August 31

But Xia Jian is Xia Jian,No matter how seductive Feng Xiaowei holding her tightly,He finally got up so violently,Break free from Feng Xiaowei’s hug。

Xia Jian panting,Insert the room card into the card socket。The lights in the room are on,Xia Jian found out that Feng Xiaowei, who was leaning on all sides, had leaked the spring breeze.。
It may be the reason why I love it after drinking too much,do not know when。Feng Xiaowei has unbuttoned a few buttons on her chest by herself。Pink,The bra with lace trim is all exposed。Especially the two babies that can’t be wrapped in the bra,Have exposed the big side outside。
Xia Jian is also a human,Also a flesh and blood,Bloody man。He saw Feng Xiaowei on the bed,The blood rushed to my heart。
“Don’t go!”Feng Xiaowei shouted drunk,Suddenly turned over。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang without losing time。Ringing,Xia Jian suddenly became sober。
Tong Jie called,Xia Jian quickly connected。Just listen to Tong Jie smiling and asking on the phone:“Why haven’t you come back!It’s not you who fell asleep too!”
“Will be back soon,This woman is drunk,I have to get her settled”Xia Jian finished,Ran into the bathroom,I turned on cold water and washed my face,Sober yourself up,He just walked out。
Xia Jian slapped his head,Walk to the bed,Open the quilt and cover Feng Xiaowei’s body,Then I looked at Feng Xiaowei with a bit of dismay,Then left the room。
Cold wind in the middle of the night,Blowing on Xia Jian’s face,He couldn’t help taking a breath。
First1953chapter Feast your eyes
Waiting for Xia Jian to arrive at ChunyuKTVIn front of,Tong Jie and Secretary Wang are already standing at the door。Just ask,They clear the field at two o’clock,This means that these people have no place。
Zhao Chunling is the most sober among these people,She rushed to Xia Jian in two steps,Lowered his voice and said:“Chief Xia!Everyone almost drank too much,Shall we live in the whole house?!”
“it is good!There is a hotel not far in front,Then let’s go!”Xia Jian said,So I hired everyone。But Secretary Wang and Liu Zimin are completely drunk。Fortunately, Xiong Yongqiang and Li Lin were half drunk。How can they help?。
A bunch of people arrived at the hotel,The little girl at the cash register hurriedly called the security guard。The security guard is a man after all,He looked like a bunch of drunks,And Xia Jian just left here。
“How about this!For these men,Open a multi-person room,I drank too much and slept with me.。These two women and the one who just came,Just squeeze a room!Everyone should be together”Which little girl the male security guard arranged for。

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August 30

“Is there anything special about this ship?”

“YesjokerThe boat,You didn’t let our people give it a little bitjokerThe power of?So this ship was discovered by us,And the slave inside seems to belong to the dragon!”
“Oh!interesting!”Leo showed a slight smile。
Unexpectedly, Doflamingo shouted on the surface to kill all the dragons and destroy the world,But the body is very honest,Actually transported slaves for the Tianlong people。
Tianlong people are the largest slave consumers in the world,Occupies more than 50% of the world。
It can be said,Eighty percent of the high-quality slaves in Shampoo will be bought by the Tianlong people。
Many people are transporting slaves for the Tianlong people。The leader he killed before was also one of them。
But the Tianlong people don’t care about this,If a good slave comes, we will buy it,We don’t care who sent it。
“Slaves from Doflamingo,It should be a good group of people!”Leo smiled more。
If it was before today,Leo looks at this ship the most,But now I got the big master Weibull,He has the confidence to break his wrist with Doflamingo。
“Just a boat,Not offending him,I think he will endure Weibull’s strength!”
Doflamingo has too much power,A ship of slaves,It’s not worth he brought all the cadres to trouble Leo。
There must be temptation,But will not go all out。
“Also good,Since I will meet sooner or later,Then try the water first!”
First92chapter Gangbang Ming brother’s boat

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August 29

All the time,I wish that the inner court of the gate is indifferent to the outer court,And with a little contempt。

