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[Eat seafood and eat persimmon]_Seafood_Tongchi

[Eat seafood and eat persimmon]_Seafood_Tongchi

We ca n’t pair seafood with many fruits in our life. The main reason is that the residual acid of seafood will react with the vitamin C of the fruits, which will seriously stimulate the health of the stomach and intestines.Diet taboos.

When eating seafood, we should avoid eating with some cold foods, and not with vitamin C foods.

Ca n’t eat persimmon with seafood? The dangers of eating persimmon with seafood are as follows: 1. Indigestion persimmons will form a sediment in the body when they are eaten with seafood, and the supplementary acid contained in persimmon can inhibit digestion.The secretion of the liquid causes the sediment to stay in the body continuously, causing indigestion.

2. Inhibition of nutrient absorption Eating persimmons with seafood will produce badly dissolved substances, which will not only cause indigestion of the body, but also cause the absorption of other nutrients, resulting in inadequate nutrition and malnutrition.

3, abdominal pain, diarrhea, persimmons and seafood are cold foods. When eaten together, it is easy to cause coldness in the spleen and stomach, stimulate the stomach, and slenderness will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Some people who are weak will have nausea and vomiting.phenomenon.
Can be eaten with asphyxiation because persimmon and seafood can easily cause physical discomfort, so persimmon cannot be eaten with seafood. Only after one kind of food is fully digested can another kind of food be eaten, and the general food needs 3?
4 hours, so the eating time can be about 4 hours apart.

But to avoid the phenomenon that one kind of food is not completely digested, it is better not to eat two kinds of food on the same day for the sake of insurance.

Pay attention to the following points when eating persimmons. 1. Persimmons cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Persimmons contain a large amount of fermented acids and pectin. Under fasting conditions, they will form lumps of various sizes under the action of gastric acid. If these lumps cannot reach the small intestine through the pylorus, It will stay in the stomach to form stomach persimmon stone.

Small persimmon stones are initially like apricot kernels, but they grow larger and larger.

If the persimmon cannot be excreted naturally, it will cause digestive tract obstruction, pain in the saliva of the upper jaw, vomiting, and even discard blood, and it was found during surgery that the persimmon is as large as a fist.

If the stomach is “bottomed”, the formation of persimmon stones can be avoided.

2. Control the amount of persimmons. The precipitated acid in persimmons can form compounds that cannot be absorbed by the body with calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals in the food, making these nutrients unavailable. Therefore, eating more persimmons easily leads to theseLack of minerals.

Because of the sugar impurities in persimmons, people eat persimmons more than the same amount of apples, pears, and even fullness, which will affect appetite and reduce the intake of meals.

It is generally believed that in the case of non-fasting, it is advisable to eat no more than 200 grams of persimmon each time.

3. After eating, mouthwash persimmon is high in sugar and contains pectin. After eating persimmon, a part of it will always stay in the mouth, especially in the interdental space. Adding weakly acidic implant acid will easily cause tooth erosion., The formation of dental caries, so after eating persimmons should drink a few sips of water, or mouthwash in time.

  There are some red persimmons on the market that look very attractive, but they are not sweet at all. They are probably ripened with hormones.

Because it is difficult to distinguish from the outside, it is recommended that you buy one before you decide whether you need to buy more.

Persimmon can’t be eaten with anything. Do not eat with high-protein crab, fish, shrimp and other foods. In Chinese medicine, crab and persimmon are cold foods, so they cannot be eaten together.

From the point of view of modern medicine, crabs, fish, and shrimps with high protein are easily coagulated into pieces under the action of residual acid, that is, persimmon stones.

2. Persimmon and otter meat will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea when eaten together.

3, persimmons and white wine with the same food will be chest tightness.

4. Persimmons and crabs can cause diarrhea when eaten together (another way is poisoning to death).

5, persimmon and potatoes are not easy to digest with the same food.

After eating potatoes, a large amount of carbonic acid will be produced in the stomach. Persimmons will precipitate under the action of gastric acid, which is difficult to digest and difficult to discharge.

