September 30

Two understatement by Wang Yihua,Give Xia Jian a reassurance,It seems that his ideas should be implemented。This is his Xia Jian personality,Never stay on one thing。

It’s more than ten miles from the county seat to Hongchuanhe Hot Spring,So this road will arrive within a few minutes at the speed of Guo Meili。Park the car,A few people walked up the Hongchuan River。
Apart from fresh air along the way,And red leaves all over the mountains,Look pleasing to the eye。Xia Jian asked He Jingdao, who was following him in a low voice:“how about it?Is it beautiful here??I should feel better!”
“I feel better,A word on your way,Made me suddenly open up。It’s not that there are too few roads,But our vision is not broad enough”He Jing sighed and said。
Follow Guo Meili behind her,Haha smiled:“nice!You still have this state,I really underestimated you”
“Hi!See what Mr. Guo said,They all went to school,And still graduated from high school,Anyway,Also drank two drops of ink”He Jing laughed,I can see that her mood is much better。
A turn,I saw the white mist entwining the foot of the mountain,He Jing shouted happily:“The hot spring is here!So beautiful”
Xia Jian stopped,Fingered the path they walked,Said with a smile:“In the future, there will be a road leading in from the foot of the mountain,Here,Is a contiguous hot spring resort,Everyone can’t help but imagine,Think about the future beauty here”
“Yes!Come out after soaking in the hot spring,Wrapped in bath towels,Sitting on a swing in the garden,Silently looking at a book in his hand,Raise your head from time to time,Gaze at the wildflowers on the mountain,This situation,Like heaven on earth”Wang Yihua closed her eyes tightly,Murmured。
Guo Meili clapped his hands and smiled:“What a beautiful picture,I didn’t expect Mr. Wang to be so poetic,The scene depicted is really beautiful。
“Ok!Really good,It seems that our development is very correct。Mr. Guo quickly get the drawing,There are a few corrections here, Let’s check it out“Xia Jian is talking,Started work。
The curious He Jing ran to the hot spring,To see how people cook。Wang Yihua looked at her back,Sincerely say to Guo Meili:“He Jing’s body is really good,I like it“When Wang Yihua said this,A glance at Xia Jian intentionally or unintentionally。
“I’m not young yet,Plus regular exercise,There is no extra muscle”Guo Meili smiled and said。
Xia Jian looked at the drawings,While listening to the conversation between two women,He couldn’t help but smile:“What you said,How do I not notice“
“Alright!Don’t pretend,You haven’t found anything on this girl“Wang Yihua said,Haha laughed,Married women are different,Dare to say anything。
First0852chapter An awkward mountain rain
Seeing clouds in the mountains is rain,This is a talk of experience。

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September 30

This figure,Waning moon。

“Waning moon,Let your avatar come in and take a look。”
Taoist level,There is no real clone,So-called‘Clone’Technique,Actually they are all from special practice‘Incarnation’。
Have to say,And the Three Realms Tathagata‘Dharmakaya’More similar。
Really awesome‘Incarnation’,After special training, the power can reach the deity’s number。
The Taoist King of Endless Territory,The strongest in this regard is Star King。
And Li Ming’s followers‘Waning moon’,Can be regarded as a practitioner who is very good at this way。
This class of practitioners,The popularity is second only to the mind-power practitioner。
Mind Practitioner,Is probe,Is to assist in battle。
And cultivated‘Clone’,You can let the clone to explore some dangerous places。
on the one hand,As long as these clones don’t lose too much in a short time,,Has no effect on the deity。
Second come,This specialized clone,Not weak,Much better than normal avatars,Have a certain resistance to dangers during probing。
When the waning moon Daojun was in the Immortal Palace of the Dao League,Also bought a clone method《Star God》,In fact, it is the unique knowledge of the contemporary pinnacle prince and star king。
She has a god-like body,The waning moon kendo is also very suitable for this kind of method,Successfully practiced。
She cultivated a total of six clones,Each one has 50% strength of the deity。
Her 50% strength,It can be comparable to the average top Daojun。
Barely able to resist some basic threats,If even her clone is instantly annihilated,That the threat is not low,There are also some risks for Li Ming。
If the level of danger encountered cannot instantly kill the avatar of Daojun Daojun,It’s certainly not a threat to Li Ming。
Daojun Wanyue didn’t refuse,As a follower,This matter is his duty—Moreover, Li Ming famously said,All the Chaos Spirit Liquid consumed by her cultivating clone was produced by Li Ming,She has no objection。

