January 31

[The practice of traditional slow beef stew]_ The traditional practice of traditional slow beef stew _ The practice of traditional slow beef stew _ How to make traditional slow beef stew

[The practice of traditional slow beef stew]_ The traditional practice of traditional slow beef stew _ The practice of traditional slow beef stew _ How to make traditional slow beef stew

Friends are full of friends, and in the process of becoming friends, it is necessary to be a guest at home.

If you do n’t have a special dish to get your hands out, it ‘s really “shameful”.

Of course, you don’t need to worry, because today I will teach you all the skills if you want to make a traditional slow beef stew.


Ingredient list 😕

Tendons meat?



Red onion?

Freshly ground black pepper?

Dry red wine?

Fragrant leaves?


Red chili powder?



olive oil?

Lee Parrín simmering sauce Worcestershire sauce?

Old pump?


Sugar 2.

Put olive oil in the pot, fry the fragrant peppercorns and garlic cloves, take the peppercorns, and spare the garlic cloves.


Sauté fragrant onions until caramelized.


Stir in beef cubes until slightly caramelized.


Deglazing with dry red wine, broth and various seasonings, 1/4 of carrots and potatoes.

You can choose to cook in the oven at 120 degrees, and cook slowly on a low heat, or cook slowly on a small stove until the meat tends to bounce about 2.



When the meat is almost soft and tender, open the lid and add the remaining vegetables, then simmer for about 30-40min.

(Control the time, the potatoes and carrots are not tender but will be delicious) 7.

Finally sprinkle some green onions, parsley or parsley, see if you like and enjoy!

In real life, not many men cook.

But with the completion of the traditional slow beef stew, men’s friends can certainly make it alone.

And if you can cook this dish for her beloved, your feelings will be sublimated like never before.

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January 30

[What is good with yam soup]_How to make_How to make

[What is good with yam soup]_How to make_How to make

Yam has a strong nourishing effect. It is said in Shennong’s Materia Medica that yam can stabilize the body’s qi and blood, and can increase muscles. At the same time, yam is used to stew soup, and porridge is all right, and yam is most suitable for cooking.Meat and meat are almost crunchy with yam, and it can also be made soft and waxy. Yam can be used for beauty and beauty, as well as synergistic health care, so there are many effects about yam.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” refers to yam “in the main injury, tonicity in addition to cold and heat evil qi, Buzhong Yiqi strength, long muscles.

So if yam is used for stew, what kind of stew is best?

Is there anything to eat?

Yam stew can be beauty.

Peace of mind.

If you use yam to stew chicken, it has better axial health effects.

The best stewed chicken in yam is Chai Chicken.

Here’s how to make yam stewed chicken soup: Method: 1. After the chicken is slaughtered, clean the abdominal cavity, chop into small pieces, wash the onion and ginger, slice the ginger, and scallion into the onion knot; 2. Put the cut chicken pieces into the pot, Add enough cold water, boil, skim off the froth, add a tablespoon of cooking wine, add ginger slices and green onion knots; 3. Turn to low heat after boiling, cover, and simmer for about 30 minutes.

(Because I use a cast iron skillet, the stew is less time-consuming than normal pots, so using a casserole or other pot to stew the soup should extend the stew time.

4. Peel the yam, cut into small pieces, add to the pot, continue to cover and stew for 10 minutes, rinse the wolfberry with water, add the lid, add the lid and continue to cook for 10 minutes, open the lid and season with salt.

Yam stewed chicken soup can freckle, whitening inner tone products have better effect, freckle does not rebound.

It’s not too late to take action for your beauty!

Yam can also be used to nourish and nourish the beauty porridge: yam purple potato porridge, yam purple potato porridge, spleen and kidney, moisturizing the intestines and nourishing dryness, often eaten, can nourish the body and resist aging;

The rice was washed clean.

Put in a pot, add enough water to soak for 30 minutes; 2.

2. Yam, purple sweet potato cleaned and cut into small pieces; 3.

Put the yam and purple potato in the pot, gently scatter, and boil over high heat to low heat; 4.

Cook until the flowering purple potato soft rotten rice porridge is sticky, and finally add the rock sugar and cook until it melts.

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January 29

[What should not be eaten during growth]_ contraindications _ taboo

[What should not be eaten during growth]_ contraindications _ taboo

With the change of life and the continuous development of information, today’s children are becoming more and more precocious. Precocity is not only reflected in the spirit but also in the body, but precocity can affect the child’s physical health, which is also a concern for many parents.Especially in modern society, a lot of food safety has become a serious problem, which has affected children’s growth and intellectual development. So what can’t children eat during growth?

What to eat early

Do not eat out-of-season fruits. Now, out-of-season fruits can be eaten in almost any season. Many parents like to buy this kind of fruit for their children, but in fact, many out-of-season fruits are ripened.


