March 31

Daily News Reporter van mensen over de hele God – Beijing

De dagelijkse introductie van mensen People’s Daily (PeoplesDaily) is een Chinese Communistische Partij Central Committee Office.Op 15 juni 1948 schreef Comrade Mao Zedong een koptekst voor de mensen op 15 juni 1948.

Op 15 maart 1949 verhuisde het dagelijks de mensen in Beijing (de North Ping op dat moment).Op 1 augustus besloot het CPC Central Committee om de dagelijkse mensen te overbrengen naar het Central Communistische Comité van China en samen met de periode van 15 juni 1948.

Het dagelijks is de meest gezaghebbende en invloedrijke nationale krant in China. Het is de brug van het feest en de mensen. Het is een belangrijk venster om contact op te nemen met de overheid en de mensen.

Het dagelijkse rapport van de mensen is tijdig en nauwkeurig, bevordert levendig de Geest van het Centraal-Comité van de Partij en het laatste beleid van de Chinese overheid, en rapporten over grote evenementen in binnen- en buitenland, als gevolg van de wensen en vereisten van de ruimste massa’s.

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March 30

29-hour "speed" completed the new route of the train to integrate the existing line construction

At the construction site, the old rail is allocated to the new rail. China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company is a series of work of line callization, line lift, upper rail connections, tamping, launching cable, etc. The new line of the line is incorporated into both wire construction. At 10:20 am on December 9, 2 CR200J EMUs added 2 CR200J EMUs, a double stream project, which was built by the China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company, and successfully completed the construction of the railway line call and the tits. Restore the penetration 1 hour in advance. The reserve line is the railway line for the train to keep the work, the difference from the rigid line, through the line, to the hairline, etc., mainly for maintenance, oil, inspection and other locomotives.

Chengdu Vehicle Section Duplex Guest Corporation D3, D4, D5 Removal Line Standfint Construction Construction Project is newly inserted into a set of SC390G Tao. "This process needs to complete the line diary, line lift, upper rail connection, tuning tamping, laying cable, etc. Completely completed in a relatively short ‘sunroofed’.

"The construction manager of the construction party, Zeng Peng said.

At 5:20 in the morning of December 8, with the line blockade, the command started from the interiith from the walkie-talkie, more than 70 construction workers in the construction area waited quickly to their respective working positions, cutting the rails, disassemble the joint. Hanging old rail, excavator clearing the soil, the new road is aligned, the trip to the road, taking the mortgage, the scene is a hot-fired construction scenario, all operations are in an orderly manner. Lin Hai, the head of the construction site, said: "This route is all integrated into the work, electricity, communication, power supply. After the line is dial, it will complete the signal installation and commissioning, contact network dialed adjustment, etc. In order to ensure that the newly inserted Taxi is completed according to the established time node, the guaranteed line is restored on time, the engineers strictly abide by the "five ban" of the railway construction, strictly implement the system of the hidden equipment, and form a technology, measurement, orbit. Demolition, Turnout Promote, Tasted and other professional teams. In the end, the renovation construction task was successfully completed. It is reported that the completion of the construction of Double stream passengers D3, D4, D5, will set a solid foundation for the addition of 2 CR200J EMUs in the CR200J EMUs, which will be put into a solid foundation, which will be greatly Improve the use of Shuangliu Bus Technology, the use of maintenance and intensity, and lay an important foundation for the upcoming 2022 railway Spring Festival reserves.

(Liang Xiaoqin, Lai Chongjun) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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March 29

Bashang Zhang Beixi welcomes the first snow silver

    In November 2021, the beautiful scenery of Zhangbei Grass in Zhangbei Grass after the first snow.

Yuan Yuqin took the big snow, and the morning grassland Tianxia Lao Lao Wan said.

Yuan Yuqin photographed the group of wild ducks played in the snow.

After Yuan Yun, after the big snow, Zhang Bei silver was wrapped.

Yuan Yuqin takes the museum in the Yuanfu in the snow.Yuan Yuqin photographed the grassland day behind the big snow.Yuan Yuqin photographed the Zhangbei Village after the snow.Yuan Yuqin photographed the People’s Daily, November 10, and the Hebei Bat is welcoming in the early snow.A big snow made Zhangbei’s dams on the dam of the rich grassland, "fairy tale world", and the grassland is covered with snow.

