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Little Red Jacket turned out to be Hong Jiantao’s son, listening to him talk about how to enter the group 丨 Interview

“Little Red Jacket” turned out to be Hong Jiantao’s son, listening to him talk about how to enter the group 丨 Interview
The TV series “New World” is hot, “Who is Xiao Hong Jacket” has become a special motivation for everyone to follow the show, Jin Hai (played by Sun Honglei), Feng Qingbo (played by Zhao Zheng), Xu Yunuo (played by Huang Pinyuan) were all suspected by the audienceObject.And with the spoilers of “Little Red Jacket Is Seventeen” on the hot search yesterday, everyone said: I didn’t expect that he looked so harmless!This mystery was also “officially announced” in the plot on the evening of February 14.The senior executive provided the actor named “Little Red Jacket” Prison Guard Seventeen as Hong Yang. He said that the reason why the director played “Little Red Jacket” by himself was probably because of his “harmless” appearance.Like the “killer card” drawn, the more people look for it, the more he will “hide” it, and although such a role will bring pressure, it is more exciting.Hong Yang ‘s father is an actor Hong Jiantao. Hong Yang said that because of his identity, he will work harder because he knows that everyone will have higher demands on himself.Sauna, Ye Wang interviewed Hong Yang to reveal the behind-the-scenes role and his growth story.The striker is dismissed during the strike, and the strike is dismissed during the strike.At that time, Hong Yang was still filming in the field. He received a phone call from his father and took a day off specially. He came back to see Director Xu Bing.”We knew each other before, but that was the first time we met.”After seeing each other, Xu Bing gave Hong Yang a script and asked him to go back and have a look, and then make an appointment.第一次见面,洪洋完全是懵的状态,“当时墙上贴着几个大概的人物,金海、铁林、徐天,包括他们一大家子人,最后一个就是‘小红袄’,当时我都不知道‘小红袄’名字叫什么.”Xu Bing handed the script to Hong Yang and showed him” Little Red Jacket “. Hong Yang asked what was this?Xu Bing said that you will know after reading it.Seventeen stills of “New World”.When the strike guide met for the second time, Hong Yang met a house of people. At the time, the director group was in a meeting. Director Xu Bing asked Hong Yang to sit beside him and let other directors feel Hong Yang to see if he was suitable.Not suitable.Hong Yang didn’t understand it at first, so he sat there and waited for about an hour.”Actually, I sit there very anxiously. Nearly 10 people in the house are all the directors and the production department. They were there for a meeting and I was sitting alone as an actor.”While waiting, Hong Yang visited this conference room in a serious and silent way.” There were many photos of the scene at the time. I was looking at it while thinking about how I would understand my character.”After the directors finished the meeting, everyone thought Hong Yang was very suitable.” They may think that my image, including the feeling of sitting there, is not that powerful.”For this, Hong Yang also repeatedly mentioned the gratitude to directors such as Xu Bing,” Because of their trust, I cannot be taken lightly.”The 17th most important thing is to” clean “Hong Yang made a clear thing with the director,” I asked the director is schizophrenic?The director said no, he was very depressed, he found a way to release himself.”So, in the preparation stage, Hong Yang watched a lot of lectures on criminal psychology, including movies like” The Silent Lamb, “but then the director said that he could not understand the seventeen-sidedness as a pervert, he was only made in that era.A very tragic character.He became like that, he didn’t want to.”The Seventeen Stills of” New World “.The finalist provided a plot in the graphic play, that is, the warden Jin Hai (played by Sun Honglei) gave the prison guard 17 or two gold bars separately for the seal, and 17 gave the gold bar to another prison guard Hua Zi. He said he could not use it.”Actually, XVII is a person of indifferent fame and fortune. As long as he wants what he wants, Jin Hai in the play always wants gold bars, Tielin is for power, Xu Tian is for his own love and love, and XVII wants it., Everyone will pay attention to the plot later.”In the entire prison, all prison guards are very fierce. Hong Yang’s seventeen has always been timid and a little timid, which also made his characters distinguish from the beginning and won a lot.The audience’s favorite.”I also discussed with the director that this character will have some obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes I say the key. When you see me running, I always press the key and don’t let it dangle.Including cleanliness, he is very clean.The director also said that the most important thing for this person is that he can’t act dirty. He is a clean big boy.”The Seventeen Stills of” New World “.The senior veterans need to work harder because they are “Star II”. Hong Yang’s father is actor Hong Jiantao. He grew up in the cultural corps courtyard, and the uncles and aunts he met were all actors.When Hong Yang was a kid, he also filmed some plays and starred in “The Story of the Cooking Class”, but in his own words, “all played and played, and I didn’t know anything about acting at that time.”When he was young, he liked to sing, and high school learned vocal singing at the Central Conservatory of Music.At that time, Hong Yang was very fond of watching movies, and later on stage, he suddenly fell in love with the feeling of standing on the stage.So, after graduating from high school, the students all went to the music-related colleges, and Hong Yang chose the Beijing Film Academy.After four years in college, Hong Yang never came out to film, “My dad said at that time: You went to the film school, and you have been going to school steadily in the past four years. The story of filming will wait until you understand it。”After graduating from college, Hong Yang was running around for 2-3 years. He still remembers that the first film he made after graduation was called” Burning “, which was a war of resistance against the war.There is no line.”Later, I gradually began to accept some relatively important roles.The official filming started after graduating from college. The biggest difference for Hong Yang is, “It ‘s someone else who will treat you as a real actor. When I was a kid, people would think you were Hong Jiantao ‘s son.Ask you with very high standards.But now, as a graduate of a film school, a trained actor, so people will have certain requirements for you.Because I am Hong Jiantao ‘s son, there are actors in our family, the pressure is even greater, because others can ask you to be higher.”Some of these plays performed by Hong Yang were auditioned by himself, and some were introduced by his father. When talking about the identity of” Star II “, he did not shy away.” Actually, my good friends and IDiscussing this matter, the actor Zhang Yezi who plays Dayingzi in our play, her father is also an actor, we also talked about, in fact, we are more stressed in the crew than other actors, because your father is doing this, you have no reason to actNo, you are a little bit worse. Others will say that your dad is still an actor, so you act like this?”Hong Yang said that his father is an actor, and he certainly will get some help, but it is not as big as I imagined.” In fact, choosing an actor now, not only is there a recommendation from my father, the most important thing is definitely to see youFit or not, and others will not make certain decisions just because of my dad’s words.And those who look at your face and let you take pictures will not be important roles.”Chaser Q & A: Sauna Night Net: There are several small red jackets that haven’t shown up. Was it a substitute or you yourselfHong Yang: I played it, and I played all the people who could n’t see my face. Except in Xu Tian ‘s dream, he imagined that the other murderers were those actors, and the real little red jacket was me.Sauna Night Net: There are a total of seventeen camels, so your character is called seventeen. Was it designed this way?Hong Yang: I also saw this statement. I was very impressed with the camel ‘s seventeen strokes. I think the director should not have thought about this, but it was not designed by us. Why is it called seventeen? I have asked the director.Fifteen, fourteen, say seventeen is more smooth.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Kunyu editor Tian Nie proofreading Li Shihui

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