Do not eat fried foods, because fried foods will become adults after they are eaten, and they will accumulate in the child’s body, which will cause the endocrine disorder of the child, increasing the probability of precocity.


Don’t eat health products, there are some health products that promote children’s growth, in fact, they are all hormones.

Criteria for juvenile precocity 1.

The early menstruation of girls comes. Now, girls’ menarche is usually around 11 and 12 years old. However, if menstruation occurs earlier than 8 and 9 years old, it can be judged as precocious.


The breasts grow too fast, and the little girl ‘s breasts suddenly enlarge, which is definitely a sign of precocity.


The height is particularly prominent, which is an average of half to one head higher than that of children of the same age. In fact, this is also a clear reminder of precocity.

Now everyone knows what ca n’t be eaten in early development. Precocity is a problem faced by many children now. It also has a lot to do with incorrect publicity in the society. Parents should be selective in their children ‘s diet, and do n’t give it to their children.Eat health supplements containing hormones, but also pay attention to the mental health of the child, to ensure the child’s heart is very important.

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January 28

[How to make whole-wheat beef onion box]_Home-made practice of whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box

[How to make whole-wheat beef onion box]_Home-made practice of whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box_How to make whole-wheat beef onion box

Most of the food outside is delicious, but do you know how much harmful things are added to it?

Do you know that if you eat for a long time, all kinds of chronic diseases will come to you?

So, close your gluttonous mouth, or buy some groceries yourself and make some assured food.

Below, I will learn how to make a whole wheat beef onion box with Xiaobian.


Cover the whole wheat flour with hot water and make it into a hot noodle dough, cover with plastic wrap and relax for 20 minutes2.

1 Divide the hot noodle dough (like dumplings) into small preparations and roll into a round crust.

2 Onion and bacon are cut into small cubes, add the right amount of cooking oil, salt and black pepper, stir well 4.

Take a piece of noodles and put on the right amount of bacon and onion stuffing, then cover another piece of noodles, insert the edges of the two noodles and fold them into lace, and relax for 20 minutes5.

Pour the oil into the pan to heat, place the boxes into the pot in sequence, cover the pot, and fry until golden on both sides. Today I will introduce the whole-meal beef and onion box that has been collected for many years.If you like and are interested, quickly do it through Xiaobian’s method.

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January 27

[How to Make Twist in Tianjin_How to Make Twist at Home]

[How to Make Twist in Tianjin_How to Make Twist at Home]

The characteristic flavors in Tianjin are generally sweet, especially the hemp flowers in Tianjin, which are well-known in the country. Because Tianjin twists are large and taste good, many people will drool when they come to Tianjin twists.In fact, the method of making Tianjin twist is relatively simple, mainly because of the mastery of the skills, that is, to make the twist of the fluffy soft, so how to make Tianjin twist is more delicious?

The first few ingredients you need are half a pot of flour, white sesame (or black sesame), 2 eggs, a spoonful of salt, and a spoonful of white sugar. The first big step: knead the dough, first beat the eggs into the flour, and thenPour in white sesame, stir, then pour in the white sugar and some salt, then stir into floc with chopsticks, knead into a smooth dough, cover the dough with the basin, and wake up for about 10 minutes. The second big step:For making, put oil on the chopping board and the plate, rub the waking dough into long strips, cut it in the middle, divide it into two, and then continue to rub the long strips and cut the long strips into sections.Xiaojizi, these little girls, rub into long and thin strips, and then put into the strip, enter the rubbing in the up and down direction, that is, left hand down, right hand up into a twist shape, and so on repeatedlyAfter kneading, the small twist made the third big step: deep frying, pouring oil in the pan, and the oil temperature was heated to 50%. If you do n’t know that 50% of the heat is a kind of seed, here is a method to teach you when you see the oilWhen the pot is bubbling, it is almost 50% hot, and then put in small twists in order to start frying.刚When it comes out of the pan, first slowly fry it with a small fire, and then when you watch the fire, you can fish it out when it has been golden-yellow. You can finally control the oil. Finally, it is crispy and crispy.Is it really easy to get up? It ‘s easy to say simple and complicated to say. When you first make it, you ‘ll feel a bit complicated. You ‘ll be familiar with it at home when you ‘re okay. Little twist is a favorite snack.If you learn to cook at home yourself, would n’t you just eat it if you want to eat it, well, today ‘s food production is complete. Do you have any knowledge? If you do n’t understand, you can tell in the comments below.

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January 26

[Pregnant like to eat sour]_ diet _ preferences

[Pregnant like to eat sour]_ diet _ preferences

As the saying goes, sour children are hot and sour, and when a woman wants to eat sour, she will be born to a son, and if she wants to eat spicy, she will have a daughter.