6. Persimmons and sweet potatoes are prone to stones.

7. Persimmon cannot be eaten with spinach.

8, persimmon bogey with acidic vegetables.

9, persimmons and calcium-rich foods are prone to stones.

The seafood mentioned above cannot be eaten with certain foods. I hope everyone should be aware of it, because eating seafood with persimmons can cause gastrointestinal indigestion and severe symptoms such as kidney stones.What food can’t go with it.

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February 24

[Discussing this topic with my girlfriend turned her high]

[Discussing this topic with my girlfriend turned her high]

When chatting with women, if you can grasp each other’s ideas well, you can quickly arouse each other’s sexual desires. This requires men to have some chatting skills, talk to women about topics she notices, and keep her senses at any time.Status, the following nine topics are most likely to excite women when chatting.

First, do others love longer than we do?

The sex descriptions in teaching movies or adult novels can be regarded as “sex marathons”. If you compare this, the men around us may be premature ejaculation, but the truth is that the individual differences in sexual intercourse time are very large, about 2-About 15 minutes.

If the sex time is relatively short, and you can’t give evidence of premature ejaculation, consider removing stress from your body first.

In addition, sometimes changing positions also helps, and the stimulation of the penis is not too strong.

Second, is the private part really important in the foreplay?

The private parts of men and women have extremely rich nerve endings, and touching them will definitely help stimulate sexual desire.

Sexual therapists recommend that men and women in sexual life should be as gentle as possible to caress these extremely sensitive areas of the nerves, and must not be rough.


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February 23

[The practice of 6-inch yogurt cake]_ 6-inch yogurt cake’s common practice _ 6-inch yogurt cake practice Daquan _ 6-inch yogurt cake

[The practice of 6-inch yogurt cake]_ 6-inch yogurt cake’s common practice _ 6-inch yogurt cake practice Daquan _ 6-inch yogurt cake

It is a blessing to be able to eat, and this is not false at all, because eating is directly linked to our health.

If you eat well, you will be healthy.

And if you eat out all year round, you must not eat well, and naturally you are unhealthy.

So in order to change all this, you now need to learn the practice of 6-inch yogurt cake with me.


Insulate water, melt the fat, take it out, add yogurt and stir well; 2.

2. Add egg yolk in 2 times, stir each time and add the next one;

Mix low flour and corn starch and add it through a sieve; 4.

Stir into a smooth egg yolk paste; 5.

6. Add white vinegar to the egg white, add sugar in 3 times, and pass until wet foaming; 6.

6. Mix the egg yolk paste and egg white in 3 times, preheat the oven at 170 degrees; 7.

Wrap the bottom mold with tin foil, pour it into the cake paste, and shake it vigorously; 8.

Use a baking tray to place a tray of hot water on the bottom layer, the grill on the penultimate layer, the mold on the grill, heat it up and down, 170 degrees, bake in a water bath for 40 minutes, and take it out of the oven to cool it easily.

After reading Xiaobian’s detailed analysis of 6-inch yogurt cake, I believe you also know about it.

But if you want to make it delicious and delicious, then it’s up to you.

Everyone’s ability to understand recipes is different, so the taste of the dishes made is naturally different.

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February 22

[4 month baby rice cereal practice]_ 4 month children _ how to do

[4 month baby rice cereal practice]_ 4 month children _ how to do

Baomao started to add complementary food to the baby around 4 months. There are many kinds of complementary foods for the baby. Most of the Baomao give the baby a choice to replace the confused food.

Some treasure mothers do n’t know what the baby needs to add at every stage because they are mothers for the first time, so they do n’t know what to put when they are confused.

The following introduces the confusing practice of babies for the next 4 months, which can be learned by bao moms.

First, the practice of baby rice cereal (a) 4-6 months baby rice cereal baby can initially add complementary foods at the time of four months.

The first supplementary food should be a thin pure rice paste. When the baby consumes pure rice paste for 2 weeks, if there is no allergy, you can add pig liver or egg yolk that can supplement iron in the rice paste.

Pork liver mud rice paste material: 5g of pork liver, 20g of rice, 1 piece of ginger.

