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[How long can I have the same room with the birth control ring]_Same time_Attention

[How long can I have the same room with the birth control ring]_Same time_Attention

Although the birth control ring is a long-term method of contraception, everyone must know that the birth control ring can be removed.

If you have a birth control ring installed and you want to get pregnant, you can go to the hospital to remove the birth control ring.

So, how long can I take the birth control ring?

It is recommended that you do not share the room immediately, because it will not immediately become pregnant, it is best to do the same room one month later.

After the birth control ring was removed, its effect of interfering with sperm and egg binding disappeared, and the endometrium returned to normal.

Studies have confirmed that 75% of women can conceive within 6 months after ring removal; 90% of women can conceive within 1 year after ring removal.

In addition, after the ring was conceived, there was no effect on food development.

But in order to repair the endometrium well, after taking the ring, other methods of contraception should be used first?
Three months later she became pregnant.

The birth control ring is considered to be “popular among women” because it can achieve contraceptive purposes without affecting sexual life.

It is supplemented, “safe and effective”, and adverse reactions are “mild”. At present, mandatory placement of this ring has become an important measure for women’s postpartum contraception.

Sheung Wan generally does not cause gynecological diseases, but it is necessary to do a good preoperative examination.

If there is inflammation, some say pelvic inflammatory disease and vaginitis, etc., must be cured before going on the ring.

Common abnormalities after the ring: Because a foreign body is put in the uterus, it takes a process to gradually adapt the body, so during this period, some women will have mild back pain, a small amount of vaginal bleeding and excessive vaginal discharge.

Therefore, it is expected that you need to rest for 3 days, do not do heavy physical work within 1 week, ban on bathing and sex for 2 weeks, and then regularly check in the hospital.

Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, acute vaginitis, severe cervical erosion, excessive menstrual bleeding or irregular bleeding, uterine fibroids, and narrow neck opening should not be placed under circumstance; and women with severe systemic disease should not be placed under circumstance, otherwiseCauses aggravated explosions and increased menstrual flow.

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