February 28

The first batch of nucleic acid sampling points in Chengdong District, Xining City is ready

"This sampling point covers 4 cells and surrounding merchants, can be sampling for 1,000 people. I heard that I want to take a tent to prepare for work. In the morning, everyone is coming." Mao Shiying in Yunjiakou Town Zhongzhuang Village Nucleic Acid Detection Sampling Site, medical staff wearing secret protective clothing, sampling, pulling cotton swab … sampling, pulling cotton swab … their movements are fast and proficient, using rigorous attitudes, professional levels to protect people’s lives Health fight. In the waiting area, the residents stayed under the guidance of the staff, and the order is waiting in line, and the order is well.

The information collection area uses a mobile phone to sweep "QR code" and fill in the personal information one button.

In the sampling area, a resident took a few seconds to complete the acquisition.

"Please consciously rank, keep one meter distance." "The staff has been holding a speaker, guiding us to register, sampling, even the water does not drink." Sampling scene, with the red-sleeved mark is maintaining order rhyme Han Long, deputy secretary of the town party committee, said: "In order to alleviate the flow of nucleic acid detection in the Leisure Hospital, according to the office of the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters, from the afternoon of the 28th, Yunjiakou Town Zhongzhuang Village Temporary nucleic acid detection sampling point is officially opened, two It has been sampled more than 250 hours. "As of 12 noon on October 28, the first batch of nucleic acid detection sampling points in Chengdong District, Xining City were ready. (Source: Xining City, Chengdong District Committee Propaganda Department) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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February 27

The three pre-information officials in the United States acknowledged to the UAE businesses as "hackers"

Three US Pre-US Intelligence Person I admitted to the United Arab Emirates in the court to provide computer illegal intrusion technology to a company, agreed to reach a suspension of prosecution agreement and paid nearly $ 1.7 million fines. According to the Associated Press, the prosecutor accused Mark Bell, Ryan Adams and Daniel Grick as senior management in an Emirates Internet company, providing computer illegal intrusion technology to the other party, violates export control, computer fraud related US law .

A Federal Court, Washington, accepts this case.

According to the prosecutor, three defendants provide online attacks and intelligence collection systems to the UAE from January 2016 to November 2019, which are used to invade computer and mobile devices in the United States and elsewhere. According to AFP reported that these three men have served the US National Security Agency and the military.

Three defendants agreed to reach a suspension of the prosecution agreement.

The agreement stipulates that the defendant pays $ 1.68 million fine, with the US Department of Justice to investigate and connect to all UAE intelligence or law enforcement agencies.

If the defendant follows the agreement within 3 years, the Ministry of Justice will not advance any litigation. The defendant has no objection to the prosecutor’s accusation. According to the prosecutor, three men have worked in a US enterprise operating in the UAE. After retalian, join a commitment to let them pay "big rising".

The litigation instrument did not mention the name of the relevant enterprise. Former US National Security Bureau, Lori Steruj, who is in the United Arab Emirates, has worked together in the United Arab Emirates "network pointer" company, and later employed the "dark matter" company.

According to Straord, she found "dark matter" to start online attack on US citizens, so resigned.

"Dark Substance" founder and chief executive official Fisal Bannai received close relationship between the company and the UAE government relationship with the United Arab Emirates and the NAS, but denied the "hacker" in an interview with the United Arab Emirates government. "attack. (Chen Dan) [Xinhua News Agency Microfite] (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.

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February 26

Online "cloud" display offline "real" experience the twentieth Changchun Agricultural Expo highlights

Original title: Online "Cloud" display line "Real" Experience the 20th China Changchun International Agriculture · Food Expo (transaction) will be held at Changchun Agricultural Expo at September 6. On the basis of the previous exhibition content, the farmer’s exhibition is designed, 38 exhibitions and activities of the three major sections of brand exhibition and facilities, industrial demonstration and science education, economic and trade forums and event activities, and strengthen the online viewing experience. Function, truly implementation online "cloud" display, the "real" experience in the line, the three-dimensional viewing exhibition.