Method: Cook the rice and prepare it for later use.

During cooking, slice pork liver, add a small amount of ginger, and marinate for 20 minutes before steaming.

After the rice is cooked, add water and stir with the steamed pork liver slices to form a rice paste.

Tip: Please note that you can only add one kind of food to each rice cereal meal, and start with a small amount, if the baby does not have allergies, start adding portions.

Supplementary foods for infants under one year of age do not require additional condiments.

Egg yolk is also a good iron supplement. Egg yolk rice paste is also suitable for babies over four months.

(2) Rice cereals for babies from 6 months to 9 months can eat more food for babies over 6 months. From a variety of vegetables to fruits and vegetables, from meat to viscera, they can be used by children.Among the rice cereal.

However, it should be noted that the types of tomatoes, cold melon, and celery that are too sour, sweet, and strong are best consumed by the baby every month to avoid causing allergies or indigestion.

Preparation of Huaishan rice cereal: Huaishan, rice method: Cook Huaishan into a mud after cooking, add to the rice cereal.

Tip: At this month’s age, children should also add supplements from a small amount, a single variety, and begin to add.

If your baby is not allergic, you can increase the amount of food.

In addition to Huaishan, potatoes, vegetables, winter melon and other foods can be added to the rice cereal.

If you want to feed your baby peanuts and sesame seeds, remember to grind them into mud before you can feed them!

(3) Babies aged 9 months and older should have tasted various foods at this time!

At this time, the baby can also eat rotten rice, that is, a small amount of thick rice paste, and the ingredients added to the rice paste can also be crushed vegetables or minced meat!

Rice paste for babies is not limited to adding only one kind of food.

Five-color nutritious pigeon rice cereal preparation: 100g pigeon, 250ml bone soup, corn, half carrot root, 50g fresh Zhunshan.

Method: Pigeons are steamed and shredded into shredded pork, then chopped for later use.

Carrots, washed and minced or ground into mash after cleaning.

Chopped meat and vegetables, if the baby is older, like a full-year-old baby, you can chop larger particles. If it is a baby, use a hand mixer to make mud, or chop into mud to prevent the baby from holding.

Add to the pot and steam.

Tip: When making rice cereal for babies under one year old, it is still necessary to pay attention to not adding various condiments, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys of the child.

The rice paste for children can be thicker.

At this time, the conversion provided by various complementary foods in a day can account for 60% or more of the baby’s total conversion in a day.

Second, the baby’s supplementary food supplements should start with a small amount: 1-2 scoops, if the child is not allergic, you can slowly increase; start from the thin: at the beginning, you should drink more water and less rice flour, step on the baby’s digest.

Start with a single variety: It is not advisable to add other meats and vegetables to the rice noodles, so as not to affect the digestive function of the baby.

Once your child has diarrhea, constipation, crying, etc., stop adding rice cereal.

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February 21

[What to do if the flour is sticky after fermentation]_How to solve_Method

[What to do if the flour is sticky after fermentation]_How to solve_Method

We all know that in the process of making steamed buns or buns with flour, the flour needs to be fermented. The food made from the fermented flour will be particularly soft and sweet, and if it is not fermented, the food will be hard.And in the process of flour fermentation, the ratio of baking powder and water to be added is also regular, so the flour is sticky after fermentation, what should I do?

There are several types of yeast: 1 fresh yeast 2 sugar-containing dry yeast 3 sugar-free dry yeast Solution 1: dough with sugar and fresh yeast, natural proofing can be divided for 30 minutes at room temperature 28-30 °, and natural proofing can be performed for 50 minutes after formingYou can bake from left to right, and spray water in the middle.

Solution 2: The dough contains sugar and sugar-containing dry yeast, and it can be divided for 30-40 minutes when it is naturally proofed at room temperature 28-30 °.

After shaping, it can be roasted naturally for about 80 minutes. Pay attention to water spray in the middle.

Solution 3: The dough contains sugar and sugar-free dry yeast, and it can be divided into 50-70 minutes when it is naturally proofed at room temperature 28-30 °, and it can be baked after it has been proofed for more than 90 minutes. It should be sprayed with water in the middle.