The grassland sky road known as "Highway 66 China" is more silver-filled, and it is extraordinarily enchanting.

The white windmill and the unnecessary silver are echoed, and the rolling road is in the mountains, Yushu Qionghua, beautiful Wonderland.(Shi Yan Xia Yuan Yun).

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March 28

Cao Cao Expressway is open to traffic

Hebei Daily News (Reporter Cao Zhi) On October 22nd, the Beijing Expressway Beijing Hao Expressway was officially opened. At this point, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei traffic integration is important project – Qian Cao Expressway is open to traffic.

Qian Cao Expressway started with the Shahe Hub, the cross-section of the Jingha Expressway, the cross-section of the Jingha Expressway, and crossing the high-speed speed of Tang Hong Kong, along the high-speed, and finally in the Caofeidian Newport Industrial Zone. 4 counties (cities, districts) of Caofeidian (city, district), with a total length of approximately 92 kilometers long, and estimated investment is about 11.1 billion yuan. The project investor is a consortium of the Hebei Trip Group.

The project was approved by the provincial government from December 10, 2014, using "Bot + EPC (Design, Purchase, Construction Total + Construction, Operation Management Integration)" mode construction. The project is divided into two joint construction.

The first phase of the project was the Caofeidian branch section, and the whole length was completed at the end of 2017. The second phase of the project is to move the Cao Expressway Beijing Hao Expressway to the high-speed section of the coast, the road is full of highway technology standards, the design speed is 120 kilometers per hour, and the roadbed width is rice. In the second phase of the project, Dei Zhuang, Cao Expressway (G205 National Road) to the coastal highway section of 49 kilometers, and opened on January 15, 2020.

Dang Cao Expressway, Beijingha Expressway, the whole length of the Leizhuang mutual section, passed on September 29 through the school acceptance. Dong Cao Expressway will also drive the rapid development of the Eastern Tangshan City. Ministry of sub-center "is of great significance.

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March 27

China-EU deepens the economic and trade cooperation prospects wide

  According to the statistics of China Customs, 11 months ago, China and the European trade totaled trillion yuan, year-on-year growth, China has become the largest trading partner of the EU. According to statistics, as of November 2020, the EU’s 27 countries invest hundreds of US dollars in China, China’s total investment in the European EU has directly investd more than $ 80 billion.

A series of data sufficiently showed the toughness and potential of China-EU economic and trade relations. Central Europe continues to deepen economic and trade cooperation, which has strongly promoted the economic and social development of both parties, enhances the well-being of the people, and will also force the world economic recovery.

  "From the development of the development of all the way and the development of the Chinese European class" The epidemic situation has caused a huge impact on the international air transport market, but it is benefited from the stable growth and market demand of China and Europe, and the largest aviation group in Europe, the largest aviation group. Open up more freight markets. At present, the group has two cargo flights to and from Europe – full of European food, electronic equipment, and clothing to China, and return to Europe with China’s epidemic prevention materials, mobile phones, toys, computer spare parts.

"China is our most valued market, and the potential of cooperation is huge." Pang Daoan, General Manager of China, China, said that China took the lead in controlling the epidemic, and took the lead in recovering production, the domestic aviation market fundamentally recovered, allowing them to confident in the future of the European civil aviation market. Li Daily Airport is the largest airport in Belgian, last year, the airport cargo volume is over 1.42 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 24%.

"This is largely due to the continued growth of trade in Europe.

"Belgian French Radio and Television pointed out in the report that all kinds of protective materials and electronic components from China have been transported from all over Europe, which helped European anti-vangence, and promoted European complex remodeling. Lotary Airport CEO Luke Paldong said that the rapid development of e-commerce is not only beneficial to the aviation industry, but also drives other industries. In 2020, Zhongula class has opened 10,000 columns, transporting a million tube box, which increases by 50%, 56%, and the overall box rate. %, Including 9.31 million in epidemic prevention materials, 10,000 tons, which have strong promoted China and other countries and regions of China, and play an important role in stabilizing the global industry chain supply chain. Poland border Thai Tharez Boce It is the first stop in China and Europe into the EU. Mayor Yasuk Dareruk said: "Tiles Pool has benefited from the development of Co-construction ‘and all the way.

