July 18

Huang Shaotian frowned:“Stop it!Don’t affect our selection of magic soldiers!”

Tu Shanming stopped now,Annoyed:“Anyway, I also picked one I like!That’s it!Can I just ignore it??”
Talk about it,Tu Shanming is holding his iron knife,Stepped back angrily,See how few of them continue to choose the magic soldiers。
at last,Huang Shaotian made up his mind,Reach out,Picked up the first stone box。
She doesn’t know what kind of weapon is in the stone box,Just faintly feel,Stone Box No. 1 is the most pleasing to the eye,Give her a very close feeling,Instead of guessing,It’s better to follow your inner voice。
Huang Shaotian opened the stone box,Revealing the magic weapon inside。
What appeared in the stone box was a spear,Composed of two gun bodies juxtaposed,The gun body is like jade,Emit a crystal light,The tip of the gun is spiral,Sharpness。
Huang Shaotian is good at making swords,Unexpectedly, he fired a spear,The feeling of depression in the heart,It’s hard to describe。
She gritted her teeth,Picked up two spears from the stone box,Click,Stitched together。
This jade spear just started,Huang Shaotian’s face was suddenly surprised,Can’t help but look down at the text in the box。
“Broken Jade Spear!”Huang Shaotian said softly。
“How much is the combat power of this gun?”Tu Shanming was the first to shout,He is really curious。
Huang Shaotian shook his head,Tao:“5% increase in combat power,But agility increased by 50%!”
I heard the gun’s combat power increased by only 5%,Tu Shanming’s face is depressed,Wait to hear the second half sentence,He was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word。
Agility increased by 50%?This attribute is too bad!This is a real artifact!
This attribute is equivalent to half my speed,And flexibility and mobility have been greatly improved,Have this gun in hand,It’s hard for the enemy to hit Huang Shaotian。

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July 17

“OK then,I’ll wait for him!”Qiao Tianyu insists on going。

to him,Now he would rather wait outside Jordaan’s house,I don’t want to go back to face the awkward chubby face。
After all, he managed,Qiao Tianyu still can’t get past this hurdle。
Since Qiao Tianyu insisted,Palizovsky didn’t say much,Called Secretary Darius,Let him accompany Qiao Tianyu,And asked Darius to lay hands on Qiao Tianyu during this time。
“Okay。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and agreed。
In a foreign country,Qiao Tianyu does not speak Russian,It’s not a bad thing to have someone help。
By the way, Darius is a handsome Russian guy,1.9 meters tall,Half a head taller than Qiao Tianyu,Burly,Of the kind、Clothes rack。
But this guy has a bit of perseverance in his eyes,Yet witty and smart,Standard special forces background。
After coming out of the headquarters of the Union Bank of Siberia,Qiao Tianyu asked Darius to accompany him to the mall first,I wanted to buy some nutrition。
After all by seniority,Qiao Tianyu should call Qiao Daan“Second uncle”,Never meet empty-handed at the first meeting。
However, Qiao Tianyu overestimated the Russian economy in this era.,In the process of privatization,The Russian economy suffers a fatal blow,People’s food and clothing has become a big problem,What kind of nutrition。
Qiao Tianyu went to two big shopping malls,In addition to maintaining food and clothing、bread、Outside of tomatoes,I haven’t seen a few decent meats,Not to mention nutrition。
Hey,The privatization process is really fierce!
No way,I can’t buy anything decent,Qiao Tianyu had to turn to Darius for help。

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July 16

The answer will be known immediately!