They do their loss,The same has nothing to do with the inner courtyard of Zhumenhushan Island。
“Zhu Minglang,Your house seems very complicated。”Fang Niannian said quietly。
She can see it too,I wish the outer court and inner court look like two worlds。
The inner courtyard is in the Hushan Island,Like a sacred place isolated from the world,The loss of the outer court will not affect the inner court at all,Two families that seem to be irrelevant。
“We wish the door had taken in a foundry family from a defeated country before,Most of them became slaves。My grandfather does not approve of slavery,I split up at the beginning,Handed over to this defeated country forging family to run,Which is the outer court that my uncle and aunt are now in charge of。”Zhu Minglang explained helplessly。
Imperial Palace,There are slave groups in many races。
Slave group,Has no place in the eyes of any forces,Even if you have slowly changed your identity like Zhu Yushan,Slowly became the true core member of Zhumen,The entire Emperor Ji Ting still didn’t take them too seriously。
“Then your uncle and aunt,Not dear?”Fang Niannian asked。
“Uncle Zhu Yushan was originally named Yushan,Is my father’s former schoolmate,My father’s concept is consistent with my grandfather,I don’t like the slavery of the defeated country,Have always been brothers,Even request from the family,Let him change his surname,So I have the current name of Zhu Yushan。My father treats him like a brother,They have always regarded me as their own。”Zhu Minglang explained。
In fact,Even if the slaves have children,Must be slavery。
Even though Zhu Yushan and Bai Xin have changed their surnames,On the bright side, he got rid of his status as a slave,But if they have children,Will still be defaulted to slave status by Ji Ting Dynasty。
This is why they haven’t had children for many years。
their children,Still can’t wash away this slave brand。
“and so,Zhu Tong as a child of your clan,Even if he was killed in the Big Competition,No one will delve into this matter??”Fang Niannian suddenly realized。

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August 28


First0888chapter Drove to work
Things in the world,Sometimes it’s just like that。
Tie Li didn’t sleep well all night,She got up early,It’s okay to find which foot I hurt,So according to Xia Jian’s instructions,Soak and wash with Chinese medicine,So I’m ready to go to work。
Arrived at my office,The first thing is to call Xia Jian,It’s a pity that the phone rang for a long time,No one answered the phone。She suddenly had a hunch,Isn’t this guy Xia Jian coming?!
Thought of here,Tie Li’s heart is really uncomfortable,Is he too unkind??She hurriedly called Guan Yue,Let her notify Xia Jian to come to work。
What makes her happy is,Guan Yue called her and said,Xia Jian promised to come to work soon。Just come,Anyway, she can’t help but why he is late。
Tie Li on the phone,I feel a little worried,So she went downstairs,I found an excuse to go to the guard room and go around。He just came out of the guard room,A black MercedesSUVRushed in,The security guard on duty hurriedly waved to stop。
“Mr!Can I help you?Is there an appointment?“The security guard said very politely。
The glass on the car window is down,Xia Jian stretched his head out。He glanced at Tie Li who was standing at the gate and said:“I’ll find her,Ask her if you have something!“Xia Jian finished,Drove away。
Tie Li could not help but sucked in a cold voice,What the hell is this man?Yesterday I came to the interview and wore a valuable imported shirt。Today, I drove Daben to work in a department of the group,What is wrong with him。
“General Iron!Do you know this person?“The security asked Tie Lidao in a low voice。
Tie Li recovered,She smiled and said:“You remembered,He is the deputy manager of our planning department“A few security guards,I can’t help but stretch my tongue。They are the same as Tie Li,I am also surprised at who Xia Jian is,Would drive such a luxurious car to work。
Xia Jianyi entered the office,Guan Yue made a cup of tea for him and brought it in,She laughed:“This is my new water glass,Don’t dislike it”
“Old or new doesn’t matter,The key is whether you have used it yourself?”Xia Jian was joking,Then turned on the computer。
Guan Yue put the tea cup in front of Xia Jian and said:“I’m sure I’m useless myself, I said it’s new。You know you hate me,You didn’t say anything when holding Mr. Tie’s feet in your hands?”
“what?You saw it all?Are you following me?”Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but widen my eyes。

