Liquan has reached a half scale.。
When he will finalize the last chaotic,In this time283people,Has been upgraded to the highest position。
Many people have not met chaotic demon,The highest is just half a scale。
Everything is properly cleaned,Connected to Qingxuan through the badge in the summer。
“Brother,Where are you now??”
Qing Xuan did not speak,It is a light shadow and positioning message.。
I saw the power of this educated spirit.,It is orthcrolling between a narrow mountain gap,Static,Eyesight,Implicit,When I secretly sneaked outwards。
Summer face change。
The other party is very dangerous,Even dare not pass the volatility。
His breath becomes more concealed。
Have a long time,Wave the road with a sense of mind,“I got rid of those blood bat bats.,But I have encountered another chaotic magic,At least10Above,Every head has the strength of the god level。”
Toned,Also,“They are in the nearby loop,Once I was found, I ignored it.……”
Wait until he finished,There is almost no hesitation in summer.,“on my way,If possible,I will take a part of the chaotic magic,You take the opportunity to get out,At the time, see the specific situation。”
“good。Thank you。”
Before entering the heterogeneous space,He is a bit dissatisfied with summer。
After coming in,Summer various reactions,Let him all disdain。
But I came to my head.,It’s implying yourself。
Now in danger,Summer is not hesitant to come,This makes Qingxuan’s mind more than some complicated。
“summer,I remember this life.,If you can get stripped,At that time, I won’t huddled.,I will find a chance to be more http://www.lvgenhai.cn points.。”
Summer laughing,Not interrupted,Open positioning,All the way to fly in the direction of Qing Xuan。

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January 24

child,He is naturally not to take her away.。

Child leaves,I didn’t say http://www.siyoubolihotel.cn anything.,Leaving。
Just saying a sentence when I was walking.,“轲,I am not sorry for you.,Share of my name,Give Hao Cheng and think!”
This is that day,She speaks the first sentence to herself。
She has not taken anything.,Everything,Have left two children。
That is, starting from that day,He has never seen Mu Qing.。
Her shares left,He also gave Haokai and Si, in Qin Ning’s request.。
Hoheng,With his own efforts,Accounting in the company。
I have remembered everything in the past.,He feels that he is really a feast.。
You are not a person,Think now,Hao Jun and think so,Also feelings。
Especially think,these years,She is coming back,Always just see Hao Cheng,Never come back to see him。
Lu Wei’s pain closed eyes,He is actually,After living with Qin Ning,Just discovered,Qin Ning is very loved。
Unlike Mu Qing, fame and fortune,Will n’t put money too heavy。
And Qin Ning is not like Mu Qing,,She likes luxury goods,Like climb,But he has money,She wore it out,Also give yourself long face。
man,No one loves the face,His Lu Wei also loves the face。
But look back and think,He finally failed。
Father,He also failed,Husband,He seems to be more failed。
Liang Wei saw Lu Wei’s state of pain,He is a little worried about:“Chairman,Are you OK?”
Lu Wei is slowly open,Heavy sighs,Ask:“Liang Secretary,Mu Qing, is she doing these years??”
Liang Wei shook his head,Say:“Chairman,Feel sorry,I have just known all things.,Want to know the other things of the lady,We can only check。but,this matter,Blue Xin Miss,I am afraid that I will know more.,After all, they live together.。”
Lu Wei nodded,Say:“Liang Secretary,You help me about the blue director,I want to see her.。”
Liang Wei,Some are difficult to watch him,Say:“Chairman,Now Lu Miss every day and Miss Lan Xin works off work,To ask her,I am afraid of some difficult.。”
Lu Wei’s slightly,This is also,Hao Cheng is very very protecting Blue Xin。
He looked at Liang Wei,Say:“Then you should first call a phone call.,Lan Xin if promised to see me,She will also http://www.donghai8.cn arrange time。”
Liang Wei nodded:“Yes,Chairman。”
“Um!”Lu Wei waved toward Liang Wei。
Liang Wei nodded,Leave away。
Lu Wei’s face is pale,Painful exhalation。
At this time,He has some inexplicable envy of the next door to Gu Shihong and Lin Denge。
These two people,Noisy for a lifetime,Nothing divorce。
old,Still playing together。
Although Lin Dami is strong,But everything she does is for her own family.。
And Mu Qing is the same,Obviously, he knows that there is a woman outside.,But she still doesn’t say anything.,Do not ask,Just want to guard your family and children。
At this time,Lu Wei’s phone suddenly thought of。
one look,His eyes suddenly,Essentials have a touch of excitement,He quickly took the phone quickly。