  In the fishery pavilion, there is a big eyes, Mengmeng expressions, as the newly introduced national first-level protected animals, the Agricultural Fair specially made a feeding environmental assessment report, and bonded aquatic wildlife breeding, raising ,business license. In the Dream Soil Museum, the sea jellyfish, Chi Moon, Pacific Haisted Jellyfish, Australia Spotting Jellyfish, Papu Jiqi Mother.

In home horticultural display area, family small hydroponic, vegetable small matrix or soil cell cultivation, and some use of waste furniture appliances as a carrier plant plant plant breed, will make the tourists who like farmers to open their eyes.

In the rare poultry, the current farmers will be selected, and the typical birds in the popular science education are used as a display object, and standardize, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically, scientifically Standardization management. Struggling a hundred years, the new journey, the new Agricultural Expo set up the theme of the "Century" Theme Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition hall covers an area of ??6,000 square meters. Through the "Sparks" "Bath of the Blood", "Hard Struggle", "Great Reform", "Agricultural Development", etc., using art planting, flowers and cuttings, benzene sculptures, food painting, etc. Creative techniques, production 38 sets of landscapes with Times and artistic breaths, with scenes, immersive experience, reproduce the historical trajectory and wonderful moments of the development of the Communist Party of China.

At the same time, I also opened the theme exhibition of Jilin, which is divided into "Jilin Red Revolutionary History" "Building Agricultural Strong Provincial", "promoting rural resolution", etc. Forget the struggle of the party to walk with the party and proud performance.

  Another major feature of the Agricultural Expo is to increase more online display. On the basis of the establishment of the "10 + 365" one-stop farm exhibition trading service platform, this session entered the construction stage of the agricultural information integration platform, actively collecting the information of agricultural products in our province, enriching online business, organizing products online At the same time, "International Import Commodities" and "20th famous goods" in "Nongbo", open online financial payment systems, reach a substantive transaction, forming transaction closed loop, depth to create online transaction normalization operations.

Increasing the online consultation service sector, further improve the online "Serving Three Rural" sector, create a "agricultural skills" area, build online agricultural technology exchange service platform, inviting the well-known agricultural technical experts in the province to provide agricultural technical services online. Strengthen the online viewing experience function, set the one-stop service such as VR cloud shopping, cloud consultation, Cloud purchase, etc., online understanding of the various wonderful and hotspots, while intelligent guidance Professional voice and text annotation, stimulate the interested view of the audience cable, implement the online "cloud" display, offline "real" experience. (Reporter He Linyi) (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

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February 25

Ruikang Hospital expert team went to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xining District to carry out academic exchange activities

On the afternoon of April 29, Chen Feng, Vice President of Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, led the medical department, cerebral disease, radiotherapy department, severe medical department, urology, joint and sports medicine, orthodontic massage treatment Expert teams in the department and the drug research and development center and other departments went to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xining District to carry out academic exchange activities. Chen Feng briefly introduced the basic situation of the hospital, and expressed as a sinking of quality medical resources. In the future, our school will strengthen Chinese medicine and the Chinese medicine in the Qining District through experts. The interactive exchange of hospitals is jointly escorted for the health of the people of the people in the people of Xining jurisdiction. On the same day, Director, Director, Director of Urology, One or II, Liu Qiusi, Department of Transportation and Sports Medicine, deputy director of the joint and sports medicine, introduced the basic situation and technical capabilities of the department, and academic sharing in combination with classic cases.

Wei Lishan, the honorary director of the Medical Services Department, introduced the basic situation of the hospital to see the green channel. The team of experts also launched a teaching room in the clinical first-line, and jointly explored the treatment of difficult diseases, new technologies, DRG pay reform, and other matters. (超).

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February 24

Table Tennis Championships: Sun Yingsha or semi-finals in Ito

Original title: Table Tennis Championship: Zhou Qi Hao alone men’s single half Zone Sun Yingsha or semi-finals Ito Housh Tunned Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Tennisay will be held in Houston on 23rd to 29th. Xinhua News Agency, November 21 (Reporter Xu Jianmei Pan Lijun) In 2021 World Table Tennis Championship Single Competition 21, the largest city in Houston in Texas, USA, in the United States, China team athletes Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng attended the representative. On the men’s singles project, the national tablets were piled up in the upper half. There were only Zhouqi Hao in the second half of the group; women unilaterally, Sun Yizhan was likely to meet Japanese players. Ito Mei Cheng met in the semi-final. Men unilaterally, Fan Zhendong, who hits the first World Table Tennis Championship, automatically falls into the 1st place with the first round of the first round.

