February 28

Even if he started spiritual,Forced yourself,But there are still many things that can’t understand,Know it, but I don’t know how it is。

This is just the foundation。
Just like some refineries,If they have drilled them,Maybe you can reach the class of the third product。
But I want to progress again,It’s not the problem of hard work.,But http://www.tutechangdaogou.cn talent。
People often say that 90% efforts,Plus one percent talent。
But,One hundred percent talent,Is the weight of the middle。
There is no one percent of talents,Even if I work hard,Also unverified。
“Mom,I don’t believe it.。”
Summer heart,Great eye-catching beads,It is full of blood。
Isn’t it far field?。
Isn’t it talent?。
But he will refine。
Some fields have reached a certain height,It is connected to each other.。
and,He can also use a refiner to achieve some means of planting.。
I do not know how long it has been,He puts the jade income storage ring,Stand up,Ready to try to plant。
at this time,Look at the look,Lake your eyes disappearance。
……“aunt,what happened to you。”
Ningrong and Yafu have come360Outside the cave。
But Yafu is noticeable,Guntia Ningrong seems very nervous?
“nothing……”Ningrong smiled,Trend。
Come on the way,She is in charge with Yafu。
In order to avoid embarrassing and unnecessary trouble,She will pretend that I don’t know the truly war of summer.,Treat only with a disciple disciple。
But it is really coming,Still inevitably nervous。
I don’t know if I haven’t known it.。
You can know,Even if I pretend,The mentality will also be different。
Starily stronger……In fact,She hasn’t seen it yet.。
Speech,The http://www.zgcydh.cn two entered the hole,Yafu is proud of a face,“aunt,How do you see me??”
“good,really not bad。”
Ningrong is around,Heart is not here,“correct,Summer?”
“Humph,Aunt, you are perfunctory.。”
Yafu is dissatisfied,I didn’t continue to spoiler。
Immediately preparing to lick the connotation,Ready to call the summer。
But just at this time,It seems that it is generally generally,Appeared in the edge of Dongtian。
It is summer。
Ningrong immediately stunned。

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February 27

The bottom is very lost,Let her have some uncomfortable,So,Her heart was stealing by Han Yuxuan??

“Bad guy!”Blue Qiqi,Eat a pulp tofu。
Looking at shrimp,Her happy laughs,This is Roche Shrimp,Surrounding fishermen,Pink meat,Baked out especially delicious。
Blue Qiqi is born,Chu Fei Yang’s phone call。
“Why?”Lan Qiqi is very bad。
Chu Feiyang:“Bamboo,Kiki,How is a person’s tourist temper is so big?。Also,You come here,Why don’t you come to the farm??”
Blue Qiqi ate a shrimp,I ate a sip of the bacteria:“I am a good mood.。”
“Bamboo,I still don’t know you??I listen to your voice is not good.。”
http://www.zgwjjdgw.cn Guess by Chu Feiyang,Blue Qiqi feels that the mood is not good.。
“Are you in the farm??”
Chu Feiyang:“Not,I am in my mother.,Let me go home to eat,By the way, two younger brother。”
Lan Qiqi is unhappy:“You two yourself。”
Chu Feiyang:“But isn’t it??Being to the bar to go。”
Blue Qiqi:“Luke ink?”
“Right,Your three brothers are also flying.。 ”
“Stinky boy,Not good reading,Actually go to the bar,My dad?”
“嘿嘿……”Chu Fei Yang smiled and laughed,“舅 舅 is also here??Lu Shiko was learned to teach a meal.,Now hiding in the aunt’s arms crying nose??”
“Live!”Laqi laughs,“很,This time you can breathe my mother.。”
“But isn’t it??Auntny aunt,Don’t talk,Typical wife slave,嘿嘿……”Chu Fei couldn’t help but laugh,Suddenly I saw Lu Haoheng behind him
,He smiles a stiff,I hang up the phone quickly。
“Haha……Unhappy,Good http://www.bjyuansheng.cn evening!”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”
Blue Qiqi looked at Chu Feiyang suddenly hung,Don’t want to know what is。
She laughed,Continue to eat shrimp and clam。
She looked up at the night sky,Full day star,Extremely!
“Really beautiful!”Blue Qiqi opens a can of beer,Drink a bite ,Ice beer,I am very satisfied in my heart.。
She is still going back to the next year to go first.,Ease,Free,Why do you talk to your own bunch?!
More people,In fact, it is not easy.,I often read the years when I am inadmissible.,In fact, it is not a year but your own mentality.。
For so many years, I will rush for ideals.,She also understands a truth,Life will not usually be used to anyone,I want to be abandoned,Must come up with yourself。
“Hear!”Lan Wei sighed a breath,I don’t know why.,It comforts yourself so much,I am still very uncomfortable in my heart.。
After cutting all the dishes,Blue Qiqi is getting up with the residence,More than ten o’clock,I finally packed up.。
Looking at the night,Really don’t want to sleep,But it is so tired,She is used to sleep early。
Tired one day,She wants to sleep in bed.。