Central European trains is expected to bring more investment to areas along and look forward to further deepen cooperation with China.

"" China has diversified pattern of opening up and development, "the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, a survey showed that the epidemic did not shake the confidence of European companies investing in China, 89 percent of European companies willing to stay in China, the companies surveyed 2/3 of the Chinese as the top three investment destinations, many European companies continue to increase investment in China. "in the first three quarters of 2020, L’Oreal China achieved strong growth% of its market share in all sectors are on the rise, electricity providers and business growth in high-end cosmetics market situation is particularly encouraging.

Strong performance in the Chinese market, but also help the entire group in the third quarter to return to positive growth.

"North Asia Feibo Rui, president of L’Oreal pointed out that China has a huge consumer groups, the rapid development of the digital economy has created favorable conditions.

L’Oreal China has become the Group’s innovation hub, the successful practice of the electricity supplier from China market were included in the Group’s training courses provide a reference for other markets around the world.

  Decathlon explosion last year launched a number of products in the Chinese market.

Decathlon China chief operating officer, senior vice president of Pakistan Studies Kay said: "The Chinese market rich in content, strong anti-risk ability, the development of diversified pattern of opening up China.

"Pu Jian, president of the Philippine well-known French yeast producer Lesaffre Group Greater China, said that the Group continue to increase investment in China last year," China’s opening market opportunities for the world. "

  Embassy of Italy in China’s data show that in the first nine months of last year, Italy’s exports to China’s agricultural growth%. Italian olive oil manufacturers Olara company official Sibiluosi Bora Chino believes that China continue to optimize the business environment, the company will continue to follow the development of the Chinese market, strive for more market share in the future. "The Chinese market is developing rapidly. Our products doubled sales in China. I believe that in the next few years, China will become one of the main markets of Italian olive oil and wine." Some Chinese enterprises have also increased investment in the European market . Chinese battery manufacturers honeycomb Energy will invest 2 billion euros to establish a battery factory and R & D centers in Germany. When completed, the plant plans to produce 300,000 to 500,000 for the battery-electric vehicles, and create about 2,000 jobs. Germany Trade & Invest automotive expert Stefan Di Bitonto said cellular energy investment will promote the joint development of the industry to provide more job opportunities and enhance the international competitiveness of the German automotive industry.

Lenovo Group announced that it will open this spring, a new production line in Central and Hungary Pest County Ullo, mainly produces desktops, will also involve the development of the data center.

Lenovo Regional Manager Anita Lukacs in Hungary, said, "With the continued growth of our business on a global scale, the new plant will better meet the needs of European customers.

"" Seize the two sides to create green partner, digital partners release of new opportunities, "2020 December 30, China-EU leaders jointly announced the completion of negotiations scheduled EU-China investment agreement. The two sides reached a balanced, high-level, mutually beneficial and win-win investment agreement demonstrates the determination and confidence of the Chinese side to promote a high level of opening up, China-EU mutual investment will provide greater market access, higher levels of the business environment, more effective system to protect the brighter prospects for cooperation will also after a strong boost world economic recovery epidemic period, enhance the international community’s confidence in economic globalization and free trade.

  President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the EU Joerg Turk Wu said that China and the EU on schedule to complete negotiations on investment agreements, a strong impetus to multilateralism and free trade will bring real good the EU and China, including more product selection and more market opportunities Wait. Feibo Rui believes that reaching investment agreement Central Europe is an important measure for China to promote the construction of a new pattern of development, further promote the opening of a high level, will help to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between China and EU countries to provide more open to European companies invest in China market, stronger institutional guarantee. EU companies continue to enhance cooperation in several dimensions of investment and trade, research and innovation, green manufacturing and sustainable development, will create new opportunities for the development of bilateral relations.

  "The volume of trade between Italy and China in a very important part manufacturing from Italy.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that this relationship is still firmly in the outbreak of crisis.