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January 23

The child is exciting to have a little harsh。

suddenly,Nan Ge brushed up,Open flashlight,Loudly:“Which baby!Kill you!”
The children suddenly stunned.。
Nan Ge still uses the flashlight.,Zhou Zhi is clearly listening to her little voice.,Bamboo,Then she shouted again:“Still stay here!Do you want to be beaten??”
“Run away!!”
Children scattered,I ran while running,It has a very happy feeling。
Nan Ge put down the phone,Leading Zhouzhi across the road,Explain to him:“I am not bullying them.,I am to add their sense of irritation and festiveness.,When I was young, I http://www.ynlccg.cncouldn’t see the adults who saw the tube in the ground.。”
“Will you talk to adults??”Zhou Zhi from the brain suddenly returned a sentence‘See your mother.’,And like a magic,Once there is, it has been transferred in his brain.,Refuse。
“That will not。”Nan Ge denied,“It is very fun like itself.,That kind, it will become a displete.。”
Anyway, he didn’t experience the fun when he was young.。
The sky is suddenly red in the sky。
Zhou Zhi to see,Just now, there is really a fire in the mountains.,I don’t know which child is dry,On the mountains and opposite mountains, the children are shouting.。Fire is lying red half a day。
There are adults in the distance。
Children laugh。
This evening seems to be particularly lively。
When I see it,Nan Ge pushed him two times behind him.:“Walk,Why?”
“Oh oh。http://www.dg523.cn
After they took a flower.。
Pass through radish,Nano is suspected of this stuff,Pulling out the mud,Have a lot of money。When she passed through the garlic seedlings, she was too unclear.,Not going to touch。
When picking a sail,They finally met the villagers who held flashlights。
Nan Ge is not a child.,She didn’t run away from the row.,But very big, go forward。The villagers saw that she was not a child, but did not hurry.。
“Uncle,Pick you a few celery。”
“Which girl are you??Haven’t seen you??”
“We are the bay of the bay,Ugh,I haven’t sneaked in the house for many years.。”Nan Ge will refer to a direction,I started using my mobile phone as ahead to pick up celery.,“Is it not an epidemic?,I have already went to work.。”
“You are big.?”
“Oh, it looks so small.!?”
“So from a small family,I am bored.,I see that I have been doing so for more than 30 years.。What should I do at that time?。”
“The guy is you……”
“My brother。”
“I seem to be like。”
“That is!”

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January 22

“sister!”The black child has not responded yet,I will disappear directly when I see Meiqin.,Suddenly,Helpless,Character in the direction of Meiqin。

