November 30

Different water temperature effects, bathing should also pay attention to

Different water temperature effects, bathing should also pay attention to

Everyone’s habits are different, so the temperature of the bath also has personal preferences, but do you know that showering with different temperatures will have different effects on the human body?

Does the physical body of a powerful person have some influence?

Let’s read the following article!

  Bodybuilding strong cold water bath cold water bath means using 10?
Bathing in cold water between 20 °C can promote skin metabolism and enhance skin nutrition.

People who have been in the cold water bath for a long time, the skin is tender, rosy, elastic, showing the beauty of health.

  In the cold water bath, the blood vessels are about to push a large amount of blood into the visceral blood vessels. After a little stop, the blood vessels of the skin are re-expanded, and a large amount of blood flows from the visceral blood vessels to the body surface. This shrinks the blood vessels and enhances the elasticity of the blood vessels.Helps prevent hardening of the arteries.

In addition, the cold water bath can also enhance the function of the respiratory organs and digestive organs, and play an active role in preventing the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infections, rheumatism, and arthritis.

  The temperature of the calming hot bath hot water bath is 38?
Between 40 ° C, it can cause blood vessels to dilate, promote blood circulation, avoid muscle spasm, and have a calming effect.

Insomniacs take a hot bath before going to bed, which helps sleep and reduces itching.

The hot water bath can remove dirt on the skin, make the pores and sweat glands clear, improve the skin’s metabolic capacity and disease resistance.

  Experiments have shown that typhoid bacillus is planted on clean skin and slightly dirty skin, and samples are taken after 10 minutes. The bacteria on the cleaned skin have died, and the bacteria on the dirty skin still exist.

In medicine, hot water baths can be used to treat chronic arthritis, fracture healing and other chronic conditions.

  Jianfei callus warm water bath warm water bath refers to the bath between the cold water bath and the hot water bath, the water temperature is about 34 °C.

The normal person’s body temperature is 36.

5 ° C?
At 37 ° C, the skin temperature is at 32 ° C?
Between 33 ° C.

The warm water at 34 °C is slightly higher than the skin temperature, but it is lower than the body temperature. The hand touch is a little warm. After soaking in, the body temperature will not change, it will not feel cold, and it will not feel hot.

  If you want a spa effect, but don’t want to be as irritating as a cold bath or a hot bath, you can choose warm water therapy.

It may be a patient with poor heart and lung function. A patient with a burn should choose a warm bath.

  The hot and cold alternating bath of the body and the body is from the hot water bath. The temperature of the hot water is about 38 °C?
Between 44 ° C, the washing time is about 4?
6 minutes; then take a cold water bath, the warm water of cold water is 10?
Between 16 ° C, time is about 1?
2 minutes, the last is still a hot bath.

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November 29

Walking is the best way to stay healthy

Walking is the best way to stay healthy

Experts pointed out that “moving is beneficial, moving more and better”, and walking is the best way to stay healthy.


hzh {display: none; }  北京大学公共卫生学院李可基教授说,一些慢性疾病与不健康的饮食习惯、久坐少动的不健康生活方式密切相关。He said that for the public to think that “moving is beneficial, moving more and better”, walking is the best way to stay healthy, and is currently very popular internationally.

  If Chinese want to move, they must change their unhealthy lifestyle.

Feng Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, said: “The General Administration of Sports hopes that every ordinary person can establish a healthy lifestyle and regard physical exercise as part of life. I hope that everyone can establish a daily and long-term fitness and volunteer service habit.Ultimately improve their physical fitness.

“The famous American health expert Blair recently said in Beijing that “obesity is the result of obesity exercise. Many people blame obesity on sweets or certain foods. One thing is not good or bad. The key is to exercise through exercise.”Excess energy is consumed in time to achieve a balanced balance.

People who are overweight, obese, or within normal weight range need to stay healthy through exercise, not just overweight people who need to exercise.

A quick walk of 30 minutes a day is the best way to stay healthy.