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September 29

Gao Ju sighed and said:“When I came, I already checked the information of the three of you,Actually, I already thought about it,But Director Mao said it,Really coincides”

“Then you can speak quickly!”Director Mao can’t wait to say。
Gao Ju lowered his voice and said:“I am going to set up a special investigation team,I will be the team leader,Deputy Mayor Qin served as deputy team leader,Director Mao and Xia Jian are investigators。Special affairs,Xia Jian is an extraordinary appointment,I don’t know if you two have any opinions?”
Gao Ju said,Take a look at Qin Xiaomin and Director Mao。
“I can’t ask for it,Actually what I mean is the same。That’s great,Chief Xia goes back,We can start from Donglin Township”Director Mao rushed to say。
Qin Xiaomin looked at Xia Jian and said:“It’s not easy,So even in rural areas,You too,Once the horse’s feet are exposed,You are also life-threatening,Don’t know what i said is right?”
“Very right,There are many people involved in Chen Feng’s business stay at the company,Once we investigate,Personal safety must be guaranteed”Gao Ju said with a serious face。
Xia Jian, who has been silent for a while, asked Gao Ju:“Secretary Gao!Did someone report Chen Feng about this??”
“You are really smart,Since we are going to investigate this secretly,I can’t help telling more。Several people in the village were sitting and drinking together a year ago,The result was that the head of a village was drunk to death。But the test result is that there is no problem with wine”
“Someone has done this,Chen Feng did the instigator。I didn’t know who it was,Report this to the province anonymously,Because this matter involves Chen Jiang,And suffering without evidence,This matter is temporarily suppressed”
When Gao Ju finished speaking,,I closed my eyes,Leaning on the sofa is like falling asleep。Research such a thing,It’s really like burning your brain。
Qin Xiaomin gently pulled Xia Jian’s sleeve and said:“Call boss Cai,Let’s go to her for dinner at noon。Simpler,A few side dishes,Is the staple food still rice?!”
“No no no,Staple food or noodles。Don’t think i’m a southerner,But eating noodles is addictive”Gao Ju suddenly opened his eyes and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:Ok,I made peace”Xia Jian finished,Stood up,He went to the door and called Cai Li。
When Cai Li on the phone heard that Xia Jian was coming to her for dinner at noon,Seem very happy。
First1979chapter Temperament woman
Special investigation team member。 This is the plot in a movie or TV series,But in real life,Xia Jian really met。And she is one of them。
When I walked out of the small building,Xia Jian still feels dreaming。Walking in the old alley,Xia Jian looked at Gao Ju who was striding ahead,He felt in his heart,This woman is not easy。

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September 29

“Combat skills,Broken mountain”The Judgment Halberd hit him,Body armor cracked,The severe pain is that he almost faints,Spit out blood,The body slammed to the ground,Dusty,act recklessly。