But,Not far from,Their two arrived at the place where the birth explosion,But,In addition to the destroyed matte and outside the building,Nothing。
Suddenly now,If you don’t subscribe to yourself,Can’t see the chapter content,Just can’t see this chapter, this is very hurt.,Do you have to subscribe to yourself??(laugh)
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NS94chapter Ask for help
Night on the night,Stay away from the cause‘Unexpected fire’with‘Unexpected explosion’Other area,In fact, this time,Basically, there are not many pedestrians.,So the street looks empty。
But this empty street,There is a singular figure,Walking,The figure looks very strange,It seems that the body structure is very strange,It seems that the upper body is particularly long,And the lower body is like a normal black shadow,I seem to have a little scary in the distance.,But wait for your shadow to the street lamp,Everything has glance up。
That road weird figure,He is clearly a man carrying another man’s appearance。
That was a teenager。
With a look of determination on the usual face,A hedgehog head looks somewhat messy temperament,Face slightly sweating,It seems just experienced vigorous exercise general。In his back,Retention is a long silver,Wearing gold-rimmed white monastic clothes girl。
Girl’s pale,Because of excessive bleeding lips and showing slight purple,If viewed from behind the words,A terrible scar is after the girl’s back,From time to time there is the slightest bright red oozing。
We went to a park,Gently put on the back of the girl put down,Let http://www.sasann.cn her sit on the bench,Himself a little break。
But in fact, carrying a maximum of fourteen year old girl come here,Not more than tiring,But,before this,Entitled when Ma teenager,And just a self-proclaimed magician red priest fought almost his own frame。
Think of this,The bar could not help but looked down at his right hand。
Only the usual,The different forces can not can not come in handy,Ordinary right hand。
“Fantasy killer”The bar could not help but whisper loudly,But when he saw the weak side when Yin pedicle wire,Suddenly recovered,I could not help but cursed himself a jerk。
at this time,How it still has room for the thoughts of their own right thing?
In front of Yin pedicle wire,Although the Qing force with the ability to lock the temperature of her body,Will not let her die because of the low body http://www.niqi3688.cn temperature,But the Qing Palace is not a doctor after all.,Under that condition,He can only use your own ability to help it.,However, there is no truly solving the problem of blood loss of girls.,I can’t treat the wound for her.。
“hateful”To this extent,The dormitory will come back.,and,Even if you return to the dormitory,I am afraid I can’t help this girl solve her problem.,Let the upper strip can’t help but bite his teeth。
“Looking for the Qing Palace to solve this problem.。”Under the context,Call a phone call,But after a few doodle winds,Showing the sound of the phone is not connected。
“What should I do?”By now,The upper strip will not help but have a feeling of a feeling.,In front of the girl wants to come without a school cityid,In this case,Even the hospital can’t go。
To this extent,I can only have a skeptical attitude toward this thing.。
“Your 1005,000 Magic Books,Is there a magic of wound?”Under the upper strip,Seriously looking at the green scorpion in front of the past,Whispered。
“Be numb”The girl in front of the face is barely open his eyes,Heard this sentence,Can’t help but earthquake。
“That’s it,So pleased you.,Kaya。”Qinggang put down the phone,I can’t help but sigh.。
In my own and cracked fire,Both people are almost aware of,Buddy。
Almost at the same time,The two do one thing together,That is to pay hard to gather the power of the collision。
A school city1eve1 5,Saints on a magical side,The two of them are not disturbing anyone.。
Cracked‘Seven flashes’After being blocked,Serious power is never small,‘Only the flash’The power doesn’t know‘Seven flashes’How much is strong?,Fortunately, the Qing Dynasty,Also don’t dare,‘Gaia’s power’Although power can be controlled,But in this matter, he does not dare to perfun things like it.,I have used it for a moment.,Although there is only such a short moment,Power is never small。This also makes this collision are particularly hot.。
nature,The control range has also become more difficult。
Palace‘Absolute field’One moment is the biggest,Forcibly put the explosion range to the square 100 meters,At the same time, crazy dispersion is gathered by ourselves.,And the crack is also taking a moment in an instant.‘Only the flash’Most of the power,What is it,This Mars hit the collision of the earth attracted most people in an instant.。
After the end of the collision,The first time to evacuate the scene in the first time,She can have no school city.id,Don’t want to be involved in trouble,And the Qing Palace doesn’t want to be asked.,See the cracked fire,Similar footprint,Award,Just the poor group of police presections,I ran several times in two places a night.。
After leaving here,The Qing Dynasty gave yourself in the first timeo1etSubordinate,Yun Sichuan,Let her use the smart resources,Help this matter as soon as possible,At the same time, try to investigate how these two magicians entered the urban city.,However, the latter basically does not have to say that the Qing Palace is also available.,The urban city, but the big camp,If there is no way that the one is,The two can’t come in。
“Even this is your calculation?”Looking at the dark,There is no doors and windows,Qingyan muttering,“Even the upper strips are your chess pieces?Maybe I am no exception.?”

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