“The launch of the “National Fitness Day” is to enable the public to enhance their fitness awareness and eventually develop a good habit of daily fitness.

It is easy to move once a year, but it is difficult to move every day.

In fact, every day, to participate in broadcast gymnastics, take a few more roads, take less elevators, as long as long-term adherence, are good for health.

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November 28

Acupuncture weight loss is not particularly painful!

Acupuncture weight loss is not particularly painful!

For the pure external force and wound-free weight loss method of Chinese medicine massage, another kind of acupuncture method of Chinese medicine weight loss causes small wounds, but the embedding method is especially sought after by young and middle-aged people.

Miss Wang is knowing from the Internet that too many girls of her age are trying a Chinese medicine diet called “embedding method”.

What line is buried?

How to bury?

Is it effective?

Miss Wang is full of doubts.

After browsing a lot of medical websites, she learned that the “buried line method” is only an extension of the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture method. The basic principle is acupuncture, but everyone is too busy to report to the doctor on the day, so the acupuncture effect is extended by this method.It is.

When I spent 100 yuan in a row, Ms. Wang went to the Chinese medicine hospital to give her acupuncture once every time, and then buried the line, 162cm height, the original 68kg weight of Miss Wang, after acupuncture five times, found that she lost two pounds.

  Acupuncture weight loss fundamentally regulates the entry and exit of food.

Through acupuncture and meridian stimulation, the appetite is gradually lowered, the digestion and absorption become better, and the body metabolism is smoother.

When you eat less and detoxify, the fat will naturally decrease.

It is fundamentally a cure, and it is an adjustment to the state of the body’s imbalance.

  Dr. Lin Guohua, acupuncture and moxibustion department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University, said that obesity is still an imbalance. It is a disorder of yin and yang and visceral function. Through these small silver needles used for acupuncture treatment, the spleen and stomach are mainly selected.Stimulation, the common appetite of diabetic patients, the consumption is less, the symptoms such as poor excretion are improved, and the function of regulating the disordered organs is achieved.

After acupuncture treatment, most people can effectively improve the original improvement of appetite, and the metabolic function and mental state have improved.

  Dr. Pan Wenyu from the hospital said that the acupoint embedding weight loss is buried in the corresponding acupoints with special protein lines, so that it replaces the acupuncture therapy with small silver needles to stimulate the acupoints, and then the protein lines will be liquefied, dissolved and absorbed by the body.It is only necessary to refill the line, which can reduce the number of hospital visits and save time.

Want a more effective acupuncture weight loss, acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, embedding, needle placement, acupoint injection, acupoint bloodletting and other acupuncture methods have to be combined flexibly, sometimes with cupping, remove the body’s moisture, dredge meridians.

  Acupuncture is suitable for people with weight loss.

Most people who are soft blocks, as well as soft blocks.

  Compared with hard micro-blocks, acupuncture weight loss is more suitable for reducing soft micro-blocks.

Aunt’s soft and hard, can be recognized through touch.

Doctors believe that hard micro-blocks are mostly formed from small, that is, the number of micro-cells is large, and simple acupuncture weight loss can not reduce the number of micro-cells, so acupuncture weight loss has little effect on such micro-blocks.

The soft sputum block is a large volume of each adult cell, and the acupuncture weight loss effect is good and fast.


Systemic obesity and local obesity in diabetes.

  Because the abdomen is the spleen through the stomach and stomach, thereby regulating the main acupuncture weight loss method, the weight loss effect on the abdomen is the most significant.


Simple obesity.

  Obesity generally has simple obesity and secondary obesity.

Simple obesity is an excessive increase caused by excessive supplementation of too much metabolism. It can be treated by acupuncture to lose weight.

Secondary obesity is obesity caused by certain diseases. It is ineffective or short-acting to lose weight through simple acupuncture. It can only be treated by treating the disease itself, and blocking too many sources can really lose weight.