Fuming turned his head and looked at the other person who had stood up,That guy is wearing rough clothes,Looking at the bloody halberd,Frightened,But there is no way!
“Hehe,He is gone,It’s your turn!”Fate words are like the whispers of the devil,Frightening。
This guy can’t take it anymore,Rushed to Fuming with a roar,Messy footsteps,Fuming and lifting the halberd,Fly his weapon,Then he flew this guy with a punch,Not not killing him,This guy’s heart is gone,
Done these things,Fuming looked at the woman,Showed a very pure smile,But with the blood on his body,How to see how to violate。
The guy who was fighting the middle-aged man also noticed this,But it’s definitely not the battle he hoped,His capable man is dead,And that kid is still alive!
“Hahahaha,Good little brother,Nice job”At this time, he did not notice that he changed his name from a kid to a little brother。
The leading man avoided,Watching Fuming“Kid,You are really strong!”
“Ah,Thanks for the compliment,Oh, right,You should have something like a crystal nucleus!”
The headed guy is a little confused,Why suddenly ask this,But immediately reacted“Little brother,I have more crystal nuclei!As long as you don’t stop me,How much do you want,I will give you Li Ming!”
Middle-aged man panicked“Little brother,Our Murong family can do the same!I, Murongfu, swear here!”
Fu Ming interrupted Murong Fu’s words“Don’t fight,I didn’t think about helping him”Fuming pointed at Li Ming and said。
Murong smiled again,Too thrilling。
“Little brother,There is no hatred between us,No need to beat you to death,You just need to watch from the side,otherwise,I can’t guarantee you will leave here alive!”Li Ming sees temptation useless,Threatened,The energy rolls in the hands。
“Talking more is not helpful,Hey,We two teamed up to kill him!”
“Hehe,my pleasure!”
After speaking, the two rushed to Li Ming,Li Ming frowned“Attribute warfare,Soil thorn combo”Fuming and Murongfu’s bodies came out one by one,Extremely sharp。
Fate and wave the halberd,Break the soil thorns in front of you,Rush to Li Ming,Smashed down,But Li Ming escaped faster,DLevel sumCLevel gap is too big,Even if you can leapfrog and fight。
“Attribute warfare,Jin Guangzhan”A beam of golden knife light cuts towards Li Ming,Li Ming controlled the land and raised a wall,But the sword shines,Banged on Li Ming’s body,The metallic attack is the sharpest。

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September 28

Samadhi Real Fire,But‘Real fire’level,According to the legend, it is the Taoist lineage method of the Sanqing Taoists,Perfect for alchemy。

Its flame power is not violent,But it’s also real fire,The power of real fire,It’s comparable to Li Ming’s invisible kamikaze。
And under the control of the formation,If the time is long enough,Are enough to refine Li Ming’s divine body。
“Ming Daoyou,Are you sure to crack this formation??”
“I’m afraid it’s not as simple as before!”Li Ming has a bad face:“The gods and demons should be controlling the formation,Array prohibitions are constantly changing,The break time is at least a hundredfold increase。”
“Three hundred days,This flame has already turned us into ashes!”
“Then forcefully break the formation!”A hint of sharpness appeared on the delicate face of the black and white。
So-called forced break,Is to break the battle with force,Regardless of the law of the formation itself,But to break through this big array purely by violence。
If there is a master formation master presiding over this big formation,And there are a lot of manpower to control,Breaking the battle with force is impossible。
But now it is a Void Returning God and Demon who controls this formation。
Li Ming feels,Still very promising,After all, the realm of Void Returning God and Demon is generally not as good as that of Tianxian。
“Black and white,You and I join forces to attack in that direction!”Li Mingxin Yiheng,Roughly choose a weak spot。
Three heads and six arms,Each arm forms the power of a small world。

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September 28

Chen Xiu kept watching all this secretly,It was a secret fluke to see She Letian being so powerful,Fortunately, Hu Li joined Hu Mazi tonight、Guo Junbao come here together,Otherwise, he alone came to assassinate Sun Yang,I’m really not She Letian’s opponent。

