March 2

Summer 甩手 手,I will give birth to him.,The whole person turns three hundred and sixty degrees.,Can’t find the northwest of southeast。

People in the field still have no sound,I only glanced at Zhang Haotian, a butt fell to the ground.。
Zhang Haotian was completely smashed by this ear.。
Five finger prints appear in the face of the naked eye,It has become red and swollen in an instant。
He is the southwest,Future heir,He once received this。
“you you you!!”
He stood up,Sound is shaking,The body is also trembling,I don’t know if it is anger or fear.,Mas crazy, pointed to the summer roar。
“You dare to hit me?”
“You calculate a fart!”
Summer first step,It’s another slap in the face.。 Clamor。
Until this time,In the big hall,People react,Suddenly。
And the gold proud of the original,Life stopped。
His face on his face,I can’t say ugly and bitterness。
Previously Zhang Haotian Chasing,He didn’t stop it before,If it is now……That is completely annoying and guilty.。
In fact, Jin You Rong is very clear.,Summer premium,It is waiting for him to play the round field.。
After all, it is his engagement ceremony.,To give him a face of this master。
However,Still late。
Think here,He slightly turned,Not margin,I deeply looked at Bai Shasha next to it.。
Bai Shasha is as if not noted,Like a stupid,Look forward to the front。
But just in Jin Airong recovered a moment,White Salsa flashed a different。
She quickly looks to the right side。
There are the main position there,Sitting is a white family。
When they were several people, they found the eyes of Bai Shasha.,Eyeness means deep。
Naturally, it will not take the head of Zhang Haotian。
Perhaps……I will use it later,Make a block。
“what……I am fighting with you.。”
Zhang Haotian called jumping up,It seems to be a big wrinkle,Summit。
In the summer, I am in his stomach.,Sudden figure,Backward,One ass sitting on the ground。
This time,He learned。
Hand hold the ground,And wrist to break the blood of the corner of the mouth。
Immediately face,Point on summer with hand,“good,It is a Wushen,I am thinking today,We are walking!”
Say,He turned and wanted to go。

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March 1

“correct,Is the Qing Dynasty never come back??”What is the same?,Hurriedly asked,“I don’t see it every day.?”

“Yes。”Xiaomei teacher’s face with a worry,“I haven’t seen him from today.。”
Broad eyebrow。
(This chapter is over)
NS417chapter Partition
Ninth school district。
“You can go back to do your job.☆~~~”The beekeeper and the truck driver who came to her and Meiqin came here.,Gently press the button of the remote control,The driver driving the driver suddenly flashed a pair of bright crystal stars,Nodded,Turn around。
“Uh”Looking at the flashing star in the eyes,Meiqin is a cold in the heart,I can’t help but look at the bee,“Do you control people’s ways to be so strange??”
“Not countless。”The bee is unhappy with the remote control,Like laughing, watching the native piano,“I have a lot of classification.,Do not have a remote control, but not completely distinguish?!”
“I am not talking about this.”Meiqin is quite unable to sway,“never mind,This is where we have to go.?”
“That’s right.,”The bee bee also recovered the sweet voice of the previous and Meiqin.,“The guard here has been all invincible by me.,If you don’t hinder me?,I can wait for me here.!”
“joke!”Meiqin snorted,“Like this kind of interest,Hero hit guy”
“I will come now.!”
The two opposite a look,Each gently judge,But still rushed into the back door of the conference.。
Absolute ability to run,But there is no more words in my mind.,Is there a realm of general development capabilities??
Even if one party must kill 20,000 self-copy people,Name the most potential‘evolution’The Qing Dynasty to this level is also trapped at this time.level 5Be unable to enter
Is this the purpose of Muyuan Magic??Meiqin brow down the consciousness of the consciousness。
But,If he really has something to do,This sacrifice will definitely exceed the last time。Meiqin secrets teeth,If it is true
This city’s essence,Could it really
Think of this,Meiqin feels a sadness。
Although I have known as one of the top of the school city,But why feel so weak in this matter??
and,Although Meiqin doesn’t want to mention,But she had to admit it.,Aspects of planning and even calculating,I am not a grade of myself.,And even the bee is going to join hands with the Qing Palace this time.,Imagination,How big is the thing happening this time??
Eh,Waiting for Meccheng running,Suddenly stunned,What did you think of。
Meiqin,Astonishing discovery,At this time, I actually empty one after my body.。
Bee bee——
I don’t know when I disappeared.!
Gone!Meiqin’s pupil is shrinking,The brain suddenly turned quickly.。
Until now,I have not gone through a road.,The only road that meets is still in front of themselves。Meiqin brows,Recall all the details from the back door into the venue,What to say,I don’t quite disappear.,So to say
Be considered!Meiqin’s face is hard to see。
so,I said so much before,Are you taking me hook??Meiqin hated a teeth,That is treacherous!
but,Meiqin is quiet,The eyes are restored,Since I have decided to do it.,Then?
The determination in my mind has not finished,The face of Meiqin suddenly suddenly,Because she heard,I have reached a heavy footsteps behind him.,And the familiar wheezing。
Over ten seconds,The figure of the bee bee reappears in the sight of the metano,And when you see the state of the fever,The weird color on the face of the United States is more concentrated.。
“Haha, I,I am not saying”After the bee bees to see the Meiqin,Relax at once,The whole person is almost tired of,Unable to bend waist,The big mouth of the big mouth,“Give it to me??Have you not heard??”
Meiqin,Face, speechless, is crazy and breathing in front of themselves,Face is quirky。
If you record this piece of things,I will definitely get a lot of fans in the urban city.?I suddenly emerged a strange idea in the Meiqin’s sea.,And this idea is letting her hands are ready to move in their pockets.。
“Don’t give me self-excitement.”The bee did not pay attention to the small action of Meiqin,Still breathing in the big mouth,The voice of the sound makes the native piano can’t help the mouth slight。
“Since I take you,I have given me a good speed.?”A while,The bee stopped to stop,I turned a white eye against the Meiqin,“Don’t sprint me.”

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