"New Silk Road Association, president of Italy, a China expert Francesco Marin Jiao said China remains open to cooperation in the global markets, including European markets, including Italy and China trade cooperation to achieve positive results, more and more Italian products are going into the Chinese market. Germany trade & invest experts Christina Ott noted that with China’s rapid economic recovery in the automotive industry, chemical industry and machinery, the Chinese market for German products and solutions demand is growing.

Meanwhile, the Chinese-made protection products and notebook computers, bicycles, sports equipment and other sales in the German market is also very good. "I am very optimistic about the upside of European trade, Germany and China look forward to the deepening of economic and trade relations." China Head of Mission to the EU Zhang Ming said China accelerate the construction of a new pattern of development will lead to the road of China’s economic growth of high quality. At the same time, the EU is also seeking double green economic transformation and digitization.

"EU companies can follow the development trend, seize the two sides to create green partners, new opportunities digital partner release.

"(Newspaper Brussels, Rome, Paris) (Editor: Li Yilin (intern), Li Dong) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.

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March 26

China een beroep op de nieuwe situatie om effectief te bevatten en bestrijding van bedreigingen voor de wereldwijde terrorisme

People’s 4e Daily NIC november (Reporter Li Xiaohong) 4 november China, China’s resident, adjunct-resident, zei in de 20ste verjaardag van de oprichting van de adviseur van de Counsel, de internationale gemeenschap geven een samenvatting van de ervaring van terrorismebestrijding en te verbeteren de anti-terrorisme werk effectief is, verbetert nationaal reactievermogen, effectief terugdringen en de bestrijding van terrorisme in de wereld in het kader van de nieuwe situatie. Hij wees erop dat we voor het eerst een bewustzijn van de gemeenschap van het lot moeten vaststellen en condenseren van de anti-terrorisme.

Unite en de samenwerking is de meest krachtige wapen om terrorisme te overwinnen, en ook de belangrijke openbaring van VN-resolutie 1373 van de Veiligheidsraad en de strijd tegen het terrorisme van de Verenigde Naties.

Terrorismebestrijding moet de "Double Standard" te verlaten, geworpen de geopolitieke overwegingen en ideologie vooroordelen.

Voor terroristische organisaties en individuen ge?dentificeerd door de Raad, alle landen verplichtingen resoluties uit te voeren en strikt toe te passen sancties. De dringende kwesties als buitenlandse terroristische exploitanten moeten zo snel mogelijk worden gevormd.

Ten tweede moeten we de co?rdinatie en samenwerking te versterken, gericht op nieuwe bedreigingen nieuwe uitdagingen.

De Counter-Terrorism Commissie, de Counter-Terrorism Raad van Bestuur en de Anti-terrorist kantoor van de Verenigde Naties moet een belangrijk punt te spelen aan het adres van terroristen misbruik maken van netwerken en opkomende technologie?n, financiering van terrorisme en terreur extremisme en georganiseerde multinationale misdaad als een belangrijk punt, steun nationale versterking uitwisseling van informatie en ervaringen uit te wisselen, het uitvoeren van de justiti?le samenwerking.

Ten derde moeten we voldoen aan het ge?ntegreerd beleid, en de symptomen van specimens. Het is toegewijd aan het elimineren van de oorzaak van terrorisme op het gebied van terrorisme. Afghanistan 20 jaar terrorisme heeft eens te meer aangetoond dat het moeilijk is om het terrorisme volledig te elimineren.

Afghanistan is er veel aan terreur aanslagen in de nabije toekomst, en het risico van terrorisme stijgt.

Om te Amay voorkomen dat een terroristische integratie worden, moet landen resoluut hard aan te pakken "islamitische", "basis" organisatie, "Oost Yiguan" en andere terroristische macht, en zou moeten helpen Afghanistan om de economie te herstellen, het verbeteren van de humanitaire situatie, en volledig verwijderen van de terroristische fokken voorwaarden..

Shuang is tenslotte benadrukt dat de versterking van de bouw van de capaciteit van anti-terrorisme, gericht op het helpen van ontwikkelingslanden, met name in Afrikaanse landen, en anti-terrorisme-capaciteit voor het land.