In addition, the three national roural players Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuxin and Lin Gao Yuan are in the middle of the area, Fan Zhandong wants to break through this half of the district, and it is possible to continue to encounter "civil war".

The main opponents in the upper half also include Japanese players Dan Yu Xiaoxi, Korean Athletes Zhang Yizhen, and Brazilian Name Carlderano. Fan Zhendong said after the lottery, during the epidemic, it is not easy to hold such a game, I hope that each athlete can cherish the stage, go all out, and strive to play the best level.

Zhou Qihao became the "single seedlings" in the second half of the country.

French Simon Gaitz, Japanese player Zhang Benzhi and, last year of Swedish players Falley and Chinese Taipei Athletes Lin Yunru were the potential opponents on Zhou Qihao in the road.

On the women’s single game, the number one seed Chen Meng and teammates Wang Mangyu, Chen Jun, the same as the upper half of the area.

Similarly, Chen Meng, who is the first World Table Tennis tour, can compete with the Japanese players, and another Japanese good luck, Shichuan, is a potential opponent of Chen Meng in a quarter. Chen Jiro will meet with Wang Mang, will meet in the quarter final. Chen Meng said, I am very happy to compete with the world’s master, I hope that all players can play the best state and achieve their satisfaction. The kingdom table member in the second half is Sun Yingsha and Wang Yidi. Wang Yidi will assume the task of blocking the Ito, if the latter advances to the top four, waiting in front of it is likely to be Sun Yizha.

At the Tokyo Olympics, Sun Yizha is in the semi-finalization of 4: 0 sweeping Ioji, with Chen Menghui. Male double, Liang Jingkun / Lin Gao Yuan, Fan Zhendong / Wang Chuxin is divided into the first half, which means that the finals are likely to be unfolded between the Chinese team and other associations.

The female double defending champion Sun Yizha / Wang Man is divided into the second half, and Japan’s combination of Shichuan Chun / Pingyu is in the same half.

Chen Meng / Qian Tianyi, in the upper half of the world, is a combination of Slovakia.

The Houston World Table Tennis Festival will be held in Houston from 23rd to 29th this month. (Responsible Editor: Li Wei Bin CN092).

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February 23

The most important results of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee is to review this resolution.

  On November 12, the CPC Central Committee held a press conference to introduce the spirit of the 19th Central Committee of the Party. At the press conference, Wang Xiaohui, deputy director of the central publicity of the daily work, said that the most important achievements in the Plenary is to deliberately adopted the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party". Wang Xiaohui said: The most important results of the plenary meeting is to review the adoption of the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party".

On the occasion of the party’s 100th year, the Party Central Committee held six Chinese plenary sessions, comprehensively summarizing the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year-old, is a solemn historic, strategic decision-making, reflecting our party’s attention and good at using historical consciousness, Refers to our party and firm, and continue to be confident and active.

Everyone knows that in our party’s century, the 1945 Party’s seventh conference has developed the "resolution on several historical issues". The 1981 Party’s Eleventh Plenary Session has formulated "some of the party since the founding of the country. Historical issue resolution.

The historical conditions of the two historical resolutions, the era background, the problem to be solved, but they all have played an important role in promoting the development of the party and the people.

Now, the first historical resolution has been developed in the past 76 years, and the second historical resolution has also been in the past 40 years.

In the past 40 years, the party and national undertakings have greatly developed, and the party’s theory and practice have also developed forward.

Standing at the new historical starting point, review the past, looking forward to the future, especially the struggle of the party’s struggle, especially the reform and opening up more than 40 years of struggle, there are both objective needs and subjective conditions. The "resolution" adopted by the Plenary, two features on the content of the content: The first feature is that the top two historical resolutions mainly summarize the party’s historical lessons, and the history is not different. Hundreds of years of struggle to achieve significant achievements and historical experience. At the beginning of the establishment of the party to the reform and opening up, the majority of the party’s history is not problematic. The first two historical resolutions basically solve, and the basic discussion and conclusions are still applicable. Since the reform and opening up, although there have been some problems in the work of the party, the development of the party and national undertakings is smooth, the forward direction is correct, and the achievements are attractive. The "resolution" puts the focus on summing up the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle. It is in line with the actual situation, which is conducive to promoting the intelligence of the whole party’s growth, enhances unity, increase confidence, and enhances fighting.