In fact, this statement has no scientific basis.

It is only after a woman becomes pregnant that the secretion of estrogen and progesterone inside the body becomes abnormal, causing the woman to suddenly appear to want to eat.

Let’s take a look at how pregnant who likes to eat sour.

Pregnant mommy eats acidic food, which is good for herself and vitamins. Prefer to eat sour is a kind of self-adjusting body change after pregnancy. Pregnant mommy likes sour food to meet certain physiological and nutritional needs.

From the perspective of physiological changes, the preference for eating sour food is a kind of self-adjustment by pregnant moms to physical changes after pregnancy.

From a nutritional point of view, eating acidic foods for pregnant moms has certain benefits to the health of pregnant moms and their fetuses.

When a woman is pregnant, a substance called chorionic gonadotropin is secreted in her body, which is what HCG said when the doctor went to check-up.

The production of this hormone is a major change in the body for women, and it can make people feel uncomfortable.

From a digestive point of view, this hormone has the effect of inhibiting gastric acid secretion, at the same time reducing the human body’s gastric acid secretion, reducing the activity of digestive enzymes, and affecting the digestive and absorption functions of metabolism.

During this period, although the pregnant mommy did not change much as before, but because of reduced gastric acid secretion and poor digestive function, she could not digest the food she eats easily, and it was easy to produce nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite, Which is what we often say about early pregnancy response, also called pregnancy response.

Sour food can help reduce the response to early pregnancy. In general, chorionic gonadotropin begins to increase about 1 month after pregnancy and peaks at 2 months. This is why pregnant moms usually have morning sickness in the first 2 months of pregnancy.Causes of early pregnancy response.

The sour taste can stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric juice, but also increase the activity of digestive enzymes, promote metabolic peristalsis, and help digestion and absorption of food.

Sour foods contain a lot of sour substances, so many pregnant moms love to eat sour foods, such as oranges, which is a good choice. This can reduce the weakening of digestion caused by HCG secretion and relieve the effects of pregnancy.Nausea and discomfort.

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January 25

[Can beer and peach be eaten together]_Draft Beer_Dine with

[Can beer and peach be eaten together]_Draft Beer_Dine with

In summer, people like to drink beer and peaches.

For those who like it at the same time, it is more worrying, because I don’t know whether beer and peach can be eaten together.

In fact, beer and peaches can be eaten together, but there are still many precautions when eating peaches or drinking beer.

Below, I will introduce you to relevant aspects of knowledge!

First, can peaches and beer be eaten together?

Peach is rich in carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber, organic acids, vitamin C and mineral elements such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Beer contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, low molecular sugars, inorganic salts and various enzymes.
These two nutrients do not conflict, so they can be eaten together.

Second, the precautions for eating peaches 1, peaches should not be eaten with meat and turtle meat.

2. Peach and shochu: coma and cause death.

3, after eating peaches, can not drink tea, easily cause gastrointestinal disorders.

4, after eating peaches, do not drink too much water at the same time, otherwise diarrhea.

5, the internal heat is too strong, prone to sores, should not be eaten by diabetic patients, infants, diabetic patients, pregnant women, menstrual period should not eat.

Third, the precautions for drinking beer 1, should not be mixed with white wine: the brewing methods of different wines are different, the raw materials are not the same, the various wines can not dissolve each other.

2. It is not advisable to drink beer with smoked and roasted foods: it increases the lead content in the blood, and lead can be combined with harmful substances in smoked and roasted foods as carcinogens.

3. Patients with liver disease should not drink beer: the basic principle is the same as that of other alcohol, which is mainly because beer contains alcohol. After alcohol is absorbed into the body, it needs to be metabolized by the liver and other tissues and organs to break it down.

Liver can be abnormal, weak detoxification ability, can not play the role of detoxification in time, prone to alcoholism.

Alcohol can also directly damage liver cells and make liver disease symptoms worse.

4. It is not advisable to eat seafood together: data show that a large amount of beer when eating seafood can cause gout and prone to urinary stones.

The reason is that urea can be purified in seafood, picolinic acid, and the possible vitamin B1 in beer is an important catalyst for the catabolism of these two components, which leads to an increase in uric acid content in the blood.

Once uric acid cannot be excreted in time, it will deposit in the form of sodium salt, causing gout or forming stones.

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January 24

[How to make wuzi fan soup]_Hometown practice of wuzi fan soup_How to make wuzi fan soup_How to make wuzi fan soup

[How to make wuzi fan soup]_Hometown practice of wuzi fan soup_How to make wuzi fan soup_How to make wuzi fan soup

For middle-aged and elderly people, half of their lives can be said to have passed.

In the remaining life, all you have to do is enjoy life.

Enjoying life starts with the details of life, some say three meals a day.