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February 26

On the night of June is very hot,Even the air is filled with a heat wave。

Lu Qiran looked at the front of the body,Shuzi, dust, dust,The heart of the heart is strong than ever。
He is gentle, the lips,That heart beating for my beloved,It turned out to be like this,It’s hot,very happy!He is the first place to come to the place.,And the partition wall is a completely different decoration style。
Her mother next door to live in all villas,Some retro decoration,子 舒,Fashionable,Light yellow wallpaper,Let the family look warm。
White European furniture,Unique style,Warm and overflow。
In the living room,Yan Zi Shuqi fell a cup of tea,Say:“You are here waiting here.,I went up to take the USB flash drive。”
“Thank you,Swallow。”
Lu Yuli smiled and sat down,Looking at her。
子 没有 没有,Turned to the top floor to take USB flash drive and album。
Children have a birthday,She will record video,Take photos with them to make commemorations。
Children’s growth cannot be copied,She is very interested in accompanying。
Lu Qiran looked at the things in the living room,Not far away, there are yoga mats,There is also a daughter’s head flower on the upper side.。
Snowflake on the sofa,Also put a few pack of different flavored potato chips。
Dad said,When he first encountered 屹,It’s because I eat the potato chili.。
Mom sent to him,I also saw the kid holding potato chips.,The appearance is cute。
Who is this?,Oh,He remembered,Mom,Mom loves to eat potato chips,When you are young, you will love it.,I have been very love to eat now.。
Dad will also often buy snacks to my mother.。
Looking at this now,He seems to understand what Dad said.,http://www.hjbyy.cnLove is not the mouth talking,But starting from a bit drop in life,Even a little thing,Can touch my beloved。
NS2253chapter Jumping with her2
Lu Yuli after thinking,Suddenly discovered,He grows up in happiness,Have more naive。
Childish mess,Some things don’t think about yourself,Don’t pay attention,Not observe,How can I see these details?。
He suddenly remembered a sentence,Everything is learned,Emphasic chapter!He lifted,I saw that the scorpion took a lot of albums.,Some tough,He gets up,Run past,“Swallow,I am coming。”
子 也 也 他 他 客,Give him a photo album,Because it is too heavy,She only took part.。
Lu Yuli hugged a few coffee in the living room,Look at the scorpion,The sound line is very gentle:“Swallow,Let’s take a look at the video first.。”
子 优 优,After a smart music, First play, the brothers and http://www.justadidas.cn sisters, the full moon video,Brothers and sisters sleep in the small bed,屹 大 大,Sweet, look at the eyes,Her eyes are very black,Great eye black and white,Hair is also very good,Looking at everything around you, I know very cute.。
Follow,Is a single year of children,It is a sound of two children to sing a birthday blessing song.,She sings and laughs,very happy。
Two children have been in the babysitter,False,Still can’t walk,I heard my mother’s happy voice smiles.,Happy laughter can melt his heart。
From one year old until six years old,子 都 records their growth。
Lu Qiran looked at the tears,Caravan unbelted tears,These birthdays,He missed it.,These growth,No, this father。
子 他 他 流 眼,I looked at him.。
“Swallow,Our son and daughter are really cute.,Can you copy a copy??
I want to see it.。”
He smirk,Sound http://www.enjoyear.com.cn line。
He didn’t want to be tears in the squatting,Very shameful,But see the daughter and my son.,He can’t help but,I can’t help but I can’t help it.。
子 默 默 点 点,Go to copy a copy。