De Counter-Terrorism Committee van de VN en andere VN terrorismebestrijding agentschappen moet de toewijzing van middelen te optimaliseren, gecombineerd met de nationale vraag, gericht op het kantelen van het centrum van de zwaartekracht en middelen om de ontwikkelingslanden, de ontwikkelingslanden te helpen de capaciteit van terrorismebestrijding in de wetgeving te versterken, gerechtelijke , rechtshandhaving, enz., en het gebruik van nieuwe technologische middelen, het vermogen om te reageren op het netwerk van terrorisme en extremeization, en het effect van preventie van terrorismebestrijding te versterken.

Shuang zei dat China steunt de Veiligheidsraad voor terrorismebestrijding van de Commissie aan te passen aan de nieuwe situatie te reageren op nieuwe uitdagingen, de goedkeuring van nieuwe methoden, en het bevorderen van de volledige uitvoering van de anti-terrorisme resoluties van de Raad en de Verenigde Naties "Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy". Gehoopt wordt dat het Comité terrorismebestrijding en andere dochterondernemingen van de Raad en andere dochterondernemingen, regionale organisaties, enz., Ter bestrijding van terrorisme en de versterking van de wereldwijde inspanningen inzake terrorismebestrijding door te gaan met nieuwe bijdragen.

(Editor: AI Wen, Changhong) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

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March 25

China’s autonomous research and development new crown special effects drug anti-transition of different patients

  In Beijing Dika Hospital, new crown infected people accepted "sympathizing medication" named DXP-604 independently developed by my country.

After use, the patient’s viral load has fallen sharply, and the symptoms such as asthma, the olfactory reduction, etc., some patients have been rehabilitated.

  The first-line clinical manifestations of DXP-604 are expected to become a "black horse" of new crown characteristics, and more unique is that most of the other candidates use "pair of antibodies" to prevent new crown viruses, DXP-604 achieves "single antibody"Prevent variants.The drug was jointly developed by Beijing University Xie Xiaoliang team and Dan.

The Peking University team implemented screening of more than 8,000 candidate antibodies in just a few months.It is reported that the medication is for treatment only.

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March 25

Tokyo Olympic Games: Gong Liqi brush new personal achievement won the leading ball champion

Gong Yucheng is a flag to celebrate the flag. Image Source: ICPHOTO is not allowed to reprint.

People’s Network Beijing August 1st (Reporter Yang Lei) Beijing time on August 1st, 2020 Tokyo Olympics track and field women’s lead ball finals in the Olympic stadium. Chinese players Gong Li shouted 20 meters 58, the best results won the championship.

Saundersraven won the runner-up at 19 meter 79, and the New Zealand Namsvalerie won the quarter by 19 meters 62. In addition, two Chinese players, Song Jiayuan received the 5th, Gao Yang won the 10th. In the qualifications conducted on July 30, Gong Liqi’s first investment will easily exceed the 18m 80 promotion line and successfully obtain the final qualification. Song Jiayuan and Gao Yang also played out of the finals. In today’s finals, Gong Li, the first shot shows the results of 195, firmly occupying the first place, the second investment did not master the rhythm score invalid. The third investment, Gong Li was 198, and the advantage was once again expanded.

The first three voters concluded, the first, Song Jiayuan ranked fifth, two people successfully entered the finals.

Although Gaoyang is 18 meters in the second investment, it is not possible to enter the top eight, and 10th.

At the beginning of the finals, Gong Liqi was first ranked first in the first three, and all the ranks appeared. She fourth into 19 meters 80, which is still leading in all players.

The fifth voted, Gong Yizhen is 20 meters 53, after this, the other seven players six out of the six-shot, no one can invest more than 20 meters, and Gong Li is already locked in the last time. champion.

Although it has been stabilized, Gong Liyi still chooses the last investment, she doesn’t expect expensive, I have a personal achievement of 20m 58, and I have won the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Shootball Ball.

(Editor: Yang Lei, Zhang Fan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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March 24

City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Liancheng Branch actively do illegal construction "Touch +" article

Recently, Liandu District deployed illegal buildings, requiring a comprehensive investigation and investigation of illegal buildings within the region.