Many middle-aged and elderly people have not enjoyed a lot of food. Let me introduce you how to make Wuzi fan soup.


Prepared ingredients.


12 First clean Wuzi and tear it along the lines.


21 Add some water, boil the cooking wine and blanch again.


Fans soak with water in advance.


The cooked chicken is also torn into filaments, the fans are cut into segments, and the ginger is chopped into foam.


After the oil is hot, add fragrant ginger and add wuzi and chicken.


Stir fry for a few seconds and add chicken broth.


Add low heat and simmer for about ten minutes to join the fans.


Boil again and add salt, season the chicken essence.

Although there are many steps in Wuzi Fan Soup, as long as you carefully master it, it is not difficult.

Of course, cooking depends on talent, and you will definitely be the best in a while.

Of course, if you want to pursue perfection, you need to practice a lot.

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January 23

[Persistent method of sexual life]_persistent sexual life_how to do_how to do

[Persistent method of sexual life]_persistent sexual life_how to do_how to do

During sexual life, women often have an orgasm later than men, so often women cannot reach orgasm at some times, which affects couples’ sexual life. Then, the lasting way for male sexwhat?

1. Don’t feel embarrassed about pursuing orgasms. If you keep such thoughts in your heart, there will be obstacles.

If you think you shouldn’t enjoy sex, it’s hard to get orgasm.

In fact, orgasm itself is to let the body relax and gain happiness, and to let go of the psychological burden can open the door to happiness.

2. Saying “I can do it” to myself can’t get pleasure. Maybe someone thinks that their orgasm switch has failed.

Experts believe that everyone can get orgasm, first of all, to worry about, to believe in themselves and their partners, to say “I can do it.”

3. The process of controlling the excitation response is divided into four phases: the excitation period, the duration period, the climax period, and the decay period.

To be stronger and more durable, the key lies in recognizing the entire emotional change process in sex. Divide your state of excitement into 1 to 10 levels. Do n’t let yourself get too excited. Keep your excitement around 7.

4. Strong “sex” exercise strengthens the muscles that control ejaculation, interrupts the replacement of urine or allows you to sense where these muscles are, and then uses “Kegel exercise” to exercise these parts, which is to contract the tibia and pelvic floorMuscle movement, relax after 10 seconds, and repeat several times.

5. Don’t forget that the instinctual response after the second orgasm is to sleep, suppress this desire, pay attention to the excitement of the other party, and then brew to enter again.

Most men have the same duration during the second sexual intercourse, and a few more exercises will make the first intercourse continue for a long time.

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January 22

[Harm of contraceptive pill]_ contraceptive pill _ disadvantages _ adverse effects _ adverse reactions

[Harm of contraceptive pill]_ contraceptive pill _ disadvantages _ adverse effects _ adverse reactions

Now many young people have a passionate relationship, and there will be moments of passion burning. Mature men and women have intercourse. If no measures are taken, women may become pregnant. Conditions that cause children to be born will cause women to have abortions.The miscarriage of a woman’s body is very harmful.

Therefore, people who do not want to become pregnant often adopt the method of taking contraceptives by women to prevent pregnancy.

But taking birth control pills regularly can be harmful.


Vaginal bleeding.

Too many women experience continuous dripping or bleeding during menstruation while taking the medication.

This is related to missed doses, delayed taking the contraceptive pill, or inadequate effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.



Menorrhoea or amenorrhea.

Contraceptives can cause endometrial hypoplasia and insufficient glandular secretion. As a result, the endometrium cannot grow normally and become thin, resulting in reduced menstrual flow.

Individual women due to the inhibitory effect of contraceptives, no withdrawal bleeding occurred after discontinuation, and amenorrhea occurred.



Gain weight.

Some women gain weight after taking the pill, because some of the ingredients in the pill may cause weight gain.

Especially in the first 3 months of taking oral contraceptives, elevated estrogen levels cause water and sodium retention, which leads to weight gain in the first half of the menstrual cycle; progestins promote anabolic metabolism and lead to weight gain.

4 His face was dull.

After taking the pill, some women will experience dullness, which is caused by estrogen pigmentation.


Early pregnancy-like reactions are one of the alternatives to birth control pills and the most common problem.

Early pregnancy-like reactions are more common, accounting for about 50% of the dose.

Symptoms are mostly severe and then mild, and gradually disappear later, which may be related to the body’s gradual adaptation.

Appears as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting or even fatigue, dizziness and other similar reactions to early pregnancy.

It usually occurs within 1-2 weeks of taking the medicine.

Taking contraceptives often will cause so many adverse reactions, so female friends also need to take contraceptives carefully to prevent contraception, so as not to take contraceptives to cause infertility.

In addition, people who take birth control pills must wait three months to six months before they become pregnant, so as not to affect the fetus.

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