General fermentation temperature is 35 ℃?
38 ℃, humidity is 70%?
80% for 90 minutes.

Yeast is better. Use 5 to 10 grams per pound of noodles and warm water at about 30 degrees. Don’t get too hot. Make it into a bread shape and ferment it. Keep it in a warm place. It will take about 4 hours depending on the situation.It depends on the amount of yeast and the temperature. At the same time, the amount of dough also affects. The best way is to observe it every 4 hours after 5 to 5 hours. If there are small pores, it means that it has been fermented.There will be experience.

As the fermentation environment is affected by temperature and humidity, it is more important to arrange a bowl of hot boiling water for antique fermentation in an oven (or a confined space such as a microwave oven). The fermentation time is 40-60 minutes as the ambition, depending on the dough fermentation.Degree.

In winter, due to the rise in temperature, the undestructive mold is fermenting, which can increase the amount of yeast, change the hot water during the secondary fermentation, or increase the heat to ensure a certain temperature and humidity.

If you are more confident about the temperature of the oven, you can adjust the temperature to 30-40 degrees. Antique sponsored fermentation.

In addition, the toast bread is not fermented in place, probably due to insufficient flour strength or kneading to the complete stage.

The shape of the toast dough that has been shaped into molds can be changed from 2 parts to 3 parts. It can also be used for fermentation due to the comparison of the area of warfare.

After 10 minutes of support and 5 minutes of forming, the final hair size depends on the size.

About 30min.

Add the right amount of white sugar to the flour and mix well. Dissolve the dried yeast in a little warm water to dissolve it into a solution, then pour it into the flour. Then add the right amount of warm water. Use a chopsticks to mix it into a snow flake., Cover with plastic wrap or a damp cloth and place in warm fermentation 1.

About 5 hours, when the dough is fermented to double the volume before fermentation.

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February 20

[Can you eat chicken when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can you eat chicken when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Impact

If you are already pregnant, you need to have a good pregnancy. In this way, you can solve the problem of obesity and more healthy growth and development in your abdomen, and avoid any occurrence of threatened abortion. Especially on the diet, you should pay more attention to it.Can not eat any cold food, these will cause miscarriage, you can eat some chicken, this food can lead to a nourishing effect.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure sufficient supply of thermal energy. It is best to add 400kcal on the basis of daily supply of 2200kcal for normal adults, in order to provide the consumption of sex life, and at the same time accumulate energy for pregnancy, so that”To create the necessary conditions for conception and eugenics.

Basically, to ensure the supply of high-quality protein, both men and women should consume 40-60g of high-quality protein in the diet every day to ensure the normal development of fertilized eggs.

The third is to ensure the aunt’s supply.

Aunt is the main source of the body’s thermal energy, and the essential fatty acids it contains are substances that cannot be taken up by corpse cells and tissues. Increasing the intake of high-quality aunt is beneficial to pregnancy.

The fourth is concentrated inorganic salts and trace elements. Calcium, iron, zinc, copper, etc. form bones, make blood, improve intelligence, and maintain metabolic balance in the body.

The last is to supply the right amount of vitamins, which can realize the development and growth of sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs, but excessive vitamins, such as fat-soluble vitamins, can also be harmful to the body. Therefore, it is recommended that both men and women ingest more food and supplement vitamin preparations carefully.

Malnutrition and partial eclipse, sperm production requires raw materials, so spermatogenic function and nutritional level are closely related.

It doesn’t have to be turtles or scallions.

But eating more lean meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, and ensuring the supply of necessary proteins, vitamins and trace elements is still essential.

People with a partial eclipse are often prone to certain nutritional deficiencies.

Zinc is a component of more than one hundred enzymes or activators in the human body, and plays a significant role in the brain development of certain obese women.

Pregnant women need at least 100 mg of zinc daily.

Before and during pregnancy, women should take more zinc-rich foods, such as oysters, shellfish, kelp, soy beans, lentils, malt, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, lean meat and so on.

