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[Can you eat chicken when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can you eat chicken when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Impact

If you are already pregnant, you need to have a good pregnancy. In this way, you can solve the problem of obesity and more healthy growth and development in your abdomen, and avoid any occurrence of threatened abortion. Especially on the diet, you should pay more attention to it.Can not eat any cold food, these will cause miscarriage, you can eat some chicken, this food can lead to a nourishing effect.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure sufficient supply of thermal energy. It is best to add 400kcal on the basis of daily supply of 2200kcal for normal adults, in order to provide the consumption of sex life, and at the same time accumulate energy for pregnancy, so that”To create the necessary conditions for conception and eugenics.

Basically, to ensure the supply of high-quality protein, both men and women should consume 40-60g of high-quality protein in the diet every day to ensure the normal development of fertilized eggs.

The third is to ensure the aunt’s supply.

Aunt is the main source of the body’s thermal energy, and the essential fatty acids it contains are substances that cannot be taken up by corpse cells and tissues. Increasing the intake of high-quality aunt is beneficial to pregnancy.

The fourth is concentrated inorganic salts and trace elements. Calcium, iron, zinc, copper, etc. form bones, make blood, improve intelligence, and maintain metabolic balance in the body.

The last is to supply the right amount of vitamins, which can realize the development and growth of sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs, but excessive vitamins, such as fat-soluble vitamins, can also be harmful to the body. Therefore, it is recommended that both men and women ingest more food and supplement vitamin preparations carefully.

Malnutrition and partial eclipse, sperm production requires raw materials, so spermatogenic function and nutritional level are closely related.

It doesn’t have to be turtles or scallions.

But eating more lean meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, and ensuring the supply of necessary proteins, vitamins and trace elements is still essential.

People with a partial eclipse are often prone to certain nutritional deficiencies.

Zinc is a component of more than one hundred enzymes or activators in the human body, and plays a significant role in the brain development of certain obese women.

Pregnant women need at least 100 mg of zinc daily.

Before and during pregnancy, women should take more zinc-rich foods, such as oysters, shellfish, kelp, soy beans, lentils, malt, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, lean meat and so on.

In addition, phospholipids lecithin, taurine, and multivitamins and trace element foods, such as egg yolk, sunflower seeds, soybeans, sardines, sweet almonds, walnuts, and fresh vegetables and fruits also play a role in seed development, and should also be supplemented.
Different foods contain different nutritional ingredients and their contents vary.

Therefore, couples preparing to conceive should try to eat more mixed, not partial eclipse, not to avoid mouth, to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition.

From the perspective of eugenics, imbalances in the body nutrition of pregnant women will bring more or too much of certain nutrients required for development, which is not good for eugenics.

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