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February 25


Zhouzhi serious suspicion,He is deliberate,I deliberately want you to sleep.。
And there may be revenge psychology,Because Zhouzhi is like this whole through him,Get him very uncomfortable。
Zhouzhi is not so strong,At least not as good as his curiosity。
It is not even as good as his。
So Zhouzhi quiet http://www.hrbguangri.cn lying on the bed,Neither session,Nor,Waiting only silently,Close your eyes at the same time,Slowly brew sleep。
If you can’t help you,Undoubtedly, he won。
If you have never said,It proves that this is only a deliberate prank.,When he arrived, he was afraid that he had been asleep.,So, he is a slightly better。
Time slowly。
Outside the living room wall hanging the creative watch,The sound is larger than ordinary clocks,Zhouzhi is very clear。
嗤嗤 嗤嗤,Some hypnotic。
Until his thinking has treated turbid,Maybe it’s going to be asleep.,The room also sounded——
“I know how they want to go。”
“Where is it??”Zhouzhi did not respond,The mind is still fascinating。
“Go to the alien。”
“Go out……understood。”
Zhouzhi suddenly realized,The mind is also awake,He didn’t have a thought to complain that his http://www.libaidi.cn seguortation was tortured.,But I turned over,go on“So what do you want to say is,You become the space of the space you get after you get,In fact, it is a technical verification of the world’s world.。”
“Some differences,But almost。”序 点 点,Expression of expression,“Like the mirror area,You see the mirror area,There will be more powerful than the mirror area.。”
“This way.……”Zhou is still confused。
“You still don’t remember,Before we go to the mirror,Teacher time,What about your sister to you?。”
“What words?”
“she says,Sometimes my sister is also selfish。”槐 一 一 不 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮,“You are strong,Minggong will die,So we also know many years.。”
“Is there anything wrong?”Zhou Zhi, more and more confused。
“You are afraid to understand the wrong。”
“Why do you say that?”
“I think this plan is the most likely realization.,It is simple,Also in line with demon character。Other is too difficult,Either too cruel。”槐 放 放 放,“The soil world is far from the far away.,Also re-root,This requires a lot of energy,Now there is no such energy in the world.。”
“The teacher has lived for more than two thousand years.,Even if he is weak,Also a huge energy body,These energy come from the human world,But he belongs to the hometown of the hometown。”序 sound is getting lower and lower,“After the demon will return to the source。”
“Such?”Zhou Zhihe,Stroudly shocked,Soon, he asked,“These are you thinking??”
“I am very smart.?”
“These are what I want to think.,I don’t know if they don’t think so.,But this program should be。”槐 叹 叹 口。
“This way.……”Zhou Wei muttered,But there is no longer sleeping。
“How did you make my little Ding??”

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February 24

Wang Youcai patted Tianwa on the shoulder and said:“Good job,I won’t treat you badly“Then he opened the door and jumped up。The two went back to the mountain talking and laughing。

They arrive,The sky has darkened,The workers just finished their dinner after get off work。Everyone sees Wang Youcai is back,He http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn immediately surrounded,Wang Youcai is not stingy,Take the snacks bought in the city,Distributed to everyone。Then carrying a bag,The crew sneaked into Liu Ying’s dormitory when they didn’t pay attention。
This is all lords,So Liu Ying lives alone,Liu Ying just finished working in the kitchen,Looking at a magazine,I didn’t expect Wang Youcai to sneak in。
Liu Ying surprised,She was vain and Wang Youcai said:“Everyone is watching!Don’t run to me in broad daylight,Seen by others,How sorry“
“What’s so embarrassing“Wang Youcai said,I threw the bag in my hand to Liu Ying。
Liu Ying opened the plastic bag and took a look,Can’t help but please。She said shyly:“You wait until everyone is asleep,I’ll give you a good pinch“
“Damn!no need,You should also sleep early!I’m too tired these two days“Wang Youcai finished,Opened the door and left。Liu Ying couldn’t http://www.changzhibao.cn help but stare。
Wang Youcai just returned to the room,Tian Wa followed in,He glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“boss!I have a suggestion,I wonder if you agree?“
“what’s up,You speak!“Wang Youcai said,Greet Tianwa to sit down。
Tian Wa lowered her voice and said:“boss,I found that we have been targeted in the city,But if I was the only one,I am afraid…“Tian Wa talked but stopped here。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Just say what you have,Who are we“
“I mean,When you go to the city,At least two bodyguards who can fight,Like today,If I don’t make a move,Without frightening anyone,They work together,I really can’t beat,If there is another one who can fight like me,Then we are not the odds of winning“Tian Wa analyzes today’s affairs,Just didn’t say a solution to the problem。
Wang Youcai thought about it,I couldn’t help but nodded and said:“What you said does make sense,But who in the mine,Really few can fight“
“I have a comrade in arms,Like me,If you call him over,Our team is much better“Tian Wa smiled and said to Wang Youcai。
After Wang Youcai heard what Tian Wa said,,I couldn’t help but frowned,This one more person,But one more expense,But since he and Gao Wei are stiff,He can’t help but guard against this person。