The second feature is that the first two resolutions have made system summary for the history of the party in the new democratic revolution, the history of the socialist revolution and the construction period, has been summed up by the system; the 30th anniversary of the Third Plenary Session of the Party, 30th Anniversary The 40th anniversary has also made the system summary. Based on this, this "resolution" highlights this key point of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, summarizing the original idea, transformative practice, breakthrough progress and iconic results since the 18th National Congress.

This facilitates the guidance of all the people of the whole party, further firm confidence, focusing on what we are doing, with a more high gesture to enter the new journey, and serve in the new era. Editor: Zhang Yaxi].

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February 22

The world’s first "full resin battery" factory settled in Japan, Fukui County, the beginning of the year

People’s Daily Network Tokyo June 7th According to the "Dynasty News" website, the subsidiary of Sanyang Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd., headquartered in Japan, has established the world’s first "full resin battery" mass production plant in Yueqi City, Fukui County. . It is reported that the battery is almost entirely consisting of resins in the future, and has a low cost, low storage capacity, small exterior, and facial facilities, which are small, and long-stored. Currently, the company intends to apply it to the fields such as solar power.

At the factory opening ceremony held on May 25, Sanyang Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. President Andao Xiaofu said: "The whole resin battery is a safe and cheap ultimate battery." APB said that he said in his confidence: "Battery The era of metal must be ended.

"It is expected that the plant will officially start the production of whole resin batteries in October this year, and sales will reach 90 billion yen after 5-6 years.

(Compilation: Zhang Mengchen School: Chen Jianjun) (Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Yu).

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February 21

People’s livelihood aid in the north and south and north and south of Xinjiang

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the central and state organs, central enterprises and 19 help, the provinces and cities have always guaranteed and improve people’s livelihood as the starting point and the foothold of the work of the work of the intersection.

Only after the seventh pair support Xinjiang Work Conference, more than 3,000 projects were implemented, and more than 300 billion yuan in the new funds were investing in aid, including more than 80% of the funds into the grassroots and people’s livelihood.

  All the support of the provinces and cities insisted on interacting exchanges as an important means of consolidating all national unity, and putting each aid project as an important carrier of the people, enhancing the national unity, and striving to build the work of the troops into strengthening the national unity. Today, Tianshan north and south is an exciting change: urban and rural medical, education, and social security levels have been significantly improved, and the masses of all ethnic groups have gone, happiness, and the sense of security is constantly enhanced. Medical "hematoprocket", improve the diagnosis and treatment level with a circle of bandages, Zu Li Afi is getting more and more bright, the line of sight is gradually clear … this is from Hetian District, Luopu County The Uighurs little girl in Ku Village, from the congenial cataract from the young people, due to the national poverty has not been effectively treated. In 2019, Wang Ying, a helper, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, aid, an intraocular implantation, and an intra-artificial crystal implantation in Hetian District People’s Hospital. Today, Zur Aiia’s eyes have returned to normal levels. In Hetian, cataract belongs to high incidence.

However, the only local hospital in the previous local area – Hetian District People’s Hospital has no ophthalmology. Under the support of Tianjin Medical Talents "Group" Aid Team Support, Hetian District People’s Hospital established an ophthalmology, and combined with Tianjin Eye Hospital, a "Tianjin and Ophthalmology League", which brings light to local cataract patients. Medical aid, light relying on "blood transfusion" is not enough, more important is "hematopoietic".

In order to better enhance the level of diagnosis and treatment of the land, the benefit of the local masses, the flexible forms of the provinces and cities will lead the "belt" work to deepen. In Kashgar, the Shandong Provincial Aid Command has established a flexible talent work station to promote the standardization and development of the programs and the development of the programs. In Tacheng, Liaoning Province Aid Command established the Liaoning Provincial Trip Intelligence Support Service Center, relying on the intersection of colleges and universities to support the Liao Training Cooperation Alliance and promote the construction of teaching practices. In Hami, Henan Province Aid Command Building Dongjiang Tumor Clinic Center, organize the relationship between doctors and local medical backbone, and strengthen the assessment incentives.