In addition, phospholipids lecithin, taurine, and multivitamins and trace element foods, such as egg yolk, sunflower seeds, soybeans, sardines, sweet almonds, walnuts, and fresh vegetables and fruits also play a role in seed development, and should also be supplemented.
Different foods contain different nutritional ingredients and their contents vary.

Therefore, couples preparing to conceive should try to eat more mixed, not partial eclipse, not to avoid mouth, to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition.

From the perspective of eugenics, imbalances in the body nutrition of pregnant women will bring more or too much of certain nutrients required for development, which is not good for eugenics.

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February 19

[Efficacy of Sanqi stewed pigeon]_Sanqi _ milk pigeon _ benefits

[Efficacy of Sanqi stewed pigeon]_Sanqi _ milk pigeon _ benefits

Panax notoginseng is a medicinal material that has swelling and blood-enriching effects, and pigeons are more nutritious food. Everyone says that the nutrition of ten chickens on top of a pigeon shows that the nutritional value of pigeons is extremely high.

Tian Qi and the pigeons simmered in soup to drink, have the effect of activating blood, invigorating qi, and analgesic.

Tianqi is another name for Panax notoginseng, and folk is also called Panax notoginseng, blood ginseng.

The sanitary stasis and hemostasis for swelling and stasis pain are obvious, and the spleen for stasis and pain can be used to promote blood circulation, nourish blood, and strengthen the deficiency.

Tianqi, which is mined in spring, is also called “Spring Seven” and has the best quality.

Pigeons, also known as white phoenix, are delicious and nutritious. The famous gynecological medicine-Wuji Baifeng Wan is made from black chicken and white phoenix.

Suckling pigeons refer to young birds within one month of age. Their fleshy temperature is good, and they have a good therapeutic effect of nourishing and nourishing Qi.

The young pigeon is paired with wolfberry and Tianqi to cook soup and diet, which doubles the effect of recuperating and eliminating evil, and is not warm and dry. It is very suitable for young and old and physically weak women.

Tian Qi and stewed with pigeons, promoting blood circulation, nourishing yin and invigorating qi, relieving stasis and relieving pain, reducing blood pressure, improving myocardial blood supply, and increasing vascular elasticity. It is very effective in removing stasis and giving birth to pregnant women.So as not to cause miscarriage.

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February 18

[A cock or a hen for lactation?

】 _ Rooster_ Hen

[A cock or a hen for lactation?
】 _ Rooster_ Hen

Postpartum women need supplemental nutrition in order to produce enough milk in time to feed their babies.

Some women have poor physical fitness and lack nutrition, so it is difficult to secrete milk. At this time, lactation method is needed, and lactation can be achieved by eating chicken broth, but chicken has male and female parts, and its effectIt ‘s not the same. Let ‘s take a look at the lactation cock or the hen?

Eating cocks is more likely to reduce the estrogen and progesterone concentrations in the blood of the parturient mother after childbirth, which is conducive to the role of prolactin to promote the formation of milk.

The ovaries and egg coats of hens contain a certain amount of estrogen, which reduces the effectiveness of converting maternal prolactin and affects lactation.

The male retinal pill contains androgen, which has an anti-estrogen effect.

Therefore, if you eat a stewed big rooster (also called Marumaru together) after birth, it will undoubtedly increase the maternal milk.

With the exception of roosters, which are beneficial to both mother and child, it also helps the mother to maintain a better figure during breastfeeding.

However, in some cases, when the nipples are improper, that is, the breasts are swollen and there is no milk, do not eat cocks and milk, otherwise it will cause mastitis.

Eating stewed hens after opening milk is more beneficial for hens to have blood, but it is not advisable to eat old hens one week after delivery. This is because prolactin will be promoted because the concentration of estrogen and progesterone in the blood is greatly reduced after deliveryEffect of lactation, promote milk secretion.

However, postpartum stewed old hens, because the hen’s ovaries and egg coats contain a certain amount of estrogen, so the concentration of estrogen in the blood increases, and the effectiveness of prolactin decreases, which leads to insufficient milk and even complete milk return.
However, after the mother has opened the milk, it is best to eat the stewed hens about 10 days after the birth.