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August 27

Old people have limited energy after all,Although Grandma Luo said she had a good night’s sleep,But when she was talking to Xia Jian,Started to doze off again。

Nanny Ali looked from a distance,When she found out that Grandma Luo was like this,She immediately walked over and said:“Mr. Xia!Your house is next to the living room on the first floor,you should also rest earlier,I helped grandma go to bed”
“Ok!”Xia Jian said quickly,She feels a little relieved。
Follow Ali’s prompt,Xia Jian quickly found his room,He gently opened the door and walked into the cloud。Reach out and press on the wall,Very convenient to turn on the lights in the room。
The room is a guest room,Not much furnishings inside,But very elegant。The bedding on the bed is all new,And also has a faint fragrance。
Xia Jian locked the door,Checked the curtains,After finding no problem,And fell on the bed。This day is really exhausting for him。The time of daybreak,He is still at the airport in Bucheon,Now it’s hereGZA place he is not familiar with。
Something like this happened,Xia Jian never dreamed of it。While undressing,He just remembered the phone in his pocket。He finished calling Gu Yue,I turned my hand off。
It’s only ten o’clock in the evening,For young people,Playing this time。So he turned on the phone。The phone just turned on,A text message popped up。
Gu Yue sent over on the first day“What do you mean Xia Jian?Why shut down?Tie Li told the whole story,It seems that Xu Yiming did this again。It’s a pity that others went there this afternoonTG,Don’t worry,He only needs to return home,I will repay you this grudge。I don’t know if you have any problems?”
“Rest assured,I’m fine。I am here to take pictures of an old grandma for three days,Don’t call me during this period,I will tell you everything when I come back”Xia Jian returned a message to Gu Yue。
The following are all made by Tie Li,She posted a total of five。The content of each article is basically the same,It’s nothing more than caring if anything happened to Xia Jian。Such as injuries,The other is to tell Xia Jian,She received a lot of things,I also asked Xia Jian why he shut down?”
Xia Jian thought for a while,Ben Tieli replied:“I don’t have any problems。I’m taking care of an old grandma,Come back in three days,Don’t call during this time,understanding!”
After sending the message,Xia Jian still feels unsafe,So he turned his hand off again。Made it like a spy。

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August 26

He is an ancestor who is responsible for exploring the world。

Ancestor,It’s not difficult to read a chaotic world once and for all。But it’s too difficult to keep the mind and probe all the time,So I use some treasures,Use the magical spirit to detect–This treasure,They were all bought from Hefengzong by a top ancestor who was born in Tianyuan World,Chaos Qibao。
If there is a burst of power at the Dao ancestor level,The magic weapon spirit of Chaos Qibao quickly reported,Then Daozu personally probed。
but,Magic Spirit did not report anything,But there is a terrible force that imprisons him。
“Who?!”Biyu Zuxian panicked,“I am the descendant of the Red Wing Ancestor God of Hefeng School,Ancestor Red Wing Ancestral God is the general of the true god army of Hefengzong。”
“Oh,Still a fairy。”Li Ming appeared behind Biyu Zuxian,Grabbing,Put one hand on Biyu Zuxian’s head,Take out one at the same time
“Either,I will search for your soul,Either you swear to tell what you know about Tianyuan World,About Hefengzong,Information and star maps about surrounding forces,And tell me all the methods you can teach。。。Choose yourself!”
“senior,I swear,I swear!”Biyu Zuxian is a boneless head,An oath to follow good,Then he told Li Ming all the information he knew。
As far as Biyu Zuxian knows,He Fengzong is the surrounding chaotic void,One of the top powers。
but,He is just an ancestor in a world,I don’t know much about other big forces。
Just know,Bone Mountain、Cangxue Country、Saint Cloud Gate and other big forces,Same level as Hefengzong。
Hefengzong,Directly command the surrounding 139 chaotic world。
The legendary Sect Master Hefeng,And the elders of the sect are all world realms,How many of them don’t know。
But Sect Master Hefeng is a famous and powerful person,Known to many chaotic worlds with a scarlet sword。
Besides,This faction is equally powerful and huge army。
Ancestral God Legion composed of countless powerful men、True God Legion,And the ancestral army。