  Acupuncture weight loss contraindications: bleeding constitution, blood disease patients, coagulation mechanism problems.

  Because acupuncture weight loss has a silver needle directly tied to the subcutaneous stimulation point, although the needle eye is small, but it can also cause damage to some people with blood clotting disorders. Therefore, doctors recommend that these patients do not perform any acupuncture treatment.

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November 27

Ordinary health care methods still make you live longer

Ordinary health care methods still make you live longer

Professor Qi said that in addition to ensuring nutrition in daily life, people should also pay attention to the health effects of food and the effect of preventing diseases.

At present, the diseases that cause unnatural death in China mainly include cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Therefore, choosing anti-cancer and lipid-lowering food is the key to longevity.

  According to the World Health Organization, only 15% of healthy people are now, and the rest are unhealthy or sub-healthy.

Professor Qi Boli said that a healthy body should have three starting points, namely, balanced diet, aerobic exercise and mental state.

  Because of the lack of health knowledge, there are often behaviors that are detrimental to health in life.

For example, many people like to turn on a variety of appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, and microwave ovens at the same time, “eat radiation.”

Another source of radiation is the computer. Professor Qi said that a pregnant woman in Beijing has been working in front of the computer for a long time. As a result, the child was born with a tail.

  In addition, most of the elderly like morning exercise, and some carry out gravity exercises such as long-distance running in the early morning. In fact, the pollution is most serious from 6 to 9 am, and the elderly have high blood pressure in the morning, and exercise is very unfavorable to the body.

The best exercise should be changed in the afternoon, or even morning exercise. You should also find a place with a better air, doing exercises, and playing Tai Chi.

  Diet therapy is better than medicine. Nowadays, many young people have a special liking for foreign fast food.

In fact, due to the high content and high content of these foods, it is actually a junk food.

There are still some people who use drugs every day, and the result is that the more they eat, the worse they spend.

  Professor Qi said that paying attention to a reasonable diet can guarantee basic health and not much money. In one sentence: diet is better than medicine.

  Professor Qi suggested that everyone eat more old corn. In the United States, old corn is called “the pearl of the crown.”

Because old corn contains lecithin, linoleic acid and other ingredients, it can avoid high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  In addition to old corn, buckwheat, potato, oatmeal, millet, you should always eat.

Nowadays, many countries in the world talk about the combination of coarse and fine grain, America, Europe, Africa and Japan, developing countries such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou have begun to drink corn.

Professor Qi said that the best food pyramid in Asia is cereals, beans and vegetables.

In cereals, in addition to old corn, there are also buckwheat, which can have coronary heart disease, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar; oatmeal, which can lower blood sugar, is a good food for weight loss; potato, which is called “second bread” by Europeans and Americans, can accelerateToxic emissions, prevent arteriosclerosis and diabetes; millet, has a hypnotic effect.

Vegetables, mainly carrots, pumpkins, bitter gourds, black fungus, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Taking carrots as an example, Americans believe that carrots are good for growing vegetables, raising long hair, raising skin, eating carrots or drinking carrot juice, and reducing the incidence by 40%.

  The most suitable for the soy milk census found that the Chinese people lack quality protein.

Professor Qi gave an interesting example: in sports, our small ball is old and the big ball is victorious.


There was a kick on the court.

Chinese people lack quality protein, how to make up?

The Ministry of Health has proposed the “Soybean Action Plan”, where 25 grams of soy protein equals 50 grams of lean meat, equal to 300 to 400 grams of eggs, equal to 400 grams of rice.

  In addition, there are five kinds of anticancer substances in soy milk, among which isoflavones are specially used to prevent diabetes, rectal cancer and colon cancer.

So for us yellow people, the most suitable is soy milk.

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November 26

Playing health football?

Captain of the National Football Team: I have nothing to do for the country.

Playing health football?
Captain of the National Football Team: I have nothing to do for the country.