The hen’s protein content is relatively high, there are many types, and the digestibility is high, it can be easily absorbed and utilized by the human body, which has the effect of strengthening physical strength and strengthening the body.

The hens contain phospholipids that have an important effect on human growth and development, and are one of the important sources of phospholipids in the precipitation structure of Chinese people.

The hen has good therapeutic effects on malnutrition, chills and cold, fatigue, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, and weakness.

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February 17

[How to eat honey and beauty]_Beauty effect_Set

[How to eat honey and beauty]_Beauty effect_Set

Women all know that honey is a beverage with good beauty effect.

In order to make their skin more healthy, women will eat honey or drink honey water every day. Some women will use honey as a mask and apply honey to their face every day.

Although honey can be used for beauty and beauty, such effects can only be exerted when used properly.

So, how does honey eat beauty?

First, how to make honey beautify and eat 1, eat: The nutritional content of honey is very rich. Consumption of honey will make your body stronger and healthier, and the appearance of your face will also change in essence. Especially, it is worth mentioning that honey has a very strong antioxidant effect and can be removedOxygen free radicals in the body, which help anti-aging effect, make people young and beautiful.

Method: Take two or thirty grams of honey each morning and evening, and rinse with warm water.

How to improve the beauty of honey 2. Wash: Add honey to warm water, about 1%. Washing your face or bathing with this honey water has a good effect on eliminating fatigue, and it can also make your skin smooth and smooth.

Method: 500 grams of honey, 100 grams of fresh chrysanthemum or 25 grams of dried chrysanthemum.

First, chrysanthemums are boiled with water and boiled for two times. Then the dregs are taken for juice, and then put into the bath water with honey. Soak the whole body for about 20 minutes, then rinse with water, and bathe every three to five days.

3. Coating: Apply honey directly on the skin’s surface. The fructose, protein, glucose, and amino acids inside it directly act on the epidermis, providing sufficient nutrients for facial cells, which can separate the epidermal cells tightly and elastically, and effectively reduce them.Or remove wrinkles.

Method: After adding honey and water, you can increase the surface area every day, and it is best to massage it.

Or rub the face with gauze after putting in honey until the face feels a little hot and then stop, and finally wash the face with water.

Second, when is the best time to drink honey water for beauty and beauty? It is appropriate to exchange it about half an hour to an hour after drinking warm water. Aligning and drinking a cup of honey water for breakfast can effectively help manual peristalsis.The boots have the effect of clearing stools and detoxifying the skin in the morning.

At 3 or 4 pm, two or three hours away from lunch break and two or three hours away from dinner at this time, it is the time when the energy consumption is the most exhausting, and when you feel tired in the afternoon work, it does not prevent you from rushing.A cup of warm honey water not only makes the chaotic brain awake in the fragrant aroma, but also can add some sugar and energy, providing a vital basis for work and life in the next two hours.

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February 16

[Six Misunderstandings of Women Cleaning Private Places]

[Six Misunderstandings of Women Cleaning Private Places]

Due to the special physiological structure of women, women are very susceptible to gynecological diseases, and such women are panic-stricken.

Therefore, in daily life, you will buy some cleaning liquid to wash your private parts.

However, I would like to remind everyone that most of the cleaning fluids sold on the surface of many cities today cannot remove pathogenic substances and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Therefore, female friends should not blindly wash their private parts.

Now, I will introduce to you a few misunderstandings that female friends are prone to when cleaning their private parts.

1. Cleaning fluid can prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The cleaning solution on the surface of the city, whether it is a “medical” prefix or a “jian” prefix, does not have the effect of preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

The pathogenic factors of sexually transmitted diseases, such as lymphococcus, Treponema pallidum, and papilloma virus, can spread directly to the cervix and even enter the uterine cavity.

Therefore, after washing the vagina with a variety of private cleaning products, these pathogenic substances cannot be washed away.

To prevent sexually transmitted diseases, the best way is to cleanse yourself or use a condom. In short, personal cleaning products cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


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