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August 25


All the water friends were stunned by Chen Xiu’s shot。
“Don’t pretend to be Principal Wang if you have a few steel plates clanging,You think you are really the richest son。”
Chen Xiu, this barrage came out,I am so angry that I am not Headmaster Wang and gritted his teeth,The same is also a gift of 500,000。
“Special,Who said that a few steel plates are too poor。”
Chen Xiu watched him just brush out a gift of the same value as himself,Knowing him this is the end of the crossbow,I guess I won’t be able to call if I try。
Right now, it’s just one million gifts.。
Full-screen fireworks pop up one after another on the live platform,This time, the platinum master anchor on the platform is not calm anymore,Come over“Rounds”,Following a large number of water friends came to Rosin’s room,Let Rosin’s live broadcast room break through half a million people online,The company directors of the live broadcast platform quickly ordered two sets of servers to be added to Rosin’s live broadcast room.,Ensure the fluency of live broadcast。
“If there is a kind, you can buy a lot more than me。”
After Chen Xiu’s one million gift was published,,This barrage pops up directly in the middle of the screen,Particularly conspicuous。
20 You are hired
“Principal Wang,He fought you。”
“Get him。”
“Uncle can bear,Auntie can’t bear it,Must go back。”
“it’s me,so I200Wan killed him。”

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August 24

It’s only our basic strength that has fallen,People’s methods have not weakened,An armed Liu Ying domineering can instantly pinch them both。

“Really dangerous,I definitely walked through the ghost gate just now!”Leo secretly rejoiced。
First65chapter Do you have any thoughts about my ass
Leo stayed still,It wasn’t until I felt that Raleigh should have gone far before he was completely relieved。
no way,Really stressful。
This is definitely a big guy who can stab him to death with one finger。
“Boss,Did that person leave??”West Corn is more afraid of death than Leo,Seeing Leo dare not move,Naturally he dare not。
“Maybe!”Leo is not sure。
but,As long as Leo doesn’t take the initiative to trouble Raleigh,Leo feels he is still safe,This kind of character won’t kill the carbine。
“Boss,Who is that person??”West Cohen asked curiously。
“Go jump into the sea if you want to die,Don’t bother me here!”Leo didn’t answer at all,Walk towards the first slave I saw。
“What’s the situation with this guy?”Leo thoughtful。“Just now he suspected that this guy was possessed by a negative ghost,Now it seems that there is no one around here。”
Is it a character like God Wu?
Think before and after,Leo thinks it’s possible,This kind of person is the kind of more pessimistic、Negative type。
Leo took a closer look at each other

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August 23

Two yellow hairs got up from the ground。Bald headed to see how shameful his subordinates are,Extremely irritated in my heart,He didn’t say a word,Grab the stool under the ass,It rounded up Chao Xia Jian’s head and split it off。