  "With the guidance of the expert teacher of Jiangsu, I have completed the transformation from climbing to the run.

"Kyzil Sukr Kyu Autonomous Prefecture Director Xu Tianbao said that he can only do three kinds of heart surgery, and now you can do more than 20 processes independently.

Previously, the local people will go to Kashgar or Urumqi. Today, including coronary arteries, trust, etc., there is difficulty for surgery, and they will prefer Kezhou People’s Hospital. The education group, established long-acting mechanism, Hubei Dawi Source Experimental School Teacher Bishble, with a three-generation five people in Burta Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture "group aid"; Huazhong Dynasty, Dacheng Bole Branch, Sun Hongxia 2018 in 2018 After the 3-year service period of secondary help, the initiative application was procedure … in the Hubei Province Aid Teacher Team, there are still many stories. As a support of teachers, Hubei Province implemented "hematopoietic" education and helping the country, helping to enhance education development capacity.

In the past two years, Hubei Province in the support of the support of the support of the country has stabilized around 240, and it is doubled prior to 2016. The assistance in the help of the people actively promoted the reform of education and injected energetic students. Today, in the Hubei Province Aid Cadre Talent Team, teachers have already taken more than half.

"In the future, we will further play a further education advantage, contribute more Hubei wisdom and intellectual support for the economic and social development of Bozhou and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

"The general command of the headquarters of the Work of Hubei Province said. Since the seventh national counterpart support Xinjiang Work Conference, each aid province and city has established a long-term mechanism of education and aid, enhance the quality of the local teachers, and improve the school. Level, help the high quality development of Xinjiang education.

  In Aksu, Zhejiang Province launched the "Group" education and helping Xinjiang.

Since 2019, Zhejiang Province selection 1181 people, constructs "full chain" education assistance from various schools, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, cover basic education, vocational education, special education, and higher education Tests of China.

Chang Wang Zhongmin, deputy commander of Zhejiang Province, said: "Poverty Poverty First, Zhejiang Province pays attention to the seed role of the promotion of the teacher, put the belonging to the main industry, innovative implementation," leading geese project " ‘Blue Engineering’ ‘Yincha Play’, focusing on cultivating a ‘four has a good teacher team. "In Yili, Jiangsu Province supported Xinjiang Yili Pre-command to explore the" School Package " President + management + backbone teachers "Education" group "aid model, organize 16 colleges and universities to help Yilu Plow Road Vocational College and Yili Vocational and Technical College, which strongly promotes the development of local vocational education.

  Communication, consolidate the national unity and read the painting reading, sing "my motherland", carry out parent-child sports … On April 23, "I have a home in Beijing" in Beijing, "I have a family in Beijing". Local children and "Mom and Dad" from Beijing have spent a memorable parent-child time. "I have a home in Beijing" project is one of the brand projects of Beijing Aid Communication Communication. The project was initiated by the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Aid Heada Command Department, with Hetian District Family Poor Teen as a Help Object.

Today, 1144 poor children in Hetian have a "loved ones" in Beijing.

  In recent years, all the people in the provinces, through the exchange activities, so that the people have further enhanced understanding, deepen their feelings in you.

September 2020, the establishment of 417, the 105-year-old (street), and 635 villages (communities) were since September 2020.

  Jiangsu Province counterpart support Xinjiang Yili Preteen headquarters organizations to carry out the "Wanli Hongyan Fax" Hand Wire Letter Dating Activities, 268 Schools, 3806 Class, 50,000 students to participate. In Turpan, Hunan Province Residue Qianfang Command Promoted 5 rural revitalization demonstration villages (even) in Gaochang District, Turpan City, respectively, with Hunan Xiangtan Lushan Village, Xiangxi 18th Central Village, etc., deepening in communication exchange Cognition of red culture. In Hami, Henan Province Aid Qianfang Command organized 90 counties (cities, districts) and the recipient township (street) group and villages, grassroots, and communities (communities) to carry out full coverage and joint construction, through the branch, Resource sharing, talent sharing, industry win-win, help to consolidate the base basis. "People’s Daily" (July 20, 2021) (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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February 20

Resolved before the risk of disaster in the bud

Nowadays, Fightpandemic entered a critical period.