Since the launch, the Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Liancheng Branch is associated with local towns, closely around the work requirements, as of now, in the nine townships, 444 illegal buildings, 90,800 square meters, since the 90800 square meters, and actively do " Touch + article, has achieved initial results.

First, adhere to "Touch + Promotion". The focus of the bureau focuses on the key area of ??illegal construction, during the troubleshooting process, combined with the legal publicity activities, in the new community of Bihu Town, Dagang Town, Bi Xingyuan, etc., and distributes more than 180 publicity foldings. Answer the policy to consult more than 90 people.

In addition, the bureau posted the illegal policy question and answer in the community underground garage entrance, community entrance, elevator, etc. Regulations, constantly strengthen the investigation and rectification atmosphere.

Second, persist in "Touch + Control New". The bureau combines the "law enforcement into the community" work, during the troublepoint, the law enforcement team will check the vehicle, decoration materials and tools in the new delivery community in the township, decoration materials and tools; the decoration site within the community is more than two times, for the discovery Construction behavior immediately stopped and ordered to rectify within a time limit, resolutely curb the spread of illegal and intensive. At the same time, through the anti-violation of the comprehensive management system, in the process of violations, the source control of the new farmhouse is further strengthened, and the farmland is contained in the bud.

The third is to adhere to "Touch + Removal". In the process of violations, the bureau’s daily dynamic tracking and discovery, according to the work ideas of "side investigation, side rectification", the joint cultivation of illegal construction is self-corrected, concentrated, focusing on the attack. In the process of illegal treatment, the public staff will encourage the public staff to take the initiative, take the lead to demolish, and strive to achieve the effect of "activation, driving a piece"; At present, there is a total of 47880 square meters in the township of Liandu District.

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March 24

People’s conclusion: 52.7%, prevention and control of adolescents are not slow

Recently, the National Health Committee announced the national myopia special survey conducted by September and December 2020: In 2020, my country’s children’s adolescents overall myopia is%. Among them, 6-year-old children, primary school students, junior high school students, high school students have increased in turn, and nearly 10% myopia students are highly myopia, which is easy to cause a variety of serious complications. It can be said that the problem of "Small Glasses" in my country has been high, the low-age trend, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of the children, this is a big problem in the future of the country and the nation. Therefore, the whole society and the relevant departments have received more and more attention to children’s adolescent myopia prevention and control in recent years. In 2018, eight departments such as the Ministry of Education issued the "Integrated Prevention and Control of Child Youth Neighters", and the anti-control of children’s adolescent myopia was increased to national strategies. In May this year, the Ministry of Education and other fifteenth sectors jointly formulated "Children’s Adolescent Myopia Prevention and Control Bright Action Plan (2021-2025)", for the new situation and new problems faced by myopia prevention and control work, the myopia prevention and control work Deploy, mobilize. In addition to genetic factors, the incidence of children’s adolescent myopia is excessive and direct relationship with the abuse of electronic products.

In adolescents, long-term, near-distance use of electronic products is increasingly common. Electronic products can be described as part-time, is a teen electronic nanny, e-teacher, electronic good friend, almost "shadow." Under the influence of social pressure reform and heavy physical exercise, electronics even become an important source of adolescents, and these are directly promoted the burden of the children’s eyes, resulting in rapid rise in their near-vision. Teenagers are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation, and the anti-control of young people will not be slow, and they will work together in the whole society.

Parents should strengthen guidance supervision, and earnestly help children develop good useful habits, increase their child outdoor activities and exercise, and consciously consult the use of electronic products with their children.

The school should regularly organize vision inspections, and ensure that students have reduced the course burden, and rationally use electronic product teaching as appropriate.

Medical institutions should actively promote science propaganda, popularize youth myopia prevention and control and health-use knowledge, so that students and parents can prevent early, early discovery, early intervention. "The teenager is a national wisdom, the boy is strong", and the child’s health problem is not a small matter, and must cause the whole society’s high concern.

Only everyone can act, and jointly care for the child’s eyes to make them have a more bright future.

(Editor: Yin Shen, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.

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