Suddenly a scream came from the chaos below。
hand machine station:
1123 Finally shot
Chen Xiu looked at,I saw that Hu Li’s apprentice Deng Shutong couldn’t withstand the attack of Bai Ru, one of the four main halls.,Got chopped off an arm,The situation is precarious。
Hu Li and others are also in a hurry,Once the balance is broken,Let the four hall masters support She Letian,Immediately reverse the situation。
Chen Xiu thought:“This is a good time for me to help Longxi Village solve problems,If Sun Yang survives,,I’ll go to Daniel and the others for trouble!”
No longer hesitate now,Incarnate as a dark shadow,Pounce straight at Sun Yang from the eaves。
Photographed by Chen Xiu with both palms up,The palm spit out more than one foot long,But it is carried in the palm“wind”Familiar laws of nature,The air brought up by this palm,It’s like a torrential waterfall,Continuously blast towards Sun Yang。

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September 27

“All flashes,This case stronger case is intended.。”

“Chief,who are you?”
The head of the head is stunned.,Jurisdiction,Even,I can’t get it in Cao Dahua.。
“Even the Tiger Cao Dahua, the Tiger, I have never heard of it.,I dare to take my nephew away.”
“Dad,do not do that,I have greeted Huang Ya.,It’s fine。”
Liao Jie is speechless,Cao Dada’s work style,As a parties, he is very touched,But from the perspective of the bystander,His parties are a murderer。
so,Cao Dada is purely good to do bad things,Stripe and dirty water。
“no,Ager,I don’t know about the bendings in this.,Uncle will suffer。”
Cao Dada reached out:“Especially your young young,They will take the phone and mat in your chest,Then use a hammer”
Hold a counterattack for the first policeman,What is messy,So many people look,Do you do not say hello??
Cao Dada also realized that he was talking alone.,Twice,Pull the policeman whisper。
After a moment,The two smiles,A smoke,The pat shoulder became a good brother.。
“Ager,I asked.,Yellow over thereSirIs your acquaintance,In this case,I will not be embarrassed.,Remember to call me after coming out。”Cao Dawa big hands,With the younger brother with a heavy case。
“Feel sorry,My uncle is a little rushing。”
Liao Lee,Sitting on the police car,Aiming at the bar outside the eye window,Suddenly it is a glimpse。
No words,Bar neon signboard,Written two words,Because there is no light during the day,He didn’t notice when he entered it.。
“No wonder the boss is so beautiful”
Young woman,That is, the beautiful boss of Liao Jiekou,Face, let’s sit on another car,Unfair,Look at the situation,She can’t come in today.。
West Kowloon Police Department。
Liao Jie around a left and right two police officers,Not long after entering the door,I met the old acquaintance in my face.。
Wu Luozhen!
“what,Ager,What kind of wind blows you?”
Wu Luo is bright,Before two steps:“I am calling you.,Tian Weiqiang’s case has been knotted,Your bonus is also approved.。”
Who is Tian Weiqiang??
Liao Ji Si035second,Who is he?,Have money to take。
“Bonus is not a hurry,I am involved in the case,Waiting for me to get rid of the suspect again.!”
“what’s the situation,Some people planted you?”
Wu Luo Wei,Sight sweeping,Fixed on a white dream,Vision,Look down,There is a problem in a look。
“Be unable to plant,Just happen to me at the scene,I will understand the corrugation.。”
Liao Jie explained a sentence,The bodies of the red woman have been cool for a month.,Don’t say professional,Waiting a little bit of experienced police officers can see。
“rest assured,Here one is one,Two is two,Will not let you lose。”
Wu Luo nodded,Go to Dream,Said to the police officers around her:“Prisoner handed me,I will personally interrogate her.。”
“OK,Wu team leader。”x2
I have become a prisoner so soon.,The next step is not the direct conviction.?
Two hours later,Liao Jie recorded,I saw the Huang Police in the office.,The latter frowning a few files。

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September 27

Mei Tong smiled and said:“My dad is gone,My milk and my sister are gone too,Now only me and grandpa、There is mother,I want them to live the happiest life in the world”