The outbreak is a final exam management system and the ability of our country, more vigilant we must be vigilant contingency risk, padded short board, strengthen weaknesses.

Sichuan when the earthquake hit qingbaijiang fight the epidemic, assault Fujian Quanzhou hotel when the fight against SARS collapse rescue, the current situation and the emergency mission requires that we must keep cautious walking on thin ice, leaves Zhiqiu see sharp, ready to respond to all types of disasters, accidents happen; we must adhere the bottom line thinking, enhance risk awareness, preventing and defusing a major security risk from the source; must be prepared to enhance the sense of increasing ability to manipulate difficult and perilous task, and respond effectively to major emergencies, and truly solve the problem in the bud when the before disaster. Readiness to stay should not rain, no temporary Keer dug wells. "Figure not sprout, consider it to No.

"Departments at all levels should further enhance the sense of urgency, we must be highly vigilant" Black Swan "event, but also to prevent" gray rhinoceros "incident, around corners, as a preventive measure, just get good at chess, take the initiative battle, the maximum consideration may be at risk , hidden, much more difficult to think that the risk want to get bigger, more full response would like a little effort to control risk in the bud, try to avoid the occurrence of disasters and accidents. to enhance the sense of responsibility, fully aware of the security risks the importance and urgency of prevention and control, to prevent further enhance political awareness and responsibility to resolve the significant risks of play, regular Mopai research, to ensure the risk nipped in the bud, the problem is not resolved at the time of issue.

To increase emergency management, information technology, implementation of online examination and approval, digital control, strengthening big data analysis judged grasp troubleshooting, governance, risk issues, experts remote "consultation."

To establish the sooner the awareness and accelerating the safe production inventory management system, improve risk assessment judgments, early warning and monitoring, information exchange mechanisms, make emergency plans, be well-organized, prepared. Once the risk, the risk to pinpoint the causes of the problem, take a hard trick real trick tricks up their sleeves, so that effective disposal.

Often overlooked scourge plot in micro, should rule on not chaos. Production Safety afraid luck, the greatest danger is invisible problem.

To spare no efforts in inventory management system implementation tasks, Mopai focus, tightly grasp prone to major accidents in industries, sectors and key positions, Mopai a major problem risks; supervision over the strict implementation of safety and high-risk enterprise technology safeguards do not have the safety conditions, without authorization of the resumption of production according to the law severely punished.

To highlight the main person responsible for strengthening corporate responsibility, in the critical period must start the resumption of production in the post assumed responsibility, DingShou scene, important positions in the post office technicians to prevent accidents caused by rush started. To focus dangerous chemicals, coal and other key industries, concentrate on key industries, key enterprises, key positions of significant risks and inventory management system, strengthen production safety supervision of law enforcement, comprehensive plug the loopholes in safety supervision, and resolutely prevent and curb all kinds of security production accidents.

The elderly find wood, it will be solid at all; far who want to stream it, will deepen its fountain.

Like the epidemic, risk prevention and control of security in the face, no man is an island, no one can stay out, and no one can screw loose, a chain can break, a position can be abandoned. Data show that more than 90 percent forest and grassland fires are burning paper from the grave, smoking, burning straw and fireworks and other man-made causes triggered. Departments at all levels should adhere to the view of the masses and the mass line, and asked government to the people, people need to ask, ask for the people, mobilize the masses and prevention policy group, to draw wisdom and strength of the middle of the masses into the party’s ability to govern, in the whole society to join forces good management of good governance.

To promote emergency management and safety knowledge publicity enterprises, into the rural areas, communities, schools, families, universal safety knowledge, foster a safety culture, to create a strong atmosphere of publicity and education safety risk prevention and control, and strive to achieve significant social effects. To carry out the normalization of emergency evacuation drills, guide the community to support residents to carry out troubleshooting, risk and governance, risk and actively promote safety grid management, mobilize the masses to mobilize public participation, and build a strong defense of the people of disaster prevention and relief.