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February 23

Although the final German Cup finalFMVP,Gave itrookie。But I really have seen the game.BO5People will understand,Liu Qingsong’s play is notrookieDifference。

Inversely the palace clear text,existIGBeginning to try new tactics,Temporarily became the victim of the team。
Liu Qingcong’s high strength,Bringing is a disadvantage on the online palace。
but,Palace clear in this case,Still not let your development,Fall behind each otherADC。
http://www.szsamscn.cn In the middle of the group battle,Palace Qingwen also rely with himself,It can be calculated that the development of cold acid。
It is absolutely more than the expected output proportion to everyone.,Can say these four games,Miyan Qing Wen is perfect for what is called to eat grass milking typeADC。
After these four games,The evaluation of the palace clear in most people,It is once again rose a grade。
after all……Can hit the wind and windADCCountless。
but,Can it be too good to develop,I should have a good development of one.ADCIn order to beat the injury accounting。
This……It is not generally mediocreADCBe able to do it.。
“That is not afraid that you will sleep, I am afraid of ghosts.,Did I come back??”
Palace Qingwen with some laughter,Open your own computer,Looking at Liu Qingong said while smiling。
http://www.zqzhongxin.cn “roll!”
Liu Qingong old face,This is the first few days of moral cup victory,IGAfter the celebration process,Inspirated in the cinema。
IGEveryone is at the end of the celebration,Some is still unpredictable。After the cinema,ngJustice to watch a horror movie。
Most people have no opinions,Palace Qingwen usually is an atheist,Naturally, it will not be too afraid of these things.。
but……The Palace Qingwen did not expect it.,At that time, I was cold and handsome.,Liu Qingsong, did not say in a sentence。
After the movie is open,Can be afraid of that。
Basically, it is a horrible point,Liu Qingsong took some screamed roar,Will start in the cinema。
Be called the last,Even the children of the front seat can’t help but turn back frequently.,Then I laughed with my eyes continuously in Liu Qingong.。
In fact, the http://www.caipiaoer.cn palace Qing Wen does not understand,Why Liu Qingong can be afraid of。
In his opinion,That day the movie,Is a small cost domestic horror movie,There is nothing to make people feel horrible.。
even……Palace Qingwen still feels some kind of naive funny laughter。
But it is not,Liu Qingsong, he is afraid.。
“Oh My God……Not ready。”
Liu Qingcong clear clear,His frosty voice is then loud。
“otherwise,How can I be afraid of that?。”
Say,He also snorted some,Like the disdain of the movie。
The sound of the palace clear,Along with his question,There is also a buzzard of the keyboard.。
That is the sound of his hanbok client in the League of Legends.。
Liu Qingcong hit him,“Otherwise?Do you think I will be afraid that??”
The palace clear is not insecured,Then he opened a web page again.。The content appears on the web page,Is a live debug screen。
Combat to half,Palace Qingwen has not yet started,What did he suddenly think of。
A palm,The palace clearing is a little exciting to see Liu Qingsong。
“correct!I have just had a horror movie that I want to see recently.,But the movie heard that the super scary,I am, no one is with me.。”
“Since you are not afraid of,Let us……”
I haven’t finished it yet.,Liu Qingsong’s palm has already raised the front of the palace.。
“Calculate……never mind。”Palace clear text seems to hear the sound of the throat water。