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“do not!Money is not all powerful,A happy life is not something you can buy with money,Moreover,You behave like this,It will ruin your home”
“Humph!Not this time,Last time because of fun,And was targeted by the police,Frozen all my accounts,And this time I used Xiao Xiao’s account。Wait for the money to arrive,I will all transfer to the foreign security account。Don’t worry,I won’t hurt your hair,After all, you are the man my sister once loved”Mei Tong said,Took the tape on the table,Sealed Xia Jian’s mouth,Then grabbed the bag on the table and went out。
Xia Jian saw,Anxious。But he can’t move at all,So what we did to this woman can only be watched eagerly。He couldn’t figure it out,Xiao Xiao would have such a sister。
at the same time,Han Juan is hiding in the woods on the hill,She imitated Xia Jian,Also sitting on a big tree,Holding a telescope to observe which small western-style building of Mei Tong’s house。
When she saw Mei Tong carrying a bag out the door,Feeling excited。She carefully looked at the first floor from the third floor,I saw the third floor from the first floor,Not let go of every corner,When she was sure that there was no one in this small building,And quickly climbed down the tree,Go to the small foreign house in Meitong’s house。
Although the wall is very high,But for people like Han Juan,Not a difficult task。She flies on the wall,Choke a few times,Quietly landed in the middle of the yard。
Han Juan leaned over,I carefully observed the movement in the building,After making sure there is no one,Rushed to the door of the living room,It’s a pity that the door is locked。Han Juan is both happy and worried,The good news is that the door is locked like this,The owner usually won’t come back for a while,The worry is how she got in。
The design of this building is perfect,There are almost no corners to climb up。Han Juan knows,The more perfect,Will have its fatal weakness,But this weakness hides a bit too deep,This requires her careful observation。
Han Juan’s eyes swept back and forth on the wall of the small building,But it didn’t make people get what they wanted,The front of this building is completely covered by curtain wall glass,Can’t find any gap。
When Han Juan went to the back of the building,She found that the window of a room on the second floor was more than ten centimeters open,This discovery made her happy,If you can have more than ten meters of rope,She can climb up。
When Mei Tong is not going out,Not only left her windows,Will leave her a rope!Han Juan smirked herself,So I found it in the backyard。Really shouldn’t be dead,She was in the corner of the backyard,Found a few packing straps,She is busy knotting these things,Then I found a small wooden stick measuring more than ten centimeters and tied it in the middle.。
Everything is ready,She tried,I threw the stick in through the gap in the window,Fail once,Almost the second time。Han Juan Patience,Finally lost it for the third time。
She wiggled the packing belt slightly below,After making sure that both sides are stuck。She took two steps back,A dash,With momentum,She stomped on the wall with both feet,When her hand grabbed the edge of the window sill,The packing belt broke at this moment。
Han Juan was shocked in a cold sweat,She is in danger!She muttered in her heart,Opened the window with the other hand,Then all limbs exert force at the same time,Just listen to a bang,She has stood in the middle of the room。
This is a woman’s room,The inside is very clean and tidy。There is still a smell of sandalwood in the room,What makes people feel wrong is,There is still a gloomy feeling in the room。
Scene like this,Han Juan didn’t meet many,She couldn’t help taking a breath,Calm down,Then walk lightly towards the middle of the house。