In the 23rd round of the Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande reversal Jiangsu Suning with a score of 3-2 in the away game. In this game, Evergrande Zhongwei Feng Wei performed well in the offensive and defensive segment, and even staged a 80-meter attack at the stoppage

After the game, the national team captain and Evergrande defender Feng Wei’s paragraph was finally updated.

The theme in this issue is: Today, I will tell you to myself, “The Voice of a Chinese Professional Player”, Feng Xiao said that he had cleared Weibo’s brother Huang Bowen yesterday due to cyber violence, and revealed that there were multiple files after the Tucao Conference.The program was highly paid, but the goal was not to be an entertainer, and all of them refused.

As the Evergrande Zhongwei’s Feng Wei, this season is the hardest first season of his career. He used to be the tough guy in the National Football Championships 12 because he was in the second session of the China Cup.
Since then, Feng Wei has been labeled as a walking emperor, which is the most depressing performance.

From the China Cup at the beginning of this year to the warm-up match of the national football team in West Asia in the previous period, Feng Wei was controversial. The outside world has always been dissatisfied with his attitude of “working hard”. For such controversy, the national team captain has never blamed himself.I have done this. “I want to really play health football. I can stand at the forefront of the restricted area. I can’t go back to the defense. But it is not me, and if I play for the national team, I will go all out, so I have no worries.”.

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November 24

After the meal, do this after exercise, the damage is 10 times bigger than usual!

After the meal, do this after exercise, the damage is 10 times bigger than usual!

For the smoker who can’t do without cigarettes, the taste of smoking is equivalent to depriving him of his life.

Reducing the harm of cigarettes to the body is the first step in smoking.

Correct the two error areas below.

A cigarette after a meal, played a living fairy?

After the party was full of satiated food, common friends greeted each other with smoke, swallowed clouds, and talked loudly.

As everyone knows, smoking immediately after a meal is harmful to human health.

After eating, the digestive system is immediately activated, and various physiological activities such as digestion and absorption are carried out.

At this point, the body’s renal peristalsis is fully restored, blood circulation is also accelerated; the body’s pores are also open, emitting excess heat and biological breathing that tightens the tissue cells.

At this time of smoking, the lungs and body tissues absorb the smoke greatly, the harmful substances in the smoke have a great stimulating effect on the breathing and digestive tract; other alkaloids will also increase into the human body, possiblyGive the body tissue extra damage than usual smoking.

Experiments have shown that a cigarette after a meal is more poisonous than the usual smoke of ten cigarettes.

Therefore, the harm of smoking after a meal is very large.

Those who have not quit smoking at the moment should at least overcome the habit of smoking after meals.

Smoking after exercise is conducive to restoring physical strength?

Take the very popular badminton sport as an example. During the break period, there are many men who smoke a cigarette.

Many people did not expect that smoking immediately after exercise would be more harmful.

After exercise, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, and various organs in the body are in a high level of work. At this time, smoking and a large amount of smoke enter the body, which will be less satisfied by the body after exercise, and more susceptible to carbon monoxide, nicotine and the like.Hazard.

In addition, there is a common name for smoking after exercise, called “burning lungs.”

This kind of behavior was supposed to be allowed in the war – called in the war years, smoking after the battle, is to stimulate the lungs and brain, so that it can return to normal or re-energize.

However, the movement is different.

Human movement is to get the state after exercise. This “fatigue” state needs to be restored by its own system. After a long time, the body system accepts and adapts. This is exercise.

So don’t overcome smoking to drive out fatigue.

Why do people want to smoke after the first exercise and stimulation?

This is because the human body hopes to return to normal or hyperactive state. If this is not caused by exercise or even smoking, it is quite ironic!

If you have a cigarette addiction, please wait for your breathing and heartbeat to reach the usual level.

Related recommendations: Tomatoes, can delay smoking and age-related decline in lung function. The number of smokers in China has exceeded 300 million. Are they not afraid of lung cancer?

Seven foods that help smokers raise their lungs

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