Mo Wen is a 42nd-level warrior,A master who can rank among the top ten in the day,But in the next second, blood splashes in the sky,Embarrassing。
His full blow,The two claws did hit the skeleton soldier,But under all the power burst,But like a cow into the sea,Has no effect at all。
The weird skeleton soldier didn’t even move.,There is no sign of injury,Didn’t even do the actions that affected it。
Skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang suffered a blow from Mo Wen alive,Decisively swing an axe,At lightning speed,Slashed past,And Mo Wen exchanged tricks,Trade injury for injury,Spell it right。
but,Under this fight,The result was that everyone was astonished on the spot。
Nothing about that weird skeleton soldier,But Mo Wen is blood splattered in five steps,A horrible big hole was split at the waist by a bone axe,The wound is not just splattered blood,Also made a strange chick,White smoke。
Mo Wen screamed,Withdraw,Stumbled back to the square array,Paled face,Apparently poisoned again。
Taoist priests behind are in a hurry,Hurriedly detoxify Mo Wen again,treatment,Mana drained,This barely stabilized his injury。
obviously,After this brief confrontation,Mo Wen’s strength is greatly damaged,Basically lost the strength to fight again。
The weird skeleton soldier,what is the problem?The skeleton soldier is a fragile low-end summoning creature,Why is it so powerful?
Facing such weird signs,Everyone present,Both the enemy and the enemy,All fell into a dead silence。
The doubts in the heart of the wooden knife finally solved,He couldn’t figure it out before,How can Wu Hao use a small skeleton soldier,To attract so many Scarlet Moon Spiders,If Chiyue Canyon is really such a mess,It’s already the world of Taoists!
Now he knows,It’s not that someone’s luck is particularly good,But the skeleton soldier he summoned is so weird!
Even the forty-two-level warrior’s full shot,Can’t hurt this stuff,This is no longer as simple as defense perversion,This is simply immune to physical damage!
No wonder those Scarlet Moon Spiders were turned around by this skeleton soldier,Because they can’t break the defense of skeleton soldiers,Can’t hit,So I can only be driven away by it。
How did Wu Hao do it?This person is indeed an unborn genius!will《Summon Skeleton》This low-level skill develops this kind of change against the sky,Isn’t that surprising enough?
Of course Zhong Yeo saw this scene too,His face was so gloomy that it was about to turn into a dark cloud,The mind turns fast,Evaluating the combat power of this monster skeleton soldier in my heart。

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July 15

Xiao Fan listened to this summer complaint,But there is no meaning to answer the words at all!

Just listen to summer:“Really too much,Could it be that he thought my eyes had a see-through eye?,Can see if there is jade in an ordinary stone,This person,It’s really abnormal。”
Under the grumbling of the summer,Two people came to the jade field。
Before getting off。Xiao Fan asked:“Under what circumstances will you pass the assessment?”
“There must be jade in at least two of the ten。”The summer when I said this was extremely depressed,This is too difficult。
But Xiao Fan just nodded indifferently,Said:“it is good,I know!”
Chapter Sixty Three Green
Wait for Xiao Fan to park the car,After bringing summer to the jade field,The jade field is already full of people。
On both sides of a trail that looks like the main road of a jade field,Jade stalls one after another,Big and small,Shape**。
The front of their booth is full of various stones。
Actually enter the jade field from one,Xia’s eyes never left these“jade”,Actually it’s called Jade Field,But here you can’t even see any jade。
Look around,All eyes are stones。
Except for the size of these stones、The shapes and colors are all different,In summer, I really can’t see where they are different。
Summer look at the left,Look at the right,The brains are buzzing suddenly!
If this is to let her come here by herself,She is afraid that she is going to be submerged in these rocks。
If anyone can find jade in these stones,Xia Xia really feels that this person must have been secretly given to him by heaven,Otherwise, how can normal people do it?!

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July 14

This attitude of doing things gives me a sense of identity,If you can stick to it,We have more opportunities for cooperation in the future!

It’s dark without knowing it!
Because each other has things to do,I didn’t have dinner together!
I sent Sun Hee to her place,Tomorrow she will move to Hanmo Shuxiang。
That is the hardcover room,Just buy some daily necessities and you can move in with your bags!
Sun Xi gave me some benefits!
She is a smart woman who knows how to take advantage of women!
Say it’s a girl,Just a bit too much。
After all, they are already in their thirties,Already past that stage!
I didn’t go home,But came to a club。
“President Ge wants to see you,It’s really not easy!”
A noble and elegant beauty smiled and teased。
“See what you say,I’m not busy with some work,Otherwise it would have come long ago!”
I am curious to ask the beauty,What the hell is she looking for me!

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July 13

“Edit,Continue to edit,Sedum group member,Anyway, we are the two in the chat group hall,I won’t break through you。”