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September 26

I don’t know if I should talk to Li Huiyang’s background.。

Li Hui Feng did not care about these,When he came back again,The teacher never finger points to him.。
Especially loose rain,Look at his eyes, there is a panic and pleasant。
The loose rain is also never thought of the new Li Hui wind, what is not in accordance with the settlement。
But that is, this kind of result is surprisingly out of the route.。
This makes him in his heart and is a hate.。
Just this time I played Wu Feiyang,The last cleaned land repair,He knew that Li Hui’s good days came to the head.。
Previously, Lu Jia wanted to find someone to pick up Li,Just have no chance。
Now plus a Wujia,Li Hui Feng is in the disaster.。
If Li speaks from the wind,So the class teacher of the high school class is still not him。
So much,He smiled again。
come back to the office,The teachers around them are also praise for Li.。
Yuan Meng is even directly to Li Hui Rong.:“Teacher Li,I have no self-study this evening.,Do you want to watch a movie together??
I just have two movie tickets.。”
Looking at a spring water in Yuan Meng’s eyes,How can Li Hui’s meaning will not understand the meaning of each other?。
I immediately laughed:“Teacher Yuan,I am still a thing tonight.,May no time,But I invite you anymore.,How about it?”
I heard this,Yuan Dream is somewhat lost,But Li Hui said that she asked her to change the day.,Her eyes are not lit up again。
“Then let’s make a word!”
Looking at Yuan Dream to extend the slim hand。
Li Hui Hui is also gently holding it with each other.。
“A word。”
Chapter 1436 Pharmaceutical
Just shaking hands,Li Hui Feng, but I feel that the other party uses a small thumb to gently hook his hand palm.。
At the same time, I looked at the smile in the eyes of each other.,He seems to have some understanding of each other.。
“Let me find the principal.,Mr. Yuan, you are busy first.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s panic,Yuan Meng felt that he was a step by Li Hui Feng again.。
In particular, Li Hui’s panic looks that she feels the other party is a pure little boys who have not talked about love.。
Even before Li Hui Feng so direct rejection,She has come to Li Hui, I have not talked about love.。
Li Hui came to the principal office,The principal is helpless。
“Teacher Li,Do you know that you have a big disaster?,Listening to me, you still have a cleanliness.!Wujiayi single biography,This Wu Feiyang’s old probability will not let you go.。”
“Old principal,I am not afraid of this.,What I am doing, you should also know some,I will not go before the mission is not completed.。”
“You don’t go,But if you have something,I can’t keep you.,You’d better be tangled directly to the above leaders.。”
The old principal is completely for Li with the wind.。
Li Hui Feng also understands the pain of the old principal.。
I nodded when I laughed.。

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September 26

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Don’t worry about this,I will find a way to solve this”

“It’s November weather now,It’s freezing outside,Even if you have money, you can’t do work。So we don’t need to consider these issues for now,Take down the land first”Xiao Xiao said and glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Mr. Xiao is right,Let’s go through one level before talking about the next thing。I will be back this afternoonGZwent,You just call”
“You have to goGZwhat!”Dragon Ball asked a little disappointed。
Xia Jian glanced at Dragon Ball and smiled:“You should be able to think of how big the plant is more than 100 acres。Yang Yingbu’s game is very big,But I roughly estimated,Yang Ying can only account for two thirds,Do we still need to attract investment for the rest??”
“I never thought about this”Dragon Ball was a little embarrassed and scratched his head with his hands。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Moreover,I goGZ,Will urge Yang Ying to come up with the drawings as soon as possible。Relevant details,I will communicate with her face to face”
“Ok!Then you go early。This land is first-class turn around,There is still a lot to do,I have to wait for you to make a decision”Xiao Xiaochong Xia Jian smiled,Said very trustingly。
Xia Jian nodded,Turn around and leave。She walks,While on the phone。When he came out of Beishan,Already doneGZPreparation。
Fortunately there is a trip this afternoonGZs plane。Xia Jian came out of Yijuyuan,Hurriedly stopped the car and went straight to the airport。Down this way,Fairly smooth。
While waiting,Tie Li’s text message came。She seems to have clairvoyance。Ask in text message“When will you come back?I’ll pick you up”
What do you think about this?Xia Jian hesitated and sent back a text message to Tie Li“I’m waiting,Arrive at 7:30 in the eveningGZ”
“it is good!I’ll pick you up”Tie Li replied。Xia Jian was helpless,Had to reply one word“it is good”He really doesn’t know,How to face Tie Li this time。
If you don’t have an acquaintance by plane,,That would be a very boring thing。Xia Jian waited for the plane to fly together and then began to sleep,He didn’t open his eyes until the plane landed。
Winter days are relatively short,Near eight o’clockGZAlso black。Only a little light in the night,Like watching the stars on a cloudy day。

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