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Men’s fitness is not just for muscle gain

Men’s fitness is not just for muscle gain

There are many kinds of male fitness methods, not just running, it is so simple to practice equipment.

When a man reaches a certain age, he stays up late and is not as comfortable as he was in his twenties. Because of the decline in physical function, there may be a feeling of palpitation, and there is a physical strength that is not as good as before. It is easy to climb to the top of the mountain.After the age of 30, it may be at the end. This is because after 30 years of age, the body function will be reduced by a replacement every year as a parabola.

In real life, male stress is increasing day by day, and there are few channels for catharsis, often ignoring the condition of one’s own body, causing blood pressure, heart and other health problems.

Male fitness, in addition to muscle gain, but also for their own health considerations, through various forms of exercise, the body’s blood pressure, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and other health conditions, enhance resistance and immunity.

  Playing, swimming and even yoga are all very suitable for men.

  White-collar male morning exercise plan If your time is limited and you can’t go to the gym on time, then insert a few small time periods in your day’s work and life to do some fitness as much as you can.

Get up in the morning, you can get up half an hour earlier than usual. After a few days, you will find that after going through exercise, your obviously obvious and efficient work is much higher.

  Plan A: Jogging + Qigong needs to move your hands and feet before you run, picking your hands, pressing your legs, and turning your waist.

The length of the run can be determined according to its own conditions, or it can be run outdoors or use a street runner.

  The qigong mentioned here is that after jogging, the body is soothed and deep breathing. This is called aerobic qigong: legs are open and shoulders are flush, after closing the eyes, the whole body is relaxed, inhaling into the abdomen, and suffocating within 10 seconds from DantianLuck through the chest, throat, small tongue, back to the back of the spine, and then slowly exhale the body gas, so cycle for 20-30 minutes.

  Plan B: Jumping rope + doing exercises Do not think that skipping is exclusive to women, and grandfathers can also practice.

Skipping can promote blood circulation, provide more oxygen and nutrients in the brain, and improve the ability of thinking and imagination through the functions of activating the brain, strengthening the brain and warming the body.

  After 15 minutes of skipping, do gymnastics again. This is to calm the emotions and let the muscles of all parts of the body get exercise, so it is better to take 15 minutes.

  Plan C: Cycling your car will give you a face, but it will also make you less and less likely to walk and ride.

  Many fashion white-collar workers have started to go to work by bicycle, because this is really a good fitness exercise, you can wear sports and leisure clothing, forget your identity, ride a bicycle to the unit, and then put on your suit.Start working.

  Recommended reading: Four abnormal sports make you healthier at noon, fitness at night If your work unit has activity conditions and location, it is best to have less intense ball games after lunch – table tennis, tennis, badminton, etc.

When the line of sight follows the movement of the ball up and down, left and right, high and low movements, the ciliary muscles, the extraocular muscles constantly relax and contract, promote the blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue, and have the function of improving vision.

  As night fell, the male metropolis of the office received entertainment, negotiated the official phone number, and after a full meal, tired of returning home, just want to lie on the sofa watching TV.

If you can take two nights a week and go to the pool to swim at night, it means your health is very helpful.

Because swimming is aerobic exercise, because of the sporting characteristics of the hands and feet, it can effectively lose weight.

However, in the evening exercise, the short-term and small amount of exercise should be the primary condition.

  Men can also practice the feminine beauty of non-girls. The boys practice yoga and have a special charm with a softness.

Yan Xiaohu, director of aerobics in a fitness club, said that yoga is a physiologically integrated sport that is suitable for both men and women, not exclusively for women.

In fact, as early as ancient times, yoga was designed for men.

Because yoga characterizes the flexibility of the body in the primary stage, the more it moves to the deadly movement, the more demanding the strength, the many movements are almost impossible for women, but the male can easily complete.

  Practice yoga, not only can sweat detoxification, but also relax the entire “wrinkled” body, exercise joints, massage the internal organs, which is especially needed for men.

Studies have shown that men are born with unyielding, often ignoring stress until blood pressure rises and problems occur in the heart.

Yoga relaxation and extended limb movements can soften the muscles and bones, allowing men who usually pay attention to muscle development to balance the development of balance and coordination.

In fact, men’s flexibility is not as good as that of women, so the progress will not be very fast at the beginning of the entry, but through the deepening of the exercise, the flexibility of the male body will increase significantly, the physical strength will become better, and the mentality will be more peaceful.
  Office workers often have back pains and feelings of depression, and can try to practice the butterfly, bullhead, camel and spotted worms in yoga.

Exercise yoga should also pay attention to wearing loose clothing, two and a half hours after the meal.

  Healthy diet For men, breakfast must not be ignored.

Many people know the jingle of such a healthy diet: “I have to eat like an emperor for breakfast, eat like a civilian at noon, and eat like a donkey at night.

“In a day, you must absorb traces of foods with low levels of sugar and sugar, high levels of vitamins and minerals, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, kelp, juice, etc., and the right amount of fruit wine or health vinegar can not only help digestion,It also makes it toxic.

For men, bananas, milk, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, garlic, deep-sea fish and foods high in vitamin C are often eaten.

  If you encounter night work late night, the choice of adding meals is quite important.

Even if it is easy to digest, foods containing vitamins and protein such as milk, porridge, noodles, egg yolk soup, etc. should not be excessive.

Because the blood will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion, it is easy to cause drowsiness, stomach pain, unclear thinking and other adverse reactions.

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