“As long as the Sedum members can convince yourself,I believe in what Sedum members said before。”
Nezha said with a smile,This is obviously Sedum,You can say so elegantly,Nezha is the first time I saw。
“Mainly because of the cause and effect,and,Can connect with other worlds,As long as it doesn’t fall halfway,In a few years,The City Lord of the Sky City will definitely grow up completely。”
“Then,I just can’t afford it,therefore,Getting out early is the most correct way。”
Jingtian said with a smile,Mu Qingge’s future,Destined to be rough,but,As long as it doesn’t fall,Destined to be the strong,And his Sedum’s future?Far away,therefore,Jingtian decided not to provoke right and wrong。
“Could it be that the city lord of the heavens mentioned by the members of the Sedum group,Is a woman?Sedum group members fell in love at first sight?Then I felt that I was not worthy of the lord of Zhutian City?”
“in fact,As long as the Sedum group members start working hard from now on,Can also shorten the gap between you。”
Nezha said with a smile,Although he is young,But his clones are all over the territory of the human race,He can say that he has experienced all the various states of life,therefore,For men and women,Also understand。
If Jing Tian really has a good impression on the lord of Zhutian City,Then we should go to propose marriage upright,Instead of sighing sadly in the chat group hall。
“Nezha group members,With my current life,There are still hundreds of years to consider the major events of my life,Why rush for a while?”
“not to mention,No matter how good the lord of Zhutian City is,but,After all, it’s not the character I like。”
Jingtian said with a smile,Is Mu Qingge pretty??Pretty,Also very gentle,but,After all, it’s not his favorite character,and,Maybe it’s because Sedum has been alone until now,therefore,He can’t realize the kind of questioning what love is in the world,Directly teach the love of life and death。
“Say,Why didn’t Sedum group members persuade Sun Wukong group members?You know that the character of the Monkey King group members is not very good,If the Monkey King group members really want to take revenge on the city,How should the Sedum group members act?”
Nezha asked curiously,If Monkey King is really hostile to the heavens,Sedum can’t stay out of it,It was Jingtian who took Sun Wukong to Zhutian City,Something happened,Sedum can’t run。
“Why can’t i not help,Sit back and ignore?”
“I don’t have the strength of Nezha’s third-tier peak,I’m afraid with my current strength,Similar to Zhu Gang,Such a weak strength,Don’t think about mixing up。”

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July 12

after all,Big shots in the state cabinet,Isn’t it easy to find you trouble??

Frank·Robinson could not speak,He is completely desperate,It’s like Kenneth in front of me·As Mr. Kulle said,The minister of the state cabinet wants to trouble himself,Isn’t it too simple?
“thank you,Mr. Kulle,”Frank·Robinson heads down to Kenneth·Kuler thanked:“Thank you for your professional consulting service,I think,It’s time for me to leave……”
But Kenneth·Kulle’s next words,Let Frank who is about to get up and leave·Robinson’s butt seemed to be glued to the chair……
“go away?”Kenneth·Kuler looked at Frank sympathetically·Robinson,Speak softly:“Mr. Robinson,Although I don’t know how you grieved with that big man,But with my years of experience,I can tell you with certainty,That big man deliberately embarrassed your bidding this time,I’m actually waiting for you to give in,Are you sure you really want to leave now?You are gone now,Not only did this bidding miss you,I am afraid that in the future government bidding behaviors in the entire state of Michigan, it will completely miss you.。”
There is a feeling of extreme resentment in his heart:What happened?You mean you are embarrassed and I am still doing me good?
But there was a voice in my heart telling him:Yes,Mr. Kulle is right,The other party is really waiting for him to confess his mistake,Otherwise such a big man,I’m not embarrassing myself in this way。
Frank·Robinson knows very well,Although I have some money,But it’s worth just tens of millions of dollars;
In the U.S,My own Robinson Helicopter Company is indeed only a medium-sized company,Influence is extremely limited……
“Ok,Mr. Kulle,What you said is right,”Frank finally realized the seriousness of the problem·Robinson,Took a deep breath:“Solve the problem if there is a problem。”
Kenneth·Kulle thumbs up:“Smart people。”

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July 11

And what is Yunxiang thinking about now,Gao Yu can’t tell。

This matter is replaced by his father’s inability to do well, right?The company is not too small now,And I was stared at every move。
In this situation,If the company’s reputation is bad because of a small profit,This is not a good thing。
But now the company is always spending,No income,This is also an urgent need to bring those fields into management。
This is a contradiction。That is to compete for time with people around。
Yun Xiang understands Qin Feng’s way of writing,Because Qin Feng always wanted to thank those people。
But after being grateful,Some things must be faced with reality,That’s when the kindness is almost repaid。
So many things,Qin Feng didn’t care,If it continues like this,That’s obviously a bit stupid。
Gao Yu knows that Qin Feng has always been a particular person,Since Qin Feng feels like he has given it almost,You don’t need to think about it。
Just now this time,Gao Yu really doesn’t know,What’s going on here。
Thought of here,Gao Yu said with a serious face:“Is there anything else in this matter??Those guys are probably watching?”
Now we are in a hurry,Not that they are in a hurry,And they’re all betting that we can’t afford it,Is this the case??
“Yes,We all can’t delay,Because under normal circumstances,Those projects can be done in at least five months,And many local measures are already being laid。”
If it continues like this,There is also a serious matter to deal with,That’s whether we should deal with those parts of them?
Because many things are together,That’s why Yunxiang has a headache,Those places are not handled properly,Now there is such a situation,He doesn’t know how to dispel those guys’ ambitions。
“Can’t we use any threats??”Gao Yu asked somewhat blankly,He really asked from the heart。