Xia Jian’s head just got hurt,Even if it is not injured,Can’t afford to hurt this place。He shakes,People have dangled two meters away,Stool in Bald Hand,Hit the ground,Fell to pieces。
The crowd onlookers couldn’t help but exclaimed,It seems that this guy actually killed him。
Facing this desperado,Xia Jian will not be soft。Without waiting for the bald head to shoot again,Xia Jian’s left fist flicked,Right uppercut,This punch hits the bald chin,Just listen“Ouch”Bang,The whole person was flew out by Xia Jian’s punch。He hummed straight on the table,Just didn’t go up。
“The three of you opened your eyes wide,Don’t make trouble here again,Otherwise i see it once,Just beat you once”Xia Jian said,Lift a foot,Kicked his bald head and sat on the ground。
He who was majestic just now,At this time, it’s like a lost dog,Panic。Xia Jian wanted to give them back a few times,But when I think I just came out of the hospital,It’s not good if there is more trouble。
When he thought of this,Roar loudly:“Hurry up!”
Bald,Got up hurriedly,Holding the chin injured by Xia Jian with both hands,Ran away in a hurry,I don’t even care about the life and death of Huang Mao and Hong Mao。Everyone watched these three people run away from the restaurant one after another,They all gave Xia Jian a thumbs up。
Xiao Lian gave Xia Jian a shy look,Whisper:“Thank you for helping,I’ll let the chef cook you a bowl of rice again”
“no need,I still have something,If they come to find something,Call the police immediately,You must not be merciless when dealing with such people,Otherwise they will bully you”Although Xia Jian’s belly is calling,But he can’t stay here anymore,In case this bald head brings some people over,He just discharged,Whether this body can eat it or not is still two different things。
He bought two boxes of instant noodles at the convenience store at the gate of the community and went back to Xiao Xiao’s room。Coincidentally,He just sat down,Zhao Hong called。
“Xia Jian,I am at Bucheon City Coach Station,Where are you?”Zhao Hong asked loudly。
Even President Xia is no longer called,Even by name,It seems that Zhao Hong’s heart is not small,Xia Jian hurriedly said with a smile:“You wait,I will send you an address,You show the address to the taxi driver,Let him drive you over”
After hanging up,Xia Jian sent a text message to Zhao Hong。The coach station is a bit far from here,Why not let her call Di,Big deal, he can pay for the fare,This is running around,It’s not convenient for him to show up。
Boiled a pot of boiling water,Xia Jian soaked two boxes of instant noodles together,He is really hungry,I don’t know if these two boxes are enough,First base,Wait until Zhao Hong comes。
I could have eaten my favorite fried noodles,I didn’t expect to be destroyed by these flies again,Xia Jian was angry even after thinking about it。He can’t figure it out,Why do I always encounter such things?。

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August 22

Just when he was feeling sentimental。The phone on the table rang again,He saw that it was an unfamiliar local call,He doesn’t want to pick it up,But think twice,He still got the call。

A familiar woman’s voice came over the phone immediately:“Happy New Year, President Xia!I am Tong Jie。You call this,Is it a bit presumptuous?”
“No!Where did you spend the year”Xia Jian never thought,Tong Jie will call him this call。Between them,It’s been a while on the phone。
Tong Jie on the phone smiled and said:“That’s good!Please hurry to the Metropolitan Office,Me and pharaoh,And Wei Xiaoming、Xiong Yongqiang,There is also a big beauty Zhao Chunling。We are all waiting for you,See or leave”
Tong Jie finished,So he hung up。Xia Jian holding his mobile phone,I haven’t recovered for a long time。These people used to be his old acquaintances,But for various reasons,He took the initiative to give up contacting them。I didn’t expect people to remember him。
Someone remembered,Always a good thing。Xia Jian quickly stood up and turned off the computer,Then tidy up the desk,I walked downstairs quickly。
Because of the snow,Pedestrians and vehicles on the road are much scarce。Xia Jian finally stopped a car,He didn’t expect to laugh as soon as he got in the car。
First2293chapter Misunderstanding again
It turns out that someone else is driving,It is Xia Jian’s high school classmate Gao Qiaoli。Old classmates meet on such occasions,This is an embarrassing thing。
Unexpectedly, these two people are very happy,Xia Jian laughed,I stretched out my hand and shook Gao Qiaoli。Gao Qiaoli was also very happy to say:“I didn’t expect it to be you,how is everything!Your original call can’t be reached now”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The original phone number is no longer needed,This is new you write down”Xia Jian said,So he gave his old classmate a business card he just printed。
“Yo ha!You are awesome。Now it seems that I did it alone?”Gao Qiaoxian holds the business card Xia Jian gave her,Looked at and said with a smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“There is no alternative。how about it?Have you contacted them recently??”
Gao Qiaoli glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Contact a fart。They are getting less and less promising now。Take Liu Qiang as an example,This guy lost the position of deputy director because of his bad style,It stands to reason to be honest,did not expect,He’s a dog can’t change eating shit”
“Damn!You call him bad enough。What happened again??Isn’t she messing with other wives again?!”When Xia Jian said this,,I feel a bit vulgar。
But what he didn’t expect was,Gao Qiaoli smiled and said:“This bitch is a dog。He actually got involved with a little girl in the unit,And she got pregnant”

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