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February 22

Among them, the fire is the most。

The fire is in the sanctuary,The crowd celebrated in the mountains,Nothing to count the fire system。
Although Xia Zizhu is only one thousand,Can look into the fire,It is absolutely a very eye-catching record.。
At this moment, she was surrounded by http://www.xiyueshan.cn many disciples.,Other Taoist disciples,Continuously talking。
This allows139The disciples of the Taoizhi are proud.,I am very envious。
Especially Tang Bing and Wang Temple,They were originally139Taoism,It is both friends with Xiaoqingzhu.,Competitor。
But this time,Three people have a huge gap each other。
Regardless of the gap in the status,Still future resource tilt gap。
“Wang Dynasty,This time you are defeated.。”Tang Bing deliberately ridicule,“After all, I was not as good as the sister.,And Masters is our women’s repair,You will be different.,We give us139Taoist male repair face。”
Wang Temple turned a white eye,“How to lose your face,Summer present chief,Who can be better than。”
“Don’t take a summer,Summer is the pride of all our people,Not only represents men。”
Wang Dian’s mouth,Flourish,“Next Shenzhu http://www.jzdjzx.cn list,I must enter the first 100!”
“Ha ha。”
Tang Shijiao laughs,看 向 向,“You see those seniors come out.,Why haven’t I see the summer??”
“I didn’t see it.。”
Wang Temple also turned around four。
not far away,Xue Jiu Tian、Not、Hongcheng and others around,The strictty of being surrounded by a group of enthusiasm,No lively。
It’s not affected by the top 20.,But he left a deep impression on everyone.。
Xue nine will not say it.,From the beginning of the four thousand years, the fire leader,This time is the first twenty of guns.。
At this moment, his brilliance does not have.,Unshum。
But no matter what Xue is still not,Some people are not here at this moment.。
They are also curious,This feast did not see the summer。
To know,This is the three elders’ Wuting River personality appeared above the event,Tongle http://www.shenghuizhipin.cn with fire trim。
Summer is obsessive。
Three elders sitting,Hand in hand with a delicate glass,Thirty elders next to it。
The whole celebration will have a lot of summer this protagonist,Although the disciples are equally happy,The atmosphere is not very strong。
And many people are looking forward to what。
“It should be coming soon.。”
Thirty old old face is quirky,“I have already contacted the summer.,he is currently139Tao Palace clears。”
Three elders old Wuting River eyebrows。
“right,It should be to have the battle with Lin Feng。”
Thirty long old red light,“It is a big talent.,Each battle can precipitate,And turn into your own things,in those days,I also came over.……”
Three elders old Wuting River gently,“His potential is very large……”
Not finished,Look up。
I only see a body shape from the air.。
It is summer。

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February 21


“Still not to forage,Then let me save her grandfather,I am not stupid。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
“People, I will save it.,But there is no other thing.,You happen to her back。”lt;/Pgt;
“If Alang is like,The old slave is planning to return to Yangfu tomorrow.,Will not continue to stay here,In the future, I will be implicated by Alang http://www.yrxuhn.cn when I am in a big disaster.。”lt;/Pgt;
I have always been a smile,At this moment, it is serious as a harsh parent.!lt;/Pgt;
NS196chapter World’s cruel and cold style
“Alang,Last time you didn’t touch Lu,I thought two sentences.,But afterwards, you prove that you are right.,Yong’an Wang is a gentleman。lt;/Pgt;
But this time is too big.,If you don’t,The trouble of Alang will only be more and more,So, in any case, please have a few words this time.。”lt;/Pgt;
Seeing that there is nothing to do so solemnly.,Gao Bao:“Please also enlighten me。”lt;/Pgt;
“Alang, I asked you.,If Lu Jiayu is sincerely request,Calling a person to see,Isn’t it a good thing for both sides??”lt;/Pgt;
Fu Boji sees blood to point out the weird。lt;/Pgt;
This year,Where is the diamond of the girl directly run the truth!lt;/Pgt;
Even Li Tan knows blind date, a woman?!lt;/Pgt;
Gao Boyi has to nod,He is not http://www.skinami.cn stupid,I will understand the meaning of it slightly.。lt;/Pgt;
“Then you know why I let her enter the government.,I don’t hurry until now.?”lt;/Pgt;
Fu Bo continues to ask。lt;/Pgt;
“Please enlighten me。”lt;/Pgt;
“Because if you refuse,Lu Jiayu may promote you outside of you outside.,Not willing to be innocent,She throws her face to seek love,You are not willing to see you.。lt;/Pgt;

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February 20

This time,Surprised Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin with their mouths open。I saw Wang Youcai wearing a woolen hat on his head,The upper body is wearing a brand new windbreaker,Loose jeans,How does he look like he just came out of prison,A complete picture of a successful person coming home。