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July 10

There are three days before the election ends,But there was a terrible news from the Oda family,Zhang Qiang and He Gao unite,Strongly settled in the Oda family。

And a boy named Oda Ieyasu was promoted to the position of head of the house。
“amount,puppet?”Qin Feng’s first reaction after hearing the news from Cen Wen was that the spider finally found a good puppet.。
“Ha ha,Don’t say that,In the eyes of others,You Qin Fengke is also such a person。Do you think Haruko Miyamoto will be better off than Ieyasu Oda?”Cen Wen turned to complain。
Qin Feng could only touch his nose awkwardly,After all, he can’t explain anything。After all, in the eyes of outsiders,Haruko Miyamoto doesn’t have much real power,Qin Feng is basically making decisions。
Is that different from Oda Ieyasu’s superior??
“Ugh,Forget it!But this way,Does the death of Oda Shinyi indicate that it is related to Zhang Qiang??”Although I didn’t see the blasting mercenary group,But not much difference。
I thought Cen Wen had set up a bureau yesterday,Can make Zhang Qiang fight with the Oda family,Because if Zhang Qiang is behind the scenes of the Explosive Mercenary Group,That between Oda Shinyi and Zhang Qiang is the enemy of murder!
But now I haven’t waited for them to move,Oda Shinyi fell down first。
“Life is so fragile!Just say who has the stronger overall strength,But when the critical moment went wrong,Then lose everything。”Qin Feng sighed。
“so,Those who rely on their brains for food are those who truly stand on top of the pyramid.!”Cen Wen laughed。
“okay,Not fighting with you!Is there anyone on your side?Go out with me!”Qin Feng said。
“Oh?What to do?”Cen Wen looked at Qin Feng。
The latter stroked his chin,“If i guess right,Chu Xiao should do it。From my perspective,Although Chu Xiao didn’t show any kindness to me,But of course I hope that Chu Xiao will win the battle between him and Zhang Qiang。But after all, he was only alone,Now Zhang Qiang not only has his own mercenary group on the side,Even control the entire Oda family。There are so many people that you doubt life。”
Cen Wen nodded,“So you want to let the wind near Oda’s house。When Chu Xiao starts, you want to see if you can pick it up?the most important is,Because He Gao showed up,You want revenge?”

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July 9

“If you really help me solve those two,I will promise you afterwards on behalf of the official,Let your wind alliance expand to the wholeAPotential。of course,Confined to underground forces!”

Qin Feng was a little surprised。After all, he didn’t expect the other party to make such a condition。Qin Feng originally wanted to build Dongcheng into a place with no secrets to him。
But that would cost a lot。Because it needs countless intelligence personnel to work for him。
These people often risk their lives,In this way, there must be no less labor。Calculate like this,His billion deposits are not enough。
So he also needs some ways to make money,The underground forces have many gray area industries,So the profit is also considerable。
But he never wanted to clash with official people,So I didn’t make Situ worshipers too impulsive。
Chapter Seventy Seven Fight
“Can you represent the official?”Qin Feng asked。
“Ok,Hurry up,Change later,As for what you want,We will talk later!”Luo Cheng rushed back to find Qin Feng and didn’t have much time to talk。
After all, Qin Feng uses a helicopter so ostentatious,Of course they wanted to find Qin Feng,After all, the official Sky Eye system can be used by agents such as Tamron and Zhou Mian.。
Even in Qin Feng’s opinion,Maybe Zhou Mian had already called the people from the Sky Eye department to stare at him.。
“Ugh,Just this time.”
In fact,Qin Feng guessed that the two Luo family brothers met should have attacked Chen Wensen’s two mysterious scavengers。
Besides, he also feels a little ashamed of Chen Wensen,Because the latter trusted him to cooperate with him,Who would have thought that Qin Feng didn’t rush over,So that he really can’t hold it。
Before Chen Wensen also said that he would get some organs in his house。But it doesn’t seem to be used much,Besides, even if there is,The two Xuan-level scavengers are not something people of Chen Wensen’s level can resist.。

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