Therefore, it is also beneficial to learn, so grind blade also induced. "I know enough, and can also reflexive; know the storm, and can also self.

"Emergency management and staff at all levels should focus outstanding issues, efforts to fill in the short board, strengths and weaknesses and down real effort, hard work.

To follow precise, scientific, workable principles, and improve all kinds of emergency plans, the formation of emergency "transverse to the edge, vertical in the end," the emergency plan system.

To organize all kinds of emergency management training, through training to enhance awareness of emergency management, contingency plans and familiar with the working rules, procedures, requirements.

To hold emergency drills of various disasters, in order to train for the war, through the drill master the rules of contingency plans.

To strengthen emergency duty duty, the full implementation of the post on duty 24 hours on duty system, in the event of an emergency we can respond promptly disposed of. In particular, to improve the grass-roots "first responders" Facing the ability to respond to emergencies, providing support to enhance emergency response capabilities.

Preparation Yu unexpected, often for the country road.

Preventing and defusing a major security risk, build a strong line of defense from the source, it is Quo Min event, is urgent and arduous task.

Departments at all levels should strive to promote the implementation of landing the province Security Committee Document No. 1, momentum, pay close attention to an opportunity to sound risk prevention and resolution mechanism, a comprehensive investigation of risk, identify the biggest risks effectively mitigate risks, and truly solve the problem in when the bud, before the disaster, completely reversing the current passive situation of production safety, to provide more effective protection to safeguard people and property safety and long-term stability.

(Sound of 安) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

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February 19

The 12th National Chinese and Foreign Cooperation Office will be held in Guiyang

The 12th National Chinese and Foreign Cooperation Office will be held in Guiyang.

People’s Network Guiyang December 4th, on December 3, the 12th National Chinese and Foreign Cooperation Academy will be held in Guiyang.

The annual meeting is used in the online line, and more than 2,000 representatives from the national education administrative department and Sino-foreign cooperative school-related schools participate. It is understood that the National Sino-foreign cooperative school year is a national Chinese and foreign cooperative school summit platform, aiming to do a good job in governance, as a good school helper, guide public opinion, cultivate an expert team, leading the high-quality development of Chinese and foreign cooperation.

This year’s annual meeting was jointly hosted by the International Secretary of the Ministry of Education, China and China University of Cooperative Office, Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, China Higher Education Society. At the same time, the annual meeting of the Sino-Foreign Cooperative Office of China Higher Education Society was the sixth academic annual meeting.

The Organizing Committee of the General Assembly adheres to the excellent tradition of the annual meeting – "Threshold Access, Total Control" selection principle, and selects 2,000 official representatives from the applicant from the applicant according to the convenient and efficient characteristics of the online meeting. At the same time, the invitation section A well-known person is attended as an invited representative.

There are 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China and foreign cooperation, and all representatives have attended the annual meeting. The representative of the meeting said that the representative of the previous annual meeting adopted various ways, after the meeting, the online line underline the theme of the conference continued to discuss and exchanged, some also visited each other, exchange information and experience, helping Regions and even Chinese and foreign cooperation scientific research flourished development; in the context of epidemic prevention and control, communication seminars in the annual meeting of the annual meeting have more timely, more people who have more timely, they surround the "world" Sino-foreign cooperation under the big change: this topic is constructed with high quality development to promote new development patterns, combined with school practice, continuously conduct scientific research, providing high quality development for high quality development in China and foreign cooperation in the new era. Source continuous support.

At the end of October 2021, there were 2447 Chinese and foreign cooperative office schools and projects approved or filed by the Ministry of Education, including 1295 undergraduate institutions and projects, 900 specialties and projects. The Chinese and foreign cooperative office schools in higher education, projects account for about 90% of the total number of projects. Chinese and foreign cooperation schools in higher education involve economics, law, education, literature, historical, academic, engineering, agronomical, medical, management, art, etc. more than 200 professionals. Cooperative objects involve 39 countries and regions, more than 800 foreign universities, more than 700 Chinese universities. As an accelerating and expanding education, China and Foreign Cooperation, China and Foreign Cooperation, will play an increasingly important role in the construction of high quality education system and new development pattern.

(Figure / Wenjiang Feng, Chen Siki) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see the recommended reading.

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