Or Wang http://www.fuekang.cn Degui’s quick response,He suddenly sat up,Asked surprised:“Which one are you singing?,Don’t you have money to come out next year??How come…“
“dad!Where is the noodles too cold,Wait until next year you will collect my body!2nd brother is looking for someone to help,Got me out“Wang Youcai said,I’m a little unaccustomed to tear off the hat on my head,Showing his bald head like a monk。
Wang Youfa glanced at Wang Degui who was in a daze,Hehe smiled and said:“dad!This time our brothers can be awesome,I pay,The second drag guy got the third brother out,But the ugly talk comes to the front,I didn’t give this money for nothing,Is borrowed,When I get married, my third brother wants a lot of money back to me“
When Wang Degui saw Wang Youfa, he started to settle accounts again,He couldn’t help but shouted angrily:“Got it!Have money to come out,It’s all because of you two being brothers,As for the money I owe you,It must be paid back,Just can’t keep talking about it“
“Just,As if others didn’t know“Wang Youcai muttered a little disdainfully,So I sat on the edge of the kang。
The excited Chen Yueqin smiled:“I’ll be fine when I come back,You are all mom’s good sons,Mom, I’ll cook for you,What you want to eat?You have something!“
“Damn!Don’t be busy,Everyone has eaten in the city,You should sit down!“Wang Youcai seated Chen Yueqin on the kang。
Wang Youdao, who has not spoken all the time, coughed and said:“Rich!Listen http://www.ffsos.cn to me,Come out this time,I can’t do anything illegal,This one but was locked in,I can’t get you anymore。Xiping Village,For our old Wang family,But a great opportunity,You gotta catch“
Wang Youcai clutching his scalp,Asked a little puzzled:“Any good chance?“
“Xia Jian missed and killed someone,Now chased by the police,Run away,I can’t come back for three to five years,So you have to find a way to squeeze into the cooperative,Do you understand what i said?“Wang Youdao lowered his voice and asked。
Wang Youcai nodded,Speaking faintly:“Second brother,Brother i understand,You are optimistic“
“Ha ha!This is really Feng Shui turns,Thirty Years of Hedong,Hexi for thirty years,This time it seems to be transferred to our old Wang’s house。As long as the time is right,Seized the opportunity,We still have the final say in Xiping Village“That’s it http://www.lampdrive.cn for Wang Degui,Bright eyes,It seems that he is back when he was the village head.。
The family lowered their voices,Whispered for a while,Because Wang Youdao has to go back to Pingdu,Of course, you have to send it,So the two brothers left first。
Chen Yueqin looked at Wang Youcai who was riding on the kang along the car,Said distressed son:“Rich,Sit back,Kang hot behind。Let mom take a good look at you“
“Damn!I’m not like this,No lack of arms and legs,What’s so good,You two elders sit first,I go for a walk“Wang Youcai said,Turn around and leave。

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February 19

In the eyes of maid,This can be especially abnormal。

Advisor,It is using dinner,He is looking for this, look for it.。Take a walk,But I saw the girl’s soul.,Face『color』Slightly worry。
Advisor is not a good,Ask:
“what happened?”
Maids come back to God,Hesitated,Still all said。
Consultant Yuanjing,Look at the 枝 房,eye『color』deeply。

Yan Zhi experienced a holiday in the afternoon,All screened by tops,Waiting to confirm the plan,I will fall in a place.。
She climbed two laps in bed.,Preparing for cleaning,I suddenly flashed in front of you,Is something that is folded『shoot』and。
枝 定 睛,Awaken:
How did this ring??
……When she dreams, I will rob it.?
NS152chapter Chapter 152, you answer me a question.……
——Said that she may be reasonable reasonable in her dreams.。
Or I have lost a memory when she fell asleep., Otherwise, how can you have a good day before they are not happy?,Directly jumped to her to get this ring??
Must be like this。
Yan Zhi felt that he spokes to the phase,She is stationary, Sparely get up, Open the door calibration, Then……Consultant who is planning to knock on the door。
The two sides have fallen into an inexplicable http://www.yundingyingshi.cn silence.。
This pair has never been continued for seven seconds。
竹 认 为 为 自己 自己 记 记 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬,She is self-righteous:“You came。”
Consultant Yuan’s intuition, she is a bit abnormal,Also say that it is not true?,So he was slightly cautious.,Steady,“Yes,I am coming。”
This conversation is very martial arts。
Yan Zhi also nodded in calmly, Silently suck the mouth, She fruit:“Say you may not believe,I am probably a memory.。How many things happened this day?,Say, I have to live。”
枝 神 态 大 大。
Consultant Yuan Seminless,Looking at the sight, Consider:“Where did you start unregistered??”
枝 语 气:“From our unhappy, I slept., I don’t remember the things.。”
Branch is still worried in an intention。
Advanced from the quotation of http://www.wtxwifi.cn the hand。
Branch shrinks and shoulders,The touch of the pinch tip is still in the brain, She is not self:“What are you doing?”

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